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issue 178 | JAN 2012

issue 178 | January 2012



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Sandy Bridge - E hollywood sound • L.A Noire •A  ssassin’s creed: revelations

Ohchicky noes bang bang chicky

18 pages

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The best gear of

2012 cpus


1 0f 3 games


BF3 v MW3




exclusive 19 pages of the best components hdds





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Gather round my friends. The New Year has come and it’s time to gaze into the misty smoke of electrical burning and let the arsenic poisoning tell of things that will be... overclocked. For the lords of boards I see changes – both for those in service to the king and the brave usurper. As the bridges grow thick with ivy, the three gates to the furnaces of hell will yield 11 treasures marked X. The challenger’s armies will cool as they march upon the fabled trinity. The heaving of the world begun this year past shall calm as time ticks on and every house will come to own a son that is a soldier too. Finally the highways marked 3.0 will be opened by the intelligent king, the paths to glory will be widened and travelled; for both powers and their kingdoms will grow on the back of legends such as the three battlefields. The gap between the peasants and the nobles will widen as generations grow old and the stories told require more magic. The field of play is due for many victories and losses. The republic old may suffer the same fate as those who pinned their hopes on modern warfare. The third coming of evil and the fight against Azmodan and Belial may bring happiness, but it is the unknown entity that will come from the great blizzard that we should watch for. Beware of syndicates and the five grand thieves; they will steal your time more than anything. There will be infinite shocks, halos, heroes, parties and payne. It’s going to be a year of plenty and we hope we can be with you for it all! Happy New Year and all the best everyone. See you on the servers!

Nicholas Boerma, Editor

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Intel Core i7 Extreme 975 @ 3.3GHz Intel DX58SO motherboard 6GB GSkill Trident DDR3-2000 Triple Channel Gainward GTX580 (Sponsored by WD 320GB SATA-II Hard Drive Intel Core i7 870 Gigabyte P55-UD6 LG Flatron E3250V LED LCD Kingston SSDNow V+ Series 128GB SSD

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PCFormat January 2012 Teaser  

PCFormat January 2012 Teaser