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“Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail� - Kinky Friedman

Choosing the right vet is vital for your pets health. Not all vets are right for your pets; this is one area where one size doesn’t fit all. Finding the right veterinarian isn’t difficult, but you have to do a bit of looking.

Tip #1

A good referral is worth a lot. Talk first with your dog-owing friends. Sometimes the shelter where you adopted your pet can recommend a nearby veterinarian.

Tip #2

Seek help of dog trainers or groomers to find a good vet. You can also find veterinarians in the Yellow Pages, your state’s veterinary association, or the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

Tip #3

Once you have a list of vets, call them and ask the following questions:     

Does the clinic handle emergencies and offer boarding? Have you worked with mixed breeds quite a bit? Does the clinic offer payment plans if my dog has expensive emergencies? What is the cost for routine visits? Vaccinations? Deworming? What are the clinic hours? Do you offer after hour-services? And more.

Tip #4

Once you narrow the list of possible vets, it’s time to visit the clinic. When you visit, look around. Check whether the staffs is pleasant and friendly? Is the clinic clean and orderly?

Tip #5

The final test is to bring your pet in for their first appointment. While some dogs won’t get along with any vet, the vet and staff should have a gentle & caring manner towards your pet.

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Tips to Find 24 Hour Emergency Animal Hospital  

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