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About me

Birth Date: Birth Place:

20.03.1989 Kolkata, INDIA


Salt Lake School Kolkata, St. Stephens School Kolkata National Institute Of Design, Product Design


Team Working, Sketching, Rendering 3d Modelling, Conceptualizing, Presentation.

Computer Skills:

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk Alias, Rhinoceros, Windows using ability (Advanced) Microsoft Office, Corel Draw.


Sketching, 3d Modelling, Computer Hardware, Computer Gaming Hardware.


Pace Forum 2011 - Vancouver, Canada First place in Design Category and Market Research Second Place in Product and Manufacturing Engineering.


English, Hindi, Bengali (Fluently), Gujarati, Marathi (basic)

CV Aniket Halder

Contents warHEAD ACE Sustainable Urban Transport Ferrari F60 Concept Brochure For Intech Ltd Representation Techniques Photography

warHEAD The aim of the project was to take a natural organism, study its form its features and depict it in a product. The inspiration was a turtle and the features chosen was the shell, the toughness and the form of the shell. The product outcome was a military laptop case or an army suitcase tough for its form and features.


Military Laptop case (Prototype Model) Made out of Medium Density Fibre board

ACE Concept ACE is a Tennis ball camera with 360 degrees lens rotation, Take your own picture without asking anyone for help. Easy slides inside for a compact Tennis ball shape.



Sustainable Urban Transport

PACE Project: 2010-11 Next Generation of Sustainable Urban Transport

Project brief was to come up with new definition of “Personal Urban Mobility Vehicle�. Design and engineer a Sustainable Urban Transport (SUT) solution for a specific urban area (city). Vehicle with enclosed passenger compartment, to carry two passengers and light cargo. Concept 1 has a transparent canopy for better viewing and a 3 wheel drive for better manoeuvring in the city. Ambient Lighting inside makes it an interesting and comfortable ride.

Concept 1


Final Concept

Ferrari F60 Concept

Ferrari hypercar design competition 2010

The next hyper car without any compromise with shape morphing materials for the exteriors which react to different speeds and weather conditions to give optimum performance.

Final Renders

Brochure Intech Safety Pvt.Ltd.

2d Rendering



3d Modelling

Done in Autodesk Alias Automotive






Work, Portfolio, National Institute of Design, Product design

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