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Angus James Ritchie Resume

Enclosed is a compilation of my student work. European Skyscraper II school and library To Live/To Work Bellgrove housing project To Learn storm registry centre To Gather chapel of reconciliation

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European Skyscraper II School and Library Alexanderplatz, Berlin

sketch. Alexanderplatz from Alexanderstrasse concept site model. Kollhoff masterplan skizze. Alexanderplatz aus Alexanderstrasse konzept lagemodell. Kollhoff masterplan

The European Skyscraper II is my current project at the Bauhaus in Weimar. It is a public building project in Alexanderplatz, Berlin which utilises the Hans Kollhoff masterplan designed in 1993. The brief requires a school and public library to be built within one of the high-rise sites located around the square. The two building functions are separated by two horizontal floor levels, school on the bottom and the library on top with blocks which perforate through from the bottom. This creates an urban fabric within the building with spaces, which breakaway from the main circulation.This allows the two functions to be differentiated. walking through spaces within the library while circulating around spaces in the school.

European Skyscraper II School and Library

perspective. classroom landscape model. concept perspective. view from Konigstrasse plan. working plan showing landscape through the school perspektive. klassenzimmer landenschaft modell. konzept perspektive. blick aus Konigstrasse plan. arbeitsplan zeigt landschaft durch die Schule

To Live To Work Bellgrove Housing Project Dennistoun, Glasgow

nolli. plan. masterplan. CAD drawing photoshop rendering schwarzplan. plan. masterplan. CAD-zeichnung photoshop render

To Live/To Work involved designing a housing masterplan for the Bellgrove brown feild site in Dennistoun Glasgow, in which the brief required 40-60 live work units of varying sizes to be designed accommodate various groups of tenants. The project aimed to create an adaptable house that would expand as the families living within the properties grew, both as a family and financially. A catalogue of clip on and plug in additions could be purchased by the family as required and fixed in place with a rolling crane. The growth of the family would be assisted by a self sufficient allotment project that would provide the food and energy requirements of the houses.

To Live To Work Bellgrove Housing Project

photograph. final model plan. CAD drawing foto. ende modell plan. CAD-zeichnung

To Live To Work Bellgrove Housing Project

technical. CAD drawing elevation. CAD drawing photoshop rendering section. CAD drawing photoshop rendering technische. CAD-Zeichnung facade. CAD-zeichnung Photoshop-render schnitt. CAD-zeichnung Photoshop-render

To Live To Work Bellgrove Housing Project

perspective. pencil perspektive. bleistift

To Learn Storm Registry Centre St Andrews, Fife

nolli. sketch. site concept site plan. pencil plan. pencil schwarzplan. skit. site konzept lageplan. bleistift plan. bleistift

The To Learn brief stipulated the design of a building which would allow weather to be monitored through various means both digitally by professional forecasters as well as by the eye by students who would travel to the centre and stay at dormitories within the building. The project focused on how the building could be constructed and developed as the needs of the building changed. A curved rammed earth section, constructed from the excavated material, housed the permanent fixtures while a green oak portal frame housed the monitoring and dormitories which could be added to or removed altogether. Once the building had served its purpose the frame could be dismantled leaving the rammed earth wall to continually weather until it has weathered to the point it is replaced in the ground from which it was removed.

To Learn Storm Registry Centre

photograph. rammed earth weather box experiment elevation. pencil foto. stampflehm wetter feld xperiment facade. bleistift

As part of materiality research a weatherbox experiment was undertaken, designing and building a 300 mm3 cubes with a variety of horizontal and vertical formwork methods to see how different finishes would weather. In addition to this ten 50 mm3 were made with a variety of rammed earth mix proportions, wooden formwork and two that contained stabilisers to increase their compressive strength. The final rammed earth cube used the information gathered from the earlier experiments to determine the best constituents and mix proportions without the stabilizer to increase the rate at which the rammed earth would weather. The weatherbox was then monitored the following six weeks through a series of photographs that helped form the basis of rammed earth detailing within the project.

To Learn Storm Registry Centre

section. pencil schnitt. bleistift

To Gather Chapel of Reconciliation Inveraray, Argyll and Bute

nolli. pen sketch. sunken boat, Inveraray original sketch section site plan. pen, pencil scwarzplan. stift skizze. versunkenen schiff, skizze schnitt lageplan. stift, bleistift

To Gather studio project aimed to create a gathering space for worship in the historic town of Inveraray which was influential in the preparation for the D-Day landings in Normandy. Training for these events took place on various sites around the town with a diverse mix of servicemen from varying nationalities staying in the local hotels. To celebrate history which is little known within the town, a building was proposed to allow the families of current war victims to gather and help each other through the process of grieving. Having spoken to families it was clear that crying was a great reliever of stress and tension and the landscaping encouraged families to travel through various passages leading to wailing booths situated on the existing wall before entering the building from a different door to the main entrance where the service could be conducted.

To Gather Chapel of Reconciliation

section. pen, pencil sectional perspective. concept schnitt. stift, bleistift schnitt perspektive. konzept

To Gather Chapel of Reconciliation

plan. pen, pencil photograph. final model section. pen, pencil plan. stift, bleistift foto. ende modell schnitt. stift bleistift

achievement. Glasgow Institute of Architects 2nd Year Design Prize – commendation 2010 work exhibited in University of Strathclyde End of Year Show – 2009, 2010 work featured in University of Strathclyde Yearbook ‘paperspace’ – 2009, 2010 work experience. Michael Laird Architects, Edinburgh – January 2008 international exchange. Bauhaus Universität Weimar March – September 2011 international Advanced Architectural Design extra curricular. helped co-ordinate opening of End of Year Exhibition – June 2010 mentor for First Year Students – September 2009 – May 2010 computer skills. proficient on both Mac and PC platforms AutoCAD ArchiCAD Photoshop InDesign Sketchup MS Publisher

contact. email. phone. +44 (0) 7530861450 +49 (0) 15117914037 home address. 10 Dalgety House View Dalgety Bay Fife KY11 9LG Scotland term address - 20.7.2011. Merketalstr. 48 - 10226 Weimar 99425 Deutschland

name. Angus James Ritchie date of birth. 04.04.1990 from. Dunfermline, Scotland lives in. Weimar, Germany interests. golf, swimming, cycling, snowboarding, drawing, photography favourite architects. Peter Salter, The Smithsons, Herman Hertzberger, David Chipperfield favourite building. Swiss Embassy, Berlin, Diener + Diener favourite public space. Diocletian’s Palace, Croatia


a compilation of my work

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