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Congratulations! Here are Your Complete Transformational Author Program Details Read and Apply Now - Space Is Limited! Dear Transformational Author, It is my great joy to invite you to become a member of the Transformational Author Program where you’ll gain access to my most inspiring (and practical) programs to help you experience a profound personal, spiritual and professional transformation - as you write, publish and market your lifechanging book! Your story and wisdom can make a big difference not only to your readers, but to YOU as you write. You have the potential RIGHT NOW to become a ripple of transformation… and impact the world through the power of your written words. And, I’m here to help it happen! After coaching hundreds of authors to break through the barriers that were holding them back from becoming a Transformational Author, I know exactly how to help you make this great leap, too! I believe if you’re reading this right now, you are READY to take this next step. And, congratulations for manifesting an invitation to this program to make writing your book an easy, graceful, and outrageously transformational experience for you, your readers, your business, and your world. So, please sit back, breathe and relax as you learn more about this program… the journey is just beginning! Love and blessings, Christine

Here’s What the Program Includes •

My “Get Your Book Done®” Program for Transformational Authors You’ll receive a 6-month pass to to participate in my awardwinning Get Your Book Done® program. In this program, I’ll show you exactly how to turn your book idea into a completed manuscript! It’s like “paint-by-numbers” for writing your best and most transformational book - without the confusion and frustration most authors face. There is no other program on the planet that delivers what this one does. Once you finish this program, you will not only have your manuscript done and ready for production, but YOU will discover a new understanding of who you are in the world, and the impact you can have through your book. Don’t worry if you’ve already written a book - you can use this program for your next book. And, you can get started IMMEDIATELY! (Valued at $997)

Transformational Author Program

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Twice Monthly Group Coaching Calls to Help You Get Your Book Done® Upon your acceptance and official registration in the program, you will gain access to twice monthly coaching calls for an entire six months… beginning immediately. These calls are dedicated to authors in the Get Your Book Done® program to give you direct access to me to answer all of your questions and offer support, guidance and inspiration to stay on track to complete your life-transforming book. (Valued at $1200)

3 Full Days at the Transformational Author Retreat in Maryland: March 6-8, 2012 These three days will be filled with powerful trainings, transformational processes, “nuts and bolts” strategies, and more… to help you catapult your book, your business and your LIFE to a whole new level of impact in the world! Anything that’s been stopping you from writing your book will disappear at this retreat. If you know it is your TIME to share your transformational story and wisdom - and haven’t DONE it yet – this retreat will set you on track to write and publish your book, no matter what! (Valued at $2997)

4 Nights of Accommodations at the Transformational Author Retreat Arrive on Monday, March 5 and all of your accommodations are included through Thursday evening, March 8. All spacious double-occupancy rooms have two double beds and a private bath, as well as a lovely view of the Pearlstone Retreat Center grounds - located about 30 minutes from the BWI airport in Baltimore, MD. Departure is on Friday, March 9. (Valued at: $600)

12 Delicious Meals PLUS Healthy Snacks at the Transformational Author Retreat Pearlstone retreat center is known for its gourmet kosher cuisine using only the finest ingredients and freshest foods available. It’s a celebration for your taste buds every time you sit down for a meal! And, you’ll be sitting down with your fellow retreat attendees for 12 incredible meals together beginning with dinner on Monday, March 5 and completing with breakfast or lunch on Friday, March 9 (depending on your departure time). You’ll also experience the pure joy of Pearlstone’s gourmet snacks for your breaks each day. You definitely won’t go hungry, nor will you be depleted by unhealthy meals. We’ve got you covered on this one! (Valued at $180)

A Powerful Community of Transformational Authors If you’ve been searching for a community of like-minded authors, healers and transformers who are committed to co-creating a new world while sharing their message in a big way…look no further! You will recognize the people in the Transformational Author Program as your soul sisters and brothers; the “tribe” you’ve been yearning to find. So, when you get to the Transformational Author Retreat in March, it will feel more like a REUNION with friends than a gathering with “strangers.” Who knows? You just might meet a new business partner, joint venture partner or collaborator at the retreat. The possibilities of what can happen out of the relationships you develop here are endless. (Priceless)

2 Bonus Group Calls for Retreat Attendees Only You’re invited to two private calls with your fellow attendees to get the most out of the Transformational Author Retreat. Your first call in late February will answer all of your retreat questions and offer guidance on how to best prepare for the retreat. The second call will be in mid-March (after the retreat) to help you stay connected with the group, and on track with integrating all the wisdom and practical knowledge you gained during our time together. (Valued at $400) SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION FORM NOW:

Transformational Author Program

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Visibility For Your Book! If your book is published by March 6, 2012 – bring a copy with you to the retreat and we’ll feature it on our Transformational Authors Exhibit Table. It’ll be our joy to showcase your book so fellow attendees can see your great work. (And, for those of you who thrive on a deadline… consider this motivation to get your book published by March!) Also, when your book gets published later in 2012 you’ll have the opportunity to have it featured in my email newsletter to tens of thousand of subscribers as my Transformational Book Recommendation! (Valued at $299)

Annual Membership in the Transformational Author Tribe Every month you’ll receive MP3 audio downloads of my Transformational Author Tribe interviews featuring best-selling authors, thought leaders and book experts. Topics include everything from book writing, publishing and marketing - to overcoming obstacles and making steady progress so you become a confident, impactful and abundant author! (Valued at $99)


VIP Discount for Publishing Packages With Transformation Books Once you’ve completed the Get Your Book Done® program and you’re ready to get your book PUBLISHED, you’ll receive special VIP discounts to publish your book through my soon-to-be launched company Transformation Books. If transformation is what your book is about, my publishing company will not only maintain strong brand consistency for your book, but we’ll handle every last detail to get your book published; so you don’t have to waste time, money and energy trying to figure it out on your own! (Value ranges depending on publishing package chosen.)

Hot-Off-The-Press Signed Copy of “Pebbles in the Pond: Transforming the World One Person at a Time” (Release Date: May 2012) You’ll be among the first people to receive a print copy of my next book, featuring 40 inspiring stories of transformation and impact on the world. This book features New York Times BestSelling Authors Sonia Choquette, Robert Allen, Marci Shimoff, Arielle Ford and many of the Transformational Authors you’ll meet at the retreat in March! (Value $19.95)


2012 Transformational Author Experience® - Platinum PLUS Pass Join the program by December 31, 2011 and you’ll receive a FREE Platinum Plus Pass for the 2012 Transformational Author Experience which INCLUDES 12 months of group coaching with Christine (beginning January 3, 2012), all mp3 recordings and transcripts of the May 2012 TAE program AND an entry ticket into the 2012 Transformational Author Writing Contest. You must register by December 31 at midnight EST to receive this pass and the coaching calls. (Value: $297).

Program Value: More Than $7,088 (This isn’t the fee… it’s what the program is worth.) SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION FORM NOW:

Transformational Author Program

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Your Investment in the Program You’re going to LOVE this! As this program was revealing itself to me, one morning in meditation an insight surfaced (as they often do). And, what became clear was that I was supposed to give you EVERYTHING in the program for only the price of the 3- day retreat! So, that’s exactly what I’m doing for the people who are accepted. To recap, you’ll receive all of this for FREE:  6 Months in the Get Your Book Done® Program  Get Your Book Done® Group Coaching (Twice Monthly)  4 Nights Transformational Author Retreat Accommodations  All Meals and Snacks at the Transformational Author Retreat  2 Bonus Calls Before and After the Transformational Author Retreat  Annual Membership in the Transformational Author Tribe  Visibility for Your Book (at the retreat and/or in my ezine)  Signed copy of “Pebbles in the Pond: Transforming the World One Person at a Time”  Platinum PLUS Pass for the 2012 Transformational Author Experience, including 6 months But, most importantly, you receive the life-affirming gift of saying YES to the call in your heart to share your message in the form of a book and help transform the world at this critical (and exciting) time in humanity’s evolution! All this, while being part of a loving, supportive, and POWERFUL program that’s guaranteed to transform your life (and others) as you write your book and become a Transformational Author! For those of you who like numbers… you’ll save $4,091. (when compared to getting everything separately). Remember, all you pay is the $2,997 retreat fee and the rest is yours at no additional cost. Plus, you can easily break this down into payments if that helps with your budget. (The 4-payment plan is available until December 2, the 3-payment plan begins on December 3). Or, save another $500 when you choose the full-pay option! (Only $2,497) To be considered for this program, you must fill out the APPLICATION FORM - so be sure to go the site below right away! Submit Your Application Form Now: Space is Limited – Hurry! In order for me to ensure you receive the greatest benefit from this program, space is limited to only 30 people –because 40 of the retreat spots are already filled with my Transformational Author Mastermind clients (who you’re going to LOVE meeting in person)! So, if you’re feeling the “nudge” that you are supposed to be one of the select few to take this transformational journey of a lifetime and receive a full 12-MONTHS of coaching and support to write, publish and market your book for as little as $2497 (which is less then what you’d pay for many other book writing programs that last only a few DAYS) - submit your application right away. I’m really looking forward to learning more about you and your book! SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION FORM NOW:

Transformational Author Program

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Next Steps 1. Reflect on your personal transformational journey so far (in life, love, health, money, business, relationships, etc.)… and all you’ve have learned on your path that can help others in their transformation. 2. Ask yourself if you want to be part of this incredible program with other authors and transformers – as you individually and collectively make a difference in the world through the power of your written word. 3. Make the decision that feels right for you. If you KNOW you are meant to be in this program, then go for it and enjoy it all. It’ll transform you, your readers, your business and your world! 4. Submit your Application Form right away so I can learn more about you and your story. 5. Upon acceptance you’ll receive a “congratulations” email with all the details to reserve your spot in the program! (It will take a few days for me to carefully review your application.) 6. Once we receive your payment to reserve your place, you’ll have immediate access to the Get Your Book Done® program. It will only be a matter of minutes for you to begin listening to the first module of the program and set yourself firmly on the path to becoming a Transformational Author in 2012! 7. Join me on the next Get Your Book Done® live group coaching call so you can introduce yourself and receive my personal guidance on the spot! 8. Make your travel plans for the March 5, 2012 Transformational Author Retreat. 9. Let the journey unfold on the wings of grace… Questions Please send any further questions to

Namaste, Christine Kloser “The Transformation Catalyst” Three-Time Award Winning Author Creator,




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