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There will be a robbery. Nil is talking with his mother with his new mobile phone. He doesn’t know that the robber is near from here, and he wants his phone.

The robber is next to him. He is watching him all the time and Nil is very nervous. He can’t do anything. The robber is about do something.

The robber takes Nil’s mobile phone. The robber is robbing. That’s bad, Nil thinks.

The robber is running to try to escape but Nil is faster and stronger than him.

Nil pates the robber and the robber falls to the floor. The robber is unconscious, he can’t do anything.

Nil gets back his mobile phone and calls the police to arrest the robber, Nil is very happy, this robber was wanted by the police.

The Nil's robbery  
The Nil's robbery  

One robber wants the new Nil's phone, he stil him but nil gets back it.