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Official Newsletter of Key Club LAMISSTENN Club/District Volume 1 June/July 2011

In this issue! Introduction ................. 1

I’m one up for service!

Communication ......... 2 Organizations .............. 2

Firstly, my name is Anh Nguyen. It is pronounced like “On Win.” If you do not remember that then you will never get my punny newsletter title!

PCM and Rally ............ 3 District Events .............. 3 Be a Nguyen-er .......... 4 Contact Information .. 4

I am the official Lieutenant Governor for Division 14 for the 2011-2012 year. I am an upcoming senior from Biloxi High and have been a proud member of key club for two years. I am excited for this year and I know with hard work and enthusiasm, we as a Division will succeed!! What are some of my goals? -Host at least one PCM a month and have 2 interclubs -To have all key clubs pay their dues by November 1 -Spread more knowledge about key club!

-Become closer to Kiwanis Family -To become closer as a family and to be the BEST DIVISION EVER!

3..2..1.. Caring is our way Of life!

What to look forward to? -Division Rally -District/International Convention -Interclubs -PCMs -Meeting you. I look forward to this new year for key club and I know you guys are too! Division 14 will come out on top and it will be a fun year for everyone! Who’s ready?!

UPCOMING EVENTS! Key Club International Convention/Orlando, Florida on July 4th - 8th, 2012. Division 14 Rally/ Biloxi High School/ October 29, 2011

Check out these



is the key! I have contacted all the key clubs in our division and I have received contact

Key Club International chose a new UNICEF service initiative! Operation: Uruguay is a program set around the city of Montevideo and helps the children that live there. Between 55% to 60% of families live in poverty and many of the children end up estranged from their family and living on the street. UNICEF is taking steps to help reintegrate these children by building education centers that help bring these kids back into their families and society.

information from 9 out of 14 schools which is pretty good, but I would like to have ALL schools’ contact information. Staying in touch is important in our division so that everyone can know the projects and events that goes on in our community. Communication is one step closer on becoming a key club family.

Children’s Miracle Network started in 1983 as a televised fundraiser in a single studio and has grown into one of the largest organizations for the support of children in the world. Key Club became a partner in 1996 and since then Kiwanis and Key Club have raised over $35 million for Children’s Miracle Network.

March of Dimes is an organization that works to save the lives of infants across the world. They fund research and treatment for infants with birth defects or disabilities and implement advocacy programs to try and prevent premature birth and infant mortality. Today, March of Dimes provides more than $200 million a year in support for infants thanks to donors and supporters.


All officers and advisors are asked to send out the following information in order to maintain a good communication.

o Name o Officer Position o Street Address o City, State, Zip Code o Home and/or Cell Phone Number o E-mail Address I will also ask for contact information from your home Kiwanis in order to have better communication with the K-Family. Please send this information to my email or text me through cell. I am always available and always happy to hear from fellow key clubbers!

KEY CLUB Division 14 newsletter

Let’s check in with these events! PCMs PCMs (Presidential Council Meetings) will be held at least once a month for all key club officers and advisors for right now. I will be switching the PCM’s meetings to various places to have more variety of food and surroundings. These PCMs will be fun and informative so make sure to attend them! I encourage all officers and advisors to attend our first PCM!

Division Rally Attention fellow key clubbers! Be prepared for this year’s division rally at Biloxi High School! Every year, each division in the district hosts a rally for all the key clubs. Rallies are ton of fun and key clubs all over the division come together and enjoy a day full of key club!

District Convention 2011 Natchez, MS; April 2011

LeaderSHIP of service!

This year’s rally theme is Scaring up Service! (Halloween theme). Fellow key clubbers may dress up in appropriate costumes and enter contests! Get ready Division 14 because this year’s rally will be mind-blowing! When: OCTOBER 2, 2011* Saturday 9:00 AM-2:00 PM Where: Biloxi High School

[Ahoy mate! myself]

SERVICE International Convention 2011


Be a Nguyen-er! What to do for summer?  Have a Car Wash  Volunteer at a kid’s Camp  Have a Bake Sale  Do a Lemonade Stand  Plant Flowers  Swimming!  Pick up trash  Recycle!  Clean the beach and have FUN!

Quick Quiz! How much do you know about key club? 1. What are they Key Club Colors? a. b. c. d.

Blue, White, and Gold Blue, White, and Yellow Blue, Silver, and Yellow Blue, Silver, and Gold

2. What year was Key Club founded in? a. 1923 b. 1944 c. 1899 d. 1937 3. What is the Key Club Motto? a. Key Club Cares b. Care for your Key Club Life c. Caring…Our Way of Life d. Key Club’s Way is Caring 4. What organization sponsors Key Club? a. Aktion Club b. Circle K c. Kiwanis d. Golden Gates Answers: 1.(a) 2.(b) 3.(c) 4.(c)

Contact Information! GABRIELLE MURPHY



7416 Shrewsbury Avenue Baton Rouge, LA 70808 Phone: 225-620-5953 gabbylamisstenngov@yahoo. com

308 Hale Drive Thibodaux, LA 70301 Phone: 985-446-2650 secretary2012@lamisste

187 Rosetti St. Biloxi, MS 39530 Phone: 228-229-9958 anhnguyenkeyclub@

Anh Nguyen; 187 Rosetti St Biloxi, MS 39530 (228) 229 9958. a Kiwanis-family member



June-July Newsletter  
June-July Newsletter  

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