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What to


feed Fido

When it comes to dog food there are literally hundreds of choices – wet food, dry food, semi-moist food, high protein and high fat, medium protein and medium fat, high protein and medium fat, low protein and low fat, super-premium, premium, performance, regular, economy, high price or low. So which do you choose? Nutritional requirements

overweight dogs with

Firstly, make sure the food you choose fulfils the basic

‘light’ foods. Certain

nutritional requirements. As with any animal, it takes


carbohydrates, protein, fat, amino acids, vitamins

medical conditions

and minerals to run a dog's body. Carbohydrates,

which are specific

protein and fat supply the dog with energy. Fat is the

to their breeds. In

main source of energy for the dog. Protein is used for

those cases, consider

building and maintaining the body – as long as there is

using a breed-specific

enough energy supplied by the carbohydrates and fat.

or condition-specific

If not, protein is diverted to supply energy.

diet as prescribed by



your veterinarian. Life stage and health The trick is to find the food that your dog not only likes


and eats with gusto, but also keeps your dog in peak

Don’t judge a food by price alone. In

condition without breaking the bank. This is made easier

some cases the more expensive premium foods

if you select the right food for your dog’s life stage and

have a higher nutritional content and are more easily

lifestyle. So, if you have a puppy, buy the ‘puppy’ food

digested, so smaller amounts can be fed per meal,

(which can also be divided into small, medium, large and

thus saving money. On the other hand, don’t be

giant for the different breeds), an adolescent

misled by high prices. Some foods make you think

dog requires ‘junior’ food,

they are premium or even super-premium because of

and an adult, ‘adult’ food. If your adult dog is either a working dog,

their price, but the ingredients list puts them back in to a lower category, so check carefully.

a show dog or very active,



a or


about correct

the diet

food might

for your pet,

be needed

ask your vet.

to keep him

He will be able

looking and

to advise you

performing at his best. Older ‘senior’ dogs are catered for with special ‘senior’ diets; likewise


If in doubt

on the correct formula



your pet at any given time.

Responsible Pet Ownership

What to feed my dog  

What to feed my dog

What to feed my dog  

What to feed my dog