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Aliso Hosts A PixAr Perfect Homecoming By: ALYSSA SHON Senior Editor The Animated Homecoming halftime show and dance, held on Oct. 19 and 20, were some of the most anticipated events of the year and had a great turn out. This year, the theme was based off animated Pixar movies. So, seniors were Incredibles, juniors were Toy Story, sophomores were Monsters Inc. and freshman were Cars. ASB decided on the theme early this summer when there was much excitement surrounding Incredibles 2. The theme was initially going to be Incredibles, but after much debate they decided on a much broader subject: Pixar. “The theme was cute since all the movies were a super big part of our childhoods, but I wish our school took a more unique approach since a few other schools did the same theme,” said Ellie

Students at Homecoming. Hagemeister (12). The night before the dance, the homecoming halftime show was held which included floats, dancing, puns and the announcing

Photo by Amani Taraman. of homecoming king and queen. The floats were based off the class theme and were colorful and creative. “At first it was a mess. Our float

was assembled incorrectly and the day before homecoming we had to rebuild it completely. But once we got everything built, I really think we did an amazing

job,” said the junior class president Simon Jovanovic (11). The halftime show was also hosted by Ronak Naik (12) and Chloe Solomua (12). “Hosting the halftime show was a blast! I had the best time with my co-host Chloe and it will be one of my favorite memories at Aliso,” said Naik. Audrey Hoehner (12) was in charge of halftime and put much effort into the event. The month and a half of dance practices, hours of float building, and days of planning payed off too for such a result. Homecoming court included six couples instead of five, like normal, because of a tie. The court included seniors Noah Guerrero, Ivy Baron, Ambrose Wolf, Amanda Henry, Matthew Cuevas, Maddy Thompson, Kendra Burke, Joey Mingo, Bryce Dewald, Alyssa Shon, Sean Ibarra Continued on page 2...

CUSD MoveS TowarD a GenDer-neUTral DreSS CoDe By: JESSICA TADOKORO Copy Editor During the past summer, the Capistrano Unified School District revised school policies, which included dress code standards. Committee meetings were prompted by requests from students and parents. The Board says they’re working “towards a gender neutral dress code” that does not “increase marginalization, shaming or oppression of any group.” Mr. Brosamer, one of Aliso’s assistant principals, emphasized, “it is not gender specific.” This means that students cannot be dress coded based on their race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, body size, ethnicity or religion. The updated dress code says if students feel subject to discrimination, they “should contact a site administrator.” The previous dress code explicitly stated what could not be worn. The revised edition simply says students must wear “a shirt

Students on the football field. AND pants/jeans OR a dress or skirt AND shoes.” Brosamer added, “hats and hoods are allowed outside” and shorts can be shorter because “the old fingertip length rule is not the same.” This gives students more freedom in what they can wear. However, the new standards say students are still required to cover certain body parts, wear opaque

Photo by Mia Lopez. clothing and avoid clothes related to gangs, drugs/illegal items, or profanity. Another part of the dress code that changed is how proctors, teachers and staff dress code students. Brosamer said that how students were approached was “a big part of it” (‘it’ referring to the policy changes). Staff cannot call out students in

front of others and are asked to dress code students discreetly. Teachers can pull students aside after class and speak to them one on one about their clothing. Proctors can walk up to students individually in the hallways. This allows for a less uncomfortable response from the student and their peers. There seems to be positive feedback from this

change. When asked if the number of students caught violating the dress code has decreased, Brosamer said, “it has gone down” and said he “hasn’t noticed as many dress coded students sent up.” With more freedoms, students are able to wear a wider variety of clothes.




UPCOMING EVENTS Aliso Fights Against Drug Use Date


Oct. 31 Nov. 1 Nov. 1-30

Halloween NO SCHOOL UC/Cal State Applications start to be accepted Chipotle Fundraiser

Nov. 7

Nov. 17-25

Thanksgiving Break

Continued from page 1... and Dana Stefanides. “I felt like Lady Gaga. I felt like I wasn’t just a name or a face people have heard about. Homecoming court legitimized who I am and that I can be taken seriously,” said Joey Mingo (12). At the end of the halftime show, Keaton Draper and Casey Wilson, last year’s homecoming king and queen, crowned Bryce Dewald and Ivy Baron this year’s homecoming king and queen. The homecoming dance was crazy, hot, and sweaty, as always, but the set up was different from normal. It was in the same place as last year, but the dance floor consisted of four quadrants surrounding the DJ. “I think the intention into dividing it into four would eliminate moshing and maybe would create more space, but it pushed people into one corner and furthered the moshing,” said Martin Perez (12).

Also, the music was stopped frequently by administrators. “They constantly told us it was a no moshing zone,” said Queenie Pham (12). At the dance there were the floats, arcade games, photo booths and even an ice cream truck. Most people seemed to have fun at the dance despite some early bumps in the road. “The dance was way more fun this year because it wasn’t just one massive mosh pit. There were still some of those people, but it was a lot easier to get out, find your friends, and have a good time without the threat of being trampled,” said Britain Barker (11). Overall, the halftime show and homecoming were a huge hit and could even be considered close to Pixar perfect. But until now Aliso will have to wait for Winter Formal for the next chance to dance with all their classmates.

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Students participating in a Red Ribbon week lunch activity. By: MATTHEW GONZALEZ Photographer Whether people just think they look cool or wear them to support the fight against drugs, Red Ribbon wristband season is here. During Oct. 22 to the 27, Aliso Niguel High School along with other schools nationwide advocate drug prevention and educate students about drug abuse. Plans this year include different dress-up days and daily lunch activities. On Monday, “chill out and wear pajamas or sweatpants”. Students participated in the “Don’t blaze it when you can glaze it” donut dangle contest at lunch. On Tuesday, “check yourself before you wreck yourself and wear checkers”. The lunch time activity included a drunk simulation game. On Wednesday, “don’t ‘fall’ for drugs or bullies and wear red and orange”.

At lunch, people participated in pledging not to do drugs or bully others by putting a handprint on a huge fall themed poster. On Thursday, “fight against drugs and wear camouflage print”. During the “don’t get high” lunch time activity, students took part in a limbo contest. On Friday, “team up against drugs and dress up with a twin”. At the “don’t get wrapped up in drugs” lunch activity, people did a toilet paper mummy wrap contest. ASB put hard work into each and every component of the week to make sure the activities were fun and educational for the student body. Originally, Wednesday was a wear red only day, but it was changed to wear red and orange day. “We changed the dress up day because the entire CAPOUSD district was taking part in a ‘wear

Photo by Alyssa Shon. orange day’ to prevent bullying on Wednesday. We already had our heart set on wearing red because it was Red Ribbon Week so we decided to combine those two days together,” said ASB Vice President Arya Bastani (12). The ASB Commissioners of Philanthropy, Alex Treistman (12) and Gabriella Fajardo (12), have put hours of effort into this week and have been working with administration to get their ideas approved. “I want to help spread awareness on substance abuse and how it affects all of our daily lives. I chose trendy styles that will want to make everyone participate in such a great cause!” said Fajardo . Whether students are compelled by the fun activities or the prevention the week advocates for, the student body is reminded of the dangers of drugs and the need to prevent drug use and abuse.

Adminstration Creates a Homecoming Waitlist By: AMANDA ZEITAWI Senior Editor For many students, homecoming is a time to celebrate going back to school and have fun with friends. However, this year, some students were almost robbed of that opportunity. A few weeks into ticket sales, the school announced that tickets were sold out. Students were then given the chance to add their name to a waitlist in case more tickets were to become available. However, many students chose not add their names, feeling discouraged and certain they would never be picked. Assistant Principal Nichols said that “[the administration] is trying to expand the area used for the dance to accommodate more students.” Sales were stopped because of the fear of unsafe conditions due to crowding. Then on Oct. 10, the school announced that all students on the waitlist would get the chance to buy a ticket. Since this happened, some students questioned the purpose of initially cutting off sales.

Activities window. The student body, which is over 3,000, at Aliso Niguel is continuously expanding, making the school the biggest in the district. When planning future dances, the increasing student population should be an important factor when making decisions. A solution could be a new venue. Rather than having homecoming at the school, a larger area could be rented for the night, allowing

Photo by Alyssa Shon. every student who wishes to attend to have that opportunity. The venue does not need to be as expensive as the winter formal and prom locations, but large enough to accommodate the ever increasing amount of students. This problem was solved at the dance by expanding the area used and wrapping the dance floor around the stage instead of confining it to one side.



Aliso Can’t Fit All its Students By:TARA DUKES Staff Writer As of 2018, Aliso Niguel High School has a total enrollment of 3,068 students. Which is approximately 1,700 more students than the original intended maximum occupancy. This proves to be a challenge while getting to class or other places on campus. Many students feel that it might be more comfortable to have a smaller student body, because it would make getting around easier. Corey Anderson (9) says, “It can be a hassle to get to class because the doors are always blocked.” With this amount of students at ANHS all trying to their classes at once, blockages can occur in many parts of the school. Even with the 10 minute passing period, it is common to be barricaded from class. In some of the most crowded hallways, like the 400 and 200 halls, students are often seen gathered around the entrances waiting either to pass through or go to their classroom. Raymond Wong (11) says, “These hallways aren’t really wide enough for us to fit as many students as we have.” With the large population of students at Aliso, the hallways do not have an adequate amount of space to handle both the student and staff population. As a result of the limited space, students often get pushed around and forced


Refugee Relief Club Aims to Help “By the end of the year, we hope to raise enough funds, probably like $500 in funds to donate” By: SANAZ AHMADI Staff Writer

Students outside of the 400 hallway. to wait while simply attempting to get to a destination. The problems due to overpopulation continues at lunch as well. On a typical day, students can be seen racing for tables to eat at. Students who claim a table are able to eat and talk with friends comfortably. However, other

Photo by Tara Dukes. students are forced to sit on the ground because of the minimal amount of lunch tables. The high enrollment at Aliso is often an obstacle for students during a normal school day. However this “issue” also allows for an abundance of culture and diversity to flourish within the school.


The Refugee Relief Club is dedicated towards raising funds to donate to the United Nations Refugee Fund (UNHCR). It will host events such as bake sales, jog-athons, and restaurant fundraisers to help the refugee crises around the world. Joanne Sarsam (10), club president, said, “I feel like it’s not as widely advocated as much as other issues in the state.” She continued to say, “Younger generations don’t have as much awareness about the cause.” Vice President, Megan Lee (10), said, “It makes them aware of how bad things are in the world.” The UNHCR is dedicated to saving lives, protecting the rights of refugees and building a better life overall for refugees. The club is not officially affiliated to the UNHCR, but just donates to them. These donations will attribute to facilitating the lives of refugees across the world. With their success at Club Rush, the club founders are looking forward to a successful year of fun-

draising. “By the end of the year, we hope to raise enough funds, probably like $500 in funds to donate,” said Sarsam (10). Regarding other goals they have for the club, Lee (10) said, “Maybe branch it out to different schools to get them to start it.” The UNHCR provides essentials like water, shelter, and food to better the lives of refugees and build a better future. The daily struggles of refugees is not a widely- discussed topic, but the Refugee Relief club wants to make sure people start conversations and take action to help the refugee crises and provide them with a better way of life. “I wanted to raise awareness about the issue and felt like starting a club in high school was a good time to do it, especially to get younger people energized about the idea,” said Joanne Sarsam (10). As their first year as a club, they are very excited to start brainstorming ideas and events with fellow club members on how they can raise funds to help provide refugees with food, shelter, and more essentials.




Tensions Rise Over Senate and the House By: BROOKE ORRILL Copy Editor Two years after the 2016 presidential election, the polls will once again open to the American public on Nov. 6. Every seat in the House of Representatives will be voted upon, while only 35 out of 100 Senate seats will be voted on during the 2018 midterm elections. Currently, all three branches of government are controlled by the Republican party with Donald Trump as president and the majority in both houses of congress. Although the Judiciary branch of the United States government is technically non-partisan, the current President and his congress have nominated 2 of 9 Supreme Court judges. However, these midterms provide Independents and Democrats a chance to win themajority in both the House and Senate. Aliso Viejo’s current representative Dana Rohrabacher was previously President Reagan’s speechwriter. For ten years, beginning in 2003, he served as a representative for nearby Congressional District 46. Since 2013, Rohrabacher has been the representative for Congressional District 48. Rohrabacher has been outspoken in his support for Trump and has

Dana Rohrabacher (left) and Harley Rouda (right). been connected to the Russian investigation. After talking to his head of staff 1 on Feb. 12, 2018, it is clear Rohrabacher will not be changing his views in attempt to keep his seat in the House.

For the first time in 5 years, there is a Democrat who has the potential to keep Rohrabacher out of the House of Representatives. Harley Rouda, once a selfproclaimed Republican, became a

Photos provided by Google. registered Democrat in 2016 following the presidential election. After Hillary Clinton’s narrow win of Aliso Viejo’s district and Rohrabacher’s far right views, Rouda is the first candidate that

Rohrabacher may not beat. Former President Barack Obama spoke on Sept. 8, 2018 in Anaheim, Calif. in support of Rouda’s campaign. The room of only 1,000 people appeared moved by President Obama’s kind words about Rouda. Following President Obama’s speech, there was a chance to speak directly to Rouda and other Democratic nominees for congress. After only a few minutes of talking to Rouda it was evident he was determined to beat Rohrabacher despite challenging odds. Rouda’s fight for Rohrabacher’s current position is only 1 of 354 fights for technically undetermined seats. Similar to Rohrabacher’s seat, 30 current Republican seats have become “toss-ups”; this means it is equally possible for a Democrat or Republican to win that state. Republicans are determined to keep all three branches of government while Democrats want to flip the House of Representatives, which requires at least 23 Republican seats to turn blue. The outcome of Rohrabacher and Rouda’s election will play a crucial part in determining the future of political power in the United States of America.

New Assistant Principal Joins Aliso By: MATTHEW GONZALEZ Photographer The dawn of the new school year brought forth a wide variety of new team members to the Aliso Niguel staff. The most recent edition came on Sept. 24, a few weeks after the first day of school: Assistant Principal Puccinelli. She joins fellow new admins, Assistant Principal Rich Nichols and Counselor Laura Liegler, to boost the supportive school staff for the 2018-2019 school year. This year, she tackles tasks such as monitoring technology, coordinating transportation, and event supervision, among many other activities. With over twenty years of involvement with education--working in math and science departments, as an activity director, and as an assistant principal at the middle school level--Puccinelli is qualified to help Aliso reach new heights this year. An interview with the Assistant Principal gave insight into what motivated her to choose Aliso. The veteran staff were a significant factor in her choice. She had “heard a lot about [the] principal, and that she would be great to work for and about the

New Assistant Principal Puccinelli. team in general.” Upon entering the campus, these expectations were met; Puccinelli instantly noted “the energy that’s here [at Aliso], with all the high school kids.” She added, “it’s very positive and I just feel very welcomed here.” As Assistant Principal, she says she wants to “have great conversations with kids, and be able to spend time talking about life

Photo by Matthew Gonzalez. and making good decisions.” She aims to act as a role model to high schoolers throughout their progression at Aliso, helping them while doing her job well and fairly. The Assistant Principal’s first few days have been exciting and slightly hectic as she adjusts to the high school academic level and environment. "I have

so much to learn,” she said. “I have no idea what to expect, but I’m super excited.” Additionally, she intends to work with our staff for a long time and wants to “have the impact that [she’s] fair with students, and that [she] has great relationships with the staff.” In her free time, Puccinelli loves “walking her dog, Bella . . . she’s

a lab and shepherd mix.” Her other dog, Otis, is sixteen and past his prime walking years. She also enjoys playing Scrabble, and likes watching football. Expect to see her at a few of the upcoming Aliso football games! Our new Assistant Principal Puccinelli is happy to be a part of the Aliso staff, ready to work hard to help our students thrive.




Rising Tensions Due to Trump’s Supreme Court Nomination By: SANAZ AHMADI Staff Writer On Sept. 27, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, one of Kavanaugh’s accusers, gave testimonies that could determine whether or not Kavanaugh is sworn into the highest court in the nation. The hearing began at 10 a.m. eastern time as Ford testified first in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, recalling the night she was allegedly assaulted by Kavanaugh. “Brett put his hand over my mouth to stop me from screaming,” said Ford, adding that she feared he was going to kill her. Maintaining a calm and held-together exterior, Ford claims that Kavanaugh attempted to rape her at a high school party in the 1980s and has been dealing with PTSD and claustrophobia ever since. When asked what haunts her from that night, Ford said, “Indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter, the uproarious laughter between the two. And their having fun at my expense.” When Senator Dick Durbin asked her how certain she was about her accusation, she answered “100 percent.” She added, “I am here today not because I want to be. I am terrified. I am here because I believe it is my civic duty to tell you what happened to me while Brett Kavanaugh and I were in high school.”

Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Basley Ford After Ford’s lengthy testimony, Kavanaugh vehemently denied any accusations against him. He claimed, “This whole two-week effort has been a calculated and orchestrated political hit fueled with apparent pent-up anger about President Trump and the 2016 election, fear that has been unfairly stoked about my judicial

record.” Kavanaugh read his statement in an aggressive and defensive manner, repeatedly claiming his innocence. “I’m not questioning that Dr. Ford may have been sexually assaulted by some person in some place at some time, but I have never done this to her or to anyone. That’s not who I am,”

Photos Provided By Google. Kavanaugh said. He appeared to be holding back tears as he frequently paused to drink water and was often asked about his past of heavy consumption of beer and referenced to remarks made in his yearbook. Kavanaugh defended himself by referencing his impressive academic record and his athletic ac-

complishments. When asked about his drinking record, Kavanaugh said, “Sometimes I had too many beers. But I did not drink beer to the point of blacking out, and I never assaulted anyone.” Kavanaugh and Ford’s testimonies marked a historic moment in the midst of the #MeToo movement.




Julie Chen Takes a Step Back From CBS By: GABI POREMBA Layout Editor Julie Chen-Moonves-- television personality, host of Big Brother, and producer of the Columbia Broadcasting System—has recently announced that she will be leaving CBS to support her husband against sexual assault allegations. Leslie Moonves, President and Chief Executive Officer of CBS, was accused of sexual misconduct by at least 12 women who work at CBS. The wake of these allegations, reflecting the powerful #MeToo movement, put ChenMoonves in a tight situation. On an episode of Big Brother, Julie Chen-Moonves, who usually does not include her married name (Moonves) in her title, ended the show in an unusual Picture of Julie Chen manner. “From outside the Big Brother house, I’m Julie Chen- ried name shocked not only the Moonves. Goodnight,” said live audience of Big Brother, but Chen. The inclusion of her mar- also viewers throughout America.

Students Stand Up For Equality By:JESSICA TADOKORO Copy Editor On Sept. 20 and 21, students were bustling around the quad at lunchtime during the biannual Club Rush. In the middle of the business, the Feminist Club showed its support and appreciation for feminists. This club hopes to grow the feminist cause and raise awareness of who they are and what they contribute to society. The club is run by President Hannah Manoochehri (11) and Vice President Lauren Discala (11). Manoochehri says this club is for students to meet and learn “what a feminist really is and the topics that affect us.” Discala says their club is a way for her to “stand up and discover a way to make things better.” The club works hard to put down the negative connotation that is associated with the word ‘feminist’ and Discala says she wants to show that “everybody in this world should grow up with the same opportunities and admiration.” Other members of the club spoke out about how they feel about the club and what it represents. Some students at Aliso Niguel and club members believe

feminism is important to society. When explaining why feminism is important, Sophie Warth (11) says, “it allows the students to feel comfortable being who they are” and “help stop false rumors” about the values of feminism. She believes that feminism can help communities to eliminate double standards. Within the Aliso Niguel community and also in a broader, global scope, feminism and its supporters have become more influential and outspoken. For example, in the recent Brett Kavanaugh hearing, there has been praise for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford via social media for telling her story and empowering women around the world. While feminism is a controversial topic to some, club leaders like Manoochehri emphasize that “it is a fight for equality” that “in today’s society, most people don’t feel that they have [equality].” The club hopes to raise support for this idea by encouraging students to attend meetings. This club is a great opportunity to discuss feminism and meet new people. They meet wwin room 301 every third Thursday of the month during lunch, so be sure to check their club out.

Image Provided By Google. As host of both Big Brother and shows. Since The Talk is centered The Talk, Chen-Moonves decid- on social issues that often include ed to leave the latter of the two women speaking of the #MeToo

movement, she thought it would be best to leave the show considering her circumstances. The premiere for The Talk was on Sept. 3, and after 15 days of absence from the show, ChenMoonves released a video to her fellow cast members. She emphasized the need to support her husband and child while sending her regards to friends on the show. Sara Gilbert, along with the rest of the crew from the show, had emotional reactions to the video. They all wished her the best of luck in her circumstances at home as well as for the progression of her career. Despite these obstacles, ChenMoonves will remain host of Big Brother. She is able to complete her duties for the game show while spending time at home without delving into her personal life on-screen. She has also recently become involved with Celebrity Big Brother, occurring annually in the winter.

Seniors are Stressed out About College Applications By: NADAV WINOGRAD Copy Editor The time for college applications has arrived once again too early. And no part of the college application is regarded with more fear than the dreaded college application essay. These days, most colleges have a ‘holistic admissions process’. This is simply a fancy way of saying that they at least attempt to account for more than just GPA and standardized test scores. Most of the holistic process happens in the rest of the application, actually. On the Common Application there is a sea of sports, clubs, academic leagues, volunteer organizations, and whatever else is considered extracurricular that can be chosen from drop down boxes and multiple choice fill ins. This is where most of the holistic magic happens. The essay just fills in the cracks that the rest of the process is unable to provide. Anything and everything that cannot be deduced by looking at test scores and activity lists is potential content for the essay. For example, it would be difficult to guess someone’s core values with only their GPA and a list of their daily activities. If that person were in sports, maybe it could be argued that he values athleticism and hard work; but that is an educated assumption at best. The essay prompts will usually steer responses down that direction anyway. Look at

College Application. Common Application essay prompt number one, for instance: “Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story.” Since the job of the essay is to give admissions officers information about intangible things such as personalities, values, or morals, it is best to focus on those when writing. The

Photo provided by Google. Common App prompt above asks about background, identity, interest, or talent. Whatever the answer to those may be, that should be the meat of the essay not necessarily the stories or accomplishments behind them. Sitting at a computer screen late at night, it is easy to despise college application essays. It is important to remember that the holistic admission process is meant to benefit the individual by giving them a more personalised review.




Stress Levels Through The Grades By: CRIS PINEDA & HAYLEY CHUNG Staff Writers School has been known to cause a lot of stress on students, but there are many factors that conclude to this stress. We took to the hallways of Aliso Niguel High School and asked students from each grade to tell us how difficult their current year is. Even though they are only embarking on their four year journey, the freshman are starting to feel the heat. We asked a few new high schoolers to rate their level of stress on a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest. Angel He (9) says that she feels almost twice as stressed as last year, going from a four to a seven. With her honors classes and theatre, she has her plate filled for the remaining semesters. This is the opposite for Skylar Connolly (9) whose stress levels are at solid 3, despite taking similar classes. Sophomore and junior year are

rumored to be the most difficult and draining times, and this goes for Starling Gerard (10) whose stress levels have increased from a five to an eight. Even though her extracurriculars aren’t as crucial, with honors and AP classes, her nights are unfortunately longer and far more tiring. When interviewing the juniors we see a difference in stress. Brett Fasco (11) says that his stress levels have decreased from a nine to a seven. This could possibly be from getting used to the high school environment. On the contrary, Maryam Izadshenas (11) says that her stress levels have increased from an eight to a ten. These two juniors are different because of the variance in classes, causing one of them to have more workload over the other. Kara Tabel (12) is almost done with her high school career and says “I feel panicked for my college applications.” This and commitments in golf and work causes her stress levels to rise from a

Students studying in Honors English II six to an eight. This also goes for Carter Axelrod’s (12), whose stress has doubled in the past year since he has the full dedication as captain of the football team in addition to difficult classes. Our overall conclusion to this test is that no matter what

Grey’s Anatomy Returns Again

classes you’re taking or what you’re trying to accomplish, you’re bound to endure stress throughout your entire high school career— so suck it up. Even if you do take simpler classes, you’ll never be without late nights or exhausting assignments.

Photo by Amani Taraman However, with the choice of harder classes or more time consuming commitments, kids will end up stressing drastically more. Just remember as much as you’ll experience hardships in these couple years, these are the best years of your life.

Get on the Funk Bus and Swing On

By: SOPHIE WARTH Layout Editor Season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy returned Sept. 27 to ABC, with more twists, relationship complications and medical disasters, leaving viewers wanting more. Long time fan Wynonna Detuyato (11) commented on the premiere episode saying, “I liked how long the episode was because it got me more hyped to see upcoming episodes.” Episode 1 of the season was a double feature satisfying viewers who had waited anxiously for the new season. However, some fans were disappointed to learn that Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw, who played April Kepner and Arizona Robbins respectively, were not returning for Season 15. Many quickly blamed title character actress Ellen Pompeo’s 20 million dollar salary for the sudden departure of Capshaw and Drew, but the Grey’s team’s official claimed creative differences were to blame. The creator, head writer and executive producer Shonda Rhimes said, “Both the LGBTQ and devout Christian communities are underrepresented on TV.” These two characters brought representation to a show that deals with many modern issues. By addressing these controversial topics in a dramatic hospital environment, it is easy to see why it has remained popular for 15 seasons. Feminism has remained a prominent theme throughout the show’s history. At one point, the Chief of Surgery and every major department head were wom-

By: CYNTHIA QI Copy Editor

Grey’s Anatomy Cast en. The domination of women doctors continues in Season 15. Kate Collins (11) shares a concern with many other viewers regarding fan-favorite character Callie Torres, played by Sara Ramirez, who is most likely not returning because of a dispute between CBS and ABC. Nonetheless, one thing all fans can agree on is Grey’s Anatomy has the ability to make you cry. Derek Shepherd’s death on the show was tragic and sad. While fans missed the actor Patrick Dempsey, the storyline brought

Provided by Google Meredith and her family, blood related or not, closer together. This bond and family theme is constant throughout the last 15 seasons. Unfortunately, the end of Grey’s Anatomy may be close. Pompeo confirmed that “we’re getting there”, expressing her desire to spend more time with her kids and “be home with [her] living essentials, bath bombs.” Overall, Grey’s Anatomy’s new season is definitely going to be interesting with twists never before seen, but whether audiences will love it is yet to be determined.

Steady beats on the drums and booming sounds of swing from the Wolverine Theater marked The Funk Bus’ premiere show at Aliso Niguel High School’s annual Night of the Arts show during the previous school year. Tied with the common pursuit to play music together outside of school and passion to perform in front of others, six Aliso Niguel students formed their own student band during Spring 2018. The band, The Funk Bus, consists of six musicians with Ethan Lavenstein (11) on trumpet, Nolan Murphy (11) on saxophone, David Walker (11) on trombone, Matt Hannon (11) on guitar, Alex Lopez (11) on bass, and KJ Smith (11) on drums. The band performed at Aliso Niguel’s Night of the Arts show during the previous school year and will perform more often in the future. Until then, the band will continue to upload brief performances of covers, as well as some original compositions, to their Instagram page. All part of the school’s instrumental music program, members of The Funk Bus find it exceptionally fun to experience musical collaboration in a more casual setting. “Being in a student band feels more laid back, easy going, and independent than playing music in a more formal setting [like the school band and orchestra], but it also feels much less

organized,” said Hannon, “It’s also great to be around people who are extremely passionate about music and performance. The band is such a positive environment, and all our individual talent encourages everyone to play to the best of their ability every time we get together and jam.” Individual interest in music all developed in a different way among members of the Funk Bus. Smith explored his interest in drums after hearing a performance of his middle school band director, and Lavenstein started playing the trumpet after watching YouTube videos of famous trumpet players. Despite the distinct starts in music, all members have more than five years of experience on their instruments. The band hosts regular private garageband jams to prepare for their performances and record their covers. Although performing together in band, the members all have eclectic tastes in music. They listen to a diverse range of music, and these influences give them a unique sound and musical style. Besides covering other songs, the band has composed an original work as well. Want to know more about The Funk Bus? Go follow @wearethefunkbus on Instagram!




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Green Tights $5 Green T-shirt. Paint on shell with brown paint. *Requires some artistic ability*




Twin Tea: Colton vs. Jason for Bachelor

Student Conscience: Best Friends at Aliso Open Up By: SOPHIA PARIZADEH Staff Writer

Ellie Bowmer (right) and Kayla Bowmer (left) smiling for bachelor season By: ELLIE BOWMER Social Media Coordinator The American Broadcasting Company has finally selected the next bachelor-- and to Bachelor nation’s surprise, it is not Jason Tartick. After what audiences thought would be the season of girls fawning over the wonderful Tartick, Bachelor officials decided to choose Colton Underwood instead. Both men were featured during Becca Kufrin’s season and were included in the top four choices. The obvious decision would have been Tartick due to his affability and the fact that he made it further in the game than the majority of competitors. Tartick, much older than Underwood, also seemed ready for a long-term relationship. Viewers are even more surprised that Underwood became the bachelor because of prior issues regarding Tia Booth. He was also evidently upset about his breakup with Kufrin. From the beginning, Underwood entered Bachelor nation associated with an abundance of drama, which is ideal for this hit television show. When off

camera, Underwood was romantically involved with one of Aries’ contestants: Tia Booth. This put a major bump in the road for the relationship between Kufrin and Underwood; it also had the same effect on Booth and Underwood afterwards on Bachelor in Paradise. It is no secret that Underwood was in love with Kufrin-- this was made clear when he cried on Bachelor in Paradise. He was in an on-and-off relationship with Booth throughout Paradise, which makes viewers wonder why Bachelor officials believe he is ready to move on with another girl. It is true that Tartick was heartbroken after his break up with Kufrin. However, it appeared as though he had closure when he appeared on-screen after the final rose. While Underwood is not undeserving of this title, some of Bachelor Nations believes he is less deserving than Tartick. Underwood comes off as a decent person-- however, audiences hope that he takes the relationship as seriously as Tartick would have.

Images provided by Google and Laura Kim

By: KAYLA BOWMER Layout Editor Colton Underwood has been announced as the new bachelor, and viewers could not be more excited. Beginning his journey to find love soon, Underwood keeps fans of the Bachelor waiting with high expectations. For weeks, the Bachelor nation anticipated the crowning of the next bachelor to prepare for the six-week marathon of a man finding a wife. It is possible that if Jason Tartick had had a better haircut, he would have beaten Underwood to the opportunity. As a fan-favorite from Becca Kufrin’s season of the Bachelorette, Underwood is ready to find a love that will last for the rest of his life. Despite Underwood’s past experiences on the show regarding love triangles, he is determined to discover his one and only soulmate on the upcoming season. Various members of the audience do not give the 26-year-old enough credit. Underwood may be young, but he is accomplished, mature, and definitely ready to take the next steps in finding his

true love in front of millions of people. Underwood has stated he is ready for love, and even has the slogan, time to find a wife, showing that he will take this journey seriously. After the drama between he and Tia Booth, fans began to think that he has trouble navigating his feelings; however, both Underwood and Booth have stated on social media that they mutually support and wish the best for one another. Throughout Kufrin’s season, viewers watched how hard Underwood fell for her. They went on multiple dates, and fans could tell they had chemistry. Underwood’s experience on Kufrin’s season proves that he is serious and ready to fall in love. It is clear that he is a good citizen from the volunteer work he does as well as the way he interacts with his family. Underwood’s likability is evident simply in the relationships he forms with people. While Tartick could have made a decent bachelor, Underwood is a great candidate according to viewers-- they unmistakably support a man who will wear his heart on his sleeve.

What has been your favorite memory with your best friend?

“Her parents took us on a road trip to San Francisco and we spent the night there and we stayed there for a few days”. Dominique Danze (11) and Ally Frank (11)

Students Suffer From Sleep Deprivation By: NATALIE RUDIN Staff Writer Each day, tales of sleep-deprivation buzz around campus, accounting for much of the student body’s tired eyes and exhausted minds. While such a sight has been normalized in a school setting, it presents itself as a concern to a more sobered outside perspective. The development of teenage students is dependent on the amount of sleep they receive each night, the ideal amount having been scientifically determined to be nine hours and fifteen minutes. However, two studies of the sleeping patterns of Wolverines have suggested that students are falling remarkably short of this advised sleep standard. One poll of 129 students, including all grade levels but representative primarily of juniors, reveals that 59% of them receives four to six hours of sleep most nights. 41% of polled students reported that they receive seven to

“We were in the audience together and there was a lot of drama with this one mom. She was really crazy and my mom was really annoyed and it bonded us closer because our parents because friends from it.” Sophia Pizzulli (12) and Chaya Belland (12)

Cartoon of tired student. nine hours of sleep most nights, a quantity that still falls short of the standard for teenage sleep. In addition, school impedes their nightly sleeping patterns— a jolting 94% of students confirmed school’s obstruction of healthy sleep, while a meager 6% denied it. It is thus blatantly clear that academic factors are molding a critically sleep-deprived student population. It should be noted that the majority of the 59% of surveyed students were enrolled in Honors

Photo provided by Google. and AP level courses. This substantiates the conclusion that a prevalent culture of academic rigor at Aliso contributes to the insufficient paltry of sleep received each night. Inquiry directed at students provides different outlooks on the climate of sleep-deprivation. When asked about the ways in which academics slash away at much-needed slumber, Amy Linhardt (11) suggested that “school has the tendency to overemphasize the importance of insignifi-

cant tasks that create unnecessary stress and make students miserable.” This academic pressure may, therefore, be tainted by the ruin it wreaks upon student health. However, Erin Werkmeister (11) claims that “avoiding procrastination allows students to get more sleep each night.” While many may either agree or disagree with the above statements, it is undeniable that school has crafted an exceedingly sleep-deprived student body.

“One Halloween we got sprayed in the face with silly string by this random kid. It was a bonding experience.” Sarah Spencer (12) and Miyo Yamasaki (12)




A College Degree Could Drain You For Year$ By: VISHNU NAIR Editor-in-Chief As Oct. comes to an end, the due dates of college applications draws closer. Each day, seniors choosing to attend a four-year university get closer to receiving their acceptance letters. Unfortunately, college now comes at a high cost. College tuition rates have increased each year. According to CollegeBoard, the “average published tuition and fee prices rose by $930 (in 2018 dollars)” from 2008-09 to 2018-19 in public two year institutions. In a public fouryear, that number rises to $2,670. The biggest raise, however, is by $7,390 in private non-profit colleges and universities. This only represents the statistics in the United States. Now, it should be noted that according to Business Insider, of the other thirty five countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development or OEPD, an organization, of democratic countries that support free market trade, founded to discuss and develop economic and social policy, the United States currently has the highest average annual tuition for both public and private colleges and universities.

Many students take out loans to pay for college. In approximately one-third of the 35 countries included in OEPD, public universities have free tuition. The next 10 countries have an annual tuition of $4,000 or less. With private colleges, prices jump by more than $21,289. Which raises the question: where does this money go? In public schools, tuitions mainly rose as a result of cuts in state appropriations. Following the 2008 recession, multiple states

decided to cut funding for many public institutions within their jurisdiction. Future students had to be relied upon to make up for the lost funds creating this national increase in tuition costs. Private institutions do not receive money from the state making them dependent on a tuition high enough to cover the cost of education and other related spending. According to the Delta Project, this entails “spending on

Cartoon by Vishnu Nair. instruction and student services, plus a portion of spending on academic and institutional support and for operations and maintenance of buildings.” Ultimately, the amount you pay is colleges claim, goes towards the education and upkeep of the school. Despite this seemingly logical argument, there are more factors tuition affects. Even with programs like FAFSA that award scholarships based on

need and merit, most Americans today still struggle with paying for college. Over the last 11 years alone, student debt has seen a 157% overall growth, and projected to keep rising. More students have began to pursue higher education than which theoretically could be linked to interest rates on loans higher than usual—leaving students with both a college degree and tremendous debt after they walk at graduation. For the class of 2017, the average student loan debt was $39,400, a number bound to keep increasing. A Wisconsin study found that it takes graduates of Wisconsin universities around twenty years to pay of the debt for a bachelor’s degree and twenty three for graduate. This means that there are many Americans, in even in the ages 40 to 49, still with student loans around $33,735. A study from NerdWallet predicts that with these student loans, those graduating after 2015 would have to delay retirement to 75, with a driving factor being student loans. So as you fill out those applications and check all the boxes for which colleges to apply to, consider the cost of college on your financial future.

How to Stay Safe This Halloween By: SOPHIA PARIZADEH and SKYLAR SCHLICHT Staff Writers Don’t get too wild this Halloween! Here are some tips and tricks (or treats) on staying safe with the nighttime party animals. For those of us who are going to be nocturnal this Halloween, be sure to: always hold someone’s hand, getting lost is the last thing you need in this politicalclimate. Don’t talk to strangers, especially the ones passing out the candy, just snatch it and sprint. Stray away from any controversial topics, be polite and respectful while there are children around you, they’ve already seen enough. Beware of any beauty gurus who want to trip you up, they will convince you that your falsies are sagging, and your contour is scary, but its not true, you are a queen (or king). Keep a look out of Shane Dawson’s Jake Paul videos, they are the spookiest and watch out for sociopaths. Take the entire bowl of candy with the sign that clearly states not to. They’re too lazy to hand it to you themselves so it’s their loss and your win.

Trick or treating. Take it easy on the heavy makeup (or self tanner) this month, apparently rain may be coming soon (just kidding it’ll probably be 85 degrees while sprinkling, don’t get your hopes up). Start studying for finals now, so you don’t stress out before Winter Break. Pay attention to your parents, love

Photo provided by Google. and cherish them because they’re going to be the only ones there for you when you’re crying aboutspooky student loans. Dress like it’s the late 90s. Wear Dad shoes with mom jeans because parents should be everything to you. Do not dress as any specific culture other than your own

this Halloween as it is very inappropriate. Also, refrain from dressing as a cat or nerd because we all know you are taking the easy way out. Start your Christmas shopping now before all the good stuff gets sold out and prices go boom boom ding a ling hokie pokie

boogie woogie womp womp winga ping ping. Whip out your scary movie collection and play those bad boys while online shopping for scented candles. Finally, prepare for your jugs of candy by keeping in shape, take 5 minutes out of your day to do 10 squats and lunges.




Religious Holidays: You Can’t Please Everyone By: BROOKE ORRILL Copy Editor Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are the two most important holidays in the Jewish religion. However, a large population of people do not know what either of those holidays are or what they mean. Rosh Hashanah translates to “Head of the Year” from the common Jewish language Hebrew. The name accurately describes the nature of this holiday, since Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year. Meanwhile, Yom Kippur roughly translates to “Day of Atonement”. These two days comprise the Jewish High Holy Days; Yom Kippur is considered to be the holiest day of the year. Services for both of these holidays continue throughout the day regardless of which day of the week the holiday lands on. Understandbly, a lack of Jewish students is the reason for CUSD schools being in session during the High Holy Days. But what does this mean for teenagers and children who find themselves torn between going to school and services, as their district does not give either day off? Do they go to school to not fall behind? Or do they go to temple and focus on their community and personal religious beliefs?

Jewish Holidays Sadly, many Jewish high school students find themselves having to choose between their faith and school. I personally have felt at times that school and my Jewish community cannot equally coexist. Capistrano Unified School District excuses any absences due to Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, but school remains open. Other districts and private school in Southern Orange County do close their schools. Locally, Saddle-

Photos Provided by Google. back District gave students Yom Kippur off in respect to those attending services. Because of the district’s adamant support that holidays are excused, some may wonder why complain or fight for a change? I once missed six tests by going to temple on Rosh Hashanah. When returning to school, I had to figure out how to make up every test before my week-long grace period ended. At the time completing all of my missed work,

missing lunch, and cramming to complete homework seemed to be a punishment. I found myself behind in all my classes for at least a week, simply because my family and I chose to attend temple. I have never known someone who follows a sect of Christianity having this problem. Winter and Spring break are often referred to as Christmas and Easter Break. These breaks are scheduled to avoid conflict with those Christian holidays, so the unofficial

names are not a surprise. This makes people who follow other religions feel less important and separated from the school community. My argument is not with Capistrano Unified School District or any specific teachers, but rather a calling to improve the situation. If there is no enforcement of any policy regarding the Jewish holidays, is there even a policy? Administration should find a new policy that stops tests from being administered during the Jewish High Holy Days and other religious holidays such as the Islamic New Year. This simple change would be one giant step forward in creating the inclusive community the district strives for. Without the threat of tests and falling behind, no longer will Jewish students feel as though they cannot engage in their holidays. It may appear to be miniscule, but Jewish students would be able to avoid long nights filled with stress and pressure to succeed because of a religious commitment. Nights like these may be a common occurrence in the average high schooler’s life, but they should not be caused by any student, Jewish or not, practicing their religion. CUSD has strived for inclusion, now it must take the next step.

Asian Representation In Hollywood Matters By: AUDREY XIA Copy Editor Recently, three remarkable and very popular movies have come out: Crazy Rich Asians, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, and Searching, all featuring Asian leads. These movies are highlyacclaimed and are garnering both positive reviews and ratings. These three movies are obviously must-watches, but they mean something so much more to Asian-Americans. They present a positive, humanized representation of Asian-Americans in the media after a history of disparaging stereotypes in Hollywood. Asian Americans have been mistreated by popular culture and media for decades, perpetuating harmful stereotypes and whitewashing characters. Asians are stereotyped as nerdy, anti-social, and unathletic; Asian women are seen as submissive and quiet and sometimes over-fetishized, while Asian men are emasculated and seen as undesirable and unattractive. These stereotypes are seen in popular movies such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Pitch Perfect. The amount of blatant white-washing is almost uncountable; from Scarlett Johansson’s role in Ghost in the Shell to The Great Wall. Roles that were written as Asian are frequently given to white actors, the

Recent Asian roles in hollywood films earlier examples being no exception. Asians are virtually invisible in the show business and often subject to racial abuses. Crazy Rich Asians is critical in changing the perspective of Asians in the media. It is the first majority-Asian cast since Joy Luck Club, which was made 25 years ago. Crazy Rich Asians proves that Asians, despite popular belief, can do well in the box office. During the time of writing it was the highest-grossing romantic comedy in a decade. After Crazy Rich Asians, many Asian Americans have taken to social media to express their gratitude and happiness for finally seeing representation in the media. Jeff Yang, a Chinese-American journalist, tweeted, “Why am I #ProudToBeAsian? I’m #ProudToBeAsian because I FINALLY feel like we’re being seen and heard.” He continued on to state, “All of my life, I’ve been told to hide

my food, speak louder, hold my tongue, go back where I came from … and now I literally [care] what you have to say if you’re not coming with respect for me and my people.” Similarly, another tweet read, “Representation matters. Not just for actors but for everyone who wants to see someone that looks like them in a big Hollywood movie. I hope this movie smashes records and shows young Asian Americans they can be the hero of their own story.” Crazy Rich Asians was also followed by the popular Netflix film, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, which features Lana Candor, a Korean-American actress, as the leading figure. This is another development in changing the way Asians are viewed in the mass media. Even Lana Candor, the actress herself, has expressed surprise about landing the role. “I never thought I would be so lucky to be the lead of a romcom, Simply because I don’t get those

Photos provided by Google. opportunities, for probably many reasons, but one of would likely be because I’m Asian,” said Lana Condor. The writer of To All the Boys, Jenny Han, has also expressed how the film was almost whitewashed. “Early on, I had conversations with producers who were interested in optioning the book, but the interest faded when I told them Lara Jean had to be Asian,They didn’t understand why she had to be Asian... For me, it’s not a matter of why, she simply is. And in a more equitable world, I wouldn’t have to justify that,” Han said. Arden Cho, a Korean-American actor, states that as a child, “I loved every romcom movie but they always made me feel like you had to be white to be beautiful, . . . all I knew was I looked different and I hated it . . . Seeing Lara Jean as the lead of [her] stor[y] was so powerful, so necessary.” What is so important about To

All the Boys is that Lara Jean’s love life is not affected by her ethnicity. There are no stereotypes about her being a nerdy, quiet or submissive Asian girl. To All the Boys normalizes the fact that all races, even Asian fall in love and can have a cute love story. Finally, the most recent movie in theaters is Searching. The movie features John Cho as a father who is searching for clues about his missing daughter. This movie is also changing the white Hollywood narrative, because once again an Asian-Americans is not portrayed by a white actor. The movie has a 93% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and many people have expressed their happiness that an Korean-American actor takes a role that would traditionally be played by white men. The golden age of Asian-Americans is dawning. This is just the beginning. No longer will we be invisible. This time, we will not be quiet.




The Star Brings Gorgeous Heartbreak By: GABI POREMBA Layout Editor “A Star is Born” took the U.S by storm with stunning vocals, intense plot lines, and great directing when it hit theatres on October 8th, 2018. Based on the original film, “A Star is Born” (1976) with lead actress, Barbra Streisand, the new film rocked the theatre starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. This exciting production reinvents the older movie to fit modern society, while still capturing the essence of the plot line. With an amazing soundtrack filled with original songs, along with award winning cast members, I wouldn’t be surprised if this movie won all of the awards given at the Oscars. Bradley Cooper plays the role of Jackson Maine, a famous country singer who finds hidden talent in local waitress, Ally, played by Lady

A Star is Born Banner Gaga. After the two meet, they instantly fall in love. Through their concert around the country, as well as songwriting together on the travel van, both characters find happiness within each other. Maine ultimately helps Ally achieve her dream, as she starts her individual career with another production company. Overall, the

Enter, The Aliso Niguel Marching Band! By: CRIS PINEDA Staff Writer Aliso Niguel’s Marching Band started their season off with a bang coming in at second place at the first Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association competition Sept. 29. The group only lost by five points against Upland High School. The band is currently practicing to up their game and are determined to keep improving throughout the year. The loss only motivated them to strive to be more successful in future competitions. Joyce Chi (10), an alto sax said, “I think we could’ve done better. It was only the first competition; we have to keep working and pushing ourselves.” Although there were a few minor incidents and hiccups during their practices the team will continue to become more strongly bonded throughout their journey into the season. The program becomes the center of many people’s lives because it takes a lot of commitment to be a part of marching band. Because practice it takes up so much time, they make many new friends. Nicole Cribioli (10) a tenor sax said, “My favorite part about

marching band has to be the people I’ve met and the friendships I’ve made. I wouldn’t have gotten to know as many people as I have if it weren’t for band and the major commitment it takes.” The competition is tough, but the ANHS marching band has won many competitions before. In 2018 they won the SCSBOA division 3A championships with a high score of 91. This was the pinnacle of the marching band’s success last year and their goal for this year is to try to rank first once again. The band never fails to work hard on these competitions and the results show this dedication. This year is a fresh start to incorporate new students who could help the band improve on their growing lead towards success. Rowan Walls (9) an alto sax, new to the program said, “I’m looking forward to upcoming competitions, I love to perform with the friends I’ve made through this team.” Besides the competitions, the marching band performs at home football games and creates and elaborate halftime show. The season has barely begun, but ANHS marching band is off to a great start so far.

Provided By Google. film captures the rise of a new star paralleled to the demise of another musician through an intense romance. Jack and Ally get married, which makes the climax of the film all the more shocking. Hidden behind her success, and ultimately left alone to dwell on his negative upbringing as a child, Maine suffers from sub-

stance abuse and drug abuse. Ally is torn between her success as a singer, and her dilemma trying to help her husband in rehabilitation and mental health. Toward the end of the movie, I expected Ally and Jack to finally come together, and resume their relationship once more as Ally would stop her world tour, Jackson would be

sober, and the two could perform as a duo again. On the contrary, Maine suffers from extreme withdrawals from former substances and depression following an encounter with Ally’s producer, and ends his life. The whole theatre burst into tears after witnessing the tragic death of Jackson Maine. I think this film is great at drawing focus to modern day issues such as social stigma, suicide, and substance abuse. All of these factors can not only affect an artist’s life, but they can change any ordinary person’s life. I definitely recommend anyone to go to the theatre, bring tissues as well as emotional support, and watch this groundbreaking film. I think everyone can relate to at least one aspect of this film, enjoy the raw music of the film, and appreciate the hard work Bradley Cooper poured into directing this film.

Must Watch CW Shows By: PEDRAM BAZARGANI Staff Writer Riverdale has been on air since Jan. 2017 and was a hit from the start with over one million worldwide viewers. The show won the Choice Drama TV show award at the Teen Choice awards and has won the MTV Movie Award for Scene Stealer. The show is about a group a friends who discover horrifying truths and darkness about their little perfect town. The Flash has been on air since 2014 and has accumulated a large and powerful fan base ever since. The show won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite New TV Drama in 2015 and won the Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Show: Action two years in a row in 2017 and 2018. The show is about a crime scene investigator who is struck by lighting and wakes up to realize that he has superhuman speed and reflexes. After getting these powers he becomes the Flash and fights crime

in his city. Jane the Virgin has been on air since 2014 and is a much loved show with a 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating and an 8.2/10 on The show won the Peabody award as well as the People’s Choice Award for Favorite New TV Comedy in 2015. The show is about a catholic woman with kids who discovers that she was artificially inseminated and is still a virgin. The show is an award winning comedy and is a must watch. Legacies is a brand new show and a lot of history behind it. The show is the spinoff of the Originals, which is a spinoff of the famous award winning the Vampire Diaries. The show is about a girl named Hope Mikaelson, who is the daughter of an original hybrid vampire and a werewolf. In the show she and other supernatural teenage creatures like her are sent to a special boarding school where they learn more about themselves and become equipped

to face the world. Arrow has been on air since 2012 and has produced over 130 episodes. The show has never won any awards but it has won individual people awards. Characters from Arrow have won the Choice TV Actor, Choice TV Actress, and Choice TV Villain awards. The show is about a former playboy who returns after a few years of being presumed dead. The playboy becomes the Arrow and fights crime and injustices in his city. Dynasty is a relatively new show that aired in 2017. The show is a soap remake of 1980’s version which went by the same name. Dynasty is about two extremely wealthy families, the Carringtons and the Colbys, as they feud and plot over control over their wealth and family. The series is a perfect mix of old and new and is a fun show to watch with friends and family.

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Football Rolls Into Play-offs By: HAYDEN WEBER Staff Writer The Aliso Niguel Varsity Football Team is heading into Sea View League play, sporting a record of 6-0. They are looking to make it to the CIF playoffs for the second straight season, with hopes to claim their first title since 1996. The team is not only winning their games, but is looking stunningly impressive, winning most of their games. They possess a point differential of 234-124, outscoring their opponents by a whopping 110 points over the course of the season. The team looks to further prove themselves in league competition, with San Juan Hills being the only winning team left on the schedule. Although the outlook of the remainder of the season looks encouraging, veteran head coach Kurt Westling will have to keep his team focused on taking care of business. Despite the challenges that may come with success, Westling doesn’t think his team will overlook any opponent. “Our toughest game is this Friday versus San Juan Hills, so that will be a big challenge we have to face,” said Westling, “and with a lot riding on the big rivalry games against Trabuco Hills and Dana

Varsity Boys Celebrating a w. Hills, our guys will be fired up for that.” It is clear that the campus is buzzing about the program’s success. There is an excitement surrounding this team that has not been present for years. Westling provided an outlook on what the fans should be able to expect from the team going forward.

Photo by Matthew Gonzalez. “The fans can look forward to us making the playoffs this year”, Westling said. He also alluded to the team’s success being driven by “our high scoring offense” and that we should expect to see some “big trick plays here or there.” The team’s explosive playing style has captivated the fan base, as the team boasts several statisti-

cal leaders on offense. However, the defense has also played a large role in maintaining large leads. Senior defensive lineman Austin Deans (12), is just as optimistic about the team’s CIF chances as everyone else. Deans declared, “Of course we will win CIF.” His confidence should have fans excited that

the players feel that they have a real shot at making history this season. Deans, along with every other member of the football team, knows this was not built overnight. “The biggest reason for the team’s success has been the extra work we’ve put in throughout the off season, such as lifting at 6:30 every morning and the friendships we’ve built”, stated Deans. The theme that the team has embraced is to not be complacent. With that, they must always find areas to improve--the mark of a true championshipnmn team. Deans highlighted some of his personal as well as team goals for the remainder of the season. “I need to work more as a unit and be more physical on the field”, said Deans. “The team needs to play its best football no matter the opponent.” With the conference slate fast approaching and the penultimate CIF playoffs drawing near, the remainder of the season will pose a formidable challenge for an already battle-tested group. Regardless of how the team performs down the stretch and no matter where they place in the final standings, they have won the hearts of Wolverine football fans countywide.

Girls Tennis Volleyball Strikes Back Serves a Great Season By: APRIL LIU Staff Writer Girls tennis kicks off their season strongly this year with a 9-1 game record in their first month of league matches. The captain of the girls varsity tennis team is Diann Lee (12). Coach Pinter is very proud of his girls. “I play with my mom almost every weekend,” said Savannah Anderson (10), the youngest person on the varsity team. According to Anderson, she has been playing tennis since she was about six years old-- back when she lived in Florida. Practice sure does make perfect! As the only sophomore on the team, there is an abundance of pressure and expectations that must be dealt with. Despite this, Savannah Anderson has been playing exceptionally well this season, especially in a match against San Clemente. “Me and my partner, Charlotte Moss (12), won against San Clemente 10-8,” said Anderson. “It was one of our proudest moments.” Even while paired up with an

experienced senior, Savannah Anderson still executed strenuous efforts in the match and was not overwhelmed by nervousness. Consequently, there appears to be a significantly positive outlook for the season. “We’ve won the majority of our matches, and we have a strong team this year,” said Anderson. “I think our team has the potential to win League.” This fall, the weather has been comparatively hotter than in previous years. Regardless, the girls continue to work hard in both training sessions and matches, never ceasing to give their best efforts to the team. These hard-working ladies have demonstrated their dedication and enthusiasm in becoming the League champions of this year and to advance from team to individual in the California Interscholastic Federation. The horizon looks promising for the 2018/2019 girls tennis team. Supporters are eager to see if they manage to break ties and records this year.

Girls Volleyball Team By: AMANI TARAMAN Photographer The Aliso Niguel Girls Varsity Volleyball Team began their season on Sept. 18 against Trabuco Hills High School. Our lady wolverines started the season off with a win, (3-0). Despite winning 5 out of their 7 games of the season, the team still continues to work hard to be the best team possible. The team is led by captains Hannah Edson (12), Dana Stefanides (12), and Ava Quinn (12). “Our team gets better with constant practice with lots of hustle and focus” said team captain, Edson (12). “Aliso Volleyball is different than any other program because of our team camaraderie

Photos by Amani Taraman. and special talent”. She has been playing varsity for 3 years now and has been playing volleyball for 8 years. She is excited to lead the team to success this season.

With strong back row defense, aggressive offense and strong work ethic our captains believe our team will continue to be victorious. Although the team has had their losses this season, they work hard to improve. “Most of us have played together on high school and club for years, so we have a lot of chemistry between the player. To get better, we just need to practice connections and communication” says Quinn (12). Our lady wolverines are special because of “the amount of tal-

ent on our team. All of the girls have played club volleyball and have dedicated years to the sport” says Quinn (12). It is Quinn’s 3rd year on varsity and has been playing volleyball since she was 13. With this great combination of skills and such a great bond it is no wonder our team is so successful. Off the court our team works hard to make a difference in the community. They recently had their Dig Pink game to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. They also fundraise for Project Hope Alliance and have raised nearly $2,500. The team has many more games to come, so join our varsity Girls Volleyball team in the main gym to watch our wolverines kill the rest of the season.




XC Runs Towards State Championships

By: AMANI TARAMAN Photographer

By: TARA DUKES Staff Writer This 2018 season of cross country brings Aliso closer than ever to reaching the State Championship for both boys and girls. With several strong runners on the team, this goal might be obtainable for the first time in Aliso history. Carly Schuerger (11) and Catherine Swanson (11) led the team at the Dana Hills Invitational in the Division 1 Junior Race, with Schuerger (11) in first place and Swanson (11) following close behind in second. Their three mile official times are significantly faster than previous racers in the past couple of years. Not only did they achieve the number 1 and 2 spot at Dana, the girls obtained the same places rank the week before, at the Asics Mt. Carmel Invitational. Because of these recent wins and incredible times, both girls alongside the rest of the team, have brought State Championships within reach. The boys cross country team also has their minds set on State. Runners Ben Mckenna (11) and Jaryd Dukes (12) were among the leaders in the Woodbridge Sweepstakes race. With times of 14:37 and 14:42 respectfully, Mckenna (11) was only 1 second from Aliso’s school record and came in 26 out of 232 elite run-

Cami Grover (12) finishing a race. ners. Dukes (12), who came in 10 seconds later obtained spot 26. However, other varsity runners also play an important role in getting the team to State, as qualification depends on their performance all together. Coach John Walsh says, “What we might lack in numbers we had

Photo by Brooke Orrill. in previous years, we are showing in the strength of the team and runners.” Though the boys do have less runners than before, their efforts have made State Championships within in their grasp. The boys and girls cross country teams stand in tough leagues, but

their success amongst the best has made their progression towards state more attainable than ever. Aliso students might witness history as their Cross Country team participates in State Championships for the first time.

Girls Water Polo Treads Over Their Competition By: SIMON JOVANOVIC Ads Manager The strength to stay at the water’s surface while being pushed down by defenders, combined with the elegance of perfect ball movement and clever plays are what make water polo so special and entertaining to watch. The Aliso Niguel Boys Water Polo team is reaching the end of their season with a 14-12 record. After a bumpy start, the boys picked up their game and have won 10 of their last 14 games. Last year, the Varsity team split wins in League with Dana Hills and San Clemente but san clemente had beaten Dana. This led to the team earning second place in League last year, capping off “the best year our program has

Surf Strides for Finals

seen” said Mr. Puffer, the head coach. This year, while they have lost steam, has been equally promising in league. They are currently candidates for 1st place in League. Their fate, however, is dependent on whether Capistrano Valley wins their Monday, October 21st Game. If Capo wins, they settle with a tie for second. If Capo loses, Aliso Niguel has a chance to tie with them for 1st. Aliso won their most recent game against Laguna Hills 14-8. This game marked their senior night and the starting lineup was all seniors. Even with the team’s bumpy start, Coach Puffer says, “I am proud of the boys for working hard to get better everyday.” He cited the absence of key players last year who are now playing college Water Polo as a big reason

for their bumpier season but says that this young and less experienced team has grown together and shows promise for the following years. Mr. Puffer confirmed that the team and program is getting ready for another amazing season within the coming years. Both Junior Varsity and Frosh/Soph teams have gone completely undefeated. It will take great effort and grit for these players to perform at the varsity level but they seem to have a skill set that will prove our team’s dominance next year. When asked about the program as a whole, a proud smile crept onto Mr. Puffer’s face as he remarked “we have a great program this year across all levels.” Competition from other high schools in our district has posed

the greatest threat this year and will likely stay this way for the years to come. Capo Valley and San Clemente have consistently presented our team with challenging games the past few years. This intra-district rivalry only fuels the boys to do even better against these teams. With a bumpy start and a fresh reset from a historic 2017-2018 season, the Boys Water Polo Team had the odds stacked against them but pulled through and gained valuable experience to be used in the years to come. Soon, those undefeated JV and Frosh/Soph players will reach the varsity level and Aliso Niguel’s dominance in the water will be reclaimed.

The Aliso Niguel Varsity Surf Team had their first meet on Sept. 26 at Salt Creek. This competition took place from 6:15 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.. Aliso competed against Tesoro High School. The girls tied and boys won. The team is led by captains Liv Stokes, Jake Shultz and Quinn Dileva. “At a meet underclassmen come down at 6:45 a.m. to set up the pop ups, the coaches table, and the flags. Then we all go out and have a warm up surf at least half an hour before our head starts. Then we watch the waves and make a game plan with the Coaches” said Stokes (12). “Our team gets to be so good because the sport we do is so much fun. We want to do it all the time. Not only do we show up at every team practice and try to catch as many waves as we can, we also go after school and on weekends to a variety of different breaks to hone our skills” Stokes (12) added. “Aliso Surf is unique because we are so small this year. We only have 5 girls. We’ve really gotten to know each other and have formed a bond that can’t be matched by any other team that may have at least 10 other girls on it.” Stokes has been surfing for varsity for four years now and has surfed for 8 years. She is excited to lead the team to success this season. The surf team is comprised of three sub teams: shortboard, longboard, and bodyboard. Other captain Shultz (12) has been surfing since he was 9 years old and began competing when he was 13. He has been on varsity since freshman year and is now captain for the second year in a row. “The best part of being on the team is the lifelong friendships I have made” he says. Shultz credits their teams success to their great teamwork. “We get better by surfing as a team in the contest and by focusing at practice” says Dileva (12). “Our girls surf team is the best because they don’t mess around and Liv Stokes straight kills it” says Dileva (12). He has been on varsity since freshman year and has been surfing since he was 2 and began competing at the age of 4, showing the dedication the team puts in. “This season we are doing very very good, I think we could win league and state championships” Dileva (12) said. Currently the Aliso surf team is in second overall, but they are only one competition away from coming in first. Our surf team works hard waking up early and surfing, so show support for the our amazing Aliso surfers.




Horror-scopes By: SOPHIA PARIZADEH and SKYLAR SCHLICHT Layout Editors

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)

Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21)

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

You will sister snatch someone special, put on a scary movie, cherish your loved ones because it is about to get cold and spookyyy.

Fuzzy socks will be your beacon of warmth when it starts to get below 74 degrees. Hypothermia is the last thing you need, love yourself.

Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 20)

You will find a surprise in your pockets this month, whether that be money or an old French fry. Regardless, cherish it and search for a deeper meaning behind the object.

Aquarius (Jan 21 - Feb 19)

You will be hit with halloween candy by a suspicious individual. Approach them, befriend them and welcome them as your new best friend.

Pisces (Feb 20 - Mar 20)

Embrace the people you find weird and scary this month, they’ll be the ones who have the BEST costumes and the BEST party snacks (as they themselves are a snack).

Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

You will surround yourself with snacks so you become one. This month, it is all about becoming closer with your friends and really finding out who you are. Don’t be influenced by the masks people wear, yours is the best.

You will discover you have a SEVERE allergy to all things pumpkin spice. Have a great Halloween season!

You will ditch the gym. Ditch your diet. Ditch your friends. Ditch your parents. Ditch yourself this season and take on your Halloween costume as a new persona for you. Embrace this costume and consume it. Let it consume you. Let Halloween consume you.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

You will go to a pumpkin patch, find an ugly pumpkin, take a picture with it, bring it home, name it, raise it, send it to college, and then prepare for the New Year.

Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)

You will go to Party City, buy everything Halloween related, and watch them suffer while everyone is forced to make their own costumes from their mom’s old clothes.

Virgo (Aug 23 - Sep 22)

You will find a pile of pennies in your shoe. Take them and hand them to your local hobo in a plastic bag.

Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 23)

Give pencil lead instead of candy to trick or treaters, they need it more. Life is rough, sketch your stress away. Correction, sister sketch your stress away.



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Issue 2 2018-19