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EDITOR’S NOTE/ GLORYBOX It’s always frustrating to be bubbling with ideas, and yet have no one to blabber it to! That is probably the life story of yours truly. However, how simply lovely it is to stumble upon (mis)fortune (aka the team behind CREA:M). I’m thankful that the handful nine of them have managed to be the valve for the “stuck” that I’m perpetually in. Awkwardly, it’s that time of the year when an influx of odd analogies and theories messes with my reasoning and sensibility. Nonetheless, here’s one: like a hair follicle that remains in mind but not in sight, I hope that the same analogy can be applied to CREA:M. A magazine that will spark not only stir your creative juices, but also serve as a relishing devour to satiate your creative hunger.

Speaking of which, we’ve packed our pages with the most creative articles ever – from unearthing the mysteries of enigmatic tarot cards to our take on the artisan bread trend! And don’t forget – it’s February! I can smell love from miles away. Find out what type of relationship you are in by checking out CREA:M’s Valentine’s Day special article (psst: we also included our very own Survival Pack!). With that, I hope our debut issue will be enlightening enough to turn your light bulbs on.

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Homemade Hairdye

Tag along with NATHANIA TIRTAPUTRA as she goes on an epic hairventure to find out how to naturally bleach your hair with different types of day-to-day ingredients that you can find in your very own home

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Prepare the chamomile by steeping a cup of the flowers in a quarter of boiling water. Then, leave it to boil for half an hour. The longer the brew, the more effective the chamomile is for brightening your locks, but remember, don’t brew the nutrients away! Strain the mixture and let it cool to room temperature while you shampoo your hair. Here’s a little tip from our hair-expert: wash your hair with cold water as it has proven to retain the moisture in your hair and at the same time, blind you with its shine. Squeeze the lemon until all its juice has been extracted. Then, mix it in with the chamomile. The lemon not only helps to strengthen your locks, but also reduces the oiliness of your scalp. Furthermore, its acid acts as a natural bleaching agent! Get a spray bottle and carefully pour the mixture in. Then, evenly spray the mixture onto your hair. For best results, get someone to help you with the spraying so that you’re sure your entire head from roots to ends are coated with the mixture. Don’t forget to brush through your hair with your fingers to even the mixture. You wouldn’t want to have a bald patch of undyed hair, do you? Also, use the tip of your fingers instead of nails as you may accidentally peel off the dry skin on your scalp, which can cause dandruff. One last step to go and you’re done! Secure your hair with a towel and leave it for an hour before rinsing it out. Not happy with your colour? Repeat the process! This can be done several times a week until you have reached your desired colour.

Hit the streets with your own unique style by joining LYVIA ONG as she shares with you the latest fashion trends that will make the street your runway STYLING is a very important asset of fashion. However, not many people know how to style, or dare to style. They follow trends, norms, and stick to the status quo. Following trends are perfectly fine of course, but adding your own style and essence makes the clothing come to live!

GO WILD Prints over prints, colours over colours. If you love prints and colours, don’t hold back and let your wild side take over! Our team finds mixing prints and colours really fun because there are so many possibilities in creating different outfits! Mixing and matching your outfits would help save costs as well! But, of course if you are one who does not favour prints, or feel that it might not suit you, it’s best to stay away. You know your own style best.


You don’t have to be adorned with the latest Chanel earrings or carry the newest Celine bag to be stylish. Don’t hesitate to head down to your nearest thrift store to pick something out – who knows what diamond you might find in the rut. Also, feel free to shop to your heart’s content as everything is literally dirt-cheap and one-of-a-kind. Goodbye outfit clashing and hello vintage fashion. Remember: style doesn’t make you, you make the style!

WEAR THE WEATHER Do not let the weather choose your outfit for you. Yes, it narrows down your outfit options, but never let the weather wear you down! Simply work around it! Take sunny Singapore as an example, it is usually warm and humid here, but does that mean you should wear tank tops and shorts every day? You have time to cool off (or warm up) in places, but if you do choose to wear a tank top and shorts, throw on an eye catching or killer outerwear!

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A nip here, a tuck there, new nose, higher bones – tag along with NATHANIA TIRTAPUTRA as she digs deeper into the trend of cosmetic surgery

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NITY WALK down the streets of Orchard Road and you see a beautiful lady donned in the latest Chanel collection. You notice her deep-set eyes and perfect bone structure, thinking to yourself “if only I was her”. The lady you noticed had gone through countless of surgeries to hide her frequent hangovers and deprived sleep just to look good and confident in that advertisement. Looking good and appearing confident seem to go hand in hand with each other. But what is not shown in that advertisement is the mountain of insecurities that is being masked by the up and coming trend of cosmetic surgeries.

Since the sixth B.C., cosmetic surgery has been relishing its existence. What initially started out as reconstructive purposes in India crept up to society’s stepping stone to beauty today. So what exactly is the reason for the growing prominence of cosmetic surgery in the lives of youths? The answer is simple. With the multitude of television shows and advertisements touting the benefits of extreme makeovers, and the relentless push to have the media’s ideals of beauty out on display, these ideals are made so ubiquitous that we hardly notice that they are there, entrenching them into our pop culture. These images are what throw many of the teenagers into that mountain of deep-seated psychological insecurities about themselves and their body image, resulting in them turning to these surgeries to perfect their imperfections. No, this does not just refer to the Koreans or the Americans, but Singaporeans as well.

“Labels such as ‘Chink’ and ‘Pancake Face’ are some of the many derogatory references people use towards people in the Asian countries. Instead of big eyes and sharp noses, all you see are slits and stouts.” “Three out of five of my teenage clients would opt to undergo Rhinoplasty (nose job) procedure, it’s one of the biggest concerns for Asians,” accounted Dr. Woffles Wu, a plastic surgeon from Camden Medical Centre. “Other than noses, many clients would also choose to touch up their eyes,” he continued. “I wanted my nose changed since I was 18. I looked at magazines and models with perfectly symmetrical noses and knowing they weren’t real didn’t stop me from envying them,” shared Daryll Ong, a 23-year-old student. The feeling of inadequacy leaves teenagers in a rock hard place. “It’s never about money or popularity. In this 21st century, society accepts you through your looks. That’s why we’re so pressured into looking good!” Looking good helps you score on your first impressions, but what many do not understand is that cosmetic surgery is not going to be the one magic solution that makes everything better. In fact, cosmetic surgery may be only one piece of many things that serve to improve aspects of yourself. There may be physical changes but the real change begins with who you are inside. As they say, beauty only runs skin deep.

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From Flaming Lamborghinis to Blowjob cocktails, resident alcoholic ANGUS NG gets intoxicated with several drinks that might tingle your tastebuds or perhaps, give you the slight shove you need for a mind-blowing night IT’S your best friend’s 21st birthday. You swagger into the bar like you own it and you are greeted with a modern chic vibe and chill acoustic music playing in the background. But wait! A quick glance at the menu and it seems like Friday the 13th all over again; all the drinks sold are lifeless, run-of-the-mill cocktails. It may have been told to me in my drunken stupor, but the good news is deemed true – bartenders have came up with a twist to your everyday drinks, and have taken the drinking experience to a new level. Well, thank God for creativity (and alcohol)!


Jaager Bomb

Flaming Lamborghini

There’s a tower of cocktail glasses before you with the base glasses filled with Baileys, and a splash of Sambuca standing tall at the top. The bartender struts to your side and whips out a lighter. He ignites the tower which then starts burning a beautiful, sapphire, flame, which pours down the tower. Of course, not only are you captivated by the stunning magic before you, so are the nearby patrons. The Flaming Lamborghini has just set fire to an icy cold bar. As the flame cascaded down the tower, my heart raced; I couldn’t wait to have it in contact with my lips. But when that moment finally arrived, the insides of my mouth burned, as if my gullet was going up in flames (though, after awhile, it felt quite “shiok”). Right before the concoction was extinguished, the bartender poured in the Baileys and Blue Curacao to smother the flame. Despite the Baileys and Curacao Liquors, it was a tad too sweet for my liking. The cocktail itself had a unique taste but perhaps, could use a little less Sambuca so that it does not overpower the Kahlua. One must admit though, this unique creation brings drinking to a whole new level with its intricate presentation and powerful spirits. Final verdict? It is a drink worth trying if you are up for a challenge.

Do you have a guilty pleasure for sugary treats? If you do, this drink would be ideal for you then! Served with half a glass of Red Bull and a shot of Jagermeister, the bartender then drops the shot into the glass and voila! – you have just witnessed a “bomb” being planted. Uncharacteristically, Jagermeister is far from a normal cocktail. The Red Bull enhances its sweetness and balances out the roughness of this crazy concoction! However, that being said, do not be fooled by the Jager Bomb’s saccharine and subdue texture for it isn’t called a “bomb” for nothing! Kim Tan, a patron of Chupitos, mentioned, “Jager Bomb is like a silent killer – you don’t know when you’ll get drunk cause it’s so sweet, and you just keep drinking it.” Upon the first gulp, there could be a situation whereby you leave because you’re too confused on whether you are actually being served Red Bull or alcohol. In this case, the early bird does not catch the worm because at the first sip, you do not actually benefit. It only kicks in after a few more sips, and that’s when the fun actually starts. The final judgement? The Red Bull is a little overpowering and there’s an unusual herbal taste that lingers after. But besides that, the Jager Bomb is actually rather refreshing and satisfying. For most people, it is a God-sent treacly treat that bestows upon you energy for a night of non-stop partying and dancing!


Think the names of these shots are erotic enough? Wait till you see how they are served. It’ll definitely be a literal eye-boggling experience. Cumshot, a shot which consists of Butterscotch Schnapps and Baileys, is served in a male genital-shaped syringe. Charming or repelling? You be the judge. For special occasions when you plan on humiliating your friends (or just to have a good laugh), this drink does more than just a splendid job. Despite attracting the wrong attention and getting the wrong impression, we promise you that it’s totally worth the humiliation. The Baileys complements the Butterscotch Schnapps just like how the creamy spirits work well with the Bailey’s Irish Cream. Together, they create a smooth mix of buttery goodness indeed! Served with a silicon imitation of a breast and whipped cream on a nipple-shaped straw, the Boobjob can be either an enjoyable or embarrassing drink. However, its blend of Absinthe, Baileys and milk makes it more enjoyable than embarrassing. Being famous for being a lethal drink, Absinthe’s alcohol content ranges from from 60% to 70% and knock you out in a few shots! When juxtaposed, I enjoyed the Boobjob more as I prefer my drinks sharp and strong. The sweetness of the Baileys neutralised the bitterness of the Absinthe, which creates the perfect kind of blend.




Whiffs Of Whimsy All senses are connected by memories, but the sense of smell particularly is one of the most powerful nostalgia triggers there is. With the creation of some of the most unique scents around, CHERYL KOH takes a look at where these fragrances can take you

Calvin Klein’s Obsession

CALVIN Klein’s Obsession for Man has a restrained order of herbs and spices, harmonised with citrus over familiar warm amber, which smells distinctly formal at first. However, with the addition of red berries to the structure, it sparks about the sensuousness and establishes an identity to the perfume that lasts for days.


“It is the classic cologne that can definitely bring out one’s manly aura,” commented Elias Tan, a 20-year-old student. “In fact, it could even be enough to make your woman go down on her knees,” he added cheekily.

But you might be surprised to learn that this scent does not just make the ladies’ knees buckle, it even sends the big cats running towards you! Reason being, this bottle of liquid contains an ingredient called ‘civetone’ which is derived from the scent glands of civets! Just imagine how wild these big cats’ imagination can be when they get a whiff of this fragrance… they are WILD animals after all!

Lady Gaga’s Fame LADY Gaga’s Fame consists of incense and poisonous flower Belladonna, which transforms into a sensual and palatial wave of honey drops, saffron and apricot, that is covered by Tiger Orchid and Sambac Jasmine, a floral veil that accentuates light and beauty. So if you have been hearing rumours that Lady Gaga’s Fame perfume smells like blood or semen, then sorry Gaga fans, but the scent is not as wacky as how it was called out to be. But still, it is our mother monster after all and she is known to do the craziest things. Perhaps, not in terms of the scent, but she did make use of this push-pull technology which heightens different aspects of each fragrant note depending on the skin type. To put it simply, the scent varies from time to time and differs from people to people! So you may be using the same bottle of perfume, but no two persons will smell the same!


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Improvisation at its best, JESSLYN LEE reveals her quick and easy recipe to create the perfect chocolate molten lava cake without even popping it into the oven

Molten Chocolate Cake

JUST imagine digging your fork into a warm molten lava cake, with chocolate oozing from within, now this is what I call... pure seduction. But, it’s pretty funny how people think that this dessert requires expertise and experience to prepare. Today we will be busting that myth. This popular molten lava cake can be easily made with everyday kitchen appliances. No oven? No problem! Joining forces with the Foodie baker, Jasline Ng, we will be teaching you how to cook (wait… cook?) up a molten lava cake with a rice cooker.

JESSLYN’S FA1 Instructions: Step 1: Grease the rice cooker bowl.

Step 2: Break the chocolate into pieces and melt them over a double boiler. Step 3: Stir in cocoa paste. Step 4: Cream the butter and sugar separately. Step 5: Add in one egg at a time, then add in the chocolate mixture. Mix well. Step 6: Pour the batter into the rice cooker and press ‘cook’. However, remember to keep patient and peep into the rice cooker lest you want your cake to be undercooked!

You will need: - A rice cooker - A cake mixer (optional) Ingredients: - 3 eggs - 200g of butter (at room temperature) - 200g of brown/white sugar - 200g of self-raising flour - 150g of semi sweet chocolate For cocoa paste: -1½ tablespoon of cocoa powder and 3 tablespoon of water

Step 7: Serve the lava cake while hot – the center of the cake should be moist so do not be alarmed when you prick it with a toothpick and it comes out wet!


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