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AN HONEST KITCHEN Seasonal Desserts by Kathryn Elliott & Lucinda Dodds

ISSUE 5 | 2012

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AN HONEST KITCHEN Seasonal Desserts by Kathryn Elliott & Lucinda Dodds



INTRODUCTION Dessert is possibly the hardest thing to make healthy in our kitchens. Fruit is, of course, nature’s own dessert, a neatly packaged sweet treat full of fibre, nutrients, all the good stuff. However there are periods in late winter and early spring especially, when fruit is scarce, and still other times when you want something a little more. However, looking around for healthy and delicious dessert options there really is not much available. Hence the idea for this edition of An Honest Kitchen. Desserts was sparked by a desire for something festive and luscious, which also managed to balance sweetness. Recipes which limited the nutritional nasties, while celebrating all the goodies. Food which tasted delicious and yet was carefully portioned, so it didn’t break the nutritional bank. Our emphasis is firmly on fruit but there are also a few recipes that the chocolate-fiends among you will enjoy. Some of our desserts are quick to make, while others can be reserved for special occasions. Enjoy! Kathryn & Lucy






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A Cup of Tea

Spring / Summer Recipes


Chocolate Date Honey Balls


Grilled Ginger Berries


Mango, Ginger & Lime Ice Blocks


Peach, Maple & Walnut Ice Blocks


Mango & Lime Ricotta Cheesecake

Autumn / Winter Recipes


Berry & Hazelnut Cranachan


Chocolate, Walnut & Marmalade Slice


Mandarin & Ginger Cakes


Oat, Date & Chocolate Crunch


Spiced Apple Gratin

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2 tablespoons marmalade ½ - 1 tablespoon (to taste) balsamic vinegar 2 punnets berries 5 - 6 lumps of crystallised ginger

Preheat the grill to high. Put the grill tray on the top rack of your grill. Tear off a large piece of aluminium foil. Curl up the edges of the foil, so they form a “wall” around the outside - this will prevent the berry juices from spilling out and place this on the grill tray. Prepare the berries: Put the marmalade and balsamic into a bowl. Stir together until roughly combined. Wash and dry the berries. If you’re using strawberries, hull the fruit and cut in half. Roughly chop the crystallised ginger. Add the fruit and ginger to the marmalade and toss together until the fruit is well coated. Grill the berries: Pour everything into the aluminium foil and slide under the grill. Cook for 4 - 6 minutes, until the berries are starting to brown and caramelise around the edges. Watch the berries carefully towards the end of the cooking time as they turn from being just right to burnt very quickly. Leave to stand for 5 minutes to cool down slightly before serving. COOKING & STORAGE NOTES: • You’re cooking this hot and fast, so make sure your grill tray is on the top rack, closest to the heat source and be careful of your fingers when you take the berries out. • Delicious served with plain yoghurt, or with a sprinkling of the Oat, Date and Chocolate Crunch. Leftovers also make a great topping for porridge or muesli the next day. VARIATIONS: • This would also be delicious made with sliced up stonefruit, instead of the berries. • If you don’t like marmalade, then use jam. • This recipe doesn’t work with frozen fruit, as they are too wet and end up steaming, rather than caramelising.





THANKS: Kylie Jerome for help with the press release, and all of our valiant recipe testers – Jo Austin, Yvonne Dodds, Sheila Elliott, Elaine Eppler, Renee Hanlon, Cindy Hauser, Carolyn Kiffin, Rebecca Moore and Sophie Roberts. Without you guys, this wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun! To Edward and Peter, who gave excellent feedback on both food and photos. Plus thank you to Richard, who’s enthusiasm, belief and generosity never fail. To the fabulous Luisa Brimble who arrived, out of the blue, in our inbox one day with her amazing eye. 12



Kathryn Elliott Food Writer & Editor

An Honest Kitchen is about real food that’s good for you. It has articles, but also lots of recipes. Meals which are balanced and made up of ingredients which are easy to find. It’s not fussy or difficult food, in fact we have the home cook squarely in our minds when developing each of the recipes. It’s the kind of food you can quickly make at the end of a long day, and then sit down to enjoy, knowing you are eating something which is improving your health. Plus of course the food tastes great.

Lucinda Dodds Creative Director & Photographer CONTRIBUTOR

Luisa Brimble Publication Design

An Honest Kitchen is full of simple recipes, practical cooking information and healthy eating advice. The whole publication is illustrated with Lucy’s glorious photographs. 13


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An Honest Kitchen - Seasonal Desserts  

Dessert is possibly the hardest thing to make healthy in our kitchens. Looking around for healthy and delicious dessert options there really...

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