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In the Spooky Graveyard An eerie silence fills the air The smell of death starts to suffocate you No one to hear you scream The crunch of the old dirt under your shoes Lifeless plants all around The tombstones are mountains in front of you Glowing eyes in the distance looking into your soul Not knowing how to feel or what to do Only knowing you could disappear from under your feet Walking forward, freely, firmly, until you get chills Then the fear really starts to set in Before you know it, he’s already behind you The silence is like an unconscious person The graveyard is so spooky you could have heart attack

Poetic Techniques Metaphor

His eyes were balls of flames

Hyperbole I was so nervous I could die

Personification The book was delighted to

see me Alliteration The smooth, sweet, soft ice cream was dripping down my hand

Onomatopoeia The knife was tearing at her leg

Nothing Left Everyone walking around not caring Only worrying about what they’re doing It’s like no one even notices the rubbish They are just so lazy it could kill the earth All the trees being cut down not sustainably All the pollution is squeezing the life out of them They’re holding their breath to trying to get away But the pollution is clawing back at them holding them back But they manage to get away, Barely They are all Screaming, Suffering, Silently, without even noticing Hopefully someone will wake them up from they’re nightmare They are like a little bear in a bear trap They are so silly they don’t even realise they are going to die They are sitting ducks

Haiku Brawl The fight is over They are going to die now Please leave them alone

No Where The boiling asphalt Was roasting all the life forms No mercy, for now

Swell The high crashing waves Pounding against the smooth rocks Ever so slowly

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English Portfolio  

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