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ANGUS bulletin Summer 2018



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A 460kg Angus steer donated by the Lock Family of Nurrungar Pastoral Company made $4.35/kg or $2,000 for BeyondBlue when purchased by Pinkerton Palm Hamlyn & Steen Peter at Naracoorte SA on 26/10/17. Image credit: The Stock Journal

Angus Youth member Kate Fairlie (second from left) with parents, Mark and Lynn and grandfather Roy Montgomery, represented the South East & Border Show Association in the SA Rural Ambassador Awards at the Royal Adelaide Show where she was named second runner up

Libby Storey and Chris Saunders at the Angus Australia Regional Forum in Albury NSW

out & about

Blue Lake Station's Michael Famularo and business partner James Sackl were recognised as the most outstanding beef producers in the MSA Excellence in Eating Quality Awards in South Australia. They are with Kevin Beare, Chesrex, Kingston, who has supplied 400 weaners to Blue Lake Station in the past couple of years. Image credit: The Stock Journal

Georgia Laurie was the youngest ever winner of the 2017 Tocal Beef Cattle Assessment Course, at age 17. Georgia was also awarded the Champion Junior judge out of 850 competitors at the 2017 Upper Hunter Beef Bonanza in Scone NSW. Image credit: The Stock Journal

Dr Linda Cafe, NSW DPI, Angus Australia's Strategic Manager, Christian Duff Angus Projects Bulletin — Summer 2018 PAgeand 1 Dr Sam Clarke, University of New England at the Angus Research Update & Cohort 6 steer viewing at the Tullimba Feedlot, Torryburn NSW

31 Contents Summer 2018 | volume 30


7 1 Out and About 2 Contents 4 From the President 4 From the CEO

7 New Era for Genetic Evaluation of Australian Angus Cattle 8 2018 Media Kit Publisher: Angus Australia Locked Bag 11 Armidale NSW 2350 P: 02 6773 4600 | F: 02 6772 3095

9 2017 Bull Sale Stats 10 Angus bull buyers invest in premium genetics


12 Demand for Angus females at all time record high

Editor: Diana Wood

16 Enhancements to Angus BREEDPLAN December 2017


Layout: Ebonie Sadler-Small Printer: APN Print, Warwick QLD Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the Editor or of the Board of Angus Australia. Neither the Editor nor Angus Australia takes any responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained within this publication, nor for the outcome (including consequential loss) of any action taken by readers or others based on information contained therein. The publishers reserve the right to refuse or cancel without notice any advertisement in a publication issued by them.

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Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

15 Angus females around the saleyards

18 Understanding Single Step Analytical Software 20 From the Angus BREEDPLAN Desk 21 2018 Angus BREEDPLAN Analysis Schedule

12 26 Angus Australia Regional Forums a hit 28 Who are the ASBP Cohort 8 Sires? 30 ASBP Cohort 5 Performance Collection Completed 31 ASBP day highlights research initiatives 32 What to do after AI? 34 The faces of the Member Services Team 35 Angus Australia is pleased to welcome Michael Beattie to the team as the Member Services Manager 37 Member Service Stats 38 Member Services Matters 41 Angus Australia's New Team Members 43 Northern Development Consultative Committee 44 Macca's committed to Angus

23 Introducing the New Angus GS Product

46 The customer, the Angus beef, the Angus supplier

24 GeneSeek AustralAsia Now Offering New DNA Services to Angus Australia Members

49 Around the Saleyards



50 50 An Angus switch pays off for one Wallabadah grazier

72 Angus Australia Foundation supporting the future

52 Angus and Merinos make the perfect mix in hills and dales

78 Member Notice

54 Angus Pure – Best in show, Sydney Royal Fine Food Branded Beef Awards

78 Angus Australia Staff Directory

56 Angus Confirm Feedlot Dominance 58 Angus Show Carcase Strength 60 Around the Shows 62 Branding Breakdown 64 Rollup for Roundup 65 Semex Kansas State University scholarship awarded to Samantha Neumann 66 Focusing on breeding objectives in New Zealand

68 advertising index Angus Studs

BC Ascot Angus 57 Ardcairnie Angus 23 Esslemont Angus 63 Granite Ridge Angus 67 Pentire Angus 61 Raff Angus 59 Sheron Farm IBC Te Mania Angus 40 Wattletop Angus

14 Weeran Angus

Commercial Advertising 27 Anipro 35 Anipro IFC Colliers 42 The Davey Group

68 InstaAngus

51 Eastern Spreaders PTY LTD

69 Gaining insight at SMARTBEEF 2017

22 Geneseek Australasia

70 LIVEXchange Expands Knowledge in Perth

25 Nowlan Stock & Station Agent

48 Mort & Co 53 Pacific Seeds 47 Prolix

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Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

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from the president Libby Creek, Angus Australia President

As this year is rapidly coming to the end, I thought it would be timely to reflect briefly on some of the wonderful achievements of our members and our exceptional team in the Angus Australia office during 2017. • In January a successful Teys Australia Angus Youth Roundup was conducted in Mt Gambier, with 122 enthusiastic participants from across Australia and New Zealand.This continues to be a fantastic event for our youth andwe are looking forward to the Thomas Foods International Angus Youth Roundup being held in Wodonga in January 2018. • In May, the Angus National Conference was held in Ballarat, with 180 delegates and excellent present ations on a range topics affecting the profitability of our beef enterprises. • Australia was well represented at the World Angus Forum in England and Scotland in June, where Angus Australia launched our promotion of the next World Angus Forum to be held in Sydney in 2021. • It is exciting to report we had a record number of cows recorded on the Angus female inventory – 118,248 (a 10% increase on the previous year). • Data collection from Cohort 5 of the Angus Sires Benchmarking Program (ASBP) was completed during the year with all data analyses through Angus BREEDPLAN, and 2,500 cows across 7 co-operator herds have been joined to 37 sires in Cohort 8. Numerous collaborative add-on projects involving other research organisations are at various stages of implementation, generating significant new research knowledge from the ASBP. • Congratulations to Millah Murrah on their tremendous female sale on the 19th October which produced the record price of $190,000 for an Angus Female (Millah Murrah Prue M4). • In November, the “single step” Angus BREEDPLAN analysis was implemented. This includes the assembly of historical genomics data, including genetic profiles from over 35,000 samples submitted by members and various research projects (especially ASBP and Beef CRC). The “single step” methodology makes more optimal use of genomics data, along with pedigree and performance data, to increase the reliability and accuracy of EBVs. • During 2017, we had a consolidation and expansion of Angus brand verification services, and incorporation into Angus Australia’s commercial supply chain. • Despite changes in export requirements during the year, there were over 10,000 Angus females certified for export to China. • The “Angus Database Search” was launched during 2017, giving unprecedented access to the power of the Angus Australia database. • The “Angus Education Centre” was also launched as the PAge 4

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

repository of the large volume of education and extension materials to members. I urge you all to have a look at this when you have a chance. And importantly our members continued to have wonderful success with commercial sales during the year with a few of the highlights being: • PTIC Angus heifers, $3,225 Ballarat, VIC 10.2.17 • 561 Angus cross steers, Ave 271 kg, sold for an average of 396c/kg at Roma, QLD 17.1.17 • 412 c/kg or $1508 for Angus heifers at Manjimup, WA 24.1.17 • 432 c/kg for 109 Angus steers at Tenterfield, NSW 9.3.17 • 438 c/kg for Angus steers weighing 317 kgs at Powranna, TAS 16.3.17 • $2,260 PTIC Angus cows, Naracoorte SA 23.11.17 I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the team at Angus Australia for the exceptional work carried out all year. As Angus Australia continues to grow and expand in research and innovation, we appreciate the extra time, effort and commitment this requires. I thank the Directors of Angus Australia, who put in substantial time to the strategic direction of Angus Australia. This often means being away from their own businesses and work for periods of time which is a generous commitment to give. Most importantly, I thank the members of Angus Australia, for your dedication to produce quality Angus beef, with enthusiasm and willingness to embrace new technologies and opportunities. We are a progressive and innovative member based organisation and we should all be very proud of that. I wish you all a safe and happy Christmas with your family and friends.

Libby creek, president

peter parnell, Ceo

from the ceo

Dr Peter Parnell, Chief Executive Officer

Another successful year for Angus

2017 has been a very successful year for Angus, with sustained commercial premiums for Angus cattle and beef in all markets. This has been reflected in increased activity for Angus Australia as our members continue

to ramp up their thirst for innovation in all aspects of their business. Following on from significant growth in recent years we have again experienced increased levels of member transactions, surpassing all previous key performance indicators. Ongoing programs in Marketing, Communications and Youth (led by Diana Wood); Membership Services (led by Lee-Anne Turner); Breed Development & Extension (led by Andrew Byrne); Strategic Projects (led by Christian Duff); Information Systems (led by Christopher de Crespigny); Commercial Supply Chain program (led by Liz Pearson); Administration Support (led by David Cameron) and Personnel Management (led by Ron Bower) have all been enhanced during 2017. We saw the departure of Lee-Anne Turner as our Member Services Manager in November, but have been fortunate to secure the services of Michael Beattie into this role. I wish to acknowledge the dedicated contributions of all staff during 2017 and welcome all new members of the Angus Australia team. I also acknowledge the support of our dedicated Directors and participants of State Committees and Regional Groups across the Angus network. I look forward to another successful year for Angus in 2018.

Angus Australia Board meeting

The Angus Australia Board met in Armidale between 30th Nov – 1st Dec. Items addressed at the meeting included the following: • Review of governance and risk management. • Review and approval of Operational Plans and Budget for 2018, with associated budget • Approval of the Board election schedule for 2018, including one state-elected Director from each of the states of NSW, Tas and WA, and two national-elected Directors, to commence following the AGM scheduled for Thursday 25th May 2018. Nominations for these board positions will open on 26th Feb 2018. Following the close of nominations on 19th March 2018 an electronic preferential voting system will be employed where members will be requested to provide a preference to as many candidates as they wish, and in the case where their first choice for a Nationally-

elected Director position is elected to a State elected Director position, their subsequent preferred candidate will be considered for the Nationally-elected Director position. • Review of the Regulations around the management of suspected errors in the Angus Australia database and approval of the inclusion of the following new clauses in the 2018 Regulations: (i) Available genotype data will be used to routinely check the parentage, sex and recessive gene status of animals recorded in the HBR, APR, RAR and MBR registers, and to seek resolution of suspected discrepancies; (ii) In cases where genotype data indicates a required amendment to the records for an animal the owners and breeder of the animal will be provided with 14 days’ notice of the intended amendment, during which time evidence can be provided to controvert the intended amendment; (iii) Where genotype data indicates unresolved discre pancies in the recorded parentage, sex or recessive gene status of an animal born prior to 1st January 2018 the recorded information and the animal’s registration status will remain unchanged; (iv) Where genotype data indicates unresolved discre pancies in the pedigree or recessive gene status of an animal born after 1st January 2018 the suspected erroneous information will be removed from the database and the animals’ registration status will be revoked until the discrepancies are resolved. • Agreed to provide additional financial support to State Committees in 2019 to assist in funding special Centennial events (feature shows etc). • Approval of the establishment of a Northern Develop ment Consultative Committee. • Approval of appointment of Arinex Pty Ltd to manage the World Angus Forum 2021. Angus Australia Board meetings in 2018 are scheduled for: 22nd Mar, 25th May, 26th Jul, 12th Sept, and 30th Nov. The 2018 Regulations and Fee schedule will be available on the Angus Australia website from the 2nd Jan 2018. Best wishes to all members for the festive season and New Year.

The 2017 Board of Directors at the Armidale Board Meeting

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 5

THE SCIENCE OF SELECTION The advanced genomic selection tool available for Australian Angus breeders

i50K for Angus is a DNA test that predicts genetic potential for a range of economically important traits. i50K is the market leading genomic test for registered Angus cattle. An i50K for Angus test enables: • Genomic integration into Angus BREEDPLAN providing increased accuracy of selection on young animals. • Identification of elite, unproven bulls and young bulls with a unique combination of traits; • Selection of superior heifers to become herd replacements and elite females for submission to AI or ET programs; • Highly accurate pedigree records through DNA trace-back technology that matches calves with sires in a multiple-sire system. To take your breeding decisions to the next level call:

1300 768 400

Zoetis Australia Pty Ltd. ABN 94 156 476 425. Level 6, 5 Rider Boulevard, Rhodes NSW 2138. © 2016 Zoetis Inc. All rights reserved. ZL0423 12/17

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Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

New Era for Genetic Evaluation of Australian Angus Cattle The December 2017 Angus BREEDPLAN analysis has heralded a new era for the genetic evaluation of Angus cattle in Australia with the implementation of a new and improved approach for incorporating genomic, or DNA information into the calculation of Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs). The new approach, referred to as single step analytical software, replaces the traditional, multi-step process for incorporating genomic information with a new process that simultaneously utilises genomic, pedigree and performance information, placing appropriate emphasis on all available sources of information, to generate the best possible prediction of an animal’s breeding value. The implementation of the new approach into the Angus BREEDPLAN genetic evaluation is a result of collaborative research and development over recent years between the Animal Genetics & Breeding Unit (AGBU), the Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI), Angus Australia, and the New Zealand Angus Association, with funding assistance from Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA). Angus Australia’s Breed Development & Extension Manager, Mr Andrew Byrne explained the new single step analytical approach ensures Angus breeders have access to the latest genetic evaluation technology, with similar analytical models having recently being implemented into other major animal breeding genetic evaluations around the world. “The new approach will ensure the EBVs published for Angus animals provide the best possible prediction of their genetic merit”, said Mr Byrne. “Having the most reliable breeding values available on Angus animals will assist Angus breeders to select the cattle that are carrying genetics most aligned with their breeding objective, with more informed selection decisions facilitating genetic improvement within Angus breeding programs”, explained Mr Byrne. The Angus breed has long led the Australian beef industry with the application of breeding and genetic technologies, and the application of genomics is no different. Genomic information has been incorporated into the Angus BREEDPLAN genetic evaluation since April 2011, with genomic profiles now analysed in Angus BREEDPLAN for over 30,000 animals.

“The new single step analytical model revolutionises the whole approach to incorporating genomics in Angus BREEDPLAN”, explained Dr Brad Crook, Manager, Genetics Research and Development at ABRI. “Rather than blending genomic predictions with traditional EBVs, the single step analytical software combines the pedigree, performance and genomic information from the start, one process, with all sources of information being used together”. “This means the genomic information contributes directly to EBVs and accuracies, without requiring external prediction equations, and contributes to all traits in the main multi-trait Angus BREEDPLAN analysis, not just a sub-set of traits for which prediction equations exist”, said Dr Crook. In addition, the influence of genomics extends beyond those animals that were genotyped, with a flow-on effect to relatives of these genotyped animals. Dr Crook explained that “the single step analytical software also takes account of the actual degree of relationship between genotyped animals and their genetic proximity to the animals in the reference population, being the population of Angus animals that have both genotypes and phenotypes for a particular trait”. The end result is the calculation of the EBVs for Angus animals that represent the best estimate of their genetic merit, ultimately arming Angus breeders with tools that will ensure the profitability of Angus genetics continues to increase throughout all segments of the beef supply chain. The EBVs for all Angus animals have been re-estimated in the December 2017 Angus BREEDPLAN analysis using the new analytical model and can be accessed from the Database Search facility on the Angus Australia website. Further information on the new single step approach for incorporating genomic information into the calculation of Angus BREEDPLAN EBVs is provided on pages 18-19. A technical bulletin is also available from the Angus Australia website that contains more comprehensive information. Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

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To view the full Media Kit online visit or contact for more information. PAge 8

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

2017 bull sale stats Total: 167 | 9,296 | $110,000 | $7,630 NO. OF SALES




state bull sale totals

19 | 1,055 $110,000 $6,741


76 | 4,497 $60,000 $8,812

18 | 950 $26,000 $8,116

14 | 720 $85,000 $7,183

top 10 priced bulls in 2017

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8



Carabar Angus


Nampara Angus


Booragul Angus


Texas Angus


Banquet Angus

Carabar Docklands L36 to East West Angus Barraba NSW & Larriken Angus, Narrabri NSW Nampara Liberty L21, to Ascot Angus Warwick QLD and Keringa Angus, Culburra SA Booragul Leroy L70 to Dunoon Angus, Holbrook NSW Texas Earnan L612 to DSK Angus, Coonabarabran NSW Banquet Lukas L200 to Fernleigh Angus, Elmbank VIC


Millah Murrah Angus


Clunie Range Landmark L415 to Adameluca Angus, Kyneton VIC

Clunie Range Angus


Knowla Angus


Rennylea Angus


Millah Murrah Klooney M182 to Trio Angus, Cassilis NSW

Knowla Lofty L127, Booragul Angus stud, Piallaway NSW Rennylea M6, to Booroomooka Angus, Bingara NSW

Booroomooka Angus

Booroomooka Leroy L173 to Wyagdon Valley Angus, Bathurst NSW

35 | 1,823 $52,000 $6,898

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

5 | 251 $19,000 $8,032 top 10 averages for angus bulls sold at auction in 2017

Millah Murrah Angus

Sold: 122 | Top: $50,000 | Average: $15,590

Booragul Angus

Sold: 63 | Top: $60,000 | Average: $13,730

Texas Angus

Sold: 126 | Top: $56,000 | Average: $12,535

Clunie Range Angus

Sold: 136 | Top: $45,000 | Average: $12,324

Knowla Angus

Sold: 69 | Top: $38,000 | Average: $11,318

Dulverton Angus

Sold: 76 | Top: $18,000 | Average: $11,064

Te Mania Angus

Sold: 118 | Top: $20,000 | Average: $10,933

Glenavon Angus

Sold: 101 | Top: $19,000 | Average: $10,633

Wattletop Angus

Sold: 120 | Top: $26,000 | Average: $10,308

Ben Nevis Angus

Sold: 71 | Top: $32,000 | Average: $10,282 Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 9

The Coonambe Angus stud, Bremer Bay, sold the season's top-priced bull at its on-property sale when this bull sold in a 50-50 partnership for $26,000 to the Toovey family, trading as LT Toovey & Sons, Cranbrook and the Bairstow family, trading as Arizona Farms. Image courtesy of the Farm Weekly

Angus bull buyers invest in premium genetics Diana Wood, Marketing & Communications Manager

Bull buyers have been brimming with confidence across the country, with the cattle market going from strength to strength. Prices have been pushed to unprecedented levels and the demand for quality Angus bulls has shown no signs of abating. Following on the back of a record breaking 2016 for the cattle industry, Angus studs have recorded solid sale averages as the strength in the cattle market created demand for top quality pedigree recorded genetics. Overall 9,296 registered Angus bulls sold for an average of 7,630 across 167 bull sales. The total average price for Angus bulls sold at auction has increased in 2017 by 3.5%, a sign that bull buyers are still buoyed by the prices they have been receiving across the supply chain.

How the states fared New South Wales

NSW again led the charge, with 4,497 bulls sold across 76 sales for an average of $8,812. The top price bull in NSW, and third across the country was Booragul Leroy L70, a son of Booragul Epistle H99 offered at the annual Booragul Angus bull sale, and purchased for $60,000 by Dunoon Angus, Holbrook NSW. The top average in NSW went to Millah Murrah Angus, Bathurst NSW, with 122 bulls averaging $15,590 for a 100% clearance. Further remarkable results were achieved in NSW with 9 other studs achieving averages above $10,000. Booragul Angus cleared 63 bulls for $13,730 and had the second highest average in the country, Texas Angus sold 126 bulls to average $12,535; Clunie Range 136 bulls for $12,324, Knowla Angus 69 for $11,318; Dulverton Angus 76 bulls for $11,064; Te Mania Angus Northern Bull Sale, 118 bulls for $10,933, Glenavon Angus 101 bulls for $10,633, Wattletop Angus 120 bulls for $10,308 and Ben Nevis Angus 71 bulls for $10,282. PAge 10

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

Other movers and shakers in 2017 that saw significant increases in their bull sale averages from 2016, included Outwest Angus recording a $4,138 or 83.6% improvement, Boragul Angus, a $5,914 or 75.6% increase, Gilmandyke Angus, a $3,790 or 73% increase, Seaforth Angus, a $2,827 or 70% increase and Dulverton Angus a $4,017 or 57% increase. The country’s biggest single offering of bulls at the Booroomooka bull sale, saw a total of 227 bulls clear for an average of $9,565 to make a record sale gross of $2.192 million.


New kid on the on property auction block, Carabar Angus took out the coveted top price Angus bull at auction in 2017 and in doing so also broke the Queensland record for an Angus bull sold at auction. Carabar Docklands L36, a son of Carabar Docklands D62 was purchased in partnership by East West Angus Barraba NSW and Larriken Angus, Narrabri NSW for $110,000. Carabar also achiveed the top average in the state, with a total of 74 bulls averaging $9,318. Burenda Angus cleared 117 bulls for an average of $9,146 at their August sale.

South Australia

14 bull sales were held in South Australia, with 720 bulls selling to average $7,183. Top price bull in South Australia and second top proice overall went to Nampara Liberty L21, when purchased by Ascot Angus Warwick QLD and Keringa Angus, Culburra SA for $85,000. Sired by Atahua Freedom, Freedom L21 broke the South Australian record for an Angus bull sold at auction and smashed Nampara’s previous best stud record of $18,000 in 2011. Nampara also achived the top average in South Australia, clearing 66 bulls for an average of $9,644.

Not far behind were Pathfinder Angus, selling a total of 122 bulls for $9,644.


In Tasmania a total of 5 sales saw 251 Angus bulls, sell to a top of $19,000 and average $8,032. James Carr, Funny Hill Pastoral, Binda NSW paid $19,000 for the top price Angus bull in Tasmania. Landfall Juggernaut L233, sired by Prime Juggernaut J15 was offered at the Landfall Angus Autumn Bull Sale. The same sale also offered up the highest average for Tasmania, with 143 bulls averaging $8,871. This was a $2,732 or 45% increase on their 2016 result. Landfall Angus also realised the second highest average in the state at their spring bull sale, with 103 bulls averageing $8,237. Pine Park Angus also saw a significant jump in their 2017 average, increasing by $1,802 or 47%, with 11 bulls averaging $5,600.

Coonamble Angus also secured the top average, with 75 bulls achieving a $10,093 average. Not far behind with an average of $9,658 was Koojan Hills Angus who sold 60 bulls. Lawsons Angus saw a $3,860 or 78% increase in the 2016 average to clear 80 bulls for an average of $8,815. Mordallup Angus saw a marked increase in average, with 60 bulls clearing for an average of $8,133, up $2,849 or 54% on their 2016 result. Nampara Liberty SA


Victoria realised an average of $6,898 for 1,823 bulls sold across 35 sales. $52,000 was the top price achieved at the Banquet Angus Autumn Bull Sale for 19 month-old Banquet Lukas L200. Sired by the US bull Sydgen Black Pearl, the bull was purchased by Fernleigh Angus, Elmbank VIC. Banquet were just pipped at the post by Te Mania Angus for the top average in Victoria, with the Te Mania sale clearing 156 Angus bulls to average $9,282. Banquet Angus were not far behind, with their 89 bulls averaging $9,224. Siginifcant movements in sale averages from 2016 were experienced by Stoney Point Angus with an average of $6,270, up $2,800 or 81%and Lawsons Angus, with an average of $8,612, up $3,511 or 69%.

Landfall Juggernaught TAS

Western Australia

In Western Australia 971 bulls cleared across 20 sales to average $8,119. Top price honours in Western Australia went to the Coonamble Angus stud, with Coonamble L66 selling for $26,000,when purchased in partnership by Arizona Farms, Lake Grace and LT Toovey & Sons, Cranbrook. The son of Coonamble Hector was also the highest selling bull during the Western Australia sale season.

Carabar Docklands L36 QLD

Booragul Leroy L70 NSW

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 11

With the $52,000 record breaking Banquet bull, Banquet Lukas L200, are (back) Landmark auctioneer Kevin Norris, Alex Scott Agency’s Rob Ould who bid on the bull for Peter and John Blyth, Fernleigh Angus, Elmbank, co-vendor Josh Meulendyks and Elders auctioneer Ross Milne, and at front are Hamish Branson and co-vendor Dianna Branson. Image courtesy of The Stock & Land

Demand for Angus females at all time record high On a day when industry records tumbled at the Millah Murrah Female Sale, there was one star of the show that set a new all-breeds auction record when she was knocked down by auctioneer Paul Dooley for $190,000. Lot 181, Millah Murrah Prue M4, pregnancy tested in calf to Millah Murrah Proceed L237, was purchased by the Brooklana Angus Stud, Brooklana NSW, setting the record for the top price paid for registered Angus females sold at auction and top price for a registered Angus animal sold at auction. $190,000 is now also an all breeds record for females, having eclipsed the $160,000 set in 1990 by Baldrudgery Lisa, a Poll Hereford heifer bred by the Hodges family at Baldry. The top price previously paid for a registered Angus animal, was $150,000 for Millah Murrah Kingdom K35, purchased by the syndicate of ABS Australia, Witherswood, Gilmandyke and Ascot Angus, at the 2015 Millah Murrah Bull Sale. Sired by Coonamble Hector H249, the record breaking heifer was described by Ross Thompson as, ‘One of the best animals we have ever bred. She is a magnificent specimen from all angles’. ‘Her mother is a massive volume donor cow with a good record. To date she has earned $7350 in embryo sales. Her three sons have been rock solid, averaging $12,000' he said. Earlier in the day, the record price for a registered Angus cow was broken when Lot 117, Pregnancy-tested-in-calf cow, Millah Murrah Prue H112, broke the previous record

PAge 12

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

for an Angus cow of $48,000 when knocked down to East West Angus, Bingara, for $54,000. East West Angus were also the underbidders on the $190,000 heifer. This record was previously held by the Aberdeen Estate Angus Stud, when Aberdeen Estate Dream F21 was purchased by Redback Angus at the Aberdeen Estate Dispersal in 2013. All up 234 lots, a 100% clearance, averaged $13,709, to demolish the previous record average for an Angus female sale of $8,494 for 260 lots at the Wattletop Stage 1 Female dispersal at Guyra in May this year. Millah Murrah principal, Ross Thompson highlighted the fact that the results underlined the seemingly endless horizon for the demand of quality Angus cattle. ‘Support from within the breed was enormous, with plenty of studs operating in volume like Heart Angus NSW, Coffin Creek NSW, Coolie Angus NSW, Mandayen in SA, Keringa in SA, Cherylton in WA,' said Ross. ‘There were also plenty of newcomers to Angus, with existing seedstock enterprises in other breeds. It was certainly a very healthy sign for the Angus brand,’ he said. Angus Australia’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Diana Wood, backed up Ross’s comments about the demand for Angus females saying that the prices for Angus females across the board have set an unprecedented benchmark over the last 12 to 18 months.

Witherswood Brenda G32 was purchased for $11,500 at the first ever Witherswood female sale

Julie & Jeremy Shaw with sons Leo & Henry at the Roma store cattle sale. Image courtesy of The Queensland Country Life

Millah Murrah Prue M4 set an all breeds record when purchased for $190,000 by the Brooklana Angus Stud

‘Demand for Angus females is certainly at an all time record high across both the seedstock and commercial cattle herds. We have now seen a number of Angus seedstock female sales take place in 2017 with astounding results’. In a true testament to the Angus breed and proving the strength of the demand for Angus females, a total clearance of females was achieved by John and Joan Woodruff from Witherswood Angus at Taminick, via Glenrowan VIC who held their first ever female sale the day following the Millah Murrah sale. A total of 57 yearling heifers topped at $8,000 to average $2,930 and a total of 62 cow and calf lots topped at $11,500 to average $5,855. The top price cow and calf, Witherswood Brenda G23 was purchased by Clayhill Booral in Queensland. Earlier in the year, Wattletop Angus Stud, Guyra New South Wales, sold 260 females, to average a phenomenal $8,494 for a complete clearance of the PTIC females put up for auction. A top price of $38,000 was reached twice, with Wattletop Barunah E295 purchased by Sprys Angus and Wattletop J464, purchased by Bannaby Angus. And at what was likely Australia’s largest ever Angus dispersal sale in March 2017, the Gubbins Family of Coolana Angus, Chatsworth Victoria sold 820 lots to a top of $22,000 for Coolana Tearful G216, purchased by the Mandayaen Stud SA, with the sale averaging $3,276. The commercial sector has certainly not been immune to these results. $4,100 was paid for a pen of five Angus cows with calves offered by Gary and Julie Buller at the Monterey Ladies Day sale, Karridale WA in April.

These were purchased by Rob Italiano, Harvey WA, who also paid $3,800 for a further four Angus cows pregnancy tested in calf. Another five pregnancy-tested-in-calf Angus cows also made $4,100 the same day, when purchased by P & S Barbetti, Waterloo. At the Roma store cattle sale on July 11 2017, JS Grazing, Injune QLD, achieved a 426c/kg top and 401c/kg average for the 325 Angus heifers they offered. This result is a record for heifers sold through the Roma saleyards. More recently, Angus females have hit highs in Maitland NSW on November 18th with $3,200 paid for Angus cow units offered by Ambiad P/L, Mindarriba and selling to Jon Unicombe, Westbrook, and in Pakenham VIC on November 16th where 10 Angus cows & calves offered by Mayneline Angus made $2,760. ‘With Angus females known for their superior fertility, maternal performance, calving ease and overall marketability, it is no surprise to see purchasers willing to invest in the best genetics for their female herd,' said Diana. Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 13



Weeran Mars VHWM106. Stud Sire potential! A deep sided, thick topped, broad based Millah Murrah Jupiter Embryo.


•70 BULLS• Featuring the first embryo’s purchased from Millah Murrah, being sons of Millah Murrah Jupiter and Millah Murrah Emperor, Ascot Hallmark and Coonamble Jester. Along with outstanding sons of Weeran Joel, Musgrave Big Sky and Wattletop Kiwi. For more information please contact: Alec & Jo Moore m 0438 787 258 Tom French m 0430 062844 e


Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

Jamie Alison, ‘Cooreei’, Dungog (left) and son, Sandy (right) with Lidbury and Bowe auctioneer, Michael Easey, sold PTIC Angus heifers for $1,850 at Maitland NSW, 28/10/17

Elders Albury's, Matt Tinkler, purchased some of John Hawkins, Woolama Past Co, Finley, cows & calves at Wodonga VIC 2/11/17 . Matt paid $2,460 for 2nd calve Angus heifers

Anthony Battesby of “Woodlands” with his pen of Angus heifers & calves to six weeks sold for $2,500 in Kyneton, 25/10/17

Angus females around the saleyards Images: Fairfax Media

Nurrungar Pastoral Co's Andrew Lock sold 15 PTIC Angus cows for $2,260, at Naracoorte SA 23/11/17

Julie and James Rae “Raeburn”, Narromine NSW, Ashley McGilchrist, Landmark Wilson Russ and their Angus cows topping at $2,025. The 167 breeders averaged $1,841 with 121 cows with calves averaging $1,944, in Dubbo NSW 3/11/17

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 15

Lea and Barry Worseldine, Creightons Creek Angus, with their grandson, Connor McMCormack, sold these yearling Angus heifers for $1,100 at Bairnsdale VIC 21/09/17

breed development

Enhancements to Angus BREEDPLAN December 2017 Andrew Byrne, Breed Development & Extension Manager

A number of enhancements have been implemented in the December 2017 Angus BREEDPLAN analysis. These enhancements are part of the ongoing maintenance and improvement to the Angus BREEDPLAN genetic evaluation, and have resulted in the calculation of EBVs that better predict the genetic merit of Australian Angus animals.

Calculation of EBVs for North American Animals

Angus BREEDPLAN incorporates EPDs for American Black and Red Angus, Canadian Black and Red Angus, and American Brangus animals in order to improve the calculation of EBVs for North American genetics that have been imported into Australia. Several enhancements have been implemented with regards to the calculation of EBVs for North American animals: • As a result of considerable analytical changes being made to the genetic evaluations in which the EPDs are calculated, particularly the genetic evaluation conducted by the American Angus Association, the Animal Genetics & Breeding Unit (AGBU) has reviewed and updated the parameters that are utilised when incorporating the North American EPDs into the calculation of Angus BREEDPLAN EBVs. • The EPDs for all imported American and Canadian Black and Red Angus animals has been updated to ensure the most up-to-date EPDs are utilised. • EPD information has been incorporated on a greater number of animals recorded with the American Angus Association.

PAge 16

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

In addition, arrangements have been made to enable the EPD information to be updated on a more regular basis, with updated EBVs now to be incorporated in the March, June, August and December analyses each year. Previously EPDs were updated in the June and December analyses. The enhancements, plus the more regular updating of EPD information, will result in the calculation of EBVs that better predict the breeding value of North American animals within Angus BREEDPLAN.

Implementation of Single Step Analytical Software

A new approach for incorporating genomic information into the calculation of EBVs within Angus BREEDPLAN has been implemented for traits within the main multitrait analysis. Referred to as “single step analytical software”, the new approach simultaneously utilises genomic, pedigree and performance information, placing appropriate emphasis on all available sources of information, to generate the best possible prediction of an animal’s breeding value. The new single step analytical approach will more optimally utilise genomic information within Angus BREEDPLAN, resulting in the calculation of EBVs that better predict the breeding value of Angus animals.

Changes to Genomic Information Included in Angus BREEDPLAN

In association with the implementation of the single step analytical software, the genomic predictions previously incorporated into the main multi-trait component of

breed development the Angus BREEDPLAN analysis (i.e. GeneSeek MBVs, Zoetis MVPs, Beef CRC DGVs) have been replaced by raw genotype (SNP) information. Additionally, the raw genomic information is now subjected to new, stringent quality assurance standards before it is deemed eligible for inclusion in Angus BREEDPLAN. These two factors have resulted in changes to the information that is analysed for some animals. More specifically: • Genomic information may now be incorporated into the calculation of the EBVs for some animals that previously did not have genomic information analysed (~4000 animals). • Genomic information may no longer be incorporated into the calculation of the EBVs for some animals that previously had genomic information analysed (~2000 animals). • Cross checking of an animal’s genomic information with the details recorded for the respective animal on the Angus Australia database has resulted in corrections to the pedigree, gender or breed of some animals (~200 animals). Angus Australia members can determine if genomic information has been utilised in the calculation of EBVs for their animals by referring to the “traits observed” section that is displayed underneath an animal’s EBVs on the Angus Australia Database Search facility. A label of “Genomics” will display for animals when genomic information has been incorporated into the calculation of their EBVs.

and EBV accuracies that are calculated for animals, particularly those with genomic information. Importantly, the new EBVs provide a better estimate of each animal’s breeding value, and will better facilitate the identification of Angus genetics that are most aligned with the breeding objective in Angus breeding programs.

Additional Changes

Work continues to collate any additional genomic information that is available for Angus animals, and to resolve a small number of quality assurance concerns that have been highlighted with the genomic information of some animals. Future changes to the EBVs of some animals are expected over coming months as this work progresses.

Further Information

To further discuss any of the enhancements that have been implemented in the December 2017 Angus BREEDPLAN analysis, please contact Andrew Byrne, Angus Australia’s Breed Development & Extension Manager, on (02) 6773 4618 or andrew@angusaustralia.

Changes to EBVs

The enhancements that have been implemented, along with the associated changes to the genomic information that is analysed for some animals, resulted in considerable changes to the EBVs, selection indexes

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 17

breed development

Understanding Single Step Analytical Software Andrew Byrne, Breed Development & Extension Manager

Genomics, the term given to describe a range of DNA based technologies concerned with the structure, function, evolution, and mapping of genomes, is a science receiving much interest around the world among breeders of all livestock species. Although the inclusion of genomic information in Angus BREEDPLAN has become mainstream, genomics is still very much an evolving science. The December 2017 Angus BREEDPLAN analysis heralded a new era for the utilisation of genomics by Australian Angus breeders with the implementation of a new and improved approach for incorporating genomic information into the calculation of EBVs.

Previous Procedure for Incorporation of Genomic Information

The procedure traditionally used for the incorporation of genomic information into Angus BREEDPLAN used a multi-step process. Step 1 involved using the genomic data for an animal to generate a genomic prediction of the animal’s breeding value. This is often referred to as a Molecular Breeding Value (MBV) or Molecular Value Prediction (MVP). Step 2 involved using the pedigree and performance information for an animal (and its relatives) to calculate a traditional EBV (i.e. estimated breeding value) for the animal. Step 3 combined the animal’s genomic prediction with its traditional EBV, to generate a genomically enhanced EBV. This process of combining the genomic prediction and traditional EBV is referred to as “blending”.

placing appropriate emphasis on all available sources of information, to generate the best possible estimate of an animal’s breeding value.

Benefits of Single Step Analytical Model

The main benefit of the new analytical approach is how genetic relationships between animals are determined. With a traditional pedigree based approach, the relationships between animals within Angus BREEDPLAN are determined by pedigree alone. For example, pedigree would predict that the genetic relationship between full siblings (i.e. animals with the same sire and dam) is 0.5, meaning full siblings are predicted to have 50% of genes in common when calculating traditional pedigree-based breeding values. Understanding the way that DNA is inherited, it is known that there will in fact be variation between these relationships, and the true genetic relationship between full siblings is likely to range between 0.4 – 0.6. Similarly, pedigree may predict that two animals are unrelated, but in reality, the animals may share common genes, and have a genetic relationship greater than 0. The new single step approach improves the precision in which EBVs are calculated by better quantifying genetic relationships, using both genomic (where available) and pedigree information to determine the genetic relationships between animals.

Other Benefits

While the multi-step analytical model represented the most sophisticated approach available at the time, different methodologies that use genomics in a more effective and appropriate manner have since been developed.

New Single Step Analytical Model

The new single step analytical model simultaneously utilises genomic, pedigree and performance information, PAge 18

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

In addition to better determining the genetic relationship between animals, the single step analytical approach has a number of additional benefits, including: • Any errors in the pedigree of animals are routinely overcome (providing both the animal and its parent/s have genomic information available). • Genomic information contributes to not only the EBVs of the animal that has been genotyped, but also contributes to the EBVs for the animal’s relatives (e.g. parents, progeny). • Genomic information now contributes to all EBVs that are calculated within the main multi-trait analysis within Angus BREEDPLAN, rather than being limited to a sub-set of traits. The main multi-trait component

breed development of the Angus BREEDPLAN analysis includes the calculation of EBVs for all traits except Calving Ease Direct, Calving Ease Daughters, Docility, and the five Structural Soundness EBVs. • Genomic effects are now updated each time that an Angus BREEDPLAN analysis is conducted, ensuring the most up-to-date genomic effects are utilised when calculating EBVs. The need to regularly re-calibrate the prediction equations that are used to calculate genomic predictions has also been removed. • Genomic information is now given different (and more appropriate) emphasis when calculating the EBVs for each animal, based on each individual animal’s genetic relationship to the reference population (being animals with both genomic and performance information). The net result is that the new single step analytical approach now more optimally utilises genomic information within the main multi-trait component of the Angus BREEDPLAN analysis, and provides Angus breeders in Australia and New Zealand with EBVs that are the best possible estimate of an animal’s breeding value.

Which EBVs are calculated using the Single Step Approach?

The new single step analytical software has been implemented into the main multi-trait component of the Angus BREEDPLAN analysis, meaning that several different methodologies are now utilised when incorporating genomic information into Angus BREEDPLAN, subject to the EBV being calculated (see Table 1). Further research is now underway to enable the single-step approach to be used for the calculation of EBVs for the calving ease, docility and structural soundness traits.

What Does Single Step Analytical Software Mean for Angus Breeders?

Other than changes to EBVs and EBV accuracy values for some animals, there will be little noticeable change to Angus breeders with the implementation of the new single step analytical software. The range of DNA services that is available to Angus Australia members, and the cost of those DNA services remains unchanged. Likewise, the manner in which DNA samples need to be collected and submitted to Angus Australia remains unchanged, as is the manner in which DNA samples are handled at the DNA laboratory. The main implication is that genomic information is now utilised more optimally within the Angus BREED PLAN analysis, and an improved genetic evaluation service is available to Angus breeders in Australia and New Zealand. The implementation of single step analysis will however mean that traditional EBVs, and genomic predictions are no longer produced, and so Molecular Value Predictions (MVPs) will not be provided by Zoetis for i50K or HD50K tests ordered through Angus Australia after December 1st.

Table 1: Analytical Methodology Used When Calculating Each EBV in Angus BREEDPLAN Trait


Calving Ease Direct

Multi-step (blending)

Calving Ease Daughters

Multi-step (blending)

Birth Weight

Single step

Gestation Length

Single step

200 Day Growth

Single step

400 Day Weight

Single step

600 Day Weight

Single step

Mature Cow Weight

Single step


Single step

Scrotal Size

Single step

Days to Calving

Single step

Carcase Weight

Single step

Carcase EMA

Single step

Carcase Rib Fat

Single step

Carcase Rump Fat

Single step

Retail Beef Yield

Single step

Carcase IMF

Single step


Single step


Single step


No genomic information incorporated

Front Foot Angle

No genomic information incorporated

Front Foot Claw Set

No genomic information incorporated

Rear Foot Angle

No genomic information incorporated

Rear Leg Hind View

No genomic information incorporated

Rear Leg Side View

No genomic information incorporated

Further Information

To further discuss the incorporation of genomic information in Angus BREEDPLAN, including the new single step analytical software, please contact Andrew Byrne, Angus Australia’s Breed Development & Extension Manager, on (02) 6773 4618 or andrew@

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 19

From the Angus BREEDPLAN Desk Ashleigh Horne

There have been a number of significant changes to Angus BREEDPLAN over the past year, with the most recent change being the implementation of single step analytical software in our main multi-trait analysis. While these changes have affected the way that data is analysed and improved our ability to predict the genetic merit of each animal, the core points to consider when collecting data are still much the same. To finish off the year I would like to leave you with three key points to remember when thinking about Angus BREEDPLAN.

1. Remember your management groups

First of all, don’t forget to report your management groups to Angus Australia. So much time, effort and money is spent collecting performance data like weights and scanning data. This data is invaluable to your breeding operations as it reveals the genetic merit of your herd, enabling more informed selection decisions. Unfortunately, the ability to separate differences in performance resulting from environmental effects or genetic effects is markedly reduced when no management groups are included with the submission of your performance data. EBVs are generated through the use of complicated matrices and mathematical algorithms that underpin Angus BREEDPLAN. This technology is very useful and works well to predict the genetic merit of each animal. However, as with any technology, the predictions will only ever be as good as the information provided. The value and usefulness of the EBVs will always depend on each member submitting the data and how careful they are collecting and recording that data.

2. Ask questions

Please feel free to ring Angus Australia and ask questions. Angus BREEDPLAN can be confusing and no matter how many times I think I understand what is going on, there is always something else I don’t know. We will try our best to answer your questions, and if we can’t, we will find someone who can. Please don’t ever think that the question is silly or be too embarrassed to ask it. I can guarantee that the same question has been asked multiple times this year, if not this month.

3. Be prepared

A little over two years ago, Angus Australia was running monthly Angus BREEDPLAN analyses. Now, not only are the analyses run fortnightly, we are also utilising single PAge 20

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

step analytical software. These two changes are of great benefit to our membership as the analysis is doing a better job of predicting EBVs and they are being churned out twice as quick. While this is a massive step forward for Angus producers, it means that the Member Services team have more to do and less time to do it in, to ensure that your registrations, genomics and performance data makes it onto the Angus Australia database in time for the analyses. Every two weeks, when the submission deadline rolls around, the phones at Angus Australia start ringing because members aren’t ready for the analyses. DNA hasn’t come back on time, their computer died midsubmission or they forgot to register their rising two year olds for their sale in 6 weeks time. Angus Australia staff do their best to help these members out, but it gets increasingly harder as the turnaround times get tighter and tighter. We understand that paper work is always on the bottom of the priority list, but please be prepared and don’t leave it all until the last minute. Make sure to factor in enough time for registering your calves, running DNA tests and submitting BREEDPLAN performance data. If you know a few months in advance that you are going to be cutting it fine, feel free to give us a call and let us know. Together, we can formulate a plan and make sure we are all prepared and make the deadline.

BREEDPLAN Submission Deadlines

To help you be prepared, please be aware of the 2018 Angus BREEDPLAN Analysis Schedule on page 21. This schedule is also available from the Angus Australia website. If you are relying on updated EBVs from a particular analysis, please make sure that all of your registration details, DNA and performance data is submitted well ahead of the submission deadline to guarantee that updated EBVs are available when they are needed.

Performance Data Processing Statistics The table below provides a snapshot of some of the performance information that has been added to the Angus Australia database from the 01/01/2017 to the 31/10/2017.

breed development trait

No. Processed

Calving Difficulty Score Birth Weight 200 Day Weight 400 Day Weight 600 Day Weight Mature Cow Weight Ultrasound Scan Data* Scrotal Circumference Docility Scores Structural Scores

42686 45753 49992 35744 19065 12721 25677 11861 18104 6407

*Ultrasound scan data includes records for eye muscle area, rib fat, rump fat and intra-muscular fat.

Thankyou and Farewell

After many rewarding years with Angus Australia I am sad to inform you all that I am finishing up, and this will be my last instalment of “From the Angus BREEDPLAN Desk”. I am taking up an exciting opportunity to further my career in the beef seedstock industry. During the past 6 years, I have loved getting to know and work alongside the wonderful people that make up the membership of Angus Australia. I feel privileged to have shared in a small aspect of each of your businesses, and will miss the familiar voices at the end of the phone. In my absence, all Angus BREEDPLAN enquiries should still be directed to where they will be forwarded to the appropriate person to answer your query. Best of luck with the future, and hopefully we cross paths again one day soon. Cheers,


2018 Angus BREEDPLAN Analysis Schedule Angus Australia is pleased to report that routine fortnightly Angus BREEDPLAN analyses will continue into 2018, following the success of the 2017 analyses. A schedule for the 2018 Angus BREEDPLAN submission deadlines can be found in the table below:

2018 submission deadlines for angus breedplan Analysis

Submission Deadline

Results Available (indicative)


December 8

December 22


January 15

January 31

Mid February

February 1

February 17


February 15

February 28

Mid March

March 1

March 17


March 15

March 31

Mid April

April 1

April 18


April 15

April 30

Mid May

May 1

May 19


May 15

May 31

Mid June

June 1

June 16


June 15

June 30

Mid July

July 1

July 17


July 15

July 31

Mid August

August 1

August 18


August 15

August 31

Mid September

September 1

September 18


September 15

September 30

Mid October

October 1

October 16


October 15

October 31

Mid November

November 1

November 17


November 12

November 30

Mid December

November 23

December 10


December 7

December 21

Note: The dates for the availability of results are indicative only. They are provided to assist with planning, but should not be considered as guaranteed dates.

Please be aware that all performance data submissions must be received by Angus Australia before 5pm on the submission deadline for inclusion in the analysis. All animal registrations should be submitted at least 5 working days prior to the submission deadline for inclusion in the analysis. Any questions regarding the 2018 Angus BREEDPLAN Analysis Schedule should be directed to staff at Angus Australia. Email:

Ashleigh Horne with Angus Australia Director, Sam White at the opening of the Angus Australia building extension in November

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 21

Angus. only Angus.

There’s only one DNA profile created specifically for Angus cattle.

Angus GS™ is the new standard in genetic testing for Angus cattle. Created by Angus Genetics, the profile is purely Angus DNA. So it will have better predictability and deliver more power and accuracy than any previous generation genomic enhanced EBV, and at greater value. Learn more about Angus GS at the Angus Genetics website: Visit to see how to order the test in Australia.

For Angus. by angus.

ANGUS Genetics To learn more contact: Angus Australia 02 6773 4600 PAgeoffi 22 Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

breed development

Introducing the New Angus GS Product Angus Australia and GeneSeek AustralAsia will launch a new genomic product for Angus seedstock cattle from January 1st, 2018. Known as Angus GS™, the new product has been built specifically for the Angus breed and is available exclusively in Australia to Angus Australia members. “The Angus GS is a high density genomic product containing DNA markers that are highly informative for Angus cattle”, said Dr Russell Lyons, General Manager, GeneSeek AustralAsia (GAA). “Research during the development of the product focused on saturating the genomic test with markers targeting specific regions of influence in Angus cattle” said Dr Lyons. “This means future improved accuracy once a subset of animals have been tested with Angus GS”. Additional markers for traits like fertility, feed efficiency, meat tenderness, animal health and environmental adaptability have been included to advance research for future trait selection. “The availability of the Angus GS product in Australia is part of Angus Australia’s commitment to provide Angus Australia members with modern, affordable DNA testing services”, said Mr Andrew Byrne, Breed Development & Extension Manager at Angus Australia. “Coupled with recent enhancements to the manner in which genomic information is utilised within the Angus BREEDPLAN genetic evaluation, the Angus GS product will ensure that Angus breeders have access to the latest breeding and genetic technologies, which in turn will further accelerate the considerable genetic improvement that is already being achieved within the Angus breed”, said Mr Byrne. The Angus GSTM product was developed in partnership between the Angus Genetics Inc, a subsidiary of the American Angus Association, and Neogen.

“The Angus GS product was unveiled in the United States during November and Angus Australia has been successful in obtaining a license to offer the product in Australia” said Mr Byrne. “We are extremely grateful to our colleagues in North American for affording us with the opportunity to provide the Angus GS product to Angus Australia members.” Further information regarding the new Angus GS product is available from the Angus Genetics Inc website (angus. org/agi).

Angus GSTM – Fast Facts

• A high density genomic product containing approx. ~50,000 SNPs • Considerably lower cost than other high density genomic products, with an initial retail price of $51.45 (incl. GST). • Fully compatible with Angus BREEDPLAN. • Capability to conduct “add-on” testing for 8 genetic conditions, plus myostatin, coat colour and homozygous poll. • Contains all SNPs required for parentage verification • Contains ~10,000 informative, Angus specific SNPs • Contains ~8,000 SNPs from DNA regions influencing reproduction of Angus cattle • Contains ~500 SNPs from DNA regions influencing tenderness • Contains markers for health traits, environmental adaptability and feed efficiency from latest beef research in the United States • Ordered exclusively in Australia from Angus Australia

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 23

breed development

GeneSeek AustralAsia Now Offering New DNA Services to Angus Australia Members Andrew Byrne, Breed Development & Extension Manager

Angus Australia partners with several genomics laboratories in delivering modern, affordable DNA testing services to Angus Australia members. Following the acquisition of the Animal Genetics Lab at the University of Queensland by Neogen Corporation Company, Angus Australia is pleased to announce that a new range of DNA services will be available to members via GeneSeek AustralAsia (GAA) from January 1st 2018 onwards.

The new services include:

i. The existing GeneSeek Genomic Profiler products GGP-LD & GGP-HD) have been replaced with a new, high density genomic product known as Angus GS. The new Angus GS product was developed in collab oration between the Angus Genetics Inc (i.e. American Angus Association) and Neogen, has been designed specifically for Angus cattle, and is available at a considerably lower cost than other high density products. Further information regarding the new Angus GS product is provided on 23-25 of this publication. ii. The base genotyping panel for parentage verification has been replaced with a new higher density panel. The new parentage verification panel contains more single nucleotide polymorphisms (or “SNPs”) than the previous panel (~500 SNPs v ~200 SNPs), improving the reliability of parentage verification results. The new parentage verification panel is fully compatible with all previous and current parentage verification platforms offered by both GAA and Zoetis. iii. A new range of genetic condition and genetic trait tests are available as “add-on” tests when animals are genotyped with the Angus GS product. Add-on tests are now available for 8 genetic conditions, plus coat colour, myostatin, and homozygous poll, and are available at a considerably lower retail price by comparison to when the tests are conducted as individual, stand-alone tests. Note: this does not imply that animals need to be tested for additional genetic conditions or genetic traits, but rather that the tests are available if members have need to test individual animals. e.g. to accommodate export semen requirements into some overseas markets. iv. Testing is now available to identify the PI status of animals for BVDV. PI testing can either be conducted as a stand-alone test (from hair or TSU samples), or as an add-on to the Angus GS product (from TSU samples only). v. The $8.80 surcharge for the processing of TSU samples has been removed. TSU samples can now be accepted for testing with GAA at no additional cost, with the capability now existing to place any PAge 24

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

surplus TSU sample in long term storage for future testing, if and when required. Surcharges still apply for the processing of semen and tissue (non TSU) samples. vi. In cases where it is not possible to obtain a suitable DNA sample from an animal, a SNP profile can now be built from the genotypes of their progeny, providing genotypes are available for a minimum of 10 progeny Genotypes of the other parent/s of the 10 progeny are also required. Previously only a microsatellite profile could be built when it was not possible to obtain a DNA sample for an animal. vii. In association with the availability of the new DNA services, Angus Australia has revised the pricing for all DNA services that are available via GAA, with considerably reduced prices now available to Angus Australia members. An updated fee schedule, effective from January 1st, 2018, is provided on page 24-25. Importantly, the retail prices of all DNA services remain on a cost-recovery basis only, and do not include any profit margin to Angus Australia. To further discuss the new DNA services that are available to Angus Australia members from GAA, please contact Angus Australia’s Breed Development Manager, Andrew Byrne, on (02) 6773 4618 or andrew@angusaustralia. Information is also available from staff at GAA on (07) 5460 1960.

Angus Australia – DNA Services – Geneseek Australasia Effective From January 1st, 2018

Genomic Tests Angus GSTM



Add Parentage Verification


Add Developmental Duplications (DD)


Add Core Genetic Test Panel 1


Add Full Genetic Test Panel 2


Add Coat Colour


Add Myostatin (9 variants)


Add Homozygous Poll


Add BVDV (PI) – TSU only


Includes AM, CA, DD & NH Includes AM, CA, DD, NH, DW, OH, OS, MA, Coat Colour, Red Charlie, Myostatin (9 variants), and Homozygous Poll


Other Tests BVDV (PI) - TSU


BVDV (PI) - Hair


breed development

Parentage Verification

DNA Sample Types

Base Parentage Panel (500 SNPs) Add Parentage Verification Build SNP Profile 3



No charge


Tissue (TSU)

No charge






Involves building an animal’s SNP profile from the genotypes of their progeny. Requires availability of genotypes for a minimum of 10 progeny, plusf genotypes of the progeny’s other parent/s.


Genetic conditions

notes All fees are GST inclusive

Arthrogryposis Multiplex (AM)


Neuropathic Hydrocephalus (NH)


Developmental Duplications (DD)


Contractural Arachnodactyly (CA)


Osteopetrosis (OS)


Oculocutaneous Hypopigmentation (OH)


Alpha Mannosidosis (MA)


Dwarfism (DW)


Genetic Traits Coat Colour


Myostatin (9 variants)


Homozygous Poll


All testing will be billed to Angus Australia account, including test results reported as No Result (NR) All testing is subject to the Terms and Conditions outlined in Angus Australia’s Regulations All charges cover genotyping costs, labour costs to process samples and results, freight charges, ABRI database fees, royalties, and the costs associated with the storage, handling and analysis of the genomic data. All charges for hair samples and tissue (TSU) include long term storage of any surplus sample for future testing All charges for semen and tissue samples include DNA extraction and storage for future testing Hair samples provided on non-approved sample collectors may be subject to an additional $2.20 surcharge.


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PAge 25

breed development

Angus Australia Regional Forums a hit Andrew Byrne, Breed Development & Extension Manager

Angus Australia’s 2017 Regional Forums saw Angus staff visiting 10 regional centres in six States over a three week period, during October. The theme of the 2017 Regional Forums was “Angus Technology Now” and focussed on updating Angus Australia members on the latest developments and services offered by Angus Australia, showing how they can be applied to both the seedstock and the commercial sectors. Video presentations are now available on each of the topics discussed and can be viewed by visiting www. or scanning the QR codes below.

Genomic Technology

The Angus breed is leading the Australian beef industry in the application of genomics. Members of Angus Australia can ask for genetic tests to be conducted on their animals following the submission of hair, semen, tissue from a TSU or other tissue sample.

R&D at Angus Australia

Angus Australia’s large involvement in research and development projects aims to increase the profitability of Angus genetics in the Australian beef supply chain.

Angus HeiferSELECT

Angus HeiferSELECT helps members make better selection decisions on commercial Angus females that have been sired by registered Angus bulls. This information will be assist breeders to retain females in their herds with the highest genetic merit, to cull females with inferior genetics and to manage inbreeding.

Summary of Lessons from the ASBP

An analysis of data from the ASBP explored issues such as genetic variation of animals in the Angus population, changes in EBVs for bulls over time, and the usefulness of EBVs of bulls in predicting the performance of their progeny.

Database Search

The Angus Database Search, tailored with new features to suit Angus breeders, gives access to a wealth of information by allowing users to search the Angus Australia database.

PAge 26

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

breed development Single Step Genetic Analysis

The incorporation of genomics into the Angus BREEDPLAN analysis, results in calculation of EBVs that allow for more accurate selection decisions to be made. Traditionally, a multi-step approach was used to blend genomic predictions into traditional EBVs (calculated from pedigree and performance information), to produce a ‘genomically enhanced’ EBV. A new process has now been developed, called single step, which combines genomic information, pedigree and performance information together in one step, to produce EBVs.

Take Home Messages

While collection of performance information remains as important as ever, genomics will be part of the future of cattle breeding. Cattle breeding enterprises are encouraged to develop a genotyping testing strategy, which will consider factors such as which animals to test, when and how to collect samples, and which genomic product to use. Genomic information, pedigree and performance information together in one step, to produce EBVs.

Liquid Supplements for Livestock Production Anipro’s principal feature:


A well designed program, fully serviced, that will help drive cattle production by providing a source of protein, vitamins and minerals.

1300 ANIPRO | Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 27

sire benchmarking

Who are the ASBP Cohort 8 Sires? Christian Duff, Strategic Projects Manager

The Angus Sire Benchmarking Program (ASBP) has received outstanding response from Angus Australia members through the entry of 33 new Australian sires, coming from 70 nominations, to produce the Cohort 8 calves. Additionally, to provide genetic linkages, the list also includes: • A sire from the United States (PA Full Power 1208) which is included in a progeny test program undertaken by the American Angus Association, • A sire from New Zealand (Kakahu Bond 13007) which is included in progeny test programs undertaken by Beef and Lamb New Zealand Genetics, and • Two sires from Cohort 7 of the ASBP (Esslemont Lotto L3 and Bannaby Reserve K173). The Cohort 8 sires are listed in Table 1 and available from the ASBPSELECT tool via the Angus Australia website. Overall, the 37 bulls entering Cohort 8 of the ASBP are a high-performance group averaging in the top 5% for all Indexes (Table 2). Importantly, the high performance is also coupled with genetic diversity and representative of the modern Australian Angus population. The ASBP is a major R&D initiative of Angus Australia with support from Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) and industry partners such as Vetoquinol, Rangers Valley Feedlot and John Dee Abattoir.

The objectives of the ASBP are: 1. Generate progeny test data on modern Angus bulls, particularly for hard to measure traits such as feed efficiency, abattoir carcase measurement, meat quality attributes & female reproduction. 2. Generate data for the validation & refinement of Angus BREEDPLAN. 3. Build a comprehensive phenotype and genotype database on Australian Angus for genomic technology validation, research and development. Across the 8 Cohorts of the ASBP, there have now been 299 modern Angus bulls enter this cutting-edge research and development program. The 2017 joining program to produce the Cohort 8 calves has been recently completed which included 2,468 cows across 7 co-operator herds. Each sire was joined to an average of 67 cows to produce 35 to 39 calves. This is from a fixed time AI program utilising Vetoquinol advice and products such as the Cue-Mate devices. Table 2 – EBV and Selection Index Summary for the Cohort 8 ASBP Sires Trait


CE Dtrs





-5.4 +4.6



Percentile 35% 30% 20% 55%




200D 400D 600D MCW Milk Wt Wt Wt



Rib Fat

+129 +109 +18 +2.6 -6.3 +73 +6.4 -0.1 5%

Rump RBY Fat






+0.2 +2.6 +0.29 +0.33 +144 +125 +160 +134

15% 15% 10% 10% 5% 15% 50% 50% 40% 15%







Maximum +4.9 +4.3 +0.2 +8.3 +73.4

+128 +166 +151

+25 +4.9 0.0 +90 +11.3 +2.1

+2.8 +2.3 +4.6 +0.74 +1.07 +173 +142 +202 +157



+10 +0.6 -11.0 +53 +1.5


PAge 28



-9.8 +0.5


Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018





+0.4 -0.16 -0.28 +110 +102 +108 +108
































Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018



































USA16981588 PA FULL POWER 1208
















NZE13300013007 KAKAHU BOND 13007











+122 +110 +16 +2.7 -4.4 +66 +1.7






+3.2 +136 +113 +158 +125

+0.6 +1.9 -0.4 +1.4 +110 +106 +108 +111 +0.0 +0.5 -1.0

+105 +97

-2.8 +3.6 +52 +98 +119 +85

+130 +111

-0.1 -0.6 -0.6 +3.8 +153 +126 +181 +137

+25 +0.6 -9.5 +72 +8.0 -1.0 -0.5 +0.3 +2.8 +148 +131 +166 +136

+23 +3.2 -8.0 +84 +7.2



+112 +88

+3.1 +129 +110 +142 +121

+17 +4.9 -8.0 +63 +4.7 +1.0 +1.2 +0.3 +2.7 +132 +125 +145 +123 +19 +3.0 -6.7 +67 +5.9 +2.0 +1.8 -1.1

+3.6 +158 +123 +186 +143 +24 +3.0 -5.8 +72 +4.4 +1.0 +0.7 -0.7 +2.9 +143 +126 +160 +135

+21 +2.2 -7.6 +53 +6.8 -0.8 +0.8 +1.3 +2.1 +142 +132 +152 +135

-2.0 +1.2 -1.3 +5.7 +57 +102 +129 +101 +20 +1.4 -8.4 +70 +6.8 -0.2 +1.8 -1.2 +130 +120 +10 +2.0 -7.8 +76 +4.2 +1.7 +0.6 -1.9

+4.3 +157 +127 +191 +140

+2.8 +166 +141 +193 +152

+3.9 +163 +127 +192 +147 -0.1 -0.9 +1.3 +1.0 +142 +135 +142 +143 +19 +1.9 -3.4 +70 +4.4 -2.4 -2.2 +1.0 +1.9 +119 +113 +127 +116

+21 +2.5 -5.1 +77 +7.9

+0.8 +1.9 -4.6 +7.0 +63 +110 +150 +130 +15 +3.5 -4.3 +80 +5.4 -0.9 -1.0 +0.7 +1.6 +143 +126 +154 +139

-1.9 +0.7 -2.7 +5.1 +52 +96 +125 +99

+2.4 +1.7 -2.8 +3.3 +57 +107 +134 +82

+1.5 +2.4 -5.3 +4.4 +54 +98 +139 +105 +22 +3.3 -8.1 +83 +5.0 +0.3 +0.7 -1.2

-0.5 +0.9 -5.1 +7.0 +73 +128 +166 +151 +22 +2.7 -8.5 +89 +5.2 -0.1 -0.5 -0.3 +3.2 +173 +142 +202 +157

+4.2 +3.7 -9.1 +4.1 +52 +97

+4.1 +155 +128 +181 +139

+4.4 +163 +136 +192 +146

-2.3 -2.7 +2.3 +3.0 +147 +127 +176 +132 +4.2 +3.7 -6.7 +1.2 +54 +104 +128 +100 +22 +1.8 -9.1 +75 +4.7 +1.2 +2.0 -2.1

-2.6 +0.8 -4.5 +8.3 +55 +98 +130 +124 +18 +4.8 -5.5 +64 +9.1

+2.7 +0.6 -5.9 +4.8 +56 +99 +133 +119 +17 +2.8 -7.0 +78 +9.0 +1.6 +0.6 -0.4 +3.2 +154 +128 +176 +142

+105 +73

+63 +105 +143 +137 +23 +4.3 -7.6 +64 +10.7 -0.5 -0.3 +1.5 +2.4 +160 +133 +180 +148

+2.6 +3.6 -9.3 +2.6 +45 +87

-0.2 +1.0 -6.8 +7.1

+0.4 +117 +111 +111 +120

+4.2 +165 +138 +202 +145 +19 +1.3 -4.7 +73 +9.9 +0.0 -0.2 +0.4 +3.0 +152 +138 +167 +145

-0.1 -0.4 +1.7

+20 +3.7 -7.1 +83 +8.9 -1.7 -2.3 +1.1 +121 +110 +15 +3.3 -3.1 +63 +7.9

+1.3 +1.0 -6.3 +2.6 +53 +102 +126 +69

+1.3 +2.7 -9.6 +5.3 +49 +86

-0.2 +1.9 -4.8 +5.0 +56 +101 +131 +111

+1.8 +2.9 -5.5 +5.4 +54 +100 +126 +116 +15 +3.0 -11.0 +75 +11.3 +2.1 +1.0 +1.2 +1.9 +166 +142 +184 +153

+4.9 +4.2 -5.6 +0.5 +46 +98 +125 +99

+0.6 -0.4 +0.2 +4.9 +59 +107 +151 +132 +23 +3.7 -7.0 +90 +5.2 -0.1 +0.0 -1.1

+1.6 +0.0 -6.5 +5.1 +60 +107 +136 +102 +21 +1.9 -5.9 +75 +8.9 -1.4 -1.5 +1.9 +2.1 +155 +140 +170 +147

-5.6 +4.2 +47 +83

+4.9 +3.1 -5.2 +3.6 +46 +83 +1.4 -1.1

+127 +109 +14 +1.7 -3.4 +72 +6.6 -0.4 -1.2 +0.8 +1.1 +125 +116 +126 +127

+0.5 -0.7 +0.5 +3.1 +167 +137 +195 +149

+3.4 +4.3 -8.1 +2.9 +52 +91

+0.1 +0.3 +1.2 +0.7 +117 +115 +112 +119

+13 +1.4 -4.5 +74 +7.1

+122 +97

+4.6 +2.7 -9.5 +3.1 +55 +99 +131 +125 +17 +3.6 -10.3 +78 +7.6

-2.6 -0.2 -2.2 +6.3 +54 +97

+1.0 +0.3 -6.4 +5.6 +47 +92 +125 +104 +22 +3.3 -4.9 +61 +6.7 -0.7 -0.2 +1.0 +1.7 +132 +117 +141 +127

+0.6 -1.7

+2.1 +0.1 -4.5 +4.8 +55 +97

-0.5 -0.5 +0.8 +1.4 +133 +124 +140 +130

+23 +2.9 -5.2 +64 +5.3 +0.6 -0.6 -0.2 +4.6 +135 +119 +164 +121

+15 +2.6 -7.9 +55 +2.3 +1.0 +2.8 -2.0 +2.7 +114 +102 +124 +108

-1.9 +0.1 -4.4 +5.1 +58 +112 +140 +130 +19 +2.2 -4.8 +89 +7.8

+4.3 -0.4 -7.3 +2.3 +43 +80 +103 +75

-1.0 -0.8 -2.7 +3.2 +41 +83

-6.2 -1.0 -4.8 +7.8 +61 +112 +157 +136 +14 +2.5 +0.0 +82 +5.8 -0.3 -0.2 +0.9 +1.6 +125 +110 +132 +125

+1.6 +2.3 -7.6 +5.3 +51 +90 +126 +124 +11 +1.6 -6.0 +58 +1.5

-0.7 -2.2 -0.6 +4.2 +52 +95

BOOROOMOOKA INSPIRED E124 +1.3 +2.9 -9.8 +5.1 +61 +113 +147 +145 +22 +3.3 -7.1 +77 +6.4 -1.3 -0.4 +1.1













































+123 +110 +10 +1.1 -5.4 +70 +5.0 -1.8 -2.7 +1.0 +2.6 +136 +122 +156 +126

+4.7 +3.7 -6.3 +3.4 +55 +96 +127 +114 +13 +1.5 -5.1 +69 +3.4 -0.3 -1.4 +0.2 +2.1 +133 +121 +144 +127

+2.4 +2.2 -6.7 +4.4 +59 +109 +145 +120 +21 +1.7 -5.9 +80 +4.8 -0.7 -0.4 +0.8 +1.7 +151 +133 +163 +146

ce ced dtrs gl bwt 200 400 600 mcw milk ss dtc cwt ema rib rump rby imf abi dom hgrn hgrs

BOOROOMOOKA UNDERTAKEN Y145 +1.8 +0.4 -3.9 +6.5 +54 +92


44 STIMULUS 8523









A A R TEN X 7008 S A

maternal grand-sire

















AJC L172







Table 1: ASBP Cohort 8 Sire list (EBVs and Indexes from December 2017 BREEDPLAN analysis)

sire benchmarking

PAge 29

sire benchmarking

ASBP Cohort 5 Performance Collection Completed Christian Duff, Strategic Projects Manager

The collection of the full suite of performance data for the Cohort 5 progeny of the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program (ASBP) has recently been completed. This includes abattoir carcase grading outcomes for steers and fertility information for heifers, which were bred from the 46 Cohort 5 sires. Results are being compiled and are scheduled to be included in the January 2018 BREEDPLAN analysis. ASBP Progeny Performance reports, including sire progeny average values and rankings, will be updated and published in January 2018. Overall, 579 steers have been processed and graded for Cohort 5 coming from 7 ASBP co-operator herds, with an average of 12 steers per sire. All steers were inducted into Tullimba feedlot to undertake feed intake testing. Following approximately 100 days in Tullimba, 425 steers from 5 herds were relocated to Rangers Valley feedlot to complete a long fed feeding program of 270 days. A further 154 steers from 2 herds, which are included in a retail beef yield collection project, completed a 150 day feeding period in Tullimba before slaughter. All steers were processed and graded at John Dee abattoir, Warwick, QLD. The carcase performance statistics for the Cohort 5 steers for each production system is summarised in tables 1 and 2.

The carcase data collection for the Cohort 5 steers has been completed

Table 1 – Cohort 5 steer Carcase Grading Summary Statistics – Long Fed (n=425) Dressing % %

P8 Fat

Rib Fat


Carcase Wt (kg)



































Live Wt Average

MSA MSA Ossification Marbling


MSA Index

Table 2 –Cohort 5 steer Carcase Grading Summary Statistics –Mid Fed (n=154) Live Wt (kg)

Carcase Dressing Wt % (kg) %

P8 Fat (mm)

MSA MSA Rib Fat Ossification Marbling (mm) (Score) (Score)


MSA Index





































While it is important that the steer carcases perform and grade well on average, for the purposes of the ASBP research, the variation in traits, to pick up sire genetic differences, is vital. For example, in the long fed steer, the Eye Muscle Area averaged 94.87 cm2 and ranged from 67 cm2 to 127 cm2, a range of 60 cm2 (Figure 1). Additionally, the natural joining outcomes on the Cohort 5 yearling mated heifers (i.e. siblings of the steers) are being collated and analysed to produce updated Days to Calving EBVs for the Cohort 5 sires. This involves measuring the days from the heifer’s first exposure to natural joining (i.e. bull in date) until the day the heifer calved. If a heifer was exposed and does not conceive or calve then a penalty record is applied. PAge 30

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

Figure 1 – Eye Muscle Area Distribution for ASBP Cohort 5 Steer Progeny - Long Fed

sire benchmarking

ASBP day highlights research initiatives Diana Wood, Marketing & Communications Manager

Over ninety people attended the recent Angus Research Update and Cohort 6 Steer Viewing day at Tullimba Research Feedlot, Kingstown NSW on Thursday the 30th of November 2017. Prior to the inspection of the steers, attendees listened to Angus Australia’s Strategic Projects Manager Christian Duff as he provided an overview of the Angus Sire Benchmarking Project (ASBP) and gave an update of where each cohort is currently at. Dr Linda Cafe from the NSW DPI gave a presentation on the Retail Beef Yield Project (RBY), a project that aims to collect yield data on 1000 Angus steers, with the first 154 collected earlier this year. Direct bone-out retail beef yield data from this project will be invaluable for providing higher accuracy RBY EBVs through the use of the direct phenotypes and genomic associations in Angus BREEDPLAN. Andrew Byrne, Angus Australia’s Breed Development and Extension Manager provided an update on the new products and services available to Angus members in the breed development area. Being the day after Angus Australia implemented the single step analytical model for Angus BREEDPLAN to incorporate genomic or DNA information into the calculation of Estimated Breeding Values, this was the perfect opportunity for members and industry representatives alike to hear about this implementation. Following the presentations, a tour of the Tullimba facilities took place, with attendees given the opportunity to see the 3D cameras that assess muscle score and rump fat on a live steer and to hear about how the GrowSafe feeders work and measure net feed intake.

Cohort 6 Steers

Also on display were over 300 Angus steers from cohort 6 of the Angus sire benchmarking program that are identified to their individual sire and currently undertaking net feed intake testing. A number of the steers on display were also a part of the retail beef yield project. The field day was a great opportunity for people to not only view the cohort 6 steers, but to also hear about the man varied research projects that the ASBP is becoming a part of. ASBP Consultative Committee member Steve Chase from Waitara Angus, Tottenham NSW believes that the project is achieving beyond what everyone probably thought was initially possible. ‘The project is allowing for the development of immune competency and the amount of data that has been collected has helped greatly with the implementation of the single step analysis,’ he said. ‘But most importantly has been the ability to generate data on hard to measure traits and generate some really solid data’, said Steve. James Laurie from Knowla Angus Moppy, NSW reiterated Steve’s comments saying that he believes that the ASBP plays a big role in the beef industry. ‘The ASBP really gives us some good data and in particular the carcase data we get allows us to see how each sire stands up in the industry,’ he said.

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 31

What to do after AI?

Dr Sophia Edwards, Business Unit Manager (Australia & New Zealand), Vetoquinol Australia

One of the most common technical questions the Repro360 team receives is how should producers manage their herd after they have completed an AI program. For this article, we thought we would provide you with some common options that are often used in typical beef herds. As with any decision to engage in assisted reproduction, the choice usually comes down to your breeding objectives and the resources you have at hand:

Option 1: Place the bulls with the herd

In most circumstances, many beef producers place ‘mopup’ bulls with their herd after they conduct an AI program. The benefits of this option are: simplicity of management, and cost effectiveness. This option generally means that the greatest number of pregnancies are conceived in the first two cycles of the breeding program. There are some tips that need to be followed to ensure the best outcome of this strategy. Repro 360 has helped many farmers that have had an excellent result to their AI, yet a less than expected conception rate to the return cycle with the ‘mop-up’ bulls. This situation usually comes down to one of the following tips not being adhered to. Remember, females that return to heat after FTAI will return in a synchronous manner, thereby increasing the workload for the ‘mop-up’ bulls. • Ensure the bulls have passed a VBBSE (BULLCHECK®) including sperm morphology analysis by an accredited veterinarian. • It is recommended that 2 bulls per 100 females are used. Too many bulls instigates fighting, too few, are insufficient to cover the females that will return in a synchronous manner. • Make sure the bulls have had previous sexual experience. Naïve bulls are unable to navigate the females returning to heat in a synchronous manner. • Place bulls with the females 10 to 14 days after FTAI to enable socialisation prior to mating with return females. An early pregnancy diagnosis (before 10 weeks after AI) by an ACV accredited veterinarian

PAge 32

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

will be able to determine which females were pregnant to FTAI or ‘mop-up’ bulls. DNA of calves at birth is also an accurate way to determine which calves are sired by AI.

Option 2: Watch for return heats

This option is relevant for those that are interested in having more AI calves, however, it is only recommended when there is sufficient personnel available to perform adequate heat detection during the return period. Any heat detection should be done at least twice daily, best at daylight and dusk for a minimum of 45 minutes. Heats should be closely watched between 18 and 24 days after FTAI. It is recommended a heat detection aid is applied around Day 16 to 17 after AI to assist in heat detection accuracy. Females should be inseminated 12 to 16 hours after first onset of heat (observed standing).

Option 3: Resynchronise and heat detect

This option allows for a more synchronous return than pure heat detection. Unfortunately, there have been few studies to suggest that this option generates better results than heat detection alone. Usually a Cue-Mate® device is inserted in the females around 12 to 14 days after AI, with an injection of a half-dose of oestradiol benzoate (ODB; 1 mg). Eight days later the device is removed, and heat detection aids are applied. Usually non-pregnant females will come into heat 2 to 5 days later. However, just because females do not return to heat, it does not mean they are pregnant. As this option does not allow for the administration of Prostaglandin F2 (PG), some females may not return, as treatment with PG

removes the female’s source of progesterone, allowing her to come into heat. It is important to note that PG will cause abortion in early pregnancies, and so cannot be given in these programs.

Option 4: Resynchronise and FTAI

An alternative to resynchronisation, which is growing in popularity, is the option to perform a second round of FTAI. This option is for those that are very interested in getting more AI calves, and have the internal resources and ability to implement a detailed technical program. This option involves the re-insertion of a Cue-Mate® device 20 to 22 days after the first FTAI with a half dose of ODB (1 mg). At device removal (8 days later), a pregnancy diagnosis can be performed using ultrasound, by an experienced veterinarian. Any females that conceived to the first FTAI will have a 28 to 30 day foetus present. It is Day

(NOTE: days after first FTAI)


not recommended that this option is implemented if an experienced technician is not available. This is important as any females that are not diagnosed pregnant are then treated with PG and can continue in a typical FTAI program. Of course, if a pregnant female is treated with PG at this point in time, it could risk aborting the AI pregnancy from the first round. Although this program requires a high level of attention to detail, it has been successfully implemented in many beef and dairy operations. Generally, a similar conception rate is achieved on the second FTAI, to the first, with the total pregnancies over the two cycles being comparative to ‘mop-up’ bulls as described in Option 1. An example of the resynchronisation protocol using FTAI is below. It is highly recommended that your reproduction professional is consulted before engaging in this program.



Insert Cue-Mate® Inject 1 mg ODB

Any time


Remove Cue-Mate® Pregnancy diagnosis by ultrasound 28

If Pregnant: no further treatments

8 am

If Empty: Inject eCG Inject PG 29

Inject 1 mg ODB

8 am



2 to 6 pm

Must have a competent U/S technician. If in doubt, better to diagnose as pregnant

54 hours after Cue-Mate® removal

If you would like to discuss more about “What to do after AI” in your herd, don’t hesitate to contact the Repro360 hotline on 1300 163 056 or email

Multiply Your Outcomes A FREE app for planning your herd’s calving, brought to you by Vetoquinol.

Coming soon - sign up to be notified at

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 33

The faces of the Member Services Team Angus Australia and the Member Services Team are pleased to welcome the newest additions to the Member Services area: Nicky Carey, Ally Van Duijnhoven and Robyn Kelly. Nicky, Ally and Robyn bring a variety of skills and qualities to the Member Services area that will greatly assist Angus Australia’s members with their enquiries.

A brief background to the new staff is given below:

Whilst Nicky, Ally and Robyn are new to the team, the existing Member Services Officers, Kelso Looker, Sam Hamilton and Lou Wood will continue to provide professional assistance and guidance to Angus Australia’s members. Kelso and Sam have both been working with Angus Australia for the past four years and specialise in all facets of the Member Services role and Lou has been with Angus Australia for one and a half years and specialises in Memberships. Prior to the appointment of Michael Beattie as the Member Services Manager, Sam Hamilton acted as interim Member Services Manager and will now move to the position of Senior Member Services Officer. Sam will continue her Member Services duties within the area, but has taken on extra responsibilities such as writing articles for e-News, overseeing the processing of the bi-annual Inventory, and leading the Member Services Team to name a few. Sam brings over 10 year’s experience to her role of professional customer service, knowledge of the Agricultural industry and over 4 year’s experience in the Member Services area. With our new recruits complementing our existing staff, the Member Services Team will continue to provide their dedicated services to Angus Australia’s members and the breed itself. If you have any questions relating to the Member Services Area, please contact us on (02) 6773 4600 or via email

Nicky was born and raised in Armidale and grew up on a small hobby farm on the outskirts of Armidale. Before joining Angus Australia, she spent the previous 5 years in the real estate industry, working for McGrath Estate Agents in Sydney before moving back to her hometown. Nicky is passionate about customer service and approaches every task with a positive attitude and determination to do a great job. She is enjoying the change working in the cattle industry and is looking forward to learning more about the Angus breed and helping our members achieve great things.

Below: From Left to RIght - Kelso Looker, Ally Van Duijnhoven, Nicky Carey, Michael Beattie, Samantha Hamilton, Robyn Kelly & Lou Wood.

PAge 34

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

Nicky Carey

Ally Van Duijnhoven

Ally grew up on a small family farm just outside of Armidale running mostly merino sheep, and has always been passionate about livestock and the agricultural industry. She studied a year of Animal Science at UNE in 2016, then deferred for a year to work full time in the beef industry. Ally will continue to work part time at Angus Australia in 2018, but will pick her studies back up and continue with her Bachelor of Agricultural Production and Management.

Robyn Kelly

Robyn is born and bred in Armidale. She enjoys gardening and camping in her spare time. In her early days, Robyn moved away for study commitments and then returned to Armidale to start her own business making children’s clothing. Robyn brings to her role over 25 year’s experience in retail and professional customer service. She looks forward to broadening her knowledge and skills within the beef industry.

Angus Australia is pleased to welcome Michael Beattie to the team as the Member Services Manager Diana Wood, Marketing & Communications Manager

Michael comes to Angus Australia with a wealth of knowledge in the cattle industry, having worked as the Executive Officer for the Australia Wagyu Association (2005-2010) and the Executive Director for American Wagyu Association (2011-2016). Many members of Angus Australia would remember Michael from his time when he was responsible for Angus BREEDPLAN (1996-2005) Michael has recently returned to Armidale with his family and is looking forward to again working with the members of Angus Australia. ‘I am looking forward to reacquainting myself with Angus Members and hopefully with my broad experience and knowledge will be an asset to the organization,’ says Michael. ‘Angus Australia has always been at the forefront of innovation and technology and I feel privileged to be involved,’ he said. ‘My door is always open and so please don’t hesitate to call the office anytime if you have any concerns or queries.’

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By balancing essential nutrients and optimizing rumen function, Anipro Supplements help to maintain consistent growth paths, minimise weight loss and improve both meat and milk production, driving an animal’s production to its full potential.

Improve Animal Performance. Anipro Liquid Supplements stimulate your livestock to eat more forage and digest it more easily. While Anipro is not an energy supplement, by improving the rumen’s ability to digest forage, and by stimulating intake, it enhances the animal’s ability to meet its energy requirements from the pasture where plant protein is below animal requirements. Anipro improves forage intake from 10% to 27% in most pasture conditions.

| Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 35

A Cowman’s Best Friend at Calving Time! Designed for Processing Safety... - Enables quick and safe calf catching! - Convenient, step in access of producer! - Holder secures calf for easy processing! - User-friendly inside release of calf to cow! - Move calves easier with cow following! - Less cow stress, mother can see and smell calf! - Reduces danger while working new calves! - Quick Mount/Dismount on both ATV & UTVs!

Easy and Safe Catching! -

Available with a digital scale!

Fits ATV’s and UTV’s!

Safe Processing!

ONE PERSON can now SAFELY and EASILY process calves without concern of the protective mother cow!

Safe Release!

Jim McGregor, WA ”Using the invaluable Safety Zone Calf Catcher for the 2016 calving. A few of our protective cows would have liked to be in with their calves but the Calf Catcher kept them at a respectful distance and seemed to suppress their anxiety with being able to see their calf was safe. It’s also the easiest way to move a cow/calf pair to the yards or to another paddock. A very high-quality product, excellently designed and very efficient. (Now nearly 74 years young!) Peter Larsen, NSW ”The calf catcher has been a great addition to our farm for the calving season. It has enabled me to accurately weigh and tag our new born calves with ease without upsetting the dam and then we were then able to move the cow and calf to a new paddock. Definitely one of the best pieces of equipment we have purchased for our stud.”

To Order, Contact the Following Managers: NSW Wayne Wilson (M: 0429 829 843) | VIC Jodi French (M: 0419 629 533) WA Warwick Peatling (M: 0408 939 877) | SA Matt Mclauchlan (M: 0407 242 146) QLD Jake Bourne (M: 0400 742 369)



Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

Member Service Stats Figures from the 01/01/2017 To 30/11/2017

33,664 Female

Sale CatalogueS

The Member Services Team registered

66,921 animals


211 sale catalogues 10,454 total lots


HBR Registrations:

APR Registrations:

ACR Registrations:

RAR Registrations:

MBR Registrations:

base Registrations:







Total DNA requests submitted




total transfers

Please see below for a brief break-up

DNA Genetic testing AM: 1,671 Pestivirus: 1,222 CA: 1,829 Mannossidosis: 94 DD: 6,803 Coat: 471 NH: 1,902

Genomic Test i50K: GGPLD:

12,234 1,598

Total Members 2017: 3,375 Full: 1,122 | Commercial: 2,134 Junior: 94 | Life: 25

New Members 2017: 291 Full: 68 | Commercial: 141 Junior Full: 9 | Junior Commercial: 73 | Life: 0

DNA Parentage testing SEQ & SNP:

7,986 Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 37

Member Services Matters Samantha Hamilton, Senior Member Services Officer

Make pedigree certification for Angus heifer exports a smooth process

Your ‘How to guide for registering Overseas animals’

With breeding heifer exports a consistent market option for Angus breeders, the Member Services team thought it would be beneficial to provide a quick overview to streamline the processes necessary for Angus Australia Members to be involved in Export shipments, where export pedigree certificates are required.

Throughout the year, the Member Services Team are often asked: “What is required to put an Overseas Animal on the Angus Australia database?”

What’s the difference between Category 1 and Category 2 animals?

1. Provide us with evidence that the animal is registered with the Breed Association in the country of origin, by either supplying a: • Copy of Breed Association’s registration certificate, or • Registration information provided by the other Breed Association’s website listing service 2. Provide us with Signed Letter of Authorisation from the recorded overseas owner (or agent) giving permission for the animal to be recorded in the Angus Australia HBR, RAR or MBR, under your Herd ID 3. Complete the Application for Registration of Overseas AI Sires. 4. Provide us with a DNA sample (semen or hair) for DNA testing at a Society approved laboratory. 5. Overseas Registration fee of $110.00 incl. GST per overseas sire. *Please note that whilst Angus Australia may have received the Application for Registering Overseas AI Sires and the accompanying documents/DNA, the animal will not be fully registered on the Angus Australia database until DNA results have been returned to the Society.*

Category 1 – High quality registered purebred pedigree Angus cattle sourced from Australian seedstock breeding herds. Includes both heifers and bulls for breeding purposes bred from registered purebred Angus bulls and cows with a minimum of 3 generations of pedigree. Category 2 – High quality purebred Angus cattle sourced from Australian purebred breeding operations. Includes heifers for breeding purposes sired by registered purebred Angus bulls, with a minimum of 3 generations of pedigree, from a single or multiple sire mating group.

Important Steps:

• Be a member of Angus Australia, this can be done by completing an application form online or print on off the Angus Australia website. • Make sure the bulls used are in your ownership, by checking them online or contacting the Member Services Team to do a check. • Make sure the bulls used have a 3-generation pedigree, 3 generation pedigree on both the dam and sire’s sides. • Complete Agents Export Sire Recording and Validation form with the animals being supplied. • Form is sent to the exporter, then forwarded onto Angus Australia for processing.

Things to remember: • • •

Export animals cannot be processed unless all of the above requirements are met. Not every bull in your ownership needs to be listed, just the ones used to breed the heifers going to export. Bulls with ‘AI’ written at the end of their name means that they were produced by AI (Artificial Insemination) eg. MSO PRINCE RON L15 (AI), it does not mean they are an AI sire.

PAge 38

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

There are 5 easy steps to registering any Overseas animal with the Society.

What about the sires and dams of imported embryos?

The process for the sire and the dam of the embryo calves is very much the same as registering overseas animals, but they will need a DNA parentage profile issued by the overseas registering authority. However, if the overseas animal(s) are Canadian bred and registered they will need a DNA sample (semen or hair) submitted to an Australian laboratory for a DNA profile before the embryo calves can be registered with Angus Australia. If you have any questions or queries regarding the registration process of Overseas animals, please feel free to contact the Member Services team on 02 6773 4600 or

To Transfer or not to Transfer? To transfer bulls or not to transfer? This is the question every member asks themselves when selling bulls at stud sales, privately or through the yards. There are benefits of transferring your bulls to their new owners or by marking them as ‘Sold’ on the Angus Australia database.

Benefits of transferring or fating off bulls include: • It tidies up your membership • Make it easier to browse which bulls you are using and which are in your ownership • Doesn’t effect BREEDPLAN data • Simplifies the Export process for Commercial Members • Contributes to a good working relationship with your clients • And there are no additional charges All you need to do is contact the Member Services team requesting a list of the bulls currently in your ownership, complete the list and return it to the Member Services team.

So why not update the bulls in your herd? You’ve got nothing to lose. Any enquiries or queries regarding the active bulls in your herd, please contact the Member Services team on (02) 6773 4600 or

Why would Angus Australia need to know who the Recipient Dam was? In addition to the general Embryo Calves registration, it is also an Angus Australia requirement that the calf’s recipient dam be recorded on the database in order to register the Embryo Calf. Without the recipient dam recorded against the calf, the registration of the embryo calf cannot proceed.

Why record the Recipient Dam?

The maternal effects of the recipient dam to an embryo calf are taken into consideration when calculating the EBVs. While the recipient dam doesn’t influence the genetics of the Embryo calves, the maternal effects from the recipient dam flow through to the Embryo and the resulting calf. Recipient dams’ information is collected so that these maternal effects to the calves can be

accounted for when analysing the performance of the embryo calves through BREEDPLAN.

What’s required to put a Recipient Dam on the database?

• An identifier for the Recipient Dam eg. ABC123, ABCG1, ABCAA • Date of birth or year of birth for the Recipient Dam • What the breeding is eg. 50% Angus X 50% Hereford, 100% Angus *There is no fee to add Recipient Dams to the Angus Australia database.*

What if I use a cow that is already registered with Angus Australia?

Females that are already registered on the Angus Australia database as either HBR, APR, ACR etc. can be downgraded to a recipient dam, and can be reinstated back to their original registration status at no additional cost, provided that an Embryo Calf has been recorded during the preceding 12 months and the ownership is unchanged.

What about Recipient Dams that are Leased or contracted out?

The contractor or leasee would need to ensure that the Recipient Dam(s) that are implanted are recorded on the Angus Australia database as the Embryo Calves cannot be registered without this information. The process: • Contractor or leasee needs to contact Angus Australia with the dates from which the dam was implanted to the time shortly after the Embryo Calf is expected to be born, and the herd ident that the calf belongs to. These dates are vital. If the dates do not match up it will not allow the registration of the calf to proceed under the registering herd. • Once the calf is born and registered by the owner, the recipient dam will automatically be put back into the contractor or leasee’s ownership as the lease is deemed to be complete. The contractor/leasee is not a member of Angus Australia? It is still possible to register the Embryo Calves even if the contractor/leasee is not a member of Angus Australia. We can register the recipient dams under the calves registering herd with the above registration requirements. If you have any further enquiries regarding recipient dams or embryo calves, please feel free to contact the Member Services team on 02 6773 4600 or regos@

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 39



F E MA L E D I S P E R S A L SA L E 11am, 27 April, 2018 – ‘Stratton’ (21 km West of Guyra) NSW


36 years of breeding Angus with constant selection based on phenotype and genetic performance.

For all enquiries please contact: Lock Rogers Mobile: 0427 792 007 Email: or visit for further information. PAge 40

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

Angus australia's new team members Diana Wood, Marketing & Communications Manager

Welcome Kristy Saul – Supply Chain Officer Angus Australia is pleased to welcome Kristy Saul to the Commercial Supply Chain team as Supply Chain Officer. Kristy grew up near Kempsey on her family’s property on the lower Macleay. In the last 5 years Kristy has been managing the family farm, running a small beef herd of Angus and Brangus cattle. Ms Saul has completed a Diploma in Applied Science: Animal Welfare and Inspection at the University of Queensland. Returning home from studying, Kristy worked for a local stock & station agent in Kempsey assisting with cattle sales, real estate and completing her stock & station and real estate licences. Kristy’s has also spent time as a Ranger with the Local Land Services, a station hand in the NT and real estate agent in Condobolin. Kristy is looking forward to moving back into the beef industry after working in banking as a customer service advisor with St George Bank. Kristy will work closely with Angus Australia Commercial Supply Chain Manager, Liz Pearson, to develop and strengthen relationships throughout the beef supply chain and build and implement initiatives and education programs for producers that will bring value to Angus Australia members and the beef industry.

Kristy Saul, Angus Australia's new Supply Chain Officer

Kristy will also be the lead auditor for Angus Australia’s Verified Angus Beef program that is the beef industries only independent third-party verification program for Angus branded beef products. “Kristy comes to us with a strong background in commercial beef production and the stock and station agent industry and this is extremely advantageous for the Commercial Supply Chain program and Angus Australia and its members” says Commercial Supply Chain Manager, Liz Pearson. “I look forward to welcoming Kristy and her skills to the team” says Ms Pearson.

Candice Liddle appointed Events & Youth Development Officer Angus Australia is pleased to announce that Candice Liddle has been appointed as the Events and Youth Development Officer. Candice is from Walcha New South Wales and has been working at Angus Australia since July in the Member Services team. Candice has had a long association with Angus Youth in the past, having competed at a number of Angus Youth National Roundup events with Ben Nevis Angus and has also attended the Tocal Beef Cattle Assessment School. Prior to working with Angus Australia ,Candice has worked as an International Travel Consultant and has also spent two summers working as a horse riding instructor at Camp Rim Rock in Yellow Springs, West Virginia. More recently Candice has been working with her husband, managing their shearing contract business and their sheep and cattle property. At the 2005 Angus Youth National Roundup in Gunnedah, Candice was awarded the Te Mania Angus Most Potential Stud Breeder Award and Reserve Senior Champion Herdsperson. Candice is excited about beginning her involvement in the development and implementation of youth specific programs and working with Angus Australia to facilitate our events.

Candice Liddle, Events & Youth Development Officer

Candice at the 2005 Gunnedah Angus Youth National Roundup

‘I am really excited to be working at Angus Australia as the Events and Youth Development Officer. What‘s most appealing is that I will be working with two of my passions, beef cattle and youth.' Angus Australia’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Diana Wood believes that Candice will bring a fresh and exciting perspective to the role. ‘Candice has had a lot of experience with both the agricultural industry and the Angus Youth program and will bring her experience and industry knowledge to this role ensuring that the future of the beef industry is in good hands’, said Diana. You can contact Candice at or by phoning 02 6773 4621 or 0437 873 220. Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 41

PAge 42

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

Northern Development Consultative Committee Christian Duff, Strategic Projects Manager

Angus Australia is pleased to announce the formation and composition of the inaugural Northern Development Consultative committee. This follows ratification at the Angus Australia Board meeting conducted on 1st December 2017 in Armidale NSW. The purpose of the Northern Development Consultative Committee is to: • Provide guidance in developing policies, strategies and plans relating to Angus Australia’s Northern Development Program. • Monitor activity, progress and results of the Northern Development Program. • Communicate and represent the views and require ments of northern Australia beef breeders in relation to Angus genetics and Angus influenced cattle. Angus Australia’s Northern Development Program has the objective to “Increase the infusion of Angus genetics in the northern Australia beef herd to benefit Angus Australia members and the whole beef supply chain through increased use of registered Angus bulls and genetics.”

Clockwise from Top Left: Johnathan Schmidt, Ben Mayne, Ben Noller, Brett Guest, Simon Falkiner

The composition of the consultative committee is as follows:

Ben Mayne

Johnathan Schmidt

Texas Angus, Warialda, NSW

“A large percentage of the Australian breeder herd is based north of the Tropic of Capricorn, and this has traditionally been a Bos Indicus area. Hence there is huge scope for cross breeding with Angus genetics to improve fertility and carcase traits to help meet market suitability.”

“As meat quality is gaining momentum in the north, Bos Indicus breeders are sourcing Bos Taurus breeds to improve their carcase quality traits of their herds. Angus Australia and its members are at the forefront of the industry for performance recording, the leader in genomics and the breed is recognised worldwide for its meat quality and excellent maternal traits. “

Burenda Angus, Dalby, QLD

Brett Guest

Simon Falkiner

Clunie Range Angus, Coolatai, NSW

Murdeduke Angus, Winchelsea, VIC

“The Northern industry is principally made up of cattle breeders that achieve 100% of their income from cattle. They are well educated on the industry and are very astute. They do not respond to being preached to by “southerners” who don’t understand their requirements. More than anything this committee needs to gather information and build understanding. We know from experience the performance results by using Angus genetics can be spectacular and can be maintained long term.”

“Experience gained over 15 years of supplying Angus bulls into Western and Central Queensland has shown us that there are great benefits to be achieved for all concerned from the infusion Angus genetics into Northern herds. Northern producers can reap the fertility, temperament and performance benefits, regularly remarking that they “can’t believe how many calves hit the ground so quickly, how much those calves weigh at weaning and how easily they wean”.”

Ben Noller

Palgrove Ultrablacks, Dalveen, QLD “With direction through an initiative such as the Northern Development program, the Angus breed and genetics can make further inroads into the northern Australia beef herds. This will ultimately expand new markets for Angus breeders and positively impact the Australian beef industry by increasing productivity & profitability through traits relating to meat quality and fertility.”

Additionally, Angus Australia’s Strategic Projects Committee Chairman (Sam White), Strategic Projects Manager (Christian Duff), and CEO (Peter Parnell) will be ex-officio members of the Committee.

While this committee has been formed for guidance, all Angus Australia members are encouraged to have input in this initiative by contacting Christian Duff, Strategic Projects Manager on 0457 457 141 or christian@ Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 43

Macca's committed to Angus Liz Pearson, Commercial Supply Chain Manager

McDonald’s firmly believes in the quality of Australia’s locally grown and sourced produce and are committed to bringing the best quality product to its customers. McDonald’s is known for its 100% Aussie beef. Australia has some of the best produce and beef in the world. McDonald’s understands that its success closely relies on the quality of its produce, and the farmers and growers who supply the restaurants right around Australia. Some of these farming families have been supplying McDonald’s with quality produce for 40 years, as long as the business has been open in Australia. It’s because of these relationships that McDonald’s can source the majority of the ingredients it uses in its menu locally. Take the Corrigan family. Lucinda and Bryan Corrigan, who run a fifth generation family farm in NSW alongside their daughter Ruth and son Anthony. The Corrigan family have worked with McDonald’s since its entry into Australia in 1971. “The beef that’s served in McDonald’s restaurants around Australia comes from farms just like ours, spending most of their life on pasture then ending up in a highquality McDonald’s burger. We understand that food is important, so we work hard to produce the best Aussie product possible for Aussies to enjoy,” says Lucinda. This year, McDonald’s launched a series of television and social media campaigns supporting Aussie farming, working with beef producers, such as the Corrigan family, to highlight the quality of Australian beef. PAge 44

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

Each year, McDonald’s spends $1 billion on locally sourced and manufactured products and ingredients. This includes 25.3 million kilograms of beef, including Angus. Angus burgers have been a huge success for the Australian McDonald’s business since they first launched in 2009. While McDonald’s core range of burgers including the Big Mac and Cheeseburger continue to perform well, the introduction of Angus beef has evolved their range and opened up new avenues for the brand. The Angus beef burger has continued to evolve since it launched. McDonald’s have just launched a new thicker Angus patty which extends their commitment to the local Angus industry. There are now three Angus burgers offered in the Gourmet Creations range, which are available in restaurant and through drive-thru. McDonald’s remains committed to Angus beef and will continue to innovate to ensure it remains relevant for its customers. To ensure the quality of our Angus beef is maintained, McDonald’s, together with Certified Angus Group Pty Ltd, a subsidiary company of Angus Australia, developed the MacAngus Program in 2009. This independent third-party audit program verifies that the Angus beef

supply chain complies with industry standards and meets McDonald’s specific requirements. This program is now conducted directly by Angus Australia. McDonald’s has multiple approved MacAngus Angus beef processors in Australia, each of whom are subjected to regular audits, completed by Angus Australia. These audits include both physical assessment and DNA sampling and require a close working relationship between Angus Australia and McDonald’s. McDonald’s uses these independent, third-party verification audits to ensure the integrity is maintained to give their customers the best possible food experience. The verification allows McDonald’s to stand behind its product and its quality.

Angus Australia and McDonald’s are committed to working together to ensure we can continue to provide the 2 million customers who visit McDonald’s restaurant every day with the option to purchase excellent quality Australian Angus beef.

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Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 45

supply chain

The customer, the Angus beef, the Angus supplier Liz Pearson, Commercial Supply Chain Manager

NH Foods Australia

Along with Whyalla Beef, NH Foods grain finishes cattle in 5 other locations around Australia, including Tamworth, Gunnedah and Rowena in NSW, Wangaratta in VIC and Dalby in QLD. The combinations of these locations give NH Foods a significant turnover of cattle annually, clearly cementing NH Foods as one of the largest feeders of cattle in the country and a significant influencer of the local beef market. As a complement to NH Foods grain feeding business, they also have the capacity to background up to 30,000 steers at any one time that are moving through their system. These steers are backgrounded to a range of 300 – 440kg in various locations across QLD, NSW and VIC. While recently spending time with Whyalla Beef’s National Livestock Manager, Greg Krarup, it was an opportune time to ask Greg some key questions about supplying steers to Whyalla Beef. What does the perfect feeder steer look like? “There are 3 key visual characteristic we are looking for when purchasing cattle. These are young steers that show good maturity and have the structural ability to grow out to and carry 800kg by the time they finish in the feedlot.”

feedlots: Whyalla Feedlot, Texas QLD Bective Feedlot, Tamworth NSW Killarney Feedlot, Gunnedah NSW Avondale Feedlot, Rowena NSW Peechelba Feedlot, Wangaratta VIC Sandalwood Feedlot, Dalby QLD processing plants: Oakey Beef Exports, Oakey QLD Wingham Beef Exports, Wingham NSW Thomas Borthwicks, Mackay Qld Whyalla Beef, owned by NH Foods Australia, is Australia’s largest feedlot, located 20km northwest of Texas, Queensland in the Goondiwindi region. Whyalla Feedlot was built in 1988 with the purpose to source quality Australian beef to grain finish and supply beef into Japan. Today Whyalla Beef stands at 60,000 head capacity with approval to increase by another 15,000 head to reach a full capacity of 75,000 head. PAge 46

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

The better-quality Angus steers that we can purchase, the higher quality product and superior eating experience we can offer to the end consumer What preference do you have when purchasing the right feeder steers? “Our first preference is black Angus steers,” Greg proclaimed. “We also prefer steers that have been bred and raised with good vaccination management, particularly those treated with Bovilis MH + IBR, which we pay an additional incentive to the producer for. Yard weaning is not a requirement for Whyalla Beef, however quiet, well handled and educated steers that are not naïve to handling, people and transport are preferred.” If we drill down to specifically to Angus steers, what % of Whyalla Beef is taken up by Angus steers currently and where would you like that to go moving forward? “Only a brief time ago, Angus steers made up 62% of the cattle on feed. Now that number is 90% of cattle on feed. As a business we are investing heavily in the Angus breed. We always get quality and consistency with Angus cattle and that is important to our customers.” What importance is placed on sourcing those quality Angus cattle? “The better-quality Angus steers that we can purchase, the higher quality product and superior eating experience

supply chain

we can offer to the end consumer. This is what we focus on. If the consumer is satisfied, then it gives us the ability to build on the volume, and that means more quality Angus steers will be needed.” When you’re sourcing your Angus steers, how important is it to Whyalla Beef to build relationships with producers? It is very important to us. Having to purchase over 700 Angus steers per day, our procurement team puts trust in our producers to deliver the right quality animals for our specifications. Without the producer, we don’t have a product. Without having an open working relationship with the producer, we can’t improve our product nor grow.” Your Angus Reserve brand that is processed through your Oakey and Wingham plants is verified for Angus breed content by Angus Australia. How important is that to Whyalla Beef?

To Whyalla Beef the most important thing is the customer. Our customers want to know that they are purchasing 100% genuine Angus beef. Having the independent third-party verification by Angus Australia provides important added assurance and value to our customers. From a feeder purchasing point of view, its important for us to know that we are buying quality purebred black Angus steers and the Angus Australia verification helps maintain integrity through this process. Where to from here for Whyalla Beef? “For our customers, it’s working hard to maintain loyalty through the supply of consistent high-quality product and for our suppliers, it’s keeping our producers involved to secure quality Angus steers for the future.” To find out more about supplying cattle to Whyalla Beef, contact Greg Krarup, National Livestock Manager 0429 795 993 or

Looking for Growth? BUNDABERG MOLASSES RANGE INCLUDES: • Supplements for Backgrounding Cattle • Feedlot Starter Supplements • Feedlot Suspension Supplements BUNDABERG MOLASSES GIVES THE SAFETY OF: • Feedsafe Accreditation • ISO 9001 – 2008 Accreditation • Quality Assured Product • Consistent Supply of Product

For more information contact: Bundaberg Molasses | (07) 4691 3000 or Freecall 1800 777 097 Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 47

An Angus switch pays off for one Wallabadah grazier Pip Frogley, The Land

Disheartened with cropping and sheep, Tony Jackson, from Wallabadah in northern NSW, ambitiously pulled up stumps from his home in South Australia to follow his dream. He now breeds Angus-cross cattle in the foothills of the New England region and loves every minute. Fourteen years on, Mr Jackson and his partner, Cheryl Wilson, and her daughter, Emma, have successfully created a thriving Angus-cross cattle production business. They now run as many as 1500 cattle on 1600 hectares across their two properties, “Creek Heights” and “Glen Idol”. In the past three years, Mr Jackson and Ms Wilson have seen a sharp increase in the position of the company, riding high on the wave of the booming Angus cattle market. On balance, Angus-cross cattle are on equal terms with pure bred Angus when it comes to market price and demand, each receiving consistent price premiums, as well as strong demand for weaners from fellow beef producers. “Angus females are also in high demand by producers re-entering the market or through live export,” Mr Jackson said. “We certainly got into the business at the right time.” Tony and Cheryl’s Angus-cross cattle consist of about 400 Angus-cross cows. These include a combination of Santa Gertrudis crossed over Angus and Hereford crossed over Angus, with the Angus breed being the predominant genetic source among the mix.

PAge 48

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

Peter and Gerard Ryan at Hawkesdale sold 99 Angus steers for up to 354c/kg at Warrnambool VIC, 24/11/17

Malcolm White, Inverugie Pastoral Co, Yea, with Erin & Harry Heal, sold 88 Angus steers to the market's top price of $1,330, to average $1,258 at Yea VIC, 24/11/17

Richard and Pam D’Hudson, ‘McEvers Park’, Goolhi sold 124 Angus steers, 330kg to a top of $1,220 at Tamworth NSW 20/10/17

around the saleyards Images: Fairfax Media

Lyn and Bruce Richardson sold 18 Angus steers, 211kg for $900 at Carcoar NSW, 10/11/17

Tony and Elizabeth Landy, Walkerville, offered their annual draft of Angus steer and heifer weaners at Leongatha VIC, 9/11/17. Their 400 steers sold from $900 to $1,280 or 305348c/kg, and averaged $1,094. Their 100 heifers sold from $830 to $1,060 or 302-342c/kg

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 49

David Bates, Munro, sold 60 Angus steers from $1190-$1350, or 345-368c/kg at Sale VIC 1/11/17

Tony Jackson, Wallabadah, and some of his 700-head Angus-cross herd, which form the backbone of his family's business

An Angus switch pays off for one Wallabadah grazier Pip Frogley, The Land

Disheartened with cropping and sheep, Tony Jackson, from Wallabadah in northern NSW, ambitiously pulled up stumps from his home in South Australia to follow his dream. He now breeds Angus-cross cattle in the foothills of the New England region and loves every minute. Fourteen years on, Mr Jackson and his partner, Cheryl Wilson, and her daughter, Emma, have successfully created a thriving Angus-cross cattle production business. They now run as many as 1500 cattle on 1600 hectares across their two properties, “Creek Heights” and “Glen Idol”. In the past three years, Mr Jackson and Ms Wilson have seen a sharp increase in the position of the company, riding high on the wave of the booming Angus cattle market. On balance, Angus-cross cattle are on equal terms with pure bred Angus when it comes to market price and demand, each receiving consistent price premiums, as well as strong demand for weaners from fellow beef producers. “Angus females are also in high demand by producers re-entering the market or through live export,” Mr Jackson said. “We certainly got into the business at the right time.” Tony and Cheryl’s Angus-cross cattle consist of about 400 Angus-cross cows. These include a combination of Santa Gertrudis crossed over Angus and Hereford crossed over Angus, with the Angus breed being the predominant genetic source among the mix. PAge 50

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

“We put a purebred Angus bull over the Angus-cross cows and it has produced outstanding results,” Mr Jackson explained. The popularity of the Angus cross continues to grow right across Australia, and throughout markets overseas, due to the many attributes the Angus-cross produces. We find the many benefits in the Angus-cross sometimes outweigh pure Angus,” Mr Jackson said. “In our Angus-cross there is more rapid growth and we are witnessing, excellent carcase quality, high muscling, quick weight gain and greater production and they are consistent, hence why they have become so popular. “Our young heifers are maturing early, which means they calve early and keep going until a mature age and our crossbred cows’ fertility rates are high. The couple’s Angus-cross cows have also proved to be good mothers, with an even temperament and high milk production. “Our Angus-cross are also tough animals that can sustain (themselves) in all environments here in the New England region, and across Australia,” he said. The market acceptance of their Angus-cross, as opposed to purebreds, came from the hybrid vigour their stock demonstrated, and attracted strong attention from buyers.

“We believe in the Angus-cross because you get greater hybrid vigour and they are proving more efficient and easier to handle,” Mr Jackson said. Culling temperamental cattle was a priority for Mr Jackson. He understood the value in the meat with a good natured beast. “Woolworths puts up penalties if the Angus beef looks too dark, so we can’t afford to keep temperamental cattle,” Mr Jackson said. “We trade up to 300 cattle a year and also buy weaners, feed them up and sell them on.” By selling direct to the buyers where possible, Mr Jackson and Ms Wilson avoid the costs otherwise incurred by selling through agents. In the past couple of years, they have sold directly to Woolworths and JBS. “Ninety per cent of our heifers predominately go to Woolworths, which is our major buyer.” While their Angus-cross don’t require a great amount of feed - another benefit in the cross breed - Mr Jackson and Ms Wilson believe in good pasture and nutrition and see this as a number one priority. “We grow up to 120 hectares of rye grass and pastures, including dryland lucerne and have seen excellent results in the weaners,” Mr Jackson said.

“Spending a lot of money on pastures and nutrition for our cattle is far more important and beneficial than anything. The amount of return is rapidly increasing, especially for weaners. “And while the market is up, the only planning we are embarking on is to increase our sales of weaners to 700 per year, otherwise it is a waiting game.” Angus Australia has been instrumental in helping many cattle breeders, including Mr Jackson and Ms Wilson, and provides a range of services from advice on breeding, marketing, exports, buying and selling to name a few. Members receive a lot of benefits through the professional standards of Angus Australia. “Angus Australia does an amazing job of promoting the industry nationally and around the world,” Mr Jackson said. “A lot of professional and talented individuals are now involved, particularly marketing people. “This organisation far dwarfs any other cattle organisation in Australia due to the amount of services and professionalism and as a member you receive so much help".

Tony's next mob to be delievered to Woolworths

Overlooking Creek Heights



The NDE will cut hay bales of any shape and size right in the mixer. The efficient serrated knives give precise cutting to desired length. Then blend in your grains and concentrates quickly and thoroughly for a totally mixed ration. The curved 25” knives have patented carbide inserts for optimum performance, greater cutting action and extended life. 10 to 32 cubic metre models. Single & Twin Augers.

EASTERN SPREADERS PTY LTD KERANG, Vic. 3579 Ph: 03 5450 3077 Fax: 03 5452 2633

Australian Distributor: 9508 Murray Valley Highway,

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 51

Darrel Jacobs and Tommy Trisley move 100 six-month-old Angus weaner steers of Eaglehawk blood on hill country at Hampshire Station, Merriwa

Angus and Merinos make the perfect mix in hills and dales Mark Griggs, The Land

Angus cattle and Merino sheep breeding and wool growing is a successful mix in the hill country above Merriwa. Angus are better foragers in the hills and creek flats, 500 to 1200 metres above sea level, and utilise the higher reaches, according to Hampshire Station manager of 19 years, John Halsted. “That’s what Aberdeen Angus were originally bred to do,” he said. With his wife, Jill, the Halsteds oversee a joining program of 1200 breeders, plus 5000 Merino ewes, and run 4000 wether woolcutters on the two-property aggregation, totalling 9300 hectares on the Great Dividing Range for the Morgan family of South Australia. “We want to fit our cattle into any market,” Mr Halsted said. “As broad a market as we can make the cattle suitable for at an age where they are attractive to a broader range of buyers as possible from restockers, to backgrounders or to feedlotters.” All cattle sell on the open auction system, more often than not through Dubbo saleyards. Breeders are joined for eight weeks in November for a spring calf, while heifers are joined a month earlier. “This gives heifers a longer break between their first and second calf to help them go back into calf” he said. “We did use lower birthweight bulls over heifers, but we generally don’t have calving problems. As well, we don’t mate our heifers as early as probably most do. We grow them out an extra year so they are not mated until they are close to two years old, so eliminating calving problems.” Running on all natural pastures on hill country also develops a healthy female. The last top-dressing on Hampshire Station would have possibly been in the 1980s and no cropping has been done on the property. The neighbouring “Mt Erin” is what Mr Halsted terms the PAge 52

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

“incubator”. All cows are run there after the weaners are moved to Hampshire’s hill country to grow out. “They don’t get fat, grow better and we find we get a lot better first calf as (the heifers) are a year older,” he said. “They milk better and get back into calf easier and what we miss out on in the first year we pick up at the other end and run them as mature breeders a lot longer.” After autumn weaning, the first draft of culled heifers are sold in spring as yearlings. The second heifer classing is in July at 18 months. The remainder are joined in October. Brand name Developing a brand name for the reputation of the Angus stock bred at Hampshire Station, Merriwa, is of utmost importance to manager, John Halsted, who keenly utilises the audience that comes with the open auction saleyards system in his marketing program.

“We try to sell our steers particularly at an age and time when they are attractive to a broad range of buyers,” he said. “They are marketed at around the 14 to 16 month of age so the top end could go straight into the feedlot and the others to backgrounders.” Mr Halsted said the steers would weigh close to 400 kilograms, depending on the season. “We did a bit of on-farm selling direct to feedlots in the early years, but prefer the saleyard to market our stock.” Hampshire Station is owned by the Morgan family of Adelaide who also have interests in beef and sheep production properties west of Broken Hill. Managers since 1998, John and Jill Halsted, have upgraded the property nestled within a series of valleys between ridges running due south from the Great Dividing Range off Murrurundi to the Warrumbungles. “Hampshire and ‘Mt Erin’ are in nine valleys, with each valley having a gully or creek running through providing semi-permanent water,” he said. The homestead is at 500 metres above sea level and hills climb to 1200m where cattle and sheep thrive. “We reduced sheep numbers slightly to allow us to run more cattle,” he said. In the early 2000s they dispersed the Shorthorn herd and introduced Angus, which he said was a better breed for the country.

“We started off buying heifers out of store sales and gradually increased our numbers from the original 200 head, to now join 1200 Angus females. Eaglehawk bulls were introduced 15 years ago as well. Last year, Mr Halsted bought nine bulls at the annual sale, paying an average of $9111 and going to $10,000 three times. “Hampshire Station Angus now has a reputation attractive to restockers, backgrounders and lotfeeders,” he said. Merinos are the mainstay of the sheep and wool production with 5000 ewes joined annually, while running another 4000 wether as woolcutters, growing 19 micron wool, while cutting an average of eight kilograms. Sheep and cattle run together, making the perfect mix for a balanced income. “It’s now a basic operation, nothing too complex, it’s just an economy of scale.”

John and Jill Halsted with 100 sixmonth-old Angus weaner steers of Eaglehawk blood, near the stockyards at Jemmys Creek on Hampshire Station, Merriwa

and VALUE Looking for quality in your summer feedˆration? SUMMER FORAGE


Claims can be made online at CONDITIONS Valid for purchases between September 1, 2017 and March 31, 2018 (inclusive). Claims accepted until April 30, 2018. Rebates paid by June 30, 2018. Multiple claims accepted, however only one claim per transaction. Proof of purchase (invoice) must be included with each claim. Full terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of the page at


Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 53

Angus Pure – Best in show, Sydney Royal Fine Food Branded Beef Awards Diana Wood, Marketing & Communications Manager

The Angus Pure beef brand, a grass fed yearling product, has claimed the 2017 Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards Dick Stone Perpetual Trophy for overall Grand Champion Beef exhibit. Claiming the major award over 25 entries, Angus Pure was first awarded the Champion Grass Fed exhibit and a Gold Medal. Entered by Certified Angus Group (CAG) and produced by Thomas Foods International (TFI), Angus Pure is a quality assured product based on Angus genetics and part of Thomas Foods International ‘Signature’ range. Stuart Davies, Steward in Chief, Branded Beef Competition hailed the 2017 competition a great success. “The competition is a wonderful opportunity for producers to benchmark against the best in the industry, to learn and ultimately improve on their own product offering,” he said. “The RAS of NSW Fine Food medals are a sign of quality produce widely recognised and sought after by consumers. Congratulations must go to Thomas Foods International and Certified Angus Group for their outstanding grass fed entry that was awarded the Dick Stone Perpetual Trophy for Grand Champion Beef exhibit.” Angus Australia’s Commercial Supply Chain Manager, Liz Pearson, has commended TFI for the stringent policies they have in place to ensure a premium Angus product is sent out into the marketplace, including independent verification by Angus Australia. “Along with TFI’s outstanding supply chain procedures to produce this outstanding product, TFI can label

this product Angus with complete confidence and integrity through the continued Angus Australia and TFI partnership of Angus brand verification,” she said. Ms Pearson further congratulated TFI for producing a grass fed product that took out the Grand Champion Beef Exhibit ward, highlighting the ability of Angus genetics to meet market requirements across the board. “For a grassfed Angus product to take out the Grand Champion Beef exhibit of the show, beating a longfed Wagyu product no less, signifies the effort and persistence of Angus breeders to put the best product on the plate every time and this should be commended,” she said. “This win further supports Angus Australia’s confidence in the future of the Angus Pure brand with TFI,” said Liz, making reference to the recent changes of ownership for Angus Pure. Earlier in the year Dr Peter Parnell, CEO of Angus Australia and CAG, announced that the ownership of the AngusPure™ brand had been transferred to TFI. Jointly developed by CAG and TFI over the past decade, AngusPure™ has become one of the most renowned and successful premium grass fed beef brands in the Australian food industry. In making the announcement, Dr Parnell stated that the decision by the CAG Board to transfer ownership to TFI

Robert Ryan OAM, President, Royal Agricultural Society of NSW, presenting Angus Australia’s Commercial Supply Chain Manager with the Champion Grass Fed Ribbon

PAge 54

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

Claiming the major award over 25 entries, Angus Pure was first awarded the Champion Grass Fed exhibit and a Gold Medal. Entered by Certified Angus Group (CAG) and produced by Thomas Foods International (TFI), Angus Pure is a quality assured product based on Angus genetics and part of Thomas Foods International ‘Signature’ range. Stuart Davies, Steward in Chief, Branded Beef Competition hailed the 2017 competition a great success. “The competition is a wonderful opportunity for producers to benchmark against the best in the industry, to learn and ultimately improve on their own product offering,” he said. “The RAS of NSW Fine Food medals are a sign of quality produce widely recognised and sought after by consumers. Congratulations must go to Thomas Foods International and Certified Angus Group for their outstanding grass fed entry that was awarded the Dick Stone Perpetual Trophy for Grand Champion Beef exhibit.” Angus Australia’s Commercial Supply Chain Manager, Liz Pearson, has commended TFI for the stringent policies they have in place to ensure a premium Angus product is sent out into the marketplace, including independent verification by Angus Australia. “Along with TFI’s outstanding supply chain procedures to produce this outstanding product, TFI can label this product Angus with complete confidence and integrity through the continued Angus Australia and TFI partnership of Angus brand verification,” she said. Ms Pearson further congratulated TFI for producing a grass fed product that took out the Grand Champion Beef Exhibit ward, highlighting the ability of Angus genetics to meet market requirements across the board. “For a grassfed Angus product to take out the Grand Champion Beef exhibit of the show, beating a longfed Wagyu product no less, signifies the effort and persistence of Angus breeders to put the best product on the plate every time and this should be commended,” she said.

In making the announcement, Dr Parnell stated that the decision by the CAG Board to transfer ownership to TFI was to ensure the future of the brand with a processor that was committed to its long-term success. Dr Parnell noted that “a key reason for the success of AngusPure™ on both domestic and export markets has been its reputation in consistently delivering the highest eating quality whilst preserving the valued characteristics of being a 100% pasture fed, HGP free, antibiotic free product”. “Angus Australia will maintain strong links with AngusPure™ and will continue to conduct independent Angus breed verification of the brand”. “An important consideration in transferring the ownership of the AngusPure™ brand to TFI was that it enables Angus Australia to focus on providing truly independent third-party verification of the brand’s credentials without the encumbrance of also being an owner of the brand,” said Dr Parnell.

Full Angus results: Class 1 – Grass Fed Striploin Gold

Signature Angus Pure, Certified Angus Group, produced by Thomas Foods International

Class 2 – Grain Fed striploin Silver

Angus Reserve, NH Foods, produced by Wingham Beef Exports


Grainge Angus Beef, Andrews Meat Industries, produced by JBS Riverina Plant


JBS Riverina Angus, JBS Australia Pty


Stockyard Gold, Stockyard Pty Ltd


Teys Certified Premium Black Angus, Teys Australia


Signature Certified Australian Angus Beef, Certified Angus Group, produced by Thomas Foods International

Class 3 – Open Class Bronze

Cape Byron Angus, Bindaree Beef

“This win further supports Angus Australia’s confidence in the future of the Angus Pure brand with TFI,” said Liz, making reference to the recent changes of ownership for Angus Pure. Earlier in the year Dr Peter Parnell, CEO of Angus Australia and CAG, announced that the ownership of the AngusPure™ brand had been transferred to TFI. Jointly developed by CAG and TFI over the past decade, AngusPure™ has become one of the most renowned and successful premium grass fed beef brands in the Australian food industry. Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 55

Angus Confirm Feedlot Dominance Diana Wood, Marketing & Communications Manager

Following on from the success in the live judging of the RAS of NSW’s Annual Beef Challenge feedlot competition, Angus and Angus influenced cattle have had what can only be described as a dominant performance in the overall competition, taking out numerous major awards. The Sydney Royal Beef Challenge attracts entries from commercial and stud beef cattle producers from around Australia and is held at Wilga feedlot, Bellata, in North West NSW. The feedlot based Challenge sees steers and heifers entered in either a 70 days on feed domestic class or 100 days on feed export class. Entries are judged as pens and as individuals. It was a clean sweep of the domestic section for Angus cattle, with family rivalry heating the competition up. Ben and Wendy Mayne from Texas Angus were awarded the Champion Domestic team for a pen of Angus steers, while their children, Rosie, Will and Lachie won the Reserve Champion team, with a pen of their own Angus steers. The Domestic Indivdiual Champion award went to an Angus steer from the Southern Border Partnership and Reserve went to a Texas Angus steer.



MacCue Trading Pty Ltd (Angus steers)


R, W & L Mayne, (Angus steers)


MacCue Trading Pty Ltd (Angus steers)


Dobikin Pastoral Company (Angus steers)


Dobikin Pastoral Company (Angus steers)


Domestic Individual 1st

MacCue Trading Pty Ltd, (Angus steer)

Domestic Pen


MacCue Trading Pty Ltd, Angus Steers

Export Individual


Wambulla Farming (Angus steer)

Export Pen


Isla Angus, Angus heifers


Isla Angus, Angus heifer


Dobikin Pastoral Company, Angus steers


Lonergan Partnership, Angus steers


Yugilbar Pastoral Co Pty Ltd, Angus influenced steers

Export Pen

Alice Woods, Southern Border Partnership



R, W & L Mayne, Angus Steer

Export Pen


Isla Angus

DRESSING DRESSING % INDIVIDUAL Domestic Dressing % – Individual

Domestic Dressing % – Individual

Export Pen

Export Individual


Isla Angus, Angus steer


Southern Border Partnership, Angus heifer



Wambulla Farming, Angus steer

Domestic Pen


Texas Angus (Angus steers)


MacCue Trading Pty Ltd, Angus Steers


Isla Angus

Domestic Individual 2nd 3rd

Texas Angus (Angus steer) R, W & L Mayne, Angus Steer

carcase JUDGE

Export Pen

MacCue Trading Pty Ltd, Angus Steer x 2


Texas Angus, Angus Steer


Dobikin Pastoral & Co., Angus steer


Lonergan Partnership, Angus steer


Texas Angus, Angus steers


Texas Angus, Angus steers & heifers


MacCue Trading Pty Ltd, Angus Steers


Texas Angus, Angus Steers


R, W & L Mayne, Angus Steers


Texas Angus, Angus steers


MacCue Trading Pty Ltd, Angus Steers

Southern Border Partnership

TASTE TEST Domestic Pen

Export Pen

Domestic Pen

Crown State Pastoral, Angus steer


Domestic Individual 1st


Domestic Individual 1st


LG & JM Musgrave, Angus steers


Southern Border Partnership, Angus steers


NA & ML Jamieson, Angus steers


Texas Angus, Angus steers


Dobikin Pastoral Company, Angus steers


Crown State Pastoral, Angus steers

Domestic Individual 1st

Export Individual

LG & JM Musgrave, Angus steers


NA & ML Jamieson, Angus steer


Southern Border Partnership, Angus steer


Texas Angus, Angus Steer

Domestic Individual 3rd

MacCue Trading Pty Ltd, Angus Steer


Export Individual

MacCue Trading Pty Ltd, Angus Steer

Dobikin Pastoral Company, Angus steers


Crown State Pastoral, Angus steer

PAge 56


Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

Will, Wendy and Lachie Mayne, Texas Angus



Export Pen

Texas Angus, Angus steers

Gold Medal

LG & JM Musgrave, Angus steers

Silver Medal

Southern Border Partnership, Angus steers

Bronze Medal

NA & ML Jamieson, Angus steers

Bronze Medal

MacCue Trading Pty Ltd, Angus steers

Bronze Medal

R, W & L Mayne, Angus steers

Silver Medal

Dobikin Pastoral Company, Angus steers

Silver Medal

MacCue Trading Pty Ltd, Angus steers

Silver Medal

Wambulla Farming, Angus steers x 2

Silver Medal

Crown State Pastoral, Angus steers

Silver Medal

Texas Angus, Angus steers

Bronze Medal

MacCue Trading Pty Ltd, Angus steers x 3

Bronze Medal

Isla Angus, Angus & Angus cross heifers

Bronze Medal

Isla Angus, Angus heifers x 2

Bronze Medal

Dobikin Pastoral Company, Angus steers x 2

Bronze Medal

Wambulla Farming, Angus steers x 2

Bronze Medal

Texas Angus, Angus steers x 3

Bronze Medal

Yugilbar Pastoral Co Pty Ltd, Angus influenced steers



Southern Border Partnership, Angus heifer


Rob Vickery, Dobikin Past Co

2018 Bull Sale

Tuesday 30 January

Kojonup WA 1pm WST

Sale bull include sons of Ardcairnie F96 (Cohort 3) Ardcairnie J27 (Cohort 6) - Ardrossan Justice J93 Ardrossan Honour H255 – Prime Juggernaut J15 Rennylea Edmund E11 – Karoo D145 Generator G220 And other AI and homebred sires Herd Ident WJM; catalogues available early January on Ardcairnie and Angus websites and from Jim and Pam

Jim and Pam McGregor

0417 942 326 Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 57

A team of three purebred Angus steers place second in the Borthwick Trophy at the Royal Melbourne Show

Angus show carcase strength Diana Wood, Marketing & Communications Manager

Completing a successful year for Angus and Angus cross cattle in commercial cattle competitions, the results at a number of recent competitions have reiterated the ability of Angus cattle to provide the carcase traits that bring profitability to any cattle breeding enterprise.

Royal Melbourne Show

The Champion medium domestic carcase at the Royal Melbourne Show went to a 429kg live weight Angus steer exhibited by Gundagai High School and sired by Bongongo K547. Gundagai High School also exhibited a 506kg Angus steer sired by Bongongo K547, that received Reserve Champion Heavy Domestic Carcase and second place in the School Steers Bonanza. In the Borthwick Trophy for team of three purebred steers, the Angus team placed second.

Perth Royal Show

The Perth Royal Show saw a team of three purebred steers take out the Millner Trophy for group of three on the hoof and hook. An Angus cross steer, exhibited by Kelmscott Senior High School won Reserve Champion Lightweight Carcase. The 400kg live weight steer dressed at 58% and had 7mm for P8 fat and 5mm for rib. PAge 58

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

In the hoof judging, an Angus steer also exhibited by Kelmscott Senior High was awarded Reserve Grand Champion and Champion Heavy Weight and Murdoch University exhibited an Angus cross steer that won Champion Lightweight steer and an Angus steer that won Reserve Champion Extra Heavy Weight Steer.

Upper Hunter Beef Bonanza

At the Upper Hunter Beef Bonanza in Scone NSW, Champion heavy middle heavyweight carcase went to a 522kg Angus steer, exhibited by Pymble Ladies College and bred by Knowla Angus. Dressing at 57.1% and with P8 fat of 13mm and rib fat of 8mm, the carcase had an EMA of 96sq cm The Champion unled carcase was won by a 598kg Angus steer, exhibited by the Belltrees Public School. With an EMA of 107sq cm, the steer dressed st 58.8% and had a P8 fat of 12mm and rib of 7mm. A 594kg Angus steer exhibited by Coolah Central School was awarded Reserve Heavyweight carcase and dressed at 57.3% and had P8 and rib fats of 10mm.

A 409kg Angus steers, exhibited by St Joseph’s High School, Aberdeen won Reserve Champion Lightweight carcase. The steer dressed out at 58.9% and had a P8 and rib fat of 7mm. Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College exhibited the School Steer Challenge champion carcase with a 536kg Angus steer, that dressed at 56.3% with a P8 of 8mm and rib of 9mm.

Merriwa Show Feedback Trial

Angus steers also performed exceptionally well in the Merriwa Show Feedback Trial, where steers were fed for 91 days in the Alexander Downs Feedlot, judged on the hoof during the Merriwa Show and went back to the feedlot for 20 days before being processed at the Woolworths Tamworth facility. The overall Reserve Champion pen of steers were three Angus exhibited by Coolie Angus, who were also awarded second place in the profitability section, averaging a return of $207 per head. As a pen, the steers had an average daily weight gain of 2.14kg. The overall highest scoring pen for profitability was awarded to Knowla Livestock, with their pen of three Angus steers returning a margin of $212 per head. The pen placed second overall for average daily weight gain putting on 2.28kg per day as a pen.

Knowla also bred and owned the animal with overall highest profitability of $307. The Champion individual carcase went to a heavy weight Angus steer exhibited by Cam and Del Leggett. Minnamurra Pastoral Company took out champion pen of three steers over the hook with their group of three Angus steers. While another pen of three Angus steers, exhibited by DL & MA Johnston & Sons won Reserve Champion pen over the hooks.

Knowla Monkey, exhibited by Pymble Ladies College, won Champion heavy middle heavyweight carcase at the Upper Hunter Beef Bonanza

Ready to work Bulls B


y a D n e p O

G E R, W

FEBRUARY 28TH 10.30AM Guest speaker Dr Enoch Bergman


100% grassfed Bulls


e l a S l l u B

MARCH 14TH 1.00PM SHARP 40 Bulls for Sale

Sheron Farm, 12025 South West Highway, Benger WA MANAGER: STEVE ELLIOT | 0407 422 034 | SHERONFARM12025@GMAIL.COM Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 59

around the Shows Perth Royal Show

Junior & Grand Champion Bull, Tullibardine Master Plan M92, Alastair Murray. Image Courtesy of Farm Weekly

All Breeds Supreme Senior Champion Beef Female & Senior Champion Angus Female, Little Meadows Edwina J28, T/A Golding & Son. Image Courtesy of Farm Weekly

Royal Hobart Show Grand Champion Bull


Jordan River Learning Federation School Farm

Grand Champion Female


Grand Champion & Junior Champion Female, Fernwood Edwina M28, John and Dale Jansen. Image courtesy of Farm Weekly

Jordan River Learning Federation School Farm

Launceston Show

Interbreed Junior & Grand Champion Bull and Junior & Grand Champion Angus Bull, Quarter-Way Miles, Quarter-Way Angus

PAge 60

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

Interbreed Supreme Champion Exhibit and Angus Senior & Grand Champion Female, Platinum Angus Fleur-Ru K51 Platinum Angus

Melbourne Royal Show

Junior & Grand Champion Bull: Killain Fort Worth M17, Killain Angus

Junior Champion Angus Female & Supreme Interbreed Heifer, Hollywood Miz Scarlett M18 Hollywood Angus & Mass Angus

Reserve Interbreed Senior Female T&R Jewel J6, RDM Angus

Reserve Champion Interbreed breeders group


PC Miss E99 Foreman J181 Pine Creek Angus Stud Pty Ltd, Senior & Grand Champion Angus Female & Supreme Angus Exhibit. Supreme Senior Beef Female Award & Supreme Interbreed Exhibit of the show

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 61


branding breakdown

Ebonie Sadler-Small, Graphic Design & Marketing Officer

Following on from the Spring Bulletin where we identified why you need to market your stud, brand or farm, this article will focus on setting your brand apart from your competitors.

So what is branding?

Branding can be an extremely vague term, even for marketers and designers. Essentially, branding gives meaning to specific products by creating a distinct association in the consumer's mind, and clarifies who the brand is and who it is not.

In its simplest form, your brand is the image you create for your product and branding is the strategy which you use to create that image Branding encompasses both the practical and emotional aspects of a product. For example, you may market your bulls as being ready to work (practical) but in a stud setting they become an animal you depend on (emotional) so it is important to consider both aspects. Both practical and emotional responses should be triggered when consumers are exposed to any part of your branding identity. An excellent example of this is car brands. Holden and Ford have equivalent products, however most people will feel a particular connection to one or the other. To further this example, different car companies have branded themselves to evoke specific feelings for key associations; • Landcrusiers are built for hard work (practical) and resonate with the idea of country living (emotional) • Ferraris are built to be powerful (practical) and evoke a sense of success and power (emotional) • Mazdas are generally built and marketed as a family car (Practical) and evoke a sense of safety and family bonding (emotional) You can see that they are all the same product on a basic

e u dienc



ur a



sets yo u ap

4 ways to set your brand apart

A branding identity covers – at a minimum – a name, logo, a key message or tagline and a visual identity. Not all branding is created equal, so it is important to maintain a clear vision of what your ultimate goal is. Know your Audience Earlier we talked about a two-prong approach of targeting the practical and emotional nature of consumers. In order to do this successfully you need to examine who you are actually targeting. How old are they? Where do they live? What do they do in their spare time? What is their livelihood? All these things and more will influence how you develop your brand. It may be helpful to characterise the different groups of people you are targeting and create a customised approach to each, while sticking to your overall branding strategy. Identify what sets you apart What makes you or your business individual? Is it a certain strength in your business, like customer service or is it how you raise your bulls as grass-fed only? It is important to guide people to your brand by showing them what it is about you, and you only, that is worth them looking at. Do your research Do your research and see what your competition has done, see how good branding has helped them as well


Research ge

t in fo r m



Quality n’t



Identify wh



level – they are all vehicles designed to take you from point A to B, but the branding is what differentiates who the consumer is and targets them accordingly. Further to that, they all appeal to a consumer on a practical and emotional level, as all good branding strategies should do. When it comes down to it, a brand will influence someone’s basic instincts about a company, person or stud, and the success of that business will decrease or increase as a direct result of this. The ultimate aim of creating a brand is to attract and retain customers, which is done by delivering your product in line with any brand impressions or promises. In its simplest form, your brand is the image you create for your product and branding is the strategy which you use to create that image.


When considering branding yourself or re-branding yourself, it is important to consider more than just the aesthetics and define what it is you want to say about yourself and your brand. By creating a good brand you can create an awareness within the beef industry that is distinguishable as you.

s ettle for ‘


4 ways to set your brand apart

PAge 62

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

marketing look at how bad branding could be setting them back. You can also research graphic approaches as inspiration for the brand identify you are going to create. It is worth researching colours that will resonate with your business, as different colours evoke specific emotional responses. Don’t settle for standard When it comes to the design side of your brand, there is no need to settle. If you don’t have the skills to create your brand identity yourself, I highly recommend outsourcing the design aspect to a good graphic designer as most are trained in design thinking which will help you develop a more professional and effective brand.

Help your designer help you

Preparation can go a long way when working with others, and this is especially important when you are paying by the hour for a result. Whether you are using a graphic designer for your graphics or not, these principles should be considered before starting any design, and could potentially save you money by giving a realistic expectation of what is possible. To create dynamic and engaging graphics there are a few things you need to think about: 1. Size – be realistic about your content to information ratio. 2. Colour – will this be seen in colour or black and white? 3. Content – should be clear and not misleading, there is no room for misunderstanding when you are paying to advertise or represent your brand. 4. Keep it simple – limit the amount of text, make it concise in order to get your key messages across. If you are concerned with the amount of space for what you want to say, explore different advertising options before you commit. 5. Consistency – is this a one off? If you know a design needs to be resized to multiple sizes and formats, speak up at the beginning. Designing with this in mind can lead to some really powerful and engaging graphics. 6. Keep an open mind – consider what you need to achieve with your graphics and be open to ideas. Change can be refreshing. If you do have the skills but lack the creative flair, simple things like fonts can instantly boost your look, and set you apart from competition. Try to look past the Microsoft stock standard fonts and look at buying a quality font that will make the design more individualised. Font and graphics sites such as The Creative Market and My Fonts have lots of options and are reasonably priced. It is best to look at branding as an opportunity to distinguish yourself in your chosen market, and not an obstacle you need to jump over. It is an opportunity to show the world who you are and what you can do for the world. If you have any questions or have content suggestions please contact Ebonie Sadler-Small at design@

Lot 11 Granite Ridge Majestic M199

Sale 1pm, 9 Feb 2018 Field Day 5 Feb 2018 Colin & Pat: 08 8768 8018 GTSM (Auctioneer): Michael 0403 526 702 SAL (Agent): Laryn 0459 620 904 Roy 0416 466 498

Lot 22 Granite Ridge Maestro M47

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 63

angus youth


Candice Liddle, Events & Youth Development Officer 2018 will see Wodonga, VIC host the Thomas Foods International Angus Youth National Roundup, with 150 young beef cattle enthusiasts from across Australia set to take part in the event from the 11th to the 14th January. The four days will be action packed full of fun, learning, competition and the forging of lifelong friendships. Roundup Coordinator Murk Schoen is excited about Wodonga hosting this prestigious event which is set to be a huge success. ‘Having been a previous participant, I understand the value of an event like this. There are not too many events around that you can attend where there are as many like minded people in one spot,’ he said. ‘This creates a great opportunity to network and meet friends for life. With some great industry leaders attending as guest speakers, participants get the opportunity to build their knowledge from the best across many different fields. It's great to see the Roundup in Wodonga once again, and I look forward to seeing everyone there,’ Murk said. A new addition to the Roundup program in 2018 will see parents of attending children having some fun of their own, with the introduction of a Parent’s Bus Trip to the program. Also of interest is the Special Dinner Dance and auction on the Saturday night for participants, families of participants and sponsors. Auction Items at this event include embryo packages, a CIA Head Bail and many more exciting items. A huge number of scholarships and awards will be on offer including the prestigious Trans-Tasman Exchange, which is awarded to an Angus Australia Youth member aged between 18 and 25 years of age who shows outstanding commitment and enthusiasm in the beef industry, The Bulliac Studmaster Award, Blackstone Angus SA Junior Heifer Expo Award, Matthew George Citizenship Award, Merridale Angus Aspiring Breeder Award, EJ Angus Encouragement Award, and the Waitara Angus National All Breeds Heifer Show Award.

PAge 64

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

2018 Thomas Foods International Angus Youth Roundup List of Sponsors Thomas Foods International Riga Angus Fairfax Media Bolton Girls Red Angus Aarden Angus Hollywood Angus Landmark New England Travel Red Angus Society Bulliac Angus of Australia Blackstone Angus Charles Sturt University/ Waitara Angus Graham Centre Merridale Angus Victorian State Committee EJ Angus Semex Pty Ltd Bald Blair Angus Genetics Australia Leights CIA Dalwhinnie Angus John Gommers Holbrook Vet Centre Dalwhinne Angus Upper Murray Seeds Ryan Morris Tickalara Angus Schoen Pastoral Emu Creek Angus Waitara Angus Queensland State Committee Rennylea Angus South Australia State Raff Angus Committee Mount Cleves Angus New South Wales State Banquet Angus Committee Barregowa Red Angus Bald Blair Angus Bellaspur Angus The Cattle Shop Billaglen Pastoral Co Goonoo Red Angus Circle 8 North East & Riverina Claremont Red Angus Angus Group Dhubrae Wallawong Angus Diamond Park Cattle Co The Geelong College Emu Creek Angus Kotzur Silos Goondoola Red Angus Datamars - Zee Tags Greenleaf Angus Elders Stud Stock Jillangolo Agri-Gene JSR Angus Goondoola Red Angus Kelynack Angus Talooby Angus Killain Angus Paull & Scollard LK's Angus Granite Ridge Angus Stud McGregor's Angus Knowla Livestock PJ Angus Reiland Angus Readean Angus Paringa Angus Rosewood Red Angus Coopers Animal Health Triple M Red Angus Nationwide Artificial Waterlilli Angus Breeders P/L J & C Angus Allendale Angus Keylnack Red Angus Baynes Angus

angus youth


Samantha Neumann from Angaston, SA has been awarded the 2017 Semex Angus Youth Kansas State University Scholarship. Samantha is currently employed by Elders as the E-commerce Co-ordinator in the National Livestock Team based in Adelaide, SA. She is passionate about developing and delivering digital solutions that make producers feel more connected with their markets, and enabling agents to remain relevant and responsive to change. The Kansas State University Scholarship sponsored by Semex Pty Ltd and the Angus Australia Foundation, provides a young beef cattle enthusiast with the opportunity to spend a semester studying at the prestigious Kansas State University in the United States of America. The Scholarship is awarded annually and draws a number of quality applicants such as Samantha who wish to further their studies and career in the beef industry. Beef cattle are a key focus of study and research at Kansas State University. With their own seedstock and commercial herd, feedlot, feed mill, brilliant teaching facilities and staff, the university offers an exceptional learning environment. Samantha will be embarking on her journey in 2018, experiencing all things American in the midwestern United States.

‘I’m excited to learn, in any format possible and to see the application of digital agriculture on a larger scale,’ she said. With Miss Neumann’s experience in her roll at Elders as E-commerce Coordinator, she has gained national industry exposure and will represent Angus Australia well abroad. ‘I will be looking to compare and contrast agricultural practices and livestock marketing, paying particular attention to Australia versus United States of America,’ Samantha said. ‘Previous recipients have spoken so highly of the scholarship and the experiences that they had while on the trip, I can’t wait to create my own highlights reel,’ said Samantha.

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 65

angus youth

Taking the scenic route to Te Mania Angus

Focusing on breeding objectives in New Zealand Diana Wood, Marketing & Communications Manager

2017 Trans Tasman Exchange winner Kate Schoen, Corowa NSW and her husband Murk enjoyed a whirlwind visit to the land of the long white cloud in early September. And while the weather was not overly conducive to farm visits, the Schoens still managed to visit seven studs in twelve days from the very tip of the north island, down to the very tip of the south island. Starting in Auckland, Kate and Murk travelled down to Matauri Angus, located between the Whangaroa harbour and the beautiful Bay of Islands in Far North of New Zealand. Matauri run a 400 Angus cow herd and sold 89 bulls at their 2017 sale. Kate and Murk thoroughly enjoyed their time with the Maxwell family and while the weather limited the number of cattle they got to see, what they could view impressed them. ‘We found that we had a similar breeding objecting with phenotype and structure being ranked higher than EBV's, with a balance of all three with minimal compromise being the key,’ said Kate. From Matauri, Kate and Murk headed to Hingaia Angus, about an hour's drive south of Hamilton in the northern king country. Owned by Richard Jolly, the stud has approximately 200 breeding Angus females and sells 60 bulls privately a year. ‘A highlight at Hingaia was seeing calves at foot including some fresh calves by the Australian high seller Millah Murrah Kingdom K35,’ says Kate. The remainder of the day was spent at Twin Oaks Angus, owned by Rodger and Susan Haywood and run on Waipapa Station which is situated at Te Akau, north of the Raglan Harbour. PAge 66

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

In 2017, Twin Oaks mated close to 500 registered Angus females. Kate was impressed with their draft of yearling sale bulls saying that ‘the bulls presented as a great modern type with a balance of performance, phenotype and temperament’. Merchiston Angus, near Marton, was next on the itinerary after Kate met Richard and Vicky Rowe in 2013 at the World Angus Forum in New Zealand. Merchiston runs approximately 250 breeding females and sell 45-50 bulls at their annual on-property sale. Kate and Murk had the opportunity to view cows of all ages with baby calves, yearling bulls, yearling heifers, commercial feeders and herd sires both current and future. ‘The cattle are a real type and are very uniform across all ages which is very impressive to see,’ Kate said. From here it was on to the south island and a trip to Te Mania Angus about 2 hours north of Christchurch, through spectacular snow covered scenery. With approximately 800 registered Angus females, Te Mania is one of the largest full performance recorded herds in New Zealand. The Wilding family offer approximately 170 bulls at their two on-property sales. Kate and Murk spent the day getting their hands dirty, helping out Will Wilding with the tagging of new calves.

angus youth

Bulls at Hingaia Angus

Next on the list was Kakahu Angus, south of Geraldine, where the Hargreaves family run 550 Angus cows and sell 120 bulls across two sales each year. While experiencing the tour of the farm, Kate noted that the Kakahua program has a very clear direction. ‘The stud has an emphasis on animals with high carcase EBVs and indexes that will suit the high-end markets,' she said. The final stop of the tour was at Rockley Farms, near Balfour in the southland region, where they had the chance to inspect the whole herd, including the yearling bulls coming up for sale. In her application, Kate mentioned that one of her aims of the trip was to gain a better understanding of the differences and similarities of the farming practices and breeding programs and goals between Australia and

Colin Maxwell and Kate Schoen at Matuari Angus

New Zealand and there is no doubt that the experiences she had in New Zealand, allowed her to achieve this. Both Kate and Murk were extremely grateful for the hospitality they were shown during their trip and highly recommend visiting any one of the studs that they spent time with.

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 67



We’ve noticed some stunning Instagram accounts from Angus breeders and others across the beef supply chain that are capturing the essence of Angus life, so we would like to share them a little further to celebrate the diversity of the Angus breed across Australia. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram!

#AngusPremium #GrowAngus #IUseAngusBulls










PAge 68

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

angus youth

Gaining insight at SMARTBEEF 2017 Candice Liddle, Events & Youth Development Officer

Connor Ryan, Yamba Angus stud manager based in Orange and Narrandera NSW, was recently awarded the 2017 SMARTBEEF Conference Scholarship from the Angus Foundation. This scholarship assisted Connor to attend the Australian Lot Feeders Association (ALFA) SMARTBEEF Conference event in Armidale, NSW on the 2nd – 3rd November 2017. ALFA hosted the SMARTBEEF conference at the University of New England, with over 300 beef enthusiasts across the beef supply chain throughout Australia attending. Connor was provided with the opportunity to network with the lot feeding industry and other sectors of the beef supply chain. This scholarship also gave Connor access to a top quality line-up of industry speakers who shared the knowledge and the latest technology in on -farm beef production and lot feeding.

from beef suppliers and that we are heading in the right direction,” said Connor. “I am very grateful for this opportunity that Angus Australia has provided and stress to all young beef enthusiasts like myself to apply for the scholarship”. The Angus Australia Foundation offers members of Angus Youth the opportunity to participate in future ALFA conferences. These scholarships are open to all 1830 year old Angus youth members with a strong interest in the feedlot industry.

The topic that was of most interest to Connor was a presentation by Dr Rob Banks from AGBU UNE on ‘Designing the perfect feeder steer’. “Dr Banks' key message was that while carcase weight, rib and rump fat and IMF are all very important traits when supplying cattle to the feedlot, the animals structural integrity was the most important and it is this trait that allows a lot feeder to feed cattle to upwards of 600kg and be able to carry that weight efficiently,” says Connor. “Having the opportunity to attend this conference and get an insider's view of the lot feeding industry has helped me better understand what the industry wants


As bull producers, we will take on board the information and incorporate this into our programs and management practices


Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 69

angus youth

LIVEXchange Expands Knowledge in Perth Candice Liddle, Events and Youth Development Officer

The LIVEXchange 2017 Conference was held on the 15th and 16th of November, with industry stakeholders travelling from all over Australia to attend and discuss key opportunities and challenges confronting the livestock export trade including, continual improvement of the supply chain capabilities, animal welfare outcomes and market opportunities. Liz Wales and Naomi Leahy were awarded the 2017 Angus Australia Foundation LIVEXchange Scholarships and travelled to Perth, WA for the Conference.

Liz Wales

Liz Wales is Bachelor of Agribusiness student at the University of New England, living in Meandarra, QLD. Liz has a growing passion in the beef industry with a particular interest in the live export market and how the Angus brand is internationally recognised as a high end product. Prior to being awarded the LIVEXchange scholarship, Liz had travelled to Indonesia and visited a number of feedlots that were feeding Australian cattle. ‘I had seen the consumer side of the cattle that are exported from Australia and I was eager to hear from different representatives within the industry on what challenges and opportunities the industry faces," said Liz. ‘A number of different speakers highlighted that Australia has been experiencing low stock numbers which poses as an opportunity to Australian producers to work towards rebuilding their herds for export purposes as the markets expand and new market opportunities arise in countries like China and Turkey,’ she said. A key speaker Sarah Hyland, General Manager, Institute of Food Science and Technology, addressed the conference on consumer insights and understanding the major influences of food choice and consumption.

PAge 70

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

‘She spoke about consumer insights and that the industry as a whole is seeing branded products on the increase and how the ability to trace the product back to the producer is becoming an influential factor when consumers buy products," Liz explained. ‘Not only did the conference discuss the future of the industry, but also things that are happening now like the extensive research and development that is going on both in Australia and importers of Australian beef like Indonesia, which poses an exciting time for exporters and importers as the future of beef uses this technology,’ she said. Liz was extremely grateful to Angus Australia for the oppurtunity to attend LIVEXchange. ‘I would like to thank Angus Australia for awarding me the scholarship to attend the conference in Perth. The conference itself gave me a better understanding of the supply of beef to other parts of the world,’ said Liz.

Naomi Leahy

Naomi Leahy, an Honour student in Animal Science at Murdoch University, WA has worked in the cattle team at the Kylagh Feedlot, where she gained extensive livestock management skills and knowledge in intensive cattle systems in Australia. She also held a position on the Murdoch Meat Science Team during 2015 and 2016 as a technical assistant.

angus youth Naomi’s Honours project is based on magnesium supplementation and its affects on growth rates in grass fed cattle across Southern Australian production systems. ‘From my experience in working at Kylagh Feedlot I have gained a large interest in the live export industry. The industry is one that involves many interesting aspects, from animal management to politics, to managing consumer demands and expectations, which I find highly fascinating,’ she said. ‘The LIVEXchange Conference was an eye-opening conference into the challenges and opportunities available in the livestock export industry in Australia,’ said Naomi. ‘A key focus point across both days of presentations was the growing middle class population across Asia, with increased demands for constant red meat supply in South East Asia and China. The emergence of larger middle classes in these key export countries for Australia provide increasing opportunities to both sheep and cattle producers,’ explained Naomi ‘As a larger proportion of Vietnamese, Indonesian and Chinese populations increase their annual income above $35,000 USD, increases in red meat consumption will be seen. Therefore, large opportunities are currently, and will continue to be, presented to Australian producers to supply livestock through export,’ she said Naomi also highlighted that knowledge regarding industry sustainability was delivered to conference attendees with the sessions largely providing information and ideas to overcome some of the biggest challenges in the livestock export industry. ‘Key areas of focus included a push for producers to increase stock numbers through increasing breeding herds. This is off the back of the previous years of drought forcing the large offloading of Australian livestock, thus decreasing herd numbers across Australia,’ said Naomi.

Naomi Leahy

Liz Wales

‘In addition, Professor Kirsten Stilt of Harvard University, Faculty Director, Animal Law and Policy Program, provided knowledge on her experience of Islamic Law and ways in which Australia can navigate the implementation of stunning in halal slaughtering countries,’ she added. A heavy emphasis of the conference was placed on the current public perception of the live export industry community ‘It was largely agreed upon that the responsibility to educate and promote the live export industry to the public lies directly with everyone working in the industry,’ said Naomi. ‘It was discussed that the industry cannot wait and hope that animal activists will leave the industry alone, rather it is important to increase the positive perception and support of the live export industry,’ she added. Naomi thoroughly enjoyed attending LIVEXchange 2017 and was thrilled with the opportunity. ‘I would like to thank Angus Youth and Angus Australia for providing me with the scholarship, I am extremely grateful for the experience,’ she said. Naomi Leahy and Liz Wales

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 71

angus foundation

Angus Australia Foundation supporting the future

Supporting youth development, education and research to benefit the Australian beef industry The Angus Foundation provides a mechanism for members and other beef industry stakeholders to support youth development, education and research programs conducted by Angus Australia. These programs are designed to encourage and assist the involvement of young people in the Australian beef industry, to provide professional development opportunities for young beef breeders, and to assist in conducting research, development and educational programs for the benefit of Angus breeders and the wider Australian beef industry. Thanks to the generosity of past and present Foundation sponsors, the following recipients have benefited from the Foundation in 2017:




Hannah Bird Aimee Bolton Daniel Kirk Naomi Leahy Emily Sinderberry

LivEXCHANGE SCHOLARSHIP: • Naomi Leahy • Liz Wales



WORLD ANGUS FORUM 2017: • • • •

Chloe Gould Angus McGregor Kaiti McGregor Jasmine Ramage

World Angus Forum Team 2017

PAge 72

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

Foundation Sponsors: Platinum Partners ($10,000 - $19,999) Semex Pty Ltd

Gold Partners ($5,000 - $9,999) Agrigenomics

Silver Partners ($1,000 - $4,999) New England Travel Center QLD Angus State Committee Te Mania Angus

Donation Partners

(those who have donated products and services to Foundation fundraising events)

ABS Australia Agri Gene Alloura Angus Anitra Metzler Ascot Angus Bald Blair Angus Bellaspur Angus Booroomooka Angus Chris Harkness Derek & Kay Lotz Emily Hurst Esslemont Angus Genetics Australia Glenoch Angus KI Blacks KLR Marketing Little Meadows Angus Livestock Behaviour Systems Mount Cleves Pastoral Company New England Travel Our Farm Angus/Victoree Angus Pathfinder Angus Performance Genetics Peter & Barbara Young Prime Angus Proway Livestock Equipment RCS – Resource Consulting Services Australia Semex Australia Stoney Point Performance Angus Suzy and Jim Martin Texas Angus Teys Australia The Glen Pastoral Co Uniquely Aurelia

angus foundation Sponsor Partners ($1 - $249) 007 Angus Stud Allendale Studs 5ph Grazing Alloura Angus Stud A & B Tax Alpine Angus A & D Lane Alpine Maintenance Pty Ltd A & E & P Billing Alrambra Pty Ltd A & I Wylie Alta Genetics A & K Drummond Altina Angus A & K Dunkley Alto Angus A & L Deans Alumy Creek Angus A & L McLean AM & MG Goodwin A & L Sproull Amanda Giles A & R Pastoral Ambition Investments Pty Ltd A & R Purcell Ancona Station - Leswill Enterprises A & R Sempell Partnership Anderson & Smith A & S Coulson Anderson Agri Services A & S Sundblom Anderson Family Trust A Bryant & F Webster Andreas Koutsaplis A C & J A Robinson Andrew & Cassandra Ledger A C Bowman Andrew & Jennifer Burrows A Earp Andrew Brownlie A G Landy Pty Ltd Andrew Cuthbertson A G Simpson Andrew Gatenby A H & N A Evans Andrew McCarthy A J & B R Moyle & NB Moyle Andrew McIntyre A J & D S Slatter Andrew Prescott Hosken A J & L M Dunkley Andrew Whitehead A J & S Hindson Angelo & Nicole Saccon A J Kennelly Angus Crane AJM Anita Reynolds A L Cunich Pty Ltd Annaleine Angus A M & F Kuss Anthony Steinert A M Dobson & Son Anthony Wayne Seymour A N & M J Philbey Antu Cattle Company Pty Ltd A R & K L Whitehead ANU Pastoral A R & M Mitchell Anvil Angus A R J & K J Lucas AO & KJ Waldren A T Robson AR & GR Fawcett A W & C M O'Mara AR & J Moore A W & K Bailey AR & JT McClymont A, BC & DJ Howell AR & VD Jenkins A. Burwell AR Neander Partnership A. L. Fehlberg Pty Ltd AR, MR & RG Fuller A.M.H Hattingh Araluen Pastoral Company a7farms Arcadia Cattle Company Aaron Henderson Archer Landfall AB & KJ Minter Arden Pastoral Co AB & TM Virgo Ardgartan Abbots Pastoral Co Pty Ltd Ardonachie Abbott Angus Ardrossan Angus Abingdon Station Arialle Bowtell ABS Australia Aristocrat Angus AC & B Gow Arizona Farms AC & LJ & DJ Forsyth Armidale Springmount Pty Ltd AC & LJ Wood Arnold L & Jillian Ham AC & R Jaffray Arthur Webster AC, DL & CA Stoeckel Ascot Angus AD Commodities Pty Ltd Ashcroft & Co Adam Manuel Ashley Simons Adameluca Angus Stud Ashley White Adams UK Corp Ashmore Station Adina Grazing AT Adamson & JT Adamson ADJ & FJ McDonald & Kuloomba Atwell Angus Grazing P/L Austasia Animal Products Admarari 25 Autons Ag AF Sheridan & Partners Ava Luna Pty Ltd AG & JC Murray AW Go Organics Pty Ltd - Old Fairview Agri Holdings Pty Ltd AW Scarff Agyudor Pastoral Co Ayrvale Angus Stud AH & CJ Walta Azimuth Angus AH & EB Lewis-Gray B & D Simpson AI & AM Bourchier B & E Marchetti AI & RD Nicholas B & H Robinson AIS PTY LTD B & J Traill AJ & BA Bourke B & K Gravestocks AJ & E Golding B & K Guest AJ & JR Woodall B & N Sirl AJ & M Fish B & P Coulton AJ & RL McFadzean B A & K L Hanigan AJ & RT Stackhouse B B Blackley AJ & VM Gorton B C & R L Hall AJ Smith B Davis AK AG & Aviation B E & J M Lewis Al Babicka B G Fletcher Alan Archibald B Gilmour Alan Driscoll B J & G McLaughlin Alan James Stephenson B J Hamblin & Sons Alan McDonald B M Griffiths Alan Scott Boyd B P Davie Alan Thomas Mitchell B R & J Askew Alcoa Farmlands B T & A J Sutcliffe Alison Haydon B W & R J Haager Alistair S Bowman B W Boardman Allan Gillogly BA & CA Stonestreet Allan Weston Baerami House

Balah Nominees Bovine Breeders Central Pacific Livestock Pty Ltd Bald Blair Pastoral Co Bowra Pastoral Co Pty Ltd CG & TS Rolls Bald Mountain Pastoral Co Box Hill Pastoral Co CH & JL Miller Balgille Angus Boyd Lawrence James Hoare Charles Hood Balinga Partnership BP & BF Grubb Cherylton Angus Ballagarang Pastoral Co BR & AJ Smith Chesrex Pty Ltd Ballantyne Agricultural BR & EC Lundstrom Chiltern Park Angus Ballark BR & HA Read Chris Goddard Balmeringa Pastoral Brad Alp Chris Hall Investments Pty Ltd Baltimore Enterprises Brad Saunders Chris Hill Bannaby Angus Brad-Leigh International Pty Ltd Chris, Bronwyn, Sophie, Casey & Barbara P Mawhood Brendan Bogoias Josh Hal Barossa Angus Brendan O'Reilly Christine Davy Barossa Valley Angus Brendon & Rebecca Boyd Christopher Milligan Barragunda Pastoral Co P/L Brendon Stoney Christopher W Cornell Barry Allen & Lea Charmaine Brett A Linke Chumpot Pastoral Worseldine Brian Cummins Churchill Pastoral Company Barry Dunnet Brian Leahy Cienega Pty Ltd Bart Trott Brian W Rooney Cima Farm Pty Ltd Barwidgee Pastoral Co Broadwater Angus Circle C Basil R Clark & Sons Broadwater Farm CJ & G E Crosby BASK Family Trust Brockmann Trading CJ & RA Bright Bass Strait Beef Brooksby Pastoral Company CJ & SME Klose Bates Woodlands Broomfield Angus Claire Roberts Batoka Family Trust Bruce & Libby Creek Clarence Park Angus Stud Bauhinia Park Angus Bruce Barrett Clarendon Pastoral Co Baxter Agricultural Company Bruce Fulton Clayhill Angus BD & AE Marriott Brunsdon Pastoral Co Clea Pastoral Company Pty Ltd BE & AM Gossner Bryan Hayden Clear Hills Angus Beavis Famring Pty BT & MJ Boyd Clear Springs Pastoral Company Belcher Pastoral Co Bull Island Pastoral Company Clem A Whale Belela Pty Ltd Bullrush Farm Cleveland Pastoral Estates Pty Ltd Bell Hill Angus Bungaree Properties Clonmore Angus Bella Vista Pastoral Bungeeltap Angus CM & CJ Waugh & Sons Bellco Bungle Boori Partnership CM & KL Henke Belltrees Pastoral Pty Ltd Burenda Holdings Pty Ltd CM & TM Best Pleasant Vale Ben Nevis Grazing Co Burnfoot Angus Angus Ben Valley Angus Burnima Pastoral Co CM Boyd Benalong Grazing Burnt Creek Angus Cobb Country Angus Benara Pastoral Pty Ltd Burra Pastoral Co Cobrabald Pastoral Co Pty Ltd Benham Tasmania Bushy Park Angus Colbert Farms Ben'Le Butler Family Investments Pty Ltd Colin D Roulston Berdue Pastoral Company Bydand Colin Davis Beresford Pastoral C & A Browne Colly Creek Pastoral Company Bergan Park Pty Ltd C & B Anderson, Walteela Partnership Pty Ltd Bernard J Harding C & J Barnett Complete Enterprises Bervie Braes Angus C & J Dicker Comserv No 461 Pty Ltd Betrola Investments Pty Ltd C & J Molineaux Connorville Station Pty Ltd Bev Hanlon C & K Wills Conron Beverley Hookey C & S Cain Coolac Cattle Co. Bewmont Stud C & S Wright Coolana Angus BF & CS Evans C Arbuckle Coolong Pastoral Big Black Bull Company C D & P Ireland Coomete Pty Ltd Big Springs Pastoral Co C D Lindsay Coonac Angus Big Valley Pastoral Pty Ltd C D Thomas Coota Park Blue-E Bill & Joy Wearn C H & A J Onus Coppertree Angus Bill Dudley C Hickey & D Mellor Corey Baulch Billabong Beef Company Ltd C J & N E Scanlon Corinda Downs Billaglen Pastoral Co C M Waterhouse Cornelius-Feltus Bindaree Beef C N G & M L Crocker Corunna & Co Pty Ltd Birrawong C R Bell Cowleys Roseleigh Farms Proprs BJ & LE Peel C Stubbs CP & PG Stonestreet BJ Berridge C T Standish CQ Pastoral Company P/L BJ Buckley Partnership CA Laurie & Sons Pty Ltd Craig Anthony Turnbull BJ Ingram Cade Hurst Enterprises Angus Craig Gapes BK & GR Daniel Cadwallader & Company Pty Ltd Craig Hutton Black Angus Calindary Props Craiglea Pastoral P/L Black Arrow Callum Gorrie Cranmore Farming Black Market Angus Calmsley Pastoral Co Crawford Cattle Company Black Star Angus Cameron Partnership Crawney Station Black Wattle Angus Cameron Pastoral Co Pty Ltd Creese North East Blackhill Angus Camp Creek Partnership Cremona Park Blackstorm WA Campaspe Rocks Angus Cricklewood Angus Stud Blue Trading P/L Campbell Co Crismar Partnership Bluefire Nominees Campbell Farms (RW, JE,& AR Campbell) Crofton Park Developments Blyth Bros Pty Ltd Cane - Carcoola CT Carmichael & Son BM & SM Higgins Caragabal West Pty Ltd Curracabark Angus BOC Pastoral Tr Carawatha Pastoral Co CW & G White Bolton Angus Stud Carlsfield Plains Partnership CW & JM Maxwell Bonavet Pty Ltd Carlton Park CW Anderson Hazelden Pty Ltd Bongongo Angus Carmelina Gaspari D & C Costello Bonnie View Ag Carngham Station D & H Durik Bontharambo Angus Stud Carol Durkin D & H Mirtschin Boolapuckee Carrawatha Pastoral Co Pty Ltd D & K McRae Boolara Proprietors Carrington Property Co D & K Tout Boonarkm Carters Farm Pty Ltd D & KJ Heazlewood Boonaroo Carwell Pastoral Company D & M Finnerty Boonoonar Partnership Carwoola Pastoral Company Pty Limited D & M Pelle Holdings Pty Ltd Booralea Livestock Castle Coombe Pastoral Co Pty Ltd D & W D Kelly Booroomooka Angus Stud Cattle Creek Angus D A Mitchell Boortkoi Pastoral Company Cawdor D B & M L Martin Boot Hill Grazing CB & SL McLeod D Bowen Bootawa Hill Angus CE Flanagan & PF Ebert D Brown Pastoral Co. Borradale Park Cemaitra Holdings D E & J E Hughan

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 73

angus foundation D F Bell Donald Cross F J & J J Forest Garry & Kerry Cain GW & CR Nash D G & N Hayward Donmarlou Pty Ltd F J L & K J Smith Garry Morrison GW & MC Parker D G Blaxland Donna Gow F J Star & Sons Garvagh Pty Ltd GW & ME Oliver D H & S A Murray Doreen J Edwards F W & B S Cornell Gatti Sawmill Pty Ltd GW & S Dyson D H A A Treloar Grazing Co. Doreen Partnership Fairfield Park Pastoral Co Gavin Russell GW Putland D J & C H Nalder Dorset Downs Fairvale Angus Pty Ltd GB & RE Hage Gwen F D J & J E Price Double B Agriculture Pty Ltd Fairview Valley GC & GS Thompson Gydgenboyne Partnership D J & M D J Milne Doug Hamilton Falk & Hartog GD & SC Jones H & B Wuersch D J & M D J Milne Doug Volker Farmwest GE & AM Hill H & M McIntyre (QLD) Pty Ltd D J & S Kimmorley Doug White Faroe Partnership GE & HL Lethlean H & R Lawson D J & V Snow DP Taylor & AL Willoughby Farrer Agricultural High School GE & PJ Williams H A Newman & Co D J Graham Trust DR & BJ Payne Faye & John Clarke Genetics Australia Co-Operative Limited H C & R Inchbold D J Robertson DR & CH Ford FBIS International Geoff May H D Middleton D M & N A Burrow DR & DJ Roche Family Trust FE & AJ Wangman Geoffrey J Jervois H M Templeton Co P/L D N & S J Balcomb DR & GJ Ewing Fernhill Angus Stud George & Edith Holt H Strating D P Ernest DR & S Gibson Fernhill Holdings Gerald Sheahan H Williams D P Fensom Dr Denis Scanlon Fernmount Partnership Geraldine Mawson H, L, J, & MC Ramage D R & D P Hill Partnership Dr J H & Mrs J M Leigh Fernside Pastoral Company Gerard M Ryan Habbies Howe Pastoral Co D R & P S Patch Dr Una Denham Figtree Farm Stud GFD & NJ Lee Halls Angus D R Ginn Drewe Ferguson Fiona Conroy GG & EJ Bates Hamish Cumming D T & M A Michael DS & CG Varker Fiona Glover GG & I Darling Hannaford Pastoral Co D W Taylor Pty Ltd DT & JK O'Leary Fisher Ag GH & AJ Burston Hansen Angus DA Allen DTS & E Phillips Fleming Pastoral Co GH & HJ Whitehead Hardhat Angus DADL Wortmann Duck Island Partners Florence Graetz & Peter Flynn Ghinni Ghi Angus Hargate Park Dainty Park Dudley Forest Lodge Enterprises GI & CM Hosking Harper Trading Dale Jansen & John Jansen Duncan Clowes Formosa Estate Giant Valley Angus Harton Hills Management Pty Ltd Dallas Mahnken Duncan F Macintyre Fornelo P/L Giles W Pritchard-Gordon Aust P/L Havelock Ag Services Pty Ltd Dalmeny Trust Dungay Park Angus Stud Forster & Sons Gillen Securities Pty Ltd Hawkesbury Folly Dalwhinnie Angus Dunkeld Pastoral Fosters Valley Farm Gillian Fahle Hawthorne Partnership Damien & Emily Brookes Durnhart Pty Ltd Four O Eight Angus Pty Ltd Gippsland Water Agribusiness Hayden Neil Drummond & Gai Dancha Tucker DW & VJ Grace Fox Pastoral Gisborne Park Farm Pty Ltd Drummond Daniel Molloy E & B Leitch Franc Farming Pty Ltd GJ & JH Lindsay Hazeldean Pastoral Company Danny Andrews E & L Ipsen Twin Lakes Francis & Dawn Boulton GJ & KM Tighe HB Rural Darlow Pastoral Company Pty Ltd E & M Notarianni Frank Archer GJ & LA, GA & J Dunsmuir HC, LJ, K, Q & S Brown Darren James Hegarty E & S Watt Frank Binotto GL & EJ Glasgow HCH Genetics Darryl Branson E A & B M Bodey Frank Pigott Glen Iris Pastoral Pty Ltd HD & SL Dobson Daryl Quinlivan E A Cooke Franklin Angus Glen Oak Pastoral Company Healy & Dennis Daryl Wallace E A Friedrich & Son Fred & Michelle Geard Glen Park Angus Heart Angus David & Helen Goddard E G T & B C Bateman French Partnership Glenample Pastoral Co Helen Godfrey David Allan Gow E H Pitt FT Lloyd Glenbernie Pastoral Company Pty Ltd Henry & Karen Cameron David Anstee E J Grieve Furneaux Pastoral Company Pty Ltd Glenburn Horticulture & Pastures Pty Ltd Henry Garcia David Bates E L Bethel Pty Ltd G & C Galbraith Glenburn Station Pty Ltd Henty Brook Angus David Brennan E M Mason G & D Heys T/as Clovermay Glenburne Angus Hester A.A David Charles Benson E, M & H Lucas G & D Van der Est Glenda & Jiri Pech HF Fanalone Pty Ltd David Evans E.E.M Pty Ltd G & F Paton Glendaloch Pastoral Co Pty Ltd High Spa Angus Stud David G Stewart EA LK & AD Carkeek G & J Elliott Glendaruel Pastoral Company Highbury Trading David Haley Eagle View Angus G & J Tuckett Glenfield Grazing Company Highlands Angus Stud David J Pilkington & Frances T Eaglehawk Cattle Company G & K Lenehan Glengowan Angus Stud Hill Family Toohey Eaglesnest Angus G & M Platt-Hepworth Glenisa Cattle Co Hillcrest Pastoral Company David John Crowe Eaglewood Park Angus G & M White Glenn Pretty T/AS Wolgan Hillgrove Pastoral Pty Ltd David Laidlaw Eastern Plains Pastoral Co G & N Wilkinson Glenn Van Oosterum Hilton Rural Trading David Morris Eastgate Pastoral Co G & P Ivone Glenrae Pastoral Co Pty Ltd HJ & AJ Cocking Nominees Pty Ltd David Paterson EB & JP Finch G & R Simpson Glentree Pastoral HJ & SC Hearn David Schubert Ebony Beef G & R Wear Glenvale Pastoral Co. HL Duddy & Sons David Thomson EC & ED Hamersley G & S Batley & Sons GM & TM Taylor Hodgson Agricultural Contracting David Waghorn EC, AM & AJ Pettingill G & S Chappell GNV Pastoral Holbrook Breeders Australia David, Hannah & Samantha Bird Echo Cottage Pty Ltd G & S Vickers Go Oakleigh Partnership Hollowgully Pty Ltd Davina Machin Edderton Stud Partnership G & T Hurry Gobba Angus Holmes Partnership Davy Cattle Eddington Pastoral G & W Howell Golden Arrow Grazing Co Howard D & Colleen J Smith DCF Marine Pty Ltd Eddy's Angus G A Danks Golding Pastoral HR & BA Beach DE & W Nolan Edenlea Angus G A Tickle Gondwana Stud Hugh Andrew & Son Pty Ltd Deb MacDonald Edward Archer G A Varcoe Pty Ltd Goonamurrah Pastoral Co Hunter Brothers Deepwater Pastoral Holdings Edward Charles Stewart Herring G Collins Gooram Springs/East Union Pty Ltd Hurley Family Partnership Degafelga Partners Edward Dunn G D & C A & N Steinbeck Gooramadda Hydillowah Dempsey Pastoral Co Edwin Hiscock G D Star Gordon A & Norma I Weller Hynken Pty Ltd Denholm Glen Angus Effingham Pty Ltd G Dimond & Sons Gourock Partnership I & C Darmody Pty Ltd Denholm Green Pastoral Co Egremont Pastoral Co G E Sanderson Gowen Family Estates I & H Chaplin ATF The Chaplin Denise Rae EJ Grimshaw & JD Permezel G F & E J Bishop GR & JA De Campo Family Dennis Pastoral Elaine & Bill Gillooly G F McGrath GR & JM Saffin I & J Ball Derry Lodge Pastoral Company Elders Limited G F S R & C L Fuller GR & VR Ingham I & J Scandrett Derryn J Badcock Elfini Pty Ltd G F, K C & G J Williamson Graelbar Pastoral Co I & J Seidel Trust Devanah Moonlight Angus Eliza, Anna & Emma Redden G G & J A Murphy Graeme & Dawn Macaulay I & W Reid DF & LS Padman Elliott G H & J M Stuckey Graham Loader I A & H M Parsons DG & HJ Kosch Elm Grove Cattle Company G H Harris & Sons Graham Nock & Nock Son & Co Pty Ltd I C & L E Frecklington DH & FA Macleay Elsa D Cornwell G Iseppi & K Johnson-Iseppi Graman Pastoral Company I L & N Wilcox DH & JG Hanna Emirates Park G J & D J Koenig Grandview Gundagai Pty Ltd I N & L M Macleod DH & LJ Cameron Emma Higgins G J & J R French Grant Oldfield I R & L M Johnson Diana Hurley Englebrecht Pastoral G K & D Daniel Grant Roesler Ian & Isabel Gardiner DJ & AL Briody Eric J Nicholls G L Whitehead Pty Ltd Greendale Hill Estate Ian Brown DJ & JA Ingold Erica Gundry G M & J M Grant Greenlands Ian Byron Collard DJ & KL Caldwell Erik Jensen G M & R A Groth Greg Bradfield Ian C Edney DJ Downie & Co Eryldene Angus G M Donovan & Company Greg Bryant Family Trust Ian Cameron DJ Hyde & RE Hyde Esslemont Angus G McInnes Gregory Allan Brown Ian J Crooke DJ Ross Estate of HHM Miller G O & M Brown Grifforan Pastoral Co Ian Oatley DJ, A & RC Sanders Euabalong Station G R & J Buller Grimstead Angus Stud Ian Stephenson DJ, MT & RT Ferguson Eulo Pastoral Pty Ltd G R Watson & Son Groganville Pastoral Co Ian W Richards DL & CA Jannings Eulonga Pastoral G Smith & Co Groves Estate Pty Ltd Ibisberg DL & JE Draffin Eumeralla Angus G T Fisher, Clover Ridge Pastoral GS & KA Wilkinson IK & KF Sudlow DL Bendall Eura Carla G, B & A Ross GS Conroy P/L IL & MJ Childs DL CA & R Jackson Eureka Beef G, J R & D J Koopman GTL Bowman Illeac DM & LS Minogue Ever Glade Angus GA & AF Keogh Guest Pastoral Independent Breeding & DM Coles Pty Ltd F & G Richardson & Sons GA & SJ Dickson Gunningrah Pty Ltd Marketing Service Dockers Plains Pastoral Company F & J & R Currie GA & V Redding Gunnong Pastoral Co Pty Ltd Inglebrae Farm Management Pty Dona McQueen F & S Angus Gaetano & Suzanne Turrisi Guy Fitzhardinge Ltd Donald & Michele Dunlop F H & P J White Gaffney Family GV & A Armstrong Inglewood Estate

PAge 74

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

angus foundation Inglewood Partnership Inverary Angus Invergowrie Park Ironwood Farm Pty Ltd Isla J & G Gilbert J & G MacDougall Family Trust J & J Batley & Son J & K Sunderman J & M & R King J & M Larkin J & R Maddock J & S Bosanquet J & S Broadbent J & S Murphy Partnership J & SA & L Carroll J & T Callaway J & V & G Yensch J & W Kowalick J A & C J Patrick J A Crawford J A James & J A Fogarty J Andersen J C Wear J Cochran J E & F C Kitchen J F & J L Kitschke J G & H M Martin J G Newham J H & D K Fisher J H Ryan & Son J H Sambell J J A & R L V Boddington J M & C M Gorman J M & G N Petricevich J M & R S Dixon J P & E F Moar J P & M H Rynne J Parfett J R & S J Inglis J R S Hackett & Son J Rich & Partners J T M & K L Caley J Tomich & Sons J W & P S Bartlett J Webster J.S Grazing JA & WA Maloney JA Gordon-Glendower Angus JA Peake Jacdavlyn Pastoral Co Jack B Moore Jacqui & Michael Clarke Jada Grazing Partnership Jamann Corker Jamecca Plain Pastoral Co James & Georgie Knight James Butler James H H Bowie James Jeffery James Mackenzie James McKenzie James Park Pastoral Co. James Saunders James Saunderson James Vincent Gannon James Walker Jamie & Virginia Bond Jamieson Pastoral (NSW) Pty Ltd Jarraluka Feedlot Jarrod Phelps, Illa-Langi Jarup Pty Ltd Jason & Alison Strong Jason Hill Jason Pfitzner Jason Stowe Jasper Hill Farms Pty Ltd JB & D J Karger JB & HA Kidman JB Angus Stud JC & DA Thomas, Camrose Angus Stud JC & HM Simpson JC & J Gardner JC Maling JD & CA Braddock JD & MJ Cairns JD Snodgrass Jeffrey Woodlawn Park Pty Ltd Jennifer Cody Jennison & Sons Jenny Crawford Jeremy Gett Jerricknorra Pastoral Co Jessmondeen Angus

JF & BM Cochrane JG & YJ Brown JH Chapman JH, RA Higgins JI & LI Detmann Jim & Pam McGregor Jim Miller Jim Tickle Jindalee (Henty) Pastoral Co Jiparu Pty Ltd Jippo Angus JJ & JM O'Brien JJ Nolan JK & ML Kelly JL & BJ Nielsen JL & CM Hall JL & ME O'Brien JM & MA Hallyburton JM & NL Mason JM & S Smith Jo-Ann McMullen Joanna Bacon John & Alan McKenzie John & Jenette Hindmarsh John & Marilyn Wood John Bendotti John Bongiorno John Brunning & Sons John Daniels John Edward Woodward John Lamb Pastoral Co John Ley John MacLachlan Pty Ltd John Maclachlan Pty Ltd John Maddock John Mauric John McCrory John Monteleone John Nel John Orgill Currie John R McKay John Riches John Robert Cromb John Robert Harrison John Stidolph John Theodore Ralph John Wilson Jonathan Schmidt Joronson Angus Joseph & Hanna Frim Josie Reynolds Joy Lee Joy Ried & Son JP & C Hassing JR & E Sharwood JR & ME Rodgers JR & SA Wareham JR & SL Wade JR & SM Williams JRA & HJ Drysdale JS & SJ Taylor Business Trust Julia R E Simmons Julie & Brad Murray Julie L McPhie & Alan McPhie Justin & Kate Boshammer Justin Doherty Jutland Park JW & A Shine JW & EM Gibson & Family JW & GC Wilson JW & ML Crozier JWK Sylvester K & J Ferrari K & J Presswell K & M Garrett K & P Lynch K A & P Jacobs K A Langley K Finger & Sons K J & J A Bateman K J Hodby K J Hutchinson K L Smith K Loosemore K N & R M Dewar K N Russell K O Angus Stud K R Reed - Chatsbury KA & JB Klemm KA Hunt & LM Mardling Kafilaro Kalgoorie Cartage P/L Kamilaroi Angus Kangaroo Island Cattle Co Kangaroo Mountain Company

Karatta Pastoral Kathard Investments Pty Ltd KC & JA Smith KC & KN Hall KD Power Pastoral Co Pty Ltd KE & JM Bullen KEA Farms Pty Ltd Keilira Props Keith Gatenby & Sons Pty Ltd Keith Soames Keith Wilson Kelly Angus Kelvin Grant Gessell Ken Wharton Kenneth Geoffrey Bennett Kenpar Angus Kensal Green Beef Kevin Brian Scott Kevin Dunnet KF & AG Dean KG & JA Wyatt KG & KJ Lummis Khan Yunis Khatambuhl Creek Pastoral Co Kidman Angus Kielli Holdings Kilcoolin Pastoral Company P/L Kilkenny Pastoral Killain Investments Killara Pastoral Company Kim Gandy Kim Herriot King Hill Pastoral King Island Farms Pty Ltd KingIsle Farms Pty Ltd Kingsclere Angus Stud Kingston Angus Stud Kinloch Angus Kinross Farms Pty Ltd Kintalpa Partners Kintyre Angus Kinyerrie Angus Kland Holdings Partnership KN & R Martin Kogody Farming Co Koojan Hills Angus Koombahla (Trust) Angus Koranui Pty Ltd Kurrabinya Kyabra Station-Union Agriculture Kyeema Springs Kywanna Pastoral Co Pty Ltd L & C Ward L & M S Ham L & V Burton L A R & G R Dunn L A Shaw L Bisinella Developments P/L L D Ward L E F & B L Versteegh L G Klauser L H & G M Hoodless P/L L J Brennan L J Fowler L J Rijs L K & M A Thiele L M Pettitt Lachlan Bruce McIver Lagoon Creek Partnership Lake Eacham Angus Stud Lake Ellen Pastoral Lakeview Angus Lallemand Australia Pty Ltd Landmark, Euroa Lane Bros Southern Cross Langi Kal Kal Latrobe Park Angus Laura Hollingworth Lauren Cross Laurie Hyatt LD & DP Gommers Leeholme Pastoral Co Legoe Farms Leichhardt Park Leigh Devine & Tony Seymour Levens Cattle Co Lex & Josh Crosby LF Bulmer Limekilns Pastoral Company P/L Linlithgow Plains Pty Ltd Linton Park Pastoral Co Lisa Balkin Liscombe Pools Partnership Lismore Pastoral Co Lithgow Pastoral

Little Aire Falls Little Meadows T/A Golding & Son LJ & JL Lush LJ & KE McLean LJ, JK, HJ & JA Condon LL & SD Adams Llandco LMB Timmins Pty Ltd Lochaber Partnership Lohrey Pastoral Co Lois Marjorie Kargotich Longridge Pastoral Co Pty Ltd Lord Pastoral Pty Ltd Lowly Pastoral Lucy & Matt Godlee LV Corrigan & Co Lynarnie Family Trust Lyndavale Pty Lyd Lyndon Hale Lynne Graf M & H Rutty M & K Smart M & M Wickfeldt M & P Blyth M & R Clarke M & T Neesham M A & D J Byatt M A & L L Latham M A MacKenzie & Partners M B Thomson M Buttigieg M D & D M Burke M E Badcock & Son M G Pastoral Co P/L M J & D M O'Brien M J & M A Walsh M J & P K Turner M J Graham & Sons M J Parfett M J Richter-Rundell & Family M K & S G Davis M K McBurnie M L Lee & G M Rachelle M P & G K Wallace M Rice M S & S E Betts M S Capel M S Henwood Family Trust M W & C M Hodgson MA & DA Duggan MA & JK Campbell MA & KE Brasser MA & PK Wood Macdes Pastoral Co Maddison Cross Magee Family Magnus Angus Mal & Trish Phillips Malcolm F Lampe Malcolm James Milne Malcolm McCourt Mandeville Meat Group Mandy Gunn Manuka Ridge Pty Ltd Mara Family Trust Marcelle Grant Marcollat Pastoral Company Marcus & Sharon Kirkwood Marist Brothers Mittagong Farm Mark & Carol Barnett Mark Brady & Jo-Anne Wood Mark Calvert-Jones Mark James Whatman Mark Kirkwood Mark Menkens Mark Thorn Mark Walsh Markarna Grazing Pty Ltd Maroo Pastoral Co Martin & Liz Walters Martin Nolan Martin Walker Martindale Holdings Roseworthy MAS & AN Green Matlock Farm P/S Matoni Beef Matthew & Kate Spry Matthew D Hannay Maurice James Whitehead Mayo Beef MB & R Nolte MCA McCarthy Livestock McLachlan Group Pty Ltd McPhee Properties Pty Ltd

MD & ME Nixon ME & CM Evans ME Elder Melon Pastoral Pty Ltd Mena Pastoral Pty Ltd Menalpyn Pty Ltd Meningoort Mepungah Pastoral Co Pty Ltd Merindoc Pastoral Merlewood Angus Mermeran Merriment Rural Investments Mezz's All Black Stud MG & BM Cash MG & JK Robertson MG & TJ Wales MG & TM Smith MG Schlicht MI & DM Twentyman Michael & Margaret Gorman Michael Blake Michael Carroll Michael Cobiac Michael Egerton Michael Hopkins Michael James Brown Michael Leonard Michael Mullane Michel Hilltop Stud Milner Trust Milong Pty Ltd Milwillah Angus Minnamurra Pastoral Co Minninup Pastoral Co Mintor LLC Mirabella Angus Mirrabooka Herefords Pty Ltd Miss Alanna Armstrong Misty Valley Angus Mitchell Park Angus Euroa MJ & AJ Pearce MJ & BJ Little MJ & HR Scollard MJ & J Pendergast MJ & LA Bulle MJ & OJ Hill Partnership MM & MJ Johnston Mogale Pty Ltd Mona Vale Holdings Mondilibi Pastoral Co Monea Park Monson Price Mooramook Pastoral Company Moore Park Livestock Moorenbah Angus Morella Agriculture Morella Enterprises Pty Ltd Mort & Co Morundah Props Mosquito Creek Angus Mount George Station Mount Myrtoon Partnership Mount Schanck Estate Mountain Run Pastoral Company Mountain Valley Pastoral Company Pty Ltd MPJ Nominees MR & LK Connor Mr B Wilson Mr Rob Coulson Mr Rodney & Kerry Newnham Mrs B Phillips Mrs Leal Squire-Wilson Mrs V Finger Ms L T Jones MT & CP Mullane Pty Ltd MT & VL O'Brien Mt Boothby Pastoral Co Mt Hugel Pty Ltd Munga Developments Mungala Investments Pty Ltd Munmurra Angus Muraby Angus Murdoch Family Partnership Murrabah Angus Murrindi Station Pastoral Company Murrumbank Angus Stud Murrumdon Murrunjai Pastoral Company Muster Pastoral MV, SM & NE Heggaton

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PAge 75

angus foundation MY & VA Hastings Mylora Pastoral Myrtle Farm MySmart Farm Myuna Angus Mywurlie Pastoral Co N & J Umback N D & S R Engler N E Christie (NSW) Pty Ltd N H & J Willing & Son N J & S N Smith N K O'Connell N S & S M Moyle N S Brock NA & IJ Clarke Namalita Angus Stud Nampara Angus Nanena Pastoral Company Nangwarry Pastoral Co Pty Ltd Naranga Pastoral Co Nareen Station Pty Ltd Narracalca Partnership Narrangullen Pty Ltd Narranmore Pastoral Co Narrie Holdings Pty Ltd Narrioota Pty Ltd Nave Pastoral Company Naweenda Partnership ND & YR Gerke NE & KL Morgan Neale Lavis Pty Ltd Neale Parke Nellore Angus Netherleigh Farm Neville Hallyburton Neville R Beasley New Kayarem Pty Limited Newbury Pastoral Co Newsbreed Livestock NF & JM Halliwell NG & JD Buckland Ngaputahi Station Nigel Meyn Nigel Watson Nigel White Nindooinbah Nioka Pastoral Company NJ & MC Wilson NJC & LF Gilmore Noan Pastoral Co Noel Kennedy Noel Munro Noelhurst Pastoral Co Pty Ltd Nogrigar Station Norman & John Jeffreson Norman Turner Northgate Park Pastoral Nosraep Enterprises NP & JC Jenkin NR & EE Saunders NT & SM Nugent NW Moore Oak Valley Pastoral Co Pty Ltd Oakbrook Angus Oakey Creek Pty Ltd Oakland Park Oakland Park Angus Oaklands OB Angus Boggy Creek Farm Partnership Ockk Angus Stud O'Connor's View Family Trust Old Bambun Grazing Old Murroa Partnership Oldbury Farm Onalim Nominees Pty Ltd Onslow Angus Ornum Angus Oswall Angus Otway Grazing Outwest Angus Owen W Pedlow Ozzie Angus P & A Butterfield P & A Hansen P & A Pota P & B Nichols Pty Ltd P & C Hamilton P & C Jones P & F Billeskov P & G J Thomas P & G Lavis Pty Ltd P & J New P & K Del Mastro P & K Reid

PAge 76

P & S Margery P A Johnston P A McIndoe P A Rochford P A Sanders P C Crauford P C Crossley and Co P C Lamond P E & B J Quilty P H Stewart & Sons P J & K A Langfield P J & L L Fitzgerald P J Griffin P J J Geraghty P M & M May P N & N Y Chalmer P R & J Hughes P R & P J Flemming P R & P L Arden P R Stewart & B E Woodford-Smith P Sinderberry & S Wrigley P Smith P Taylor P, J, T & L McLauchlan P, M & S Connolly PA & MJ Coleman Packer Pastoral Company Pty Ltd Page Livestock Palgrove Pastoral Co Pty Ltd Palmateer Pastoral Pamela Langford Panmura Properties Panorama Park Family Trust Panshanger Estate Paraway Parish Rural Pty Ltd Parker Amber Pty Ltd Paul Banks Paul D Weir Paul E Graham Trust Paul Gruigan Paul Hoffmann Paul O'Leary Paul Rea Paul Thompson Paxton Hill Angus PC & JL Giles PD & AE Nation PD & CA Bowman PD & LH Lewis Pty Ltd PE & B & S Hennings Pearce Agriculture Pee Dee Creek Angus Peel Pastoral Pty Ltd Peil Investments Pelican Bend Stud Pemat Pty Ltd Pembroke Pastoral Company Penrith Nominees Pty Ltd Percy E Thorpe Pertangus Perul Angus Peter & Donna Clarke Peter & Karen Reid Peter & Susanne McKay Peter Aisthorpe & Jenny Williams Peter Arundell Peter Bryant Peter Colliver Peter Howie Peter J Collins Peter J Sattler Peter Keary Peter Morrison & Son Pty Ltd Peter Pether & Louise Mitchell Peter R Hennessy S. C. Peter Sutherland Smith Nominees P/L Peter Tomkins Peter Williamson PG & JE Honey PH Clarke & Son PH NF DP & ML Moore Philip Lindeman Phillip Arnold Pine Creek Angus Stud P/L Pine Creek Pty Ltd Pinelodge Partnership Pineview Ag Pinnacle Angus PJ & AL McCarthy PJ & DM Studt PJ & LE O'Brien PJ & PM Alcorn Pty Ltd PJ & TM Woodman

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

PK & GK Taylor PKB & SG Gaden Plover Plains PM & MA Burns PM Corcoran PN & DJ Gadd Poligolet Polin Pastoral Co Poltalloch Past Co Pomany Angus Posie Mann Possum Point Pastoral Co Pty Ltd Powe Family Power Rural PR & CM & BW Kupsch PR Murray PR, EJ, EST, RN & PL Grieve Preswon Pty Ltd Princess Royal Station Prue Calvert PS & M Slatter Pulitano Pastoral Pty Ltd Purrumbete South Pastoral Puyol Nominees PW & WM Morton Q W Braund Quamby Angus Quarram Grazing Co Quarter-Way Angus Quilter Nominees P/L Quintarra Farms R & A Raymond R & B Pearce Pty Ltd R & C Dickinson R & D Caldana R & D Gregory & Bradley Gregory R & H Cook R & J Baillie R & J Stewart R & K Telling R & L Broad R & L Moore Pastoral R & S Cameron R & V Finch R & V Skipworth R A & I J Whitehead R A , J E & A P Ross R A J & C A Connor R Burow R C & M H Teasdale R D Miller R E & G E Bomford R E Grebert R F J Larkin R F M Farming R F McGhie R G & B J Brown R G & R Legoe R G Machin R J & E J Russ R J & M D Austen R J & P H Simpson R J & T Whiteley R J Boshammer R J Harris R J McFarlane R K Dickens R Keddie R M & P L Wright R M Johnston R N & M H McInnes R N Plunkett & Co Pty Ltd R P & G M Reeves R P & J A Gates R P & P J Williams R P Kuhn R R & P L Crosby R R & S A Harbison R S Chester R S Larke R V Bowden & Son R Woodgate R. P. Blake & Son R.N Perry RA & KI Reed RA & MM Shea Partnership RA Harlock Radford Pastoral Raff Angus Raglan Farming Partnership Raven Park Pty Ltd Ray & Rita Vella Rayview Park Pty Ltd RC & JM Pearce RD & HM Robertson RD & SAH Ahrns

RDM Angus RE & SB Giles Rebecca J Rundell Red Hills Reen Family Reid & Stevens Pty Ltd Rex Anthony Hyson Rex R & J E Cameron RF & ME Orton RG & JM Smith & AJ Watkins RH Omodei & Sons Rhys & Amy Innes Richard & Prue Post Richard Brett & Elizabeth May Hooper Richard Crowley Nominees Pty Ltd Richard Davies Richard Davy Richard Last Richard Num Richard Reed Richardson & Son Richley Downs Riddellvue Angus Stud Rifa Salutary Australia Blackwood Riley & Taylor Rising Sun Pastoral Pty Ltd RJ & J McLachlan RJ & JA Thomason RJ & JM Barns RJ Craig Nominees Pty Ltd RJ Rogers & Sons RK & HP Milner RK & JM Heinrich RK & JS Pryce RL & G Herd RM & CM Nash RMK Pastoral RN & CMC Walkom Roanoke Family Trust Rob & Ruth Caldwell Rob Johnson Robert & Susan Selby Robert Alan Dempsey Robert B Bowman Robert Brian Robert Brooks Robert Costello Robert Donald Armytage Robert Hill Robert Kent Richardson Robert Kobold Robert Payne Robert Ross Robert Segboer Robert Swinton Robert Thomson Robin Kissel Robinson Grazing Partnership Robyn Estelle Senini Rocklyn Partnership Rocorp Pty Ltd Rod Eldridge Rod Yeatman Rodney Caplehorn Roger Flower Roger Henwood Rogialyn Platinum Angus Roma Downs Pastoral Co Romani Pastoral Company Pty Ltd Ronald Thomas Hooper Rosebank Angus Roseby Farming Co Rosemount Agricultural Company Rosevale Angus Rosevale Waugoola Geurie Stud Ross & Carol Cardile Ross Andrew Day Ross Jarvis Ross Robertson Rothaigh Holdings Pty Ltd Rotherwood Farming Rowallan Lodge Pty Ltd Rowan Rodgers Roydon Nominees Pty Ltd RP & I Bradshaw RP & JS Newnham RP & KS Lockett RR Cutcliffe RT & BM Grigg RT & CJ Metcalfe

angus foundation RT & JC Jones RT Pastoral Pty Ltd Rush Bros Russell J Benson Russell Tait Ruthven RW Lee Property Ryan Pastoral P/L Ryrie Rutledge Pastoral Co Rytargra Angus S & B Gavin S & E Plunkett S & K Green S & K Hutchison S & L Owen Pty Ltd S & M Harding S & M Klimpsch S & N Branson S & N Cook, Paradise Park S & R Digiorgio & Sons S & S Brain S B Edwards S Beck S C Wright S D Clifford S D Elliot S J & L E Berryman S J H & S E Sharman S J Ross S K & P J Jermyn S M Fagan S Mathers Marlo Downs S P & J A Evans Partnership S Stanfield S T Hamilton Farm S W Davidson Sacha Holme Sally Levett Sallyport Trust Sam Chisholm Sam King Sandra Fletcher-Wells Sandran Pty Limited Sarah Correa Sarah, Stephen & James Tout SBC Farms SC & S Carter Scanlon Angus Stud Pty Ltd Scanlon Partnership Scarbah Angus Scone Pastoral Co Pty Ltd Scott Guthrie SE & JD Elliott Seaforth Partnership Sean O'Neill Sedgwick Breeding Services Semex Pty Ltd Severn Angus SF & LM Collins Shacorrahdalu Angus Shamrock Hill Stud Shane Adrian Harris Shane Eldridge Sheoak Island Trust Shepwok Downs Sheraco Pastoral Sheron Farm Shezanne Gibbs-Hooper Shrublands Estate Angus Siddell Family Fig Tree Park Silverlands Stud Farm Simakoff-Ellims Partnership Simon Kurts Simon Walsh Siskca Park Skara Brae Angus Smiths Pastoral Pty Ltd Somerset Angus Southfork Angus Southport Angus SP & JL McLeish Springfield Angus Springfield Station Sprys SR & JL Roe SR & MC Beasley SR Dalton Sretlaw Park SSME Pty Ltd ST Vincents Pty Ltd Stephen & Bianca Ferris Stephen & Lionel Platts Stephen Dunne Stephen E Garland Stephen J Simpson

Steve Clifton Steven J Scott Steven Pocock Stewart Wallace Stoney Point Performance Angus Stonywell Strathdownie Estate Struan Research Centre Stuart Glenn Stuart Richardson Sue Ray Sumatanga Park Sunny Hills Angus Susan Chisholm Susan Shaw Sustainable Agriculture Operating Trust SW & LE Keyworth Swan Brothers Swanbrook Angus Swatchfield Pty Ltd T & B Hipkin T & E Kirk T & K Martin T & K Netherway T & R Currie T & S Kosch T G Bullen Nominees T J Baker & I J Crouch T J Henwood Family Trust T J Pyne Pty Ltd T J Vincent T Kerr & J Aurisch T L Gunn T Lebner & S Permezel T M Strahan T McNeill T R Truscott T.R MOORE T.W. Lewis TA & JM Scott - Table Top Angus TA Field Estates Pty Ltd TA Sadler Tait Pastoral Co Pty Ltd Takajo Pastoral Co Tallandbar Pastoral Taloumbi Angus Talumberi Beef Tamar Valley Angus Tamcal Livestock Taranee Pastoral Co Tarraganda Pastoral Co Trust Tatiara Pastoral Co Tattykeel Tauwitchere Pastoral Co TC Gunthorpe TD & KF Toynton, DW & JN Toynton TDP & SE Combes Tenterfield High School Terence J Miller Terip Rig Angus Terry & Mary-Beth Higgins Terry M Hanigan Texas Angus Teys Australia Charlton Thalaba Angus The Babworth Pastoral Co The Frith Trading Trust The Glen Pastoral Co Pty Ltd The Manager Est TW Mitchell The Racecourse The Range Angus The Rock Angus The Southway Trust The Trustee for the Roots Family Trust The Whitney Pastoral Company The WK Richardson Family Trust The Zanotto Family Trust Thomas E F Hughes Thomson Valley Angus TI & AM Vlahov Tiana Park Pastoral Company Pty Ltd Tibooburra Angus Stud Tiger Lilli Angus Stud Tillabudgery Angus Tim Flanigan Tim Lack Tim Rhodes Tim Schuuring Timanda Timber Logistics Pty Ltd Timothy & Jemma Reid Tintern Partnership Tivey Pastoral

Tivoli TJ & JL McKibbin TJ & MB Waugh TJ & MP Walsh TJ & VM Schmaling TLC Cattle Company Todd Cameron Tom Burke & Son Tom Groggin Station Tony & Sandra Eckert Toolang Pastoral Co Toolleen Angus Toolong Pty Ltd Tooperang Beef Cattle Toora West Pure Black Top Harvey Topham Bros Toptani Pty Ltd Tout Family TR & PA Hancock TR Geddes Tracey Mulligan Trafalgar Angus Treeton Lake Trent Walker, Keringa Angus Trevor & Coral McCulloch Trevor Allan King Trevor Pascoe Trewoon Trowbridge BBB Angus Stud Troy & Donna Davis Troy Jacka Troy O'Connell Trudy Moran True North Investments Pty Ltd TS & TA Dick Tuck Services Pty Ltd Tuite Hill Angus Tuscanna TW Pearson & Son Twynam Pastoral Company P/L Twynem Partners Ulladulla Pastoral Company Union Agriculture Pty Ltd University of Sydney John Bruce Pye Farm Urban Angus V E & D M Rheinberger V J & M K Patrick Verge Pastoral Co Vermont Angus Verwood VH, JA, CM & MG Linke Vielun Pastoral Company Villabrae Pastoral Pty Ltd Vince Larkin VM Barrington W & J Farrell W A & R A Kemp W B & R A Piraner W D Janetzki W G & J A Watt W J Taylor W Jarvis Properties W K & B A Colless W L & W A Dennis W R & S J Lasker W S Mactier W T & J M Slattery W T Harvey & Co W V & S C Presho W V James & Son WA College of AgricultureHarvey Wakefield Angus Waldara-John M Curtis Walga Pastoral Co Wallaringa Angus Wallings Pastoral Co Pty Ltd Wando Estate Wanganuk Angus Wargoona Farm Pty Ltd Warranboo Angus Warren & Rosslyn Fern Warrimba Farms Water Grass Hill Angus Waterhouse Ag Watervalley Pty Ltd Wattletop Partnership Waverley Station Pty Ltd Wayne R Bellman Wayne Veitch WC & CC Hall Pty Ltd

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Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

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Member Notice Electronic Statements

Please be advised that member statements for November 2017 were delivered by email on Monday November 4th. These statements are also available from the secure member area on To access your statement please go to the Member Login area and click on the “Files to download� option that is available after logging in. Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions about the statement you have received or regarding the process of receiving your statements electronically. Members who have not supplied an email address are encouraged to please do so to allow us to update the database and better service your requirements. For more information please contact Joy Howe Ph: 02 6773 4612 or E:

Commercial Supply Chain PAge 78

Peter Parnell

Ron Bower - Part time

Chief Executive Officer M: 0428 918 632 P: 02 6773 4605 E:

Human Resource Manager P: 6773 4607 E:

Human Resources

Chief Executive Officer

angus australia staff directory

Liz Pearson

Kristy Saul

Commercial Supply Chain Manager P: 02 6773 4608 M: 0488 758 360 E:

Supply Chain Officer P: 02 6773 4627 M: 0427 888 084 E:

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

Marketing, Communications & Youth

Finance & Administration

angus australia staff directory David Cameron

Joy Howe

Administration Manager - Accountant P: 02 6773 4624 E:

Accounts Officer P: 02 6773 4612 E:

Sue Webeck

Amanda Wolfe

Accounts Officer - Part time P: 02 6773 4606 E:

Administration Officer P: 02 6773 4600 E:

Diana Wood

Robyn Brazier

Marketing & Communications Manager P: 02 6773 4601 M: 0411 242 001

Marketing Assistant - Part time P: 02 6773 4609 E:


Candice Liddle

Ebonie Sadler-Small

Events & Youth Development Officer P: 02 6773 4622 M: 0437 873 220 E:

Graphic Design & Marketing Officer M: 0428 518 880 E:

Christopher de Crespigny

Michael Ainsworth

Information Systems Manager P: 02 6773 4619 E:

Computer Programmer P: 02 6773 4610 E:

Software Development

Mark Evered Computer Programmer P: 02 6773 4610 E:

Angus Bulletin — Summer 2018

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Member Services

Breed Development & Extension

Strategic Projects

angus australia staff directory Christian Duff

Nick Butcher

Strategic Projects Manager P: 02 6773 4620 M: 0457 457 141 E:

Project Officer, ASBP M: 0427 701 236 E:

Andrew Byrne

Liz Roan

Breed Development & Extension Manager P: 02 6773 4618 M: 0418 412 042 E:

Education Officer P: 02 6773 4602 M: 0448 888 410 E:

Michael Beattie

Nicky Carey

Member Services Manager P: 02 6773 4604 E:

Member Services Officer P: 02 6773 4616 E:

Ally Van Duijnhoven

Samantha Hamilton

Member Services Officer P: 02 6773 4611 E:

Senior Member Services Officer P: 02 6773 4613 E:

Robyn Kelly

Kelso Looker

Member Services Officer P: 02 6773 4615 E:

Member Services Officer P: 02 6773 4614 E:

Lou Wood Member Services Officer - Part time P: 02 6773 4617 E:

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2018 Angus Summer Bulletin  
2018 Angus Summer Bulletin