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Author: Anna Matosek Comunicação, Fotografia e Multimédia - 2011/2012

Porto as a city of the haven where the river is particularly the most important area that it should be attractive not only for tourists but also for the inhabitants. What I want is to show Ribeira from another point of view – namely objects which we can find there. I think that it much more interesting to show the place not through people but through things create this space– chairs, tables and others things ,mostly advertisements . Nowadays we used much more objects than twenty years ago , they are very colorful and intensive – I can even say that they are very trashy , which has the reference on the public spaces like Ribeira . Every of the free space there is full of any kinds of advertisements that interrupt the real reception of the river bank, they attractive whole attention of the users. In my work I focus on objects , I select them into groups –they related to each other e.g chairs , cheap ads or things which are connected with the boats (achor or pole )or symbols which are borrowed from other countries like red telephone cabin. What’s more these area of Porto is historical signed on the UNESCO list of heritage , it’s enormous contrast which I want to show in my work.

Ribeira through objects  

The historical Ribeira showed through objects which are located there.

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