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Volume 2 | Issue 2 | Winter 2011 R30.00

Tick tock 10

tips for effective time management

How to Communicate in simple English Conduct internet research Keep friendships professional

You’ve got mail 14 ways to conquer your inbox

Tidy desk Keep it in order


Issue 2 | Winter 2011 R30.00 Incl. VAT Other countries R26.32 Excl. TAX

Pamela Khumalo from Telkom


Antiba cterial cleani Kaspe ng hamper s rsky s oftwa re Books Calcu lators

28 | Snack time make the right choices

46 | Presentations make them perfect

52 | Business travel what you need to know

issue 2 2011


52 | Business travel made easy

Regulars & Puzzles 4 9 74 76 78 79 80

News Book reviews Cross word Word search Kriss Kross Sudoku Brainteasers

Do less 12 14 48 50 66

Outsmart your email Master you inbox Review: Motorola DEFY Review: Kaspersky Pure 2011 Internet intelligent Tools for internet research To defrag or not to defrag? Read and find out

Do more 20 26

5 ways to beat winter Sail through the cold season In or out? Take the quiz to find out if you’re and introvert or extravert

44 | Time management is essential 28 32 52 56 58 62

Munchies Eat right at the office Hair raising Take care of your hair this winter Jetting off Business travel made easy Tidy desk, tidy mind Keep your workspace organised Winter warmer Hearty vegetable soup recipe Paper trail File those papers

Think more 16 22 34

43 60 64

Fresh coat of paint Office décor with a difference Cover me Get adequate life cover Protection is vital Ensure your information stays private Steer clear Unacceptable internet browsing Compliance is key Don’t fall foul of the EEA 10 cool things you didn’t know About the telephone


12 | Master you inbox Fare thee well Resign in style

Talk more 10 24 38 40 44 46

View from the top Interview with Pamela Khumalo Meeting motivation Conference delegates get inspired Get it? Got it! Good! Communicate in simple English Going pro Keep office friendships professional 9 to 5 Time management is essential You’re up ... Give a great presentation

WIN… 9

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…5 copies of The Penguin Book of Basic Business Calculations …10 hampers of germ busting products from Fellowes …5 copies of Kaspersky Pure 2011 antivirus software …6 Truly calculators Office LIFE | 3

OfficeLife magazine Issue #2  
OfficeLife magazine Issue #2  

OfficeLife magazine Issue #2