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Weaving a Mat with my Friend Recently Suri and Allan have become good friends and they often play together. Allan told me that he would buy some presents for Suri. Teachers in the centre have been very pleased to watch such a wonderful friendship develop between these two children and they regard their friendship as an example of childhood romance. Today Suri and Allan took turns to make a paper mat, weaving paper strips together. I was glad that Suri persevered in the task although it was a little bit harder for her. Ka Pai, Suri! To persevere means victory! Links to Te WhÄ riki Children experience an environment where they are encouraged to learn with and alongside others (Contribution; Goal 3); Children develop skills and confidence with the processes of art and craft, such as...weaving,‌ (Communication; Goal 4.2). What Next? Continue to nurture the friendship between Suri and Allan through more co-operative play and do more weaving activities with them, for example, we can try to weave a heart shape together.

Bonny Yang


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