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My name is Angy Lisset Sandoval Medina,

I am twenty six years old.

I am from Bucaramanga,

My addres is street hundred twelve with thirtyfourto fifteen,

My neighbourhood is Caldas.

My birthday is February twenty eight,

I am single,

My phone number is six three six nine three six two

My mobile number is three one seven five four zero zero four two five.

My profession is administrative assistant,

My hobby is watching TV,

My favorite color is white,

My favorite animal is dog,

My favorite fruit is banana tree,

My favorite food is lasagna,


My favorite sport is walk,

My favorite place is a park,

My favorite movie is monster inc,



My favorite music is pop,

My favorite book is youth in ecstasy

Thanks you,

thanks for your attention.

Good bye.

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