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heat (noun) 1 the feeling of sth hot ciepło, gorąco: This fire doesn't give out much heat Ten ogień nie daje wystarczająco ciepła; 2 a thing that produces heat upał: I can't stand the heat Nie znoszę upałów interest (noun) 1 a desire to learn or hear more about sb/sth or to be involved with sbsth zainteresowanie: Don't lose interest now nie trać zainteresowania; 2 a legal right to share in business, etc. udział: When he retired he sold his interests in the company Kiedy przeszedł na

emeryturę sprzedał swoje udziały w firmie manoeuvre (noun) 1 (noun) a movement that needs care or skill manewr: in the driving test you must perform several manoeuvres podczas egzaminu na prawo jazdy musisz wykonać kilka manewrów; 2 (noun) something clever that you do in order to win sth, trick sb etc. fortel, podstęp; 3 (verb) to move to a different position using skill manewrować: I managed to manoeuvre into parking space udało mi

się manewrować na miejsce parkingowe motion (noun) 1 (noun) movement or a way of moving ruch, poruszenie: The swaying motion of the ship made us all feel sick Kołyszący ruch statku powodował w nas uzcucie choroby; 2 a suggestion that you discuss and vote at a meeting inicjatywa, wniosek: The motion was rejected by a majority of

votes Inicjatywa została odrzucona większością głosów reverse 1 (verb) to put sth in the opposite position odwracać: writing is reversed in a mirror Tekst jest odwórcony w lustrze; 2 to go backwards in a car etc.; to make a car go backwards cofać: He reversed his brand new car into a wall wycofał swój nowy samochód w ścianę; 3 to change sth to the opposite zmieniać: It's too late to reverse your decision Jest za późno na zmianę decyzji rock (noun) 1 (noun) the hard, stony part of the earth; a large piece or area of this that sticks out of the sea out of the ground skała: The ship hit the rocks and started to sink statek uderzył w skały i zaczął tonąć; 2 (noun) a type of pop music with a very strong beat, played on electric guitars, etc. rock: I

prefer rock Wolę rock smart (adjective) 1 (adjective) (used about a person) clean, tidy and wear-dressed; wearing formal or fairly formal clothes elegancki, wytworny: You look smart Wyglądasz elegancko; 2 (adjective) clever; able tot hink quickly bystry, inteligentny: He is very smart On jest bardzo inteligentny string (noun) 1 the thin cord that you use for tying things, etc. sznurek: a ball of string kłębek wełny; 2 a piece of thin wire, etc. on a musical instrument struna: A guitar has six strings Gitara ma 6 strun ticket (noun) 1 (noun) a piece of paper or card that shows you have paid for a journey or to enter a place of entertainment bilet: return ticket bilet powrotny; 2 (noun) a piece of paper or card that shows the price, size, etc of sth that is for sale metka; 3 (noun) an official piece of paper tgat you get when you have parked in the wrong place, driven too fast, etc. mandat

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