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Friends of NRA Raised a Record $18 Million in 2009

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Established in 1990, The NRA Foundation, Inc. (“NRA Foundation”) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that raises tax-deductible contributions in support of a wide range of firearms-related public interest activities of the National Rifle Association of America and other organizations that defend and foster the Second Amendment rights of all law-abiding Americans. These activities are designed to promote firearms and hunting safety, to enhance marksmanship skills of those participating in the shooting sports, and to educate the general public about firearms in their historic, technological, and artistic context. Funds granted by The NRA Foundation benefit a variety of constituencies throughout the United States, including children, youth, women, individuals with physical disabilities, gun collectors, law enforcement officers, hunters, and competitive shooters.

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Guest Editorial

Glen Hoyer Director, NRA Law Enforcement Division

NRA Law Enforcement Division: Celebrating 50 Years of Law Enforcement Service It is hard to believe that NRA’s Law Enforcement Division has been serving our nation for 50 years! Since 1960, our division has trained over 50,000 law enforcement and military firearm instructors. We’ve had thousands of competitors through our Police Pistol Competition and our new Tactical Police Competition. We still conduct the National Police Shooting Championships, drawing officers from around the world. And our Eddie Eagle Gunsafe® program has reached well over 23-million children with its life saving message. To commemorate NRA Law Enforcement Division’s 50 years of service to law enforcement and military officers of the country, a special Model 10 Smith & Wesson service revolver and matching commemorative badge was developed to be utilized exclusively at fifty 2010 Friends of NRA events across the nation. Each Smith & Wesson Model 10 features the original design wood duty grips; blue carbon steel medium frame with a 4" barrel with front/rear fixed sights. All are chambered in .38 SW Special +P caliber and have a 6 round capacity. Each is sequentially numbered on the frame in 24K Gold and includes the same matching number NRA Law Enforcement Commemorative badge. The badge was made by Smith & Warren, a long time provider of police badges and includes the NRA Law Enforcement Division logo with the anniversary dates of 1960-2010. The badge includes an NRA display box. The cylinders on the Model 10 include the following text: Dedication ; Compassion; Courage; Honor; Duty; Service in 24K gold plating. The hammer and trigger have been hand jeweled and the barrel includes etch and selective 24K Gold plating text: NRA Law Enforcement - 1960 50th Anniversary - 2010. Friends of NRA is a fitting place to showcase the limited commemorative items for NRA’s Law Enforcement Division. Over the years, the Friends program has raised money for The NRA Foundation and provided many much-needed grants to law enforcement agencies throughout the country. And without so many dedicated volunteers working all over the nation to raise money for such important programs, the NRA and the law enforcement division wouldn’t be able to continue to build on all that our division has already accomplished in the last 50 years.

To find out how the 50th Anniversary Law Enforcement Revolver is going to be used contact your NRA field representative.

Traditions . Quarter 1: 2010


“We have been able to excel in an unstable economic environment the last two years and that is a great testament to our volunteers and supporters.” Cover Story

Kyle Weaver, Managing Director of Field Operations


n 2009, 1,073 Friends of NRA committees across the nation spent hours upon hours finding a facility, acquiring catering, securing donations, seeking sponsorships, obtaining underwriting, selling tickets, calling, emailing, meeting— and all for it to boil down to one night of sink-or-swim fundraising for the future of the shooting sports. It’s exhausting, yet thrilling, and in the end, it culminated with the Friends of NRA program raising a total of $18 million for The NRA Foundation. That’s $18 million raised through the efforts of thousands of volunteers, banquet-goers, and staff alike. That’s


$18 million for future grant recipients— local and national programs all helping to preserve the future of the shooting sports for years to come. It’s a major milestone for Friends of NRA, and the news has everyone buzzing with excitement. “Everyone involved is excited about the growth of the program and the grants it produces,” said Kyle Weaver, the Managing Director of Field Operations. “We have been able to excel in an unstable economic environment the last two years and that is a great testament to our volunteers and supporters.” “Hard work and persistence pays off

in the end,” said John da Silva, the National Manager of Events & Marketing. “Achieving this milestone is an indication of what this volunteer grassroots program can do by utilizing leadership and support from all involved. Friends of NRA is a success because of these hardworking individuals who look only to themselves and the community to ensure the future of the shooting sports.” There’s no doubt the success of the program directly correlates with the vital role every volunteer plays in the fundraising process. While they are going full-speed ahead on the grassroots Traditions . Quarter 1: 2010

efforts, focus on the basics and try to keep it new and exciting,” said Weaver. “Our volunteers have done a great job at focusing on pre-event dollars, sponsorships, underwriting, donations and most of all, selling event tickets. The field staff has done an even better job at leading and supporting their volunteer

structures and we have been successful because of everyone involved.” Friends of NRA has also seen a lot of positive response from implementing new technology-based tools to the program. “We evaluated new technologies and marketing methods available,” da Silva

said. “The program’s needs have evolved and so has technology. Utilizing new tools such as online ticket sales and new website pages, promotion via email blasts and social networking websites such as our own has allowed us to reach a new audience. Reaching out to new attendees, industry partners, and our Friends of NRA sponsors was key to ensuring our success.” On the same note, Friends of NRA has always kept themselves one step ahead in the planning process, so when a new year rolls around, they’re ready to stir up a whole new kind of excitement and enthusiasm for the program.

“We continue to try and improve efficiency in fundraising, the quality of the events and merchandise, and being the best organization around to support,” said Weaver. “We are focusing on the marketing and promotion aspects of Friends of NRA and the results it produces. Our goal is to tell the great story that has played out over the last seventeen years and educate more people on what our volunteers have accomplished. Even more importantly, we want the public to see the results of this hard work through the grants and programs it has produced.” “The spirited volunteers across the

country, mobilized by NRA Field Representatives, have heard the calling and look forward to achieving our mission each year,” said da Silva. “Going forward in 2010 with just 38 events held we are currently reporting 8,000 in attendance and nearly $1 million net dollars raised which indicates we are on the right path!”

Traditions . Quarter 1: 2010

For more information about the Friends of NRA program or to find a Friends of NRA banquet to attend in your hometown visit To volunteer for the Friends of NRA program contact your state field representative.


A. Niblock-Shorter

levels, headquarters and field staff are hard at work developing new ways to make the fundraising process even more affective throughout. So what other factors led to Friends of NRA making its $18 million mark? “Over the last three years we have worked hard to simplify the fundraising

National News


t’s an exclusive powerhouse made up of very few Friends of NRA committees, but it doesn’t technically exist. Instead, the Millionaire’s Club is only a matter of detail, a nod to those committees who through time and hard work have surpassed the million dollar mark throughout their total fundraising years. Raising over a million dollars is only the monetary equivalent of what it takes to become one of these top-earning committees. Other common denominators include years of diligence, waves of committed volunteers, and an immense amount of preparation. Each has earned a highly-recognized reputation in the Friends of NRA world, many of which compete on a yearly basis for the number one spot. Among the select group making up the Millionaire’s Club thus far is the Corpus Christi Friends of NRA in Texas, PA’s 1st Friends of NRA and Armstrong County Friends of NRA, both of Pennsylvania, and the Mid Hudson Friends of NRA in New York. Their names are synonymous with passion- and their involvement in the Friends of NRA program has stood the test of time year in and year out. In fact, most Millionaire’s Club committees have been a part of the program since its inception, working toward a goal of not only raising money for The NRA Foundation but preserving the future of the shooting sports for generations to come.


“We were pioneers back in those days,” said Rusnock, referring to when Mid Hudson was just starting up in 1994. “Friends of NRA committees develop a group personality that evolves over time. For the Mid Hudson team, [certain] key elements have been consistent characteristics over the years.” Rusnock says the Mid Hudson’s personality has come to embody traits that have helped it thrive every time, including a business-like approach to the program, keeping fun and excitement alive amongst volunteers, and networking with individuals, businesses, and groups throughout its community. “Every group [in the Millionaire’s Club] is a little different, but in most ways they are all the same,” said Tom Baldrige, the NRA Field Representative for Western Pennsylvania. “They are all die-hard NRA supporters who work 24/7, 365 days a year to make it all happen.” PA’s 1st is an all-around type of committee, says Baldrige. “They have a presence everywhere in Western Pennsylvania, so everyone knows them, they just hit everything and do everything

to make their banquet successful every year.” “I don’t know how to describe the excitement we felt when we hit a million dollars,” said Dale Emerick, the Chairman of PA’s 1st Friends of NRA. “Our goal is to raise as much money for The NRA Foundation, so that was a major milestone for our committee, but at the same time— we’re not done yet and we are looking forward to raising our second million.” Armstrong County Friends of NRA is somewhat of an anomaly in that they reached the million dollar mark in only a five year period, in the second poorest county in the state. “We know what works on a raffle and we know how to network it,” said Randy Atkinson, the Chairman of Armstrong County Friends of NRA. “We learned a long time ago that if you want to sell tickets, you got to have good, quality stuff at your banquets and lots of it.” It came as no surprise to see Corpus Christi, the 2008 Friends of NRA Most Outstanding Committee, in the Millionaire’s Club. Corpus Christi Friends

Traditions . Quarter 1: 2010

of NRA is a fierce committee used to being in contention for the top spot. “It has been a great privilege for me to have worked with this committee for

and hard work of every Friends of NRA committee across the nation. With Friends of NRA hitting $18 million in 2009, and hoping to surpass those

world. Big or small, every committee holds the true meaning for fund-raising close to their hearts- the ultimate contribu-

“Our goal is to raise as much money for The NRA Foundation— we’re not done yet and we are looking forward to raising our second million.”

Traditions . Quarter 1: 2010 2009

numbers this year, the number of committees climbing the club ranks keeps growing. Without a doubt, every committee has the potential to be in the Millionaire’s Club in the future. Achieving it goes hand-in-hand with a passion that goes beyond the mere elements of fund-raising but extends to a passion for making a difference in the shooting

tion to making one of America’s favorite pastimes of shooting sports continue on its path to a long-standing tradition well into the future. To find an upcoming Friends of NRA banquet in your area or to attend one of the Millionaire’s Club banquets, log-on to We hope to see you soon!


A. Niblock-Shorter

the past eight years,” said Gayle CarterCook, the NRA Field Representative for South Texas. “It is due to the hard work and belief of the committee members, and I know they will strive to hit their next million in the near future.” Friends overall success couldn’t be accomplished by the Millionaire’s Club alone though— it’s a large feat that wouldn’t be feasible without the help



ut with the old and in with the new, as the saying goes, and following in the same tradition, Friends of NRA introduced its field representatives to its 2010 products at the annual Merchandise Preview Meeting. NRA field representatives came to NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, Va. to discuss how previous years’ merchandise fared in banquets and to view new merchandise that will be raffled or auctioned off next year to raise money for The NRA Foundation. The meeting, which occurs the first

week of December every year, is the only place where field reps can sit down and talk with invited vendors and colleagues about the best way to market the new merchandise and increase revenue for their events. Field reps exhibit a renewed energy and excitement as they share ideas for a new standard merchandise item, High Caliber Club firearm, or vendor direct product. “I think [the Merchandise Preview Meeting] is great,” said Kim Rappleye, NRA Field Rep for Utah, Eastern Nevada, and Southern Idaho. “One of the keys

in selling products is letting us touch and feel it. I can go back to my committees and tell them what I think will work or won’t work. I think this is an invaluable experience.” Although the meeting is a celebration of new products, much of the merchandise is inspired by old ideas and items that have a history of working well at banquets. Items are also often inspired by banquet attendees and their feedback. “I’m happy to see the fire-pit back and the grandfather clock is intriguing, but the Para .45 ACP in the High

The meeting is the only place where field reps can sit down and talk with vendors and colleagues about the best way to market the new merchandise and increase revenue for their events. Caliber Club series is my favorite,” said Clay Pederson, NRA Field Rep for North and South Dakota. “I have a lot of Marines at my banquets that will be fighting over the Iwo Jima sculpture,” added Jim Kilgore, NRA Field Rep for West Virginia and Western Virginia. “This might be the best package yet. My committee people will be thrilled with it!” Vendor presence and support is an important aspect of the meeting as well. Blue Ridge Knives sponsored the event

National Manager of Events and Marketing, John DaSilva, presents the 2010 Friends of NRA Standard Merchandsie Package to NRA Field Representatives.


Traditions . Quarter 1: 4: 2010 2009

2010 Friends of NRA Gun of the Year - Kimber 84M Classic Select Grade .308 WIN

2010 Friends of NRA


Preview this is one thing I can do to show my appreciation.” Other companies attended the meeting and are also some of Friends of NRA’s strongest supporters, including Americap, Big Sky Carvers, Boyt Harness, Custom Art Concepts, Dorendorf ’s, Good Directions, Montana Silversmith, North American Gear, Outdoor Marketing Group, Sitka Gear, Visionary Marketing, Wild Wings, and

Wilderness Mint. “Our vendors, like our volunteers, make this program work,” said Justin Cross, Merchandise Manager. “Their relentless support contributes to the advancement and betterment of Friends of NRA.” Bid on Friends of NRA merchandise at an upcoming banquet. Visit to find a banquet near you!

2010 High Caliber Club In only its second year, the High Caliber Club (HCC) firearms series has brought Friends of NRA banquets to a new level of fund-raising. It’s no surprise the program is a success given the intricate custom engraving by Baron Technology and 24K gold plate with the NRA monogram and HCC logo on each firearm. The charming details attract some of the most affluent buyers and help generate a higher net income for a banquet lucky enough to display such elegant firearms.

2010 High Caliber Club Series:

First Level - $25K - $50K: Para USA .45 ACP

Second Level - $50K - $75K: Beretta Renegade

Third Level - $75K - $100K: Sturm Ruger No. 1-S

Fourth Level - $100K+: Shiloh Sharps .45-70

To find out which banquets are HCC events, visit the Friends of NRA website at The HCC logo next to the committee name designates that the banquet will have a HCC firearm. Call or email the contact person listed to find out which level HCC firearm will be auctioned or raffled off!

N. McMahon

along with co-sponsor Mill Pond Press. “We think it’s important to sponsor [the Merchandise Preview Meeting],” said Alex Martin, President of Sales at Blue Ridge Knives. “We’ve had a really good relationship with NRA and we do what we can to help keep guns alive in America.” Linda Schaner, Mill Pond Press President said, “We really appreciate the business we get through Friends of NRA,

Tech Talk

It’s an exciting and efficient program update that was process, increase the strength of the grant monies the new NRA Foundation Online Grant Program


Traditions . Quarter 1: 2010

developed to streamline The NRA Foundation grant and provide higher quality product to grant recipients. It’s and it’s changing the way we think of grants today.


he inspiration for the program was simple, how can we make The NRA Foundation grant system more cost-effective and provide a stronger program for all involved? Over the last five to six years, the Friends of NRA program and the resulting NRA Foundation grants system has grown tremendously. The NRA Foundation now fulfills over 3,000 grants per year to all 50 states. In response to this , The NRA Foundation moved to a new online grant application process which decreased the costs and time involved in accepting, reviewing, and processing the substantial amount of grant applications. As this new feature became available, the idea of product fulfillment grew to be included in the grant program update. The NRA Foundation discovered that at least 65% of all funds granted were for shooting related products and accessories. With this knowledge and new abilities, The NRA Foundation built an online grant product program that provides higher quality product at less costs directly to the grant recipient. As the program grows, The NRA Foundation will be able to develop stronger pricing and efficiency as well as added industry support for the program and the hundreds of clubs and organizations supported by these grant funds.

Last, it took a team of computer programmers to implement the system. And when the program is up and running in fullswing, it will all pay off, literally. "Grant recipients will now have access to great equipment for a great price across the country,” said Kevin Nishiyama,

Traditions . Quarter 1: 2010

Now, when groups or individuals receive a grant through The NRA Foundation, they’ll also have the chance to go shopping for the products they need at a store a little closer to home. They’ll be shopping online at The NRA Foundation’s very own grant product fulfillment website where grant money is automatically credited to their account and items are just a point and click away. In additions, the shooting sports industry has extended strong pricing and support exclusively for NRA Foundation grant recipients through this program. "This program will extend the capabilities of every grant dollar. Allowing for the grant dollars raised to affect more people than ever before. The products obtained are also among the best in the shooting industry which enhances the experience had by all,” Nishiyama said. Only weeks into running the program, the feedback has been constructive and overwhelmingly positive. "We’ve always been optimistic about the benefits this new program will have on the grant process, and open to suggestions and criticism to make the program its very best. Most of the people receiving grants are responding to this program very positively,” said Nishiyama. “The realization of the potential for better products at better prices has people very upbeat about the change. They are also very pleased with how easy the store was to shop and how the goods they order will be delivered straight to their door. Overall, we are very excited about this Friends of NRA-conceptualized idea and seeing it from beginning to end has been a rewarding experience that has spawned other ideas for the program in the future.” Apply for an NRA Foundation Grant in your state today! Find your state NRA field representative to contact by visiting www. or visit


A. Niblock-Shorter

The hard part was implementing the program. The process took cooperation from vendors, many of which jumped at the chance to help provide for the program. It took extensive research into past products bought with grants and managing that data to create a comprehensive inventory for grant recipients to choose from. It took input from grant recipients, individuals who had been through the grant process before and could explain the ins-and-outs of what they needed, how to make it more user-friendly, and test for any glitches that come up during the program’s dry-run.

Special Projects Administrator for Field Operations who coordinates the new program. “Many of the items are created solely for the NRA and the grant program, and have the Friends of NRA Foundation logo imprinted on them. Which in turn allows users to discover the true origin of the products and support they are experiencing."

Sponsor Spotlight Friends of NRA is pleased to announce MidwayUSA as the 2010 Friends of NRA National Corporate Sponsor. It’s a relationship long in the making, but the National Corporate Sponsor program is the first of its kind for the Friends of NRA program. The sponsorship was created to recognize companies like MidwayUSA nationally on the grassroots level. Working with staff, volunteers, and other industries to create an exciting sponsorship opportunity, Friends of NRA offers a plethora of enticing advantages with the program, including recognition at local and national events, on Friends of

played an integral role in developing the Friends of NRA program when it first launched back in 1992. Working with a great local team of volunteers and help from the NRA field staff, MidwayUSA held the first-ever Friends of NRA banquet in Columbia, Mo. in October of 1992. MidwayUSA has maintained those strong ties with the Friends of NRA program, working hand-in-hand to help raise money for The NRA Foundation. The recent national sponsorship of the

A. Niblock-Shorter

“We are very grateful for this contribution and look forward to Midway and other corporations financial support of the Friends of NRA program and The NRA Foundation.” NRA support materials, and throughout the Friends of NRA website. To jump start the national sponsorship program, it was only fitting that MidwayUSA, an American wholesaler of countless hunting and firearm-related products, sign on to be Friends of NRA’s first National Corporate Sponsor. MidwayUSA, with CEO Larry Potterfield,


Friends of NRA program is one more step in that same direction. “Since the beginning of the program, the shooting and hunting industry has been a key source of financial support in achieving fundraising goals,” said John da Silva, the National Manager of Volunteer Fund-Raising for Friends of NRA. “Both Larry and Brenda Potter-

field, along with their business, MidwayUSA, understood the significance of our mission and have generously contributed financial support at the local and national level for the Friends of NRA program. “This new corporate sponsorship commitment has established a standard [for the program]. We are very grateful for this $50,000 annual contribution and look forward to Midway and other corporations’ financial support of the Friends of NRA program and The NRA Foundation,” said da Silva. “Everyone knows that Friends has been a tremendous financial success for NRA and the shooting sports programs in the states,” said Potterfield. “But often overlooked is the grassroots networking value it brings to NRA members and the NRA organization. At every event you get to see and talk with ‘Friends of NRA’.” From the beginning days of Friends of NRA to today, MidwayUSA has and will always be an important part of the Friends of NRA family. A special thanks to MidwayUSA from Friends of NRA for its extraordinary commitment to the program. For information on how your company can get involved with the Friends of NRA National Corporate Sponsorship program contact John DaSilva at (703) 267-1356 or by email at

Traditions . Quarter 1: 2010

Annual Meeting National NRA Foundation Banquet • Thursday, May 13th at 5:00pm • Charlotte Convention Center Sportsmen’s Auction • Friday, May 14th at 9:00am • Charlotte Convention Center

sponsored by:

In May of this year, thousands of NRA members will gather in the racing capital of America to show their support of the Second Amendment at the 2010 NRA Annual Meetings. At the NRA Foundation’s Auctions, attendees can bid on many unique items while raising funds that directly impact those involved in the shooting sports, helping keep them alive and well for future generations. These action-packed auction events raised over $215,000 last year and will get the Annual Meetings in Charlotte off to a roaring start. Continue on to view custom firearms, outdoor gear, and once-in-a-lifetime hunts you can’t find anywhere else. You can view these items and more by visiting our Auction Catalog online at The NRA is expecting its biggest crowd ever in Charlotte so race ahead of the pack! To get your hands on tickets to these two exciting events, call Event Services Coordinator, Sarah Young, at (703) 267-1417.

Second Amendment Tribute Revolver

America Remembers Pen Craft The Smith & Wesson stainless steel Model 629 revolver in caliber .44 magnum is a very popular short-barrel revolver, but this is not the standard Model 629! The revolver is decorated in lustrous 24-karat gold and nickel with artwork highlighted in a rich, blackened patina for maximum detail and contrast. *This item will be paired with the Custom Display Case crafted specifically for the Tribute by Pen Craft.

Buck Commander Bow signed by Atlanta Braves’ Chipper Jones

Buck Commander Built with the highest quality materials available, this Buck Commander bow bears long-time Braves’ #10 Chipper Jones’ signature.

Remington 1100 Competition 12GA

Acusport Featuring nickel receivers with intricate fine-line embellishments and gold accents, this shotgun is as aesthetically impressive as it is sweet to point and shoot.

Bonnie and Clyde Print

Central Region Friends of NRA This amazing historical piece features a Bonnie and Clyde bullet and casing fired in the original gun seized in Joplin, MO. Included in the frame are a Highway Patrol Challenge Coin, Highway Patrol Patch, NRA Foundation Coin, Reproduction Photo and Reproduction of the FBI Most Wanted Poster. #1 of 150.

Second Amendment Tribute Revolver

Ruger Redhawk .45 Colt SS

Mag-Na-Port Mag-Na-Port porting and custom work done to a Ruger Redhawk .45 Colt. Custom work includes lightened single and double action trigger pull, pachmayr grips, velvet hone finish, skeltonized rib, ejector rod and trigger guard, jewel and polish trigger and hammer, front sight blade replaced with orange insert, and pinstriping mirror polished band on cylinder. Additional work listed on the online Auction Catalog.

Centurion 39 Sporter Rifle Cal. 7.62x29mm

Century International Arms Century 39 Sporter rifle with a 16.5” barrel and 1:10 twist. Weighs only 8.2 pounds and comes with two 30-round magazines.100% Made in the USA.

.50 Cal Kentucky Rifle Black Powder Muzzleloader

Charles Dean Custom-made black powder muzzleloading rifle in a premium curly maple stock with a custom colerain swamped barrel.

mega Machine Agent Pistol

Executive Protection Bureau The Mega Machine is an AR15 type pistol in 5.56 Cal/.223 Remington with single point sling and pop up rear sight. The barrel length measures 11.5”.

Henry Big Boy .44 Magnum “NASCAR Edition”

Henry Repeating Arms Company The adventure and romance of America’s Old West are imbedded in the Big Boy’s distinctive 20’’ octagon barrel, straight-grip American walnut stock with brass buttplate and brass barrel band. This Big Boy will be custom designed for the 2010 NRA Annual Meetings and will be paired with a framed sketch of the original design by Baron Technologies.

Hero 15 .223 Cal

Hero-Gear Barrels are custom turned from Douglas xx Premium Blanks, chambered in .223 with a 1/7 twist. Each rifle is guaranteed 1 MOA accuracy and is built with the most discerning shooter and collector in mind.

Vision 175 Crossbow Scope Package

alligator Hunt In Florida

Horton Archery, LLC This fast-selling package includes the Vision #175 Draw Weight Crossbow equipped with 4x32 Mult-A-Range Scope, Hunter Elite Quiver, MX Carbon Arrows, points, and vision cocking sled.

Sarah Cuda Pink Camo Bow

Lakota Archery Serial number 2 of the series, this beautifully appointed pink camo bow was created to pay tribute to Sarah Palin for her remarkable achievements and her position on the 2nd amendment. It’s equipped with bow-jax silencers and dampeners are installed.

Interceptor Rifle with Charlotte 2010 logo

Lauer Custom Weaponry The LCW15 rifle is one of several models in the “Critical Incident Responder” lineup. Features a lightweight frame and buttstock, yet boosts a 16” ported bull barrel for unmatched accuracy and quick followup shots. Features the 2010 Charlotte NRA Annual Meeting logo.

Howa 1500 Axiom Combo .308 Cal

Gettle Trophy Hunts One hunter will enjoy a night out under the stars on an air-boat on Lake Okeechobee in Lake Port, FL as he/ she hunts for an alligator up to 8 feet long. All tags are included. Airfare and lodging not included.

Raris .223 M4 with NRA logo Rasmussen Arms Special one-of-a-kind Rasmussen Arms M-4 configuration RARIS with NRA logo.

Custom 2010 NRA Annual Meeting Safe

Sagebrush Safes A one-of-a-kind safe designed and built specifically for the NRA Annual Meetings in Charlotte. Built from actual NASCAR materials, this safe will be quite a showpiece!

.308 Cal M1A “Loaded” Rifle

Springfield Armory American walnut stocks with air gauged medium weight national match barrel with national match components such as the trigger assembly, front sight, non-hooded rear assembly, and flash suppressor make this gun quite an item!

Savage 17HMR

Legacy Sports International 308 20” Heavy barrel Howa in an OD green Hogue stock with a 1 piece EGW rail topped with a Nikko Stirling 4-16x44 fine crosshair scope, Buffalo River sling and a 48” green promo soft case. Accurized by Acusport.

Custom Painted Iwo Jima Springfield Armory M1A

TC Concepts The scene of the American flag being raised by proud soldiers in Iwo Jima is one that is etched on our memories, and this collection has been specifically designed to honor men and women like these. The Springfield Armory M1A will be custom painted specifically for its pairing with the highly sought-after Iwo Jima sculpture.

Savage Arms Bolt action 17HMR rimfire rifle with royal jacaranda laminated evolution stock and stainless 21” spiral fluted heavy barrel. The accutrigger is adjustable from 3.5-5 lbs.

“Public Defender” Judge

Taurus International Capable of chambering both .410 2-1/2” shotshell and .45 Colt Ammunition, this handgun is fully customized with fixed rear sights, fiber optic front sights and Taurus Ribber Grips®.

Custom NRA 1950 Chevrolet Truck

BPI Accura 209 Magnum .50 Cal

BPI Guns The next generation of CVA breakactions. Equipped with a premium, custom quality Bergara Barrel, 27” in length, this particular firearm uses black powder, and includes all-metal DuraSight® fiber optic sights and a QuakeTM CLAW® Contour Sling.

Console Vault for Ford F250 SuperDuty & Chevrolet Silverado/Suburban/Tahoe

Tactical Vehicle Outfitters Designed to fit most trucks and SUV’s, the auto vault fits in your center console and uses the existing factory bolts for installation. The console vault installs in minutes and provides maximum security for valuables.

Custom NRA 1950 Chevrolet Truck

Hot Rods by Huber Chevy Pickup Trucks are known for their “like a rock” durability, solid manufacturing and high performance. It was the 1950 Chevy pickup, with its classic design and well rounded body which led the way to the advanced design era for pickup trucks. It remains one of the most respected American-made pickup trucks today, and now, one has been fully restored and upgraded exclusively for NRA Annual Meetings. Recent updates include the truck shaved, smoothed, and lowered with disc breaks and a LS1 Corvette/ Camaro

engine installed. The truck will have a deep black basecoat with clear coat paint, a custom interior and exhaust with modern handling.

2010 Vermont Heritage Series Muzzleloader

Millennium Desing MuzzleLoaders This 2010 Vermont Heritage Series MDM Buckwacka Muzzleloader L.E., includes the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Logo and collector’s number. The .45 Cal muzzleloader has a blued 26-inch barrel and the stock has detailed moose tracks on both the pistol grip and forearm.

NRA Antique Pedal Car

Catoctin Mountain Excavating Modern Auto Body The late 1950’s, early 60’s Murray Antique Fire Engine has been restored, refurbished and transformed from a Jr. Fire Marshals Engine to a Jr. 2nd Amendment Patriot Mobile. It Features the NRA logo on the hood while sporting a Daisy Red Ryder on one side and a Cricket .22 on the other in custom gun racks. Also features a fully stocked ammo box in the rear with eye and ear protection. The oak ammo box is embellished with the NRA logo.

NRA Law Enforcement 50th Anniversary Revolver Prototype

Special Model 10 Smith & Wesson service revolver and matching commemorative badge. Chambered in .38 SW Special +P caliber with a 6 round capacity. Sequentially numbered and inscribed with 24K Gold. The badge was made by Smith & Warren, a long time provider of police badges and includes the NRA Law Enforcement Division Logo with the anniversary dates of 1960-2010. The hammer and trigger have been hand jeweled.

TR20-2 AccuPoint® 3-9X40 Riflescope

Trijicon The TR20-2 AccuPoint® Scope with mil-dot crosshair/amber dot operates battery free –eliminating the potential for failure during critical moments in the field. This scope is equipped with loads of special features that make it a high-quality choice.

Olympic Trophy “Space Gun” High Standard This “Space Gun” is an updated version of one of the most famous target pistols ever made, famous for use in winning the United States an Olympic Gold medal in target shooting in the 1960 Olympics in Rome. The “Space Gun” resembles something from the space age with its long, skinny barrel, high strength 17-4 stainless steel frame with Teflon coating, blue finish, and optional weights. The “Space Gun” Muzzle Break is included.

3-night Maine Getaway for 2

Historic Pittston Farm Spend an exciting getaway nestled in the North Maine woods where the South and North branches of the Penobscot River come together at the beautiful Seboomook Lake. There is much to do and see including birding, hunting, fishing, watersports, horseback riding, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. And when you get home from an adventurous day, you’ll enjoy delicious home-cooked meals. Whether it’s a romantic getaway or a family adventure, you are sure to enjoy your time at Pittston Farm. Airfare not included.

4-Day Argentina Dove Hunt

Santa Rosa Outfitters One hunter will travel to Santa Rosa, Argentina to enjoy the excitement of four days, six hunts, in the home of “Argentina’s finest wing shooting.” La Campinia Lodge will cater to your needs with a translator, full meals with local wines, field refreshments, bird boys, and wi-fi connection. This oncein-a-lifetime trip is available until August 31, 2011. Airfare not included.

M4 OPS .22LR

Umarex USA Engineered from the ground up as a dedicated .22 rimfire, this AR style Colt features a 16.2-inch barrel, collapsible stock, flat-top receiver with detachable carry handle, CAR handguards, flash hider, A2 pistol grip, and 30-round magazine.

Ruger 77 Hawkeye .375

Mag-Na-Port Mag-Na-Port custom work done to a Ruger 77 Hawkeye .375. Custom work includes velvet hone finish, mag-na-brake installation, jewel and polish hamLaw Enforcement Revolver

mer, bolt, receiver and bottom of front sight base, pinstriping mirror polished bands on bottom of floorplate, barrel, and Mag-Na-Brake, “2010 Friends of NRA” and Mag-Na-Port logo etched onto barrel.

5-Day African Plains Game Hunt

custom Shotgun Shell Safe

Witklip Safaris 5-day plains game hunt Travel to the northern peak of South Africa for your next, or your first, hunting adventure. Witklip Safaris friendly personnel will make you and your non-hunting guest feel right at home as you enjoy five action-packed days hunting for a black wildebeest, a blesbuck, and a springbuck. Room and board, laundry service, government license fees, and field preparation of trophies are all included. Airfare not included.

Bartel Armory Inspired by his collection of shotgun shell humidors, David Bartel is creating a one-of-a-kind safe for the 2010 NRA Annual Meetings in Charlotte, NC. The round safe is shaped and finished like a shotgun shell with a brass base and yellow top embellished with the NRA Seal. It features a unique rotating door that opens to reveal your gun collection and the 2010 Charlotte logo, making it a completely unique safe.

3-day Hog Hunt in Florida

Kimber In celebration of the 100th birthday of the 1911 pistol, the Kimber® Custom Shop™ has created the Centennial Edition™ .45 ACP. The finest limited edition pistol ever made by Kimber, and only 250 will be produced. Special Centennial Edition features include an elegant finish by Turnbull Restoration that includes color case hardened frame, along with charcoal blued slide and barrel. Trigger and pins wear a striking nitre blue and the pistol features solid ivory grips, an engraved slide, special serial number and comes in a wood and leather presentation case with brass plate and maker’s label.

10-Day South African Hunt and 7-day New Zealand Stag and Tahr Hunt

“Military Service” Edition

Second Amendment commemorative Model 44 wesson

Hog Heaven Ranch 3-day hog hunt, includes trophy fees. Whether you’re an avid hunter, novice hunter, or a family wanting to introduce your children to the excitement of hunting safely, Hog Heaven Preserve is the place for you! The sprawling retreat is located in Muse, Florida, and stocked with the areas finest meat and trophy hogs. Each of the two hunters will be able to take one trophy hog and one meat hog with trophy and field prep included. NRA’s own, Kane Robinson and Andrea Cerwinske recently enjoyed a trip to Hog Heaven. Airfare not included.

Custom Remington 798 with display case and accessories

Remington Arms Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Co. Evans Compton Hugh Mills Four donors are teaming up to donate this one-of-a-kind Remington 798 and custom case. The high-grade custom stock designed by Evans Compton is specifically created for the 798, donated by Remington, and will be presented and stored in Hugh Mills’ artfully crafted wood case designed to include the accessories and tool kit donated by Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company.

Kimber Centennial Edition .45ACP

situations. They combined these handsome and distinctive grips with their .45 ACP 1911 for an unbeatable gun. This is a great piece for a collector as it was for limited release.

Centennial Edition™ .45 ACP

Henry Repeating Arms Company This commemorative Henry Golden Boy is expertly crafted to honor those that have served and are serving to protect our freedom. It will be encased in the wall mount made specifically for this Golden Boy.

1911 .45ACP

Taurus Taurus researched the finest grips in the world and settled on the “European Stipple” pattern and the “American Checkering” pattern as the best in all

Global Sporting Safaris Global Sporting Safaris provides these amazing hunts to The NRA Foundation as a special 100% donation. The African hunt includes ten full hunting days in South Africa for 4 hunters, and the New Zealand hunt includes seven full hunting days for three hunters in South Island, New Zealand with Rivers South Safaris. Both include all accommodations, meals and beverages, laundry, and transportation. Airfare not included, but discount airfare available.

Ann Kabanek A stunning collector’s piece that’s never been fired! Commemorating the Second Amendment, this goldplated 44 Magnum produced by Wesson Firearms boasts full-coverage engraving and is profusely vine-scroll engraved. The left side of the barrel reads, “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,” and there is a red USA medallion embedded in the shiny wood grips. This family heirloom will hopefully be treasured for many years to come.


Friends Update Eastern Region


Get to know your NRA Field Representatives! Traditions Magazine brings readers a profile of North Carolina Field Rep Doug Merrill.

When was the start of your career as a NRA field rep and what drew you to the job? I started as a field rep in April 2002 but it was my work on the committee for the first ever North Carolina Friends of NRA banquet that got me started. I later served as chairman and co-chairman and when the state split into Eastern and Western halves, I became an NRA field representative. I cover North Carolina west of and including Rockingham, Guilford, Randolph, Montgomery and Richmond Counties. The 2010 NRA Annual Meetings are coming to Charlotte, N.C.! What special preparations are you making for the event? There is a lot of work that takes place behind the scenes, everything from finding volunteers to amassing good donations for the National NRA Foundation Banquet and Sportsmen’s Brunch/Auction. I’ve been coordinating with Eastern North Carolina Field Rep David Wells on a custom Remington rifle donation, stocked by Evans Compton with a matching custom case. We also have two safari donations lined up for the live auction. As field rep, I’ve had to make sure all my Friends of NRA events occur around the Annual Meetings, which all my committees have been able to accommodate. It allows all of us to

prepare and concentrate our efforts on each banquet as well as the Annual Meetings. Do you think such strong NRA presence from the Annual Meetings will have a positive impact on the Friends of NRA program in North Carolina? Definitely, my committees are really looking forward to the Annual Meetings! It will increase public awareness and I think it will carry over in local Friends events this year and years to come. We hope we can generate more interest and recruit more volunteers for banquets in their respective communities. We also plan to talk with people about our North Carolina Y.E.S. program. Is there anything else about your experience you’d like to share? I take pride in knowing that I am a part of an organization that is taking an active role in promoting the shooting sports and protecting the rights of American citizens. I am always amazed when I attend programs like our North Carolina State Youth Education Summit and see the positive influence we are having on today’s youth. Our Friends of NRA program takes the NRA directly to the local community and empowers firearm owners and enthusiasts to make a difference both in their community and nationally.

For more Field Rep profiles visit 18

Traditions . Quarter 1: 2010

Shelby County 4-H Air Rifle:

A Cinderella Story

Shelby County team. Team members took their stance on the shooting line to enjoy what would turn out to be a successful morning for the rookie team. In the Senior Division, grades 9-12, Ethan Blackstone placed first in the state. Jamie Arnett placed third, and Kaitlin McDonald placed fourth. In the Junior Division, grades 5-8, Samantha Young placed first in the state. “What makes this such a Cinderella story is that this was either the first or second match in which each of the shooters had ever participated,” said David Waltrip, the Shelby County 4-H Team Coach and former Memphis Friends of NRA Chairman. From there, Blackstone, Arnett, and McDonald went on to represent Tennessee in the Air Rifle competition at the 4-H National Invitationals held in

practicing for their competition in the 2010 Tennessee 4-H Shooting Sports State Shoot. The success of the program has experienced the snowball effect, gaining momentum and interest every year. Because of the hard work of the volunteer coaches, dedicated support of the parents, and funds provided through Friends of NRA, the Shelby County 4-H team has been able to grow their program and expand their shooting sports team in ways they never could before. “An interesting fact about the Shelby County 4-H Shooting Sports program is that over half the participants are home schooled,” said Waltrip. “This 4-H marksmanship program offers an excellent athletic opportunity to the shooters in terms of learning responsibility and discipline.”

“What makes this such a Cinderella story is that this was either the first or second match in which each of the shooters had ever participated.” “Our experience in Shelby County shows what can be accomplished with a partnership between Friends of NRA, the local 4-H program, interested adult volunteer leaders/coaches, supportive parents, and young people eager to learn marksmanship,” said Waltrip. “And when you go to your next Friends of NRA banquet, please know there are 4-H shooters in your state who are very grateful for the opportunity to learn marksmanship and compete.” Apply for an NRA Foundation Grant in Tennessee! Contact Mike Webb at (901) 382-4789 or visit www.nrafoundation. org/grants.


A. Niblock-Shorter

Grand Island, Neb. in June. In the Summer of 2009, the next Air Rifle class was launched with eight students. By now word had spread in the community about this new program, and interest was high among a number of younger shooters. These shooters were too small for air rifles, so some of the proceeds of the 2009 grant were approved by The NRA Foundation to be redirected to the purchase of BB Guns. And, the new BB Gun program was launched with fifteen students. In December of 2009, two students finished the Air Rifle program, and ten students finished the BB Gun program. As this article goes to press, both groups are Visit

Traditions . Quarter 1: 2010

Central Region

Throughout the years, the State Fund Committee (SFC) for Tennessee Friends of NRA has taken pride in their dedication to youth shooting sports. In fact, over 93 percent of Friends of NRA funds are allocated to youth training, safety, and teams. It’s stories like the Shelby County 4-H Air Rifle Team that encourage Tennessee’s SFC to continuously fund such programs year after year. At an organizational meeting in the fall of 2007, interested youth and their parents voted to pursue an Air Rifle program. Their decision led them to affiliate with the 4-H TargetSMART program, a national shooting sports program that has been in existence since 1980 and provides 4-H youth an introduction to and participation in the shooting sports. But finding funding for the Shelby County 4-H group was an issue, so they sought out aid from the Tennessee Friends of NRA SFC. In 2008, their wish to purchase six Daisy Avanti 887 Air Rifles and a supply of targets and pellets was granted. The grant offered a insurmountable jump-start to the Shelby County program and allowed six students to finish the nine-week program of shooting lessons. The success of the program spread quickly and in the late fall of 2008, a second class was started to accommodate the growing interest in the program. Four students finished classes in Spring of 2009, just in time to take advantage of the SFC’s 2009 grant, which the team used to purchase spotting scopes and offhand stands. The grant helped propel the team to the Tennessee 4-H State Shoot on April 25, 2009 in Columbia, Tenn. It was a Cinderella story from there for the

Southern Region

Husband and Wife Teams of Volunteers help support Friends of NRA


he works with attendees, he deals with vendors. She’s all about ticket sales, he is all about underwriting. She takes charge of setting up the banquet; he takes charge of taking it down. When he needs a hand, she’s there to help. When she’s got an idea, he jumps on board. They’re a dream team for Friends of NRA committees, but we’re not referring to just two people, we’re talking about married couples throughout the

family-affair, which ends up benefiting the program as a whole. “We have had couples serve on Friends of NRA committees since inception and they bring the true spirit of The NRA Foundation and the meaning of our NRA family to the program,” said Hammond. “They’re another example of who and what the NRA organization represents and how we strive to succeed in promoting freedom and the Second Amendment through

other on a daily basis. The Stoudemiers’ close-knit family makes the planning and process a more thorough one. And the Williamsons like knowing they have someone on their team who knows them inside and out. When the Dills are on the scene, their socializing skills shine and both being such extroverts has helped them reach out and connect with committee members, attendees, and vendors alike. And as for the Donaldsons, knowing someone always has

A. Niblock-Shorter

“I personally know these Friends of NRA families and they are at the heart of their local committee’s success” entire program devoting their time to Friends of NRA events across the nation. These household teams are a common occurrence in the family-friendly Friends of NRA program. Couples’ years of experience working together, and dedication to making sure there really is something for everyone at a Friends of NRA event, make them a great fit for the program. Since many married couples often have the team-mentality down, they’re prime candidates to run a Friends of NRA committee. And that’s because they know how to get things done. They already know who is better at what and how to read each other’s needs. But the real blessing couples offer to the Friends of NRA program, says Southern Regional Director Al Hammond, is they help keep events a


the shooting sports programs.” Committee couples are prevalent in Friends of NRA’s southern region, and with the overwhelming success Hammond has seen in husband and wife teams, he’s always encouraging committees in his southern region to make their events a family matter. Five couples who have shown this type of success in particular come to mind, including the Barleys, the Stoudemiers, the Williamsons, the Dills, and the Donaldsons shown on the right. Each couple has a unique way they work together to get things done, and through the ups and downs that inevitably come with planning any event, they’re still standing in the end. For the Barleys, getting things done is just easier at times simply because it’s convenient being so close to one an-

your back makes the planning process a lot easier. “I personally know these Friends of NRA families and they are at the heart of their local committee’s success and all are equally involved in NRA statewide activities through State Fund grant processes and many youth shooting sports activities,” said Hammond. “We are blessed as an organization to have such numerous fine people as these five families who represent many families all across the country serving on local committees in providing a local face to the National Rifle Association.” To find out how you can volunteer or attend your local Friends of NRA event, find and contact your state NRA field representative by visiting

Traditions . Quarter 1: 2010

A. Niblock-Shorter


n history, there are men known for their enthusiasm, reliability, and strength. There are individuals known for their good judgment and vision for the future. It was common, sometimes even in the middle of battle, for officers to make decisions through consultation with such men, as opposed to giving orders to be followed without question. They were the first armed militia to arrive and await a battle— they were known as Minute Men. In the same tradition, Arkansas Friends of NRA awards their outstanding committee members who possess the qualities of a modern-day Minute Man. Those individuals and Friends of NRA committees fighting a different battle, with a different kind of enemy. While others watch those who would take away our Second Amendment rights and do nothing, there are others actively fighting an enemy called apathy. And to those individuals, the Arkansas Friends of NRA recognizes them with Minute Men Awards at the annual State Fund Committee (SFC) meeting. This year, Arkansas leaders and volunteers gathered in Conway, Ark. to celebrate a second record-setting year that resulted in more money raised in support of Second Amendment rights than ever before in the state. Due to the enthusiasm, drive, dedication, and passion for freedom by many of Arkansas’ great volunteers, over $100k was avail-

able for grants to youth shooting sports and education this year. To commemorate a great year, Sandy Elkin, the Director of Grant Management and Analysis, highlighted the event, presenting the prestigious Minute Men awards to recipients. The bronze level award winners included the Central Arkansas, Independence, and Piney Woods Friends of NRA

NRA Foundation Grants Director Sandy Elkin (left) is pictured with Arkansas Friends of NRA Volunteers

committees. Silver level was given to the Ouachita County and Franklin County Friends of NRA. While the Gold went to the Capital City, Bentonville, Little Red River, Old Fort, Arkansas Valley, and Toad Suck Friends of NRA committees. Special recognition was also given to the Capital City Friends of NRA (gold level) for holding the largest net proceeds event in Arkansas history, while also achieving High Caliber Club event status for the second year in a row and taking the top spot for highest net to

gross percentage as well. Little Red River Friends of NRA (gold level) received the Special Achievement award for 2009, Possum Holler Friends of NRA gained the title of Best New Event, South West Arkansas Friends of NRA were acknowledged for Highest Attendance, and Old Fort Friends of NRA (gold level) for reaching High Caliber Club status for the first time. The celebration continued with the 2010 Arkansas’ Friends of NRA State Banquet, the first Friends of NRA banquet of the year for the state. The first look at the new Standard Merchandise Package triggered fund-raising throughout the event. The banquet also included one of the premier American Outlaw Series Bonnie & Clyde prints and headlining the live auction was the 2010 Kimber 84M Classic Select Grade .308 WIN Gun of the Year and the exceptional “Iwo Jima” sculpture by Rick Terry. “Our state banquet will raise nearly ten thousand dollars this year, over double last year,” said Arkansas Field Representative, Mike Nevins. “The enthusiasm at this convention was both palpable and infectious. What an outstanding way to kick off the new year!” Attend an upcoming Friends of NRA banquet in Arkansas! Contact NRA Field Representative Mike Nevins at (479) 754-4271 or by email at mnevins@ for more information.

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Traditions . Quarter 1: 2010


ome Springtime, Panama City is the place to be, but not for what you’d think.

That’s because the area is home to a different kind of celebration, one thrown by the Panama City Friends of NRA to raise money for the shooting sports. It’s a committee that, only three years ago, held its first banquet and that today holds the number one spot in the state for most net revenue dollars raised at a Florida Friends of NRA banquet. Their first banquet, held in 2007, quickly drew attention when it raised

see him again until we set-up for the event— he doesn’t need me there, I would just get in the way.” Owning his own gun shop doesn’t hurt either. Operating out of his store, Williams Gun Pawn, has allowed Williams to hit his target audience and connect with those individuals who would benefit most from attending a Friends of NRA event. But it takes more than knowing the right people, as nothing can replace Williams contagious passion for fund-raising for the shooting sports. “I’m on the phone back and forth every day promoting this banquet,” said Williams. “I am very proud of our banquet and thankful for all the people who help me when it comes time for the banquet. It takes a lot of hard work. It takes my family, my friends, and my sponsors to make this happen- without

“With times like they are, I have been very fortunate and I haven’t gotten no for an answer. Everyone just jumps right in there to help.” them I just couldn’t do it. They get out there and work and I’m happy they did.” Sponsors caught Williams’ spirit as well, with Williams and the committee selling an unheard of 84 national sponsorship packages last year alone. In fact, selling so many sponsorships leaves little room for selling individual dinner tickets- as their sponsorship packages include tickets with their purchase. One such sponsor is Jamie Chestnut,

large Gun of the Year Raffle, with 2,000 entries at $2 a ticket, that sold out before the banquet even began. Not a bad start for a banquet that would go on to raise over $35,000 with an average of $180 net per banquet attendee. “He knows the people to see and he knows how to get them involved,” said Lancaster. And with a contagious spirit, an army of friends and family behind him, Williams continues to lead his committee toward another successful year, personally doing a $7,500 sponsorship. “I just kept thinking, ‘boy, if I make ten or fifteen thousand then I will have really done something,’ and it has just really grown from the beginning,” said Williams. “With times like they are, I have been very fortunate and I haven’t gotten no for an answer. Everyone just jumps right in there to help— all of my bunch gives 150% and that’s what makes the difference.” Attend an upcoming Friends of NRA banquet in Florida! Contact NRA Field Representative Trip Lancaster at (904) 388-9782 or by email at hlancaster@ for more information.

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A. Niblock-Shorter

over an impressive $20k. When only two years later they were number one in the state, it got some people wondering what the secret was behind their sudden success. According to NRA Field Representative for Northern Florida, Trip Lancaster, the ultimate success boils down to two words, one person- Greg Williams. “The man is amazing,” said Lancaster. “He is just a fund-raising machine, I don’t know how he does it. I won’t even

the auctioneer for the event, and his wife, Jennifer. “They always work the event really hard and never charge me a dime,” said Williams. “The Shriner’s also donate me their facility, and that takes a big load off of having to find and pay for a place to hold the banquet.” On top of which, Williams hosted a


N. McMahon

Mid West Region

hen Kelly Stout, creator of the Colorado Youth Trapshooters Tour, was looking for sponsors to support his brand new youth shooting program he didn’t know where to start looking until he ran into someone who asked, “Have you looked at Friends of NRA?” At the time, Stout had never heard of Friends of NRA, but soon enough he would not only hear of the program, he would receive grant money to jump start his program and become a committee member for his local event in Greeley, Colo. “The first banquet I went to I had a blast. It just hooked me!” Stout said. A few years later, the Colorado Youth Trapshooters Tour found success thanks to The NRA Foundation grants received. The program gives young people, ranging in ages from elementary school to college, the chance to shoot competitively for scholarship money. It brings students from shooting clubs, such as 4-H and the Scholarship Clay Target program, together with students who are less experienced. The tour is often the only opportunity to shoot many of these youth will get. Stout modeled the program from an unlikely source: bowling. “I took 20 years off from the shooting sports to raise kids when my youngest son got me back into it,” Stout said. “My kids have also been bowling for 10 years and it just hit me that I can model a youth shooting program after bowling.” With a handicap system similar to

bowling, even inexperienced shooters can compete against experienced ones and have a shot at a trophy and a scholarship. Stout says that as long as a student has firearms safety training, he or she is eligible to compete in the tour.

Since its inception in 2007, the Colorado Youth Trapshooters Tour has touched the lives of over 65 students and has awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships. The NRA Foundation grants pay for all the expenses of the program, which allows a portion of every student’s entry fee, as well as private donations, to be saved for scholarship money. The tour has seven shoots a year

starting in October and ending in April. Each shoot has five divisions including Collegiate, Varsity, Junior Varsity, Intermediate, and Rookie. In every division there are three winners who receive either a belt buckle or a medallion and scholarship prizes varying from $45 to over $100 depending on how many students sign up for a shoot. The last shoot of the year, the “Tournament of Champions”, gives scholarship money as high as $1,000 to first place winners. Currently the program is located in northern Colorado, but Stout hopes the tour can expand to the entire state to give more students the opportunity for scholarships. “I envision a statewide program that brings students from different regions of the state together to compete against each other,” Stout said. There’s no doubt that with Friends of NRA’s help, Stout’s vision can turn into reality. For more information about the Colorado Youth Trapshooters Tour visit the program’s website at Apply for a grant in the state of Colorado; contact Marc Steinke at (719) 322-4072 or visit

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Traditions . Quarter 1: 2010


about spending quality time with fellow shooting sports and Second Amendment enthusiasts and supporting an organization where “things really get done.” Because of Alaska Urological Institute’s donation, the Alaska State Friends of NRA committee was motivated to seek out more large donations for its

Dr. Robert Allen of the Alaska Urological Insitute poses for a picture with Scout Brown at the Alaska State Convention

Attend an upcoming Friends of NRA banquet in Alaska! Contact NRA Field Representative Brad Kruger at (907) 2359059 or by email at for more information.

Visit Traditions . Quarter 1: 2010


N. McMahon

banquet. As was highlighted in last quarter’s Traditions Magazine, the Alaska State event raised nearly $150K, the highest netting banquet in Alaska’s history. Denny Hamann, the Alaska State Friends of NRA Chairman, says that

through the corporation’s sizable donation it shows smaller companies they can provide assistance as well. “I believe it has made other companies and potential sponsors realize that you don't have to be a huge corporation to make a big difference in something you believe in,” Hamann said. “[Dr. Allen] is a huge Second Amendment supporter and has a keen understanding of how the Friends of NRA keeps our heritage going with all the youth programs we do.” Kruger, Hamann, and the rest of the Alaska Friends of NRA committees would like to say thank you to all of their sponsors and donors for their tremendous amount of support. “I know these are uncertain times and that is exactly why we need your donations so we can make certain that our rights, freedoms, traditions, and heritage are passed down to the next generation!” Kruger said. “All of us who have a love of the shooting sports received that from someone else who took the time to enlighten us. We will never be able to pay them back, but we can pay it forward. I truly feel that we have a duty to pass the torch and we welcome all who share that idea!”

Western Region

hat does an Alaskan urologist and Friends of NRA have in common? They share the same vision for Alaska’s shooting sports- to continue to thrive and remain an important part of Alaska’s culture. Dr. Robert Allen and the Alaska Urological Institute have a strong relationship with the Alaska Friends of NRA and showed it with their most recent contribution of $10K to the state event held in October. “The Alaska Urological Institute have been a fundamental key to the success of the Alaska Friends of NRA not only by their more than generous donation, but by setting the example for all businesses in Alaska,” Brad Kruger, the Alaska Field Representative said. Allen moved to Alaska from Fort Lewis, Wash. in 2006 after he retired from the Army. Although he had been an NRA Life Member and Endowment Member for a long time, he decided it was time to stake out his beliefs and become involved on more of a grassroots level. “I went to the first banquet before it went statewide and started out as an individual sponsor,” Allen said. “It evolved from there and I got my corporation involved to support this great organization.” And even though eating and spending money at the event makes Friends of NRA enjoyable for Allen, it’s more


fter planting approximately 400 birds on the expansive fields of Doug Kophamer Farms in late November, 134 junior hunters from over 27 California cities set out to participate in the 15th Annual Taft Sportsmen’s Club JC Chitwood Memorial Junior Pheasant Hunt. The hunt was free for juniors sixteen years of age or younger who have a California Junior Hunting License, and was promoted throughout California to remind family and friends about the importance of teaching and practicing good sportsmanship to youth. “We want to keep the sport of hunting going,” said Sue Brown, who as the Treasurer of Taft Sportsman’s Club helped organize the event with her husband, Tom, the club’s president. “There’s just not enough young people who hunt today. You know, kids are just involved with playing video games, listening to their ipods, or just texting. We wanted to give kids who maybe wouldn’t have the opportunity to hunt otherwise to have a chance to do so through our program. It’s such a great event for these kids, they all just get so excited and have such a great time and that’s just something that you can never take away from them- they just love it.”

A. Niblock-Shorter

Last year, Taft Sportsmen’s Club received a grant from The NRA Foundation for over $4k to purchase pheasants for the hunt. “Without it we wouldn’t be able to do this event, we just wouldn’t be able to get the kind of funding we would need to make it all happen,” said Brown. The NRA Foundation gives millions of dollars to youth programs across the nation every year, and Taft Sportsmen’s annual hunt is just one of the many ways grant dollars are making a difference in the lives of youth and communities as a whole. Because youth shooting sports isn’t just one of America’s favorite pastimes, it’s a learning opportunity, a chance to bring together a community, and a way to cultivate today’s youth to become tomorrow’s guardians of the Second Amendment. “If someone doesn’t keep promoting it, then it will become a dying sport,” said Brown. “And we want to provide every opportunity to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Apply for an NRA Grant Today! visit


Program Profile

By Jon Draper

Program Coordinator, Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program

Program has Record Breaking Year!


his year is one for the record books in the land of Eddie Eagle. Through the dedicated work of law enforcement professionals, educators, civic leaders, parents, and volunteers, the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program recently surpassed a major milestone of reaching its 23 millionth child with Eddie’s life-saving message. But that’s not all— in 2009 the program also sold and donated a record number of Eddie Eagle mascot costumes to law enforcement agencies across the country. The costumes are an incredible asset to the communities they are placed in and law enforcement personnel agree that having a character such as Eddie Eagle present during safety programs is a great way to hold the attention of a child and help ensure their important message is retained. Started in 1988 by past NRA President Marrion P. Hammer, the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program has grown into a nationwide program that quickly became the leader in firearm accident prevention training. It’s simple format focuses on an easy to remember message for children— If you see a gun, “Stop! Don’t touch. Leave the area. Tell an adult.” Today, law enforcement and schools from Sacramento, Calif. to Miami, Fla. have chosen to use the Eddie Eagle program to keep their city’s youth safe. In fact, in the past 22 years, over 26,000 educators, law enforcement agencies, and

civic organizations have taught the Eddie Eagle program to children in their communities. "The Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program has been a tremendous success," said Kayne Robinson, Executive Director of NRA General Operations. "23 million young people have received Eddie's lifesaving message, and the future of the program is bright." The Eddie Eagle mascot costume began selling in 1997 and has since come to be known as an asset to all law enforcement that uses them. So how many costumes does it take to break a record you ask? Well, last year alone, a record number of 26 Eddie Eagle costumes were given out to deserving agencies. This year, the program delivered a total of 38 mascot costumes to agencies and NRA representatives across the country! That’s 38 cities, towns, and communities whose residents can feel a bit more secure in the knowledge that children within their communities are going to be taught about firearm accident prevention through the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program. Costumes are often obtained by agencies who apply for grants through The NRA Foundation and Friends of NRA. This year though, the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program awarded nine additional costumes to qualifying agencies through an in-house sponsored costume contest. Additionally, seven Eddie Eagle costumes were purchased directly by law enforcement agencies to use within their communities. The Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program would like to recognize The NRA Foundation and Friends of NRA for their unwavering support, efforts, and contributions on behalf of child safety. As Eddie Eagle looks to another year, the program hopes the continued dedication of law enforcement professionals, educators, civic leaders, parents, and volunteers will contribute to surpassing yet another milestone of teaching 24 million children the important Eddie Eagle firearm accident prevention program. Get involved with the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program; visit http:// or contact Jon Draper at jdraper@ or (703) 267-1572.

Traditions . Quarter 1: 2010


Industry Corner

Traditions co-editor Amber Niblock-Shorter sat down with David Baron, President of Baron Technology, to learn about their relationship with Friends of NRA. ANS: Can you give me some background on your company and how Baron Technology's relationship

began with the National Rifle Association and Friends of NRA? DB: Baron Technology is a 28-year-old company whose current business is engraving and finishing guns for the shooting industry. It started out as an etching company that my father, Frank Baron, bought in 1982. Being fresh out of the Marine Corps then, I joined the company in that first year it became Baron Technology Inc. We first got involved with the NRA as a result of our company’s ongoing engraving work for customers such as Winchester and Weatherby. The Friends of NRA program began to contact them, and this led to us working directly with the Friends’ program to develop engraved products for their banquet programs. In many ways, the NRA and its programs represent the future of shooting and hunting in the United States. All manufacturers, big and small, share the goal of growing the participation in shooting, hunting and the collecting of firearms. It’s more than just a national pastime: it’s a legacy and a passion, and it’s our future. The NRA creates the glue that really holds everyone together. We all have overlapping reasons as to why it is important to see that the program grows and continues throughout the years. In my many years of working with the volunteers and staff at NRA, I was particularly inspired by Sandy Froman, who I met when we served together on the 4-H Shooting Sports Foundation Board. Sandy completely opened my eyes to an entire realm

Traditions . Quarter 1: 2010

of needs in the shooting sports world, which eventually generated the biggest returns. Sandy’s passion and leadership in 4-H and NRA provided a great opportunity from which I learned so much. One of the greatest lessons was to see that so many youngsters don’t come from shooting families, but that they still want to learn to shoot and work their way through the various disciplines! Working with the NRA and the Shooting Industry, I got first-hand participation in the magic of creating winwin situations where successful collaborations led to the greatest achievement of all: getting more youngsters passionate about shooting. ANS: Can you elaborate on some of the more interesting items you have done with Friends of NRA? How has Baron grown throughout the years as a result of its relationship with Friends of NRA? DB: All the items we have done are really cool. It's all about creating value in the products offered by the Friends’ program, and it has to be something that members of the NRA would be proud to own. There was an Imperial Schrade NRA Bowie knife that we created a scene for, which consisted of an image of an eagle’s shoulder on the blade. It was done in copper, silver and gold, and it was one of the most powerful and dynamic pieces that we ever created. It was exciting to see it used in events, and every time I saw it auctioned off at a banquet, it really created a stir and made for a lively auction! In recent years, on the firearms side of things, we’ve worked on the High Caliber Club guns. This provided us with a great opportunity to do extraordinary work on a small quantity of firearms that are true heirlooms and treasures! Many of these are hand engraved and highly collectible. ANS: How has Baron grown throughout the years as a result of their relationship with Friends of NRA and vice versa? DB: Every firearms manufacturer wants to have their firearms used in the Friends of NRA fundraising program. We have been blessed that the NRA has asked many of these selected companies (that were potential new customers to us) to “send their firearms to Baron for engraving!” These collaborations have grown into wonderful long-running business relationships. On the other side, we’ve had the honor of introducing some firearm manufacturers that were unfamiliar with the Friends of NRA program to it. It has been great to see the value and excitement these companies brought to the Friends’ program. ANS: Finally, why is it important to Baron Technologies to maintain strong ties with Friends of NRA in particular? DB: One thing I have always been passionate about is youth shooting programs, and there isn’t any organization that has done more for the growth of youth shooting programs than the NRA. Its support leads directly to the growth and preservation of shooting, the health and stability of industries that support it and the ranges, fields and locations where we all go to shoot. All these things are important to pass on to the next generation, so that we constantly grow. We can do that together by passing the passion on to the next generation.

Traditions . Quarter 1: 2010


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