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VET Festival 2017 Special Edition The festival in pictures! BE the Change! Be WELL! Meet the Team


Summer 2017

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Better Together The AmerisourceBergen Animal Health team is committed to being the best resource to the animal health profession by delivering superior value, efficiency and innovation. Thank you for partnering with us to make a difference in animal health, business and the world. We are better together.

Contents People Matters 07 | Contact details for our Customer Service and Territory Support Teams 12 | VET Festival Team Talk – Meet the people behind the scenes!


The Hub


15 | Animal Cancer Trust – A charity totally committed to funding the fight against cancer in the nation’s pets.


16 | BE the Change – Be inspired to BE WELL with tips from VET Festival 2017 Wellness speakers. 20 | VET Festival 2017 Conference Programme 22 | St Francis Group Business Academy 23 | VET Festival Wellness Survey Results – The latest survey results on Wellness in the UK veterinary industry. 24 | Centaur Services Guide to Wellness –The Practice of Wellness guide provides tips and resources to increase personal, business and team wellness. 28 | Securos Surgical - Clare Potts, Securos Surgical Business Development Manager, talks to us about POP UP CPD at VET Festival and the latest developments at Securos Surgical. 31 | Securos Surgical CPD Autumn/Winter Course Programme 32 | VET Festival 2017 in Pictures! 41 | Vet Space – The latest updates on services from Vet Space including Merlin™ and Voyager™. 44 | Orthotics and Prosthetics with Derrick Campana and KVP Inc. 46 | Driving change in Arthritis Management with Hannah Capon 48 | Vetsnet – All help you need in one free-access website 54 | Worldwide Veterinary Service –WVS launch a veterinary nurse bursary for charitable projects around the globe 56 | Wednesday Wisdom from Centaur Services – The ‘best bits’ of our Wednesday Wisdom emails!

Your Practice 50 | Your Practice – An insight into Fitzpatrick Referrals; where compassionate care and excellence in veterinary medicine meet.

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K9 Connectables are interactive dog toys designed to engage, stimulate and entertain dogs for sustained periods of time They utilise a dog’s natural instincts to hunt and work for food, challenging them to unlock the treats inside. Easy to use, simply stuff with treats, connect together and watch them work for their rewards! These toys will keep pets occupied for hours. A great interactive toy for waiting room sales or kennel bound patients. • Choice of connection levels of difficulty. • Safe for fetch. • Floats on water. • Dishwasher safe. K9 connectables unique designs are a safe and durable TPE and have been independently tested to be non-toxic and phthalate free.

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Summer Spirit 2017

So we all did it again! Donned the straw hats, the sunnies and the open minds for a wonderful VET Festival 2017! This year’s festival was bigger and better than ever before and the sun shone on our largest ever crowd. It was inspirational, it was enlightening and most of all, it was really great fun! No-where else in this industry can you soak up education from truly world-class teachers and then relax in a field with a cocktail, listening to brilliant bands pumping out the bass! Check out pages 32 to 39 for a photo round-up of all the best bits and head over to pages 20 and 21 to check-out this year’s speakers and topics. Wellness was the theme of VET Festival 2017. In a time where we all suffer more stress and anxiety than ever before, it is good to tackle the issue head on and not be shy to talk about the effect it has on us every day. At VET Festival we chose to look at ways of dealing with the

problem, not just discussing the issues that we know every practice is faced with. See our Wellness section in pages 16 to 19 where we look at how to BE the Change through our own behaviour, attitude and techniques – along with good sense advice on mindfulness and coping strategies from leading practitioners in our industry. All AmerisourceBergen companies are united in our responsibility to create healthier futures. I truly hope you find something in this VET Festival 2017 Special edition of Spirit magazine that enlightens or inspires you to help build a healthier practice in this wonderful industry of ours. Be well and see you at VET Festival 2018!

Rachel Rachel Hudson


The Power of Community Be competitive, Be successful Be rewarded At Centaur we believe that it is our responsibility to help practices run their business successfully so that they can provide excellent care to their patients. We’re doing this by gathering veterinary practices into a community of like-minded individuals and giving access to the resources and expertise normally reserved for very large businesses. We call this the Centaur Community of Practice®.


The core of Community of Practice® is designed by Vet Dynamics and includes business tools and techniques that are proven to help practice growth and profitability.

The services are as individual as your practice but the experience is shared with your community. Members of Centaur Community of Practice® have a Marketing Mentor to shape annual promotional activity, access to the full St Francis Group Business Academy for practice staff, Inventory Management consultancy in practice, along with quarterly specialist days focusing on people, wellbeing and personal development. Centaur Community of Practice® is a great place to give and get peer support along with tangible results that help grow you and your business.

For more information on the Community of Practice®, contact your Territory Manager or email community@cvws.co.uk

Where we turn to experts and each other for learning, advice and support. 6

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Here to

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Easier to store



Liquids go through


New generation clever meshed pad.




- Animal stays dry (Liquids go through the mat / not absorbent) - Comfortable: No pressure on skin & breathable (Anti-bedsores) - Non-slip



8 - 9 June th


- Washing machine washable (add bleach for disinfection / 60°C) - Dries fast (swift reuse after washing) - Storage hole (for drying & storage)


- Lasts long (Strong and durable material) - Less waste


Cages / Kennels / Consultation & Surgery tables / Post operative wake-up stage / Dentistry (under the animal’s head) Available in 4 sizes: 33 x 50cm | 39 x 71cm | 55 x 71cm | 60 x 115cm

Check our demo on Youtube!

Available now at Centaur GÉNIA : Parc d’Activités Le Pont Béranger – 12, rue Jean François Champollion 44680 St. Hilaire de Chaléons – France - Tél. : +33(0)2 40 03 24 17 – Fax : +33(0)2 40 03 14 71 – www.genia.fr

BOOK TODAY to receive 25% OFF VET Festival 2018 tickets Email caroline@vetfestival.co.uk











50 2,400 16










96 100




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VET Festival Team Talk Meet the team behind the festival!

Caroline Carr Marketing Manager, VET Festival

What is your role in the organisation of VET Festival? I am the Marketing Manager for VET Festival. I worked on the launch three years ago so it feels very much like my baby and it’s great to see it grow and flourish so much. What do you enjoy most about being part of the VET Festival team? Everyone in the team is hugely passionate and driven and we also all have a cracking sense of humour, which is needed in events as it can be very pressurised some times! We work really closely together and are all super proud of the VET Festival and what we have achieved.

What was your favourite moment of VET Festival 2017? Quite simply walking around on Saturday in the glorious sunshine and watching the delegates, sponsors, exhibitors and speakers all very relaxed and enjoying the event - brings a real smile to my face! Oh, that and getting my face painted – true festival style! Describe VET Festival in three words. Inspiring. Unique. Energising. What are your hopes for the future of the event? To continue to grow and build on the success of the last three years but also ensure we maintain its uniqueness – a tricky balance that we will strive for.

Natasha Shaw Group Marketing Executive

What is your role in the organisation of VET Festival? I work for Centaur Services and work alongside the VET Festival team helping to organise and coordinate the festival, including our amazing Centaur Tipi! What do you enjoy most about being part of the VET Festival team? It’s a great team to be part of with ideas coming from everyone of how to make the event what the delegates need and want.


What was your favourite moment of VET Festival 2017? Watching the delegates enjoying themselves in the sunshine. I went to VET Festival last year and thought that was amazing! This year the festival was even bigger and better. Roll on 2018. Describe VET Festival in three words. Brilliant! Innovative! Relaxed! What are your hopes for the future of the event? I hope Centaur Services continues to support VET Festival and helps the event to grow year on year and be even more successful.

CALL 01963 350005 | FAX 01963 351161 | WEB www.centaurservices.co.uk

Richard Clarkson

Stuart White

Territory Manager, Centaur Services

Centaur Services Key Account Manager

What do you enjoy most about being part of the VET Festival team? The relaxed team culture and making a difference in the veterinary profession at the same time.

What do you enjoy most about being part of the VET Festival team? The relaxed atmosphere that is enjoyed by both the Centaur team and delegates.

What was your favourite moment of VET Festival 2017? Really the whole event, as it’s so different, but hearing these words from one of my practice’s really resonated ‘This is how CPD should be delivered - both quality and atmosphere - so much so we are going to be doing our CPD here next year.’

What was your favourite moment of VET Festival 2017? It is not often I get to wear a cowboy hat at a business event. No, seriously the keynote speaker, Russell Brand, was a good crowd pleaser as well as being very insightful.

Describe VET Festival in three words. Relaxed, inspirational and innovative. What are your hopes for the future of the event? For the event to continue to gain traction and grow in popularity with the veterinary profession and exhibitors alike, as it has done from 2016 to 2017 and to continue to promote quality CPD delivered in this very new unique and innovative way, as I truly believe it is the way forward.

Describe VET Festival in three words. Forward thinking, dynamic, enjoyable (that’s 4 words I know!) What are your hopes for the future of the event? I hope that the event will continue to grow and have the success it deserves. CPD is made enjoyable with fun, and everyone needs a little of that!

Sarah Copson Marketing and Communications Assistant, Fitzpatrick Referrals

What is your role in the organisation of VET Festival? I work on the PR for VET Festival, which involves communicating with the veterinary media to build VET Festival’s profile.

What was your favourite moment of VET Festival 2017? Seeing the entire of VET Festival come together and sit outside in the sunshine to listen to Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and Russell Brand’s keynote speech.

What do you enjoy most about being part of the VET Festival team? The thing I enjoy most is that together as a team, we have been able to watch the VET Festival grow bigger and better year on year since it started back in 2015. It is very exciting to think what is in store for VET Festival in the next three years!

Describe VET Festival in three words. Inspiring, refreshing and fun. What are your hopes for the future of the event? I hope that VET Festival continues to inspire and enthuse veterinary professionals from all over the UK, and in light of our core theme ‘Wellness’ – that it continues to provide a community where the industry can really take care of each other, as much as they do for animals.

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✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓


As the leading infection control provider to the Veterinary market, we are pleased to offer you this discounted starter pack to enable you to assess the benefits of our range, which includes: Neozyme is a ready to use blend of high foaming surfactants, an enzymatic agent and a preservative. To keep soiling on used surgical instruments moist prior to the start of the decontamination process. REPROZYME MANUAL Enzymatic Cleaner should be used to clean and lift proteinaceous material from the surfaces and working parts of delicate instruments prior to chemical disinfection or autoclave processing. Ultra SSC removes any oxide-layers and re-forms the protective film of stainless steel. Ultra SSC removes stains, rust marks and other oxide films that cause dulling, turning instruments into ‘as new’. REPRODIS HLD4I has been tested across the board to be effective in 10 minutes and be safe for use on all instruments, devices and endoscopes. CHEMGENE HLD4I Wipes are medical device registered for use on invasive instrument (non-surgical) and are ideal for the wiping down and cleaning of endoscopes and probes whilst in practice or in the fields. CENTAUR CODE








REPRODIS HLD4I Instrument Disinfectant Conc. - Self dosing

2 Litre


£ 27.81



REPROZYME MANUAL Enzymatic Instrument Cleaner

2 Litre


£ 29.49



CHEMGENE HLD4I Instrument Disinfectant Wipe (class Iib)

100 Wipes


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T 01732 763555 F 01732 763530 www.medi-mark.co.uk

SPECIAL OFFER PRICE OF £69.50(excludes VAT) This pack will also include product data and Best Practice Guidelines and posters on the recommended cleaning procedure and dilutions… DESCRIPTION Instrument / Equipment Cleaning and Disinfection Starter Pack






Our goal is to be the first port of call for pet owners to find information and support as soon as the word cancer is mentioned.

The Animal Cancer Trust is a registered charity totally committed to funding the fight against cancer in our pets. The aims of the Animal Cancer Trust are: ▪▪ To provide information and education that help owners, the veterinary profession and all who care for our pets understand more about cancer and what treatments are possible. ▪▪ To facilitate ethical research and improve our understanding and treatment of cancer. ▪▪ To work with partners, at home and abroad, to pursue the fight against cancer in our pets. One of the most vital activities for the Animal Cancer Trust is the collection of donations to help fund this work. We have attended several events over the last three years to raise awareness of the charity. Events range from BSAVA and BVNA Congresses to local cat and dog shows and country fairs. It takes time to research the literature to provide the most up to date information possible on our website. Vicki Adams, the acting Chief Executive of the charity, is a veterinary epidemiologist with expertise in critical appraisal and systematic review of the published literature; Vicki writes most of the material for the charity in collaboration with specialist oncologists and surgeons who are members of the Board of Trustees. Our wish is to provide accurate information about the various tumour types, their diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.

The ACT website has many frequently asked questions (FAQs) with paragraph answers to help owners understand their pet’s diagnosis. We also have information sheets that summarise these FAQs and answers that are available as PDF files for downloading and printing. We emphasise the importance of early accurate diagnosis and an informed decision-making process that involves all members of the pet’s family along with the veterinary practice team. ACT has a Facebook page facebook.com/animalcancertrust where owners post to support each other, with moderation by us. The Facebook page runs a Pet of the Month contest and we encourage owners to post stories about their experience with cancer in their pets. We also have a Twitter account twitter. com/act_pet_cancer that is slowly growing followers. We have a new information leaflet with a separate donation slip that can be displayed and/or handed out in veterinary practice to encourage owners to visit our website and Facebook page. Centaur has generously offered to send out packets of leaflets for your practices and we are planning to commence this the week commencing 4 September 2017. p: 03003 110310 e: info@animalcancertrust.co.uk


e h t E B e g n a Ch

oduced the tr in l a iv st e F T E V This year g stream in d il u B m a e T d Wellness an line-up. D P C ss la -c d rl o w to the eclectic, zen talks and o d a r e v o ld e h rs Five speake ics such p to g n ri tu a fe s n practical sessio behavioural , e c n e ig ll te in l a n as emotio ess, conflict ln fu d in m s, e u iq n tech more. h c u m d n a t n e m manage e heart of th t a s a w e m e th The Wellness will continue to d n a r a e y is th l a the festiv stival 2018 e F T E V f o rt a p l be an integra lights from h ig h e m so ’s re e and beyond. H . this year’s stream

l l e W e B


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Mindfulness Practising being mindful leads progressively to awareness of and freedom from mental conditioning. Techniques for developing mindfulness include FORMAL PRACTICES:

Laura’s Tips

• Sitting meditations (attending to breathing, body sensations, sounds, thoughts, etc).

• Movement meditations (walking meditation, mindful yoga stretches). • Group exchange (led exercises, guided discussion of experience). INFORMAL PRACTICES: • Mindful activity (mindful eating, cleaning, driving, etc). • Structured exercises (self-monitoring, problem-solving, etc). • Mindful reading (especially poetry). • Mini-meditations (e.g. the ‘3-minute breathing space’).

Mindful Breathing 1. Settle into a comfortable, balanced sitting position on a chair or floor in a quiet room. 2. Keep your spine erect. Allow your eyes to close. 3. Bring your awareness to the sensations of contact wherever your body is being supported. Gently explore how this really feels. 4. Become aware of your body’s movements during breathing, at the chest, at the abdomen. 5. As the breath passes in and out of the body, bring your awareness to the changing sensations at the abdominal wall. Maintain this awareness throughout each breath and from one breath to the next.

Journaling Journaling takes just five minutes each day. When carried out with focus, it feeds your learning, helps you to discover ways to progress and encourages reward – all of which enriches your feelings about yourself. If you’re new to journaling, try using the following model to get you started: Behaviour: what actions must you complete each day to reach your goals. Keep your writing simple and concise so your notes are easy to reference. Actions: Decide the beliefs and attitudes that you require to reach your behavioural goals. Examine your thoughts and behaviours and write them down to help you discover what you need to do to change your performance in both personal and professional endeavours. Gratitude: Concentrate on the last day and remind yourself of the good things in your life that you can be thankful for. Evaluation: Think about how you spent the last day. Did you reach your behaviour and attitude goals? Don’t forget to write down how you achieved your goals or what you feel attributed to any failures. Lessons learned: Make a note on what lessons you have learned from your successes and your failures that you can put into practice moving forward. Successes: List your successes over the past 24 hours and then decide how you would like to reward yourself.

Andy’s Tips

6. Allow the breath simply to breathe, without trying to change or control it. Just noticing the sensations that go with every movement. 7. As soon as you notice your mind wandering, bring your awareness gently back to the movement of the abdomen. Do this over and over again. It helps the awareness to grow. 8. Be patient with yourself. 9. After fifteen minutes or so, bring the awareness gently back to your whole body, sitting in the room. 10. Open your eyes. Be ready for whatever’s next. 17

The Success Triangle

Andy’s Tips

Wellness and success are direct results of attitudes, behaviours and communication techniques. It can be difficult to create a positive and thriving culture in a fast-paced and stressful veterinary practice. Working on developing the three areas of the success triangle: attitudes, behaviours and communication techniques can help to achieve the culture and practice you want while increasing the wellbeing of the team and yourself. Behaviour Behaviour is what we do on a day-to-day basis, our tasks and what we focus our time and energy on. Attitude To be successful you need the correct attitude about things like, your product or service, your company, your clients, your competition and the economy as a whole.

Success Triangle

Technique Technique is the manner in which you carry out your behaviours. It is how we do things, how skilfully we communicate and how we come across to other people.

Think about each corner of the triangle and apply it to your own work life or personal life. Each corner is connected and affected by the other. We can each adjust our behaviours to create a positive attitude towards different areas of our lives, which in turn can improve our techniques.

Affirmations We can all be our own worst enemy, dwelling on our failures and undervaluing our successes. Daily affirmations are powerful tools that help to banish self-limiting thoughts? They should be encouraging, positive and personal statements such as: Today is my day! I succeed by trying. I am happy to be fit and healthy.

Think about affirmations for yourself. Say them out loud, post them on your mirror or by your desk at work and harness the power of your affirmations through daily use.


Carolyne’s Tips

Resilience is essential to ensure you cope and thrive in a pressurised and unpredictable environment, working proactively and flexibly so you can adapt to the challenges you face on a daily basis. Factors that determine your resilience:

Optimism | Flexibility | Purpose Support | Emotional Control Confidence Energy | Focus | Managing thoughts | Proactivity | Face Reality Balance| Grit | Reflection Grade yourself from 1 to 10 (with 1 being the lowest level) on each factor to gain an insight into areas you need to work on. 18

CALL 01963 350005 | FAX 01963 351161 | WEB www.centaurservices.co.uk

Wellness Speakers Andy McCreadie Managing Director Sandler Training

Laura Woodward

MVB, CertVR, CertSAS, MRCVS, Dip. Couns

Counsellor for the Veterinary Profession

Carolyne Crowe BVetMed (Hons) BSc Dip Coaching MRCVS

Veterinary Coach & Mentor

Coping Strategies Look after yourself. Are you: 1. Getting enough sleep, the body’s way of healing the mind? This can be particularly difficult if you have to work a lot of busy nights on call. If it’s affecting you, it’s essential you look at other forms of relaxation to rest your body.

Andy McCreadie is an award-winning coach, facilitator and trainer who excels at identifying core sales and management challenges and implementing transformative growth strategies. Over the last decade, Andy has worked with leadership and sales management teams on both national and global accounts.

Laura Woodward has been a vet for over 20 years. She has worked as a surgeon in universities and charities in the UK, India & Australia. Laura is also an ACPNL affiliated Counsellor specialising in stress management, anxiety and depression. She also has vast experience of bereavement and relationship counselling.

Carolyne Crowe is a vet, a performance coach, mentor and trainer and helps veterinary surgeons overcome the professional and personal challenges they face on a daily basis. Carolyne is passionate about helping vets get the most out of their lives and careers. She is a CIPD accredited trainer in Wellbeing and Stress Management and an accredited Resilence trainer for both individuals and managers.

Calming Breaths: 1. Sit comfortably. 2. Take a long, deep breath in and exhale slowly while saying the word ‘Relax’ silently. 3. Close your eyes. 4. Let yourself take ten natural, easy breaths. Count down with each exhale, starting with ten.

3. Taking breaks and the holiday due to you?

5. Repeat and this time, while you are breathing comfortably, notice any tensions, perhaps in your jaw, forehead or stomach. Imagine those tensions loosening.

4. Enjoying your leisure time? Do something you love.

6. When you reach one, open your eyes again.

2. Setting aside time for yourself? Regard this as a necessary relaxation.






09:30 09:40

09:45 10:30

10:40 11:25

Stuart Carmichael Overview of arthritis

Jeremy Rose Approach to the emergency spinal case

12:30 13:15

Gordon Blunn Stem cells in human arthritis

Colin Driver Emergency management of meningoencephalitis and CNS neoplasia

13:25 14:10

Brian Saunders Stem cells in canine arthritis

Brian Saunders Work-up and Hip Dysplasia

Lucy Montague Being a nurse in soft tissue and cancer referral practice; you are good enough!

Gary Ellison Small intestinal biopsy and surgery: Tips and tricks to stop the surgical site leaking

Kieran Borgeat Nursing a broken heart

Noel Fitzpatrick Work-up and

Jeremy Rose Emerging brain diseases you should know about

Stijn Niessen Endocrinology: What vet school did not tell you about feline acromegaly; 1 in 4 diabetic cats!


Matthew Fiddes Rabbit and rodent anaesthesia: Maximising success in practice

Gary England Reproductive physiology and the optimal time to breed

Carolyne Crowe Robust resilience; coping with curve balls

Gary England Parturition and decision making in dystocia

Andy McCreadie BE THE CHANGE: Andy McCreadie Create the Workshop: Create theperson person and andthe practice YOU want! practice YOU want!

Laura Woodward Mindfulness and emotional intelligence for vets: Part one

Matthew Fiddes Spurs and abscesses: Tips for rabbit and rodent dentistry

Stijn Niessen Endocrinology: Finally diagnosing hyperadrenocorticism with confidence

Kate Murphy Leptospirosis: An update for 2017

Tim Hackett Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Tim Hackett Metabolic disasters; Addison’s and diabetes; causes, complications and cures

Conference Keynote

18:45 22:30

VETFest™ Party Night

Laura Woodward Mindfulness and emotional intelligence for vets: Part two; abolishing stress

Jon Bowen Noise fears and phobias in dogs

Jon Bowen Stranger directed aggression in dogs

Kieran Borgeat Gland on heart: The cardiac effects of endocrine diseases

Kate Murphy When a poke with a ‘scope is a good thing

Carolyne Crowe Spotting threats to our resilience: Teams, time and tipping points

Matthew Fiddes Getting things moving: Managing gut stasis in rabbits and rodents

Tim Hackett Treating shock: Part two

Laurent Findji Complications: The great taboo…

Elbow Dysplasia

Tim Hackett Treating shock: Part one

Gary England Parturition, dystocia and neonatal care

Gary Ellison Intestinal surgery in cats: How does it differ?

Stijn Niessen Endocrinology: Essential lessons for diabetic success in the dog and cat

Stijn Niessen Endocrinology: Hyperthyroid decision time; radioactive iodine, surgery, pills or diet

18:00 18:45



Kieran Borgeat Minimally invasive occlusion of portosystemic shunts: Surgery for the medics

Gerard McLauchlan Scoping the GI tract; how, why and to what end?

Colin Driver Emerging spinal diseases you should know about

Kate Murphy Portosystemic shunts: Diagnosis and medical management

Tim Hackett Post-operative critical care for nurses

Jeremy Rose Managing spinal cord trauma

14:20 15:05

17:05 17:50

Laurent Findji Surgery of oral tumours: What have we learnt?

Laurent Findji How to be a better soft tissue surgeon: Philosophy and practice

Noel Fitzpatrick Options for joint replacement in dogs and cats

11:35 12:20

16:10 16:55


Conference Welcome: Noel Fitzpatrick

Colin Driver Managing head trauma and elevated intracranial pressure

15:15 16:00


Carolyne Crowe Practical coping strategies to turn surviving into thriving in practice

Laura Woodward Emotional intelligence and the management of conflict

Laura Woodward You are not alone: Text and answer session

Don’t miss your opportunity to experience world-class CPD at VET Festival 2018

BOOK YOUR TICKETS TODAY! www.vetfestival.co.uk




09:45 10:30

Stephen Kalff Work-up and decision making for patellar luxation

Clare Rusbridge Nick Bacon Acute disorders Management of of cranial nerves/ lower urinary tract Horner’s syndrome trauma in cats

10:40 11:25

Sarah Girling How I perform: Patellar luxation surgery

Gerard McLauchlan Minimally invasive options for urinary tract obstruction

12:30 13:15

Sarah Girling How I perform: Examination and diagnostics for pelvic limb lameness

13:25 14:10

Brian Saunders How I perform: Examination and diagnostics for thoracic limb lameness

15:15 16:00

16:10 16:55

Clare Rusbridge Emergency seizure Nick Bacon management: Tracheal collapse Clusters and in the dog: What status epilepticus you need to know…

Brian Saunders How I treat traumatic elbow and hip luxations in dogs

Clare Rusbridge Approach to acute neuromuscular weakness

Kate Murphy Hot dogs in cool clinics: Pyrexia of unknown origin

Jacques Penderis Surgical decision making in managing spinal fractures and luxations

Kieran Borgeat How to approach heart murmurs in cats

Miguel Solano How to triage acute trauma in cats and dogs

Tim Hackett Small animal trauma - medical: The essentials

Ashley Saunders Cutting edge cardiology

Fiona Doubleday Functional rehabilitation and core stability for the canine

Kerry Simpson Pneumonia in the cat

Betina Rama Team wellness: Optimal team performance

Lowri Davies When the drugs stop working; can rehabilitation be the answer?

Richard Nap Patient and client wellness: Optimal healthcare experience

Lowri Davies Where did I go wrong? Common pitfalls and how to avoid them

Betina Rama Team wellness: Coaching and mentoring

Felix Duerr Injury and arthritis prevention in the canine athlete

Richard Nap How to market and sell your products and services - part one

Felix Duerr Tricky performance dog injuries: Would you have made the diagnosis?

Kerry Simpson Triaditis: Real diagnosis or distracting differential?

Ashley Saunders Interactive cardiology case study: The coughing dog; part two

Kieran Borgeat Tracheal, urethral and vascular stents: A framework for decision making

Lowri Davies Post-operative rehabilitation: How can I make a difference?

Richard Nap Patient and client wellness: Why do people visit their veterinarian?


Andy McCreadie

Ashley Saunders Interactive cardiology case study: The coughing dog; part one

Tim Hackett Respiratory emergencies


Andy McCreadie BE THE CHANGE: Nick Bacon Workshop: Create Create the person Cancer in cats: the andYOU the andperson practice It’s not a small dog practice YOU want! want!

Tim Hackett Monitoring the critical patient

Roberto La Ragione Infection control in your practice

Noel Fitzpatrick Trauma in cats: It’s not a small dog

Kieran Borgeat Pre-clinical treatment of heart disease: Placebo effect or proper medicine?

Sarah Girling Maximising diagnostic potential of radiographs in orthopaedics

Gary Ellison Canine otitis externa: Medical treatment vs surgical treatment


Kate Murphy Friendly fire: What to do when the immune system attacks

Nick Bacon Metastatic disease: What are the options? Osteosarcoma, melanoma, anal sac carcinoma, mast cell tumour

Brian Saunders How I treat cruciate disease in dogs

17:05 17:50

Fraje Watson Being a nurse in ortho and neuro referral practice; you are good enough!

Gary Ellison GDV in practice: What can you do to improve your outcome?

Jacques Penderis Spinal pain: Causes, diagnosis and treatment

14:20 15:05


Pádraig Egan Specialist nursing; you are good enough! A vet perspective

Jacques Penderis Blindness and the basics of neuroophthalmology

11:35 12:20


Kerry Simpson Infectious disease in kittens

Roberto La Ragione Emerging infectious disease and AMR in cats

Kerry Simpson Feline myocarditis: Myth or missed diagnosis?

Betina Rama Team wellness: Conflict management

Richard Nap How to market and sell your products and services - part two

Felix Duerr The rehab advantage: How to capture clients and help pets by using your knowledge!




Business Academy The Academy is a specific business arm of the St Francis Group and offers training support and resources for vets, practice managers and the practice team.

St Francis Group Business Academy has designed its programme of training and tools to enable you to disseminate information back at your practice and practically apply learning from any CPD attended.


What is Available?

The two streams are as follows:

If your practice joins the Business Academy they will have access to an integrated programme of training and resources for vets, practice managers and the practice team.

▪▪ Leadership & Communication ▪▪ Profit Planning & Key Performance Management

We recognise how precious time away from practice is, so the programme comprises of a combination of seminars/ workshops and webinars/webcasts with downloadable tools for practical use. Ongoing support is available from our Practice Support Managers.

Training for the Support Team Business Academy members qualify for one seminar/ workshop place for a vet or practice manager and two seminar places for team members per year. The programme enables you to have an ongoing series of supporting webcasts both pre and post-seminar. 22

Once you have joined the Business Academy you will need to pick a stream. Each stream gives you access to a three year integrated learning plan.

The practice will also have access to: ▪▪ Your members’ website ▪▪ The Webinar Vet practice management series

To find out more about the St Francis Group Business Academy 01832 205 622 enquiry@stfrancis.co.uk www.st-francis.co.uk

Wellness in Veterinary Practice Survey



of vet professionals believe that Wellness is VERY important to the success of their practice.

of vet professionals do not have a Wellness programme, or a person responsible for Wellness, in their practice.

62% 1 Employees

1 Patients

2 Patients

2 Clients

3 Clients

3 Employees

Employees were ranked first in the most important group to ensure Wellness is optimal.

Employees were ranked last in effective practice management of Wellness.

The top 5 reasons for practices to observe


Fulfilling professional aspirations


Minimising stress

95% 85%

Staff that are passionate about animals

48% 43%

Good financial package

Quality treatment & care

Separate kennels for dogs, cats & other animals


Motivated colleagues

of vet professionals stated that Wellness contributes to business success.

Patient Wellness


Regular breaks


The top 5 reasons for practices to observe

Employee Wellness A great team

of vet professionals hope to implement a Wellness programme in their practice.

Relaxed reception area

77% 40%

The top reason for practices to observe

Client Wellness

Effective communication with vets

Top 3 barriers to achieving



Wellness in practice




200 responses were received on the Wellness in Veterinary Practice Survey conducted in March 2017.



Wellness & Team Building Stream


THE PRACTICE OF WELLNESS All AmerisourceBergen Animal Health UK companies are united in their responsibility to create healthier futures. There are a host of consultancy services you can access to improve the health of things like your business, your team culture and your marketing. Talk to your Territory or Practice Support Manager. 24

CALL 01963 350005 | FAX 01963 351161 | WEB www.centaurservices.co.uk


‘Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.’ World Health Organisation

RESOURCES: www.mentalhealth.org.uk www.headstogether.org.uk www.mind.org.uk




FACT: Nearly half of adults think that they have had a diagnosable mental health condition at some point in their life.


BE THE CHANGE! Develop yourself and impact those around you. Create the person that you want to be.


Community of Practice (business, culture and marketing)

Business Academy CONSIDER THIS

RESOURCES: www.vetsnet.net www.vetmindmatters.org www.westfieldhealth.com www.discprofiles.com

In a recent survey across the veterinary industry, 72% of respondents said that working with a great team was the most important area for a practice to observe for employee wellness.



Motivate with a common purpose COOPERATION Gain from the team’s mix of abilities COMMUNICATION Know your DISC styles and communicate effectively APPRECIATION When effort is valued, more great work is produced

(CPD, team skills, HR and more)

Vet Space Roadshows (learn, improve, excel)

VET Festival 2018 the ultimate feel-good event for world class CPD and fun!



In the UK, 70 million days are lost from work each year due to mental ill health, making it the leading cost of sickness absence.


Better mental health support in the workplace can save UK businesses up to £8 billion per year.


A recent veterinary industry survey showed that the top three barriers to achieving wellness in veterinary practices were time, budget and resource.


Centaur and Vet Space offer specialised Inventory Management Consultancy in practice. The St Francis Group Business Academy and Centaur Community of Practice work directly with you, your team and your practice to significantly improve business health and performance.

Securos Surgical

Premium Suture Full range of premium suture made to Securos Surgical specifications SECUROTRACâ„¢ design delivers low suture memory Cost effective 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back Additional savings for St Francis Group and Vetswest members

15 U P TO


0845 070 2498 sales@securos.co.uk




01963 350 005 myCentaur



SECUROCRYL Violet Monofilament PGCL Centaur Code 30402047 30402058 30402069 30402070 30402080 30402091 30402105 30402116 30402127 30402138 30402149 30402386 30402397

Safavet Code Q922 Q315 Q923 Q942 Q316 Q943 Q732 Q345 Q987 Q346 Q967 MCQ-2/0 MCQ-3/0

Needle Description Reverse Cutting 3/8 19mm Taper Point 1/2 26mm Reverse Cutting 3/8 19mm Reverse Cutting 3/8 24mm Taper Point 1/2 26mm Reverse Cutting 3/8 24mm Taper Point 1/2 26mm Taper Point 1/2 36mm Reverse Cutting 3/8 30mm Taper Point 1/2 36mm Reverse Cutting 1/2 37mm Cassette Cassette

USP 4-0 4-0 3-0 3-0 3-0 2-0 2-0 2-0 0 0 0 2-0 3-0

EP 1.5 1.5 2 2 2 3 3 3 3.5 3.5 3.5 3 2

Length 90cm 75cm 90cm 90cm 75cm 90cm 90cm 90cm 90cm 90cm 90cm 25m 25m

RRP £26.90 £26.49 £26.19 £24.80 £25.43 £25.56 £28.44 £28.29 £30.43 £32.00 £30.43 £33.60 £33.60

BG* Price £25.29 £24.90 £24.62 £23.31 £23.91 £24.02 £26.73 £26.59 £28.60 £30.08 £28.60 £31.58 £31.58

USP 4-0 4-0 3-0 3-0 3-0 3-0 2-0 2-0 2-0 2-0 0 0 0 0 1

EP 1.5 1.5 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5 4

Length 75cm 75cm 75cm 75cm 75cm 75cm 75cm 75cm 75cm 75cm 75cm 75cm 75cm 75cm 75cm

RRP £30.24 £28.65 £29.76 £37.60 £27.61 £27.08 £31.49 £37.60 £30.28 £34.77 £34.30 £36.38 £37.42 £37.42 £29.64

BG* Price £28.43 £26.93 £27.97 £35.35 £25.95 £25.45 £29.60 £35.35 £28.46 £32.69 £32.24 £34.20 £35.17 £35.17 £27.86

1 2-0 3-0

4 3 2

75cm 25m 25m



USP 4-0 4-0 3-0 3-0 3-0 3-0 3-0 2-0 2-0 2-0 2-0 2-0 0 0 0 0 1 1 2-0 3-0 4-0

EP 1.5 1.5 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5 4 4 3 2 1.5

Length 75cm 75cm 75cm 75cm 75cm 75cm 75cm 75cm 75cm 75cm 75cm 75cm 75cm 75cm 75cm 75cm 75cm 75cm 25m 25m 25m

RRP £22.46 £33.11 £30.37 £21.93 £22.41 £36.38 £34.15 £21.86 £34.15 £21.86 £26.05 £21.86 £22.34 £24.49 £23.45 £25.87 £23.28 £27.85 £32.83 £29.55 £33.60

BG* Price £21.11 £31.12 £28.55 £20.61 £21.07 £34.20 £32.10 £20.55 £32.10 £20.55 £24.49 £20.55 £21.00 £23.02 £22.04 £24.32 £21.89 £26.18 £30.86 £27.77 £31.58

EP 1.5 2 3

Length 75cm 75cm 75cm

RRP £13.51 £13.18 £20.00

BG* Price £12.70 £12.39 £18.80

We have been using Securocryl now for a few months and we are pleased to say that we don’t think it can be beaten for price and quality. Ben, Vet and Director Cotswold Vets

SECURODOX Violet Monofilament PDO Centaur Code 30418182 30402150 30418193 30402160 30402171 30402193 30402207 30402218 30418207 30402229 30402230 30418218 30402240 30402251 30418229

Safavet Code D304 D397 D305 D398 D452 D316 D333 D451 D339 D466 D970 D334 D340 D467 D341

30418230 30402499 30402502

D468 MCD-2/0 MCD-3/0

Needle Description Taper Point 1/2 17mm Reverse Cutting 3/8 19mm Taper Point 1/2 17mm Reverse Cutting 3/8 19mm Reverse Cutting 3/8 24mm Taper Point 1/2 26mm Taper Point 1/2 27mm Reverse Cutting 3/8 24mm Taper Point 1/2 36mm Reverse Cutting 1/2 37mm Reverse Cutting 1/2 26mm Taper Point 1/2 27mm Taper Point 1/2 36mm Reverse Cutting 1/2 37mm Taper Point 1/2 36mm Reverse Cutting 1/2 37mm

Cassette Cassette


Centaur Code 30402262 30402273 30402284 30402295 30402309 30418820 30418240 30402310 30418830 30402320 30402331 30402342 30402375 30402364 30418251 30402353 30418262 30418273 30402400 30402411 30402422

Safavet Code V397 V310 V398 V311 V452 V9180 V332 V453 V9181 V317 V466 V333 V334 V587 V340 V467 V341 V468 MCV-2/0 MCV-3/0 MCV-4/0

Needle Description Reverse Cutting 3/8 19mm Taper Point 1/2 22mm Reverse Cutting 3/8 19mm Taper Point 1/2 22mm Reverse Cutting 3/8 24mm Taper Cut 1/2 26mm Taper Point 1/2 27mm Reverse Cutting 3/8 24mm Taper Cut 1/2 26mm Taper Point 1/2 26mm Reverse Cutting 1/2 37mm Taper Point 1/2 27mm Taper Point 1/2 27mm Reverse Cutting 3/8 30mm Taper Point 1/2 36mm Reverse Cutting 1/2 37mm Taper Point 1/2 36mm Reverse Cutting 1/2 26mm Cassette Cassette Cassette

£39.75 £39.75

£37.36 £37.36

SECUROLON Blue Nylon Monofilament Centaur Code 30418284 30418295 30418309

Safavet Code 662BL 663BL 664BL

Needle Description Reverse Cutting 3/8 19mm Reverse Cutting 3/8 24mm Reverse Cutting 3/8 37mm

USP 4-0 3-0 2-0

CHROMIC GUT Chromic Treated Natural Gut

Centaur Code 30402433 30402444 30402455

Safavet Code MCG-1 MCG-2/0 MCG-3/0

Needle Description Cassette Cassette Cassette

USP 1 2-0 3-0

EP 4 3 2

Length 50m 50m 75m

RRP £63.56 £42.80 £57.74

BG* Price £59.75 £40.23 £54.28

USP 1 2-0 3-0

EP 4 3 2

Length 75m 100m 100m

RRP £26.56 £26.25 £25.41

BG* Price £24.97 £24.67 £23.88

RRP £45.26 £44.84

BG* Price £42.55 £42.15

RRP £15.00

BG* Price £14.10

SECUROMID Braided Cable Nylon Centaur Code 30402466 30402477 30402488

Safavet Code MCS-1 MCS-2/0 MCS-3/0

Needle Description Cassette Cassette Cassette

VISIPRO Pink Monofilament Fluorescent Polypropylene Centaur Code 30402513 30402524

Safavet Code MCF-2/0 MCF-3/0


Centaur Code 30402535

Safavet Code MCR-100

Needle Description Cassette Cassette

USP 2-0 3-0

EP 3 2

Needle Description Cassette Rack (Holds 5)

* When bought through St Francis Group or Vetswest buying groups

Length 110m 110m


In conversation with... Clare Potts, Securos Surgical Clare Potts has been the driving force behind the Securos Surgical brand since it was launched in the UK. Here, she talks about her VET Festival 2017 experience and delivers breaking news from the world of Securos Surgical.

In your opinion, what makes the experience at VET Festival different from other CPD events? VET Festival offers a relaxed and fun environment to learn in. It feels very cutting edge and refreshing and puts you in a great environment to meet people and discuss what we do at Securos.

Had you ever conducted orthopaedic CPD workshops in a field before VET Festival? Absolutely not, this was a first and a great experience! Plus the weather was kind to us. 28

VET Festival promotes a supportive community spirit throughout the industry. These are values that Securos Surgical also support. How do you feel this community spirit is promoted within Securos Surgical? Over the years our main objective has been to build a community. When I started out, I realised the isolation a surgeon can feel when they have returned to practice following a course and hope to try a new procedure. Our speakers have gone above and beyond and feel it is their moral obligation to be on hand for these guys to offer experiential advice where required, this might be to check over pre-operative planning or critiquing a series of cases.

CALL 01963 350005 | FAX 01963 351161 | WEB www.centaurservices.co.uk


What type of feedback to do receive from delegates that attend the CPD workshops at VET Festival? The purpose of the pop-up sessions is to give delegates a taster of what we do on the full day course. A positive result for us is to get delegate to sign up for a Securos course and our pop-up sessions at VET Festival had the desired effect!

Tell us more about the pop-up Suture CPD. Earlier this year we re-launched our Securos Suture with competitive pricing. When talking to vets and nurses in practice we found that the choice for suture was mainly decided upon historically - by this I mean it was rarely reviewed and the decision process was very often based on ‘what was on the shelf’. We thought by introducing these sessions we could demystify what suture to use and where.

Can you tell us about any latest developments in the Securos Surgical world? 2017 has been a busy year in the world of Securos; we saw the launch of the long awaited PAX TPLO plates offering all sizes from 2.0, 2.4, 2.7, 3.5 and 3.5mm broad. In May, we launched the new Securos website which has some fantastic features such as ‘The Community’ which lets people join a community to ask questions, answer queries, post case studies and generally share the inside life of an orthopaedic vet! There is also critiquing of pre-operative and post-operative advice. www.securos.co.uk/community.

What do you enjoy most about being part of the VET Festival team? Being a part of a refreshing, leading edge learning environment that puts a spin on the dreary world of exhibiting!

What was your favourite moment of VET Festival 2017? Watching Noel take to the pop-up labs.

Describe VET Festival in three words. Fun, Refreshing, Relaxed

What are your hopes for the future of the event? We plan to continue with the pop-up labs, they offer a refreshing way to communicate what Securos is about; community, learning and quality.

If you would like to know more about Securos Surgical services, products or CPD, please contact Clare on clare@securos.co.uk or visit the new website at www.securos.co.uk.

We have just completed our Spring/Summer term of courses, which saw the introduction of Closing Cranial Wedge Osteotomy (CCWO) and Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy (TPLO) but unfortunately we have to say goodbye to our usual venue Eastcott Veterinary Hospital who have offered the best hospitality and facility for over four years, as they are expanding and need the space. We are pleased to announce a new 2017/18 course list at a new venue, Fitzpatrick Referrals Oncology and Soft Tissue, Guildford Hospital, which we are very excited about. For further information: www.securos.co.uk/learn 29

CALL 01963 350005 | FAX 01963 351161 | WEB www.centaurservices.co.uk


YuCALM is a calming supplement for dogs made from all-natural andscientificallyproveningredients.Ithelpsreduceanxietyandisan effective,safewaytosupportthemtofeelhappierandmoreplayful. 30

To find out more please call 01462 790 886 or email vet@lintbells.com

YuCALM Where happy comes naturally

Building A Future In Orthopaedics Course Programme Autumn / Winter 2017/18

SEPTEMBER TTA USING XGEN (Forkless) PLATE Date: Wednesday 6th Price: £900 CRANIAL CLOSING WEDGE OSTEOTOMY (CCWO) Date: Thursday 7th Price: £900 Speakers: Duncan Midgley BVMS CertSAO MRCVS & Dr Kinley Smith MA VetMB PhD CertSAS DipECVS MRCVS


NOVEMBER TIBIAL PLATEAU LEVELLING OSTEOTOMY (TPLO) Date: Thursday 23rd & Friday 24th 1.5 Days Price: £1,400 Speakers: Duncan Midgley BVMS CertSAO MRCVS & Prof. Filippo Martini DVM

FEBRUARY 2018 DOUBLE PELVIC OSTEOTOMY (DPO) Date: Thursday 22nd Price: £850 PAX MASTERCLASS Date: Friday 23rd Price: £850 Speakers: Duncan Midgley BVMS CertSAO MRCVS & Prof. Filippo Martini DVM

Courses held at; Fitzpatrick Referrals Oncology and Soft Tissue Guildford Hospital


Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and Russell Brand presented an informal keynote discussion on “Wellness and what that means to us.”


“Fun, educational, friendly and relaxed.”


CALL 01963 350005 | FAX 01963 351161 | WEB www.centaurservices.co.uk

“A very positive experience and we look forward to VET Festival 2018.”

CALL 01963 350005 | FAX 01963 351161 | WEB www.centaurservices.co.uk


“Noel Fitzpatrick’s way of bringing veterinary professionals together to remind us - no matter how hard things get, of why we signed up in the first place - and to empower us to keep going and be the best that we can be for our patients and their families, is fantastic.”


CALL 01963 350005 | FAX 01963 351161 | WEB www.centaurservices.co.uk

“Great education and a great atmosphere - a relaxed holistic conference for the mind, body and soul.” CALL 01963 350005 | FAX 01963 351161 | WEB www.centaurservices.co.uk


“Thank you VET Festival for providing balance, relaxation and education.”

“Innovative.” 36

CALL 01963 350005 | FAX 01963 351161 | WEB www.centaurservices.co.uk

The Centaur team with Will from Hunter and Bear

“The best small animal CPD event of the calendar.�

CALL 01963 350005 | FAX 01963 351161 | WEB www.centaurservices.co.uk


“VET Festival is all about taking care of the vets that look after the pets. Amazing relaxed, friendly atmosphere with outstanding CPD – learnt so many new things and definitely coming back next year!”


CALL 01963 350005 | FAX 01963 351161 | WEB www.centaurservices.co.uk

“An eclectic mix of music, fun and outstanding CPD!” “Environmentally aware conference with high quality speakers, highly relevant lectures and beautiful, relaxing setting! Thank you!” CALL 01963 350005 | FAX 01963 351161 | WEB www.centaurservices.co.uk



15% OFF

Vet-Hands Veterinary Hand Scrub


Quote promo code M062017 offer ends 31st July 2017



At Vet Space we are passionate about working closely with your practice to create technology solutions that enrich your business performance.

SWIFT Mobile Treatment Application SWIFT iOS app containing everything you need to manage your time efficiently SWIFT lets you capture your consult via text, voice, photo and video, and syncs it directly to your Voyager or Merlin system Client, Patient and Clinical Data Invoice Generation Maps and Traffic Information Consult Timer Live Diary

Audio Recorder Off line Access Stock and Batch Capture

Quick Contacts

Label Printer

CALL 01963 350005 | FAX 01963 351161 | WEB www.centaurservices.co.uk


MERLIN is the ultimate solution for PMS performance, monitoring and automatic updates MERLIN can be hosted locally by you or in the cloud by us, as a single database solution MERLIN is the open, collaborative platform of the future

Patient Records

Auto Cloud Back-Up and Storage Database Management


Appointments & Reminders

Insurance Claims

Financial Managment

Diagnostics Invoicing

Payment Processing

Stock Management

(Cloud PMS) Get happy with our stress free Cloud PMS! There are no hardware headaches and backups are maintained automatically and monitored by our team. Merlin can be accessed from any location providing freedom to manage your practice and spread the cost of installing and running a practice management system without large upfront server costs. You can also relax and enjoy automated updates to the latest version – this gives you the latest ďŹ xes and features on a regular basis with shorter downtimes; there is no replication between sites meaning all data is available to users across any location.


Our team supports you with full monitoring of system performance for pro-active support with full failover architecture providing the highest system uptime. Why not talk to your Regional Manager about Merlin or to arrange a demo, call the numbers below: Ali Matoorian Regional Manager South 07899 905 422 Howard Turton Regional Manager North 07899 918 957

CALL 01963 350005 | FAX 01963 351161 | WEB www.centaurservices.co.uk

Voyager 2.7 - What’s New? Take a closer look at the enhancements in Voyager 2.7. The focus of this update is to improve your experience of the system and optimise data maintenance. Client Detail Checker. Allows better tracking of the age of information about your clients and prompts you to confirm client details are correct and up to date. Drag and drop documents to patient history. It is now possible to drag files from your computer folders directly to the patient’s history – a great saving of time previously spent on document management. Email improvements. Address book collects all email addresses associated with the client including referral practices. You can now CC email addresses onto the email and when the email is sending with a Word Document attached, it will automatically be converted into the PDF format to reduce the possibility of change by third parties – simple! Follow-up appointment module. Improved communication between the Consult Room and Reception, from the Treated List the reception user is shown all the information they need to book a follow up appointment, provide medications and take payment for the appointment. Reports will also let you see how successful you are being at converting consult room requests into booked appointments!

Health Care Plan. Additions include plan awareness from the waiting list, accounts and treatment screen. Expanded list of reports are also included providing a deeper analysis of plan conditions with payments as well as an enhanced renewals process. Automatic reminders (by email and SMS). Reminders are now automated when you send by email and SMS; appointment reminders now send email as well as SMS. You can still send letters manually you can choose who to print for – or not. Appointment reminders have moved from the diary to the reminders module, along with updating the scheduler and making it all look better and be easier to use. We hope you like it. VetXML Lab result notification. When sending a VetXML lab request it is now possible to specify a notification mail group. This internal messaging mail group will be messaged on receipt of the lab results. Saved SMS and email. All text messages and emails you send are now automatically saved for viewing. Simply open up the ‘Client Communication’ tab in reception!

VOYAGER PMS, for everyone in practice VOYAGER is hosted locally on your hardware, synchronising databases across your sites

Stock Management

Payment Processing Prescriptions

Database Management Diagnostics

Insurance Claims

Financial Managment Invoicing Patient Records

Appointments & Reminders

CALL 01963 350005 | FAX 01963 351161 | WEB www.centaurservices.co.uk


Orthotics and Prosthetics from War Veterans to Elephants! I started my career studying in Biomechanics and Kinesiology at Penn State University moving onto to the Northwestern Medical School in Chicago, majoring at the Prosthetics-Orthotics Centre. The ProstheticsOrthotics Centre gave me great insight into diagnosing gait abnormalities and fabrication techniques which turned out to be extremely useful when dealing with one of my favorite patients Motala the Elephant.

Derrick Campana, President/CEO at Animal Orthocare I’ve always had a passion for animal welfare and by good fortune and luck I now find myself working in the interesting, challenging and hectic world of veterinary rehabilitation, designing and manufacturing orthotics and prosthetic devices.

After leaving Northwestern, I worked closely with US war veterans, making custom prosthetics and braces to increase mobility and life quality. One day a local veterinarian walked into my clinic with her dog Charles. Charles had a rare congenital deformity, ectrodactyly. After much trial and error, and with the aid of a custom prosthesis, we managed to get Charles to walk again. That was in 2005 and Charles was the first patient of what was soon to become Animal Orthocare. Since then I have only seen eight cases of ectrodacyly out of a case load of over 20,000 patients.

HOW TO DEAL WITH INCONTINENCE SnuggEase™ Washable Nappies Incontinent Dogs, Cats and Rabbits Excitable Urination Dogs in Heat Ultra-Absorbent Inner Pad Optional Biodegradable Disposable Pads For more information or to receive a FREE sample, call KVP on 01308 867 020.

Of the 20,000 patients I have worked with, most are companion animals but I do see a wide range of other species ranging in size from tortoises to elephants, with my work taking me around the world. Animal Orthocare now has a manufacturing workshop that employs three fulltime specialists who design and manufacture our custom solutions and the Caerus workshop in Minnesota employs eight manufacturing our “off the shelf” custom braces. In clinic, around 80% of our patients are dogs that require Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) braces for ACL/CCL partial tears. Most partially torn ligaments can be healed without surgical intervention within around six months. We also see a high percentage of dogs needing tarsal braces for Achilles tendon ruptures and carpal braces for carpal hyperextension. We can treat all of these dogs simply just by bracing. They are ideal for non-surgical candidates, owners with reduced means and pre and post-surgical support. We also see bracing used very successfully for contralateral limb support. Historically, the number of clinics using bracing as a treatment has been low due to the need to produce custom braces from casts. Custom braces have a long lead-time, high cost and are hard to adjust as limb shape changes during the recovery process. Over the last five years at Animal Orthocare we have been using low temperature “Historically the number of clinics thermo-formable using bracing as a treatment plastics and data has been low due to the need to from my extended case to develop a produce custom braces from casts.” range of custom “off the shelf” Cranial Cruciate and Achilles braces called Caerus. The Caerus braces can be moulded and fitted in clinic to give a custom fit for most sizes and shapes of dogs. They are available in four sizes, the Cranial Cruciate braces are available in left and right orientation and the Achilles are universal. On the larger sizes, we have built in a 12.50 valgus and varus tolerance and a range of motion control that functions up to 1250 in 120 increments. For patients that aren’t candidates for these “off the shelf” braces we are now also working on developing cost effective custom braces with short lead times. Prosthetic technologies are developing rapidly. Two years ago I produced the first 3D printed prosthetics for a dog named Derby who had a bilateral congenital forelimb deformity. This proved to be highly successful and as our knowledge increases and printer prices fall we could see 3D printed prosthetics and orthotics becoming common place. Motala was a 50-year-old female Asian elephant who lost her forelimb midantebrachium in 1999 after stepping on a landmine while logging near the Burma and Thai border. Her wounds healed slowly and it took 10 years before she was ready for her first prosthetic limb. I travelled to Thailand with all the casting materials I thought would be needed and used fiberglass casting tape to circumferentially wrap Motala’s residual limbs. The moulds were shipped to my prosthetics workshop in the USA where we made the initial clear check sockets before starting on the definitive prostheses. We sent these sockets to Thailand and the Prosthetic group over there made the finalised piece. This works successfully during lateral sequence walk and walking trot although we discourage running and galloping.

Recently I partnered with KVP Inc. in California to design, develop and manufacture the Caerus range of Orthopaedic braces and low temperature thermo-formable splints. After a successful USA launch in 2016, I was invited by KVP EU to visit the UK and attend the European product launch at this year’s VET Festival. What an amazing two days! I had the chance to sit in the English sun on a deckchair and talk about Orthotics and Prosthetics. The Careus CCL and Achilles braces were well received and the simplicity of the Careus splinting system was appreciated by everyone – HeatTrim-Apply what could be easier? I then continued my travels onto Spain where I fitted a new prosthetic for Felix the ram! I am also working with KVP on the development of other orthopaedic and pain relief products that are currently moving onto trial stage at Florida University. All being well we will be ready to launch in spring 2018. Fingers crossed I’ll get another invite to VET Festival! If you want to follow me on my adventures please take a look at my Instagram or Facebook pages. For more information on the Caerus “off the shelf” braces & splints, contact KVP on +44 (0)1308 867 020 or visit the website KVPeu.com

Later in 2017, I am travelling to Botswana to work with Juba, an African Elephant, which I’m planning to fit with a Caerus type brace. CALL 01963 350005 | FAX 01963 351161 | WEB www.centaurservices.co.uk


‘There is so much that can be done to help your dog have a longer, happy life and relieve chronic pain,’ says Hannah.

Driving Change in Arthritis Management Diagnosis and Chronic Pain Awareness Canine Arthritis Management (CAM) is a new initiative created by a small animal vet based in Brighton, motivated to improve arthritis awareness due to seeing endless euthanasias due to the dog ‘going off its back legs’. Hannah Capon set up CAM with the primary aim of raising awareness about arthritis and chronic pain: both its diagnosis and, importantly, its management. Canine Arthritis Management is not a replacement for the dog’s normal vet; it’s an additional support service ensuring that a true multimodal approach is being implemented by the owner. Key to this is a free online resource (www.caninearthritis. co.uk) for owners, vets and practice nurses, as well as other social media platforms such as Facebook Canine Arthritis Management, Twitter CAMarthritis and the popular Instagram CAMarthritis. ‘There is so much that can be done to help your dog have a longer, happy life and relieve chronic pain’ says Hannah, who has spent 14 years in the consulting room.


‘No dog should be left in pain because of arthritis. But we have to recognise the disease to treat it.’ ‘I want to help educate the millions of dog owners to identify the signs of arthritis in their dog and attend to managing it earlier,’ she says. ‘Through education and improved management fewer dogs will suffer in silence as they slowly lose the fight against chronic pain. Instead of these dogs being prematurely put to sleep because they can no longer walk, owners can learn to identify their condition sooner and take actions with their vet to slow the disease down.’ Through the creation of this extensive free online resource, Hannah hopes to help empower owners to initiate their own multimodal approach, through giving independent advice on lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and drug therapy. It is emphatically NOT a replacement for regular trips to the vets, but is designed to offer help and advice, and to give vets a resource to help owners continue to manage this condition at home. ‘What I’ve found is that no matter how hard I tried to convey advice to owners in the consult room, only a small percentage of that advice was going home with them.’ Hannah already practises what she preaches in her local area, with a service visiting owners in their home. There she does a full assessment of the dog’s condition and capabilities, the home environment and exercise regime, and devises a personal plan which may include hands-on therapy. ‘For the last three years I have run this rewarding service and hope to inspire other vets and nurses to embrace this approach,’ says Hannah.

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Case study, Bertie, 10-yearold Labrador

‘It’s been a priceless learning curve for me; accessing the owner and their dog in the comfort of their own home, with no space or time pressures, has really opened my eyes to the public understanding of the condition.” But CAM doesn’t plan to stop there. Hannah Capon has been working with colleagues to create a practice lecture programme aimed at educating and enthusing practices to use their resources better and create OA clinics. If you are interested in practice talks and upcoming CPD events, contact Hannah Capon via info@ caninearthritis.co.uk or 07929 673355..

Assumed generalised arthritis, worse in the right forelimb. Chosen possible chronic pain indicators: ▪▪ Lame in his right fore ▪▪ Slow and stiff everywhere ▪▪ Very difficult to lay down and get up ▪▪ Not wishing to exercise Previous regime: Meloxicam

The Big Walk

New regime

To raise awareness of arthritis and chronic pain, Hannah and her 14-year-old Collie, Holly will walk the South Downs Way this September.

▪▪ Added in chronic pain indicator assessment* ▪▪ Huge weight loss drive, scatter feed technique ▪▪ Accessing house through the back door so fewer stairs to climb ▪▪ Made a ramp from decking on to the grass ▪▪ Exercise modification – stopped walking on the uneven beach ▪▪ Changed to another anti-inflammatory ▪▪ Myotherapy

They will walk the 100 miles over 8 days, camping along the route. Holly will walk and travel in a special dog cart for rest periods. They are already on a strict training regime to ensure they are match fit! Local dog owners from Winchester to Eastbourne will be encouraged to meet up with them along the way, share their experiences and help spread the word. Find out more: www.caninearthritis.co.uk/thebigwalk


Dramatic improvement in Bertie’s mobility and he got his zest for life back. The owner has maintained the plan, and Bertie is going strong having lost nearly 5kg. The right fore lameness appears every now and then but is consistently resolved with hands on techniques. * Owners benefit from having certain postural, mobility, capability, behavioural changes flagged up as potential indicators of the dog’s discomfort. They can use these objectively when assessing if a chosen therapy is effective.

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Vetsnet Website Better our profession.

Inspirational vet, mum, triathlete and all-round caring soul, Liz Barton, felt she had to do something to help friends and colleagues experiencing the stress, disillusionment and financial pressures she had experienced personally in her earlier career. Looking into solutions she discovered the vast and rapidly expanding number of resources addressing both the present and the future. All the help and support you need in one free-access website. 48

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Are you bored of endless conversations where moaning, rather than being cathartic, simply drags down morale? I was! Vetsnet aims to channel the frustrations of practice life into solutions-based thoughts and conversation. We’re an intelligent profession, but are often too emotionally tired and caught up in work to believe we can make a difference to how the industry functions. The forums on Vetsnet are designed to encourage positive thought and action, and to poll members on opinions on what is most important to them. The vision is to use this input to lobby on behalf of members for positive action to improve working life in vet practice. Vetsnet was created to curate, summarise and signpost resources in one website, to make them as accessible as possible. Set up as a free-access, non-profit social enterprise if it can help one person find the help they need when they need it, then it’s been worth it.

The future is bright Veterinary practice has remained frustratingly stagnant while the world around it changes more rapidly than ever before; socially, technologically, societally. The profession has finally clocked onto this and there is now some fantastic work being done, both by the veterinary organisations and by a growing number of inspired individuals. This trend is set to continue as inspiration breeds inspiration. Vetsnet would love to hear from members and welcomes posting of new resources and ideas to increase accessibility and uptake of forwardthinking initiatives. I will endeavor to feed this positivity into the veterinary schools to encourage students that this great profession has a great future.

Communities Moving from a tight-knit team of colleagues to the paradigm shift of home-alone parenthood, feelings of isolation are common on maternity leave. Vetmums is a portal for resources and groups – once again there are some great moves afoot to provide more for vets taking a break from practice. Vetmums is a bit of a misnomer as the page is intended to cater for all those taking a break from practice; including paternity leave, sabbaticals, PhDs, travel etc. to keep in touch with practice life and prepare for a smooth transition back. Sport is also important to many of us, with the links between mental as well as physical health well established. It can be hard to fit in social or team sports with shift work and long hours. Vetsports is a community of sporting vets to encourage participation, combat loneliness, celebrate achievements and advertise sponsored challenges. Want to buddy up remotely for a run? Organise a group to run in the morning before a CPD meeting? Get a group to sign up to join you for your first triathlon? Or organise a team event? Vetsports provides the forum to do it. Future ambitions include hosting Vetsports weekends – team events, guided rides, wellness CPD, sports motivational speakers and a good dinner!

The Future Vetsnet is in its infancy, launched in April this year. I’m hoping to work with vet nurses, practice managers and support staff to create useful resource signposting pages and communities here also. Vetsnet is looking for industry support to grow and develop the resources the site offers. Get in touch if you’d like to be involved.

Visit www.vetsnet.net today for support and engagement with fellow veterinary professionals to boost your wellbeing and that of those around you.

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All images credits Richard Dunwoody


Fitzpatrick Referrals Orthopaedics & Neurology

Fitzpatrick Referrals Oncology & Soft Tissue

Physiotherapist Charlotte Baldwyn performing laser therapy on a patient

Patient Harvey-Nicholls visits Fitzpatrick Referrals every week for a Hydrotherapy session following FCE

The waiting area at Fitzpatrick Referrals Oncology and Soft Tissue

Fitzpatrick Referrals When Professor Noel Fitzpatrick founded Fitzpatrick Referrals Orthopaedics and Neurology in 2005, his vision was to create an environment where it would be truly possible to marry compassionate care with excellence in veterinary medicine.


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Dr Miguel Solano in surgery at Fitzpatrick Referrals Orthopaedics and Neurology

Some of the Oncology and Soft Tissue in surgery at Fitzpatrick Referrals

Located in the beautiful surroundings of rural Surrey, the centre specialises in the treatment of orthopaedic and neurological conditions in small companion animals. It also boasts a state-of-the-art rehabilitation centre within the same building. In 2015, The Fitzpatrick Referrals Oncology and Soft Tissue hospital in Guildford, Surrey officially opened – the aim was simple, to change the way cancer is treated in animals and raise the standard of cancer treatment and care. The practice was based on the Mayo Clinic in the USA, with highly specialised equipment including a chemotherapy suite, four state-of-the-art surgical theatres and an advanced diagnostic imaging suite. The hospital has now seen over 2000 new patients since opening. Oncology. The focus is on offering advice, options and therapy to families who want to know what exists in modern cancer care for animals. This is a centre where the vision of improving the quality of animals’ lives and ending cancer in pets is the driving force. Soft Tissue. Surgeons are specialised in reconstructive, ENT, genitourinary, thoracic and gastrointestinal surgery. In many cases, their specialisation in surgical oncology and the availability of the medical oncology department is also a major advantage, as many soft tissue surgery cases turn out to have aspects linked with oncology. Interventional Radiology. The Interventional Radiology team are experts in delivering leading edge techniques to treat animals with conditions that were previously considered untreatable. The team are passionate about providing hope by developing innovative solutions to replace traditional treatment options that do not deliver the best outcomes.

The prep room at Fitzpatrick Referrals Oncology and Soft Tissue

Neurology. Headed up by internationally recognised Dr Clare Rusbridge, the state-of-the-art Neurology service is one of the finest in the UK. Clare is well-known for her work on Syringomyelia and has pioneered the diagnosis and treatment of this painful and debilitating disease. The Neurology service is one of the busiest in the UK, accepting both surgical and medical cases. Advanced Diagnostic Imaging. The specific machines are ones of very few in the UK. The specific MRI and CT scanner technology, software packages, image acquisition algorithms and imaging interpretation are at this time not available anywhere else in Europe to enable swift, accurate and detailed imaging. Recovery. There is a ‘no bars’ policy at both practices, for the simple reason that animals should feel comfortable and at ease, not threatened or “in prison”. Glass doors permit a wide field of view for the animals and allow them to feel as much at home as possible. Panoramic windows and night-time dimmers provide a diurnal rhythm to help comfort anxious animals and help those with separation anxiety to settle. Recohabilitation. The expert team create a case-bycase rehabilitation programme including physiotherapy and hydrotherapy sessions for all of patients ensuring that all get only the very best in post-operative care. All hydrotherapy sessions are assisted by ABC Level 3 trained Hydrotherapists. Orthopaedics and Neurosurgery Eashing telephone: 01483 423 761 Oncology and Soft Tissue Guildford telephone: 01483 668 100 www.fitzpatrickreferrals.co.uk

Orthopaedics. Fitzpatrick Referrals hosts one of the largest team of specialist veterinary surgeons dedicated to orthopaedics in the UK. The orthopaedic surgeons are part of an integrated, multidisciplinary team of veterinary care professionals who all provide individual and dedicated round-the-clock care for our patients.

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Worldwide Veterinary Service Last year, Centaur launched a Bursary for veterinary nurses (VNs) who want to volunteer their skills for charitable projects around the world with World Veterinary Services (WVS). The Centaur Bursary covers the travel and accommodation costs of sending up to 12 nurses each year on animal welfare projects. One of the trips saw VN Kimberly Pearce and Claire Roberts travel to Paxos, Greece. Kimberly has written the following blog about her participation and experiences of volunteering internationally. Earlier this year I contacted Lindsay from Paxos Animal Welfare Society and WVS regarding volunteering on a neutering project in Greece. Between us we decided that a week during March would be the best choice and so the trip to Paxos was organised. Claire and I set off from our respective homes at midnight on Monday 27th March. We met at Gatwick airport at 4AM and boarding our easyJet flight to Corfu at 5:55AM. We arrived in sunny Corfu where the temperature was in the mid-20s. After collecting our luggage we boarded the bus for the town centre and disembarked at the port. Having arrived a few hours early we had a refreshing drink whilst enjoying the hot sun and waiting for the hydrofoil boat that would take us to the island of Paxos. The boat trip to Paxos was very calm and we began to unwind ready for a week at the front line of animal welfare. On arrival at Paxos Port I was handed the keys of our very own little bright yellow car. The port was only a few minutes from the town of Gias where our apartment was. Our apartment was lovely, refreshing and big enough to suit an average size family! Clare and I picked up some food in the supermarket and made our first Greek dinner before retiring to bed.

Day One 52


We woke up to another gorgeous sunny day on Paxos. We met with Nefeli, the local vet, and travelled to the clinic together. On arrival there were several clients already waiting with their pets. As Greece is such a relaxed country, owners tend to turn up as and when they like rather than at specific times for appointments. The volunteers had only managed to catch two cats on that particular day. Whilst we sedated the first cat, I noticed a change in it respiratory pattern so, Nefeli the vet investigated further with the help of ultrasound. Upon a closer look we were able to see that a diaphragmatic hernia was present and so we had to abort the spay as the hernia took priority. The second cat had the cat flu virus and had a lot of discharge from it’s eyes and nose and so again this one was not suitable for neutering as it needed to recover. Also that day, a dog called Packer was admitted as an emergency. He had been attacked by another dog and had been bitten through the chest. The poor fella was in a bad way. He had several broken ribs, several deep puncture wounds all the way into his lungs and pneumothorax. He needed a lot of nurse care and attention to start him on the road to recovery. We also saw several other patients throughout the day including, a lovely spaniel with a hairline fracture to its olecranon, a dog carrying Leishmania, and several itchy cats with ear mites. We left the clinic that evening feeling quite drained but accomplished from the busy day. The local volunteers planned on bringing eight new cats to spay for tomorrow and so it was back to the apartment to get some much needed rest.


Our next day at the clinic was pretty quiet with only one stray cat for castration and one for spaying. Packer spent another day with us. Since his drain has been removed, he was making good daily progress. A lovely cocker spaniel visited for a groom and for a check-up, and a very sneezy cat had it’s nose flushed and had some medication given. It was nice to see a mix of local pets and feral animals at the clinic. So far we were really enjoying our week with PAWS.

Day Four


Day four started with a tail amputation on a hunting dog. This was then followed by a very difficult appointment with a very aggressive dog which needed a higher dose of sedative. The afternoon then involved dealing with a few nasty wounds, a spaniel with a sore paw, as well as some cats with itchy ears and of course Packer, who was back for his usual visit to have his bite wounds flushed and his intravenous antibiotics administered.


Day Five

On the final day Packer came in to have his chest wound debrided and resutured.This commonly occurs in dog bite wounds. It will be interesting to see how he heals over the next few weeks. On a other note, the local taxi driver brought in his goat who was just 10 days old and was limping. After several injections and a bit of TLC he was sent home feeling much better. It’s been an interesting week and we are sad that it’s over already!

Day Two


Day two at the clinic started with five stray cats that were brought in by the local volunteers. We moved them in to pre-weighed cages and worked out their individual weights. We then sedated them and shaved their fur for the operations. All the patients were female so we clipped their bellies. During the operation we marked their ears to show that they had been neutered (to prevent them being brought in again if captured).

The Centaur Bursary is available to qualified VNs working in a UK or European veterinary practice who have at least three years’ experience. Successful applicants will be asked to write a blog and document their experiences. Interested applicants can email Leanne at leanne.chick@wvs.org.uk and/or go to www.wvs.org.uk for more info.

Packer the dog was brought back to be checked on. As he had a wander around the surgery, he growled at everyone and even scoffed the cat food. But we took this as a good sign that he was feeling better! We also had a minor dental to perform on a road traffic collision patient and another one patient with a broken tibia and fibula who had a bandage placed. The dog was sent for an orthopaedic referral to Corfu where there is more access to orthopaedic instruments. The day finished with tidying up the clinic and returning the cats to where they were caught.

Day Three

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Welcome to Wednesday Wisdom! VET Festival is full to the brim of inspiring and influential people - including you - who want to share their wisdom and gain some more from the VET Festival experience.

1. Wellness The dictionary defines wellness as, 'the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal'. We all want to feel well and happy; but do we do anything to improve our mind, body or soul - so we are in a place to effect change around us? Take 10 minutes to relieve stress and increase your wellbeing with a 10-minute cardio workout or 10 minutes of yoga to clear your mind. Visit the links below to find the 10-minute tool that works best for you! www.nhs.uk/livewell www.mentalhealth.org.uk/multimedia/podcasts


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2. Stress Relief Everyone experiences stress at some point in their life, but when it begins to affect your health and wellbeing it is important to do something about it. Help is available to you. There are resources available to help you identify signs of stress, help you cope with stress and details on how to seek help and support. Stress management techniques podcast hosted by the Mental Health Foundation – www.mentalhealth.org.uk/podcasts-and-videos Stress, anxiety and depression advice from NHS Choices www.nhs.uk/Conditions/stressanxiety-depression Stress busting playlists Relaxing playlists to listen to for when you need 5 minutes away from the stresses of the veterinary practice. Head to Spotify and download ‘The Most Relaxing Songs Ever’ playlist or how about ‘Relax and Unwind’? Spotify – grab the app or visit www.spotify.com

4. Community of Practice­─ with Centaur Services We know that you don't need us to tell you that the veterinary world is changing and with change comes new challenges to tackle and opportunities to grasp. What you may be surprised to learn is that Centaur has a service for that: Welcome to The Community of Practice. The Community of Practice can help alleviate this stress by building tailored, practical advice and hands-on support for closely connected groups of independent practices. If you would like to know more about The Community of Practice, call your Territory Manager.

3. Mental Health

The Mind Matters Initiative (MMI) aims to improve the mental health and wellbeing of those in the veterinary team, including students, veterinary nurses, veterinary surgeons and practice managers. Visit the website for a host of resources, news, events and information: www.vetmindmatters.org Mental health charity Heads Together, spearheaded by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, aims to change the national conversation on mental health and wellbeing by tackling stigma and raising awareness. Visit the website today and be inspired by the conversation or take part: www.headstogether.org.uk #oktosay

5. Inventory Management Workshops ─ with Centaur Services Do you know how much money you have tied up in your stock room? Veterinary practices everywhere are wasting thousands of pounds in missing stock. We are working hard with our practice management solutions partner, Vet Space, to help you reverse this trend and improve your profitability by providing FREE Inventory Management workshops. If you would like to know more about Inventory Management workshops, contact your Territory Manager.



8 - 9 June 2018 th

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