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Congratulations to Nick Ingles, winner of...

Dog Dad

Of The Year! We are thrilled to announce Nick Ingles as the winner of our first annual Dog Dad of the Year Contest. Nominated by his dog Kaiser we found this nomination to be both unique and truly representative of what we feel makes a wonderful dog dad! This contest along with our Dog Mom of the Year has prompted us to establish our newest contest, “Animal Shelter/Rescue Volunteer of the Year”! There were so many heartbreakingly beautiful entries highlighting the rescue and volunteer work of some amazing people that we feel the need to give one lucky winner the recognition they deserve. For more on how to make your nomination turn to page 21.

Thank you to everyone who donated generous prizes to our Dog Dad Winner!

• Nick is entitled to a four hour guided trip for you and your pup to do light tackle fishing for Bluefish and/or Summer Flounder. This very generous prize valued at $350 was donated by Captain Jack of East Coast Charters • A beautiful Leash and Collar set donated by Polka Dog Bakery in the South End of Boston • A $25 Gift Certificate to enjoy and outdoor meal with your dog at Citron Restaurant in Providence, RI. • Toys from KONG Pet Toys • A 1 hour dog massage from • A one year subscription to the Animal Print Magazine • And of course bragging rights!

The Letter My name is Kaiser and I’m a one and a half year old pit mix. I was all alone at an animal shelter in New Jersey on Christmas eve (when) I first met my dad Nick. He had found me online and had driven down from Boston just to meet me. Even though I was a little skinny and pretty shy, he thought I was perfect. From that day on we’ve been inseparable. We do all the normal things that dogs and dads do. We go for walks, play catch, chase geese and take naps together. Of course he sent me to school to learn all the proper puppy etiquette but then he taught me how to jump up and give a high five whenever the Patriots score a touchdown. Once he even took me to see both Red Sox world series trophies and have my picture taken with Wally the green monster. Sometimes he takes me to work with him and we get to hang out together all day, but we don’t get much work done. We go every place together. On Thursdays we have “boys night” just me and dad and all the guys, sometimes we play poker, other times we just run around

and chase squirrels. When it’s nice out we go to the beach and he helps me catch hermit crabs, but he never lets me eat them. He also lets me dig to my hearts content. He gave me a special spot behind some bushes in our yard to dig holes as wide and deep as I want. I’ve got tons of treasure buried behind those bushes. Then when I come in all muddy he never yells at me (like mom). I know there are a lot of great dads out there but my dad’s the greatest because he loves me for who I am and he always will. He never complains that I shed on his work pants, or yells at me when I get so excited to see him I spring a little leek on the carpet. When he comes home no matter what kind of day he’s had I can always count on him getting down on the floor rolling around on the ground with me and letting me lick his face until I can’t lick any more. I hope you think my dad is as great as I do. Sincerely Kaiser Ingles

{Letter From The Editor}



ell, it has certainly been an interesting and somewhat anxiety provoking couple of weeks. The news on the housing, stock and banking markets have been grim and with a new presidential election only days away, I think many of us may be feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Avocado Designs

Editor: Stephanie Georgia

Assistant Editors: Harvey Simon the Sinister Caprica 6

Graphic Design Paul O'Hearn

Contributors: Mia Carter Katenna Jones Scott Dolan Lyndsey Ford Traer Scott Karen Ngo

But, chances are if you’re reading this you are lucky enough to share your home with a dog, cat or any number of cuddly creatures and I say lucky because in times of stress our pets can be an enormous source of comfort. While I don’t fully understand the worlds financial situation, I do know that my pets are one constant in my life. They are who I look to for comfort, inspiration and a sense of security when life brings a few bumps in the road. And, I must admit that there are times I look at my boys Harvey and Simon, curled up together on the bed and wonder what I did to deserve the two most wonderful rescue dogs in the world (at least I think they’re are the most wonderful).

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On the Cover: “genie + mountain view cur” - from the new book InDognito: A Book of Canines in Costume by photographer Karen Ngo. Published by Little, Brown and Company

So, in honor of the joy that our pets bring us, I have dedicated this issue to “attempting” to bring a smile to your face with fun and affordable gift ideas and an absolutely joy invoking feature of photos from Karen Ngo’s new book, InDognito. So remember, if you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, just give your pet a hug, relax and appreciate just how lucky you are to have “the most wonderful pets in the world”! We hope you enjoy reading our holiday issue. Sincerely, Stephanie Georgia Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

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{ } Pictured above: (assistant editors) Harvey, Simon & Caprica 6

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No Cat Left Behind...At MIT

It may seem like a strange idea, but pet friendly colleges and universities are on the increase. In the past the closest to being a pet friendly college or universitiey was to allow fish or small reptiles. Naturally, guide dogs and other service animals are allowed. However, in recent years, many more colleges and universities are permitting certain animals on a trial basis. Boston’s own MIT will now allow cats that have been spayed or neutered. They require that the animals innoculations are all up to date, and that the animal be registered with the campus housing office. Every resident on the floor has to approve the cat before it can stay, to avoid issues with allergies, for example. With many more consider the possibility each year, be sure to ask about pets when you apply, and you may find that you can take your four legged friend with you when the term starts.

Thank Dog It’s Friday!

Abandoned Baby Found Safe With Dog

From Argentina: A newborn baby abandoned outdoors in winter by her 14-year-old mother was found safe in a dog pen with a mother dog and her brood of puppies near the city of La Plata, Argentina. Farmer Fabio Anze found the naked baby girl, being kept warm among his dog China’s puppies. Anze called the police and the baby was taken to a hospital. Egidio Melia, director of the Melchor Romero hospital, told television and newspaper reporters that the baby was just a few hours old when she was found, and was in good health although she had some bruises. Nighttime temperatures are chilly but not freezing in the Southern Hemisphere winter in the rural area around La Plata. Police said they had located the 14-year-old girl who gave birth to the baby outdoors during the night. It was not clear whether the mother left her baby in the dog’s pen or whether the dog found the baby outdoors and carried it in to join her puppies. photo by Shawn Towne

Daytime Television’s Emmy® nominated show “Judge David Young” will launch a pet-friendly series of episodes called “Thank Dog It’s Friday!” starting Friday, Oct. 31, 2008. Look for a pet-related case to air every Friday through Nov. 21, 2008 encouraging viewers to educate themselves on pet owners’ rights and responsibilities with the help of The Humane Society of the United States. For more info visit



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Photo of “George” by Traer Scott


The Animal Print has a big apology to give to a handsome young dog by the name of George. Our last issue featured George as our Cover Dog Winner - a silent auction prize donated to the Providence Animal Rescue Leagues event “the Rescue”. This auction prize was generously bid upon and won by George’s mom, Brook Lee. Now, while George is truly unforgettable we somehow made a very big mistake by incorrectly printing the wrong name on the cover. For the record we are so sorry and hope that George and his mom will forgive us! In order to help make up for this major misprint we are excited to welcome George back to our cover in the next issue! So look for this handsome boy who will be dressed in his holiday best! Thank You, The Animal Print magazine and staff

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Canine Transplants

Bone Marrow

transplants performed in a research setting for about 20 ScienceDaily — Dogs suffering from lymphoma will be years, but it’s never been feasible as a able to receive the same type of medical treatment as their human counterparts, as North Carolina State Uni- standard therapy until now.” versity becomes the first university in the nation to offer Canine lymphoma is one of the most common types of cancer in dogs, but the survival rate with current canine bone marrow transplants in a clinical setting. treatments is extremely low. Peripheral blood stem cell NC State’s College of Veterinary Medicine, received transplantation, in conjunction with chemotherapy, three leukophoresis machines donated by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. Leukophoresis machines are has raised human survival rates considerably, and it is designed to harvest healthy stem cells from cancer pa- hoped that dogs will see the same benefits. tients. The machines are used in conjunction with drug “We know that dogs who have received bone marrow therapy to harvest stem cells that have left the patient’s transplants have a cure rate of at least 30 percent versus about 0 to 2 percent for dogs who don’t receive the bone marrow and entered the bloodstream. transplants, ” Suter adds. “The process The harvested cancer-free cells are then reintroduced painless for dogs - the into the patient after total body radiation is used to kill itself is only thing they lose is a residual cancer cells left in the body. This treatment is bit of body heat while called peripheral blood stem cell transplantation. the cells are The machines, once used for human patients, are being suitable for canine use without modification, as bone harvested.” marrow therapy protocols for people were originally Office: 508.369.6889 developed using dogs. EMAIL: ONEWOMENSPLACE@COMCAST.NET “It’s not a new technology, it’s just a new application of an existing technology,” Suter says. “Doctors have been treating human patients with bone marrow transplantation for many years, and there have been canine patient

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Plant Closes After Pet Food Recall

written by Mia Carter

Suspected Salmonella Contamination Led to Recall of Pedigree and Others

Creative Works

Mars Petcare U.S., the manufacturer of Pedigree dog food and more than a dozen other brands, says that its Everson, Pennsylvania pet food manufacturing facility will close its doors permanently. This pet food plant stopped production following involvement in two salmonella-related pet food recalls, issued in August and September of 2008. According to published reports, the plant is closing because the source of salmonella cannot be found. This announcement comes weeks after Mars Petcare issued its first voluntary recall due to possible salmonella contamination affecting Pedigree Complete Nutrition Small Crunchy Bites dog food that was sold at Costco in Northern California and Nevada and at Albertsons in Southern California and Las Vegas. After the first limited recall was issued in mid-August 2008, a second larger nationwide pet food recall was issued by Mars Petcare on September 12, 2008. This second salmonella-related recall affected Pedigree dog food, Ol’ Roy dog food, Special Kitty cat food and eleven other brands of dry pet food that were manufactured at the Everson facility. According to the Mars Petcare website, the recalled pet food was manufactured at Mars Petcare’s Everson Continued on page 17.


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Don’t Worry, He’s Friendly!

You’ve had a long day and are enjoying a leisurely stroll with your dog when it happens: tags jingling and nails on pavement. You turn only to see a dog running at you like a freight train. Then you hear:

“Don’t worry! He’s friendly!”

{Behavior13} How about some real life scenarios?

A woman is walking down her new street with her dogaggressive dog she has spent countless months training. Suddenly, an exuberant golden comes bounding up while his family watches from the yard. The woman works rapidly to avoid an explosion of aggression by clicking and treating her dog like crazy. She screams to the family, standing frozen across the street. Their only response is to yell back for shouting in front of the children. A woman takes her young dog, in need of exercise and socialization, to a park where dogs are predominantly off-leash. Her puppy bounces up to a leashed dog that is attached to a man who immediately scoops his dog up. He gives the woman the “hairy eyeball” as he huffs away. A man is browsing the isles at a pet supply store when he looks down just in time to see his dog snap at a little peanut of a dog that was just humping her. The peanut scampers away as the owners come looking for her from two isles away – reeling in the retractable leash.

Written by Katenna Jones, ScM, Associate CAAB, CABC, CPDT

Perhaps you’re on the other side of the looking glass. You have recently adopted an untrained dog who is tearing through your house like a tornado. He needs exercise but you don’t know how he’ll behave, so you drive to a secluded place where he can let loose. Suddenly he stops short, perks up, and makes a beeline for the person and dog that just rounded the bend. You hear yourself calling: Don’t worry! He’s friendly!”

I’ve heard countless versions of similar stories and everyone always asks: “What do I do?” Well, there’s no sure-fire way to prevent an altercation, but here are a few tips that may help.

1. Get rid of the retractables. Retractable leashes should not be used on dogs over ten pounds, any aggressive dog, or on a dog that is not properly trained. Secure 4 to 6 foot leashes are the best way to control your dog. Save retractables for exercising small dogs in large, open areas away from people and other dogs. Continued on page 16

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Dig Up Pet Events In Check our website for daily event updates!


October 26th RISPCA’s 6th Annual Howling Hounds Dog Walk & Costume Contest Sunday, October 26th, 2008! Located at Goddard State Park Carousel; Registration begins at 10am, Walk at 11am followed by costume awards and prizes! Visit for more information; be sure to visit the “registration” page for online registration and personal fundraising webpage’s!!


November 1st Cat’s Alive! Cocktail Party & Silent Auction to benefit PawsWatch 6:00pm - 9:00pm at Easton’s Beach Rotunda, Newport, Rhode Island. Tickets are $35. Proceeds benefit PawsWatch Cat Rescue and will help pay for veterinary care and provide food & shelter for feral and homeless cats. For more

information and tickets, contact PawsWatch at or 401.848.9867. For information on how you can help homeless cats in Rhode Island, visit http://www. November 2nd Pancakes for Pets & Photo’s with Santa Sunday, November 2nd - Pancakes for Pets & Photo’s with Santa begins at 8:00am. Contact: Susan Griffin 508-771-3452 Proceeds will benefit the MSPCA of Cape Cod November 6th How to Massage Your Four Legged Friend Workshop November 6 - 6:30-8:30 pm Massage is a great way to bond with your pet, and now you can learn how it’s done at this fund-raiser for FAAS (Friends of Attleboro Animal Shelter). Heather Fournier of Natural Paws Pet Resort will lead this 2-hour workshop for pet owners at Attleboro Moose ou nk y Tha ting us o for V

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508.399.JUMP 102 A Pond St., Seekonk, MA

Lodge 243, located at 241 Thacher Streeet. Registration is $35 per person until November 1, and $40 per person after that. Space is limited, so reserve your space today! For more information, please email Heather or call her at 508-801-6677. November 8th Semi-Annual Rabbit Education Seminar hosted by Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue will take place on November 8th from 10am to 1pm; at the RISPCA Auditorium. We only ask that attendee’s make a small donation to the rescue; we supply full education packets for every attendee and snack food and drinks as well. The seminar covers basic rabbit education such as handling your rabbit, nutrition, housing, interacting with your bunny etc. For more info visit November 15th 2nd Annual Holiday Craft Fair Angelcat Haven Feline Rescue is hold-

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December 3rd and 4th The Rhode Island Veterinary Medical Association 38th Annual Scientific Seminar will be held Wednesday, December 3 and Thursday, December 4, 2008, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Goat Island, Newport, Rhode Island. Two full days of lectures. Attendees can earn up to 14 CE credits by attending two full days!We will be offering two veterinarian tracks each day along with veterinary technician programs, practice management and our very popular Lunch & Learn segments. From more info visit :


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at Critter Hut in Narragansett Join us at Critter Hut in the Salt Pond Plaza, Narragansett RI, on scheduled Saturdays, from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM and meet pets available for adoption from the Animal Rescue League of Southern Rhode Island.


Positive Training for Lifelong Companionship The most up to date, humane and effective dog training and behavior programs in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

Specializing in:

• private, in-home training • field sports • resolving behavior problems from housetraining through aggression.

Jim Barry

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16 Don’t

Worry, He’s Friendly

Continued from page 13

2. Train your dog. Dogs that are allowed off-leash should

be trained to come when called or kept in secure areas away from traffic and other dangers. Also, be sure your dog has proper leash manners. If she displays any aggression, get help from a professional right away.

3. Understand dogs. Not everyone can properly read a

dog’s behavior. What you may think is “cute” or “playful” behavior may in fact be picking a fight! Be sure you can tell the difference between playful vs. rude or inappropriate vs. aggressive.

“Where are you going, you crazy human!” It also sometimes confuses the other dog and many will just wander away.

2. Give some commands. Try telling the other dog to go

away, sit, lie down, or stay. Trained dogs may respond and you could be able stall the situation until the owner can regain control. Some people recommend throwing cookies to the other dog. I advise against this. If you throw a cookie to your dog, does he go away after? No, he comes back for more!!

dogs are predominantly off-leash, don’t be surprised if you or your leashed dog are approached by an unleashed dog. Likewise, if you want to let your dog run free, make sure to not do it in areas where people expect dogs to be leashed. Learn and respect laws, rules, and social understandings so you can find the areas that are appropriate for you and your dog.

3. Carry something that could deter another dog. A safe example is citronella spray, like Direct Stop. This small canister spays a citrus aerosol that deters some dogs, but others could care less. Pepper spray is an option, but be sure to check local ordinances to find out if it is legal in your area. Also, be sure to know how to safely use pepper spray so everyone (human and canine) is safe. Another option is a noise deterrent, such as a high frequency device or an airhorn. Be careful thought, as it may scare your dog or cause injury if used too close to ears.

If you encounter an off-leash dog:

Exercising untrained dogs off-leash:

1. Walk in circles or in figure 8’s. This erratic walking pat-

1. After hours. Going to dog parks after hours, or ask-

4. Understand where you are. If you are in an area where

tern throws your dog off and keeps him focused on you, thereby preventing him from focusing on the other dog. • H  and-Fed Baby Birds • Pet Toys And Cages • Premium Pet Foods For Dogs, Cats, Birds & Small Animal Voted

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HOLIDAY SPECIAL BABY PARAKEET includes Cage, Food & a TOY! exp dec 24, 2008

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We also carry a wide array of Stockings and Baskets for all pets!


Hours: Mon- Sat 10-6; Closed Sunday Bird wing and nail clippings by appointment.

1270 Mendon Road • Cumberland, RI Conveniently located off Rte. 295 Exit 10

ing permission to use public tennis courts, sport fields, or other fenced areas are good ways to find safe, fenced play areas. Also, talk to neighbors, family or friends to see if you can borrow, rent or barter used of their fenced yards.

2. Change the routine.

Dogs get bored and build endurance to walks. Keep them on their toes by changing the route, varying the speed, or ask for periodic sits, downs and stays. Also, look for obstacles such as trees to circle, benches or rocks to climb on, or logs and curbs to balance along.

3. Think outside the box. Walking in the sand, swimming, hiking, biking, using the treadmill, or walking with weighted back packs are all fun ways to get your dog tuckered out. Just be sure to check with a vet before modifying any exercise routine. We all enjoy spending time outside with our dogs. To make sure we can all continue to do that, please keep in mind that the most important thing is to be responsible for your own dog and respectful of others. Let’s try to put ourselves in the shoes, or paws, of each other and have a little patience. A bit of effort goes a long way. Katenna Jones, ScM, Associate CAAB, CABC, CPDT Humane Educator, AHA ( Owner, Best Behavior, LLC • 401-439-6442 •

Manufacturing Plant Closes Continued from page 9.

plant between February 18, 2008 and July 29, 2008. According to a Mars Petcare statement, pet food production ceased at the Everson facility on July 29, 2008 “when the company was alerted of a possible link between dry pet food produced at the plant and two isolated cases of people infected with [a strain of] Salmonella.” The Pet Food Plant Closure Announcement News of the Everson, PA pet food plant’s permanent closure was made public after Mars Petcare U.S. notified the Department of Labor and Industry that more than 50 employees would be unemployed due to the closure of the pet food plant that was involved in the two salmonella scares. According to published reports in the Pittsburgh PostGazette, the same pet food plant had been closed for cleaning in 2007, after salmonella was detected in bags of dog food that was manufactured at the facility. Pet Food Safety Following This Recall Pet owners who feed the following brands are urged to check to see if their pet’s food has been recalled: Pedigree Ol’ Roy

Retriever Paws & Claws

Member’s Mark Natural Dog Food

17 Natural Cat Food Doggy Bag PMI Nutrition Red Flannel PetPride

Special Kitty Country Acres Wegman’s Bruiser Wegman’s Buju & Ziggie

According to Mars Petcare, dog and cat owners can look at the production lot code, located below the “Best By” date - typically situated near the UPC bar code - to determine if their pet’s food has been recalled. For Pedigree dog food, pet owners should look for “PAE” as the sixth, seventh and eighth digits of the production lot code. It will appear like this: Best Before 02/2009 808G1PAE01 12:00 For all other brands listed above, pet owners should look for “17” as the first two digits of the production lot code. It will appear like this: Best By Feb 18 09 17 1445 1 Pet owners can also check their pet food’s UPC code numbers against a list of recalled pet food flavors and varieties, available on the Mars Petcare U.S. website:

ELISE PENN PANSEY the Pet Friendly Realtor

DEDICATION... a word that is both used and abused these days. But I want you to know that I really am dedicated to my customers and to my profession. If a real estate transaction is in your future, let’s talk. Then you can decide for yourself if you really believe that I am...

...DEDICATED... to serving YOU! Call me today!

ELISE PENN PANSEY The Pet Friendly Realtor Butterman & Kryston, Inc. 749 East Avenue Pawtucket, RI @Blackstone Boulevard

401.455.1625 401.521.9490 x22




Voted “BEST DOG TREATS” in the 2007 Readers Choice! Thank you Animal Print readers.

Cakes for Christmas, Birthday Parties, Graduation, Congratulations, Earth Day or any occasion!

LOVE MAKES THE TAIL WAG! 401-233-2733 or 1-888-231-1634 • Smithfield, RI

Opus and the Red Chair

This children’s book addresses the stress of moving through the eyes of Opus the golden retriever. Opus and the Red Chair is the perfect gift to give to any child experiencing an upcoming move. Profits of Opus and the Red Chair benefit the Animal Cancer Foundation. For info on purchsing please visit

Motorized Indoor/Outdoor Pet Door by Solo. If you are lucky

enough to have a closed in yard this is a great invention that allows whichever pet you choose to come and go at will. Keeps indoor cats safely inside if desired and lets the dog in and out using a small door activation sensor attached to the collar. Available at 877.766.3900

Massachusetts Vest A Dog Calendar

Ever wish your dog could talk? He can.

Animal Translations

Telepathic Animal Communication 978-502-5800

Massachusetts Vest-a- Dog, is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds to provide bullet-protective vests for police dogs throughout Massachusetts. Help support this worthy cause by purchasing their 2009 Calendar. Available at Angel View Pet Cemetery 471 wareham st. Middleboro, MA or online at: www.

Help The Earth Everytime You Take A Vacation! Great prices on Cruises, Luxery Resorts, Eco Travel and More. A portion from every booking is donated to environmental and humanitarian programs worldwide.

Because We Can All Make A Difference!

All Natural and Organic Treats Cool Toys, Collars, Beds... Birthday Cakes Dog Photography

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Large Selection of Dog and Cat foods including: Innova EVO Natural Planet Organics and many more!

102 Main Street, East Greenwich, RI


Paint your Pets photo by Numbers

Now you can paint your own pet portrait by numbers. Just send a photo or jpeg to the 1-2-3 Art Company, and in three weeks, you’ll receive your kit: two outlines, two brushes, 42 colors of acrylic paint. On a cold winter night, it’s more gratifying than doing a puzzle. They’re great for pet lovers. They start at $50 plus shipping. Order online:

William Wegman Doodle Dog Pillow by Crypton Fabrics

These pillow are not only super cool but they are easy to spot clean and the covers are removale and machine washable. They are also stain, moisture and odor resistant as well as static free - that’s right folks - dog hair can be easily wiped away. Measuring 18”x18” and available in 6 colors these great pillows are a steal at only $40. Available at

L.L.Bean’s Naughty and Nice Gift Tote for Dogs

L.L. Bean and Planet Dog have joined forces to offer a great little Tote for Dogs. The tote comes stuffed with a green Orbee-Tuff® Bulb with Treat Spot, Squeaky Naughty and Nice Lil Buds, and a Paw Print Euro Sticker. Finished off with a whimsical red paw embroidered on the front and a bag of all-natural peanut butter treats. Available by phone (800 441 5713) and on

Park Ave Puppy’s Your Pets Favorite Place To Shop!

Holiday Savings because we care! Puppia Harnesses

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Best in Show contest! It’ll be ruff competition! NBC’s TODAY SHOW is searching for America’s favorite dog.

chocolate apparel for dogs + people

articles • ecards • photography

HEALTHY DOG PET CO. Have Each Animal Live The Healthy Years Do Only Good Protect Every Time Choose Ours

Holistic, natural dog and cat foods, large variety of treats, toys, specialty items and more! 332 Main Street Wakefield, MA 01880


• Rhode Island’s ONLY Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist! • One of three in New England • Voted “#1 Trainer” in Animal Print 2007 Readers’ Choice • Assistance with ANY canine or feline behavior problem • Basic manners to aggression • Private, in-home training • Group classes • Creator of “Best Bully,” RI’s first bully breed specific group class For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact:

Katenna Jones, ScM, Associate CAAB, CABC, CPDT Certified Animal Behaviorist Tel: 401-439-6442 E-mail:

Throughout the month of November, the Today Show is asking dog owners to send in videos of their dogs performing their most skillful and adorable tricks and to share their heartwarming story. Each Thursday, viewers will vote for their favorite dog, and every Friday the show will feature the results, ultimately narrowing the pool down to a final three. The three finalists will come back to the plaza and the victorious dog will become “TODAY’s Best In Show” and receive a grand prize package. All entries must be submitted online or postmarked by November 6th. Submit your application online at:


the search is on for the



Deadline For Submissions: January 15th, 2009

of the Year

We all know someone who has given of themselves, their time (and of their wallets) to help a dog, cat or other animals in need by volunteering at a shelter or rescue. We think it’s time we all let them know just how appreciated they are! So get out those pens and nominate the person you feel deserves to be VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR!

Here’s how to win! Write a short and to the point endorsement (500 words or less) about the man or woman you would like to nominate as The Animal Print’s Volunteer of the Year! Make sure you tell us exactly why you believe this person is so extraordinary and wonderful! The entries will be judged by a panel of professionals in the pet care field.

Please mail your nominations to: The Animal Print Magazine • P.O. Box 212 Raynham, MA 02767 Or email them to:

Obedience Training (beginners & advanced)

Board & Train Program Service Dog Public Access Training

Behavior & Aggression Issues Resolved

Ultimate Dog Workout with the Dog-Powered Scooter

Distraction Training 3, 4, 5 day a week Dog Walking Program

Kayaking & Wilderness Excursions

Baby Proofing your Dog

Canine Good Citizen Training

BONDED & INSURED Scheduling Appointments 7 Days a Week 7:00AM - 10:00PM

Always FREE Housetraining!



Bristol Animal Shelter - Bristol, RI • 401.253.4834 •

Emmie is a year old Greyhound/Collie mix. She is very sweet and gets along well with other dogs. These dogs were rescued from the disasters in Arkansas. The adoption fee for these rescued dogs is $185 per dog. If interested, please stop in for a visit!

Tuppie is a long-haired Siamese mix. He is very affectionate, loves to play and loves to be brushed. He’d very talkative too. Tuppie has AIDS, so needs to be the only cat in the house. He is as healthy as can be and is anxiously awaiting his forever home!

Bailey is a 3 year old, short-haired calico type. She is very sweet. She is a bit shy when you first meet her, but once she warms up to you... she is very sweet and loyal. She loves to sit in the cat walk and look out the windows.

Waggles is a 7 month old Lab/Border Collie mix. She is sweet, but a bit on the timid side. She just needs some TLC. These dogs were rescued from the disasters in Arkansas. The adoption fee for these rescued dogs is $185 per dog. If interested, please stop in for a visit!

Pet Refuge - North Kingstown Animal Protection League - N. Kingstown/Exeter • 401.294.1115

Sandra is affectionate and is a nice, quiet kitty. She’s about 1 year old and woud love nothing more than for you to give her a loving home where she can grow with your family. Sandra would make an excellent addition to any home looking for a wonderful kitty.

Mittens is about 11 months old (as of July 2008). He’s very friendly and inquisitive, and wants to be in the middle of whatever is going on!

Mackenzie is about 9 months old. She’s black with a white spot on her chest. Mackenzie is spayed and has been microchipped. She’s also double-pawed! This kitty is very friendly and gets along with other cats.

Pretty Momma is a very friendly dilute calico with double-paws. She has medium-length hair and is about 7 to 8 months old (as of August 2008).

East Greenwich Animal Protection League - East Greenwich, RI •

Salsa, 10 weeks old on June 14th, is an all black DSH neutered male kitten. He is not selfconscious and will do adorable antics. He loves to be all over your body and thinks nothing of using you as his table or bed. A precious boy. He is just like his brother, Taco. Feline leukemia and aids negative; up to date on shots.

Timber is an 18 month-old female Siberian Husky. She will not be able to go to her new home until the end of September, when she will be spayed. Timber is up to date on all vaccines and is micro-chipped. She tested negative for heartworm, but has tested positive for lyme. We will not be able to treat the lyme until she is weaned from her babies.

Felicity is a 3 year old Calico/Tortie spayed female. She had a very unpleasant adoption experience and would like to be adopted by someone who really will love her, take care of all her needs and not ignore her. Felicity enjoys petting and can be a play girl. No young children and she needs to be on only the food called SD.

Obi, a one year-old cat is a black and white DSH spayed female. She had 4 gorgeous kittens; Bailey, Muffin, Oso, & Peace (also available for adoption!) and now she needs a home with a lot of love and patience. She is a calm, sweet, loving girl who enjoys a lot of petting including getting her ears massaged.

This page was made possible through the generosity of: LAURIE LYNN LAWTON ORIGINAL PAINTINGS

Dog Walking Pet Siting Service Call Kishin at (401) 261-6978 or Blythe at (617) 306-8056

401•453•3007 711 Westminster Providence M-F: 7:00-5:30, Sat: 8-5:30, Sun: 10:00-5:00

Animals, Florals, & Landscapes in Various Mediums

401-724-2584 VOTED “Best Illustrator/painter” in the Readers choice Awards!


Help Save Lives... Adopt A Pet Today! Defenders of Animals - Providence, RI • 401.738.3710 •

Baby is a grey and white tiger who is spayed and UTD with her shots. She was found outside as an older kitten. She likes to be petted but she won’t let us hold her yet. She gets along well with other cats.

Charlotte needs human companions that can give her plenty of attention. She is very lovable and a great companion, Spayed, microchipped, and has all her shots up to date. All of Charlotte’s shots and check ups will be paid on annual basis by Defenders of Animals, Inc. Charlottte is great with adults. Charlotte would make a great companion.

Sassy is a spayed female with all her shots up to date. She needs to find a home with loving adults and no cats or other dogs. She is good on a leash and would make a good companion animal. “Sassy” loves to ride in a car and loves to play with toys. Sassy’s check ups and shots are paid up, including any medical expenses, for two years.

Neo is five years old, grey and white and a long-haired neutered male cat. All his shots are up to date. Neo has been around small children and has been around dogs. Neo has not been around other cats.

Angelcat Haven - Plainville, MA • 508.203.4240 •

Hi, I am called Gracie 2. I am available for adoption right now, so please FAX your application. I am an adorable little grey & white male. As you can see I am cute as can be! You can FAX your application to 508-643-1999 or email it to

Hi, I am RudieGirl, a beautiful young tiger female with fur as soft as a bunny. I am a little shy, but I’m learning to trust. I would love to be adopted and come live with you. Can you find room for me at your place? I get along great with other cats and I live with a dog in my foster home.

Hi, I am called Lillie 3. I am available for adoption right now, so please FAX your application. I am an adorable little fluffy tiger female. As you can see I am cute as can be! You can FAX your application to 508-643-1999 or email it to Sara@angelcathaven.

I’m Handsome Harry! When I first came here I was more like DIRTY HARRY, but I clean up well! I am a large fluffy grey boy with cute white double paws. I have lots of PURRsonality, and like to roll on my back and play with toys. I’m a good kitty who just needs a home to go to. I’m a little bossy with other cats, so I hope to be an only cat. Please come meet me!

German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue of New England - Tewksbury, MA •

Tucker is a 10 year-old male who needs a new home. Currently, he lives with his family in VT. He is a sweet boy, good with young kids and other dogs. He loves to be outside and is invisible fence trained. Tucker would do best in a home where people are home most of the time. Don’t let his age fool you… he is healthy and moves around with ease.

Lucy is a very sweet & loving senior girl. She is full of energy and is always ready to go for a walk, run or (her favorite) play ball. She is also content snuggling at her family’s feet, but won’t turn you down if you allow her on the furniture. She is extremely smart and knows the commands “come”, “stay”, and “byebye”. She is great with cats and children.

Sarah is new to our foster care program. She was surrendered to a MA shelter because her family no longer had time for her. She is very friendly with people and you would never guess she is 11 years old as she is SO spunky and playful! More to come as we learn about this great dog!

Air-conditioning • Eclectic Jukebox • Pool Table

75 South St. Providence, RI • 401.861.7290

Shelby is about 5 years old. She is an alpha female, but can live with other male and female dogs with the right handler. She likes to play ball and is very birdy; pointing a lot! She is extremely food-motivated, so should be easily trainable, though her house manners are very good. She rides well in the car and loves baths!

OPEN Daily at 3pm


24Shelter News


Pet Walk RI 2008 a HUGE Success! Congratulations to to the Providence Animal Rescue League who broke all records for both attendance and fundraising at Pet Walk RI 2008 on September 13th! Over $65,000 was raised to help homeless animals at PARL. Thank you! PARL could never have accomplished so much without the support of over 500 attendees (and their adorable dogs) and many more who gave even though they could not attend.

Wet Nose Canine Massage Massage affects every major system of an animal’s body and the benefits are profound. Call today for an appointment in your home or facility.

Carolyn MacDonald

(508) 241-4826

Bristol, RI Residents get a... On November 4th, residents of Bristol will have the opportunity to support a bond issue to build a new 9,000 square-foot municipal shelter on donated land located off of San Francisco Avenue. The new, green building will replace the town’s current shelter which is structurally unsound, has no parking, is too small to accommodate current demand from animals and volunteers, and is situated in a spot where it can’t be expanded. The new home of the Bristol Animal Shelter will be a user-friendly building that will be constructed in two phases. The first phase will be an essential 9,000 square-foot center financed with a $2 million bond from the Town of Bristol that will include a reception area, safe housing for animals, a quarantine room, and a humane education center. Upon completion, this public resource has the potential to be earmarked as a Federal Emergency Management Agency site; in the event of a disaster, facilities and resources will be available to care for displaced animals. For more information about the proposed animal shelter, please call 457-8581 or visit

If you don’t believe in killing cats, you’re already an advocate. Over 70% of cats who enter our nation’s animal control pounds and shelters are killed. That number jumps to virtually 100% for feral cats. Join our movement to stop the killing. Go to

W W W. A L L E Y C AT. O R G


the photography of

Karen Ngo

While browsing thru the dog section at Borders, I stumbled across a truly unique and wonderful book that immediately brought a smile to my face. The book, InDognito: A Book of Canines in Costume by photographer/designer Karen Ngo, was recently (continued on next page)

hip hop + chihuahua


released in October, by Little, Brown and Company and is the ultimate in photographs of dogs in costume. “Hilarious, charming and inventive, InDognito is Karen Ngo’s visual treat for today’s breed of dog lovers. A whimsical collection of stylishly photographed dog portraits, it affectionately embraces the quirky spirit of the primped pooch.” Originally from San Francisco, Karen Ngo worked for many years in the fashion industry in New York City as a creative director and entrepreneur. Her dog images have been published in magazines and on calendars, stationery and now in her new book InDognito. Whether you’re looking for costume ideas or need the perfect gift, this is truly a top pick for any pet lover! Available for $19.99 at bookstores nationwide.

Photos from “indognito” by Karen Ngo, published by Little, Brown and Company

tomato + beagle


left and above: OZ + chihuahua

matador + chihuahua


labrador as emperor

viva las vegas + chihuahua

Karen Ngo currently lives in Austin, Texas with her three dogs, Martini, Emma and Ping Pong (a stray she rescued this summer from Thailand).


true Rhode Islander and follower in the wake of Roger Williams, I choose the elf and not the giant. I order a small, not a large. I chose a small puppy, not the bigger brand of pet. I drive the smallest two seater sedan, nothing capacious enough for a crowd. by Mike Fink My now elderly IG keeps me sufficient company on my daily rounds about town and country. But this report is about the time and trouble it takes to keep even the most miniature of canines and cars on their roads of life. My vehicle is over a decade and I got her used. She is a rescue automobile. My Italian Greyhound, on the other hand, was a choice I made to contact a proper breeder. I thought my machine would make my life easier and more mobile: it has what we used to call “fluid drive” and sports 4 wheel drive and even-get this!--”air.” I had avoided this new-fangled luxuries out of principle. I was brought up to think that salt and cigarettes, heavy cream and a shot of whiskey were all the health aids you needed in life. A stick shift and a window you can crank open were the ultimate improvement over a horse and carriage, such as both my grandfathers had once upon a time kept. But back to my wee animal companion, who is now 15 years of age. Yes, the expenses, both of cash and of time, have been, perhaps especially in our tough economic times, extravagant, and messy. My Suzuki X90 has cost me enormous sums of money and much delayed my plans to go here and there in our colony of

{Wandering Tails29} Providence Plantations. And my “familiar”? That is, my minigreyhound--she is of an age (do you multiply the human count by 7?) when you have to keep a sharp eye on her 24/7! She can mess up a bed, a rug, a kitchen floor, and all of the above, faster than you can dash to the door. “Mike!” my wife shouts. She doesn’t really shout, but I detect the urgency in her voice, as I get my slippers on asap and grab a leash. Too late, uh-oh. Somebody must have slipped a treat to our “Greta” and it didn’t agree with her. I go in quest of paper towels, or clean rags in the cellar, to clean up whatever mess I find. Or, rather, my wife finds. Does Greta register regret? Dunno. It takes me a while to recover my perspective, my humor, my powers of poetic nostalgia, before I forgive, and, later, forget. In the meantime, I blame myself for the accidents. I loved the image of myself with my cap in my car with my wee pooch beside me. We would spend an hour a day on the sidewalks of town, sitting at the tables and receiving the amiable admiration of children and grown-ups, memorable comments ranging from affectionate mockery to a sense of wonder at her graceful figure and pretty face. And people would ask how much mileage I got to the gallon in my funny little cartoon horseless carriage, the mini-est of mini-vans. But the outlay of dollars and delays has to be balanced in the scales--the economics against the esthetics of the charm of X90 and IG both by now from a bygone century and millennium. Well, whew! I feel better for venting these thoughts, and it’s time to take the dog, a sort of Saluki, out, fetch her food and fill her water dish. And it’s time to fill the gas tank and check the oil in my Suzuki. We’ll all three of us stay the course as best we can, thank you very much.

Delmyra Country Club for Dogs and Cats

• All forms of Obedience Training • State of the Art Facilities • Climate controlled

• Cat Boarding in our seperate Cattery

Thank you Animal Print Readers for Voting for us.

Owner living on the property.

Voted #1 Overnight Boarding Facility

in the 2005, 2007 Readers Choice Awards! Call for a Tour

Scott & Ruth Gordon • 191 Ten Rod Road - Exeter, RI 02822 • (401) 294-3247



Rhode Island/SE MA? LAST CHANCE to vote in the Animal Print Magazine’s

2008 TOP DOG READER’S CHOICE AWARDS! Choose the Rhode Island ballot and support yourfavorite pet related business.


Vote on the next page or at: Deadline to vote is December 31, 2008

*Voters will be entered into our Sweepstakes to WIN fantastic prizes from KONG Toys, Nite Ize, Dixies Pet Project and more!

Howling Hounds Dog Walk & Costume Contest Sunday, Oct. 26, 2008 @ Goddard State Park Carousel Registration: 10am – Walk 11 am Followed by Costume Awards & Prizes!

For More Info Please Visit: R.I.SPCA • tel. 401.438.8150 • fax. 401.438.8154 • e-mail.

Name: (required) Best Local Pet Photographer Phone or address: (required) Best Local Pet Illustrator/painter E-MAIL: Best (official) Dog Park

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Did we forget something?

Take a big whiff... of SPRING!

Ballots are also available online at: Mail form to: Animal Print Magazine P.O. Box 212 Raynham, MA 02767


{Classifieds} 32


Motivated Sales Reps Wanted! Work from home using your computer and telephone, selling TRAVEL memberships and promoting Eco-friendly tourism. Earn comissions of $100-$7,500 per sale! A $49.00 start up fee is required-will be refunded with your first sale!Travel incentives/rewards based on your performance. SERIOUS inquiries only! Contact: Ashley 401.996.1465

Advertising Sales Rep We are looking for an advertising sales rep to sell for 2 local pet publications. We need a Boston based rep as well as a RI based rep. The ideal candidate should posses excellent people skills, self motivated, internet/e-mail knowledge, familiarity with the local and national pet market and have experience in advertising sales. This position is commission based only and would be perfect for a salesperson already out on the road. Please email your resume’ to:


Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats for sale.

Adults and baby’s available. Cute and sweet - make great pets or milkers too. Guaranteed healthy herd. Starting at $180. For more info call: 508.252.3600 or 401.439.0040 or email: sunnfun1963@

Private & Pet Businesses Telephone Number

401-Pet-0000 is available for the right offer. Call: 401.738.0000 (4-6 PM) with message & offer.

Request for Submissions

Rhode Island Horse Rescue to Publish Anthology – Submissions Welcome Horse Play - an equine rescue and sanctuary in RI is looking for submissions for an anthology titled “The Medicine Horses - Creative Expressions of the Horse and Human Bond”. .We are accepting personal essays, true stories, poetry, photos and art (please send copies) which describe the positive influence of a horse or horses in your life - Proceeds from sale of published book will go directly to supporting horses at horse rescue - Hay Fund, vet and farrier care, etc. Essays, stories and poetry maybe submitted electronically in Word Doc format and photos/art in .jpg - or snail mail to Horse Play PO Box 660 Exeter, RI 02822 attn: Deidre Sharp For more info or questions, contact Deidre Sharp email:, (401)294-3565



An intuitive, heart-centered & practical approach. Consultations for living and in-spirit animals. Visit or call 617.823.1783. Kanine Kleenup Pooper Scooper Service 508-496-1680 Residential and Commercial weekly service. Serving SE Mass and RI

FEEDING OUTDOOR CATS? Visit WWW.ALLEYCAT.ORG. Alley Cat Allies has everything you need to protect the cats you feed. Easy tips and videos.

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Congratulations to Renee Sevigny who took the 1st place photograph of Puddin’ Pie for the Providence Animal Rescue League’s Cat Photo Contest. Puddin’ Pie is a 10 year domestic shorthaired kitty who was rescued from the South Kingston, RI pound! .

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ts traer scott

p hot ogr ap h y 401.274.4604

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Shelter Dogs & Street Dogs

“Exceptional Grooming Available” 1270 Mineral Spring Avenue • North Providence • RI 401-726-2554

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Modern Pet Friendly Condo for Rent - $1350

Richard Gordon

Simon, Harriet & Madison What do you do for a living?

Richard: I own a bakery/café in the south end called South End Buttery. Our cupcakes are named for my 3 dogs and a portion of the proceeds are donated to animal right causes. Madison, Harriet & Simon: We lounge around a lot and get lots of sleep so we can look pretty for photo shoots.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Richard: To make mean or evil people nice and kind Madison, Harriet & Simon: To open the refrigerator door on our own.

What is your idea of perfect happiness? Richard: A quite afternoon nap Madison, Harriet & Simon: A quite afternoon nap.

What is your favorite tv show?

Richard: Little Britain and the Catherine Tate Show on BBC America Madison, Harriet & Simon: Family Guy

Do you have a motto?

Richard: I know it’s corny, but “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Madison, Harriet & Simon: : “Eat first, ask questions later.”

Where did you get your collars and leashes?

Madison, Harriet & Simon: Ella Dish Collars and leashes are the best! From Polka Dog in the south end.

Beautiful sun filled, 2 bed 1 bath condo in a quiet country setting, abutting miles of wooded trails - great for walking dogs. Also, walking distance to some beautiful lakes and parks. There is no weight restriction on pets with owners approval. This second floor unit boasts a relaxing sun porch, brand new central a/c, pottery barn inspired colors, cathedral ceiling, open floor plan, 1 parking space with ample guest parking, well maintained lawns, attic storage as well as efficient heating (electriccheaper than gas/oil). Trash and snow removal included. Located in a beautiful area of Taunton, MA, just off rt. 495. Mill River Village’s location is a commuters dream as it is just 15 minutes from the Attleboro and Mansfield Commuter Rails. By car it’s just 40 minutes to Boston and 35 minutes to Providence. If you are looking to simplify your life, save gas and enjoy the outdoors with your pets then this might be the perfect place for you.References and credit check required. Please call Paul - 617.347.6800 to see the condo.


Calling Cat Lovers! Angelcat Haven Feline Rescue seeks volunteers to help with their mission of finding good homes for homeless cats and kittens. We need people to assist with adoptions, fostering, fundraising, event planning, marketing, administrative work, and cleaning/caring for the animals. Please email Rose@ or call our message center at 508-203-4240. Visit www. for more information. Feline Foster Home

The Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA is desperately seeking qualified foster homes for cats who are pregnant, nursing, or needing medical care, socializing or temporary care after surgery. For an application, please visit or call 978.745.9888

Volunteer Opportunities At The Massachusetts Animal Coalition

MAC is a growing organization with many opportunities for volunteer participation. We have needs for a variety of skills and experience levels. If you would like to contribute to our animal welfare and advocacy work, please contact the hotline at 978-779-9880 or email us at Someone will work with you to try to match your skills and interests with our needs.


Towels and blankets are needed for our companion animals that are boarded. We can also arrange items to be picked up. Please contact us at this email: or call 401.1738.3710.Thank you for your continous help! Dennis • RATES: $10 for first 20 words, .50 for each additional word. (Call for business prices.) Just mail your check with info to: The Animal Print • P.O. Box 212 Raynham, MA 02767



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