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Anhariza Mahendra

Anhariza Mahendra, S.T.! Contact :! Jl. Bougenville V no 16, Gempol Sari Indah, Bandung 40215 +62 81 222 40991 @anhariza



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Start study at architecture major Member of publication team on “Wash Hours” ( Architecture student inauguration ) Member of Arsitektur Foto 2007/2008 ( Architecture Photography Club )

"" 2008. ! "•  "•  •  • 

Member of property team on Student performace art Head of publication & documentation team on “Selasars 2008 “ Head of publication & documentation team on Jawa - Bali Excursion 2008 Member of public relation division on Architecture Student Council 2008/2009

" 2009.! "•  "• 

Head of Arsitektur Foto 2009/2010 ( Architecture photography club ) Member of public relation division on Architecture Student Council 2009/2010

" "2010.! •  •  •  •  • 

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Conceptor of Parahyangan Architecture Parade 2010 Member of decoration team on ‘Architecture Saves Us’ Conceptor of ‘Human and Architecture Photo Exhibition’ by Arsitektur Foto 2009/2010 Workshop ‘Why Architecture’ Workshop ‘Krack’ ( earthquake - proof building )

Public lecture by Rem Koolhaas , held by Jong Arsitek Junior Architect at Studio Padi ( Internship Program )

" " "2012.! •  • 

Graduated from Parahyangan Catholic University Assistant Architect at PT. Grahacipta Hadiprana

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Transportation Center STPI Curug! Curug, Tangerang!

Studio Padi Team :! ! Anindita N Sunartio" Masrul Arief" Dede Kurniaepi" Tria Idola" Anhariza Mahendra" Dendry Mugni"

This building is designed proposal project for STPI Curug (Indonesian flight academy). This project designed while working at Studio Padi. This building hold two different function, an office and a garage workshop. The project we are assigned to redeveloped masterplan of STPI Curug. Building form and massing inspired by airplane wings


The Bali Hotel! Sunset Road, Bali!

Hadiprana Team :! ! Bayu Putranto" Anhariza Mahendra" Himawan Sutanto" Messalina Dyah Ekowati" " Client :! PT. Cahaya Megah Abadi"

The Bali Hotel Located in one of the busiest area also located in the most congested intersection in Bali. 10 minutes from Bali’s Airport, I Gusti Ngurah Rai, make this hotel very strategic for business activities and urban urban leisure area. The Bali Hotel provide a comprehensive 3 star hotel’ s facilities such as, allday dining, function room, pool side lounge, business center, and sport facilities.

Site Location!

Hotel Entrance!

Interaction between transparency of movement and solid materials of elegancy is the concept of this hotel’s facade Fully glazed double-height façade at the front display the activities on the inside of all-day dining area. Bali’s local stone combine with steel ornament express balinese craftmanship.

Exterior Perspective!

Hotel Facilities!

Hotel Guestroom! Lounge!

Vertical Circulation!

BoH Area! Lounge!

Standard Room Interior!

Standard Room Interior!

Standard room in The Bali Hotel designed to provide different atmosphere. Even though this hotel located in urban area, guest who stay in this hotel can feel resort hotel athmosphere. Every room in this hotel has a daybed for relaxing. Lattice wood sliding door connecting bedroom and bathroom make the room in this hotel feel more spacious

Standard Room Plan! Meeting Room!


Wedding Chapel! Sentul, Bogor!

Hadiprana Team :! ! Arief Sedijanto" Anhariza Mahendra" Andhika" Lindung Soemarhadi" " Client :! Bpk. Cahyadi Kumala"

Located in Sentul, Bogor, West Java, this wedding chapel is part of the Cahyadi Kumala’ s residence block development. The client wants the wedding chapel has a different form and style compared to others building in his residence block area. Other building in the area such as house, guesthouse, function building and family house has classic – colonial style.

Floating on the water, covered with glass and concrete make the users could enjoy green natural view on the outside. This chapel also display the happiness of wedding ceremony on the inside. This chapel also can act as a contemplating space, supported by beautiful, quite and calm atmosphere. At the south of this chapel there is a plaza that can hold an event, also as an additional space for function building and chapel itself.

Exterior Perspective!

Interior Perspective!

Masterplan Bird Eye View!


Seminyak Hotel!

Seminyak, Bali!

Hadiprana Team :! ! Esther Budiningrum" Anhariza Mahendra" Verena Ravaela" Himawan Sutanto" Afwina Kamal" " Client :! Ibu Felia"

Located in the heart of tourism area in Bali, Seminyak Hotel provide a comprehensive 3 star hotel’ s facilities for holiday activities and urban leisure area. The Client wants this hotel form and function as simple as possible. The Client also wants a modern clean-cut form and simple coloring applied into the design. The concept of the front façade is to display the activities on the inside. This concept applied to capture crowd with the crowd.

All-Day Dining!

All-Day Dining!

Drop off Area!

Restaurant, Café! & Lounge!

Drop off Area &! Lobby! Intimate Scale Open Plan All About yourself

Display the Activities Crowd capture the crowd Dine Drink Melting pot

Pool & Recreation ! Area!

Hotel Guestrooms! In – guest pool Free Edgeless Relaxing

Open plan Modern touch of nature Clean – cut Simple coloring

Standard Room!

Deluxe Room!

Standard Room!


Golden Tulip Resort Spa! Gunung Geulis, Bogor!

Hadiprana Team :! ! Edo Mahista" Bayu Putranto" Anhariza Mahendra" Himawan Sutanto" Afwina Kamal" " Client :! Golden Tulip Hotel"

Situated around 400 meters above sea level, Gunung Geulis is a region known for retreat and holiday destination in West Java. The jewel of this region is, of course, Gunung Geulis Golf & Country Club with its 18-hole golf course. The project we are assigned is actually part of the continuing development of Gunung Geulis. It is to provide a comprehensive hotel s facilities for activities, convention, and holiday.

 The splendid nature view of the golf course is the main theme of this Project. The nature speaks for itself. This, also, is our main strategy of designing the hotel and facilities.   Detached masses containing functions lay on a hill, sprawling, making connections with environment. Sets of opening strategy are applied to enhance the experience of enjoying the nature. Even, the whitish color scheme for the building is chosen to intensify the green color of nature.

Site Plan!

ENTRANCE it is a journey. entrance is not treated as a traditional gate. differently, it is a corridor of procession of spacenature experience. arriving at drop off area, guests are welcomed with a planned vista, introducing the nature, the activities, and the leisure offered by this hotel.

Drop off Area!

lobby! all day dining!

It is a destination. Lobby is not only a reception area. For guests, we offer this experience of reaching destination; a destination to begin another refreshing journey. After walking along the entrance corridor, guests are welcomed with a surprised vista of the landscape.

Pool & Landscape!

RECREATION)AREA) As the respond to the contour, the recreational area is planned multi-staged. From the formal lap-pool, to the informal fun pool, this area is leveled with orientation to the golf course. Guests from the room can view the recreational area activities, but to keep the privacy sense, seating and activities at the recreational area are outward orientation.


City Hotel! Jl. Ambon, Bandung!

Located in a strategic location, this hotel is designed to meet the needs of tourist who visited Bandung. This 6th semester project offers a multi purpose room, restaurant, cafe, swimming pool and sport facilities center. This hotel comes with an inner court as an open space to provide good air quality and also act as a melting pot





Standard Room!



1st Floor Plan!

Site Plan!

2nd & 3rd Floor Plan!

Rooftop Plan!


Cinematography School! Dago Pakar, Bandung!

Bandung as an emerging and creative city needs a facility to accommodate public’s interest and talent in the field of cinematography and photography. Situated in north-side of Bandung, this school aiming to create a compact school with comprehensive facilities for education activities. Located in suburban area, this school expected to provide positive impact for the surrounding environment area. This school can be an activity generator for the area and improve local economy.

A.  Auditorium! B. Office! C. Gallery! D. Classroom! E. Studio! F. Plaza! G. Student Center Plaza! H. Outdoor Studio! H! G!







Zoning & Massing!

Exterior Perspective!

Exterior Perspective!

Exterior Perspective! Site Plan!


Circulation! Concept!




path! path!


es! nod




  Detached masses containing functions lay on a hill, sprawling, making connections with outdoor space. 80% lesson content delivered through practice, that’s why it is important to establish an environment where learning activities can take place anywhere, both indoor and outdoor.

Exterior Perspective!


Folded Plate Structure!

Team :! ! Adhiyaksa Mardjuni" Anhraiza Mahendra" Marshelly Unger"

This the 4th Semester project. Designed as an assignment of wide span structure. This shelter structure use concrete material and folded plate structure system.



Tropical House!

This house is an entry for ARBBI Design Award 2011. Located in north side of Bandung and sets on 200 sqm plot. Green and energy efficient concept applied into this house. This house designed to maximize natural ventilation and light.

ARBBI Design Awarrd! Team :! ! Anhariza Mahendra" Dendry Mugni"

This building use steel and concrete structure. To prevent it from earthquake and fast installation, this building use reinforce light concrete wall. Walls on this building were left without paint finish, it is intended not only to create a unique and natural feel, but also reduce building cost.


Interior Perspective!

This house as a green wall on the front faรงade. This green wall can produce fresh air and releases it throughout the room. In addition to produce oxygen, This green wall also produce dramatic shadow effect to the room.

1st Floor!


Ground Floor!




Façade Competition!

Studio Padi Team :! ! Anhariza Mahendra" Dendry Mugni"

This building designed as an entry for Façade Competiton RSPUI ( University of Indonesia’s hospital ). This design based on conceptual idea to provide different image of general hospital typology.

Exterior Perspective!



Triangular House!

Geger Kalong, Bandung!

Team :! ! Anhariza Mahendra ! Alpraditia Malik!

Located in Geger Kalong, Bandung, this building designed as an entry of ARBBI Design Award 2012. Theme of the competition is ‘ Modular House ‘. This house is prefabricated, so it’s easy and fast to built. The process to built this house as simple as create – distribute – assamble. We choose triangle because the triangular shape is very rigid and strong structure form.

Massing Concept !

Modular System!

West Elevation!

Sanitary product and bathroom accessories use Orin’s product

Doors and windows hardware group use Kenari Djaja’s product.

Megaman LED lamps Low Voltage Series

North Elevation!

Gyproc gypsumboard for exterior and interior ceiling

Knauf moistureshield for humid area such as bathroom and kitchen

Floor material Niro Granite Cemmentum

Sponsor Materials!

Main Entrance!

Exterior Perspective!

This building can also be built in stages according to user needs. From small house that carry only one bedroom to a complex house with two or three bedroom.

Exterior Perspective!

This building use reinforced concrete – expandend polystyrene. This is light concrete material used to replace conventional brick wall. This material is fast to install and resist from earthquake.

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