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When Did It Stop Going To The Dogs? Unique Ways To Give This Holiday!


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Holiday 2010/11

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Plaid Says: “Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, don’t forget the DOG!” s: Stripe Sayu he CAT?” “How abo t t

Happy Howlidays!

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OCEAN STATE VETERINARY SPECIALISTS (OSVS) provides specialized and emergency care for your pets. OSVS is available 24 hours-a-day, including weekends and holidays for emergency and critical cases. The hospital treats dogs, cats, pocket pets, exotics and birds. Our referral services include internal medicine, surgery, avian/ exotics, ophthalmology, radiology, oncology, neurology, and emergency/critical care. OSVS is fully equipped with the latest advances in veterinary technology including endoscopy, ultrasound, transfusion medicine, CT scans, and MRI. OSVS considers its staff to be an extension of your family veterinary practice and part of your pet’s health care team. Emergency services are provided by experienced clinicians when referring veterinarians are not available. Referring veterinarians send patients with involved medical or surgical diseases to OSVS for consultation, advanced diagnostics and treatment by board-certified specialists. The combination of specialists, highly-trained staff doctors and technicians, and a state-of-the-art facility provide the finest medical care available.

OSVS also has a sister hospital in Swansea, MA. Bay State Veterinary Emergency Services is a 24-hour emergency hospital with limited specialty services and is located at the intersection of Routes 6 and 136.

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’m excited to be putting the finishing touches on this issue because it happens to be one of my favorites of the year - the holiday issue! This isn’t just exciting because Christmas is on its way, but because I always have fun heading out to hunt for unique items to showcase in the howliday gift guide. This year I mixed it up with some unusual and one of a kind items, like the vintage bookends from Frog & Toad (love them), and how can you live without the “Pugs, Not Drugs” tote bag from Craftland! Then, while shooting photos at Plaid and Stripe, Plaid...or was is Stripe?? (mascots of the store), got a little, what I’ll just call “extra friendly” with my arm, which was holding the camera! So right off the bat, this issue has made me smile, laugh until it hurts and realize that my job is still full of surprises. Another part of this issue that truly makes me smile are the contest winners that are appearing this month. First up is the “sleeping dog” photo contest (page right). I don’t know what it is about a sleeping dog but they just look so sweet and cuddly - even more so that they already do! The photos became like potato chips and I just couldn’t pick one. The other happy contest moment was reading our fictional short story winner. There were some fantastic entries but the winner - “Benny, canine brother” really stood out and I hope you find it as engaging as myself and the judges did. On a sad note, an old friends’ pup recently passed away which not only upsetting but also reminded me of the far too short life our companion animals have. Owen was a feisty little boy who touched many people’s lives - and he’ll be missed. Please read about Owen on page 33 and then go and hung all your animals.

Finally on a mixture of both a sad and happy note, you may remember that I used my letter in the last issue to tell you about my foster dog Peggy Sue. Peggy Sue was in desperate need of a stable home and someone willing to take on her special training needs as she was fear reactive and would need a major commitment of time and love. Because of that letter I am beyond thrilled to tell you that she was adopted! Her new family is amazing and my last note from them made me cry (but this time they were happy tears). She seems to be thriving in their care and it’s clear that she was always meant to be their dog. Our next foster will be arriving in a few days. Her name is Sophie and this little girl seems to have had a tough life so far. When I heard her need for a quick foster home because of her current foster brothers strong dislike for her, saw the photos of her emaciated state upon arrival in care, as well as her partially missing ear, I knew I had to help. Sometimes a dog just pulls you to them and Sophie has done this to me. I have featured her on page 14 and hope you can take a moment to learn about her. I also ask that if you can’t adopt, please help spread the word. It would be amazing if she found her first real home by Christmas! Lastly, I wanted to thank all the readers, friends and businesses who have made this year wonderful. Without your support, this magazine would not be possible. Please have a wonderful holiday and happy new year! Sincerely, Stephanie Georgia Editor

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Photo: By contributor


12 2

4 6


They Say You Should Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, But No One Said Anything About Taking Their Photo!

13 8






1. Coco Monster “My red dog Pillar” by Linda McGovern 2. Sutter and Sky “Dozing Duo” by Annette Burgess 3. Jacki “Afternoon Delight” by Linda Silipigni 4. Henry “mmm, winters slumber! by Priscilla Heslin 5.Lilly “Snoozing away in my forever home” by Cristina Weathers 6 Bernie “Life is too short to sleep on low thread count sheets” ~ Leah Stusssy photo by Julie Furtoado 7. Sugar Magnolia “Sugar  to snooze” by Mary Combs 8. Scooter “Nitey Nite” by Barbara Dasta 9. Jagr “Paws up, take a break!” by Julie Furtado 10 Lily “Sweet Summer Grass” by Allendre McGovern 11. Sydney & Gracie Mae by The Perkoskies 12. Teddy “Favorite Resting Place” By Ellen Kinsted 13. Ming Tai “It’s Good To Be Me” by Sharyn Beck 14 Harvey & Simon “Break Time!” assistant editors of the Animal Print!

5 } {Sleepy Dog Photo Contest

Congratulations To Our Sleeping Dog Photo Contest Winners! As You See, We Couldn’t Just Pick One! 3


Locally and Around The Globe…

Cat’s are Calculating More Than You Think! It has taken four highly qualified engineers and a bundle of equations to figure it out, but we now know how cats drink. The answer is: very elegantly, and not at all the way you might suppose. While dogs scoop liquid into their mouths, cats will only touch the surface with the smooth tip of it’s toungue and pull a column of liquid into it’s mouth. Just at the moment that gravity finally overcomes the rush of the water and starts to pull the column down — snap! The cat’s jaws have closed over the jet of water and swallowed it. The lapping frequency should be the weight of the cat species, raised to the power of minus onesixth and multiplied by 4.6. Later, they made friends with a curator at Zoo New England, the nonprofit group that operates the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston and the Stone Zoo in Stoneham, Mass., who let them videotape his big cats. Lions, leopards, jaguars and ocelots turned out to lap at the speeds predicted by the engineers.

What Pets Can Teach Us About Marriage

Dog Poop Lights Up City Park In Cambridge, MA! Environmentalists are going gaga for a street lamp in Cambridge, Mass., that is powered by dog poop. The brainchild of Matthew Mazzotta, a conceptual artist who studied at the nearby Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) who wanted to give back to the community. The lamp is located at a dog park and uses a device known as a methane digester. Folks whose dogs do their business there simply collect the poop in a plastic bag and put it in the device and turn a crank to help the methane in the tank rise up to the top so it can be piped to the gas-burning lamppost that is attached. Mazzotta was inspired to create what is now called the “Park Spark Project” after a trip to India, where he first saw the devices.

Want to make your marriage last? Look to your pet. Clinical psychologist Suzanne B. Phillips of Long Island University suggests treating your spouse the way you treat your animal companion (greet them happily, forgive grudges, assume they mean well) in an article on PsychCentral. “What is interesting in my work with couples is that although couples may vehemently disagree on most topics, they usually both soften in manner and tone to agree that the dog, cat, bird or horse is great,” Dr. Phillips writes.She argues that we all have much to learn from the way we love our pets. People often describe pets as undemanding and giving unconditional love, when the reality is that pets require a lot of time and attention, special foods and care. They throw up on rugs, pee in the house and steal food from countertops. Yet we accept their flaws because we love them so much.



“If you don’t own a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life.”

~Roger Caras

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Providence Animal Control hopes the opening of their new state-of-the-art shelter will encourage more people to adopt abandoned pets by offering visitors a new, modern and comfortable location to meet and greet the cities homeless pets. The 7000 square-foot facility on Terminal Road is soundproof and is twice the size of the old facility with 40 regular kennels, 20 isolation kennels, play areas for dogs and cats and separate medical, education and grooming rooms. The shelter was designed under the guidance of Rhode Island veterinarian, Dr. Scott Marshall of the Department of Environmental Management (DEM). The new shelter is also equipped with industrial-sized washers, dryers and power washers, thanks to the generous donations of numerous contributors to the Providence Animal Shelter Donation Fund. Earlier this year, a Pawtucket resident bequeathed more than $223,000 to the shelter in his estate.

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When Did Dog Walking

STOP Going to the Dogs? By Katenna Jones, Sc.M, Associate CAAB, CABC, CPDT The other day, I was driving home from work and I saw two dogs out for a walk. Though, it might be more accurate to say they were out for a “drag.”

After you finish reading this issue of Animal Print – I challenge you to take yourself and your dog off “auto-pilot” and try the following during your next walk.

One dog had stopped to sniff a pole. The scrunchfaced human at the other end of the leash didn’t seem to notice and kept right on trucking – nearly jerking the dog right out of his mid-stream, tri-pod position.

First: When you begin your walk, does your dog know which way to turn next? Do you do the same route, same pace, same time every night? Uh – BORING! Change it up! Make it more fun and interesting for you both: you and the dog! Ask yourself: why are you taking the dog for a walk? Is it for you, or for the dog? What did your dog do for fun today? Is this walk the biggest event of their day?

The next dog was “walking” tail tucked, crouched body, ears slicked back. The owner dragged the dog across the street as she was busily texting away (the owner was texting, not the dog). Unfortunately, she didn’t seem to notice the pathetic little dog trying his best to keep up in a crawl position.

Second: Start the walk in a new direction, then let the dog take the lead. I don’t mean he gets to pull you around like an Iditarod contestant. Leash manners, of course, are still part of the game. But let Fido decide which direction to go, how fast to walk, where to turn, when to stop, and when to start again. This is most easily done in more rural areas or wooded hikes, but you urbanites can do this right in your neighborhood. For example, at an intersection, let your dog decide whether to turn left or right, go straight, or turn back. Obviously, you can’t follow your dog without guidance, or you could end up in the middle of Rt 95, or New York City – but you know what I mean. I came up with this some time ago, after a friend of mine passed very suddenly and unexpectedly. It hit me hard, and I just needed to get ‘lost.’ So I took my dog to the woods and proceeded to follow her…for four hours. I discovered really cool

These two scenes really stuck in my head, and when I got home, I looked at my dog and thought – when did taking walks become less about the actual dog and more about getting a chore done? As Maison and I walked that night, I decided to play one of our favorite games. I let Maison take ME for a walk!

Continued on page 15



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Unique Ways to Give This Year!

1. Foster A Lonely Pet For The Holidays

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This holiday season, take part in Petfinders “Foster A Lonely Pet for the Holidays” program and open your heart and home to a rescue pet. Why fostering is so important for pets and shelters: * Socializing pets to a home environment * Easing the burden on crowded shelters * Giving potential adopters more info Local participating shelters/rescues are: East Greenwich Animal Protection League: Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue, Inc.: All American Dachshund Rescue of NE: Defenders of Animals: Friends of Homeless Animals, Inc (Boston Terriers & Small Dogs): Cat Adoption Team Services: New England Equine Rescues: Taunton Animal Shelter: To find more particpating rescues visit:

2. Purchase A Kit For The Providence

Pet Oxygen Mask Project The Providence Pet Oxygen Mask Project is committed to raising enough funds to purchase pet oxygen masks for every Providence Fire Department rescue vehicle. This will provide our local heroes with the ability to save our furry/ feathered/scaly/ hairy family members in the event that they might need oxygen to survive. The kits are purchased through Wag’N Enterprises LLC, (website noted above) for $65.00 +SH. This wonderful initiative was started by husband and wife team Amanda and John along with their two pups Cindy & Scooby Doo. “We initially started researching oxygen masks when we were told that our two

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13 beloved senior dogs have a condition called Laryngeal Paralysis which could cause suffocatoin when a dog is distressed.” They soon discovered the Pet O2 Mask and what a lifesaver it can be in the hands of local fire departments as these masks can be used on dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, even birds; they are the perfect solution for emergency responders. “We thought about how horrible it would be if a fire broke out in the house and we lost our dogs because our first responders didn’t have these masks.” Because of its relatively low cost, and knowing how important these kits can be, Amanda and John have committed to educating the City of Providence about these life saving devices. “We are committed to outfitting all of the city’s Fire Departments with the oxygen masks so they will be prepared to save the lives of our furriest family members.” To donate please mail a check payable to Wag’N Enterprises, LLC and send to Wag’N Enterprises, LLC, Attn: Providence O2 Project 795 Center St. Ste. 5B, Herndon, VA 20170 or visit mask_project.html and click the paypal link. For more info contact:

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trained staff is with overnight guests (the whole night)

3. Help Your Neighbors Help Their Animals

Companion animals play significant roles in the lives of the people who love them—but sometimes the elderly or ill have trouble providing essential pet care. If you see a neighbor in need, offer to assist—walk his dog, help with feeding, clean litter boxes, groom animals, pick up pet food and other supplies, drive him to the veterinarian, etc. A few minutes out of your day could mean the world to someone in need.

4. Help The Elderly or Disabled Pay For Medical Cost

through The Marvin Fund This fund has helped defray medical costs for sick and injured animals whose elderly and disabled owners could not afford them. The fund has helped countless numbers of injured animals found on the road, abandoned in dumpsters or left at our door get a second chance. Donations can be mailed to: The Marvin Fund c/o RISPCA, 186 Amaral Street, Riverside, RI 02915. To learn more visit

5. Fulfill A Local Shelter’s or Rescue’s Wish List

They all have them...local shelters and rescues are always in need of items such as toys, small beds, paper towels, trash bags, office items, stamps, laundry detergent and all kinds of things you might not think of...things you might have sitting around collecting dust! Contact your local shelter today and ask if they have a wish list...and then grant them their wish!

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Saving Sophie


A Search For Her New Home


ophie wasn’t born missing half her ear, starving and alone but this 3 year old Boston Terrier girl arrived on the door step of Friends Of Homeless Animals in just that condition. Little is known about Sophie except that she has clearly been dealt a tough hand in her short life. Dropped off with volunteers - it’s obvious that she was severely neglected and believed to come from a puppy mill but the details are unclear. What we do know is that after a few months of care and love, Sophie has gained weight, and looks good! Her current foster mom tells us that Sophie gets along with dogs (but not cats), kids, seems housetrained, is up to date on shots, blood work is perfect, she’s spayed and is a calm, affectionate and sweet dog. If ever a dog deserved a break in life, it’s Sophie. Through no fault of her own, one of Sophie’s foster siblings has taken a strong disliking to her and she’s been getting a bit picked on. In order to avoid more trauma for this special lady, Sophie is now heading to RI on transport from Missouri. By the time you read this, she will have arrived in Rhode Island and is looking for the greatest gift of her life… a family to love her. If you want to make a holiday miracle come true for Sophie you can find out how to adopt her and more info at:

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When Did Dog Walking STOP Going to the Dogs? Continued from page 8

spots, beautiful homes tucked back there I had never seen, deer, a horse, and some pretty cool terrain. If she hadn’t led me, I would never have seen those things. Perhaps most importantly, I discovered more about my dog. She is so incredibly agile, likes to track things (I had no idea!), prefers to stick to trails rather than head off-road, and knows more commands than I ever realized. Third: don’t underestimate good sniffage. I know, I know – dog sniffing can get incredibly annoying. Maison hunkers down onto her wrists and smells FOREVER! It’s like, good lord, dog! What could possibly be so interesting!? Well, we can’t possibly imagine the information in a lone turd or drop of pee. Boy or girl? In heat or not? Familiar or stranger? Big or little? Scorpio or Pisces? Sniffing is something dogs HAVE to do and walk sniffs are a good time. It’s mental stimulation and exploration and a major part of their brain power. We aren’t big smellers, so we can’t appreciate it. It’s like taking me into DSW and telling me I can’t look at any shoes. Are you kidding? That’s just inhumane! Let the dog sniff – who cares? It’s the DOG’S walk! And he will love it. Last, but not least: talk to your dog! I know, it’s weird and I get more than a few stares while I walk. But frankly, I could care less and my dog loves it and that’s all that matters. I tell her about my day, ask her about her’s, ask her which way she wants to go, what she thinks of the hideous lawn ornaments at that house, what that wall smelled like, and so much more. I often have a running commentary during my walks – all alone – just me and my dog. And we are having a blast! So tonight – or maybe tomorrow night – try these tips. First, stay safe. Now that daylight savings has passed, darkness will come earlier and earlier. Invest in a reflective jacket for yourself, leash and collar for your dog. Maison wears a blinking red light on her collar. Next, put the phone on vibrate in a pocket for emergencies only – all other calls can wait. Have fun, let the day melt away, listen to the leaves crunching under your feet, take notice of what your dog takes notice of, and participate in the walk as much as your dog does. You might just notice things about the area you had never seen before, learn things about your best friend that you never knew, and strengthen one of the most important bonds in your life: the human-animal bond. Happy walking! Katenna Jones is a Humane Educator and Animal Behaviorist for American Humane, and works out of our Education office in Rhode Island. She earned her Master’s Degree from Brown University where she studied animal behavior, learning, and cognition and she is an Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, a Certified Animal Behavior Consultant, and Certified Pet Dog Trainer. American Humane Association Dear Reader, I am looking for ideas for future articles. If there is a particular topic or question you would like me to address, please email me at Katenna!

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Final Gift i s a fu l memorial ce private bu ria complet e selecti o bes

Individual Cremation

This service includes the g veterinary hospital. Once in individually into the crema remains are then placed in your home or veterinary ho cremation and grief packag

shared with our pet last forever. This is why we decided to create Final Gift Pet Aftercare Services and Memorial Center.

Communal Cremation

Final Gift is committed to providing veterinarians and pet owners in the New England area with the finest, most complete and professional pet aftercare service available. Final Gift's distinguished reputation among the veterinarians and clients it has been privileged to serve over the years, is a testament to our dedication and unequaled service.

Communal cremation mean other pets. This service also maintains a high level of di receive a proper burial at th farm.

As pet owners, we treat your pets as members of our family. Let the caring staff at Final Gift provide your pet with the services they deserve.

Equine and Large Co

Our Facility Final Gift is a state-of-the-art pet crematory and pet memorial center conveniently located just one mile off of I-295 exit 4, in Cranston, Rhode Island. Our facility has been thoughtfully designed to guarantee the highest level of service to the veterinary hospitals we serve as well as their clients during their time of grief.

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� Guaranteed 72 hour c their family within 72

� Free access to the “Fi

Center” located at www

� 24 hour emergency se

Equipped with three crematories and room for expansion, Final Gift provides our clients with a guaranteed 72 hour return of their pet remains, in a complimentary wooden urn.

week/365 days per yea

� Our representatives are speak to you 24 hours your needs.

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Our Services

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gentle pick up of your pet at your home, stable or n the care of Final Gift, your pet is placed atory and is kept separate from all other pets. The an attractive urn of your choice and hand delivered to ospital to be reunited with their family. A certificate of ge is issued with every individual cremation.


ns that your pet is cremated in a group setting with o includes the gentle pick up of your pet. This option ignity at a modest cost. Pet ashes are not returned, but he discretion of Final Gift in the fields of our family's

ompanion Pets

Pet Aftercare Services & Memorial Center DAILY SERVICE To all of New England Phone: (401) 464-8338 Cranston,Rhode Island 02921

sometimes be difficult if they have passed away in a access. Final Gift recommends that you take this into uling an euthanasia with your veterinarian.

Other Services en urn included with all Individual Cremations.

cremation service - All pets are reunited with hours. 24 hour service is also available.

nal Gift Online Grief Counseling Resource

ervice 7 days a ar.

e available to a day, for all

caskets to meet ce and budget.

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{Dog Park News} Holistic Veterinary Care Integrative Therapies Liz Hassinger DVM Jennifer E. King, DVM

• Annual exams • General Medicine • Nutrition • Surgery

• Acupuncture • Animal Chiropractic • Homeopathy • Herbal Medicine

710 South County Trail Exeter, RI


Dog Training Services VOTED

Obedience Training For All Dogs! Specializing in: Shelter Pit Bull and Bull Breed Dogs Susan Parker Obedience Instructor 859 West Shore Road, Warwick, RI


The Johnston Dog Park- Coming Soon!

The idea to turn Cricket Field into a dog park was developed by a local dog lover named Karen when she was out of work due to an injury. During this period she spent a lot of time walking her beautiful Golden Retriever, Emily Post. “After several weeks of this, I started to realize this area was not really being utilized for recreation or for anything else.” Over the past winter she call the Johnston Recreation Dept. to inquire about Cricket Field to see if the property was being used or if there were any plans for future use. “I was told the field was designated as “Passive Land” and no longer used for sports. After learning this, I called Mayor Polisena to set up an appointment to discuss my ideas. He was excited about my ideas for the location but the town, like most communities, did not have extra funds to put into the area. I started fundraising in the beginning of October and have raised to date $699.00.” Karen’s plan involves keeping the existing property the same with the exception of enclosing the area to provide a safe enviroment for the dogs to exercise off their leash. The next fundraiser is at Zpup in Lincoln, on Sunday Dec 5th from 12pm-4pm but if you’re interested in donationg or helping out in some way, please contact Karen at

The Ninigret Dog Park - Coming Soon!

The Ninigret Dog Park will be in Ninigret Park, in Charlestown, Rhode Island. It is an important feature of the Master Development Plan for the large Regional Park that is being established from a previous Naval Air Station property. There will be two large fenced exercise runs. One for larger dogs (approximately 1 acre) and one for smaller dogs (approximately 1/2 acre). The facility will be constructed and operated with private funds. Tax deductable donations are needed and can be submitted to the Town of Charlestown’s Parks and Recreation Department, 4540 South County Trail, Charlestown, RI 02813. The operation is steered by a voluntary citizens committee who has a large auxillary support group of pet lovers known as the Charlestown Canine Club www. .With successful fundraising efforts, the dog park should be up and running by this coming labor day.



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Furry Friends Pet Care Presents:

2nd Annual

Stand Up for Animals To Benefit The Providence Animal Rescue League

Featuring: February 12 6:30-10:30pm

The Colosseum 180 Pine St. Providence, RI Tickets $25 and up VIP tables & couches available.

Live Comedy Food Fashion Auction Raffles and more!

For more information contact 401-996-8076 • Sponsored by:


Dig Up Pet Events In Your


Now through Dec. 19 Helping Paws for the Holidays, Santa & Grinch Photos For Pets & Family 10am-3pm (weekends) Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. will be the recipient of the “Helping Paws for the Holidays” fundraiser, which will run through Sunday, Dec. 19. Santa & The Grinch will be visiting The Pet Food Shoppe on Route 44 in Lakeville. A holiday photo package will be offered each Saturday and Sunday from 10-3. Each holiday package includes multiple photos on an 8x10 sheet, a stuffed pet/ person goodie bag and an e-mail of your photo directly to you for only $20. Police dog demonstrations scheduled for., Saturday, Dec. 4, at 11a.m. and 1 p.m., and Saturday, Dec. 11, at 11a.m. and 1 p.m. Location: Pet Food SHoppe, Rte. 44, 6 Harding, Lakeville, MA For more info: 508-824-6978 December 4 & 5, 11 & 12, 18 & 19 Photos With Santa 11am to 4pm at PetSmart Johnston, RI Pet owners are invited to have their pet pose for a photo with Santa at PetSmart in Johnston, RI on weekends throughout December. Pet parents will receive one 4x6 digital photograph in a holiday collector frame and all proceeds will benefit the RISPCA! For more information on upcoming RISPCA events, please visit: www.rispca. com/news.htm Sunday, December 5th DOG WASH Fundraiser for the new Johnston Dog Park ZPUP Dog Spa & Boutique is hosting in conjunction with the friends of the

Cricket Field Dog Park a dog wash fundraiser.Sunday, December 5 from 12:00pm-4:00pm. The dog self wash and nail trim drive will help raise the funds to finish the field in Johnston that has been designated as the new town dog park as well as assist a local family with medical bills for an emergency surgery for their boxer. They will also have doggie and human raffles, vendors, photos and more. ZPUP Dog Spa & Boutique 600 George Washington Hwy (Rt. 116) Lincoln, Rhode Island 401.334.7787 Sunday, December 5th Photos with Santa Fundraiser Friends of the Warwick Animal Shelter will be taking pictures of pets with Santa on Sunday, December 5, 2010 at Petsmart, located at 1276 Bald Hill Road, Route 2 in Warwick. Pictures will be taken between 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM, no appointment needed. The cost is $9.95 with a Petperks card and for every session, Petsmart will donate $5.00 to Friends of the Warwick Animal Shelter. Cats must be in a carrier, ferrets and dogs must be leashed. Call 401-467-2692 for additional information. Wednesday, December 8th Candelight Memorial Celebration At 6:30pm at the Potter League, join us for this special candelight ceremony as we honor all the animals that have touched our lives. Refreshments will be served. A $10 donation is appreciated at the door. RSVP to Susan at

Thursday, December 9th Santa And Mrs Claus Are Coming To Town……Pet Pictures With Santa At Jack’s Snacks! 6PM to 8PM JACK’S SNACKS, a dog bakery is located at 1860 Broad St in Cranston 401.467.2601 Pictures by Sweet Jane Photography Children are welcome to sit with Santa as well. Thursday Dec 9th Braveheart Animal Rescue Wine Tasting Fundraiser 6pm to 10pm Join us for our wine tasting fundraiser / raffle great prizes / great vendors Animal portrait artists /bakery/ photographer. Mansfield MA Holiday Inn. 31 Hampshire St. Mansfield, MA 508-594-4122 CONTACT Ursula 508-341-8593 December 9-12, 2010 Providence’s Bay Colony Dog Show sponsored by Pedigree Rhode Island Convention Center, One Sabin Street, Providence RI The Bay Colony Dog Show is one of the nation’s largest American Kennel Club (AKC) dog events. In addition to “Best in Show” competition, enjoy family-friendly weekend activities and American Kennel Club agility demonstrations, a kids’ play area and a chance to meet Santa, quality holiday shopping for dogs and people, and “Meet the Breed” sessions. For details, visit www.baycolonydogshow. com. Hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; tickets are $12 adults/seniors and $7 for children under 12. Major credit cards welcome at the box office.

Neighborhood! Saturday, December 11th Paws for the Holidays - Annual Open House! at the Providence Animal Rescue League Santa will be making a special stop at the Providence Animal Rescue League on Saturday, December 11th from 11 AM – 4 PM for its annual Paws for the Holidays Open House. For a donation of $5.00, pet owners will receive a digital color photo of their beloved pet with our animal-loving Santa displayed in a festive frame. Other festivities will include tasty refreshments and lots of holiday gift options for pets. Donations of blankets, toys and treats are also welcome and will be put under our “Wish Tree” for our animals. For more info visit Saturday, December 18th and Sunday, December 19th Pet Photos with Santa at PetSmart! 11 AM till 4 PM You can help the animals of the Providence Animal Rescue League by getting your pet’s photo taken with Santa this season! PARL and PetSmart are hosting pet holiday pictures with Santa at their Warwick, RI location on Bald Hill Road! Who? All pets are welcome, as long as they are up-to-date on vaccinations, are on a leash, and are properly socialized. What? Photos will be printed immediately and placed in a holiday photo frame for guests to take home. Photos cost $15 each. $5 from each photo will benefit the PARL. For more information visit Sunday, December 19th 10th Annual Jamestown Holiday Parade Dress in your holiday best and strutt your pup down the center of Jamestown,



Check our website for Tails daily event Wandering by Mike 23 Fink updates!

RI! For more info contact Tuesday, December 21st Poodle Rescue of New England Benefit What: Benefit Night at Flatbread Company. When: December 21, 2010 beginning at 5 pm Where: Flatbread Company @ Sacco’s Bowl Haven, 45 Day St., Somerville, MA 02144 Cost: Free. A portion of proceeds of each flatbread pizza purchased benefits Poodle Rescue of New England Monday, December 27th Last Day to BARK THE VOTE in the 2010 TOP DOG Readers Choice Survey. Everyone’s vote counts and could also mean winning some great prizes for you. Please visit www. and cast your vote today!

JANUARY Happy New Year!

FEBRUARY February 5th & 6th the 18th Annual RHODE ISLAND PET SHOW and International Cat Association Cat Show At the Rhode Island Convention Center. Hours: 11-6 Saturday • Sunday 11-5 Admission: $8 Adults, $7 Seniors, Children 12 & Under $4. For more info Call: Jenks Productions, Inc. 1-800-955-7469

February 11th Have A Heart Cocktail Party Join the Potter League for their annual event and fundraiser at the Hotel Viking, One Bellevue Ave in Newport Preview Party, Main Event, Silent Auctions and new this year: a Live Auction, Wine Tasting, Hors d’oeuvres, Desserts and more!!! For more info visit: Saturday February 12th 2nd Annual Stand Up For Animals Presented by Furry Friends Pet Care 6:30-10:30pm at The Colosseum Providence 180 Pine St. Food, Fashion, Comedy, Auctions and much more! Tickets start at $25 and up VIP Tables and VIP couches available. For more info visit


Every Saturday What Would Jeff Do? Real World Dog Training Talk Radio on AM 790 When: Saturdays 7 - 8 a.m. Station Hotline: 401-437-5000 Tune in, call in, and get saved. Every Tuesday “Pick of the Litter” Tuesdays at 12pm, Thanks to ABC Channel 6, there is another way to find a new best friend. Each week, channel 6 hosts a program called Pick of the Litter that features adoptable animals from the RISPCA.

24 Story Contest Winner} {Short

Benny canine brother

Thank you to everyone who submitted their story to the very first Animal Print short story (fiction) writing contest! There were quite a few extremely moving and poignant entries which made picking a winner difficult. We also found a number of entries that did not fall under the category of fiction. Due to this...The Animal Print will hold a non-fiction contest in the future. Please look for some wonderful runner-ups, which will be printed in later issues. Writer, animal lover and judge of our writing contest, Joelle Spinelli had this to say about the winner: “I am very pleased to present such a beautifully written and emotionally affecting story as the winner of the short story contest. I was especially taken with this story for two reasons: I thoroughly enjoy when writers speak of two events, occurring simultaneously, yet unknown to each other and seemingly unconnected, only to mesh them so profoundly at a later point in the piece. Also, this writer used a simple story to unravel and raise greater truths laying beneath the surface of humanity’s collective weight.”

Written by Karen Iacobbo


he young beagle lay trembling beneath the guardrail of the on ramp. He was mustering his will to cross the freeway when he collapsed in exhaustion. Only on the Earth six months, the pup had learned the world was a dangerous place. Born a ‘research tool’ in a university laboratory just two exits up the freeway, days ago he had escaped when a horrified doctoral student left the beagle pup’s cage door open. The pup ran through woods into the countryside. Lying by the guardrail, thinking of crossing the road of speeding cars and trucks to eat the hamburger someone tossed from a vehicle, the beagle was salivating in anticipation of a meal. Yesterday to avoid a speeding car, he dove beneath the guardrail, landing hard against the frozen snow. Alone, hungry, and helpless, the pup whimpered and licked a soiled paw. A truck, like those used by laboratory workers sped by close to the shoulder of the road and the beagle shivered in fear. He didn’t know that the on ramp led out of an old New England town where manufacturing once thrived and proud factory workers were forced to abandon their homes. Not far from the on ramp, secluded behind a grove of Eastern white pines was Forest Academy, the acclaimed private boarding school.

practice, Julie was relieved to retreat to her dorm room. She didn’t want to be at the fancy school. Her father had remarried, and his wealthy new wife Melissa insisted that “her children” needed a prep school education to better themselves, so off went Melissa and her brother Jeremy whom she greatly missed. Curled up on her bed Julie mused that her stepmother was rich enough to get rid of her father’s children. Having lived the first thirteen years of her life in a middle class suburb, Julie couldn’t relate when classmates bragged about skiing in Aspen and shopping in Paris. Those places to Julie were just points on a map, although her step-mother had talked of taking “her children” to Europe one day. Four-thirty in the morning and Julie couldn’t sleep. Her thoughts of rejection raged like an angry sea in her tired mind. Suddenly, from somewhere close by the school, came a mournful howl, like a wolf in the wilderness. The emotional pain in the howl hit Julie in the gut. What was wrong with the animal? Listening for a few more minutes she could no longer bear the punch of empathy and got up from her bed and dressed. She crept out of the school following the howl. She pulled her ski parka closer to her body and put on her mittens. She wasn’t worried that a wild animal might be lurking in the frigid December morning ready to attack, she was upset that a living being was in distress and calling for help.

Shy Julie was new at the exclusive school. She was thin and small, but for long-limbs and long straight hair parted in the middle. Julie’s photo might have been published in an encyclopedia as the Suddenly, from somewhere close by example of a female stalled between childhood and womanhood. The thirteen year old girl’s blue the school, came a mournful howl, like eyes belied her age and seemed to belong to a a wolf in the wilderness. The emotional sorrowful elder rather than an adolescent struggling to find her place in the world. pain in the howl hit Julie in the gut.

Julie carried a flashlight too dim to illuminate the almost moonless night, so thick were the clouds. Suddenly she saw the source of the sad sound. A young beagle half-starved and haunted was howling in filthy snow near the top of the on ramp to the freeway.

Waiting in the cafeteria line for lunch, Julie was lonely. None of the eight grade girls had befriended her, although she smiled at classmates and learned their names. Not a slow student, Julie soon discerned the reason behind the frosty behavior of classmates: Marcia, the leader of the class clique.

“Poor doggy!” Julie said, her heart filling with compassion for the suffering pup. As if helping the pup, clouds gently rolled in the sky and moonlight shone on the beagle. His tail was thumping in joy. Dogs know when a friend is near, and the little beagle’s sixth sense was in good working order.

Marcia wore red lipstick, black eyeliner, and tight clothes as if she was ready to step into a 1940s murder mystery movie. She hadn’t spoken with Julie until just now when with a sour expression upon her pretty face Marcia asked the slight newcomer, “Why do you have mosquito bites instead of breasts?” Julie blushed in embarrassment, more at Marcia’s ignorance than for herself, and looked down at the cafeteria floor while Marcia awaited an answer.

Julie softly spoke to the dog and offered her hand for him to sniff. Satisfied, he moved himself closer to Julie and allowed her to pet his head. After a few minutes of being patted on the head, and convinced that the girl was his friend, the exhausted but now content baby dog threw himself into Julie’s lap and fell asleep.

Julie’s mother, who had died last year, had told her daughter when the child was eleven that the size and shapes of women is as variable as eye and hair color and texture, and standards of beauty were often used as tyranny, and females were the worst offenders oppressing other females. Precocious Julie understood. What Julie, now two years older, didn’t comprehend was that some voluptuous girls, despite that males stared at them, were threatened by cute, thin girls whom they assumed were treated like princesses for their delicate, fairy-like attractiveness. With ice in her tone, Marcia said, “Uhm, I made a mistake. Not mosquito bites, flea bites!” Marcia was smiling and self-satisfied as Julie kept staring at the floor and wishing her mother was alive to teach her how to speak up to the insecure clique leader. When the school day was over and the other girls ran off to sports and music

Unsure of what to do but determined not to leave the dog alone, Julie took him into the school and brought him into her bed and under the blanket where the two slept happily cuddled together. At seven, before her eyes were fully open, Julie heard the sarcastic voice of Marcia. “What a scrawny beagle! Look at that ugly dog. Ugly just like you!”, the clique leader said to Julie as her eyes opened. Standing around her bed snarling at Marcia and the beagle pup were Marcia and two of her friends. “Wait until the headmistress finds out. You’ll be in big trouble,” Marcia said. The puppy tilted his head in perplexity at the big girl then gave her a look and a single bark that seemed to say “Back off!” The dog with the sad brown eyes is beautiful was Julie’s only thought. Continued on page 29.



38th Annual

HAVE A HEART Cocktail Party & Auction Friday, February 11, 2011 Hotel Viking THE POTTER LEAGUE FOR ANIMALS

1 Bellevue Ave, Newport, RI

Preview Party 5:30-6:30pm

Complimentary Wine & Beer Tasting, Food Stations, Entertainment, Silent Auction Preview. $85 with advanced reservation, $100 at the door (includes Main Event admission)

Main Event 6:30-9:00pm

Live Auction at 7:00pm with Auctioneer Mike Corcoran Silent Auction, Hors d’oeuvres, Desserts, Break-A-Heart Bags, 50/50 Cash Raffle, Cash Bar $60 with advance reservation, $75 at the door

Purchase tickets online at or call 401.846-0592 All proceeds from the event to benefit homeless animals. Presenting Sponsor: BankNewport Media Sponsors: WPRI 12 FOX Providence & The Animal Print Magazine Potter League for Animals | 87 Oliphant Lane | Middletown, RI 02842 | 401.846.8276 |


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This bed is a lightweight alternative to heavy bulky beds.Great for travel our pet mats fold or roll for easy moving. Available by special order in indoor and outdoor fabric. Jack’s Snacks Bakery 1860 Broad St., Cranston, RI

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The 18th Annual


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and International Cat Association Cat Show

FEBRUARY 5th & 6th, 2011 The Rhode Island Convention Center Convention Center Hours: 11-6 Saturday • Sunday 11-6 Admission: $8 Adults, $7 Seniors, Children 12 & Under $4.

• The TICA Cat Show • Solid K9 Training • Local Rescue & Shelter Groups • Masterpeace K-9 & Agility Demos • Shop For Show Discounts

A Special Show for Pet Lovers of All Ages! SPECIAL FEATURE AT THE PET SHOW: Park Ave. Puppy’s Fashion Show .

Event Sponsor – AKC Showcase of Breeds:

Participating Sponsor – Presenting RI PET FASHION SHOW:

Media Sponsor:

For more info Call: Jenks Productions, Inc. 1-800-955-7469 •



Continued from page 24. That day Julie attended classes as usual. She left the pup in her dorm room promising to check in on him at lunch. After sneaking him her breakfast, he seemed well despite his scraggly appearance. An unexpected request from the headmistress, who told Julie the dog had to go, prevented the disappointed and heart-broken girl from checking on the beagle baby at lunchtime. Julie was assigned with Marcia, her two clique members, and a senior to take a ride into town and purchase supplies for an upcoming school party. Julie was reluctant and self-conscious, and Marcia and her friends scowled at her. Observing this, the headmistress told them that purchasing the party supplies would be a task of responsibility for the newcomer, and Marcia and her followers must be more welcoming to new students. Julie felt even worse after that little lecture. The headmistress, typical of many adults who work with teens, had no idea that senior Debbie assigned to drive to the store for the supplies was no model student. On the way to the store, after learning from Marcia that “no one likes Julie” Debbie acted inspired by the Devil. Snow, two and three feet tall and dirty from vehicle exhaust lined the streets. A mile from the school in a wooded area Debbie stopped the car and commanded Julie to get out. She refused. “It’s thirty degrees out and I don’t have my mittens,” Julie said, trying not to sound upset. Marcia sitting in the front of the Mercedes got out of the car, and opened the back door. Her two followers seated in the back got out. Julie sat alone in the back, and Marcia grabbed the slight girl by the arm and started pulling her from the car. “Stop it!” Julie’s plea was ignored. All at once the much bigger girl yanked at Julie’s slender frame and forced her from the car. “Eat, skinny, eat!!” Marcia yelled, and she and the others took turns shoving snow into Julie’s face and slapping her. The ashamed, terrorized, crumpled over teen was shoved into the snow bank. The tormentors laughed and got back into the vehicle and sped away leaving tortured Julie beaten and bleeding, for her head had collided with a stone the size of a loaf of bread buried beneath the gray snow. In pain and shivering, with no place for her in the world, Julie closed her eyes and wished the world would just go away. A blissful calm came over the girl as she became one with the snow. No longer was the evil world real. Her tormented psyche healed, for in her mind she cuddled with her beloved beagle, and the name ‘Benny’ came to her. She and Benny her canine brother were playing on the beach on a sunny June day. Julie had crossed into that dimension where only love exists and she was happy. The chilled day became night as the girl lay dreaming in the snow bank. At the boarding school the alarm had gone out that the new girl was missing. Days passed and the nurse was startled when the young patient’s eyes opened. “Hello Julie. Don’t try to talk,” the nice woman said. Julie was confused and afraid. Where was she? More importantly, where was Benny?



Bay Colony Dog Show December 9-12, 2010 Rhode Island Convention Center – 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. • Watch over 2,000 pedigreed pooches – over 150 breeds – compete each day for Best in Show honors! • Holiday shop for unique dog-related gifts – grooming, clothing for pets and people, and breed-specific gifts to amuse even the most finicky dog lover. • “Meet the Breeds” - find out what purebred dog is right for you and your lifestyle and talk to reputable breeders and rescue clubs. • Weekend family fun: Meet Santa, talk to experts in over 160 breeds, and enjoy free AKC kids’ coloring books and scavenger hunts. Visit the website for group discounts and schedules!

is coupon Bring in th FF for $1 O ON


ADMISSI seniors. $7

$12 adults/



Dog Show Bay Colony 0 ber 9-12, 201 5 p.m. ’S


Decem – 8 a.m. to on Center nd Conventi

Rhode Isla

Visit us on the web: www.Bay for schedules and directions.

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Portrait Session Now!

More days passed and Julie regained the ability to understand what was said to her and to speak. Her father and stepmother, surrounded by baskets of colorful flowers, were beside her hospital bed. “Don’t worry honey. Those girls won’t be attending Forest Academy anymore. The judge and the headmistress have seen to that,” Julie’s father said, love evident in his tone. The step-mother smiled. “I’m sorry Julie, I shouldn’t have made you attend that school. I thought boarding schools were best for you and your brother because that is how I was raised. But I was wrong. You need to be near your father, and he needs you and your brother. You can both come home,” Julie’s step-mother said with humility and kindness. A smile lighted Julie’s face and her blue eyes sparkled like the sea. Then worried gripped the girl. “Benny! Where’s Benny? I promised I would check on him at lunchtime!” Julie’s father nodded at the nurse standing in the doorway of the hospital room. The nurse entered the room with Julie’s brother Jeremy carrying an ecstatic puppy whose tail was wagging like a whirling helicopter. Benny leaped from Jeremy’s arms and right on to the bed. The parents, the brother, and nurse were alarmed but the girl was thrilled. Her slim arms squeezed the happy little dog as hard as they could. “That night,” said the father, “when you didn’t return to the school Benny was in your dorm room acting insane: crying, barking, scratching, jumping until the headmistress realized the dog was trying to tell her something. She and some kind girls in your class followed the dog until he led them to you. When they found you unconscious Benny was licking your face and howling the most pitiful howls anyone had ever heard.”



traer scott

photography 401.274.4604

Author of Bestsellers:

Shelter Dogs & Street Dogs



Friends of Homeless Animals – Providence, RI • 401.234.4499 •

Sophie is a 3 year-old lady Boston Terrier rescued from a horrible puppy mill. She has 1/3 of her right ear missing and was severely malnourished at the time of her rescue, but she now weighs 23 lbs and looks good! Sophie is affectionate and sweet, and she’s good with dogs and kids. Won’t you please give her a loving home for the holidays.

Tallulah M is a darling, 18 lb fawn lady pug born 12/10/03. Tallulah has retired from life as a breeder, and is ready for life as a beloved pet. Tallulah is absolutely precious! She is quite social, LOVES other dogs and, the first night she stayed at my house, she climbed right up the doggie steps onto the bed! I just love her and you will too!

Tropical Mae is a ‘Bug’ - a Boston Terrier/ pug mix, and she is a LOVE BUG for sure! She is eight years young - don’t let the grey face fool you. There is still a lot of life left in this young girl! She gets along with all of my dogs (with the exception of one other female and they just haven’t quite decided who is boss yet between the two).

Frisky Witch is a Boston Terrier/Rat Terrier Mix, but you can call her Frisky. If you are looking for a laid back, run of the mill dogkeep looking!! She’s a spunky, mischievous, lovable, little girl with a huge personality! Everyone is always laughing at the silly things she does. Frisky is the happiest little girl going!

Potter League for Animals - Middletown, RI • 401.846.8276 •

Charlie is a neutered male, tricolor and white Beagle mix. His age is unknown. Charlie has been at the shelter since Oct. 17, 2010. It’s always sunny for our Charlie! He is a social butterfly that loves long walks and meeting new people. Unfortunately he’s so social he drags unknowing volunteers to strangers all the time.

Burton is a neutered male, black and tan Treeing Walker Coonhound mix. He is about 6 months old and has been at the shelter since Nov. 21, 2010. This hound mix puppy is looking for a new home that can teach him all the rules and manners! High energy and a zest for life this guy will need lots of exercise.

Bonnie is a spayed female, black and tan Labrador Retriever and Treeing Walker Coonhound. She is about 3 months old and has been at the shelter since Nov. 10, 2010. Pretty Bonnie is looking for a home with a dog savvy family. She is learning to share with others, dogs and humans, and will need someone willing to work with her on this.

Levi is a neutered male, yellow and white Golden Retriever and Siberian Husky. He is about 2 years old and has been at the shelter since Nov. 17, 2010. He is on Head Start to get him ready for a new home. Please come see Levi, you’ll just love him.

Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue – Foster, RI • 401.623.1340 •

Oakley is a Flemish Giant Mix, he and a female were trapped off the side of Rte. 3 in Exeter. Of course, the female was pregnant. Oakley is neutered and ready for adoption. He is excellent with his litter box and needs a patient, preferably adult or rabbit savvy home where he can blossom.

Rocky is a Chinchilla Mix, and was dumped outside the Deering Middle School. An animal rescue-savvy teacher caught Rocky and taught her students that it is wrong and inhumane to abandon animals and the students were very receptive. They also wanted to name this bun after their school.

Teenka is an Angora Rabbit. She came to us from animal control. Teenka arrived in a serious condition from being fed bad food. It took a few weeks to get her back to normal and now she is healthy, great hay eater, spayed and adoptable! She has a great personality and is so sweet, social and playful.

Smitty is a Lionhead Rabbit that was running around a voting place on primary voting day. It took us less than 1 minute to catch Smitty and he is now safe at Sweet Binks shelter. He is neutered now. That is likely the reason he was dumped as he REALLY needed to be neutered because he was spraying.

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401•453•3007 711 Westminster Providence M-F: 7:00-5:30, Sat: 8-5:30, Sun: 10:00-5:00



Help Save Lives... Adopt A Pet Today! Rhode Island SPCA – RI • Riverside, RI • 401.438.8150 •

Coco is a Labrador Retriever/Greyhound Mix. She is a sweet petite girl. Coco is a little fearful when she meets new people, but warms up quickly. Great family dog, Would like all of the attention for herself, so preferably an only dog.

Sam is a Domestic Short Hair. He is a quiet cat looking for a forever home. If you’d like to meet Sam, please stop by the Rhode Island SPCA today!

Billy is a New Zealand Rabbit. He is a super sweet, laid back guy who’s looking for a loving home with all the basic comforts. We estimate Bill to be 2-3 years old, and when at a healthy size should weigh between 10 and 12 lbs. He loves nose rubs, cranberries, and quality quiet time. He is an affectionate, dignified guy who doesn’t ask for a whole lot.

Diego, Duke and Diesel are very active, handleable boys. These boys are brothers and have always lived together, so they will be adopted out together. Duke has a white underside and white stripe up his side, which is very unusual in degus! With a little research, degus can make great pets.

Animal Rescue League of Southern Rhode Island – • 401.792.2233

Betty Sue is a Pit Bull Terrier. She is sweet and affectionate. She was brought to our shelter by an agency that had helped rescue her from a bad situation. She is a little nervous but loves to be around people. She just wants hugs and pets and kisses. Betty Sue came to us very malnourished and with pressure sores on her wrists.

Dexter is about 2 yrs old and an active guy. He loves to play fetch games and tug of war. He’s a strong guy that will knock over smaller children when over excited, so will do best in an adult home. Dexter is a bit hesitant with new people, so will need continued positive reinforcement for good interactions with strangers.

Helo was surrendered because his owner was no longer allowed to have pets. His sister “Boomer” has already been adopted into a loving home. Now he is lonely and looking for a home of his own! He was adopted from the Providence Animal Rescue League at the age of eight weeks by his owner. He is currently 4 years old.

Jezzabella has a story that most bunnies can probably relate too. Bought from a road side breeder by/for a teenager who didn’t know much about bunnies to begin with. (He was cute) when he was little, but after a short period of time, the newness wore off and Jezzabella was moved into an outdoor hutch.

Warwick Animal Shelter – Warwick, RI • 401.468.4377 •

Skelly is a 14 week old Domestic Short HairGray/Tiger. She is the best kitty ever. Skelly loves to play, want to give kisses and jumps in your lap.

Quinn is a Domestic Short Hair - Orange And White Cat. He is very laid back friendly male. Quinn just wants to snuggle up and be your lap buddy so if you’re looking for a lap cat then Quinn is the perfect cat for you.

Scrump is a Pit Bull Terrier and is a playful companion. Scrump would love to find a human playmate. If you would like to meet a great dog who you would love to have as a play buddy then Scrump is the dog for you.

Air-conditioning • Eclectic Jukebox • Pool Table

75 South St. Providence, RI • 401.861.7290

Baron is a Pit Bull Terrier. He is a happy energetic guy that loves to have fun. Baron would love to meet someone with just as much energy so they can play all the time. When not playing, which is not very often, Baron does like to relax from time to time.

OPEN Daily at 3pm


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24 Hour Emerg. Vet. Veterinarian Veterinarian (Holistic) Veterinarian/Grooming/ & Pet Boarding



Ocean State Veterinary Specialists Compassionate Care Veterinary Clinic Wolf Rock clinic

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RI Animal Medical Center and Four Paws Pet Resort




Seeking Part-Time Dog Walkers & Pett Sitters Furry Fellas Pet Service of RI is now hiring part-time dog walkers and pet sitters for the following areas; Providence County, Kent County, South County, Newport/Bristol County and Jamestown/NK area. Seeking reliable applicants with at least 6 mos. experience working with animals. Please email us at: for more information.

Advertising Sales Rep Needed

The Animal Print is looking for an experienced ad sales rep. The ideal candidate should be: *E  xperienced and skilled in advertising sales *G  reat with people and easy to get along with *E  njoy selling to customers both on the phone and face to face *C  omputer literate (bonus: if you are familiar with Filemaker Pro and Excel) * The ability to work as an Independent Contractor * Commit to at least 3 days a week We pay a competitive commission plus bonuses bases on monthly sales goals. We also offer some other fun perks. Please send your resume’ and cover letter to

Interns For Event Help Wanted

The Animal Print is looking for a few good men and/or women who are available for various pet related events during the year. You will be responsible for helping with bag stuffing, mailings and working the events where you will pass out magazines and chat with attendees. If you like people and enjoy events please contact us at


City of Providence Animal Shelter is currently seeking volunteers to work with our adoptable dogs and cats at our new, modern facility on Terminal Road in Providence. Prospective volunteers should be over 18 with health insurance and some prior experience with animals. Experience with large dogs and bully breeds is a plus but all animal lovers are welcome. We are also specifically looking for volunteers with photography skills to help photograph our animals for web adoption sites as well as someone interested in doing internet social networking for us. Volunteers must undergo some training and a minimum 1 hour per week, long term commitment is requested. Interested parties should contact


FEEDING OUTDOOR CATS? Visit WWW.ALLEYCAT.ORG. Alley Cat Allies has everything you need to protect the cats you feed. Easy tips and videos.

FOSTER HOMES NEEDED Poodle Rescue of New England To apply e-mail:

RATES: $10 for first 20 words, .50 for each additional word. (Call for business prices.) Just mail your check with info to: The Animal Print • P.O. Box 16002, Rumford, RI 02916

33 } {In Memory

“Owen” Owen’s name, for his first four years was Little Bits, then he was left at the ASPCA and they renamed him Patrick. He was Patrick for all of a day when I arrived and invited him home with me and, in the car, named him Owen. The name came from the John Irving book A Prayer For Owen Meany, where the title character was diminutive and ornery and a hero. They told me he was a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix which I thought made him look like a short-haired Corgi. He was a cranky biter, and a barker and he was awesome. I got him when I was still in college in Baltimore and we had a little back yard and he would run and run back there with our other dog Scout until there was a trench worn all along the fence line. We lived in a few other places in Baltimore, one where all the neighborhood kids would ask if he was a pitbull, another where he loved both being hooked up to a run in the backyard and terrorizing my roommates cats inside and the last place in that city where he kept a burglar, who had broken into our house and was going room to room filling bags with our stuff, out of my bedroom because he was in there barking like crazy and sounding very tough. Which he was. He was a hit at the video store I worked

at with the customers and the owners. He loved long rides in the car to my parents house 400 miles away and, though sleeping most of the way, would always wake up a mile from their place and stand up pressing his face against the window and wagging his tail as fast as he could. He and I moved to Providence ten years ago and bounced around from apartment to back room of a store we ran in Warren to squatting in a mill space in Olneyville. He watched over me one new years as I lay knocked out with a bad flu at a friends house, pr tecting me to the point of going after her when she leaned in to take my temperature. He was bit by a large dog when we lived at the mill and never whined or got angry or anything as I drove to the all night animal hospital, he was only upset about the collar he had to wear while he healed. He also fell 6 feet from some steep stairs at the mill and landed on his face, stood up, shook it off, and ran out of the room to find food. He had his favorite furniture to jump on and his favorite blanket and a long lost hedgehog squeaky toy that could never be replaced no matter how hard we tried. Owen spent a lot of time alone as I worked longer hours at jobs I couldn’t bring him to and it wasn’t fair to him so in his later years we decided the best thing was that he retire to the country and live with my parents. That was great for him and for them (they loved him) if not so much for me (I did too) and maybe a little stressful for my Mom’s cats (though they were very tough cats and held their own quite well). He loved sharing popcorn with my mom and greeting my dad with a kiss on the chin when my dad got home from work, but probably his favorite thing was going camping with my folks and obsessively watching for chipmunks, then going nuts when he saw one. Owen was happy, kept company and spoiled there (as well he should have been) and I’m glad I was able to get there in time to say goodbye. We wrapped him in his blanket, worked together to build a box and lay him in the ground. My mom planted some bulbs and in the spring will add some forget-me-nots. He was a best friend and companion and foot warmer on the couch. I was lucky to have my time with Owen, mayor of Owentown, Ruler of the Universe.


August 29th 2010

We’ll Miss You


Photo by Katerina Pedersen

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Katya &

Ginger Kitty

What is your favorite treat?

Katya: Cheerios Ginger Kitty: Freshly made tuna salad.

Describe your style.

Katya: Lollipop Ginger Kitty: Soft boss and gems like peridot and emeralds, no pink.

If you could be any kind of animal what would you be?

Katya: A cow so I can give momma some moomoo kisses. Ginger Kitty: A cat, there is nothing better but maybe a bigger cat, like a lioness.

What is your most treasured posession?

Katya: YoGabbaGabba Ginger Kitty: My hand thrown cat dishes with exquisite glaze

What is your favorite place?

Katya: Where all the slides and swings are. Ginger Kitty: On your lap in the sun.

Method West 755 Westminster Providence, RI 02903



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Holiday/New Year 2010/11  

Enjoy our holiday issue!