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Pg 28 Where Do I Live?

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Dear Barbie ! r e n n Wi Liewe Barbie, ek is 8 jaar oud. Jy trek mooi aan. Jy lyk mooi xxxx van Demi. Dankie Demi, jou prentjie is baie mooi!

mals ani ut o b e is all a em just as u s is is s! Th you love th urite o v Hi girl a e f ur a s ve and I am o! Do you ha me? I love Id it for much as hy not draw d drawings! an ?W animal g your letters his month’s receivin ulations to t Congrat inner, Demi! w 2

ame , my n ars ie b r a Dear B I am five ye ing h. is Lea w this draw e r d old. I ater as a w u o y f o ou are think y fairy. I l. u ink beautif ou Leah, I th ! y t k l n u oo Tha beautif e r a u yo


Dear Barbie, my name is Josie. I am eight years old. I love your hair. How do you keep it so wavy? Love Josie XOXO Hi Josie! Thank you! I love to try new styles with my hair! I had it wavy for a movie and I liked it, so the hairdresser showed me how!

ie, my ag Barb Goeie d iera. Ek is 6 K naam is van . Ek hou ooi en d u o jaar m boek is jou. Jou ker! lek rief ek lees vir jou b t Dankie bly da k is baie lees! e , a r ie K an jy hou v

my name is Dear Barbie, I’m 8 years Keneiloe and always buys old. My mom azines me Barbie mag ht me ug and my dad bo aid m er the Barbie a M sing to e Tale DVD. I lik aves W e th the Queen of rock! ou Y music. It’s fun. eiloe! Thank you Ken be a famous Maybe you’ll y! singer one da

Hi Barbie, my name is Tekla. I drew this picture for you. Hope you like it. Thank you Te kla, it’s beautiful!

Send us a clear photo of yourself along with a drawing and letter and you could win a Barbie DVD! Send your entries to Dear Barbie, Private Bag X4, Kyalami, 1684, or email them to with the words Dear Barbie in the subject line. Please ensure all visuals are high res. Please include all your details.

Please do not fold photos and drawings. We regret we cannot return any photos or drawings.


August • August • August • August MONDAY




















Public Holiday National Women’s Day



















Don’t miss that event or party! Fill in your special dates for this month!



Animal Words See if you can work out how these animal names fit into the grid.


If you g et ask you stuck, rp for help arents ! It’s q a tough uite one!






S I E S 4





R A B B 5



R 7






O 1












7 letter word Cheetah

8 letter words Tortoise Squirrel


6 letter words Rabbit Monkey




5 letter words Horse Hippo


4 letter words Fish Bear


3 letter word Pig


Monkey Madness O

ne day I picked up a flyer in my local shop. On the front was an adorable baby monkey, and it was advertising a monkey sanctuary not too far from where I live. It said that it takes in injured monkeys or ones that can’t be released into the wild because they were born in captivity. I read the whole pamphlet and got quite mad. It seems some people get exotic monkeys as pets and they don’t know how to look after them. I decided to go and visit to see what I could do to help! I was excited about my new cause and phoned all my friends and my sisters. Teresa, Nikki, Ken, Stacie and Chelsea all decided to come with me and, as Lacey jumped into my bag and refused to even consider staying at home, she came along too! When we arrived, we were shown around by a lovely young volunteer called Zoe. She told us all the different monkeys’ stories, like how they ended up at the sanctuary and what type of monkeys they were. She even allowed us to go in and see the baby monkeys who were all in a big play room filled with tyre swings and hammocks. The monkeys were so excited to have new 6

When I visit a monkey sanctuary, I realise that even one person can make a difference! people to play with that they went wild! We had a real blast, but we did some volunteer work too and cleaned out the cages. Lacey loved playing with the monkeys, but got frustrated that she couldn’t swing like they could. Luckily for her some of the monkeys seemed to realise this and played where she could reach. It was very sweet! One monkey in particular took a real liking to Ken. She followed him around and sat on his shoulder for most of the day. Zoe told us her name was Lucy and she had been born here in the sanctuary. Ken laughed as he fed her some fruit and she seemed so happy to have his attention. While the others were playing, I asked Zoe what we could do to help. She told us that they are always after volunteers and that, if we liked, we could adopt a monkey, paying for its


care and visiting it whenever we liked. I thought this was an amazing idea and went to speak to everyone about it. “That’s a great idea!” Teresa said. “I want to adopt Lucy!” Ken added. We all agreed that we would each adopt a monkey and make sure we visited as often as we could. Choosing one was so hard that I ended up adopting three! We were so happy that nine monkeys would be looked after by us! I am now so dedicated to the cause that I have roped in all my other friends to adopt a monkey too, and I am proud to say that, between us, we look after 30 monkeys! People will say one person can’t make a difference, but I disagree. One person can make a big difference in an animal’s life. Whether the love you give is to your pet or to an animal that needs help, remember that it’s up to us to make that difference!

The End 7

Learn To Draw... My Cat!

Use the steps below to draw a cat into the grid on the right-hand page.






When you’re done, colour the cat in with your fave colours!





Sammy’s Adventures 3D

Sammy the sea turtle has been searching for the love of his life, Shelly, since they were parted on the beach where they hatched. He braves all sorts of danger, and sees how humans are destroying the earth, on his journey to find Shelly again. And when he does, it seems she hasn’t ever forgotten him either!

Win Win Win Win

EB is the Easter Bunny’s son and is set to take over his duties. But EB’s heart is actually set on becoming a drummer. So, when EB is injured by a human slacker called Fred, he sees his chance. Playing up his injuries as much as he can, he gets to stay with Fred while he tries to find a way to make his dream come true. In the process both EB and Fred learn some lessons.

Competition Code – Barbie HDV

© Helga Esteb.

Win a Hop DVD!


Elle Fanning

Elle is 13 years old and is an actress just like her older sister Dakota. She has acted in a few movies with her sister, but is now taking leading roles of her own. She starred in Super 8 recently, a science fiction movie, and is coming up in We Bought a Zoo, a movie about a family who moves to the countryside to save a struggling zoo. Elle likes to play soccer and the piano and says the best part of being an actress is that you get to have a new name in every film.

© 2009 Around The World In 50 Years S.P.R.L.


Win Win Win Win

© Disney. All Rights Reserved.

Win Dr Seuss’s Terrific Tales

This collection of Dr Seuss stories features zany pictures and ridiculous rhymes. Dr Seuss has been around for more than 50 years but his stories never get old. If you loved Cat in the Hat you must give this a try!

Competition Code - Barbie DSB


Abigail Breslin

Abigail, like Elle, has an older sibling who is also an actor – her brother Spencer. She has starred with Spencer in a movie, but has been way more successful than he has. She’s 15 years old and is the voice of Priscilla in Rango. Abigail says that, if she were a superhero, she’d want the power to fly and speak all the world’s languages. She has two dogs, a cat and a turtle and wants to be a vet or a fashion designer when she’s older. She is also in a band with one of her BFFs. What a busy girl!

How to enter:

SMS* the competition code to 41931, post your entries to Barbie (competition code), Private Bag X4, Kyalami, 1684 or email, making sure to put Barbie (competition code) in the subject line. Please supply your name, address and a daytime contact number. *R2 per SMS, free SMSes do not apply.

Movie © 2011 Disney Enterprises. All Rights Reserved.

African Cats

This documentary, narrated by Samuel L Jackson, is all about two cat families and their adventures. Growing up in the wild isn’t easy, and the babies of the families have a lot of lessons to learn. These adorable big cats have to get to know the ways of the wild – and their mommies are going to teach them!


Meet Our Pets Sequin Posh and beautiful, Sequin loves nothing more than to travel with me. She is admired wherever she goes. I have had her since she was a tiny puppy and I found her, all dirty and scared, in a park. She’s never been dirty since! What a gorgeous and fashionable diva!

Lacey Lacey is my adorable Chihuahua puppy. She loves to run around the house and chew shoes. My friends all love her friendly personality, and I love to carry her around in her designer carriers. She loves everyone and tries to play with all the other pets – even though they sometimes don’t want to!

Blissa Blissa is my beautiful, white kitten. My sisters all have a soft spot for her, and she loves nothing more than to be admired. She loves to wear tiaras but has very particular ideas about what she wears – and will definitely let you know if she doesn’t like the outfit you’ve chosen for her!


My friends, sisters and I all love animals! And now, we’d like you to meet all our pets!

Pets Taffy Taffy is a mother figure to pets and people alike. She loves being outdoors and enjoys taking care of everyone – myself included! She shares her love around, and has a lot of patience for her cute puppies too! It’s hard not to love this little mama! I feel like she’s always been around!

Tawny Tawny is my lovely horse. I’ve had her since she was a filly – and now she has a colt of her own. Tawny and I have had many adventures together and I love to take long rides with her. She has a lovely personality and gives me big hugs when I need them! And her baby is simply adorable!


Skipper and Scrunchie This adorable puppy is Skipper’s best friend. She loves Skipper so much that she is always after her attention – she even dances on her back legs to impress Skipper! Scrunchie can act a little silly – running around in circles and chasing her shadow, and this means she gets along really well with Lacey!

Stacie and Rugby Stacie’s hamster, Rugby, is the complete opposite of her. While Stacie is very sporty, Rugby is super lazy and a complete couch potato, who enjoys watching TV. Stacie bought Rugby a wheel to run in and Rugby decided it was a good place for a nap! But Stacie won’t give up and still believes she’ll get it right one day!

Chelsea and Slipper Chelsea loves her beautiful and posh white rabbit, Slipper. Slipper only eats gourmet food and is very clever and curious. She has a real nose for quality food and loves going to the food market with Chelsea so she can sniff out the goods. She’s the official bunny of the annual farmer’s market parade!

Nikki and Sutton Like his mama, Sutton is fashionable and edgy. Prefering people to pets, Sutton loves to attend fashion shows – where he is very talented at choosing winners. Sutton loves to be shown off in fancy carriers and is a real trend-setter at doggy fashion week. 14

Pets Teresa with Tika and Tiki Teresa always takes in strays – she has a real soft spot for all animals. But Tika and Tiki are her favourites! They are super cute and cuddly and love nothing more than hugs and snuggles. They like to sleep in all sorts of places – including Teresa’s hair! Tika and Tiki love to play and are never apart, they are best friends!

Ken and Hudson Hudson’s daddy was a very brave and famous police dog, and Hudson wants to be just like him – so much so that he will save anyone and anything even if they don’t need saving! Hudson is a great companion for Ken, because he loves sports too, and they can play together for hours!

Ryan, Raquelle and Ruff When Ryan chose a pet, he thought Ruff would be tough, but she’s turned out to be the complete opposite! She’s very sweet and shy and often hides behind Ryan’s legs. She loves Raquelle though and even though Ryan won’t admit it, he loves her personality more than if she was braver!


ŠMattel 2010



Colour Me In Use your prettiest colours to finish this picture of me and my pets.



eaders s r y k c u ’ l a year n i w l wil iption r c s b u s ony to HQP ne! i magaz

WIN n o i t p i r c s b a su

to Pony magazine!

Pony is a great magazine for girls who are pony mad! You don’t have to own a pony to love the great articles and cool activities! How To Enter Post your entries to Barbie/Pony, Private Bag X4, Kyalami, 1684 SMS the words Barbie Pony to 41931. R2 per SMS. Send an email with the words ‘Barbie Pony’ in the subject line to Please supply your name, address and a daytime contact number. E&OE.


Look And Find What is my cat’s name?

Colour in a heart as you find each picture.


Take a look at this picture of my pets playing in my garden and see if you can find all the smaller pictures in the bigger one.

Learning Can you point to Tawny?


A Ballet Teacher O


ne day, I went to ballet class and, while I was stretching, my teacher arrived, looking harassed. “Barbie, can I speak to you please?” she asked. “Sure,” I said, getting up and following her out into the hall. We walked down the corridor and she asked me to look into one of the rooms. I opened the door and saw a huge group of little girls running around and screaming! “The kids’ ballet teacher is off sick, and I don’t know what to do. I have a class to teach. I was hoping you might help me out by stepping in for the day. You’re my best dancer, or else I wouldn’t have asked you,” she said. “Ok,” I said, thinking it might be fun, “let me have a go then.” I opened the door and stepped inside. About twenty little faces turned to look at me. “Hello,” I said, “My name is Barbie and I will be your teacher for the day.” “Who cares?” shouted one little girl, and the class carried on running around. “Calm down,” I shouted, “Listen to me for a second.” But it was no use. The girls were not responding at all! I spent the next ten minutes trying to get their attention, but to no avail. I decided to step out into the hall and think. The quiet helped a bit and soon I had come up with an idea. I ran into my teacher’s class and grabbed her CD player. “Is everything OK Barbie?” she shouted after me as I headed out the door, “It’s super!” I shouted back. When I returned, the girls were climbing on the rails and

Stories playing catch. I plugged the CD player in and popped in my favourite track to dance to. I turned the music up, found a space and started dancing. I did my most impressive moves, and one by one, the girls all stopped to watch. By the end you could hear a pin drop. When I was done, they all erupted at once. “That was awesome!” shouted one. “How do you do that?” shouted another. “If you all keep quiet and calm down, I’ll show you,” I told them. And that seemed to do the trick. I decided to show them a move that looked really cool and they all tried their hardest. Some of them even managed to get it right after a few tries! I was quite proud of them! Just then, my teacher popped her head into the door. “Your parents are here,” she told the girls, and they all ran out shouting, “Thank you teacher Barbie!” and chatting excitedly about their new moves. “It seems you have a magic touch with the kids,” my teacher said. “You have no idea,” I answered, completely exhausted. Later that night I was speaking to Teresa on the phone. I told her all about my class and we laughed at the real version of the story. “I couldn’t tell my teacher that the kids wouldn’t listen to me,” I said, “she was so

proud of how great I was with them!” “Well, you managed OK, but I think we can both see that teaching kids is a lot harder than it looks!” “Yes,” I said, “the only problem now is that my teacher has asked me to step in whenever they need a substitute teacher!” Teresa burst out laughing. “Who knows,” she said, “maybe it will get easier next time!” “I sure hope so, ” I said.

The End



Awesome Orang-utans The orang-utan is a big, reddishcoloured ape that lives in the rainforests of Asia. It is very endangered. The orang-utan’s arms are very long – in fact they are twice as long as its legs. They are very clever and use tools they find in nature (like sticks) to build things, including nests that they sleep in at night. They eat mostly fruit. The orang-utan mother has only one baby every 8 years or so and looks after each baby completely for two years – feeding, cleaning and carrying it around. Did you know? In Malay, orang-utan means ‘man of the forest’.


Take My


Animal Quiz See how many of these animal questions you can answer correctly.

Tick either True or False

True False


A baby horse is called a cub


A spider has eight legs


Dolphins live in the sea


Baby birds hatch from eggs


Zebras have spots


Male lions have manes


A group of fish is called a flock


Panda bears are black and white


Snakes have legs


A tiger is a type of big cat

Answers: 1. False – they are called foals, 2. True, 3. True, 4. True, 5. False – they have stripes, 6. True, 7. False – it is called a shoal or a school, 8. True, 9. False – they don’t have any legs, 10. True. 25

Make My eed: n l l i w u Yo Cups r e p a P • ubes t l l o r t • Toile rs • Scisso tape y k c i t S • aners le c e p i • P • Wool rker a m t n ne • Perma

Cardboard Lion



Step one Cut the base of a small paper cup 2cm from the bottom, then cut slits into it and fan them out to form a mane.

Step two Draw a face onto the bottom of the cup using permanent marker.


Step three Poke four holes into the cardboard tube where you want the lion’s legs to go. Cut the pipe cleaner in half and use one half to make the front legs, and half to make the back legs. Keep it in place inside the tube using tape. 26


Recycle your used toilet paper tubes by making this cute lion.


Step four Wrap wool around the lion’s body to give him a fuzzy appearance, and tie a few pieces together at the back to make him a tail.

Step five Now, stick his head to his body using glue or sticky tape.



Answers: A shark (1) lives in the sea (C), A dog (2) lives in a house (B), a monkey (3) lives in a tree (E), a camel (4) lives in the desert (A) and a penguin (5) lives in icy places (D).












Match the animal to the environment i t lives in.


Draw lin es to the anim match al t environm o its ent.

Where Do I Live?

Don’t miss the next issue, on sale 29 August!


September 2011

An issue all about my new movie, Princess Charm School!

e Colour M


g Colourin

is Mrs Privet e showing m around the our school. Col ur us in with yo ours. prettiest col

Dot To D

ot es m y h R e ictur

P Colouring In

And Much More!




Tawny’s Tale

Choose one word from each box to complete this story about my horse, Tawny. One day I rode Tawny to the park/forest/beach. It was a lovely day and we stopped to have a picnic/swim/nap. All of a sudden, we heard some children playing/laughing/talking and went to see what they were doing. It was a birthday/ princess/dress-up party and the kids were very excited to see Tawny. They all gathered around to pat/hug/look at her, and Tawny looked at me as if to ask if she could go and play with them. We spent the afternoon giving the children rides. It was fun/ exciting/amazing and Tawny was everyone’s hero! The End 30


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Win a Fairy Bears Book! At the bottom of firefly meadow stands a beautiful, tall tree. Hidden among its branches is a squirrel hole, and if you could fly through it and into the tree’s hollow trunk you’d find the magical world of the fairy bears! These wonderful creatures work hard caring for nature and children everywhere! You have to be quick to see them and you have to believe in magic! If you do, these wonderful books will transport you to another world, filled with imagination!


Game review: Kung Fu Panda 2 PS3 As in the movie, Kung Fu is under threat and it’s up to you to save it! Help Po the Panda, the Furious Five (monkey, tigress, mantis, crane and viper) and the masters defeat mean wolves, strong gorillas and scary komodo dragons to save Gongman City and restore peace. Po will help you learn some cool kung fu moves and you’ll have hours of fun!

Competition code – Barbie FBS

How to enter - *SMS the Competition Code to 41931, post your entries to Barbie (Competition Code), Private Bag X4, Kyalami, 1684 or email Barbie@, making sure to put the Competition Code in the subject line. Please supply your name, address and a daytime contact number. *SMSes charged at R2,00 per SMS.

Kids News - Parenting Website

ALL THE INFORMATION A PARENT NEEDS ON ONE SITE A TO Z Listing of : SWIMMING LESSONS, Speech Therapists, OT’s, Homework Tutors, Support groups,

Cooking with Kids, Au Pairs, Party Venues, Bedroom furniture & Kids Decor, Extra Murals, Articles relating to ADHD, Childrens Book reviews, Monthly Prizes, KIDS Theatre ............. NEW - GETAWAY HOLIDAY VENUES

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