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Detoxing the body at home Here are some cleansing therapies that can be easily done at home.



Nutrition for Children We are what we eat. It is important to help our children develop good eating habits as this will have a long term impact on their wellbeing


12 How to keep a healthy diet in Hong Kong

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Kids yoga builds bridges between East and West

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Pursuit of happiness

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One of my friends

is recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She is young and this is something totally expected. She said it sounded like something we see in movies. Fortunately, it is in the early stage and she will recover soon after a surgery and receiving chemotherapy. She said she has never felt so deeply about the importance of good health. Health is indeed important. I would say it is the most important thing in life. Without good health, you would not be able to make money or enjoy the good things in life. You would not be able to support your family or enjoy the happy moments with your family or loved ones. This is why Anima has been started: to provide a platform to give information on health and to exchange ideas. Even if we lead busy lives, we should still invest in our health and keep a healthy body. This is good investment and there is so much “value” in it. You are what you eat. In our Eat Healthy column, experts share their knowledge on how to eat healthily in the article “How to have a healthy diet in Hong Kong”. Apart from pay attention to what goes into our body, regular exercising helps improve our mood and helps build a strong body. In the article “Picking the right shoes for running”, chiropractor and lecturer Dr Kary Lam shares with us her professional knowledge on how to buy running shoes that fit ourselves. In our Get Inspired column, the article “Pursuit of happiness” gives tips on managing our lives and how to live happily. As consultant and life coach Daniel Wood said, “Putting your happiness first is a good way of spreading joy to the world. If you are happy you can produce more and better results which in turn benefit our entire society.” We would like to thank Botani which sponsored bottles of 15ml Olive Skin Serum (Retail price: HK$288 each) to all our new subscribers who want Anima delivered to their homes and offices. Subscription of hard copies of Anima only cost HK$60 a year. Don’t miss this opportunity! Act now! We wish all Anima readers health and happiness! LAM CHI FAI Publisher and Editor-in-Chief




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QUESTION OF THE MONTH How can we enrich our lives? Do you have any suggestions? And are there any good and simple ways? Daniel Lee

Dear Daniel, When you want to know what enriches your life, you need to find out what you personally find makes life more rewarding. This is obviously not the same for everyone. Some might feel they lead a more meaningful life by doing voluntary work while others make art to enrich their lives as well as other people’s lives. So how do we find out what makes life more rewarding? To find an answer to that question, I suggest you take a little time to contemplate. Sit comfortably, close your eyes for a minute and become aware of how you are doing at the moment. Focus on your breath, relax and ask yourself the following questions: What do I need at the moment? What makes me really happy? What gives me energy or inspires me? Take your time and see if the answers come naturally, don’t pressure yourself. The first thing that comes up is usually right. Instead of words you could also see an image. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again the next day. This is a good exercise to do regularly, whenever you have too much on your mind and you are going around in circles. There are no right or wrong replies. In the answers you will find a clue about what enriches your life at the moment. If it is just going out for a walk, having a good conversation with a friend or picking up a neglected hobby, that is what you need right now. Listening to your needs will inevitably result in feeling better and enhancing your joy in life. Maaike Van Dijk

Maaike van Dijk is originally from the Netherlands and has a practice as a Life Coach in Hong Kong. As a former professional dancer, she knows how important it is to check your personal balance regularly. She graduated at the Atma Institute in the Netherlands as a professional Life Coach (post Master degree) and holds an MA in Modern Dance at Codarts (Rotterdam). For more information about Maaike, check

Do you have questions on health and well-being? Please send your questions to WWW.ANIMAMAG.COM




Some of the best lessons we ever learn we learn from our mistakes and failures. The error of the past is the wisdom of the future. (Tryon Edwards)

I live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity.

“Work is good for you. Keep working and never stop,” An entrepreneur said to his son.

“Being understanding is not always easy, but being understanding would definitely help a couple to live with each other and love each other,” A woman said to her girlfriend.

(Albert Einstein)




Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. (Benjamin Franklin)

Those who know are wise. Those who know themselves are enlightened. (Laozi)

Fill your bowl to the brim and it will spill. Keep sharpening your knife and it will blunt. (Laozi)

“Time flies. Make every day count. Seize the day,” A teacher said to his students. WWW.ANIMAMAG.COM




your bod at home

If you are falling ill often or you lack energy throughout the day, then it is time to expel the toxins that have accumulated in your body. Here are some cleansing therapies that can be easily done at home. By Patricea Chow It is a

common knowledge that a sedentary lifestyle or unhealthy dietary habits lowers the body’s immune system. This increases ones susceptibility to various diseases. Yet, good health is more than developing healthy eating habits and exercising regularly. It is also about maintaining a fit body and building up a strong immune system. This is aided by methods commonly called detoxification. The word ‘detoxification’ means ‘a medically supervised treatment program for alcohol or drug addiction designed to purge the body of intoxicating or addictive substances and used as a first step in overcoming physiological or psychological addiction’. It also describes ‘the metabolic process by which the toxic qualities of a poison or toxin are reduced by the body’ However, ‘detoxification’ has been bandied around so indiscriminately that it is now associated with methods that imply quick weight loss. It would be more accurate to describe the process as ‘cleansing the body’s internal system’. Dr Sundardas D. Annamalay, a leading naturopathic physician practicing for the last 20 years in Singapore explains: “The elimination of toxins from your body is a non-stop campaign to rid (your body) of toxic debris left over from the very act of living. This complex process involves the immune system (especially the white blood cells), the lungs, kidneys, bowels, liver and the skin.”



How toxins enter the body There are two ways that toxins enter the body. The first is from within the body, and Dr Sundardas elaborates how toxins materialize inside the body, “The process of energy generation (for the body) is when raw materials such as fats, proteins and sugars are broken down and used to energise the body. This leaves wastes, like remainder ash after a cigarette burns, and is one of the major sources of toxic waste in your body.” The other is how toxins from the surrounding environment enter the body through activities such as smoking and drinking alcohol. Regular smokers introduce nicotine and carbon monoxide in to the blood stream that spreads through the body. The blood of heavy alcohol drinkers can accumulate free radicals, which are by-products formed during the breaking down of alcohol. Chemical agents used in common household products such as cleaning agents, synthetic soaps and detergents, can be absorbed through skin contact or by inhaling the fumes. How effects can be minimized The human body is an amazing object that can cleanse itself. Says Dr Sundardas, “(The body) has a non-stop campaign to get rid of toxic debris left over from the very act of living.” Toxins are transformed in to compounds by the liver, and WWW.ANIMAMAG.COM


expelled through the bowel movement. Harmful or excessive substances are filtered out and eliminated by the kidney. However, an internal system that is constantly inundated with toxins from excessive drinking, smoking, unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise requires extra help for eliminating the poisonous substances. Otherwise, the toxins will accumulate in the body and cause many health problems. These include allergies that lead to frequent coughs, colds, and even respiratory illnesses; severe inflammation of internal organs such as the liver and kidney; digestive problems; body aches especially migraines; chronic fatigue; skin problems; obesity, and various forms of cancer. There are several therapies that aid the body with its internal cleansing by accelerating the process. The benefits of flushing toxins are many, as listed by Dr Sundardas: • It improves our immune function • Scavenges free radicals and eliminates toxins • Strengthens body’s fight against cancer cells and generates healthy cells in our body WWW.ANIMAMAG.COM

• Cleanses mucous, congestion, fermentation, inflammation in our digestive tract • Purifies our blood • Reforms our lifestyle addictions for sugar, salt, high glycemic carbohydrates, alcohol, junk foods, nicotine, etc. • Helps us to look great as the skin starts to glow and energy level picks up. Many health spas offer cleansing therapies. These include a combination of lymphatic or deep tissue massage; body wraps or mud masks that cause intense perspiration; sauna sessions; colon cleansing; and fasting retreats. Such therapies may stretch anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the intensity and intended purpose. While there are no concrete scientific studies that confirm their purported effectiveness in cleansing the body, the treatments do provide relaxation and a feeling of renewal after every session. Before rushing out to the nearest spa, why not ease the MARCH/APRIL 2012


Different types of body cleansing Name: Apple cleanse Duration: Dr Sundardas recommends three to five days What it involves: Eat apples for all meals of the day. Choose organic apples as they are free from pesticides. Include different apple varieties for different flavours or try taking pure apple sauce. Apples can be grated or juiced with water. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon powder, ginger powder or cardamom powder for variety and flavour. Why: Apples contain pectin that removes metals like cadmium and mercury, and cellulose that binds solids and aid in their excretion. These help lighten the work done by the liver. They also contain flavonoids that reduce the accumulation of free radicals. Name: Green juice cleanse Duration: Two to 14 days, depending on personal comfort levels What it involves: Drink only freshly pressed green juice, as much as you desire throughout the day. The foundation of the juice should comprise dark green vegetables like romaine lettuce, celery and romaine lettuce. Other ingredients such as carrots, red beets, tomatoes, oranges and apples can be added for a tinge of flavour and sweetness. Try juicing together six romaine lettuce leaves and six oranges. Or juice together two tomatoes, two carrots, three celery ribs then add a squeeze of lemon juice. Dr Sundardas adds: “Drink as much juice and water as you wish during the first five days. When you are fasting, drink only water and take psyllium husks to provide fibre to cleanse the colon and intestines. Alternatively, ensure that you take enough Vitamin C (5000 to 6000 mg powder) with water to keep your bowels open.” Why: Fresh juices do not place additional strain on the body as they do not contain fibre that has to be broken down. This means that the body has more available energy for its natural internal cleansing. Fruits should not be used as the base for the juice but included only for taste as fruits are high in citric acid and contain more natural sugars than vegetables.



However, an internal system that is constantly inundated with toxins requires extra help for eliminating the poisonous substances. Otherwise, the toxins will accumulate in the body and cause many health problems.

body in to the cleansing process with some easy-to-do home treatments. They prepare your body for further cleansing and create a foundation for building a healthier internal system. Pay attention Always keep strictly to the time period suggested for each type of cleansing. Prolonged periods of any one type of cleansing diet can deprive the body of other essential nutrients such as calcium, protein and iron. Keep in mind that these therapies are meant for easing the body in to other forms of cleansing, and not a means by themselves. Regardless the type of cleansing diet, they all cause a number of symptoms. The symptoms differ from individual to individual but includes fatigue; constipation or more frequent bowel movement; bloating, and aches. Dr Sundardas also advises that “those with illness like heart disease, thyroid, cancers or tumours, as well as those who are pregnant, breastfeeding mothers, people who are recovering from an illness, people above the age of 70 years, and diabetics should not undergo cleansing programmes”. To be absolutely certain, always check with a medical professional before undergoing any cleansing diets.


Maintenance On their own, the effect of these cleansing diets is not lasting. There are some lifestyle changes to be made so that these treatments have not been done in vain. The most basic is to take at least two litres of clean drinking water daily as water acts as a flushing agent while hydrating the body. Next, reduce the intake of coffee; foods high in sugar or salt content; highly processed foods; alcohol, and animal products including eggs, dairy and fish. These items put significant strain on the internal organs as a lot of energy is required in breaking them down for digestion. Increase consumption of fruit and green vegetables on a daily basis. Add them to healthy eating choices such as brown rice, whole grain breads, and wheat-free products. Where possible, opt for organically grown products and use fresh herbs instead of pre-packaged seasoning when cooking meals. Where possible, reduce contact with products and items that have chemical toxins. These include makeup, moisturisers, deodorants, anti perspirants, and liquid hair or body cleansers that are not made from natural ingredients. When using chemical cleaning agents in the home, wear gloves to reduce contact with skin. Also ensure that windows are open or wear a facemask so that poisonous fumes do not become overpowering. Finally, start and sustain a regular exercise regime. It can be anything from swimming laps at the pool, dancing salsa, yoga or tai chi. Besides building stamina, exercise improves a person’s mood, helps manage weight through burning calories and keeps chronic diseases at bay by increasing the amount of high density lipoprotein (or ‘good’ cholesterol) in the blood flood.

Name: Lemon juice cleanse also known as Master cleanse, Maple Syrup diet Duration: Five to seven days What it involves: Drink two-litres of a mixture of approximately 140ml freshly squeezed lemon juice, approximately 140ml maple syrup (or similar natural tree syrup), half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, and water (sufficient to produce two-litres) daily. Mix well together all the ingredients then drink it warm, cold or at room temperature. Supplement this with one to two litres of water daily. Why: Lemons contain high levels of vitamin C while other minerals are supplied by the maple syrup. Besides providing a slight kick, the cayenne pepper is a source of vitamins B and C. It also helps break down mucus and fat, and contributes to a smooth blood flow. Name: Raw food diet Duration: A week or longer, depending on personal comfort levels, although Dr Sundardas says that it can be done for an indefinite period. What it involves: Eating unprocessed and uncooked organic plant food. These include fresh fruit and vegetables; dried fruit; nuts; sprouts; grains and beans. Proponents of this diet believe that cooking food above 46 degree Celsius destroys essential enzymes that aid digestion, which thus reduces food’s ‘life force’ and nutritional value. Why: The absence of sodium and sugar as well as reduced amounts of saturated fat and trans-fat elevates the amount of energy required by the body when breaking down food. The food items are also high in several minerals like potassium, folate, fibre and phytochemicals that lower cholesterol levels.

*The above information is only for reference. Medical professionals should be consulted before undergoing any cleansing diets. Patricea relocated from Singapore in 2006 to Bali for the inspiring, abundant nature and less hectic pace of life. When she is not busy writing, she delights in life on the island with her husband and two young kids.





Capra Latte Concept Store Brings Nature to the Hub of Central Inspired by the décor’ of vintage bakery stores, Capra Latte moves to a brand new concept store in the hub of Central. Tinted-yellow and mocha brown walls, with homemade cake stand table displays, Capra Latte brings you a whole new shopping experience for natural and organic body care. You have heard of coffee culture and seen enough coffee shops and cafes, but have you seen a tea lounge in Hong Kong? While you will browse their product collection at the store, from fresh goat’s milk soap to organic massage oil, you can now indulge yourself with a cup of fresh green tea in their cozy tea lounge. The grass-green sofa lounge gives you the space to wind down and enjoy a quiet afternoon with a cup of hot, fresh green tea in your hand. Bring your own book and let your hair down in this private tea lounge. It is a rare sanctuary to refresh yourself in this buzzing city. It is unusual to find body care products which are genuinely 100% chemical free and made from the heart. Their fresh goat’s milk soap is definitely something you must try, especially during the cold and dry weather. Unlike the soap you get in a pharmacy store, not only is it moisturizing for your skin, but also infused with essential oils, which give your skin an aromatherapy fix during a shower. Speaking of their products, their latest home accessory is a lavender pillow, which is hand-made and individually sewn, filled with non-bleached cotton and fair trade lavender. I had the pleasure to try it- and it smells heavenly! I am certain that Queen Victoria would have approved of the pillow. If you have trouble finding the perfect gifts to impress your wedding guests, don’t fret. Check out their wedding favors- all-handcrafted cake boxes with travel soap bars. Founder Ms. Lorraine explains that they first make the soap bars. Once the soap bars are ready, they structure the cake. Each individual cake box is handmade and then put together to create a layer. Once the layers are prepared, then they combine the layers and decorate with paper crochet flowers and vio-la! A wedding cake filled with bars of soap! Capra Latte’s philosophy is all about using natural ingredients to protect our skin and using minimum packaging to reduce damage to our planet. Its store is warm, welcoming, and full of beautiful and natural products and aromas. The best part? Everything is handmade with love. Capra Latte Tel: 852-5300 0548 Email: Join us on Facebook: Address: 3B1, Wo On Building, No.8 Wo On Lane, Central, HK. Shop online:


Unleash Your Creative Genius You possess the most powerful tool in existence – “The creative genius of the mind.” Imagine being able to train your mind to focus like an athlete. Imagine having a dress rehearsal for anything and everything you want to do, so you can be successful at anything you put your mind to.  How empowered do you think you would feel? MindScape Seminar answers this question clearly and convincingly, and shows you how to unleash the genius within you. It has been scientifically proven that our minds cannot differentiate between reality and imagination.  MindScape teaches you how to slow down your brainwaves so you can practice and prepare for any goal you want to achieve. Our body and brain then believe they have done this before, which makes everything we are preparing for much easier! Are You a Pocket Calculator or a Super Computer? Recent scientific research shows that most of us use our minds at the capacity of a calculator, rather than at the level of the super computer we possess. The brain contains approximately 100 billion nerve cells. Each of these cells has the ability to interact with the others, which gives us the capability of making over 60 trillion connections. The majority of us, however, use only five percent of this capacity. MindScape is the Key to unlock this potential of your mind. MindScape Seminar teaches you how to the ways of engage intuition at will and enhance your creative and intuitive abilities. The method MindScape employs draws on the fact that it is possible to tap into the powerful creative and intuitive faculties of the mind by accessing a mental state based on alpha brainwave activity. The participant is led to create a mental framework called the Workshop, which effectively serves as an interface for engaging the different intuitive faculties, just as the icons on a computer screen enable users to engage or switch on different programs. This offers great benefits and opens vast possibilities for every aspect of your life and work; it is also a powerful tool for personal development. Some of these benefits are: • • • • • • • • • • •

Enhancing Your Intuition Promoting Relaxation Reducing Stress Resolving Conflicts Improving Relationships Healing Your Body Advancing Personal Growth Improving Professional Performance  Developing Outstanding Mental Skills Excelling in Sports Creating an Optimal Outcome

MindScape is a two-day seminar that gives you the benefits of meditation, relaxation, creativity, and connectivity to universal consciousness, while you are awake and functional. It has opened vast new horizons for countless people around the world, from all walks of life, from students and housewives to psychologists, athletes, and top executives. MindScape gives Internet connectivity to your Mind’s computer and opens a whole new dimension of your mental ability. Mindscape student Monique Ho says MindScape has turned her life around. “My life has changed since I’ve trained with MindScape. For the most part, I’m stress free; I wake up happy every single day and sleep like a baby at night. By using the techniques and letting go of anything that held me back before, I feel empowered and confident all the way around. After each session my creativity feels limitless. My life now is the happiest life I could ever imagine thanks to MindScape.” “The rational mind is the faithful servant and the intuitive mind is the sacred gift. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Albert Einstein Take the first Step to  Unlock your Potential! !!  For more information about upcoming MindScape workshops please contact Angie Tourani, Certified MindScape and BodyTalk Instructor in HK at or visit


How to keep a

healthy d in Hong Kong





Dr Stephen and Dr James Costello, scientists, ongoing researchers of nutritional science, former cosmeic and holistic dentists and founders of Stephen James Luxury Organics tell us how to eat healthily in the city. In Hong Kong, people tend to lead a fast-paced life

rushing from one place to the next and always on an important mission. At this pace, it can be hard to slow down and take care of our bodies with organic and healthy food and good exercise. At times, we don’t stop to think ‘what’s good for us?’ Here to help are brothers, Dr Stephen and Dr James Costello, who are uncovering their top tips for maintaining a balanced lifestyle in the busy city. Since moving to Hong Kong, how have you dealt with pollution and how have you taken care of your own health? My brother and I came to Hong Kong 20 years ago and knew we’d found home. The pollution is what it is, you have to remain rather Zen about it. There are numerous advantages and opportunities to living in Hong Kong and for those of us who can’t bear to leave, the cost we pay is the hectic lifestyle and pollution. We then made it our mission to simply make up for this by living as healthily as we could ourselves. We would get good sleep, drink the right water, eat organically, exercise and remember to breathe and be positive moment to moment. In this way, we found ourselves leading a healthy and successful lifestyle in Hong Kong and finally developing our own line of organic energy bars, Volcanic Pili nuts and Saffron-Pink Himalayan Salt, to help us along the way. Being vegans yourselves, do you find it easier to eat at home, than going out for dinner? Eating at home is the best. That way you can control the organic nature of meals, and you know what’s in the food you cook. No matter what you’re making, if you can keep the pesticides, herbicides and GMO out of the kitchen, you’re already going to be much healthier. My brother and I are both strict vegans, and at times raw vegans, and we have designed a new food category: “100°C - Vegan”. Being scientists our-





Eating at home is the best. That way you can control the organic nature of meals, and you know what’s in the food you cook.

selves, we found the vast and conflicting research into food and what it does to your body to be immensely interesting and life-changing. We both know the truth about MSG and the damaging effects this simple ingredient has on our bodies and our brain. We refuse to eat food with MSG in it. Cooking at home, we can avoid food reactions and we can cook how and what we like. What would you say are the common traps when eating out, and how would you avoid this if you went to a restaurant yourselves? The key to enjoying life isn’t to stay at home and avoid dinners out; we certainly don’t do this! Steve and I go into restaurants with awareness and we tailor menus wherever we go, as we like it. You’re the customer, so you decide. Staff will not seem eager to change a dish for you, but persevere. With a little enthusiasm and education, it’s easy to persuade waiters and chefs to cook the food we like – and not add the ingredients we want to avoid. You will find you can have quite a lot of fun making up dishes with what they’ve got in the kitchen. A common trap we have found is that restaurants tend to say there is no MSG in food, but plenty of it ends up in the sauce. The simple solution to this is to avoid eating sauces. Chefs can be coerced to stop adding MSG or other unhealthy ingredients to our dishes. We both travel through China together in this way, asking people not to use MSG in our dishes and to use our salt instead. (When we go to restaurants we carry our own brand of Saffron-Pink Himalayan Salt, which adds



flavor to a dish, and prevents chemical addition). In some of our favorite restaurants, the chefs now have our salt ready for us. If you have the will then there is a way and you don’t ‘have’ to eat anything other than what’s good for you. What exercise would you suggest for those leading a hectic life? Exercise every day. Varied exercise is best. Keep yourself interested so it doesn’t become a chore. The beach is wonderful, just walking barefoot will help to calm your mind, and the walk will give you exercise in the fresh air. Try to do an hour a day, but if you only have 15 minutes to spare, just do it! You will still get huge benefits. We would suggest; yoga, Qi-gong, dancing or swimming. Walk instead of taking a taxi, take the stairs instead of the lift, do anything you can – you get the idea. For those who are snack-aholics, what advice would you give? We eat our own Activated! energy bars – and we’re addicted, of course! We built this concept in our own kitchen, so we know exactly what goes into these bars (all organic, wholefood, no unnecessary fillers) and we trust them. For busy workers, we would suggest finding an energy bar without added preservatives and fillers with great taste which will keep you going throughout the day. We eat our bars and our Volcanic Pili nuts as meal replacements if we’re ever too busy for lunch, and they do the trick. Our staff is always munching on ‘imperfectly shaped’ bars that we don’t package for sale. They taste great and nobody’s getting fat.




10 reasons to get « THE » greatest fitness and wellness coach ! !

1. Because your coach will nourish your wellbeing on a daily basis Life in a bustling city like Hong Kong is full of distractions and obligations. People tend to be less active, rarely spending time on physical activities. This kind of environment makes one more susceptible to injuries and stress. With a coach you will feel relaxed and revitalized. 2. Because you are busy Business trip? Happy hour? Children to take care of? No time to go to the gym? Your coach is here to help you make to the most of your time and to take care of you. 3. Because you are lazy “Okay, I am going to the fitness club... Oh… actually I don’t feel like it today; I think I’ll just stay at home!” Do you find yourself thinking like this? Don't fret; your coach will motivate you and you have no choice - because she is already at your door! 4. Because you need the motivation Your personal trainer helps you to keep motivated and can provide structure and accountability to your health programme. Your coach will help you to develop a lifestyle that encourages health. The more you work out with a coach, the more you will increase your motivation.

Why do YOU need a coach? 5. Because of the certification It is better to trust a coach with valid certification and rich experience in fitness and wellbeing. You won't be disappointed; you will trust your personal trainer who will share all sorts of fitness and wellness tips. 6. Because your coach helps you to achieve your goals How can you reach your goals if you do not know the perfect way to do so? Your coach will help you to focus on results and stop wasting time doing inefficient workouts. Let your coach give you a comprehensive health and personal profile assessment during your first session and let your coach guide you accordingly. 7. Because a coach offers you various ways of training Be Relaxed: Decrease your stress rate through sweet gymnastics. Be Fit: Reduce your body fat through cardio training. Be Toned: Build your muscle through reactive and resistant exercise. Recover: Recuperate from an injury through gentle and corrective movements. 8. Because your coach takes care of you 100% With a coach, you will feel privileged and energized because of an authentic private workout. A tailor-made program will enable you to stay healthy, achieve your fitness goals and will be suited to your personal and professional needs.

9. Because your coach is the one person who can follow you everyday A good coach is able to offer unique, customized programme. These programs focus primarily on a chosen theme and adapt to all levels and needs. Step by step your coach will create the perfect workout for your physical makeup. 10. Because a coach is always available Organize your workout according to your needs – be it professional or personal – such as preparing for a holiday; or getting in the right frame of mind for a seminar, for example.

A Fitness and Wellness Coach wherever and whenever you want, could there be anything better? Get a Coach!! Estelle, Founder of Anhao This article is written by Estelle, founder of Anhao, hails from Paris. She arrived in Hong Kong in 2007, fell in love with Asia and decided to focus on her passion for getting fit and well by creating Anhao, a sports and well-being coaching company. Estelle is highly qualified, backed with a decade-long experience as a participant in the French National Championships in Gymnastics and is a certified NASM International Personal Trainer. Estelle takes training very seriously and considers sports as a vital social, medical, and cultural life element as well as a playful and relaxing pursuit. ASK FOR A FREE SESSION NOW!


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Dubai creek, the oldest part of the city.


Dubai From old souks to luxury man-made islands, this oasis in the desert has it all. By Ekta Parvani




A shawarma vendor.

A piece of old Dubai traditional architecture and local port.

Unlike any other city in

the Middle East, or perhaps even the world, Dubai has shot to fame in a short period of time. While the recession may have led many to criticise the supposedly unsound pace of development, the fact remains that Dubai has set in place an infrastructure to lure many from around the world, as well as sustain itself for years to come. This glitzy city was in fact a successful port for traders and the fishing industry in the early 1900s – much before the seven Emirates joined together to make United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 1971. Owing to the Monarch’s decision and vision to make Dubai an international tourist destination in the late 80s and early 90s, to this day, it is known as a thriving hub for holiday-makers, entrepreneurs and expat professionals. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai has left no stone unturned to make Dubai a city of superlatives – whether hotels, infrastructure or entertainment. Modern influences and a cosmopolitan population notwithstanding, Dubai has imbibed its rich Arabian culture in creative ways throughout the metropolis, while offering the best in international WWW.ANIMAMAG.COM

hospitality and leisure. There’s something for everyone here. Literally, a good start would be The Dubai Mall, but do keep a few days for that because they not only have the best selection of retail outlets from around the world, they also boast an ice rink, an underwater zoo and aquarium, as well as an indoor theme park. When you’re done, hop over to the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. Enjoy a cocktail while peeking down from the plush lounge on the 123rd floor and see the city come to life after dusk with beautifully lit mosques, while admiring the massive Bellagioesque dancing fountains just below. For those who want the best in Arabian hospitality, a visit to the opulent seven-star hotel Burj Al Arab is a must – pop in for a relaxed afternoon tea if you don’t feel like shelling out an expensive night to experience a piece of the luxury on offer. This hotel has become an icon in the world and somewhat of a representative of Dubai overseas. It was the first to be built on a man-made island of its own, and it doesn’t stop there. A visionary and almost unbelievable project that exists on Dubai’s shores is The Palm – a man-made island in the shape of a palm tree, dotted with residential properties on its trunk and fronds (palm

branches) and Atlantis The Palm beaming on its tip - a grand hotel with a marine and water park as well as swanky restaurants and a giant aquarium. Of course, there’s more to it than the newly constructed and larger-than-life shopping malls and hotels. A trip to the Dubai Museum and winding lanes of the old Bastakiya area along the creek will give you a flavour of the traditional art and architecture from the region. The spice and gold souk (market) will give you a glimpse of what Dubai was like in its early days while you shop for little trinkets and fresh spices to take back home. It is because of these parts on the banks of the creek (harbour) that Dubai came into being years ago as a hub, and till date, it is where the city’s heart lies. For the adventurous-at-heart there is a plethora of activities too – riding the fastest roller coaster on earth at Ferrari World in the neighbouring capital city of Abu Dhabi, diving with the sharks at the indoor aquarium in Dubai Mall or sand boarding on steep dunes would make any adrenaline junkie stay back for more. These are but a few of the attractions on offer. A full-day desert safari on the outskirts of the city, deep into the dunes, complete with tents, a barbeque dinner, camel ride and belly dance perMARCH/APRIL 2012


Travel TIME A traditional Abra (boat)- a local means of transport to get from one side of the creek to the other.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Language: The locals mostly speak Arabic, but you can get by with English everywhere or even Hindi thanks to the big Indian population.

Currency: 1 USD = 3.67 AED (Emirati Dirham)

Climate: The best time to visit is

between the months of November and April; it is pleasant and cool during the winter months (Dec – Feb) with lows of up to 15 ºc. The heat during the summer months can be unbearable with highs of up to 50 ºc tops.

Top 5 places to stay:

1- Armani Hotel at Burj Khalifa 2- Atlantis, The Palm 3- Madinat Jumeirah Resort (cluster of five-star hotels) 4- Burj Al Arab 5- The Address

Culture: Book yourself for a crash course in UAE history and heritage at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. Adventure: Want to rent a yacht or sky dive? Ask your hotel concierge for deals or go on 18


Modern influences and a cosmopolitan population notwithstanding, Dubai has imbibed its rich Arabian culture in creative ways throughout the metropolis, while offering the best in international hospitality and leisure

formance will give you the true Dubai experience – after all, this is what one imagines when thinking of an Arabian city, right? Gaze into the endless heaps of sand and you will realise that this glamorous city is built from scratch over nothing but desert. This unique fact makes the city a giant juxtaposition of the old and the brand new. Diverse as the offerings and activities are here, this city is best enjoyed from the local person’s point of view. Yes, most do enjoy the latest restaurants on the food scene, or the huge collection of shopping malls, but what they enjoy the most is getting together with their family or friends over a chatty round of sheesha (hubbly bubbly or hookah) and some great local food. Hours spent over picking on scrumptious kebabs, shawarmas (seasoned meat wrapped in pita), various dips and fresh juices, a game of backgammon, and the gurgling sound of the sheesha amidst loud Middle Eastern tunes are hours well spent! This doesn’t only apply to natives, this culture has

slowly but surely seeped into the big expat population too, and why not? It’s fun and it gives everyone a chance to be part of the local culture. Expatriates, locals or tourists, this city can possibly get a bit overwhelming at times – perhaps it’s the multitude of varied cultures that lends a feeling of imbalance as only nine per cent of the population of almost two million is native. This fact is yet another major contrast compared to almost all cities around the globe. No one seems to mind though. After all, it’s here that one can rent a Lamborghini, relish local street food, get pampered at a sevenstar spa, bargain at the gold souk, go swimming with the dolphins and eat at a Michelin star restaurant, all in just one day. Only in Dubai.

Ekta Parvani is a freelance writer from Dubai. Her main interest is travel, fashion and lifestyle writing. She has worked with magazines in Mumbai, Dubai and New York and is currently based in Hong Kong.



A Nice Getaway

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Glutathione By Bryon Verhaeghe

A complex story with a simple statement: “every cell in our body contains glutathione and when levels are low we become sick”. Glutathione, pronounced ‘glute-a-thigh-own’ (abbreviated GSH), is not well known and underestimated by many. It is made from three amino acids by plants and animals and every cell in our body has it for protection. One measure of a cell’s health and function can be based on the level of GSH, making it the most important molecule in our body. Why is it so important? Cells are constantly being made and replaced. This daily production of a new cell requires GSH and is important in making red and white blood cells. GSH then becomes a key element for the immune system to function properly, particularly for the lymphatic system and lymphoid cells. GSH is also used up in the body when a cell finishes its’ life span and dies. There can be a release of toxins, that the body cleans up by using GSH and the white blood cells of the lymphatic system. Many stress factors in our environment can shorten the life span of cells and tissues. This can increased the rate of aging exponentially if GSH levels are low in the body. Just to name a few some environmental factors include: 1) damage Reduce Winkles from UV rays that harms our eye sight. The lens, cornea and retina heavily rely on gluwith Glutathione tathione for protection. 2) Toxins such as air pollution, molds, fungi, sugar, and bacteria that are ingested with food or gain entry though other means are then carried into the blood. The liver has the highest reserves of GSH to deal with these surges of foreign substances. Besides aiding in the immune system another important function of a cell is to make hormones in the pituitary, thyroid, thymus, liver, ovaries, and testis with the help of glutathione. To get day time energy and a restful night’s sleep we rely on the kidneys using glutathione to produce adrenalin and cortisol. In general when GSH levels are low we have more health issues that you might realize. Some interesting findings related to GSH levels have been listed here... Cavities: 8 young men with cavities were compared to 10 without. The GSH levels were significantly lower in the group with cavities. (PMID18982196) Lungs: Low levels of GSH are linked to a long list of respiratory diseases, including: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) which is now also known as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), neonatal lung damage and asthma.2 Parkinson’s disease: New evidence suggests that GSH depletion may itself play an active role in the disease development. (PMID19542204) Stomach: In older people low levels of GSH allow a higher incidence of stomach ulcers from H.Pylori bacteria. In Crohn’s disease of the bowel they also find low GSH levels. Metal storage: Wilson’s disease occurs where there are excess copper levels that occur with low levels of Glutathione. GSH also aids in removing heavy metals from cells and tissues. Diabetes: Diabetic’s have low levels of GSH in both red and white blood cells. Heart Attack: 1) Doctors are beginning to zero in on a new set of heart attack risk factors. One is the C-Reactive Protein (CRP) and the other is levels of Glutathione. 2) 21 acute myocardial infarction patients aged between 39 and 70 were age and sex matched to healthy controls. At days 1, 3, 5, and 7 GSH levels averaged 11.5% lower than the healthy controls. (PMID8676544) Skin: Depressed GSH levels were observed in patients with psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis, vasculitis, mycosis fungoides and dermatitis herpetiformis. (PMID6179360)





Aging: Glutathione deficiency contributes to oxidative stress, which plays a key role in aging. PMID14988435. Blood transfusions: Fresh blood has high levels of glutathione but when stored for long periods of time the levels drop. Receiving a blood transfusion helps the blood count but glutathione levels are not improved. (PMID623427) Oral supplementation: Mice were given a drug to stop GSH production in the body to create low levels in all tissues. Oral supplementation restored levels even while the drug was continued. This proves that it is absorbed from digestion. (PMID1913980) Dietary glutathione: Dietary GSH can be absorbed intact and results in a substantial increase in blood plasma GSH. This indicates that oral supplementation may be useful to enhance tissue availability of GSH. (PMID2221062) Liver glutathione: Oral intake of glutathione is a safe and efficient form of administration to replete liver levels. (PMID2605158) Virus: Patients with Influenza A (H5N1) or “bird flu” have a better rate of survival and a reduced rate of major complications when taking glutathione. (PMID16624496) Low levels occur: In vegetarian diets, malnutrition and alcohol abuse. (PMID6179360) As Glutathione is such an important element in our body it is used up rapidly and must be constantly replaced though proper diet and supplementation. Other important sulphur based molecules in the body are alpha lipoic acid, methyl-sulfonyl-methane (MSM) and taurine. We at Rebound Health are always looking for ways to achieve optimal health. You are welcome to schedule a free diet consultation to learn about eating well. More information please visit our web site www. or phone us in Hong Kong at (852) 2544-4055. Reference: Search PMID no. at and find Glutathione – BV article on

Glutathione The secret of skin... Skin whitener Antioxidant Anti-Aging




WHERE TO FIND A FREE COPY MID-LEVELS / SOHO Archie B’& El Taco Loco Bacar Balance Health Beyrouth Café Central Blossom Nails Bruch Club Cafe Lavande Cafe Protobello Cafe Punta del Cielo Capra Latte Caramba Mexican Cantina Club 1911 Coffee Book (Books & Co.) DM Hair Workshop Dymocks (Lyndhurst Terrace) Dynasty Court Eat Right Flow Bookshop FMH (The Face Magic Haven) Global Essence Hearty Restaurant Holly Brown Jaspas Ladies Recreation Club Let’s Relax Life Organic Health Cafe Lil Siam McSorley’s Ale House Nefertiti Orange Tree Restaurant Organic Baby Pacific Grill Pesto Cafe Phukets Thai Restaurant Posto Pubblico Power Plate Institute Rico Spanish Restaurant & Bar SoHo Junction Bar SohoWay Sole Mio Soho Square Staunton’s Wine Bar & Cafe Taco Loco Taequila Mexican Restaurant & Bar Taku Tala’s Hair Wagyu Wagyu Lounge Yo Fresh (Frozen Yogurt) Yogurtime CENTRAL 4D Wellbeing Centre Al’s Diner Anahata Yoga Atria Properties Av Beauty Clinique Bit Point CancerLink Central Dance Studios Central Osteopathy CoCo Espresso Downtown Chiropractic Clinic Dragonfly Dymocks (Central Building) Dymocks (IFC) Figure Fitness Foot Reflexology Health Care Centre of The Blind G Bar Health Gate Helena May HYPOXI JAR (Just-A-Restaurant)

Just Salad Kinesiology Asia La Dolce Vita 97 La Fontaine New Gallery on Old Bailey Optimum Performance Studio Pangea- Wing Chun Kung Fu and Pilates Pickled Pelican Post 97 Seasons Fitness Shakti Healing Circle Sloop Froyo & Bagal Soft Aroma Starbucks (HK Station) Stormies Subway Sutherland Chan Centre The American Club The Dublin Jack The Elgin (Service Apartment) The Feel Good Factor The Hermitage Spa The Law Socierty of Hong Kong, Club House The Wheel Treasure View Service Apartments Uncle Eric’s Vintage Wine Bar Uncle Russ Coffee Vitality Center White Lotus Centre Yogurtime SHEUNG WAN Cafe Roma DEF Boxing Graze Cafe Homei Rebound Health The Bauhinia The Yoga Room REPULSE BAY Bayley & Jackson Dental Surgeons Ltd. Dymocks (Repulse Bay) Ice Cream Gallery OT& P (Repulse Bay Practice) Southside Kindergarten Tam, Hulac & Partners Dental Ltd. WANCHAI Al Dente Alliance Francaise Hong Kong American Women’s Association Amici Coyote Bar & Grill Dymocks (Harbour Centre) Ebeneezer’s Kebabs & Pizzeria Fat Angelo’s Flying Pan International society of Life-Nurturing Traditions Jack’s Terrazza Ristorante JoJo’s Indian Cuisine Khana Khazana Let’s Spa Mes Amis Natalie Tong Private Practice Center Oasis Dance Centre Oyster Bar & Grill Pizza Express The Australian Association The Dynasty Club The Quarterdeck Club

VIM Pilates Studio Yogurtime Zambra Cafe

Le Bristol French Restaurant Med Stars (Mediterranean Cuisine) Resto Restaurant

LAI KING WAN(SOHO EAST) Berliner + Wildfire Jack’s Terrazza Ristorante Pure Massage Te

ELEMENTS /TSIM SHA TSUI Bombay dreams Bliss Spa, W Hotel Dymocks (K11) El Pomposo Bar & Tapas Grand Central Bar & Grill Mes Amis Morthan Cure Physiotherapy Pacific Club Stormies Uncle Russ Coffee United Services Recreation Club

STANLEY Pickled Pelican Pizza Express ROCKSALT Seafront Spiaggia Squeeze Cafe Wildfire AP LEI CHAU Artura Ficus Attitude Ltd (Furniture & Interiors) Burnt Oringe Co.Ltd. Dormirest (The Nature of Beds) HC28 Life’s A Breeze Limestone Wines and Spirits Monde Chocolatier Patio Mart Pacific Gourmet Ltd. Rimba Rhyme Sift Patisserie The Aberdeen Marina Club Viva Italia Whiskers n Paws DISCOVERY BAY Caramba Mexican Cantina Discovery Bay Residents’ Club Dymocks (Discovery Bay) Hemingway’s By the Bay McSorley’s Ale House Uncle Russ Coffee Yogurtime SAI KUNG Aguaplus AJ’s Sri Lankan Cuisine Allure Beauty and Health Anthony’s Ranch Bacco C.C.Cafe Classified Colour Brown Coffee Dymocks (Sai Kung) Firenze Restaurant Hebe Haven Yacht Club Italiano’s Restaurant & Bar JASPAS Oscar by the Sea Club House Pizzeria Pomodoro Poets Roccos Steak and Seafood Sabai Day Spa Sai Kung Animal Hospital Sai Kung Physiotherapy Sauce Shun Kee City Houseware Company Steamers Sushi TEN KU The Boozer White Black Caffe Ltd. GOLD COAST,TUEN MUN Chilli N Spice Seafood Market

CAUSEWAY BAY /HAPPY VALLEY A La Maison Restaurant & Bar Apartment O Asia Health Equipment Brunch Club & Supper Burgeroom Cafe Corridor Coffee Plus Dickens Bar Dymocks (Windsor House) Easyoga Evergreen Villa Gallery Café Hong Kong Cricket Club Hooray Bar & Restaurant Mackie Kitchen Mind Body Colon Cleansing Centre Organic Baby Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Starbucks (Happy Valley) Valley Fit Studio Your Health Compass ISLAND EAST,QUARRY BAY Asia Pacific Aromatherapy Café Pampernickel Frites Quarry Bay Jubal Neurofarmers TUNG CHUNG Skyline Physiotherapy Starz Wine Bar Kowloon Beacon Heights Caldecott Hill Club House Dickson Yoga Harbour Place Club House Holly Brown The Kowloon Cricket Club CAFE HABBITU Cityplaze Elements Festival Walk Glocester Road GOD Hutchison House Miramar Pacific Place 3 The One

Specialists in

Custom and Contract Publishing We assist clients to build their corporate brands and enhance brand recognition. We produce high quality publications with custom-made editorial contents and visually engaging designs in both print and digital formats. Custom publishing is an effective means of marketing communication to reach new customers, strengthen existing customer relationships, build corporate brands, and drive return on investment. For further information, please contact us via email at

n Opening Hours n Everyday – 9am to 7pm (By Appointment) Phone 24 Hours for Emergency Phone – 2792 8555 G/F, 6 Hoi Pong Street Sai Kung, Hong Kong



the right shoes

for running When you go shoe-shopping next time, follow these simple steps to make sure the shoes you purchase fit yourself. By Dr Kary Lam




Many people enjoy going for a run to catch some fresh air or to stay healthy. Picking the right pair of running shoes is essential to make sure that you won’t be kept off course because of unnecessary injuries from wearing the wrong pair of shoes. There is no perfect running shoe that fits every runner. The goal in finding the perfect pair for you is to match the features of your feet to the features of a running shoe. Next time you are shopping for a new pair of shoes, follow the simple steps below to help you find the right match for you! What type of foot do you have? Before walking into a shoe store, you should first determine what type of foot you have. Nowadays, many specialty shoe stores will provide a complimentary foot scan. Alternatively you can consult your health professional if you are unsure. Flat Foot: The arch along the inside edge of the foot (the side of the big toe) is flattened, or in more severe cases, completely collapsed. These runners generally have more flexible but unstable feet, and should look for a pair of running shoes that provide more motion control and support – a pair with a firmer midsole can control the foot from rolling inward too much upon footstrike. Some flat-feet runners may also need custom-made orthotics to further correct the foot problems. High Arch: Opposite to those with flat foot, this type of runners has rigid and inflexible feet that do not absorb shock well. A pair of running shoes with a softer midsole and plenty of cushioning to absorb the shock is recommended. Stay away from stability shoes that will reduce foot mobility. Neutral foot: If you are one of the lucky ones with neutral or normal feet, WWW.ANIMAMAG.COM

The goal in finding the perfect pair for you is to match the features of your feet to the features of a running shoe. it should be much easier to find the right footwear. You should find that most models made for neutral feet should fit. Avoid picking those with a lot of motion control and stability. Hitting the shoe store Now that you have a better idea of the type of shoes that may fit you better, it’s time to hit the store. Here are a few helpful tips that will better your chance of landing in a perfect pair of running shoes for you.

bendable. We want to look for a pair of running shoes that is flexible, but not bending at the wrong places. When you try to fold the shoe in half, the shoe should only bend at the ball of the foot (i.e. slightly before the middle of the shoe, towards the toes) and not in the arch. If there is too much or no resistance when you fold, do not purchase the shoe because this indicates that the shoe either does not bend at all or bends too much, respectively. Twist Test

Go shoe-shopping in the late afternoon – Our feet generally swell up a little during the day. Shop for shoes in the late afternoon or evening when the feet are the biggest. Never buy shoes that are too tight or stiff and think that you will “break them in”.

Hold the shoe at both ends and twist it slightly as if you are ringing out a towel. The shoe should stay firm and not be twisted easily. If the shoe rings out, do not purchase it as it provides little to no rotational stability, which is very important in running.

Shop with the socks that you will wear for running – Make sure you try on the shoes with the socks you will run in because some thicker socks may require you to go up by a half-size.

Heel Counter Squeeze Test

Picking the right pair of running shoes Perform the following the three essential tests to make sure the shoes you are purchasing pass the basic quality control! Fold Test

Check that the front of the shoe is

Squeeze the heel counter with your thumb and index finger. The heel counter should stay stiff and firm. This will ensure that your heel is well protected and stable in the shoe.

Dr Kary Lam is a Canadian trained chiropractor practicing in Hong Kong. She is passionate about spreading the spinal health message and teaching the public about prevention and staying healthy. Dr Lam is also a lecturer of the Sports Injury Prevention & Spinal Health course at the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions.




Beauty Solutions

from Nature Let’s take a look at a number of natural nourishment for our skin. By Azure Lorraine




While scientists try

to develop the latest technology for skin peels, facial creams and laser treatments, did you know that there are a whole range of natural ingredients that have been used and recorded since ancient history to improve, rejuvenate and replenish you inside out without breaking your bank or having to use chemicals? So let’s go back to basics today – take a look at these botanical and natural finds, some of their history and uses: Bees Thanks to the hardworking bees, we get sweet tasting honey and nourishing beeswax. The healing power of both honey and beeswax is undeniable. Beeswax is the most natural, non-toxic wax for making candles and skin care. Most candle wax releases black smoke and toxins when burning so it is not safe for children or long-term use. In cosmetic products, its thickness ensures the moisturizers stay on your skin and is absorbed thoroughly. The combination of both beeswax and honey makes the most soothing lip balm for chapped, cracked and dry lips. Carrot This little bunny’s favorite is one of the most nutritious and anti-carcinogenic vegetables. Rich in vitamin A, antioxi-


dants and carotene, carrots protect our eyesight and helps decrease the cholesterol level in our bodies simultaneously. A study published in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry shows that two groups of rats were used to test on pre-cancerous tumors. The results showed that the rats who were fed carrots were 33% less likely to develop full-scale tumors. Carrot seed essential oil is full of antioxidants which will stimulate healing process, cell regeneration, smooth wrinkles and rejuvenate. Chamomile Chamo and milos, interpreted as ‘ground apple’ in Greek, is in the daisy family. Chamomile, also known as a sleeping aid, was used as an offering to the Egyptian god Ra in the ancient time. Romans blended chamomile in a tea form to soothe digestive ailments, heal insomnia, stress and back pain. While sipping some chamomile tea will prepare you for a restful sleep, massaging with chamomile essential oils will sooth itches and dry skin. Eczema sufferers truly benefit the calming quality of the national flower of Russia. Cocoa Dark and fragrant, cocoa beans provide the world with two of the most scrumptious and indulgent ingredients: Cocoa

butter and chocolate. Don’t let that fool you into thinking that chocolate is bad for you, however. When consumed in moderation, this amazing treat will turn into a great anti-aging defender. Research from the Harvard Medical School suggests that the right type of cocoa promotes vascular health, lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Dark chocolate is the best because it contains angitensin-converting enzymes, which help regulate your blood pressure. Cocoa butter is extracted from cocoa beans which has a smooth, velvet-like texture and a slight aroma of chocolate. Because of the number of antioxidants it possesses, cocoa butter makes some of most moisturizing body butter for chapped and damaged skin. Clays Unlike the materials you use for pottery making, French clay and Kaolin clay, are two organically absorbent clays containing essential minerals, some of which you cannot get in any other cosmetic ingredients. Both clays contain useful minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium and silica. French clay disinfects and smooths blemished and combination skin while Kaolin clay on the other hands is suitable for any skin types as it draws out impurities from pores without removing oil from your




More recently, research from the University of Maryland Medical Center confirmed that because milk has high levels of vitamin A and calcium, it can help fight acne and has anti-aging benefits. skin. Both earthy and natural, healing clays remove toxins and improve blood circulation effectively. Lavender In the 19th century, Queen Victoria was a genuine admirer of the ravishing flower and she loved using pillows and soaps which were filled and infused with dried lavender. Egyptians, Greeks and Romans also used lavender; lavender was highly valued as a perfume by Egyptians and Greeks to scent their hair, while the Romans used lavender oils for bathing and medicinal purposes. In 77 AD, Nero, then a Greek military physician under the roman emperor, wrote in his book, De Materia Medica, translated as ‘On Medicinal Substances’, that lavender could be used to relieve indigestion, headaches, insomnia, depression, sore throats, as well as treating wounds and skin disorders. To this date, lavender has remained to be one of the most popular and widely used ingredients in aromatherapy. Milk It was said that, Cleopatra, the Queen of the Nile, also a legendary beauty, took baths daily with goat’s milk and honey. She always had soft, shiny skin

as smooth as silk because of the nourishing formula: milk and honey. Greeks, Romans and Egyptians in ancient societies consumed the very same formula to stay young and healthy. Quite often, we see the combination of both honey and milk used together in beauty products; the reason is that both of them contain antimicrobial and cleansing properties. More recently, research from the University of Maryland Medical Center, confirmed that because milk has high levels of vitamin A and calcium, it can help fight acne and has anti-aging benefits. Oatmeal This insoluble fiber-rich grain plant contains high levels of vitamin B, beta-glucan and complex carbohydrates, which is why a daily consumption of oatmeal decreases cholesterol and stabilizes the blood-glucose levels for diabetics. Oatmeal also protects against any development of colon cancer cells. However, oatmeal is not just for your regular breakfast; oatmeal is also an effective, yet gentle, scrubbing agent. It removes dead skin cells and regenerates new ones, giving your skin a healthier glow. Its gentleness makes oatmeal an ideal scrubbing alternative for eczema conditions and acne.

Yogurt Did you know that yogurt was discovered by a Turkish merchant 2000 years ago? He went on a journey with pockets of milk which were made from sheep’s intestine. Because of the weather change from day to night, the milk turned into a surprisingly refreshing and delicious solid clot. Since then, the little accidental discovery became yogurt and made its name to breakfast menus all over the world. The Dairy Council of California suggests that lactic acid, an alpha hydroxyl acid, which is found in yogurt, helps boost our digestive and immune system. It also has been found to reduce eczema conditions in babies. Because of its super hydrating and antibacterial properties, lactic acid has become one of the major components in beauty products, which boosts rejuvenation and fights against anti-aging. Since macrobiotic yogurt has powerful yeast, it is a natural soother for yeast infections and discomforts. With increasing pollution, it is crucial that we clean and look after our skin daily. Why not try these natural nourishment at home and enjoy the benefits of having soft and radiant skin? Let them beautify you and enjoy the blessings from nature!

Azure Lorraine is the founder of Capra Latte, an organic body care company based in Hong Kong. She enjoys handcrafting and takes her inspiration from nature. You can reach her at





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A classical music

composer Alexis Alrich tells us about her work as a composer and how she is tied to music. By Eunice Wong Please tell us about your background and areas of work.

I started piano lessons at age eight in Los Angeles with a wonderful teacher, Mary Robin, who asked me to make up pieces right from the first lesson. She wrote the pieces down so they looked like “real music” right away. It suited me and I kept going – it was difficult but exciting. When I was about 14 she told me I could make it as a musician. From that day it was my ambition to be

a composer. I studied piano and composition at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, California Institute of the Arts and at Mills College in California. Now I am working as a composer, pianist and teacher.

What is the style of your music? How would you describe it?

A composer colleague from New York called it “California Impressionism” and I like that. It’s classical music influ-

Alexis Alrich (second from the right) was singing on stage



enced by French Impressionism, California minimalism and Asian music.

How long does it take you to compose a piece? What are the steps and processes?

I can write quickly or slowly. A long piece can take more than a year, but I have written short pieces in just a few weeks or even days. To compose a complex piece it takes time to find the perfect ideas and to digest what the piece is trying to say. Putting all the notes on paper, working out the orchestration, harmony, inner voices and so on is a long process. On the other hand it’s fun to dash off a piece quickly from spontaneous impressions. The result has a different, fresher flavor, less complex but good in its own way. I like to work at the piano so I am surrounded with sound. I can write notes with pencil about as fast as I can think but I do need to put all the music on the computer sooner or later. This is terrible for inspiration because the resonance of speakers is so different from live music. But I never want to go back to the tedious labor of writing final copies in ink.

What do you enjoy about your work? What are the challenges? A great performance is the biggest


Alexis Alrich

A great performance is the biggest thrill of being a composer. A bad performance is the worst nightmare. But I get joy from the working process, and on a good day, when the right notes fly into my head, it’s the best job in the world.

thrill of being a composer. A bad performance is the worst nightmare. But I get joy from the working process, and on a good day, when the right notes fly into my head, it’s the best job in the world. The challenge is to earn those good days and thrilling performances which mean pushing through frustration and having patience through months of details.

Do you have any personal moments that are linked with music?

I have a hard time thinking about just “moments” linked with music. I love everything about it and it’s how I spend most of my time. But one way I enjoy music, besides working at it, is to listen to music with my husband at home. We just relax and listen to a whole symphony, like listening to a story. It’s fresh every time.

I also forced my family to sing Christmas carols and now they all enjoy it. It’s a great way to literally create harmony.

Is music tied to your well-being in any way? At which moments would you want to play music? Music is very much tied to my wellbeing. I miss it terribly when I can’t practice or play music. Ideally I play every day, for enjoyment and to keep up my skill. The edge wears off if I skip a few days. Playing music lifts you out of your daily frustrations. It’s all under the control of your own fingers. It uses energy but it’s not tiring. If you play with other people and you are well matched, your energies combine and multiply. It’s extremely satisfying. If I’m concentrating on working out technical issues, then morning is the

best time for me. But evening seems to reveal the mysterious side of music. When it is quiet and dark the music shows all its nuances.

Do you think classical music is better for calming emotions than other types of music?

I do think so, but classical music is also exciting. To me a big orchestra up close is more powerful than any rock band. Classical music has twists and turns and surprises. The tension can be stretched to the breaking point. I suppose the goal of at least some classical music is tranquil beauty, balance or perfection. Other musical genres like jazz or rock don’t usually aim for that. But almost everybody responds to some classical pieces, say Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, and are moved by its exquisite serenity. Pieces like that transcend genres.

Eunice Wong is the Editor of Anima magazine. She is a writer and editor based in Hong Kong. She has written on human resources, business and lifestyle.





Kids Yoga Builds Bridges Between East and West

Sharing the Eastern tradition of yoga with children is one way to create balance for them in the face of the pressures of our modern world. By Jodi B. Komitor




People in the modern world these days are stressed. And like it or not, children are also feeling the affects of our hurried way of life. Whether the source is home, peer pressures, school or subconsciously absorbed media, children today carry burdens that are often hard to detect. Children in the West, like adults, can benefit from the wisdom of the East. The practice of yoga is a fun way for the newest generation to learn stress management and ways to stay healthy, as well as a great opportunity to expand their awareness of experiences and cultures outside of their own. Over the past ten years, yoga has become increasingly popular in America and Europe. I recently asked a group of kids if they have ever done yoga before. At least 85 percent of them raised their hands. Whether they have done it with their teachers at school, by their parents’ side, or in a structured class at a yoga center, the youth of today are now reaping the powerful benefits of yoga. These benefits include increased health, flexibility, muscle strength, focus and attention as well as stress management, body awareness, spiritual enlightenment, and an overall sense of well-being. Yoga derived its name from the word “yoke”, meaning to bring together. In the Eastern worldview, this means the joining together of the mind, body, and spirit. For modern-day kids, yoga connects the body, the mind and the unique gift or light inside each of us. We all have this gift and when we recognize it in ourselves and each other, we say Namaste. A typical kids’ yoga class is very different from an adult class and it is essential that it meet children where they are. Kids’ yoga should be playful, creative, spontaneous and energetic. It is often noisy and filled with music, story telling, props and play. This is not to say that the beautiful and authentic ideals of yoga are not instilled — they most certainly are and the lessons come out in the most interesting ways. “Over the holidays, I found myself a bit stressed,” said a parent of one of my young students recently. “My son, Grayson, picked up on my intensity and gave me his feedback. It went something like this: ‘Mommy, you need to do yoga breathing. Sit down. Close your eyes now and take a deep breath. Ready?...Rub your hands together...Warm your hands. Warm your heart. Hands on heart, mommy!...[Now say] Oooommmm…’ Not only did this bring me relaxation, it has brought unforeseen joy every day thereafter. Now [when I am stressed], I think of that moment with my five year old and I smile and breathe.” WWW.ANIMAMAG.COM




Yoga derived its name from the word “yoke”, meaning to bring together. In the Eastern worldview, this means the joining together of the mind, body, and spirit. In the West, the practice of yoga has been adapted to fit the needs of many different populations, including pregnant women, people with special needs, even senior citizens. But can kids really do yoga? Of course they can. Children are natural yoginis. From the moment they are born, they are extremely “in their bodies” and are innately flexible, present, joyful and free. They pretendplay and move their bodies normally in ways that are more often than not traditional yoga poses. Ever see a toddler slithering on the ground like a snake? He is doing a yoga pose! A fun class that I love to teach is called “Jungle Yoga.” With traditional yoga poses and creative movements, we journey to a far away place that the kids choose. We do seated side stretches that symbolize flying on an airplane to our destination and practice powerful exhalations through our noses to imitate airplane engines. In time, we slowly transition down to “Child’s Pose” for our landing. The kids rest quietly there for a bit and I teach them about this pose being a special place to come to when they are feeling angry or tired. We continue with a Kundalini Yoga movement called “Camel Ride” as we ride along on a bumpy jeep.



Eventually, we transition to warmups and standing postures. The children call out the poses based on what they want to see on our trip in the jungle. Lions, giraffes, elephants, trees, wild birds, and snakes are just some of what they come up with. As their guide, I modify their suggestions and appropriately sequence them for a well-balanced yoga class filled with traditional yoga poses, creative movement, educational learning points, sensory integration, breathing exercises, meditation, relaxation, and a whole lot of fun. I also weave in lessons on health, positivity, affirmations, non-competitiveness, discipline and environmental and spiritual awareness. For relaxation, they lie still on their backs, and I continue to incorporate the jungle theme. I remind them that they are safe, courageous, healthy and strong. They lay still and enjoy a foot massage and guided visualization along with soothing music. By the end, each child is relaxed, refreshed, and much more mindful of their bodies, minds and gifts. Sharing the Eastern tradition of yoga with the youth of today is one way to create balance, confidence and

health for them in the face of the pressures of our modern world. The practice nourishes and supports them in mind, body and spirit and paves the way for a life-long tradition of health and fitness. It also ensures that our future leaders, innovators and teachers will bring a sense balance and insight with them in all that they do. Wouldn’t it be great if adults could enjoy this variation on yoga as well!

Jodi B Komitor is an international teacher trainer and the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Yoga with Kids. She is the founder of a 14 year old kids company, Next Generation Yoga, the first children’s yoga studio in the world. Jodi is the creator and star of Activity TV Yoga & Whale Yoga for Kids DVD. In January 2007, Jodi relocated from New York City to California and expanded her kids yoga company to become bi-coastal. For more information on classes, Teacher Trainings and special events by Jodi and her team, visit Gecko Yoga will proudly be hosting Jodi Komitor in Hong Kong in June 2012. Jodi will be running three Kids Yoga Teacher Trainings covering the ages of 2-13 years at Amico Studios in Wanchai. To find out more visit



Nutrition for Children

We are what we eat. It is important to help our children develop good eating habits as this will have a long term impact on their wellbeing. By Jennifer Walker


Every parent wants the best for

their children, and great pains are taken to see that they attend the best schools, have the best extra tuition and social exposure. However, one area of child care which is often neglected without realising the possible implications is that of nutrition. This can occur for a variety of reasons such as: • No importance is attached to or relevance seen in the role of food in good or poor health. • The decision as to what the child will eat is left to a caregiver inexperienced or unknowledgeable in this area. • The decision as to what the child will eat is left to the child him/herself. • Misconceptions/misinformation about certain foods and their effects. • Succumbing to advertisers hype with regard to foods.



FEATURE The junk food culture It is unfortunate that we are living in a junk food culture, and it is only too easy to allow these foods to take over in a child’s daily diet. The term ‘junk food’ includes not only snack items and candies, but also those made of white flour, other refined grains, and high sugar foods, including canned and packaged juices/sodas, cakes, cookies and breads. As a parent, one of the best things you can do for your child is to ensure that he or she develops good dietary habits, which will have a long-term and positive impact upon physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Despite the slick advertising and the fact that eating junk foods may be condoned by other parents, it pays to be strong in instilling good eating habits in your child. This does not mean that your child should never have sweets, cakes or other snacks, but they need to be put

in the ‘occasional’ category. It’s wise not to use foods as treats or reward, as these will become associated with ‘being good’, and this association can extend throughout life, often to our detriment. One way of dealing with this is to let the child go shopping with you, and with his or her pocket money choose one or two snack items which have to do for the week. This way, they learn a couple of useful life skills – how to value their money and how to delay gratification – and they won’t develop junk food cravings. On the other hand, if your child’s life involves going to lots

As a parent, one of the best things you can do for your child is to ensure that he or she develops good dietary habits, which will have a longterm and positive impact upon physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. of parties – then that more than suffices, so at home, keep meals and snacks natural and wholesome and have water as the beverage of choice. Daily diet that gives the necessary nutrients The first consideration in anyone’s daily diet needs to be – “will what I eat provide the necessary nutrients required by my body for growth, cell renewal, energy and wellbeing?” Junk and processed foods do not contain the necessary nutrients vital for growth and development, and nutritional deficiencies can manifest as



poor growth, health problems, obesity, failure to thrive, emotional and behavioural disorders. Ultimately, a child who has any of these issues is not going to excel educationally or fully realise their potential in other areas of life. Eating for good health does not have to be a chore or boring. With children, presentation is as important as taste, and it doesn’t take too much effort for either to be appealing – just a few good cookbooks, thought and a little imagination. Developing good eating habits begins at weaning, and as the little one

grows, a diet using a variety of whole and natural foods should evolve, with the parents/caregivers noting if any negative reaction, either physical or emotional occurs as each new food is introduced, as this may indicate allergy or intolerance. Signs of allergic reaction Children are very sensitive little beings and react readily not only to environmental allergens such as exhaust fumes and dust but also to certain foods. Some of the common problem foods are sugar, dairy products, wheat, apple juice, eggs and citrus.


Signs of allergic reaction can include: • Dark shadows and/or horizontal lines under the eyes. • Facial puffiness. • Constant sniffing, frequent colds, coughs and ear infections, excessive mucus production and tonsillitis. • Eczema, rashes, itchiness. • Excessive sweating, especially at night around the head. • Tiredness. • Poor concentration, hyperactivity, aggression, insomnia, bedwetting and being overly emotional or exhibiting emotionally inappropriate behaviour. Three good meals a day When feeding children, the idea is to give three good meals a day with morning and afternoon ‘real’ food snacks. Children who are allowed to snack on junk throughout the day are never hungry for their main meals – then we hear ‘my child won’t eat his/her meals’ – but no wonder. Also, their sense of


taste gets distorted by artificial flavours, strong sugar and salt tastes. It is also important to remember that little children have little stomachs, so serve them meals proportionally smaller. Encourage them to chew well and eat slowly to encourage good digestion and for the appetite centre to kick in (it takes around 20 minutes for us to feel full). Properly fed, your child will let you know when he or she has had enough, so do not force food. If made to eat when they say they’re already full, stomach aches can ensue, or even vomiting. Children’s appetites do fluctuate and there will be days when they want to eat voraciously, and others when they show little or no interest in food. If they’re still hungry offer more of the main course, and fresh fruit for dessert. (Berries are especially popular with children and full of good antioxidants.) If they’re having an ‘off ’ day it is possible they are sickening for something, but even if they’re not, don’t force the

food issue – present the usual meals and snacks and plenty of fluids – and observe them carefully. It’s also important to check the quality of your foods. In today’s toxic environment, not only your children but the whole family will benefit from eating clean foods, therefore I always recommend buying organic or freerange items where possible from countries where the environment is still relatively clean.

Jennifer Walker began her career in healthcare as a nurse, later qualifying as a Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Master Practitioner of NLP and Time Line Therapy. She is also a Human Design consultant. She has been described as a total healer who has the ability to truly see her clients; having a unique understanding of the relationships and connections between the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects of various health and life issues. She has practised in Hong Kong since 1996.



Fresh Look

6 Reasons why you should change your image Feeling bored, stuck, stagnated? Since sometimes outer beauty plays a crucial role in developing inner grace, maybe all you need is an image intervention! By Neha Ghosh




It’s all about what’s inside…if you ‘feel’ beautiful then you will shine like the moon….Inner beauty is all that matters. Sigh. How often have we heard, read and bombarded with these very poetic lines? Yes, they do sound perfect and mostly encourages us to ‘skip it’ when we SHOULD walk that extra 30 minutes on the treadmill to burn off the fattening steak dinner from the previous night. Instead, such whimsical lines actually do the opposite. It makes us lazy. It makes us complacent. So you wonder, does it really matter if you look like a scare crow dressed in rags, but rescue puppies from smugglers? But to be truthful, can you actually imagine a world full of badly dressed and unpleasant looking people but with golden hearts? It would be disaster (not to forget very disturbing) and an eye sore. But before you nod your head side to side in disdain and measure us a scale of shallowness, let me remind you that polished looks actually aids inner beauty. It’s all about positive outer changes for peaceful inner growth and development. We are not saying that you must hit the mall, spend your savings while planning ways to look drop dead Megan Fox gorgeous by also hiring a personal trainer to get the butt of Jennifer Lopez and the body like Cameron Diaz (won’t that be crazy!?) But little things


make a lot of difference. Maybe a radical new haircut here….and exchanging your boring flats for high heels? It’s all about baby steps which ultimately have the maximum impact on our overall personality and confidence. If you are still on the edge about taking the leap, we give you 6 solid reasons why a new and improved image will enhance all aspects of your life while hopefully negate the idea that good looks and inner beauty can’t be best friends. 1. It will make you feel better about yourself Yes, it’s very important that you feel good about yourself, at all times. And how you look plays a crucial role at elevating your sense of worth which in turn, affects your state of mind. According to Mumbai based psychologist Deepak Nair, outer image is not a shallow concept but guides one to attain an elevated sense of self-belief. Which basically means that next time you are in front of the mirror and feeling awful about the love handles, grossed out by the patchy skin and wondering what happened to your shiny tresses, it’s time to take action. And the quickest way is the simplest. Hit the parlor and go all out. And try and avoid saying, “The usual trim please”. 2. It will get you respect People who usually maintain a polished sense of style and image, garner respect automatically. Don’t believe us? Try

walking in for a family function looking like “you don’t care” or dress up in your grandmother’s skirt for a night out with friends and you will know what we are talking about. And it has psychological benefits as well. Mumbai based psychologist Dr Deepak Nair believes that people who take care of your image give out the notion that they respect themselves enough to care about how they look. “It does not matter if you are wearing branded clothes or not, it’s the idea that I deserve to look my best at all times, which automatically harvests the respect of his/ her peers, colleagues and everyone else”. So the next time you are wondering why the supervisor never takes your ideas seriously, try this. Straighten your posture and chuck those bell-bottoms and floral t-shirt. A snappy image will help you bestow a good lasting impression. 3. You might attract your desired partner This one is pretty simple, right? Want to meet the love of your life or get the attention of the office hottie, then dress the part. No, we aren’t saying that become a sex-kitten and purr every time he is around, but getting that sexy new haircut which you have been ogling at in the fashion magazine is a good step forward. “Your overall appearance, especially the haircut can transform you from dull to diva in 30 min”, says Tenzin, Senior Stylish at Tony And Guy.



Fresh Look And not to forget, it’s a relatively inexpensive investment but with much higher benefits. Instant confidence anyone? 4. You will be taken more seriously at work Ensuring that you change your image from frumpy to well-dressed and poised at work could automatically mean half your fight is won. A survey conducted a couple of years ago by Trinity University found that workforce who dress well and look refined are taken seriously at work than those that pay negligible attention to those crumpled sleeves, faded collars and sloppy hairstyle. “Don’t be fooled,” says Pinaki Shankar Ghosh, a Singapore based IT engineer. “Image

Yes, it’s very important that you feel good about yourself, at all times. And how you look plays a crucial role at elevating your sense of worth which in turn, affects your state of mind. matters at every step of your corporate life. If you pay attention to having an elegant look, it encourages others to take you seriously. This goes for both the new young guy and the old-timer. Your language are more likely to fall flat on unresponsive ears if you walk with a slouch, wear an unfastened checkered shirt over a faded Goth T-shirt, than if you sport a snappy dress shirt” he added. 5. You will make yourself a priority People who tend to take care of their looks usually are smart buyers. They are not compulsive shoppers or hoarders but tend to spend time in researching on styles which will look good on them. This automatically means that less money is spent on buying junk, and clothes are taken as an investment. “We all know that excessive shopping can be a serious addiction, says Dr Nair. “It can also be a sign of depression and lack of self-worth. But people who are smart dressers are also smart buyers as they tend to invest versatile pieces. It’s a sign of emotional stability”, he concluded. So be wise and invest in pieces which will help you attain chic and timeless looks. Besides your confidence, your bank balance will also thank you. 6. You will make YOU a priority Last but definitely not the least, it’s about YOU. It’s



about your need (and secret desire) to be taken seriously at work, appreciated at home for all your efforts, the yearning to be wooed at least once and to earn respect from the ultimate critique, yourself. Wise men would say it’s a journey of a lifetime, but we say, it can happen today. At least a part of it such as exchanging the ancient spectacles for new contact lenses. A new image will ensure that you think about yourself before putting everyone else’s need first. “Women especially like to feel virtuous. They are trained to put themselves last and not feel bad about it. But paying attention to ones image even in the minutest manner will act in a two-fold way: A boost that you deserve which gets admiration flowing. And who can say what a woman high on confidence can’t achieve,” concludes Dr Nair. So there you go. Now that you are armed with reasons, the much delayed appointment with your stylist needs to be rescheduled today. After all, inner peace and outer glam can co-exist. They can actually be best buddies.

Neha Ghosh has been working as a writer/editor for the last six years. Besides politics and sports, she has written on every genre possible. Her happiest times are when she is travelling to a new place and writing. WWW.ANIMAMAG.COM


Pursuit of

Happiness Making your life goal to be happy is the most unselfish goal you can set. There are ways to help us find balance in today’s stressful society. By Daniel Wood

The pursuit of

happiness is an honorable pursuit and one we should strive for our entire lives. Many question if we can ever be truly happy. Happiness is simply just a state of mind; A state of hope, calm and relaxation, together with a sense of purpose and passion. In today’s stressful society, finding this balance is difficult, but not impossible.





Putting your happiness first is a good way of spreading joy to the world. If you are happy you can produce more and better results which in turn benefit our entire society.

Happiness is the most important goal you will ever have Putting your happiness first is a good way of spreading joy to the world. If you are happy you can produce more and better results which in turn benefit our entire society. You cannot give away what you do not have This is an important revelation. You cannot give away a present if you haven’t bought and owned it yourself. You cannot give away something you haven’t possessed. The same thing goes for happiness. If you aren’t happy, you cannot give it away and make others happy. Making it your life goal to be happy isn’t a selfish goal. It is the most unselfish goal you can set. You become happy to spread that happiness and value to the world. You cannot produce if you are not passionate One of the key parts of being happy is feeling passion for what you do. If you aren’t passionate, you cannot produce and if you don’t produce, you become a burden to society and your family. If you keep pulling everyone down and expecting society to help you, you drain value from the system. When you



are passionate, you can produce results and give value to everyone in the system. Choosing the right friends The first step to being happy is choosing the right friends. If you have people around you that spread energy, that believe in and motivate you. It will greatly help you in achieving happiness. Many people bond by spreading gossip or by complaining and many will be jealous of your goals and try to discourage you, either to protect you from eventual failure, or to keep you from success and leaving their social level. Don’t let this type of people keep you boxed in. Make sure your friends believe in you and will stick with you through the bad and the good. If they do, they will be a true source of happiness and shelter for you, a place for you to find calm, to shed stress and find motivation by sharing your passion. Getting rid of negative influence The greatest killer of our calm and happiness is negative influence, for example; Bad friends, gossip and (negative) news. You need to cut these influences out of your life. If you constantly have to live with them it is very difficult to find

the motivation and calm to be happy. Another major contributor of negative energy is the news. A good news story focuses on the negative, the scandals, the deaths, the extremes. By cutting most of the news out of your life you will lose a lot of the fear you are having and it will be a lot easier to find the calm and serenity required for happiness. Your job Most of your days are spent at work, a lot of your energy is used while working and a lot of your life hangs on your ability to make a living. If you aren’t happy with this part of your life it will be a constant area of stress and anger for you. Only you have the power to decide how your career will look and if you decide to change, it is something you easily can do. Having a dream job It can be any type of job; becoming a CEO, historian, salesman, accountant, anything. When you have a clear goal, you can start working towards it. The feeling you get when your job has a purpose will help you get through most hard times and it will help you decide what situations you need to get out of. When you know why you are working, you will be able to produce at your highest level. This gives a tremendous sense of fulfillment. When you feel as though you are doing everything you can, producing well and have a reward waiting for you at the end, it makes working fun (as insane as that may sound). Handling Stress Today, stress is a big problem. People get burned out much too often and companies are still requiring us to produce more and more every day. Getting a handle on this is very important. If you are stressed you will not be able to produce at your highest level, which will cause even more stress which in turn keeps you from true happiness. WWW.ANIMAMAG.COM

I want to briefly share three things you can work on that will reduce your stress levels. There are hundreds of books written on the subject.

1. Time management

Using simple tools such as lists, a calendar, planning your weeks and prioritizing your tasks will make a big difference for you. Think how different your life would be if you had two more hours each day to produce (and the energy to fully utilize them). I think you would see a lot of your problems dissipate.

2. Getting thoughts out of your head

We have multiple things we want to remember and we have a lot of things we need to do that require our full concentration. A great solution is to get a piece of paper and write down all your ideas so that you can get them out of your head. Having to remember all the ideas you have creates a lot of stress and keeps you from focusing on producing at your highest level.

Relax Daily I have noticed that when I spend 10 minutes every day listening to classical music it brings calm to my mind, a much needed rest from the stress of daily life. It doesn’t matter how you do it; Showering, meditating, listening to classical music or reading, but the act of relaxing will greatly help you unplug and recharge your batteries so that you can find the calm you need to stay happy.

eas of your life; Health, Career, Family and Finances. Write them in the positive, present tense, as if you have already completed them and set a deadline for when you want to have accomplished your goal. Read this note every morning and every evening. The difference you feel can change your life.

Daniel M. Wood is a motivational speaker and coach. He shares his advice freely on his website

Long Term Goals If you do not have any long term goals written down I suggest you try this exercise. Knowing exactly what you want and why gives a sense of purpose and gives you motivation, it also gives you calm since you know where you are going. Try writing down on a piece of paper your long term goals (at least three years into the future) in all the four major ar-

3. Planning

It is said that every minute planning saves 10 minutes in execution. Spending time planning projects, goals and activities makes you a lot more efficient. That efficiency can then be channeled into relaxation and freedom.





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Family Yoga Community Class


Rainbow Kids Yoga is one of the leading international Yoga schools, specializing in Kids Yoga Teacher Trainings all over the world. In every 3-Day Teacher Training, there is a Community Yoga Class on the Saturday. You do not need to participate in the training to join the Community Yoga Class! Let us know you are coming – Contact us at: For details, please visit Facebook: Rainbow Kids Yoga


Conscious Birthing Workshop for Couples Learn to approach labor as a positive, empowering rite of passage Are you planning to birth naturally yet you have learned unwelcoming stories about birthing that have created fear or doubt that may hinder your own birthing experience? Come learn techniques that can deepen your ability to relax, release fear and cope with birthing during labor. This Conscious Birthing workshop is a niche offering that has grown out of the need to guide women (couples) to expand their awareness of how the mindbody connection plays a key role in labor and how one can tap into this natural instinct to birth-in-awareness. Date: 3rd or 31st March 2012 (Sat) Time: 3:30 - 6:30pm Venue: 4/F Studio, Xiu Ping Commercial Building , 104 Jervois Street , Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Cost: HKD1,000 Regular (HKD800 Early bird before 2 weeks) Facilitator Bio: Peggy is a certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, a pre- and post- natal yoga instructor, an Energy Medicine Therapist, an IAIM Infant Massage Instructor and a Lactation Counselor in training. She has been developing and facilitating childbirth preparation programs for parents-to-be You will learn: • The perception of fear and pain of a birthing mom, their effect on the mind-body connection during labor and how to remove fear in order to have an undisturbed physiological birth • The importance of relaxation; learn techniques including breathing, visualization and selfhypnosis • Easy and effective alternative pain relief techniques and practice non-focused awareness • Partner supported work such as yoga poses, birth anchors and massages • Explore energetic techniques to release fear or negative emotions related to birthing • Partner will also learn measures to support pregnant and laboring women Reserve your spot NOW! To sign up, please kindly contact us at 2544 8398 or email to


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If your organization has any upcoming events and you would like to invite our readers to participate, please sendyour information to



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