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BA (Hons) Screenwriting

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Tim McClellan Programme Group Leader

Southampton Solent University East Park Terrace Southampton

Sara Bailey Course Leader

Hampshire So14 0YN

February 2012

SUPPORTING CAST LIST: Julian Unthank (Oscar nominated Screenwriter) Helen Jacey - The Woman in the Story (Screenwriter and author) Mark Ezra (Writer/Director) Ben Galley (Social Media and Creative Writing Expert) Lucy Daniel Raby (Prominent Screenwriter and Children’s author)

EXTERNAL LOCATIONS: Hanger Farm Arts Centre 5-8 October 2011, performance of Student Julianne Watling’s “Cat In The Rain” Cineworld Southampton Annual cinema visit for all levels.

PROPS/EXTRA NOTES Short Films Association Students are encouraged to write and produce their own short films. New Year, New Challenges A whole week of extra-curriclar employability tasks, aimed at preparing you for the step into industry. Feedback Variety Emails and notes are feedback, but so too are the quick informal chats we have, and the bi-termly meetings to address each unit.

INT. SOLENT UNIVERSITY LECTURE THEATRE. There is someone speaking the class, looking out at to-be graduates. They are speech about the National

at the front of a crop of soondelivering a Student Survey

SARA When I told you these three years would fly by, many of you probably didn’t believe me. But here we are with only weeks to go until you become graduates, you find yourselves having to complete the NSS... Eyes roll and many appear to switch off, SARA quickly looks to drag their attention back.

SARA I know, I know, it’s not the most exciting thing in the world but it does have a major impact on both the university’s future and yours. These scores play a big part in the league tables are are visible to everyone through the media (including potential employers).

Adam ADAM We work a lot as a team and if you can’t work like that then you’re not going to make it in Screenwriting. When I was at school Nick Park brought round the Oscar for Wallace and Gromit. He said ‘don’t touch it’ I picked it up. He said ‘get your own!!’. The course has given me the push to do just that.

Laura-Leigh LAURA-LEIGH I wrote a script which was nominated for ‘Best Original Story’ and I got to go to an awards ceremony. The more they tell me about how hard it will be to get into the industry the more confident I become that I’m going to be one of the people who makes it. It would be hard to get practical scriptwriting experience any other way

Govinda GOVINDA enters from the left. He appears cool and calm, wearing a scarf and beanie. Smiling, he addresses the interviewer in a mild manner.

GOVINDA My whole way of understanding genre has changed.

BA (Hons) Screenwriting  

A celebration of three years studying Ba (Hons) Screenwriting at Southampton Solent University

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