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Pet Cremation Services Dedicated to the memory of the pets that have filled our lives with joy, friendship and love.

We now offer:  Home euthanasia... our caring veterinarian will put your beloved pet “to sleep” in the privacy and comfort of his/her home.  Private, individual cremation, you know the urn you receive back from Paws At Rest contains only your pet’s ashes  Free pick up of your pet at your home or veterinarian’s office

paws at rest

open M-F 8-5pm weekends by appointment 24 hour emergency service available.

Caring, Compassionate, Affordable. 401-615-0252


, , 

Full Service Pet Crematory For Veterinarians and Pet Owners

Saying the final ‘Goodbye’ to a beloved pet is a stressful, difficult and emotional experience for every member of the family. The professional staff at Final Gift understands this. Having suffered the loss of our dearest friend and companion, we were once faced with the same difficult decisions you may now be faced with. How do we properly say goodbye? How can we give our friend one last gift for all of the love and loyalty she gave to us? Cremation offered our family the most thoughtful and respectful way to make the love and memories we shared with our pet last forever. Final Gift can pick up your pet from home or your veterinary clinic. Call us directly or request our services through your veterinarian.

Our Services Include • Guaranteed 72 hour cremation service. All pets are reunited with their family within 72 hours. 24 hour service is also available. • Viewing facility for witnessing cremations. • 24 hour in-home emergency response service 7 Days A Week. • A variety of urns and caskets to meet your personal preference and budget. • Online grief counseling and memorials. • Private Burial • Proud Supporters of the RIVMA Companion Animal Foundation - Rainbow Bridge Tokens

Final Gift Pet Cremation Services Daily Services to All of New England

-- Cranston, RI 02921

    


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Dog Training Services Specializing in Obedience Training

Designer dog jewelry Custom made leather dog collars Organic dog grooming products

• Shelter Pit Bull and Bull Breed Dogs • Teaching owners how to overcome dog behavior problems using th head, heart and soul.

Susan Parker Obedience Instructor 401-823-8851


Rhode Islands’ Cutest

GENETIC ANOMALY Little did Carol Makolin know when she adopted an adorable calico kitty this past December, that she was adopting a genetic anomaly. Max (Maximillian) was adopted from the Potter League for animals when he was about 9 months old. While this all sounds quite normal - it’s actually quite unusual. You see, male Calico cats are almost unheard of, a calico cat is not actually a breed but rather a very specific color characteristic and this characteristic is almost exclusively seen in female cats. To better understand this mystery, lets have a brief, very basic, review of genetics. Each mother cat’s offspring will carry a pair of sex chromosomes, XX or XY, the result of which will make the kitten either a girl or a boy. The mother passes an X chromosome down to it’s creation and the father passes either an X or a Y. If the offspring receives the Y, it’s genetic composition will be XY and it will “Max” – a very rare male calico cat. be a male. However, color and other physical calico kitten characteristics are tied specifically to the X or Y A ‘true’ calico is a ti-color cat, with gene depending on the specific circumstance. it’s colors in distinct patches, not For a kitten to be born a calico it takes two X mixed as in a tortoiseshell call. genes, one carrying an orange characteristic

and one carrying the non-orange characteristic (usually black). And, if a cat has the XX combination of genes it needs to be calico, then it would be a female, hence, why there is the perception that a calico cat has to be a female. However, as life would have it, you will, on very rare occasion, run into a male calico cat. “But, how can this be?”, you ask. Well actually, it is possible, rare, but possible just the same, that a genetic anomaly can occur where an offspring ends up with an extra sex chromosome producing the combination XXY. The XX of the XXY meets the requirement of the two X chromosomes needed to produce the calico cat characteristic’s color and the Y of the XXY produces the male sex. However, male calico cats are usually sterile, and are said to sometimes die shortly after birth. Much to the relief of Carol, she tells us that Max is almost a year old and quite a frisky and intelligent little guy who gets along great with other animals. He happily resides with his family in East Greenwich, RI and to our knowledge has no idea that he is anything but perfect. He just know he’s very lucky to have been adopted by such a wonderful mom.


Tropical fish and pet supplies (401)331-5376

We also carry:

rds a C Gift ilable Ava

We also carry




SALE On Designer Dog Coats!

• Solid Gold • WYSONG and many others. • Solid Gold Treats! • CANNED FOOD: Evanger's Student Discount : 10% OFF or Student Advantage Card: 15% OFF Excludes: Dog Food, Cat Food, Cat Litter

“Exceptional Grooming Available” 1270 Mineral Spring Avenue • North Prov idence • RI 401-726-2554

Photography by Traer Scott

389 Wickenden St. Providence, RI


From Around The Globe…

ROYAL Dog Stamp

Stowaway Cat Survives 30 Mile Journey In Car Bumper

The Royal Mail has launched a series of stamps to celebrate the

Yorkshire, UK

roles performed by

Monty the cat survived a crazy car ride that he will most likely never forget.

working dogs in the UK. It is 100 years since the first British police dogs were introduced.

Top Ten Dog Breeds For 2007 Recently, the American Kennel Club announced their top ten dog breeds for 2007 based on registration statistics of its members… 2007 Most Popular Dogs in the U.S.

This curious six-year-old ginger cat crawled inside his owner’s car front bumper and was hiding when his owner, John Cotgrave, took off on an hour-long drive. Monty was able to cling on for 30 miles (40 minutes) while the car went up to speeds of 60 mph, until he fell out onto a road. Cotgrave watched as Monty rolled onto the road in his rearview mirror. He immediately stopped his car and ran to rescue his injured cat. He said, “Seeing him bounce and roll on to the road in my rear view mirror is an image I will never forget. My whole life froze and the color drained from my face. I really thought we would lose him.”

1. Labrador Retriever 2. Yorkshire Terrier 3. German Shepherd Dog 4. Golden Retriever 5. Beagle 6. Boxer 7. Dachshund 8. Poodle 9. Shih Tzu 10. Bulldog

After picking up his cat, Cotgrave put him in his car and rushed him to the vet. The vet said that Monty had only suffered a few lost teeth, cuts and bruises, and a black eye, but the cat overall had escaped major injuries.

For the first time since 1935, the Bulldog has broken into the top 10. The organization says that this breed has recently gained appeal to a very wide range of dog lovers. The Bulldog is both docile and adaptive, and can thrive in small or large homes. It’s also one of the few dog breeds to be adopted as a mascot for some sports teams.

Cotgrave added that he felt extremely lucky that Monty survived and that there wasn’t a car behind him when he was driving, as Monty would have fallen into the path of the car. He said that from now on, he’ll always check his car carefully to make sure Monty isn’t hiding inside. oiginally posted on

Holistic Animal Healthcare

Sharon R.

Doolittle DVM • Alternative Therapies • Clinical Nutrition • Animal Chiropractic • Applied Kinesology • Equine & Canine Performance Issues 357 Putnam Pike #6 • Smithfield, RI



Dingo Ate The Pie Dough… And Got Drunk? A labrador named “Dingo” in Vienna, Austria was drunken with alcohol without having consumed any alcohol. The culprit was mass quantities of pastries. The dog managed to sneak half a kilogram of fresh yeast dough from its owner’s kitchen. The yeast in the dough fermented in the dog’s belly and produced alcohol… Drunk Dingo presented a pitiful sight, Carl Hofbauer, the vet looking after the intoxicated labrador was quoted as say-

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ing in reports. His charge had been barely able to stand on its own four paws and needed to be held up when walking.

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Moreover, the dog smelled like a beer hall, the vet said.




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for Thanks r us! o Voting f

Daycare: Monday-Friday 7-7 Boarding 365 day/year

2057 West Shore Road Warwick, RI

Dog Center, Inc

401-732-DOGS (3647)



Maddie’s Fund Awards Local Shelter a program for hard-to place Worker $5,000 todogshelpat implement the West Warwick Animal Shelter! Congratulations go out to Susan parker owner of Dynamic Dog Training Services and the West Warwick Animal Shelter

Susan Parker has won a $5,000.00 grant from Maddie’s Fund and for submitting her own Shelter dog Behavioral Enhancement Program to their nation wide marketing campaign for hard to place pets. Susan volunteers much of her free time as a trainer and behavioral assessor for multiple RI animal shelters. She is also an active member of the RI Animal Control Association. Her specialty and first love is working with shelter pit bulls. Susan realizes how many people do not properly train or care for their pets, and then all to often, turn them into the animal shelters making them some else’s problem. About four years ago, Susan sat down with her thoughts and created the Shelter Dog Behavioral Enhancement Program. Now nationally known as “Out of the Pits and into the Ritz”

Winston, who originally came from the Providence Animal Shelter was able to find a great home as a result of Susan’s training program.


“BEST DOG TREATS” in the 2007 Readers Choice! Thank you Animal Print readers.

Try Our Delicious Easter and St. Patrick’s Day Cookies Cakes for Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Birthday Parties, Graduation, Congratulations or any occasion!


makes the tail wag! 401-233-2733 or 1-888-231-1634 fax: 401-349-4262 • Smithfield, RI

Susan began to mold a training/marketing program on responsible pet ownership (especially pit bulls) stressing screening the people adopting the dog as well as creating a training program for all volunteers making it easy to learn without being a professional dog trainer. continued on page 25



the Best of 2007 Animal Print Magazine’s 2007 Annual Readers Choice Awards!

The Votes Are In! And The Winners Are… Best (official) Dog Park 1st Place: City Park Warwick 2nd Place: Barrington 3rd Place: Gano St. Dog Park Best (unofficial) Dog Park 1st Place: Colt State Park 2nd Place: Goddark Park 3rd Place: Chase Farm Best Nature Walk/Hike With Your Pet 1st Place: Lincoln Woods Park 2nd Place: Colt State Park 3rd Place: Goddard State Park Best Place To Take Your Dog For A Swim 1st Place: Colt State Park 2nd Place: Goddard Park 3rd Place: Lincoln Woods

Best Groomer 1st Place: Four Paws, N. Providence, RI 2nd Place: Heavenly Scent 3rd Place Tie: Jules Martin @ RI Animal Med./Four Paws Pet Resort. Best Place to Meet Single Pet Lovers 1st Place: Gano St. Dog Park 2nd Place: India Pt. Park 3rd Place: L’Attitudes Best Pet Store 1st Place: Petsmart 2nd Place: Rumford Pet Center 3rd Place: Petco Best Pet Boutique 1st Place: Park Ave. Puppy’s 2nd Place: Poochie Couture 3rd Place: Shaggy Chic

Best Dog Bakery 1st Place: Dogs in Harmony 2nd Place: Woof Bakery 3rd Place: Bone Appetit Best Aquarium Store 1st Place: Rumford Pet Center 2nd Place: Aqua-Life 3rd Place: Aquidneck Aquarium Store Best Vet Practice 1st Place Tie: Providence River Animal Hospital nd 2 Place: RI Animal Medical Center 3rd Place Tie: Sakonnet Vet Hospital & Big River Vet Best Vet 1st Place: Dr. Michael Bruzzi - Dighton/ Rehoboth Animal Hospital nd 2 Place: Dr. Lampe - RI/MA Emergency


3rd Place: Dr. Jane Linden Providence River

1st Place: Dogz Downtown - Providence 2nd Place: Metropet - Warwick 3rd Place: Canine Mastery Club House

Best Emergency 24 Hour Vet Hospital 1st Place: Ocean State Veterinary Hospital 2nd Place: MA-RI Vet Emergency Room 3rd Place: Warwick Animal Hospital

Best Dog Walking Service 1st Place: Furry Fellas 2nd Place: Scratch N Sniff 3rd Place: Adorable Pet Sitting

Best Vet Rehab Center 1st Place: Healing Paws 2nd Place: Tufts 3rd Place: Renewal Paws

Best Dog Trainer 1st Place: Katenna Jones/Best Behavior 2nd Place: Pooch Pawsitive 3rd Place: Judy Vess

Best Holistic Vet/Vet Practice 1st Place: Wolf Rock 2nd Place: Dr. Doolittle 3rd Place: Dr. Chang - Big River

Best Local Pet Photographer 1st Place: Traer Scott Photography 2nd Place: Maria Gianinni 3rd Place: Struminsky Photography

Best Overnight Boarding 1st Place: Delmyra Kennels 2nd Place: Four Paws Pet Resort 3rd Place: Hidden Acres Best Doggie Daycare

Best Local Pet Illustrator/Painter 1st Place: Laurie Lynn Lawton 2nd Place: Marvin - RISPCA mascot 3rd Place: Judy Johnson

Best Animal Message Therapist 1st Place: Peace Dog 2nd Place: Jeff/Healing Paws 3rd Place: Renewal Paws Best Pet Event 1st Place: RISPCA Howling Hounds 2nd Place: PARL Pet Walk 3rd Place: Rescue Ride - Warwick Shelter Best Pet Psychic 1st Place: Chuck at Silver Willow Rehoboth, MA nd 2 Place: Ann Martelle 3rd Place: Rachel Jenkins Best Pet Friendly Outdoor Restaurant 1st Place: Julians, Providence 2nd Place: Leo’s - Bristol 3rd Place: Nick's on Broadway

Spring is coming, make sure your pet gets their annual physical. We invite you to be part of our family

Let us provide the same care that you would expect for the ones you love and cherish at our full service state-of-the-art hospital serving:

The finest facility I have ever seen. RI Department of Agriculture Kennel Inspector

Canines, Felines, Ferrets, Rabbits, Small mammals • NEW indoor/outdoor runs • Air conditioner system throughout entire pet resort area

• Boarding • Chronic health care boarding • Doggy Day Care • Grooming

• Geriatric care • Play time • Treats • Highly trained medical staff

Rhode Island Animal Medical Center

Four Paws Pet Resort 401.785.1000

343 Warwick Ave • Warwick • RI •


2000 OFF

to all NEW clients for services (Office visit, or boarding) With this Ad. Exp: 4/15/2008


Best Pet Friendly Coffee Shop 1st Place: Coffee Exchange Providence, RI 2nd Place: Coffee Depot - Warren 3rd Place: Seven Stars Bakery Best Pet-Friendly Video Store 1st Place: ACME Video - Providence, RI Best Pet-Friendly Book Store 1st Place: Barnes & Noble - Warwick 2nd Place: Books on the Square Providence, RI rd 3 Place: A Novel Idea - Bristol

Best Dog Treats 1st Place: Tail Waggers 2nd Place: Greenies 3rd Place: Old Mother Hubbard Best Dog Toy 1st Place: Kong (all sizes) 2nd Place: Tennis Ball 3rd Place: Nylabone Best Dog Bed 1st Place: Mine 2nd Place: L.L. Bean 3rd Place: Kuranda Beds

Best Pet-Friendly Bar 1st Place: Nick-A-Nees 2nd Place: JG Goff’s - Bristol 3rd Place: Big Dawgs

Best Cat Food 1st Place: Wellness 2nd Place: Pet Gaurd 3rd Place: Felidae

Best Local Weekend Getaway with your Pet 1st Place: Cape Cod 2nd Place: Block Island 3rd Place: Nantucket

Best Cat Toy 1st Place: Catnip toys 2nd Place: Mice 3rd Place: the dog

Best Vacuum Cleaner 1st Place: Dyson Animal 2nd Place: Oreck 3rd Place: Hoover Best Pet Friendly Hotel/Inn (any locations) 1st Place: the Pawhouse Inn, VT 2nd Place: Lazy Dog Inn, NH 3rd Place: Providence Marriott, Downtown Best Vehicle for Pet Owners 1st Place: Honda Element 2nd Place: Subaru Outback/Forrester 3rd Place: Jeep Best Dog Food 1st Place: Wellness 2nd Place: Solid Gold 3rd Place Tie: Nutro & Canidae

Best Reptile Place 1st Place: Regal Reptiles 2nd Place: Rumford Pet 3rd Place: Creatures, Creatures, Creatures Best Bird Store 1st Place: Jungle Junction 2nd Place: Rumford Pet Center 3rd Place: the Crystal Parrot - MA Best Local info Dog/pet Website: 1st Place: 2nd Place: 3rd Place: Best Veterinay Rehabilitation Center 1st Place: Renewal Paws 2nd Place: Healing Paws Best Pet Catalog 1st Place: Dr. Foster & Smith 2nd Place: Pet Edge 3rd Place: In the Company of Dogs

Best Volunteer Group 1st Place: RISPCA 2nd Place: Potter League for Animals 3rd Place Tie: Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue & Volunteer Services for Animals We had quite a few fill in votes, here are some that made us laugh and fill in categories that had multiple votes: Best Newsletter RISPCA’s Happy Tails to U Best Local Pet Magazine The Animal Print Best Dog Magazine BARk We seem to have a lot of Bunny lovers out there who voted for 3 favorites: Best Hay Source Sweet Meadow Farm Best Rabbit Pellets/Treats Sweet Meadow Farm Best Looking Staff 4 Paws Pet Resort/RI Animal Medical Center

We would like to thank everyone who voted and would also like to remind you that during the last few months of our poll quite a few new boutiques, trainers, dog walkers and others have opened businesses in our area - so please get to know them for next years Awards.




what to do when faced with

PET LOSS written by P. Danforth

Anyone who considers a pet a beloved friend, companion, or family member knows the intense pain that accompanies the loss of that friend. Facing the death of your pet is sad and stressful, and having to decide what to do with the body often adds to that stress. As a child growing up in the country there was never a question that our pets would be buried in the back yard. However, years later, living in the city, I found that option was no longer available or even legal when I was faced with the unexpected loss of my dog. Like many caregivers, I relied on my veterinarian to guide me. It seems I did have other options I had never considered, such as having my pet buried at a pet cemetery, or cremation. As emotionally draining as the decision can be, it helps to know that there are several local alternatives to choose from, depending on practical, legal, financial, emotional, and spiritual considerations. While I mulled this decision and cost over, my veterinarian let me know that he could have my dogs remains pick up by one of a few local crematoriums or he could keep my pets body for a few days while I decided what to do. I ultimately chose cremation and I also decided to drive my

pet there myself. Having this quiet time alone in the car was really helpful in preparing myself to say goodbye. Going through this experience has taught me that it’s best to explore options available for the final care of your pet’s body before his death. So to help you with that I have put together the following information that will help you better understand what’s available so that you can make the decision that’s best for you.


A new trend seems to be emerging towards Cremation which is a less expensive option to a traditional burial that allows you to handle your pet’s remains in a variety of ways: bury them (even in the city), scatter them in a favorite location, keep them with you in a decorative urn (of which a wide variety are available) or even have them combined in some unique processes to produce beautiful one of a kind jewelry. In Rhode Island and Massachusetts, there are a few wonderful after care facility’s that offer personalized and sensitive services. Final Gift is one such pet ‘after care’ facility that is taking a more personalized and increasingly elaborate

LAURIE LYNN LAWTON 401-724-2584 •

• Rhode Island’s ONLY Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist! • One of three in New England • Voted “#1 Trainer” in Animal Print 2007 Readers’ Choice • Assistance with ANY canine or feline behavior problem • Basic manners to aggression • Private, in-home training • Group classes


1st Place

"Best Illustrator/painter"

2006, 2007 Readers Choice ! Thank You Animal Print Readers!

• Creator of “Best Bully,” RI’s first bully breed specific group class For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact:

Katenna Jones, ScM, Associate CAAB, CABC, CPDT Certified Animal Behaviorist Tel: 401-439-6442 E-mail:

approach. Owner Leone and Mary Hill decided to offer more than they were able to find when their dog, 12 year old dog Felcia passed. Their vet worked with an out of state crematorium an they were told it would take 6 weeks to have the ashes returned to them –by mail. They opted drive to a crematorium in MA that agreed to cremate their Felicia while they waited – it was quite an ordeal and the catalyst that lead them to create something better - Final Gift Pet Crematorium. The Hill’s work with pet owners to arrange for all their needs after the death of their pet, including Final Gift's token representing your pets memory as well as picking up the animal (24 hour service available), donation to RIVMA's pre-planning, arranging for a swift burial or cremation aCompanion Animal Foundation. (48-72 hour and same day cremain return services are offered), online grief support with PET LOSS RESOURCES links to helpful articles as well as virtual memorials and even providing Support Groups a private funeral parlor and viewing Potter League for Animals, room. Final Gift has just finished 87 Oliphant Lane, Middletown, RI building their new facility that in(401) 846-8276 clude a tasteful, non-denominational funeral parlor, comfortable waiting Brina’s Friends Pet Loss Support Group. Meets second Wednesday of the month at rooms and a display room where the Westerly Health Center on Upper High St. you can pick out urns, caskets, We welcome anyone who has lost a pet or bronze casting of your pets paw imhas an elderly or sickly one, or if they would pression by Forever Touch Studio or just like to help others through a difficult time. even have make plans to have your Contact pets ashes handcrafted into custom faceted gemstones created by RI Volunteer Services for Animals based company Pet-Gems. Monthly support group facilitated by In the funeral parlor, pets are set upon a pedestal in a cozy room where owners may sit in complete comfort and privacy to say good bye, grieve with family members or to just be near you pet in a peaceful setting before he is taken for cremation or burial. Not everyone feels the need to be with their pet after they have passed but for many this is a crucial step in beginning the healing process. Once you have taken the time you need, the Final Gift folks will escort you to a very comfortable and again private waiting room complete with a fireplace, comfortable couches and of course tissues. During your wait your pet is gently brought to the back to begin the cremation and while I don’t personally recommend this, you are also giving the option to view the entire cremation process which will take under and hour to complete. Of course if you choose to leave after the funeral style viewing


Furry Fellas PET SITTING & DOG WALKING SERVICE Insured & Bonded Experienced professionals; Vet techs, pre-vet students, CPR certified & more…

Voted #1

Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Service in the 2007 Readers Choice Awards. Thank You Animal Print readers!

Carolyn Obrecht, MSW (401) 273-0358 Tufts University Pet Loss Support Line 508-829-7966 MSPCA Pet Loss Support Program, 350 S. Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02130, (617) 522-7400


Thomas Fronczak, LICSW, ACSW, Wayland Wellness Associates, 120 Wayland Ave., Suite 4B, Providence, RI (401) 431-2953,


Memorial Services for Pets, offers graveside services and eulogies in the Boston area.


Final Gift offers online memorials and grief support The Animal Print Magazine offers free memorials to those who have recently lost their pet.

Mention this ad & receive: 15% off on dog walking services and/or 10% off pet sitting services

401-374-2230 Website: We accept all major credit cards, checks & Paypal. References & Discounts Available!


your pets cremains will be promptly delivered to your home along with his own rainbow bridge memorial token which includes a donation in your pet name to RIVMA's Companion Animal Foundation and a beautiful card and poem. Another new option in Rhode Island is Paws at Rest Pet Crematorium owned by Maureen McNamara who also felt a calling to help owners with ‘pet after care’ following the loss of her 10 year old Golden Retriever, Molly. Paws at rest offers a full service, all inclusive 24 hour pick up and cremation service, urn and free return of your pets cremains to your home. Also available are personalized stone memorials and even a burial at sea option. Paws at rest also has a variety of urns to choose from to fit every budget.

(above) Final Gift's urn selection room. (below) Viewing/funeral service area at Final Gift Pet Crematorium.

Something unique that Paws at Rest is now offering is ‘in home pet euthanasia”. You would just call Maureen at Paws at Rest and she would make the arrangements through her vet. Maureen's vet, has over 15 years of experience not only in euthanasia but also counseling before and after. This is a wonderful option instead of taking your pet to a veterinary office. Your pet would more than likely feel calm and peaceful passing gently away in his own home surrounded by family. Typically, the vet, would call in advance and get a sense of what you're specific wants and needs are and set up a time convenient for everyone. Both Maureen and the vet would then come to your home to quietly perform the euthanasia, when you are ready Maureen would then remove the pet’s body for cremation and later she would return the cremains with a certificate of cremation to your home. "I have attended several at home euthanasia and they are extremely peaceful", tells Maureen. continued on page 26

Renewal Paws


Veterinary Rehabilitation Center


2480 Winthrop Street (Route 44) • North Dighton, MA 02764 Susan Fiske, PTA, CCRP

Heather Robinson, PT, CCRP

Amy A. Hurd, DVM

Manual Therapy Functional Training Rehabilitative Exercise Underwater Treadmill Electrotherapy Therapeutic Ultrasound Home Therapy Prescription

• Post-operative Rehabilitation • Orthopedic, Muscle / Ligament, & Neurological Disorders • Obesity

Author of “Shelter Dogs” & “Street Dogs”


traer scott photography



To Veterinarians and Pet Owners

SERVICES: Private Cremation, Urn Included, Group Cremation Formal Burial on our Beautifully Landscaped Grounds Ceremonies & Viewings Available 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE UPON REQUEST EMERGENCY PICK UP AT YOUR HOME OR VETERINARIANʼS OFFICE EQUINE SERVICES: Private Cremation, Group Cremation & Country Burial TRANSPORTATION OF YOUR HORSE OR PONY TO OUR FACILITY OR ON-SITE EUTHANASIA BY YOUR VETERINARIAN URNS, CASKETS, & MARKERS Because We Care, We Share In Your Compassion, Love & Grief We Proudly Support RIVMA Companion Animal Foundation

IAOPCC International Association of Pet Cemeteries & Crematories


Osborne/Jenks Productions, Inc. Presents: the 15th Annual


Sponsored by:


and International Cat Association Cat Show

MARCH 8th & 9th, 2008 • The TICA Cat Show • Masterpeace K-9 & Agility Demos • Local Rescue & Shelter Groups • Shop For Show Discounts

• Lil’ Folk Farm Pony Rides • Rarities Dog & AKC Show • K-9 Performance Plus Protection Dog Demos

SPECIAL FEATURE AT THE PET SHOW: Park Ave. Puppy’s Fashion Show

A Special Show for Pet Lovers of All Ages! CONVENTION CENTER HOURS: 11-6 Saturday/Sunday ADMISSION: $8 Adults, $7 Seniors, Children 12 & Under $4. Bring a non-perishable dog/cat foot item and get $1.00 off adult admission price. All proceeds go to C.A.T.S. and the Seekonk Petco. Not to be combined with any other offer.

Event Sponsor – AKC Showcase of Breeds:

Participating Sponsor – Presenting RI PET FASHION SHOW:

Media Sponsor:

For more info: Osborne/Jenks Productions, Inc. 1-800-955-7469 •

2008 SHOW PROGRAM 2006 RI PET SHOW Brochure



Entertainment Schedule

*Schedule subject to change

RHODE ISLAND PET EXPO SATURDAY & SUNDAY, 11AM - 6PM TIME 11:30 12:30 2:00 3:00 4:30 5:30

CANINE DEMO AREA Masterpeace agility dog show K-9 performance plus protection dog demo Masterpeace agility dog show K-9 performance plus protection dog demo Masterpeace agility dog show K-9 performance plus protection dog demo

DON’T MISS: The TICA Cat Show, AKC Parade Of Breeds, Rare & Ancient Dog Breed Show, Regal Reptiles Animal Shows, Masterpeace Agility Show, K9 Performance Plus Protection Dog Demo, Lil’ Folks Farm Pony Rides and Much More!!

ALSO APPEARING: SAT & SUN AT THE PET SHOW Park Ave Pups Fashions 12:30, 2:30, 4:30 AKC Canine Showcase 11:30, 1:30, 3:30 REGAL REPTILES: Live Animal Shows Daily

This years RI Pet Show and TICA Cat Show promises to be a fun filled weekend for both big and little kids of all ages!

Stop in and visit Rhode Island's own "Squiggy" (above) , one of the contestants in the upcoming World’s Ugliest Dog Contest. Squiggy will be appearing Pet Refuge’s booth #407 both days of the show!

The show features The AKC Parade of Purebred Dogs by The Canine Training Center; The International Cat Association Cat Show, with over 100 breeds of exotic and domestic purebred cats. Lil’ Folk Pony Rides, agility demonstrations by Masterpeace Dog Training, Police Protection Dog Demonstrations by K9 Performance Plus, Rarities and AKC Dog Show, Park Ave. Puppy’s Fashion Show and much more! Don't forget to take advantage of the discounts and freebies galore! Just grab one of the free 100% biodegrable bags, grab an Animal Print Magazine for map & schedule and then shop till you drop.


2008 SHOW PROGRAM *Schedule subject to change


Aerus Electrolux Angel View Pet Cemetery & Crematory Annie’s Pooch Pops Arubacat Cat Furniture Big Apple Rhythmics Blue Seal Feeds Bob Fontaine Photography BONES Boscats TICA Cat Show Bowchies “Boxer Buddies Rescue and Adoption, Inc” Cattyshack Community Canines For Companionship & Care Cox Communications Crown Silk Screen Diamond Pet Foods Dick Van Pattens Natural Balance Pet Food DOGGIE TALK Doggies Doo Dogz Downtown Doody Calls Eastland Park Hotel Edgewoof Pet Bakery


520 523 625 316 525 326 421 416 Boscats TICA 528 542 401 429 407 321 502 312 504 414 527 406 505 513


Electrolux Vacuum Systems Pet Cemetary Handmade Gourmet Dog Treats Cat Furniture & Toys Fundraiser for US Gymnastics Blue Seal Dog Food Photography Beagle Rescue & Placement The International Cat Association Collars & Leashes Boxer Rescue + Adoption “Cat Accessories, Gifts, Toys” Pet Therapy Education and Training Cox Communications Products Cat Boutique & Gift Items Pet Food All Natural Pet Food Dog Personality TShirts & Bandanas Doggie Waste Removal Services Doggie Daycare Facility Pet Waste Removal Pet Friendly Resorts & Hotels Gourmet Bakery Pet Treats

Got Poop? We Scoop! Energetic, upbeat and cage-free alternative to “kennel-style” day care. Dogz Downtown offers: Interactive day care, positive training, doggie spa included basic grooming, washing, brushing, nail clipping/ear cleaning to massage and reiki. ALL NATURAL diets & retail supplies. Also check in throughout the day via our web cam!

Pet Waste Removal We make yards cleaner, greener, and nicer places to play!

5th wk. FREE!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!



1218 Eddy Street, Providence, RI 02905









Fashion Bandannas Friends of Foley Friends of the Attleboro Shelter Fun Loving Fur Kidz Ltd. Mobile Pet Grooming G&G Housewarmers G&G Housewarmers Great Vacation Destinations Green Foods Corporation Harleys Haven Brid Rescue Horse Play InnSeason Resorts Judecraft Specialty Foods Jungle Junction K-9 Contain & Train

435 527 317 605 617 334 603 303 LOBBY 540 441 A 631 415 519

K-9 Performance Plus Kitchen Magic Lady Ann Candies Legendary Leathers Lil’ Folk Farm Lincoln Greyhound Adoption Program Love a Golden Rescue Mackenzie Couture Accessories Massachusetts Ferret Friends MasterPeace Dog Training Mini Aussie Rescue & Support Moriarty’s Fence Company My Uptown Pooch Booth Nature’s Logic Nature’s Variety New England Rabbit Fanciers North East Rottweiller Rescue “Norwegin Elkhound Rescue & Referral, Inc.” Not Just Cats Nutro Pet Products Ocean State Pet Food

635 431 328 418 PONY RIDES 340 639 503 440 535 530 506 424 439 430 516 443 518 309 412 539

Olde Tyme Toys Park Avenue Puppy’s Pat’s Fudge & Crafts Pet Butler Pet Collar Attachments Pet Loving Pet Refuge Pet Sitting & More PETCO Pooch Pawsitive Poochie Couture

512 609 541 629 413 605 407 308 403 438 514

Precious Paws Providence Animal Rescue League Pure Paradise Pets Rarities Rare Dog Club Rhode Island Iguana Rescue

419 320 413 Rarities 426

Pet Bandannas Rescue Rescue Pet Products Mobile Pet Grooming “Chamois, Mops, Pet Combs” “Chamois, Mops, Pet Combs” Vacation Club Pet Supplements/Products Bird Rescue/Adoption Horse/Pony Rescue Hotels & Resorts In New England Gourmet Dips, Mixes, Dessert Flavors Bird Supplies & Pet Store In-Home Training Specialists Supported By All Inclusive Underground Fencing System Obedience Training/Dog Protection Demo Cabinent Refacing “Chocolates, Fudge, Nuts” Leather Collars & Leashes Pony Rides Greyhound Rescue League Golden Retriever Rescue Group Decorative Belts Ferrett Rescue/Placement Playground Agility Club Australian Shepard Rescue/Placement Invisible Fence Pet Boutique Wholistic Pet Food Line Gourmet Dog Food Rabbit Club Rottweiller Rescue Rescue & Referral “Cat Toys, Accessories, T-Shirts, Jewelry” Nutro Pet Products (Dog Food) All Natural & Organic Pet Food Home/Office Delivery Service Old Fashioned Toys FASHION SHOW & Boutique Candy Nuts Fudge Socks Pet Waste & Removal Service Pet Jewelry & Charms Pet Products “Cat, Dog and Small Animal Rescue” “Pet Sitting Services, Pet Toys & More” SPONSOR/Pet Supplies Trainer “Couture Apparel, Bark Day Parties, Puppy Showers, Homemade Gourmet Treats” Custom Beaded Collars Rescue Group/Animal Shelter Pets For Everyone From “Mild to Wild” Rare Dog Breeds Show Iguanna Rescue


Rhode Island RISPCA Rhode Island Vest-A-Dog Rumford Pet Center Scoop Free “Second Chance Boxer Rescue, Inc.” “Seekonk Save-A-Pet Society, Inc.” Shiloh Shepherds Shop At Home Food Service Smith & Agli’s Potbelly Manor Solid K9 Training Sophie’s Dog House Spot n Trot Sun Court Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue The Canine Training Center The Last Dog Thrive Dog Food Trilogy - Healthy UpTown Dog Boutique Usborne Books At Home Vacation Village Resorts/Great Eastern Resorts Wild Creations Windwalker Professional Pet Assisted Therapy


536 534 434 302 537 327 524 425 517 F 319 507 324 325 615 607 609 420 408 314 621 409 315




Rescue Group Dog safety vests “Pet Store, Supplies, Puppies” Premium Cat Litter & Automatic Litter Boxes Boxer Rescue & Placement Rescue Group & Fund Raiser Rescue Dogs Food Service Rescue Farm - various animals. In Home Training and In-Board Training Programs Professional Positive Reinforcement Training Fashion Safety Vests for Pets and Their Owners Odor Gone/Edgemaker Pro Knife Sharpener Rabbit Rescue AKC Parade of Breeeds Dog Toys “Natural, Handmade Raw Dog Food” Healthy Pet Products Doggie Boutique Fantastic Childrens Books Appropriate For All Ages Time Share Miniature Aquariums and Eco Systems Professional Pet Assisted Therapy Dogs

TED O V "Best Bird Store" for 3 consecutive years! thank you Animal Print Readers.

Stop by our booth #414 during the RI Pet Show for PET FOOD FREE SAMPLES

Dog • Cat • Bird • and More!


We carry:


We stock a large selection of: • Treats • Gnaw Toys • Grooming Supplies for hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs & rabbits.


(508) 222-0234 65 S. Main St., Attleboro, MA

• The largest selection of Domestic Hand-Fed Baby Birds (no imports) • The largest selection of Toys and Cages in the area • Super Premium Pet Foods and Supplies (dog, cat, small animal) • Wild Bird Feeders and Food • Bird Care and Training Books

1270 Mendon Road • Cumberland, RI Conveniently located off Rte. 295 Exit 10


Purveyors Of Provisions For Livestock -Pets - Wild Life- Lawns & Gardens

We have a large selection of Holistic foods for your pet!

Hours: M-F 8 to 5:30 • Saturday, 8 to 3

Hours: Mon- Sat 10-6; Closed Sunday Bird wing and nail clippings by appointment.


Think adoption ďŹ rst!

When you adopt a pet, bring in your adoption papers to get a Free Adoption Gift Booklet full of money-saving coupons for you and your new friend.

Come visit us at our locations: 585 N. Main St. Providence, RI 401-454-4956

1309 W. Main Rd. Middletown, RI 401-846-8105

287 Washington St. So. Attleboro, MA 508-761-8900

1400 Bald Hill Rd. Warwick, RI 401-826-7387

75 Highland Ave. Seekonk, MA 508-336-0700 825 Hartford Rd. Waterford, CT 860-437-0712

We offer a full-service grooming salon, professional canine education, and low-cost veterinary clinics. Call store for details. Sign up for our PALS card to receive exclusive discounts.


Maddies Fund $5,000 Grant Continued from page 8.

Tattle Tails unique pet boutique

This program was implemented two years ago at the West Warwick and Warwick Animal Shelters, which focuses on obedience, positive-re-enforcement and repetition. Along with this program, Susan also trains volunteers, animal control officers, shelter keepers, & rescue volunteers associated with individual shelters in how to participate in this program. Because Susan is an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator and trainer, she is able to assist the dogs to get their AKC Canine Good Citizen certificates while still awaiting placement at the shelters which ultimately will boost their adoptions.

Stop in to see our new line.

Available Exclusively at Tattle Tails! • escape proof harness clothing • denim vests • skirts • jackets • T's and tanks

All have interchangeable embellishments!

Once the dogs have mastered the steps needed to take the AKC Canine Good Citizen test, Susan then tests the dogs as a group. Post adoption, the new family works with Susan and her Husband for the next six weeks at a reduced training fee. The AKC Canine Good Citizen Certificate is then transferred into the new owner’s name. The end result? The dogs stay adopted once and for all! Currently, Susan is in the process of getting other shelters on board with setting up this award winning program. When we asked Susan where she wants her grant money to go? She replied “Well, for starters, I want to have an account for sick and injured dogs”. “And, obviously, I want to set up a special public educational program started for “Pit Bulls”. “Being a trainer, I also want to make sure the dogs get some great new training tools”. “And, I don’t want to leave out the shelter kitties either”! More information about Susan Parker and her work with the shelters can be found online at

401.781.1126 727 Pontiac Ave. Cranston, RI

Thank You for Voting us one of the

"Best Dog Walking Services" in 2007!

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The Dog House Daycare • Training • Home-Boarding & Walking (at your home)

401-455-DOGS 1255 No. Main St., Providence, RI Jed Sheckley, Certified Trainer

Ask about our

FREE Dog Training!


Pet Loss continued from page 16.


To many, a pet cemetery provides a sense of dignity, security, and permanence. Owners appreciate the serene surroundings and care of the gravesite. Cemetery costs vary depending on the services you select, as well as upon the type of pet you have. In Rhode Island we have Rose Hill Pet Cemetery located in Peace Dale,RI. You can contact

J²n O¦


Dog Training Program

Fl¾ible - Time Saving - Ec¯−ical - Fun Learn about this exciting new program at a Free Orientation Session

When: First & Third Tuesday at 7:30

Second and Fourth Saturdays at 3:00

Wh‹e: In our training facility at

Abby’s Dog Depot, 104 State Road Westport, MA

Can’t Wait? Need to kn¹ m›e n¹?

Visit: or call 401.339.2398

them directly or go through Paws at Rest where you can have your pets body prepared aas well as purchase a pet casket for burial. Another beautiful pet Cemetery is located in Middleboro MA. Angel View Pet Cemetery and Crematory a full service facility that rests on beautifully landscaped grounds . Trees, shrubbery and flowers have been carefully selected to further enhance the attractiveness of the cemetery. Generous donors have contributed many of our beautiful flowering trees, statuary and benches throughout the grounds. However if you do choose burial there is a maintenance fee to insure the upkeep and beautification of your pets final resting place. Some of the other options at Angel View include a viewing room for the family prior to the burial or cremations, a wide variety of caskets, markers and urns as well as a cremation and memorial wall. For all those pets who are gone but not forgotten, they have a memorial wall where a plaque is placed in remembrance of a pet that was cherished. Included on this plaque, owners can have a photograph of their pet and several lines of lettering in memory of their loved one. Wherever your pets final resting place may be the memorial wall will serve as a place where the memory is preserved forever. Remember, regardless of which method you ultimately select to handle your pet’s body, your pet will always be close to your heart.

Thank you to all of our wonderful clients for voting and making us the best veterinary practice in Rhode Island! - Dr. Jane Linden, DVM, and the staff at the Providence River Animal Hospital

131 Point Street, Providence, RI 02903 • (401) 274-7724


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A beautiful bronze casting of a paw impression is a unique way to immortalize your pet. Available at Final Gift Pet Crematorium

12 Ways To Remember Your Pet

Gestures of remembrance, large or small, provide comfort by celebrating a pet’s life and the incredible power of the bond between humans and animals. That’s why, in addition to handling the necessary arrangements following your pet’s death, you may want to offer a lasting tribute to such a special friend. 1. Hold a memorial service at a pet cemetery, pet funeral home, in your backyard, or in a place that was special to your animal companion. 2. Find a special place for your pet’s ashes. Keep your pet’s ashes in a beautiful urn or bury them in a meaningful place on your property. Donna, of Exeter, RI and her family hiked two miles through the snow to put the ashes of their dog, King, to rest in his favorite spot in the woods near their winter vacation property. 3. Immortalize your pet by having an impression of your loved pet’s pawprint cast in precious metal or brass - available through Final Gift Cremation Services. 4. Create a "living memory" by making handcrafted, custom faceted gemstones and jewelry using your pets cremated remains.They are permanently colored by a specialized process that incorporates a small portion of your pets cremated remains.The resulting colors range from blue, aqua, peach, white (diamond), and others.The finished stones color is the ‘essence’ of your pet since she or he is what helps dictate the final color. Available at RI based company www. 5. Add an inscription to your pet’s gravestone. 6. Frame a photo of your pet and put it in a special place. 7. Keep your pet’s favorite toy, collar, blanket, or bowl as a symbol of your pet. 8. Participate in memorials and candle-lighting ceremonies 9. Offer a memorial scholarship at a veterinary school 10. Volunteer at an animal shelter to help other pets.. 11. Plant a tree, bush, or flower bed in your yard to let your pet’s spirit live again on earth. Or attach a small plaque to a flowerpot or vase in your home. 12. And then, when the time is right, adopt another pet from your local animal shelter or humane society.

ou nk y Tha ting us o for V

OG ST D R" E B " rs INE ade 5 Re ds! TReA 0 2 0 ar in th oice Aw Ch

• • • • •

Pet Manners Grooming Problem Solving Agility Obedience Conformation

508.399.JUMP 102 A Pond St., Seekonk, MA Call today to tour our facility • You are always welcome.


K HIDDEN ACRES N N E L Hours: Mon.-Sat. 8:30am-10:30am and 3-5pm

• • • • • • • •

Indoor/Outdoor Runs Large Play Yards Continuous Music Serene Woodland Setting Air Conditioned/Heated Owners on Property Dogs & Cats are Welcome! Professional Grooming

508-252-9023 • 21 Great Cedar Swamp Rd., Rehoboth, MA



Taunton Animal Shelter - Taunton, MA • 508.822.1463 •

Stevey Ray – DSH Gray/white 1 year... I love to talk and get your attention at the same time. Attention is what I want, so sharing attention is not on my list of favorite things to do, so being your only cat is what works best for me. I am very handsome and distinquished looking, with just a touch of playfulness on the side!

Sadie – Approx 3 yrs and adorable. She does not, however, warm up to everyone and would need a quiet and loving home with no toddlers. Sadie may also be happiest as the only pet. Someone who is understanding and who will give Sadie time to trust and feel comfortable would be ideal.

Spanky – Approx 3 yrs, Spanky is a handsome guy, with unusual markings that will make him “stand out in a crowd”. He is a friendly guy, who would make a great walking/jogging partner. He enjoys mingling with all the volunteers and loves to get belly rubs. Spanky seems fine with some dogs - but not all.

Austin – A Maine Coon. Even though I look and feel scared, it is a home that I truly want with people who will give me time to feel secure and love me through each step of the process. I am 10 mths old and very handsome and have a fluffy tail that I spend alot of energy hiding. My medical is scheduled to be completed soon.

Faxon Faxon Animal Rescue League of Greater Fall River • 508.676.1061

Koko is a 3 year-old female Lhasa Apsa. She is curious and sweet, with lots of fur to brush!

Vader is a male 1 year old boxer/lab mix. She is a cutie patootie who needs some basic training, but is a bundle of love.

Buddy is a male foxhound mix. Buddy is a high energy dog who has trouble staying still! He has not been exposed to children so he needs to go to a home without kids. Buddy came to the shelter on 11/15/07 when he was 7 months old.

Monty is a 5 year old male orange tabby who came to the shelter on 1/18/08.

Bristol Animal Shelter - Bristol, RI • 401.253.4834

Sangira is an 8 month old Siamese/Himalayan cat. She is quite the quiet cat for her breed. She is sweet and would make a great addition to any family!

Nelly is a long-haired, on the small side, torti. She is about 3 years old. She’s a very loving cat and would make great company for anyone looking for a lap cat. If interested, please stop by for a visit.

Santa is a reddish brown and white Corgi/Retriever mix. He is a sweet dog and just wants to be around you all of the time. He’d make a great family dog. If interested, please stop by for a visit!

Sox is a black and white, short-haired tuxedo cat. She is about 3 years old. She was abandoned in the woods and was found months later eating in a feral cat colony. She is a sweetheart! She is very thankful that she was found before the cold weather came it. She didn’t like living the life of a stray.

This page was made possible through the generosity of: LAURIE LYNN LAWTON



1218 Eddy Street, Providence,RI 02905

711 Westminster • Providence M-F : 7:00-5:30, Sat: 8-5:30, Sun: 10:00-5:00

ORIGINAL PAINTINGS & DECORATIVE ART Animals, Florals, & Landscapes in Various Mediums

401-724-2584 VOTED "Best Illustrator/painter" in the Readers choice Awards!


Help Save Lives... adopt a pet today! Defenders of Animals - RI • 401-738-3710 •

Princess is a 2 yr old Calico very friendly, likes to play get her head scratched or just lay around with you. Watches everything you do. Spayed, utd on shots. Very special little girl. Please go to htttp:// for the application to adopt.

Sassy is a spayed female with all her shots up to date and a clean bill of health. She needs to find a home with loving adults and no cats. She is good on a leash and would make a good companion animal. “Sassy” loves to ride in a car and loves to play with toys.

Kahn is a neutered male, Super friendly, all shots up to date, will have a conversation with you. Next year’s Shots and check up paid for in advance, grooming sessions free for a year, Please contact Defenders of Animals, Inc., at 401-738-3710.

Charlotte needs human companions that can give her plenty of attention. She is very lovable and a great companion, Spayed, microchipped, and has all her shots up to date. Charlottte is great with adults. Charlotte would make a great companion animal where there are no young.

Pet Refuge - North Kingstown, RI • 401.294.1115 •

Mark is very friendly and likes to be held. He’s about 9-10 weeks old. For more information about Mark, please call the Pet Refuge at: (401) 294-1115.

Cleo is about 3 years old. She’s gray and white, and is a very friendly cat. For more information about Cleo, please call the Pet Refuge at: (401) 294-1115.

Crissy is a very pretty white cat. She’s friendly but is also temperamental. Crissy has a very short tail; she may be a Manx cat, or she may have lost most of her tail somehow. Crissy is about 3 years old.

Davey is very, very friendly and quite talkative! He’s about 6 months old (as of September 2007). For more information about Davey, please call the Pet Refuge at: (401) 294-1115.

Cranston Animal Shelter - Cranston, RI • 401.464.8700 •

Gigi came in as a stray Gigi is about 7 years old. She is so very sweet. Loves cuddling and being around people. Gigi was diagnosed with Mammary Tumors that are most likely cancerous. She is not a good candidate for surgery since she has a large heart murmur. Her life expectancy is less than 2 years.

Queenie is about 2-3 years old. She was found as a stray and came in with her litter of 7 puppies. Queenie is a rotti shep mix and has a great personality she is very willing to please. Sweet disposition.

Meeshu is nine years old, came to us when her owner moved. He gave her to someone that ended up giving her to someone else that didn’t want her after all. Poor baby has been passed around and has no idea why. Very sweet little dog in need of some tender loving care and a forever home.

Air- conditioning • Eclectic Jukebox • Pool Table

75 South St. Providence, RI • 401.861.7290

Goldie was turned over to the shelter because of too many animals. She is sweet and very playful. Beautiful young Lady

OPEN Daily at 3pm


Dig Up Pet Events In


February 25th Wine Tasting at Wimpy’s Restaurant of Ostervill Monday, February 25th / MSPCA Cape Cod/ 5:30pm Wine Tasting at Wimpy’s Restaurant of Osterville / $15.00 in advance/ contact: Susan Griffin 508-771-3452 Proceeds will benedfit the MSPCA of Cap Cod February 26 SPAY DAY USA! All day, everywhere - it's the day to spread the word on the importance of spaying or neutering your pets. The last Tuesday of February, but events and activities take place throughout the month of February.


March 8 LUV n’ PAWS The Friends of theTauntonAnimal Care Facility will be holding its 5th Annual “LUV n’ PAWS” dinner/dance fundraiser onMarch 8th, 2008 6:30pm - 11:30pm at the Holy Ghost Society 545 Middleboro Ave, E Taunton. $18.00 per person. Tickets will be available at the shelter (821 West Water St) (508-822-1463) or via US Mail (include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your check) {Please make checks out to “The Friends of the Taunton Animal Care Facility” - Catering by Bella Roma Music by “The Goat Ropers”

March 8 & 9 The 15th Annual Rhode Island Pet Show & TICA Cat Show The Rhode Island Pet Show, sponsored by PETCO Animal Supplies and the PETCO Foundation, is located at the beautiful Rhode Island Convention Center. Visit the The International Cat Association’s Cat Show, agility demos by Masterpeace Dog Training, police/protection dog demos by K-9 Performance Plus, the Rare and Ancient Dog Show, the AKC Parade of Breed Dog Show, pony rides by Lil’ Folks Farm and much more. Check our event schedule on page 18 for times and events. Where: RI Convention Center Hours: Saturday, 11am-6pm, Sunday, 11am-6pm. Tickets: $8 Adults, $7 Seniors, 12 & under $4

Your Neighborhood!


March 8 -30 Artwork by Laurie Lynne Lawton - March 14th reception. at Harold Caly Howland Gallery. Opening Reception on Friday March 14th, 5-7pm (refreshments available). Laurie who won 1st Place in the 2006 and 2007 Readers Choice Awards for best Pet Artists/illustrator will be showing her work. Gallery is located at 30th At the Harold Clay Howland Gallery at Pawtucket Congregational Church 40 Walcott Street Pawtucket RI 401-722-7934

Child/Bulldog costume and the best Bulldog costume at 10:15 am. PARADE OF CHAMPIONS at 12:30 pm. Lunch at 11:30 pm. Buy raffle tickets for a chance to win the Giant Bulldog Statue, Easter Baskets filled with lots of goodies. Price of admission includes lunch and entry. Contact Ed Kozatek for more info at 401-723-9306. Admission: Adults: $7.00, Kids 5-12: $4.00 under 5 free. LOCATION -Canine Mastery 102-A Pond Street, Seekonk, MA

March 13 K9 Veterans Day K9 Veterans Day Help make March 13th officially a day to honor all the dogs of all our wars, to include the present war on terror. It will be a day when many breeds, plus mix breeds are celebrated, as all have served in times of war. For more info visit

March 20 International Earth Day &Defenders of Animals’ 30th Anniversary Thursday, March 20, 2008, at the Cactus Grille, 800 Allens Avenue, Providence. 7:00 PM to 10PM $25 pp (Buffet) Please call Defenders of Animals at 401-738-3710 for info.

March 16 Bulldog Club Of New England, Inc. Sanctioned Match Show (pending AKC approval) & St. Patricks-Easter Costume Parade Prizes will be given for the best Adult/Bulldog costume, the best


April 1, 2 and 3 The Seekonk Save A Pet Society’s 21st Annual Auction is being held April 1, 2 and 3 at the Johnson & Wales Inn,

Dogs in Harmony The Bakery That Has Gone To The Dogs!

Voted #1 Dog Bakery

Animal Print Magazine’s 2007 Readers Choice Awards

Thank You To All Who Voted For Us!

Grand Opening - New Location 1417 Atwood Avenue Johnston, RI 934-3647 Saturday, Feb 23 9AM - 4PM Sunday, Feb 24 10AM - 2PM

5% of Our Grand Opening Sales Will Be Donated to the RISPCA!!


Events Continued...

213 Taunton Ave, Seekonk, MA from 6:30pm to 10:30pm. All proceeds (100%) will be used to support homeless animals at the Seekonk Animal Shelter. If you would like to donate, please mail and make your check payable to: Save A Pet, c/o Seekonk Town Hall, 100 Peck Street, Seekonk, MA 02771. All donations are tax deductible. 508-336-6663 for more information. April 6th Bow Wow Bowl A Thon Saturday, April 5th / MSPCA Cape Cod / 3:00pm to 5:00pm bow Wow Bowl A Thon/ $15.00/ contact: Susan Griffin 508-771-3452. Proceeds will benedfit the MSPCA of Cape Cod April 19 5K Run/Walk to benefit Defenders of Animals, Inc.

Saturday, April 19, 2007, 10AM Goddard Park Please call Defenders of Animals for further details at 401-738-3710.


May 4 May Day Breakfast to benefit Defenders of Animals, Inc. Sunday, May 4, 2008, at the Governor Sprague Mansion at 1351 Cranston Street, Cranston, Rhode Island. For further details, please call 401-738-3710. May 4th The Pet Refuge 2nd Annual Dog Walk Goddard State Park East Greenwich - the walk starts at the carousel. Registration is at noon and the walk starts at 1:00 . Cost is 20.00 or

The biggest little dog bakery in Rhode Island .... just got

If you would like to list your event please send info to:


photo by: jaye McElroy

our e e s e store. m o C new

• Innova • Solid Gold • Wysong • Timberwolf Organics • Karma Organic • Merrick • All Natural, Organic Treats • Birthday cakes • Cool toys & gifts • Dog Photography Available

pre-register online for 15.00 go to Rain or shine May 29 The Rescue Thursday, May 29, 2008 at The Peerless Lofts (Corner of Union and Westminster Streets) Providence, RI 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm And evening of amazing food, music, raffle and drinks all to benefit the Providence Animal Rescue League. For more info visit


The Pet Zone hosted by Sandy Marcel- a local access television show promoting happy, healthy and safe pets the pet zone is shown in many southeastern MA towns. For a listing of channels and times visit

Every Sunday ANIMAL WISE with Alexandar Morgan 12-1 pm on Sundays, on am radio 920 whjj - show explores and promotes a holistic, harmonious relationship between people and the animals they share their lives with. Every Tuesday at 12pm “Pick of the Litter” Thanks to ABC Channel 6, there is another way to find a new best friend. Each week, Channel 6 hosts a program called "Pick of the Litter" that features adoptable animals from the RISPCA.

Is Your Yard Full of It?

All Dogs and Well Behaved Humans Welcome.

Bone Appetit Eco-Friendly Dog Store (401) 885-6259

102 Main Street, East Greenwich, RI

Pet Waste Removal We scoop the poop so you don’t have to! 1.800.DoodyCalls /



CURBseenSTYLIN’ around town


$10 for first 20 words, .50 for each additional word. Check must be mailed with info to: The Animal Print P.O. Box 212 Raynham, MA 02767

Businesses - call for rates





Illustration by Sarah Nelson

401.331.9229 Lost and Found Pet Ads placed for FREE


Business & House For Sale: Swansea, MA: 3+ bedroom, 2+ bath Raised Ranch w/ Finished Lower Level (perfect for In-law, business or teens), Detached 3 Bay Heated Garage PLUS Licensed & Insured Doggie Day Care Business w/steady clientele. Owner Relocating: $372,888 Frank Smith Real Estate, Inc: (774) 644-1815.


FEEDING OUTDOOR CATS? Visit WWW.ALLEYCAT.ORG. Alley Cat Allies has everything you need to protect the cats you feed. Easy tips and videos.

Matt & Mr. Tom Brady Where are you from? Matt: Woosta Mr. Tom Brady “Brady”: The Jungle If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Matt: I would have webbed feet Mr. Tom Brady “Brady”: I would have a lions roar What was your most humbling moment? Matt: Watching Tom Brady lose the Super Bowl Mr. Tom Brady “Brady”: Losing the Super Bowl What are your best and worst qualities? Matt: best… I laugh a lot worst… I sometimes laugh when I shouldn’t Mr. Tom Brady “Brady”: best… I always land on my feet worst… Being named after Tom Brady but not being able to catch a football What do you plan on doing within the next year? Matt: Help Brady meet the Fancy Feast model Mr. Tom Brady “Brady”: try and sleep with the Fancy Feast Model What’s your idea of the perfect meal? Matt: Steak and Potatoes Mr. Tom Brady “Brady”: Whiskers premium dry cat food with fortified vitamins and calcium


Safari Shawn brings snakes,

lizards, turtles, frogs, scorpions, tarantulas, and even ALLIGATORS for your BEST Birthday party EVER. Call Regal Reptiles 401-277-9000 or visit


Reptile Presentations

Educational hands-on presentations with reptiles and amphibians for schools, scouts, daycares, libraries and more. Call Regal Reptiles 401-277-9000 or visit


The Providence Animal Rescue League needs foster homes

to help with animals who need some extra tender loving care. Foster care allows us to place temporarily unadoptable animals in homes where they can receive extra care until ready to go to a new home. These may be a cat or dog who is ill or injured or a litter of kittens that are too young to be placed. Only those with approved

foster applications will be permitted to participate in our foster program. Foster volunteers must also provide a simple background check and attend a new volunteer orientation. Appropriate training is provided for foster volunteers prior to taking an animal or animals home. For more information, please visit the Volunteer Information page at and then click on the Foster Care link or contact Shana Cobin, Director of Volunteer Services, at 421-1399 x208 or The more foster homes we have, the more animals we can save!

Animal Lovers Needed

to Volunteers with Friends of Attleboro Animal Shelter Current volunteer activities include: General cleaning & cat care Training/socializing: Come spend some time petting a cat, or playing ball with a dog. Other opportunities available.Please note that the Attleboro Animal Shelter does not euthanize animals due to space or lack of resources because of the involvement of Friends of Attleboro Animal Shelter. For more information call Dawnne Greene at (774) 219-2765.

North Providence Animal Shelter: seeking volunteers

over the age of 21 yrs. old to walk dogs, cuddle cats and kittens and spend time with all the animals who are at the shelter waiting for forever homes. Please contact Larna Grossi for more details and to schedule an informal interview at 401-231-2043. Thank you!


Towels and blankets are needed for our companion

animals that are boarded. We can also arrange items to be picked up. Please contact us at this email: or call (401) 738-3710.Thank you for your continous help! Dennis




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Delmyra Country Club for Dogs and Cats

• All forms of Obedience Training • State of the Art Facilities • Climate controlled

• Cat Boarding in our seperate Cattery • Security & Fire alarms

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Owner living on the property.

Voted #1 Overnight Boarding Facility in the 2005, 2007 Readers Choice Awards!


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Call fo

Scott & Ruth Gordon • 191 Ten Rod Road - Exeter, RI 02822 • (401) 294-3247


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