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In this university, our teachers’ performance evaluation is done in the near end of every semester. According to Dr. Flordeliza Laplap, the dean for College of Arts and Sciences, we have three columns for evaluation: 1) the ‘head’ which is composed of the department chair, associate dean and the dean; 2) the teachers themselves; and 3) the students. “The greater vote of the performance evaluation comes from the students. Whatever is your evaluation on the teachers, 50% na siya. And then 25% comes from the head kay mag-observe man sad na sila and then the self (teachers) is 25%,” she explained. “And then i-collate na ni siya. So your evaluation is just a part of the total performance evaluation. After having the final result of the computation, this will be signed by the teacher himself for concurrence. Just in case dili siya musugot, na-ay mura ug conference ang teacher and the dean. So I’ll give them time to look at their evaluated performance considering all the areas. Kung okay sila, mu-sign sila. But if ever they have questions, I will also listen. Ato nang tan-awon if there is a need to revise and there is a justification, i-revise nato,” she added. Teachers are rated according to certain categories: Commitment, Knowledge of Subject, Teaching for Independent Learning, and Management of Learning. There are five kinds of results in the evaluation: Poor, Unsatisfactory, Satisfactory, Very Satisfactory, and Outstanding. For part-time teachers, a result of ‘Satisfactory’ would also result to nonrenewal of contract. For regular teachers, the outcome is entirely different. Dr. Laplap revealed that the regular teachers are protected with ‘security of tenure’ under the Civil Service Law. They will undergo a faculty development if ever they receive a ‘Satisfactory’ result. To those who had issues, they’ll be given due process. But that depends on the weight of the complaint.



During the interview, sensitive issues revealed by the students were brought up. “In the office, we do not know about that if you do not tell us. Kay ngano, kung naa man gani ingon ana, we’ll call the teachers. We are glad that you are telling us about that. We are not aware man gud on what is happening not unless you tell us. And even in the performance evaluation, wala man na didto. Wa man na masuwat,” she said. “I appreciate the students nga mu-voice out sa ilang mga concern para sad ma call out nato ang ilang attention. Of course, ma-apil gyud na sa performance nga Professionalism,” she added. “Dili mi kahatag ug action. You should inform us. In other words, dili maayo sad nga mu-deretso sad ta ug pamasangil. There should also be a proof,” Dr. Sol Galleon, CAS Associate Dean, also added.



world TOMORROW by Rotsen Angelee Oporto & Cathy Ann Jugasan

how will you spend today?

Teacher evaluation has historically addressed two objectives: improving performance and bringing about the dismissal of those judged as inadequate or nonproductive. This also provides the essential information that the teachers need in order to evaluate their performance relative expectations, and for university heads to initiate programs related to teacher improvement. Furthermore, its main purpose is professional growth that leads to improved performance.

As students, we have the right to feel aggravated. We have the right to complain. We might not be paying much in this university but we deserve to be taught. The students are the blood of the university. The day might come when the hard-earned reputation of its glory days will be taken away and CNU will be left bare and naked, ashamed of itself. We wouldn’t want that, right?

If end of the world na, magpaopera jud ko kay para mutaas. HAHA Leanne Gepuit BSEd-MAPEH I

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Magmemorable date kuyog sa uyab. Hihi- Tammy Tagli, BA Comm IV

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Ako’ng alsahun ang tanang continents para way mamatay. Murag “Sky high” bah! Mag sugud nag panglupad ang mga sakyanan ug tawo ana! Mu adto pa diay kog Japan para mukaon ug Ramen! Nya nindut itilaw anang dako na lami! HAHA! Hoy! Unsa na inyung gi huna-huna ha? Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. YANA D. BSEd-English II

If end of the world na, murequest jud ko sa akong mga Ex na magtipok sila, tagsa-tagsaun nako sila’g chula dayun ang pinaka wa’y lami mu chula, mamatay ug una. - Clarice Villahermosa

Mugakos ug balas adto sa hunasan. Kay kibaw ko di magtsunami nganhi.Kinhason

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They also revealed that during one of their regular meetings, they solved some issues reported by students. It is therefore highly encouraged to voice out if the students are having problems with their teachers. In a university that is thought to be leading and that from being ‘good’ has come to being ‘great’, it is quite a setback to have teachers unfit of their profession. These teachers have Master’s and Doctoral Degrees to be proud of. They have good positions to boast. They are people of the Academe. They are not only educated, they educate. But then, some would make us wonder about the purpose of teachers.

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Ang Suga Publication Volume 33, Issue 2  

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