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Friendship Ripples Suri’s mother An has been concerned over Suri’s shyness. I believe that she will have a different view after she sees those photos which show how Suri actively and happily interacts with her friends in the centre. In the beginning Suri and Destiny became good friends and they often played and laughed together. Gradually Suri has developed friendships with more children. The first photo shows Suri was singing “Slippery Fish” with Sam and the second photo shows Suri was enjoying a story book with Madeleine. She also plays with Angelina, Ida and Alice. One time she even pretended to be a teacher by sitting on a chair and reading a book to her friend Destiny. I am very happy to see that Suri’s sense of belonging getting stronger and stronger through her friendships with a wide variety of children. Links to Te Wh riki Children develop a feeling of belonging, and having a right to belong, in the early childhood setting (Belonging; Goal 2.4); and children experience an environment where they are encouraged to learn with and alongside others (Contribution: Goal 3) What Next? Further nurture Suri’s sense of belonging through more co-operative play with other children. Bonny Yang


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