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Do You Have Skunks? 10 Ways to Tell Everyone can recognize that tell-tale scent that skunks give to the world. If we see one, we instantly think that we need to keep our pets away before they get doused in “perfume,” but there are other reasons why skunks are nuisance animals. If you don’t smell a skunk, don’t assume you don’t have one or more hanging around your property. Check out these 10 ways to tell if you have skunks, and, if you would like to get rid of them, Los Angeles animal control can help. 10 Ways to Tell if You Have Skunks 1. Burrow holes around and under porches, decks and sheds. Skunks are burrowing animals that will happily make a cozy home adjacent to your living space. 2. Cone shaped holes and tufts of dirt in your yard are signs that skunks have been digging for grubs and other insects. 3. Skunks may also do you a favor and eat ground bee hives and larvae, so, if you find the remains of a ground nest and a hole where it has been dug out, chances are a skunk is responsible. 4. Barking dogs at night are a good indication that they have caught sight or scent of a nocturnal animal such as a skunk. 5. Family outings at dusk. Because skunks are nocturnal, it can be beneficial for detection to watch closely around your outbuildings and deck for skunks to emerge as night falls. Females take their kits with them to hunt for food so a convoy of little stinkers isn’t unexpected. 6. Their smell. Even if a skunk is not spraying, they tend to leave behind a trace of their scent. Your other animals may pick up on it and avoid certain areas -- which may be the skunk’s burrow. Watch your animals closely and follow your nose. 7. Check the birdseed and outdoor pet food. Skunks will eat pet food and bird seed if it is left in their reach, so if you find gnawed or torn open bags of pet food or bird seed there is a good chance you have skunks. 8. Look for tracks. Skunk tracks look like cat prints, but they have five toes instead of four, and their prints will show the claw mark in front of each toe -- skunks can’t retract their claws like cats. 9. Check out the droppings. If you live in a wooded or rural area, you may see all kinds of animal droppings. Skunk droppings look like cat droppings, and may contain insect skeletons and seeds, which won’t be quite as prevalent in cat droppings. 10. Vegetable garden damage that is often attributed to rabbits may, in fact, be skunks. If you have determined that you have a skunk or a family of skunks on your property, contact Los Angeles animal control. Animal Capture Wildlife Control specializes in removing nuisance wildlife from residential properties and businesses. Bio: Jeremy Bailey is becoming quite well known as a nuisance wildlife trapper. He has been on

Larry King Live and Dirty Jobs, as well as in newspapers. Skunks are just one of the many critters that Animal Capture Wildlife Control can capture and remove from your property. Summary: While known mainly for the smell they give off, skunks have several habits that will let you know when they are living on your property. Learn the signs and protect your home and pets from these stinky nocturnal critters! You may not see them, but you’ll know when they’ve been there.

Do You Have Skunks? 10 Ways to Tell | While known mainly for the smell they give off, skunks have several habits t...

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