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Ad-vantage Anhad Anhad provides clients a team with over 25 years of collective industry experience, developing marketing communications programs which drive quantifiable, bottom-line results in the Asian-American market. Our agency is, first and foremost, a marketing partner offering turnkey services ranging from initial market feasibility analysis through communications program development and production, to program response tracking and analysis. Anhad is one of the strongest South Asian focused American agencies in the US. This strength is reflected in the agency's media clout, and the breadth of the agency's experience working across diverse categories and brands. We are a full-service agency offering a complete spectrum of in-house capabilities in advertising, direct marketing, and relationship marketing. In many of these disciplines, we constantly strive to innovate, as evidenced by our role in pioneering the use of Asian American direct mail, Asian In-Theater advertising, and the most innovative grassroots community programs.

What Do We Do A multi-platform strategy that leverages our strengths across all mediums. MARKETING

PR & CORPORATE COMMUNICATION PR Market Research & Strategy Corporate Media Consulting Communication Media Planning/Buying Press Meet Interactive/ Online Strategic PR Marketing Wire Services Grassroots/ Community PR Disaster/ Crisis events Management Out of Home Out of Home-Mobile Theatrical



TV and Radio


End to end HD production infrastructure TVC’s, Dox, Music Videos, Feature stories, Live to Air Multi-Cam


Web Interactive campaigns, SEM,

Print Artwork design and printing

Event Managament

The Company you keep No other agency outside of India can boast of a richer and more diversified South Asian media marketing portfolio.

Television Production

In Brief: What We Did DISH Network: Marketed across the US, 46 South Asian channels in nine languages, including Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Urdu & Bangla. Studio 18 & Indian Films: Pre and post release marketing, publicity and promotion of Studio 18 movies across US and Canada. Saavn: Marketing , brand-building and brand alliances for Saavn, a leading online aggregator of Bollywood content. Percept Picture Company: Marketing, publicity and promotion of Percept movies across the US. Independent Film Channel (IFC): Robust nationwide marketing, publicity and PR campaign to promote IFC’s “Bollywood Hero,” a three-part mini-series on Bollywood. Cinsay & Music Is Nirvana: Publicity & PR campaign, including a press conference, to promote exclusive footage and merchandize featuring leading singer Sonu Nigam.

-Marketing footprint

The Dish Network marketing campaign was among the most extensive and complex undertaken by any South Asian agency. The scope of the campaign involved reaching out to potential subscribers across top 15 DMAs, covering nine languages and 46 diverse channels. Utilizing strategic media placements in a mix of off-line and online mediums, timely PR, press conferences, brand alliances and ground events, the results were more than heartening.


Indian Express Wrap Around

VOA Wrap Around

To announce the launch of Star Channels on Dish Network, Anhad secured premium wraparound placements in leading print publications, alongwith strategic targeting of key DMAs through PR, promotion and brand alliances.


Identified buses on popular routes in NY & NJ with high South Asian traffic to create mobile billboard advertising.


-Regional In-Language Print



Gujarati To better reach the target audience, Anhad initiated in-language print advertising in publications with readers of Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Bangla & Urdu languages.






-Out of Home

-Brand Alliance

The strategic brand alliance with Amitabh Bachchan’s Unforgettable� tour meant Dish Network was at the forefront of the leading Bollywood event of 2008.

PR & Channel launch The press conference and dinner cruise in NYC to announce the launch of Star channels on Dish Network became the most-talked about event in the media and in the community. The strategy to host a press conference-cum-dinner on a luxury yacht, across the Manhattan skyline, more than worked as 200 South Asian journalists, media executives and leading community personalities attended in awe.

-contextual -contextual



‐Display ads‐‐Homepage overlay

Zee Sports America Marketing

An extensive marketing campaign promoting annual subscription packages of live cricketing and other sports action on ZSA. Tactics deployed included strong focus on SEM/SEO, ground outreach in key DMAs, print advertising in trade publications and strategic co-branding with cricket clubs across the country.

Marketing, PR & Publicity

Fully-integrated nationwide marketing, publicity and PR campaign to promote IFC’s “Bollywood Hero,” a three-part mini-series on Bollywood, starring Chris Kattan, Neha Dhupia & Pooja Kumar. The month-long marketing campaign involved targeting key DMAs with traditional print & TV; online, mobile billboards, out-ofhome, in-theater and ground outreach. Kicked off simultaneously was an extensive PR and publicity campaign leading up to the red carpet and launch party in NYC.

Strategic Ad Placement & Positioning

Hi India, Chicago, Front Page Strip

Desi Talk, NY, Back Page

India West, California, Back Page

Voice of Asia, Houston, Cover Half Page

Online-Rich Media-Section Overlay on

Media coverage

-Flash Mob, Red Carpet

Bollywood struck hard in the heart of NY City to create a viral campaign that spread like wild fire in the webspehere.

Bollywood Hero 360 degree campaign still commands top recall. We executed Mobile Billboards in High Traffic South Asian neighborhoods and markets across the US to take the campaign to the doorstep of potential South Asian viewers.

-US and Canada Marketing, PR, Partnerships and Events

Partnerships, Event Creation and Management

Conceptualized, created and managed press conference and meet & greet events with Anil Kapoor in New York City and Hollywood to promote his home production, “Shortkut.�


Conceptualized, created and executed an interactive sweepstakes to promote Luck


How We Do It: Creating unique touch points for our clients Smashits Player wrap around for Luck


Unique touch point to optimize onbrand interaction with the user by branding the player of with Luck.

London Dreams 'Live' Video Press Conference In a movie marketing first for Bollywood, Anhad conceptualized, created and managed a “Live� video press conference between New York and Mumbai to promote London Dreams, enabling South Asian journalists to engage in an hour-long interaction with Salman Khan, Asin and director Vipul Shah. The live feed of the two-way video press conference was streamed online on Studio 18's website, receiving unprecedented hits globally. South Asian radio stations in New Jersey, California, Toronto and Vancouver aired the video conference live for their listeners.

Marketing, PR, Partnerships and Events Marketing, PR and publicity for the worldwide premier of Indian Film Company’s Road, Movie in Toronto, Canada including a Press Conference in Toronto, Afterparty and Red Carpet Management.

Corporate Alliances and Media Partnerships Studio 18 Current Media Wall

US Marketing

US & Canada Marketing

US & CanadaMarketing

Marketing, PR, Partnerships and Events Conceptualized, created and managed a press conference and meet & greet event with Sonu Nigam in in New York City, promoting his exclusive line of merchandise through Cinsay.

Press conference, Washington DC; PR & Publicity

Planned, coordinated and managed a press conference in Washington, DC to announce and promote the US tour and meditation workshops of Art of Living founder, Sri Sri Ravishankar. In a first of sorts, Anhad facilitated and coordinated the travel of about 20 New York-based South Asian journalists to attend the press conference at the Art of Living US headquarters in Washington, DC. The press conference was preceded and followed by extensive online and print campaign, PR and ground outreach.

Art of Living

Online campaign creative






Subscriber acquistion and retention campaign across 9 languages for over 35 South Asian television channels in 2008

Integrated marketing to generate call volumes, acquire new subscribers and retain the existing subscribers

Print TV Radio Online Grass roots Events

Record growth in call volume and conversions;





IFC/Sundance Group launched a TV mini series "Bollywood Heroes" starring Chris Kattan (SNL) and Neha Dhupia. The campaign’s focused was to get South Asians to watch the mini-series

The campaign include Satellite and Cable TV, South Asian Print, Theatrical, OOH, Mobile and Interactive media

National TV, print, intheater promotions, mobile billboards, ad bikes, street giveaways and online

IFC succesfuly leveraged the show to create brand awareness amongst South Asian viewers

Client References Marketing, Events and PR Behram Shahparast-Region Head, Studio18 India- Tarun Keshetrapal-SVP, Saavn- Nick Rajsakha-CEO, Music is Nirvana-, Sanjay Chitale- Former COO, Sahara One Media & Ent. Ltd.,

Production Anirudh Bhattacharya/ Indira Kannan-CNN IBN, NY Bureau, Natasha Israni-Times Now, NY Bureau

We The People Founder/ President, Sulekh Sulekh founded Anhad after working for over 8 years with Indian broadcast media across India, US and the UK. In his last assignment as Director of International Programming, he managed marketing and programming for a group of Indian television networks across US, Canada, UK and Europe. He brings with him hands on experience of Indian broadcast and online networks and is uniquely positioned to address convergence of the media and the new marketing challenegs within the broadcast and online space.

Managing Partner, Niraj Trivedi A career journalist, Niraj has been in the print media for over 12 years, having worked with Reuters and Indo-Asian News Service in India. He moved to New York in 1996 and has since worked as a senior editor with leading Indian American weeklies, India Abroad and India Tribune. He has extensively covered the Indian American community and businesses for over a decade and brings unmatched insight, skills and network to the company. He manages print, publishing, pr, communications, research and client relationships.

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302-A W 121st Street #3-A New York, NY-10027 Tel: 212-280-8040 917-779-0669 Fax:646.688.4932 E-Fax: 888.859.9847

Š Sulekh

Anhad Profit from us!  

Anhad Inc. is a South Asian focused fully integrated media agency specializing in media marketing across the US and Canada. The agency has r...

Anhad Profit from us!  

Anhad Inc. is a South Asian focused fully integrated media agency specializing in media marketing across the US and Canada. The agency has r...