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Welcome to ANGUS ROSS bespoke furniture studio. Our furniture starts in a bluebell wood in Highland Perthshire. Angus is part of a collective caring for this ancient native woodland and he fells a few trees each year to let light into the woodland floor, to increase bio-diversity and improve conditions for the remaining trees. His deep exploration of this unusual, richly coloured, characterful timber led to steam-bending. This process is thousands of years old but Angus has developed it and combined it with his creative design, traditional cabinet making and the latest cutting technology to bring you this collection.

Call it a negotiation, a dialogue of sorts between Angus and wood. He asks more of it than most would dare, asks it to bend further, to colour deeper, to flex and join in ways that few would try.

Each piece is a long-worked agreement with nature, a handshake with wood.

Spey Bench 2019 Scottish ash. One-off L 170 x D 82 x H 78cm

The Spey Bench is the third in a series of one-off benches based on Scotland’s rivers. The form of the Spey Bench was inspired by the River Spey and fly fishing. Presented at COLLECT 2019: International Art Fair for Modern Craft and Design in the Saatchi Gallery, London.

“super-natural use of folding and steam bending� Dr Mhari Maxwell, V&A Dundee

Unstable Stool was our first product to use local green (undried) wood. A single length of wood is steamed and bent to create a strong asymmetric rocker for an exceptional ergonomic stool. It allows you to rock and lean forward whilst sitting at a table or desk – a movement that keeps the spine straight and engages core muscles. The rockers are brought through the seat and traditionally wedged, creating a lovely detail. The spindles are hand turned and pegged and the seat is sculpted for comfort. These are micro-batch produced in our workshop using local Scottish oak or ash. Please get in touch for current availability. Showcased in the V&A DUNDEE Scottish Design Gallery. Nominated for The Wood Awards Best Furniture Design in 2009.

Unstable Stool Scottish ash 50 x 50 x 50 cm £790

“Thank you. So wonderful, currently sitting on my new stool and it's AMAZING!!! I haven't sat up this straight in years!!!” EL "Received our wonderful stool safely & in time for Christmas. Definitely the best Christmas present I've ever had. We love it. All the family who have been here over the holidays have been commenting what a "thing of beauty it is", " a work of art" and "stunning craftsmanship."" CK "N… was moved to tears by her stool. Thanks to all of you for helping me to make my wife’s birthday very special." JW

Y Dressing Table Scottish ash H 100 x D 60 x W 135 cm £4200

displayed with Unstable Stool

Gorgeous curved top dressing table with adjustable bevelled glass mirror. Three Y component legs of sliced and steam-bent wood, support the top and mirror with traditional wedged joints. Sweeping curve at the back creates a lovely storage niche and shelf. Made to order in Scottish oak or Scottish ash.

Y Desk Scottish oak W 90 x D 55 x H 75-80 cm £3900

displayed with Aye Chair

A compact elegant desk with a curved ergonomic writing surface and adjustable task light. Our ingenious sliced and bent wood Y shaped components form the legs and support the adjustable task light. At the back is a loop of Bute tweed fabric to store paper or a laptop. Made to order in Scottish oak or Scottish ash and the loop pocket can be made in various materials including tweed and leather. Nominated for The Wood Awards Best Bespoke Furniture Design, 2011. Featured in FT Weekend.

Aye Chair Scottish oak W 46 x D 49 x H 78 cm £980

This comfortable dining chair features an ergonomic curved seat and a curved backrest which is strongly supported by our unique Y components. The back rest is not attached to the seat giving it a delightful and unexpected ‘spring’. The chair is traditionally jointed and further strengthened with turned oak stretchers. Made to order in Scottish oak and Scottish ash.

Angus knows these trees, cares for them, and when the time is right he works them into forms that will last, even beyond their rooted years.

Y Light Table – small diameter 48 cm height to table 58 cm height to light fitting 88 cm £890

These versatile tables include a light (with Bakelite switch and cloth covered flex) and three Y components. It comes in three sizes. Small is shown left and Tall is shown right. Made to order in Scottish oak  and Scottish ash. Lamp shades not included.

Y Light Table – tall diameter 58 cm height to table 54 cm height to light fitting 160 cm £1100

“Just a note to say that the light tables are superb. Your skill is amazing! Thank you.” MR “Just to let you know that the light table has arrived safely and that we are delighted.” A B-C “They have arrived and they look stunning! Thank you so much!“ EB

Y Bar Stool with back Scottish ash Seat diameter 38 x H 90 cm ÂŁ920

These stools are supported by our Y components. They have comfortable dished seats and stainless steel footrests (handmade in Scotland). Three legged chairs and stools are perfect for flagstones as they are more stable than four legged versions on uneven floors. Made to order and available in Scottish oak and Scottish ash.

Y Bar Stool Scottish oak Diameter 38 x H 70 cm £720

“the furniture arrived at lunchtime! Looks amazing. Thanks once again” RL “We are absolutely delighted with the bar stool” CD

Y Stool with back Scottish ash Seat diameter 45 x H 70 cm £720

Available in two versions: with a back and without a back. Made to order in Scottish oak and Scottish ash. Images on this page show Scottish oak.

Triangle Stool Scottish oak and hand twisted rush W 45 x H 46 cm ÂŁ890

In this new design the Y component was developed to create an exquisite stretcher detail.

Triangle Table Scottish oak W 50 x H 49 cm £790

Funnel Chair Scottish oak Diameter 88 x H 75 cm £3500

Comfortable statement chair with wonderfully tactile hand shaped curved top rail. Made to order and shown here in oiled oak - for indoor use. There is also a version for the garden.

Take this moment – a piece of steam-hot wood being pressed into a curve. A sliver of time when it can be sensitively coaxed into shape before it cools and sets.

Frame Rocker Scottish elm W 54 x D 52 x H 92 cm from ÂŁ2600

The delightfully balanced compact rocking chair is a signature design. The jointed components that make the frame form a continuous flowing line. We make small numbered editions when we have interesting hardwood. Main image shows Scottish elm and the details are English walnut and Scottish cherry.

“You can't imagine how much we admired Angus' frame rockers… The design was ingenious , the balance and proportions exquisite and the timbers so beautiful.” PM “the real treat was getting home and putting the rocker in place. As predicted, we are alternating between sitting in it and sitting elsewhere so we can look at it!" R McE "The frame rocker arrived safely; it looks beautiful, as you described it, and is as comfortable as I remembered from the one in the workshop. Please thank Angus and his colleagues for all their care and craftsmanship. I am really delighted to have such a fine piece of furniture.” GW

Frame Chair Scottish oak W 55 x D 50 x H 91cm ÂŁ1400

The Frame Chair is our most popular dining chair. The hand shaped seat is very comfortable and the steam-bent narrow back-rest provides excellent support. Discounts are available when a batch of chairs are ordered.

Ribbon Desk Ribbon Desk W 130 x D 65 x H 94cm ÂŁ9400 Limited to edition of 6

displayed with Unstable Stool

The Ribbon Desk has a curved and gently sloped working surface. This is good for working posture, especially when combined with the Unstable Stool, and brings attention back to the working surface. Long ribbons of steam-bent wood create storage niches and frame a small cupboard and drawer. There are discrete holes for cables.

Telford Desk Scottish oak and saddle leather W 122 x D 80 x H 64cm ÂŁ6400

displayed with Frame Chair

Angus has attracted a team of genuine and passionate people to the workshop. There is a sense of skill attracting skill but it’s more than just honed craft. They are hard-working but unhurried. Time is literally in the grain, set at the heart of each piece in circled years.

We work in Scottish timber which has a lot of character, and the colour and grain pattern varies considerably. The timber is carefully selected and the qualities of the timber give a unique character to every piece of furniture made. Our furniture is made to order and we are happy to provide wood samples in advance. Lorna or Emma are here to assist with ordering and commissioning furniture. Angus is happy to discuss bespoke commissions. There is a small showroom in the workshop, with furniture for sale, and we welcome visitors to see making in action – by appointment only. We hope to hear from you soon. Angus and Lorna Ross

Angus Ross Ltd, Burnside, Aberfeldy, Perthshire, Scotland PH15 2AU 01887 829857

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