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Teacher Evaluation: text by Maria Theresa Zapanta & Lovely Flores|illustrations by Sheen Ponce

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the along walked I side-by-side corridors, with the cracked walls. Who knows when they’ll cave in on us? Then I went inside my classroom and sat. But, like a jolt of lightning, I stood up and sighed at the horrible state of the chair. It was barely hanging on itself. I replaced it with another chair.

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In the second subject, my teacher came in and sat. You know what? All she ever does in the classroom is sit. When she discusses, it’s so flat, boring and lifeless, like staying in an endless sea without ripples. Whatever happened to awakening

and encouraging passion for learning? Today, a group is reporting. She’s so fond of reporting, she already has groups assigned during the first day of class. Maybe she forgot that not all students in CNU are studying to become teachers. And even if they are, shouldn’t she be a valuable example? She became a teacher not to share knowledge and enlighten her students but to sit and rate the visual aide, the cooperation of the group, and knowledge of the reporters. How about your knowledge, Ma’am? Again, all she does is sit at the back of classroom, and sometimes, she even falls asleep in the middle of my classmates’ discussion. Many of her students, however, were no longer listening. Who cares if these students don’t learn anything by the end of the semester? This is a leading university after all, I’m pretty sure we’ll score a job when we graduate anyway.

as this PE. Our teacher w as w t ec bj su ird th My volleyball, loves basketball, ho w an m d ol ly real made us and beautiful. He d un ro s ing th l al h was and up exercises, whic m ar w e es th rm perfo d to raise d because we ha ar kw aw d an rd wei do the d and refused to te un gr e W . tts bu our us saying, but he scolded ly er op pr s se ci exer T?! Some for marriage. WHA n io at ar ep pr a it’s and that wanted it done he ay w e th it did ne time, ppy. Pathetic. O ha him e ad m ly real classmates e to one of my os cl so od sto he teacher. away. Poor dirty ing ck ba pt ke who

Finally, my last subject for the day. I am so excited to get in the class because unlike some students, I still want to learn something. I sat in front of the room with my friends. I checked the time. It’s five minutes past the starting period. I talked to my classmates while waiting for the teacher. I checked the time again. The teacher is already late for twenty-five minutes. Some students are already saying that Ma’am is going to be absent. Again. So, they started getting out their lipsticks and foundations and reapplied their makeup. My friends and I stayed while some of our classmates left the room. After an hour, we got so bored of waiting that we grabbed our bags and left the room too. Ma’am is often absent. She’s a school official and she’s always busy with important matters. Unfortunately, her students are not as important as those matters.

I came to school to learn what has been promised to us in the course syllabus. I didn’t sign up to complain. But these injustices, they can’t keep on coming at us when taxpayers of the Republic of the Philippines pay for our education. I understand there are other things to look into (I should also consider myself in this two-way process of learning). Nonetheless, I deserve more than that. We should get what we deserve. So I will make sure those teachers will also get what they deserve in the teacher evaluation...



In this university, our teachers’ performance evaluation is done in the near end of every semester. According to Dr. Flordeliza Laplap, the dean for College of Arts and Sciences, we have three columns for evaluation: 1) the ‘head’ which is composed of the department chair, associate dean and the dean; 2) the teachers themselves; and 3) the students. “The greater vote of the performance evaluation comes from the students. Whatever is your evaluation on the teachers, 50% na siya. And then 25% comes from the head kay mag-observe man sad na sila and then the self (teachers) is 25%,” she explained. “And then i-collate na ni siya. So your evaluation is just a part of the total performance evaluation. After having the final result of the computation, this will be signed by the teacher himself for concurrence. Just in case dili siya musugot, na-ay mura ug conference ang teacher and the dean. So I’ll give them time to look at their evaluated performance considering all the areas. Kung okay sila, mu-sign sila. But if ever they have questions, I will also listen. Ato nang tan-awon if there is a need to revise and there is a justification, i-revise nato,” she added. Teachers are rated according to certain categories: Commitment, Knowledge of Subject, Teaching for Independent Learning, and Management of Learning. There are five kinds of results in the evaluation: Poor, Unsatisfactory, Satisfactory, Very Satisfactory, and Outstanding. For part-time teachers, a result of ‘Satisfactory’ would also result to nonrenewal of contract. For regular teachers, the outcome is entirely different. Dr. Laplap revealed that the regular teachers are protected with ‘security of tenure’ under the Civil Service Law. They will undergo a faculty development if ever they receive a ‘Satisfactory’ result. To those who had issues, they’ll be given due process. But that depends on the weight of the complaint.



During the interview, sensitive issues revealed by the students were brought up. “In the office, we do not know about that if you do not tell us. Kay ngano, kung naa man gani ingon ana, we’ll call the teachers. We are glad that you are telling us about that. We are not aware man gud on what is happening not unless you tell us. And even in the performance evaluation, wala man na didto. Wa man na masuwat,” she said. “I appreciate the students nga mu-voice out sa ilang mga concern para sad ma call out nato ang ilang attention. Of course, ma-apil gyud na sa performance nga Professionalism,” she added. “Dili mi kahatag ug action. You should inform us. In other words, dili maayo sad nga mu-deretso sad ta ug pamasangil. There should also be a proof,” Dr. Sol Galleon, CAS Associate Dean, also added.



world TOMORROW by Rotsen Angelee Oporto & Cathy Ann Jugasan

how will you spend today?

Teacher evaluation has historically addressed two objectives: improving performance and bringing about the dismissal of those judged as inadequate or nonproductive. This also provides the essential information that the teachers need in order to evaluate their performance relative expectations, and for university heads to initiate programs related to teacher improvement. Furthermore, its main purpose is professional growth that leads to improved performance.

As students, we have the right to feel aggravated. We have the right to complain. We might not be paying much in this university but we deserve to be taught. The students are the blood of the university. The day might come when the hard-earned reputation of its glory days will be taken away and CNU will be left bare and naked, ashamed of itself. We wouldn’t want that, right?

If end of the world na, magpaopera jud ko kay para mutaas. HAHA Leanne Gepuit BSEd-MAPEH I

If end of the world na gani, ganahan ko mu adto sa mountain para mag sunbathing. :P

Magmemorable date kuyog sa uyab. Hihi- Tammy Tagli, BA Comm IV

I would escape to my other world, my anime world. HAHA -Glennah Marie Mondares BSEd-SpEd IV

Mu adto ko ug Manila, mu rape kog artista… -Christian

Benjie Vanzuela BSEd-MAPEH I

Hazel “Princess” Mernado BSEd- Math III

Villalonn B.A.- Eng. Lit. I

Ako’ng alsahun ang tanang continents para way mamatay. Murag “Sky high” bah! Mag sugud nag panglupad ang mga sakyanan ug tawo ana! Mu adto pa diay kog Japan para mukaon ug Ramen! Nya nindut itilaw anang dako na lami! HAHA! Hoy! Unsa na inyung gi huna-huna ha? Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. YANA D. BSEd-English II

If end of the world na, murequest jud ko sa akong mga Ex na magtipok sila, tagsa-tagsaun nako sila’g chula dayun ang pinaka wa’y lami mu chula, mamatay ug una. - Clarice Villahermosa

Mugakos ug balas adto sa hunasan. Kay kibaw ko di magtsunami nganhi.Kinhason

Kung end na jud kay di ko muhawa sa akong family. Bisag magkinaunsa pa basta magkakuyug jud mi! CHAR!GEE BSEd-Bio.Sci. I

End of the world? Di ko mu worry, mag relax lang ko kay mag meet naman mi ni Lord, oh di’ ba?-XENAHS

They also revealed that during one of their regular meetings, they solved some issues reported by students. It is therefore highly encouraged to voice out if the students are having problems with their teachers. In a university that is thought to be leading and that from being ‘good’ has come to being ‘great’, it is quite a setback to have teachers unfit of their profession. These teachers have Master’s and Doctoral Degrees to be proud of. They have good positions to boast. They are people of the Academe. They are not only educated, they educate. But then, some would make us wonder about the purpose of teachers.

• I will pray gyud ug pamaayo kay para malangit akong kalag. Adto ko Sto. Rosario.

• Magcharity work together with my family.Dea Velasco, BSN III •

Mu-hug ko sa tanang people nga akong masugatan. Hehe April May Estelloro, BA Comm IV

E fulfill nako tanang promises. Nya e use nako ang tanang oras with my family and loved ones (kahibaw namu) XD -Christian Allen


• •

Magpenitensiya mi para preparedBSEd-Math II Say sorry to the people na napasakitan nako ug mag thank you sa nag tabang sad sa ako.-BSEd- Math IV Well, doomsday is inevitable, if it will happen. I RATHER EAT WORMS!!! Haha. Dili bitaw, I’ll spend it with the one’s I love and care before it happens. :D Billy BEEd-Gen. ed. I


Magpakalipay jud ko ug taman samtang naa pay oras para contented na akong kalag if ever mahitabu jud.Philline B.A.-Communication

Magpray together with my family and ang pinakaweird jud nga akong buhaton, mag videoke and mag pictorial while naglunop. Hehe…Dora B.A.-Eng. Lang. II

Wala ra kay dili man mag end of the world.B.A.-English angsugapublication|2012-2013


Teleserye ng Buhay Ko (Tips on how to be a Millionare. Joke :P) text by Nichee Orocio

Exams,project,thesis,research paper,assignments,quizzes,oral defense. Name it! Hasol ang college. DMD! Pareha ka hasol sa title sa Apoy sa Dagat, naa ba diay apoy dihas dagat? “Apoy sa Dalampasigan” nuon naa jud na. Haha! So much for that, basahon sa taning mga ginagmayng tips unsaon pag Deal or No Deal sa college life’s pressure para ma RatedK na atung pag skwela diri sa Normal. Handa na ba kayo?


Nganu mubayad diay mi sa pagkuha sa among grado? Wa mi kahibaw ug kasabot jud kung nganung naay bayad. Suma pa sa akong usa ka friend, “Php25.00= incomplete grade+ bondpaper+ ink (ballpen and printer).” Mao ba kaha na among gibayran ug Php25? “In-ani ni siya, naa man mi ipanghatag nga grade ninyo – nya free na siya, wa na siya’y charge kanang amung ihatag. Nya kana nga case kay wa paman mi ka prepare sa inyong grades kay wa paman sad makompleto ang inyong grado. Mao na nga sa pagka karun mamugos man mong mangayo ug grades, wa man mi mabuhat , mag doble na amu irelease ninyo so it’s either i-charge mo o muhuwat jud mo sa amung ihatag ninyo nga grado nga free.” Jason P. Sabaquil Administrative Aide lll “By the moment a student issues an incomplete grade they will be charge by Php 25.00. The said amount will cost the printing document. If we keep on printing so many grade slips, what will happen to the school? It is a regulatory measure, REGULATORY and DISCIPLINARY. So that the students would know the proper way of asking their grades to the office – that’s only after all the grade sheet is complete.” Flordelyn E. Escarda, University Registrar Nganung di kompleto among grado, despite sa pag-ingon sa among instructors nga naghatag na daw sila sa among grado sa registrar? “The grade sheet of the professors would be submitted to the Dean’s office, would then be approved by the dean, afterwards, it will go to the system. If there is no approval by the dean, we can’t view the grades. In the same manner it will never run to the system for the students’ distribution. It is a process!” Flordelyn E. Escarda, University Registrar




Nganung sa prices sa “lucky periodical readers” kay dako ug kalahian ang teacher ug sa students? Ang madawat sa students kay marker/highlighter ra ug ang sa teacher or instructor kay libro. (observations are from the photos posted in the front of 2nd floor U-lib) ”It’s not from the school, it’s from my own pocket so di jud na angay ireklamo. So kung tan-awon ninyo diha ang price sa cup kay Php 39 nya ang price sa highlighter pen kay Php 39.00. Wala giingon nga gi discriminate ang teachers ug ang students. Apan gitan-aw nako ang gamit nila. Ang faculty mag kapekape man na, nanginahanglan sila ug cup pero ang prize sa cup ug sa highlighter kay the same. Sila pay hatagan ug price magreklamo pa sila. Sunod di nako manghatag ug price.” Maria Divina D. Torrejos,MSLIS Periodical Librarian


Yow! mga migo/miga, ang atong sa kiosk ba, mahimo ba natong ilabay sa basurahan? the kiosk isnt a dumpsite! XD i wanna say also nga we couldn’t just afford savoring our food in front of a pile of rubbish, could we? Ronyl Ampatuan Hortelano Kadaghanan sa mga estudyante ba overstaying kaayo sa U-Cafe, tan-aw guru sa lugar kay ilang sala. Hala mga tih, nihit ra baya ang mga talad kan-anan (matod pas maestra namo sa Ceb), di ra pod baya kamo ang mangaon. Panud mug library kaw. Maka-strong oy. Hahaha Roxanne Cabriana Kanang mangaon sa u-cafe/kiosks ba niya ibilin lang ilang mga sagbot nga nagkayamukat, ilabay pud intawn na niyo oe, unsay pagtuo ninyio sa tables, trash can? ang magsunod na hinuon maoy magkapulike ug limpyo, It’s your own mess, so clean it! This is our university and our home. Basin ingun mao pud ni inyung buhaton sa inyung balay. Be Responsible pud intawn sad ta oe, bisan gamay lng. :/ Mario Rabaya

Balance Your Studie


-Bisag MINOR da pat naningan kay maka bira na s imong grado. -Ug nay traba huon,trabahua dayon, ayaw pa g unya-unya ka y imo nang makalimtan. -15 minutes kada gabie, scan your notes hangto d ma habit nimo -Ug way notes ug di ka ganahan mag tuon sa balay, paminaw sa discussion. -Enjoy sa pag study ayaw paghuna-huna ng a hasol o kapoy.P ara nas imong future!

Handle Pressure Wisely

Spice-up your College Life mga sa e c la p ili ge kay d a maayo -Ang Colle place siya sa mg kundi e. NANING mudiskart kung tarong ro ro-ma , -Pag ma ngopyag di ka ma a y y n a k t if wa ka kaayo nya wha d ug t n sa e ra m y n assig r? Oke e sw n a a nga imung guraduh si ro e p a ngopy ka. di ka ma ranis magtuon kay kausa ag e lif r u o y ak -Enjoy human n hi ug ma u . b a a k in a k n ho imung ag traba m y busy e a k g y lle co a enjo k a k a n i Aw, d kwarta. pangitag a k n a m na

Find Your Inner Pe focus riendsy ace nd F-w -Chill sad ginagmay. Ayaw pag i F a ka -Lingkora nan sa C pirme sa STUDY. an c ah e h py ft ko il ka l e or katog x, pag c -Ayaw pada sa pressure sa .Tabuni hill y sa stress ma ra ka im y ka ung naw ug note - wa . b n teacher ug sa mga estudyante ug o g ok o pa -way mu inform nimo nyo. -School -Give your best shot on what you tra Library, ful pwed wa inyong maes peacee rasad do. k a G m o o a -wa kay kauban ug d Luck u tog didto -Ayaw kalimti imung mga g . m asakpa vacant time -Interne GOD. tan, naa n ka :p inspirations: YOURSELF. FAMILY. maka d a -w kay ka group nig pay airc uwa nya Kauyaban. o n maka fa groupings cebook pajud k -Encourage yourself nga para a ka txtsan ug naa . y ka -wa ng gibuhat. -Para sa rasad sa imung future ang imu mga du balay, a bay assignment give ol ug dtos iny -After every accomplishment, nimo o katog -way mu-attendance ,kaon o tan-awg yourself a reward. tv . kung absent ka w) kay -SM Hall -Duwa ug DOTA (sa mga kahiba , d m a a g k h ngita jud ug Friends it pa a -an nga So n kang a sang mga ta makawagtang na sa stress. Kan s imong activitie w ug mga maglagot ka, adto nimoibuho s. -ILS Area kalagot sa kontra. , nature kaayo n fresh air ya pajud. -M ra tamb usic Lover? Bisa ay. As lo g asa phone u ng as naay ce llg earph ones. Ang Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw ra jod, dapat kahibaw ka mu-discipline ug mudiskarte sa hamon ng buhay hindi sa hamon ng pasko. Buhatag inspiration imong Ina Kapatid Anak ug mga taw nga imong kapuso,kapatid ug kapamilya. Be careful With Your Heart sad hap, basig atakihon kas College Pressure ba! Chill lang gud,kaon sag Banana Split nya tagae sad kog extra scoop ha. Ma pa Rooftop Prince ba ka nga prinsipe sa rooftop o Princess and I nga prinsesa sa Yangdon,pareha rata tanan sa college – nagkalisod ug naningkamot. Unsa imung pilion? Mu-give up na ba ka ug muoli sa balay with 3,000+ tuition waste? O itutuloy pa rin ang laban para humnon ang kurso ug naay tsansang muolig de diploma ug naay katumanan sa imung mga pangandoy? Ikaw? Are you going to win it ug padayon ug skwela o uwi na with your unfulfilled dreams? Anyway, we have a million Minute To Win It. Ayaw kalimot nga this is your show and this is your time. It’s Showtime! Sige ari lang sa ko kutob kay basig maabtan pakog Bandila ug ni yawyaw dire.Isuwat lang nya nako sa MMK ang sumpay unya para maka kwarta pud mo, itxt lang ang title naa sa babaw .hahaha BYE NORMALiTES ! See yah next sem















GIBO:The detour toward better


a dili pa ko magsugod sa akong istorya, isulti usa nako ang usa ka linya nga akong gisumban sukad highschool hangtod nakagraduate sa kolehiyo: “Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice.”

ng mga dili nako makalimtang parte sa akong kinabuhi mao ang pag-graduate nako sa kolehiyo ug highschool. Pero maingon nga ang pinakahighlight siguro ang paghayskul. Tungod siguro kay nagmagulanon ako sa pagpanamaktamak sa mga katawhan nga nakalabaw lang gud ug gamay namo. a amoa gung probinsiya sa Malabuyoc, pag-uma ug pangisda ug pananggut ug tuba ang mga sikat nga trabaho. Ug naa pa diay mga tawo nga lab-asera ug isda, panday ug mga chismusa. Isip bata ug anak sa usa ka matawag natong plain housewife ug panday/ mananagat na amahan, aw dato gyod mi! Liman ka panday pa, mananagat pa gyud! Dato kaayo! Dato kaayo sa pagtuo ba, pagtuo nga mudato. akaingun ko nga dihang bata pa ko, sa panahon sa pamahulay sa paniudto, sulaw man sa gawas maong musulod ko sa balay apan tuara! Makit-an man gihapon ang langit kay buslot man ang atop sa balay. Naa pay usahay ning palahubog panagsa ang amahan, unya adto sa opisina niya ilawum sa sambagan kay magtong-its. Asus! Kutoy intawn ang mga tiyan sa iyang mga anak (apil nako ato). ao nga ang dili nako makalimtan sa kalinghod ug kabatan-on sa akong edad, aw, bisan illegal, buhaton! Manguha ug balas daplin sa dagat – aw kay kini gung wa pud tay makaon, magapung usahay sa mga klasmit na mangaon ug “Pirate” ug “Olympic” sa skwelahan, aw di maningkamot gyod para makakaon pod ug






“Goody Goody” para mas sosyal gamay – kay dako na baya nang dyis pesos kada sako sa balas. Kung makahakot ug lima, okay na kaayo. iha say punto nga hingkod na akong edad, manguha ko ug mga kahoy sa bukid para ibaligya. Kuyog niini, niabot sad nga nakaton na ko nga muinom ug tuba. Nahimo pod ko nga mananagat uban sa bangkang panagatan sa lawod magabii, muuli sa buntag, mamaligya sa bahin ug magduka-duka sa classroom. First year to second year high school ko ini, kini siguro ang pinaka-peak nga nakamatngon ako ug kahayag. g diri nagsugod ang tanan. Kana ganing bati-on sa usa ka teen-ager nga maibog, magcrush-crush ug sa dihang nipadala gyod ko ug love letter nga gisuwat sa graphing paper! Nanugo ko sa akong amigo nga ihatag sa akong hinigugma apan unsang hitaboa nga didto man naabot sa lamisa sa maistra nga iyaan pa gyud sa gipadal-an! Patay Gibo! Gipadala ko sa Principal’s Office ug gipangutana nganong gapadala ko ato! Apan ni deny ko. Apan wala pa nahuman, sa among classroom, giingnan pa gyod ko ug “Maglugos pa gani imung ginikanan palit ug usa ka kilong bugas, mag-ibog-ibog naka!?”


ungod atong hitaboa, murag napawong, ningitngit ug murag nawala ang kalibutan ug hinay-hinay.. midagayday ang mga tubig sa agi-anan sa akong pananaw ug niduko sa lingkoranan ug nagdamgo nga hinaot, muabot ang takna nga makaiskapo sa sitwasyon nga gisagubang.


akadisidir ko nga mularga sa siyudad para sa gitawag nga greener pastures, ug nahimong houseboy sa uyuan – tigluto, tiglaba, tigbantay sa tulo ka mga batang ig-agaw, tighakot ug tubig sa sapa makadlawon, tiglawog sa mga baboy sa piggery, ug tigtugway sa kanding. Unya traynta pesos lang intawon. Nah, pliti sa habal-habal, baynte na daan so mahulog nga maglakaw na lang ta ug usahay mamokong nalang sa dyip. Hangtod nakagraduate gyod sa hayskul apan nagkagubot sad kay tungod sa sutsut sa mga barkada (kay night high school lagi). iabot ang punto nga may nakaila ug nagatuo nga maayong tawo ang gikuyogan apan pagkadako diayng sayop! Nakat-on ug suyup-suyup kunohay, gukod-gukod sa aso sa nag-daob, syrup kuno nya parisan ug sparkle para inig saka kugihan na kaayo manglimpyo ug mutrabaho. Pagkanindot sa life! ahitabo ug naabot na gyod ang punto nga nilayas sa giserbisyohan nga uyuan ug nanginabuhi ug lain. Nahimong konduktor sa dyip, nagbuy&sell ug cellphone, nigrabe ang pagkapalahubog nga inubanan pas tuslok tuslok anang dagom, ug panagsang bato, apan wa gihapon biyae ang skwela bisan taas na kaayo



ug absent, gisabot gihapon sa mga propesor sa Cebu Normal. Nahitabo kini hangtod 2nd year college, kadtong wa pa ko nisulod sa opisina sa Guidance Center pinanguluhan sa akung Master ug Idolo “Emmanuel Tata Hernani.” Ug dinhing puntoha nibali akong panglantaw sa kinabuhi. auna, ang akong panglantaw: I wanna be bad in order for people to see that I am bad – for me to be remembered.” Kini akong nakuha ug gikontra sa panultihon nga you do good things on earth and will only be remembered on your grave . ero nausab na kini karon. Kada punto ug panghitabo, ako kanang giisip nga lumalabay lang ug maka-abante ra lagi ug makaya ra ni nako! And I also learned positive stroking for myself. Ug sa hinay-hinay nisamut ka mature akung panghuna-huna. abing mapasalamaton ako nilang Dr. Bibiana Isok (VPPA), Dr. Vinchita Quinto, Dr. Sol Galleon (Asst. Dean, CAS) and of course Mr. Tata Hernani (Life Coach) for training me to become what I am now, ug iyang wife, Ma’am Rose Hernani for making me feel that I really have a family. I also want to thank Mrs. Gwen Villarante (Dean, OSA), I have learned many things under her tutelage.



Message ni Gibo: For the students, my fellow Normalites, all I can say is be real,

be true to yourself. Tell and show them who you are and it’s up to them to accept you or not. In life it’s not about winning the game, but it’s how you play the game. There are winners who are cheaters, there are winners who are honest, there are also losers who are cheaters and there are losers who are honest. Who would you prefer to become? Be with people whom you think can facilitate you on what you aspire for. Put a smile on your face and put your heart in what you do. Take every moment as new to you because it will be a different lesson to learn, an experience to explore.

Gibo graduated on March 2012 with a degree in Early Childhood Education. He is currently working as a Monitoring and Evaluation officer in Department of Social Welfare and Development. He is also taking up MAEd major in Guidance and Counseling in Cebu Normal University.



Postcards fromDapitan text and photos by Jerah Joy Mahinay

this has also been one of the places where Dr. Jose Rizal was criticized by the Spanish priests. At the left side near the entrance of the church was the place where Dr. Rizal could always be seen standing silently hearing the mass of the priests and sermons which are indirectly referred to him. he Dapitan City Squarein front of St. James Church was developed and beautified by Dr. Rizal. Generally, this is a plaza patterned after one of the parks in Europe which Rizal saw from one of his journeys in Europe. The Relief Map of Mindanao located at the Dapitan Plaza has a total land area of 900 sq meters created by Dr. Rizal purposely as a motivating device for teaching history and geography to the townsfolk of Dapitan.


hen I was still young, I used W to watch the old photos of my mother with her friends in a

big rock which she then told me was the rock where our national hero and her lover used to have romantic jiffies. Most of the time, I wondered how will I ever set foot on that beguiling place. Only then when I got myself enrolled in History 3: Rizal: Historical and Literary Studies under Mr.PatricioManundan did that dream came into fulfilment. On the evening of September 15, a group of almost a hundred of students including myself and 3 instructors sailed off to the shores of the “Shrine City of the Philippines” to experience and see for themselves the works and ideals contributed by our national hero—Dr. Jose P. Rizal. apitan is a place described by many and I myself that it is serene, clean, picturesque and one of the well-preserved cities in the Philippines because it has




retained its 17th century aura and has withstood the test of time. All these have something to do with management from the government and the people who have shaped it from the past most especially from a genius and an exile named Jose “Pepe” Rizal. he first stop of the touring party was in PuntodelDisembarcacion or Rizal’s disembarkation located at Sta. Cruz Beach, Sunset Boulevard. This was the place where our national hero first set his foot in Dapitan on the evening of July 17, 1892 for four years of exile. Right across the statue of Rizal’s disembarkation is the Cross which symbolized the Christianity of the Dapitanons, put up during the first penetration of Roman Catholicism led by Jesuit priest Fr. PascualAcuna who arrived in Dapitan on 1607. fter which, we had a stop at the Casa Real. After Dr. Rizal has arrived at the Sta. Cruz beach, he



was directly brought here and lived for almost a year before transferring to Talisay or the Rizal Shrine. Casa Real is the official residence and administration building of the Politico-Military Governor of the district. fter Casa Real, we had a running tour on Dapitan’s old city hall and heritage houses. These heritage houses were built during the Japanese and Spanish settlements in the Philippines. Dapitanons have preserved these houses so well that until now, these are still functional and served as tourist attractions for both local and foreign tourists. e had our next stop at St. James the Greater Church and Dapitan City Square where the Relief Map of Mindanao can also be seen. St. James the Greater church has a baroque architectural style that has continued standing for decades already. Despite the glamour possessed by this church,



fterwards, we went to Talisay or A the Rizal Shrine. This is considered as a major historical landmark

in Dapitan and of the Philippine archipelago where hundreds of visitors come and see for themselves the 16-hectare sanctuary purchased by Dr. Jose Rizal for P5 during his exile and built several structures like the Casa Cuadrada, Casa Redonda, Casa Redonda Pequena, Casitas Hospitales, Aqueduct, , Amphitheater and the Rizalina or the Rizal Museum which were offered free by Rizal to the townspeople of Dapitan.In this 16-hectare of paradise did I saw the rock which I have seen from one of the photos of my mother. That rock, facing the vast ocean was called “MiRetiro Rock”or the “Lover’s Rock”. This rock got its name from Jose Rizal’s poem “ MIretiro” as it was while sitting on it that he wrote the few stanzas of the poem; also known as the Lover’s rock since Rizal and Josephine

Bracken has spent many romantic moments on it. The whole place was an outlet for the talents and intelligence possessed by

izal. The works and R development he did for Rizal Shrine were proofs that he was a genius, a natural-born artist and a compassionate and patient man which mark out the character of a real Filipino.

he tour would not be perfect if T we would not be able to taste the dishes from the South. We had

our lunch at Dipolog--the twin city of Dapitan. If you could find the heritages houses and the Europeinspired park in Dapitan, here in Dipolog, you could see the Plants vs. Zombies , Disney Characters parks. I should say then that this makes Dipolog the exact opposite of Dapitan. After our lunch we went to some souvenir shops and bought several stuff. Before going to Dakak we stopped on Dipolog’sboardwalk. The longest boardwalk in the Philippines which length measures closely to 2 kilometers. fter which out tour guides sent us to one of the most prestigious resorts of the entire Philippines – Dakak Park and Beach Resort located at Barangay Taguillon, Dapitan which is a 30-minute drive from the heart of Dapitan. Dakak is a privately owned world class resort, Not only are its amenities and facilities are competent but also its natural and artificial landscapes and of course its famous white beach. fter resting for at least half an hour in the resort, the group travelled towards Gloria de Dapitan; the only



place in Dapitan that shelters almost if not all of the business establishments— restaurants, cockpit, shopping centers, bars and the famous and fun-filled rides of Fantasyland. Fantasyland is famous for its horrific horror houseand hilariously enjoyable rides which would surely turn your stomachs upside down and your head spinning. According to some reviews in the internet and from my companionsin that tour, the trip would not be that merry if we haven’t gone to fantasyland, thanks to their affordable promos. Though we enjoyed more the fantasyland experience, we have kept in our hearts and minds that it was just a cream added on our coffees and our main purpose of getting to Dapitan is to see for ourselves the works and ideals by one great hero in one of the fruitful periods of his life. His four-year stay in the Shrine City of Philippines was more than “he” living in exile – it was a period when Rizal had been more focused on serving the people and the society through his civic works, medical pratices, land developments and the promotion of education. ur day did not end in fantasyland, there were still fun-filled and educational activities waiting for us back in Dakak.


he tour ended up so well that my T heart, mind and body wanting for more. Educational tours do not only boost the economy of the certain place but basically it is letting the students experience things that the four-walled classroom cannot offer though it takes 21 steps and piles of documents to get a sweet and rewarding yes from the administration personnel of the school.



It's their rosy cheeks, red lips and high-heeled shoes that make heads turn. Their mascaras, eye shadows and brown eyebrows that catches the spotlight. They have travelled to Bohol, Cagayan De Oro and Badian displaying their beauties. Have worked through annual Tourism Days, coastal clean ups, and founded the CNU TourS (CNU Tourism Society). Despite being branded as happy-go lucky, they have conquered the four arduous years as the first batch of tourism students.

Let's Take it From the Start

“We started like shy little kids back then. We didn't really know what to do since we were part of the baby degree of CAS. Those times were really fun though.” – Michael Rey Aunzo, CNU TourS Governor Due to the growing tourism industry in the country, BTM was offered on 2009. The degree program started to nurture 121 students. They then bagged beauty titles like Ms. Intramurals 2009 and Ms. CNU Earth on that same year. They strived to proclaim their existence.

Careful! Blind Curve

“The biggest bang ever that we encountered was when we were scolded in public!” - Raisa Oyao de Castro Yes, being scolded in public is always a slap on the face. It’s like “Can the earth just open up and swallow me alive? No, swallow the nagger alive”. Seriously, that’s something. But they say, their’s is even more than something. Being scolded in front of other students because they reacted on the lapses they see on the system was too much for them. Given that they were just showing their concern to their fellow Normalites. They felt humiliated in front of the studentry.

Wait, flat tire

Culinary – no kitchen. Library – insufficient books for Tourism. Proposed tour – declined. No software for hotel reservations. Being the pioneering batch, they say they’re like the “experiment batch”. “Mahan-ay na unta ang prospectus. We understand the situation but we’re hoping for more support from the administration.’ – Samantha Joy Lapiz

The Map

Spent cups of coffee over research, culture mapping, and case studies. Yes, sufferring same as we are. Talk about accounting, finance, management, foreign languages and tourism, and planning and development. Going to real places because of assignments, exciting, but let’s admit, not budget-friendly. Make-up, high-heels? Who says they are made for you to blabber about? They are part of the training, friends. They have to look their best every day.

Here's to the Path, Followers

“Please act accordingly and do your best for the University.” - Carlo Isidore Itao We always have a point but it never hurts to obey, right? As what Samantha Joy Lapiz said, “To the next batch, always look presentable but remember, dili ni pagwapa ra. Also, don’t forget to follow jud sa authority.”

5 Minutes before the Destination

“For the four lovely years that we have stayed in CNU, good friendship was born despite of the pressure of deadlines. Outside CNU, we even party together and I believe that made us get closer together. I must say I will miss our batch but anyway this is not the end because we are just about to start our journey in the tourism industry. As what the famous adage says ‘Every journey starts with a single step.’ I think we have grown now as future tourism practitioners. I believe we are now fully equipped to compete in the real world.” – Michael Rey Aunzo

Tour guide's POV

Finally, it’s almost time to show yourselves outside CNU. For the 84 surviving BTM students, kudos for staying until the end and good luck. May the odds ever be in your favor. Yippee!!! P.S. I’m working on freeing my schedule on your graduation party. *insert wide smile here*

Ooppss, humps. Watch out!


Mighty, and lovely as they are, they were branded as “mga patapon”, ”mga hagbong sa exam”, “mga naay backer”. Students who always go on tour and dress up at school. Those were hard times especially to women who are required to wear make-up and see eyebrows raised at the very sight of them. How about putting ourselves on their high-heeled shoes? Tough. angsugapublication|2012-2013

text by

photo contributed by Ivon Claire Gepitulan



The concept that governs this stereotype is a perfect example of a balanced equation: one can ace the highest grades and become a topnotcher at the cost of no sleep, no food, no laughter and no social life. This does not ring true to all. Amidst these sacrifices we still find our grades at the precipice holding on for dear life. However, nobody is spared from falling under society’s warped stereotyping. It is no surprise we experience it inside the four walls of the university. I’m from the College of Teacher Education, a student from the College of Arts and Sciences, I am from the Nursing Department. What do they say about us again? Here are some of them and the reactions from the students.


“Gentlemen, we are dealing with someone here who has absolutely no social life.”

“Bastos ug huna-huna”

“Hmm, mu-disagree ko ana nga stereotype kay bisag unsa pa ka busy ang nursing mangita man gihapon mi ug ways para makalaag. Best example kay kami mga first years bisag gasugod naglisod among subjects and nagkabusy napud among schedule kay we find ways nga naa gihapon miy social life like after sa among 7pm class kay mangaon mi sa mcdo jones or jollibee then didto kay magstorya mi, magkatawa ,manglibak, and every fridays pud kay we make sure nga manglaag mi like mag movie house mi or mag dota. Every midterms or finals kay magkita mi nya mangadto mig malls para magstudy.” -ERNEST SARIEGO, First Year CN

“ Kung mao na ilang huna-huna, mao sad ni among huna-huna. Ingon sila na kung magkahigher year ka sa nursing, magkabastos jud ka. Tinuod na, pero kung nursing ka, ug kahibaw ka na nursing imong kastorya, kasabot ra ka ani. Technical terms na, pero we’re dealing with the medicine world. We’re dealing with body systems, and that includes the private ones, and the physiology of the organs? It’s part of the package. So pasensya nalang kung green minded inyong pagtan-aw. Among huna-huna karon hapit na mahubo sa kamatuoran pero naa gihapon mi gamay gibilin para sa among dignidad: na kahibaw gihapon mi mulugar sa among ipangyawyaw ug unsa ang subraan ug husto ra.” –NIKKO DAJAO III-A

Rich and Arrogant

Superiority Complex.

“I think maka-stereotype jud ang taw kung in the first place wala jud siya kaila ug tarong sa nursing students. It doesn’t mean kay dako ug tuition kay dato na dayun, naay uban pero dili tanan. Basta, financial capacity is not a big deal in this insitution kay in the first place we are enrolled to learn, not to brag and talk about incomes. Basta, bisan unsa pa man na na matter, socio-economic status or unsa pa man diha, dili jud na justifiable na mu stereotype.” –IRENE GONZALES, III-B

“Sa akong point of view, dili kita ang naay superiority complex, kay gikan man nila kaha ang statement, so it means nga sila ang naay inferiority complex? wa sad ko kabalo kung ngano in.ana sad ila sa nursing students.. dili man naggikan nato nga “mas maayo mi ninyo, ubos ramo namo”. Ilaha mana gikan.. so nganong makaingon man sila nga naa tay superiority complex kung wa silay inferiority complex.” KARYLLE GODOY III-B


I’m a Normalite. I must be “naning”.

compiled by Shannon Ranin & Maeren Marie Sanoria To become a teacher you must be very talkative.

Haggard ug nawng

“I think it should be stated in this way, “to become a teacher you must talk with sense.” For you, to be tagged as one of the noble teachers, you must utter things with purpose and with good intentions, things that can make students learn something new every day. Something that can engage students to reach their full potential and can make them collaborate, develop, design and lead to support another revolution, another generation, one that is full of thought and innovation. Being talkative can’t make you a teacher nor can define how good a teacher you are, because a teacher’s purpose is more than just that. It is more than just merely standing in front of the class and bombarding them with your I-know-this-and-that facts. Yes, teaching can be very demanding, difficult, and downright frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be. I sturdily believe that if you have the heart for teaching, you are not just plainly teaching, you are inspiring. And let me add, to become a teacher you must be VERY COMMITTED.” – Charmaine B. Doong BSEd-English III

“Dili tanan. Ga-take care pod baya mi sa among kaugalingon.” – Xydy Barretto, BSEd Math IV

Identity Crisis. “For me, i dont think na rampant cya kay so far, sa akong mga nakit an ug nakauban na bayut, they are openly gay in the society. cguro naay uban na makaingun ka na nag identity crises because naa puy mga factors na gi consider. like naa man guy uban na wala pa ni come out sa ilang shell tungod sa ilang fear. naa pu ubam na lalaki/babae but hilig mu barkada ug opposite sex kay adto cla mas maka express sa ilang feelings. naa puy uban na ganahan na mugawas sa ilang shell but mahadlok ug rejection or discrimination. but i think kung naa man ganiy nag identity crises, gamay ra compare sa mga openly gay.” – Lorenil Archival, BA PolSci IV Useless. “Tuod kai wala mi board exam ang CAS, wala’y mahatag nga prestige or honor, wala mi stand sa mga taw dinha sa admin kay ning-top sa board exams pero kami ang bloodline sa university. Walay university kung walay CAS.”-April Cleofe Labiste, BA Communication IV

Naning “I don’t see the word “naning” as a description that holds a negative connotation. If anything, I think it’s an awesome reputation to have. Being “naning” means taking school and academics seriously. But that doesn’t mean we CTE students are uptight sticks in the mud. We know how to have fun, too—and more importantly, when to have fun. It’s all about prioritizing. It’s all about balance.” – Althea Triston Ramos, BSEd English III

It is a requirement that you should know Freud, Shakespeare, and Charles Darwin. “Kaila ku sa tulo by name. pero among them, mas nakaila ku ni Shakespeare. So meaning, if wa ku kaila nila, di ku deserved to be a CAS student?” – Marianne Angana, BA English Literature IV Chill ( Academically speaking). “Haha. Maybe we just know when to study, and when to have fun. We spend time being a student and being young, like of equal weight ba.” – Mary Luz Capala, BA English Language IV “I agree, probably because we have lesser number of units compared to CTE students. We just actually know how to handle grace under pressure with smile.” – Jonecis Dayap, BS Math IV “Not entirely. Some people, especially me, are struggling to survive the battlefield. The fact that the CAS students take a lesser amount of load compared to other colleges doesn’t necessarily mean they are not facing any hardships. It’s just that, the struggles in CAS are entirely different compared to others, because it has its own league.” – Niño Justin Tecson, BA Communication I







text by Baby Jane Uytico|illustration by Star girl


TARGET: NBSB’s, Botlogs Society members TARGET DESCRIPTION: No boyfriend since birth TARGET LOCKED…

not now


Her paren ts threatens h e r of ending up se lli n g d ried fish in Guadalu relationship pe if she enters into a . That may actually, th frighten he is BSN soph r but omore stu not need a dent does boyfriend “Honestly, at all. dili pa ko a na. My wo around Nu rld revolve rsing,” she s said. Poho doesn’t w o guys! Sh ant anyon e e of you. A is gifted w nyway she ith friends of the sam so they ca e sort (NBS n relate to B) one anoth who says sh er. But hey e will rema , in single fo believes th rever? She at God ha s reserved special for someone her. Well, you m Do you think it’s you ? ust have a good sense of humor a nd is profic ient in the English lan guage to pass her standards.



“ rst sig e at fi with ug lov ds uttered e wor ugh th These ierced thro by step tep ss p ge firmne . Love is a s text messa Ed is a BE m r e a epide t instant lik odles. For le is o o n n in p ss, gs g d proce Batchoy cu dent, bein an stu n time Paz m w a u o L s ic r t it o c g has d. pra ns. Gen.E g. Everythin t of her pla g naay in u s s u o kat n g is elop a ble rushin u na-inlove ku. Na dev t k a ha a n ime n r guy ku?” T “First t na younge y future na ting. yab unsa’ id the bea ng nangu I realized, ind d g you t ko bu when her m cially amon public was espe to the id nships posed ducator sa io x t e la o e o R t e e e h utur s wit le ar peop ys. But this f h that goe ly s a fi ite d nowa not a dead She is defin t . is ow ains she ter’s fl imming ag a w e th nd sw ves. alive a e great wa th

Her parents threatens her of , ending up selling dried fish w a o n in Guadalupe if she enters into but her n hte frig y ma t Tha . relationship does ent stud ore hom sop actually, this BSN not need a boyfriend at all. rld revolves “Honestly, dili pa ko ana. My wo oo guys! She around Nursing,” she said. Poh way she is doesn’t want anyone of you. Any sort (NBSB) so they gifted with friends of the same hey, who says can relate to one another. But She believes she will remain single forever? e special for that God has reserved someon you must her. Do you think it’s you? Well, is have a good sense of humor and ge proficient in the English langua ds. dar stan her s pas to

e Lov

d Stu

e lat

ess c o r p a s i e v lo mutuo t!” Di ko h


OUT OF THE WAY, LOVE To finish college, earn a degree and support her family – these are the dreams that pushed Jenlyn Patalinghug, CTE, to put study, family, and work on priority. At the same time, these made her skip childhood. Her parents are strict; always makes sure their little girl is on the right track. She confessed she was once bitter with boys and hated most of them. She overcame it as the clock turned. Still, her belief, study and love life will never work together because you cannot serve several masters at the same time, remains unshakable. Life for Jen is not a fairytale. Losing people does not give her a fright. According to her, meeting as well as leaving people has always a reason. What amazes this tough girl is to see an old couple “na sweet gihapon. Grow Old with You, pina-Daniel Padilla lang.” Love, if it’s true, is patient. “With the liberated society today, naa gihapon ang NBSB’s. Naa gihapon ang Filipino values,” she added. These ladies may have no one to call “honey” or “babe”, but compassionate people abound in their everyday lives. They are single, and undeniably surviving!





angsugapublication|2012-2013 angsugapublication|2012-2013


Being It

interviewed by Maeren Marie Sanoria |photo contributed by Albert Jurcales

“Siguro my first taste of unsa gyod na sya – although dugay na kaayo ko naghuna-huna ana, ganahan gyod ko ug padong ngadto – ang first gyod nako nga try was during college days,” Rem/Ton/Tony/Remy spoke of his career and his passion – filmmaking. But it wasn’t until a few years later that Remton Siega Zuasola became a skyscraper in the silver screen skyline. Step one He took up Advertising in University of San Carlos. There, they did commercials for radio, corporate print ads, and television commercials. “Ang basic principle sa tv commercial is very similar to movies,” he shared. Those days, he used a Hi8 camcorder he borrowed from his classmate. Step two “I really believe nga ang Ginoo naa gyod siya’y plan para nako.” Though they were doing commercials in school and had courses in filmmaking, “it was very limited,” he said. He was a college junior when Bigfoot Entertainment’s International Academy of Film and Television opened. It was his dream school, but it was expensive. “Bisan sa San Carlos, wala ko’y kwarta, scholar man ko.” So what he did, “I sent an email to the school asking if they are offering a scholarship, and if pwede ba ko muapply.” They turned him down. But he didn’t give up. “Nagpabaga ko ug nawng,” he sent another email asking “pwede ba ko magworking student nganha like janitor ko or unsa ba dinha, ayaw lang ko sweldohi, skoyla lang ko.” Again, he was turned


down. “Lami na kaayo mugive up.” But he sent one last email. “Pwede ba discounted?” When again, they turned him down, “nakaingon ko, ikaw Lord, kung imong pagbuot, di lang ko mamugos. Ako nang gibuhat tanan.” Almost all of his classmates were enrolling in Bigfoot for the summer. One of them who knows how much he loves to pursue filmmaking told him, “hoy paenrol na, hapit na baya mapuno, na-enrol na sila tanan, basin masirad-an ka.” Remton said “di lang ko, magbakasyon ko this summer.” His classmate said, “hala, magmahay gyod ka.” Rem agreed, “Bitaw. Wa bitaw ko’y kwarta. Dako ra kaayo siya para nako.” “Ako ray bahala,” his classmate told him. “Wala nakoy lain maingon kundi thank you, forever thankful gyod ko ato niya. Wa ko nag-expect kay kato nga classmate di man kaayo mi suod ato gud,” he stopped then joked, “Kuan lang nioffer lang siya kay ilang kwarta gikalawang na sa balay, walay magamitan.” “Ka-maayo nimo Lord oy.” Step three It was around 2005 then. All the directing classes


were taken, “I just took up acting. But it was a happy accident because it was through my training in acting nga nahasa ko ug maayo ba. I believe nga my experience in acting helped me become a better director.” It was through acting that he understood actors, “unsay feeling kung muatubang sa camera.” “Daghan ko ug nakatunan sa Bigfoot.” But more than the basic knowledge he gathered from the film academy, “the people I’m working with right now, didto nako na-meet sa Bigfoot.” Step four “So mao to, sunod-sunod na. Ni-graduate ko sa Bigfoot, ni-graduate ko sa college.” He left home when he graduated. “Di ko magpabuhi sa akong parents.” Initially, he shared, his parents were not keen on him following this path. But he was firm, “I have to do this. I need to stand on my own because I believe in this dream.” “I landed my first job as a director for a travel show.” For three years, he traveled and directed the show. It was small company, he learned to multi-task. “Wa koy choice kung wa koy editor, akoy mu-edit.

Kung walay mushoot, akoy mushoot. Kung walay magreporter, akoy magreporter – akoy mu-interview, akoy musuwat sa script. Di ko mahadlok kung asa ko ibutang kay naagian nako tanan.” Unlike working for big companies where the climb up the corporate ladder is very slow, “I feel so blessed nagsugod ko ani nga world in a primitive way.” Step five “Eventually, I realized di jod ko para sa tv, my heart really belongs to film. Although na-enjoy ko sa travel and all that pero deep inside kibaw jod ko sa akong passion.” In 2008, “akong gibyaan ang tv world nya ni-dive ko sa independent filmmaking. Nya since wala na koy day job, lisod. Way klarong income nya himo ra gyod ko ug salida. Kung naa koy income gamay, ako ra gihapong efinance sa akong mga salida.” He started with short films. Through those, people got interested and started to approach him “ana sila oy Rem! Nindot lagi to imong gibuhat nga short film blah blah blah, unsay imong next project?” He would then tell them and then they would ask how they can help. “So like ang

ubang friends muhatag ug money gamay, amot-amot. Ang ubang friends muingon volunteer ko, wala lang koy sweldo.” He could only provide them with snacks. “Mga artista uban, mga amigo/ amiga ra sad – libre lang (ang talent fee).” Others would say, “Rem, wala koy kwarta but naa koy camera basin ganahan ka muhuos” or others would let him go to their house, “naay computer, so adto ko mag-edit.” The name Remton Siega Zuasola has now become a tall building. “Daghan jod ang mga taw nga bricks ba nga nagpatong-patong para mahimo sya nga building.” Step six “My main tool as a director isn’t the camera. Ang akong tools are my pen and my paper, my head and the experiences that I have.” Technological equipment can easily be outdated. “It’s not as advisable to invest on equipment as compared to building the knowledge on how to do it.” Each person involved in filmmaking has to have a set of skills to learn and gain. “Me as director, I have to know how to direct actors, how to create scenes, how to turn a script into reality.” “Para nako, dapat gyod mag-una nga requirement ang nindot nga story – bahala ug bati na ang equipment or bati ang story muwork ra na. Mag-unsa man na ang nindot kay nga camera kung ang story kay (walay unod), wala gyod sya, then fail gihapon.”

Step seven One of his earliest mentors is Ruel Antipuesto, the man behind the Pagsugid. “Kung pulubi ko sa karsada, siya gyod ang nipunit nako,” Remton referred to Ruel. “I like him because he’s honest. He doesn’t sugarcoat. And it’s very rare nga makakita ka ug taw nga honest.” Also, when faced with a certain situation, he, along with other filmmakers under Ruel’s mentorship, would think “kung si Ruel kaha ni no, unsaon kaha ni niya? Ah. In-ani ni.” He said “of course, experience is necessary. But he’s been an influence ever since I started out.” Step eight “Later, I came to know other directors” from everywhere through film festivals he has joined and won awards from. But “I’m very rooted here sa Cebu.” He had declined offers in Manila because “I love to stay here and do Cebuano movies as much as I could. So far, wa pa man sad ko nagutom.” Together with Antipuesto and other filmmakers here in Cebu, Remton has been working on resuscitating the Cebuano film industry. It died in the “sixties, seventies. Ni-die jod sya nya wala gyod kaayoy movement until nagkatapok mi and started doing stuff on our own. Struggle gyod kaayo mi ato but we suffered together.” “We want to be an alternative.” When you say the Philippine cinema, he shared, “almost automati-

cally, ang masulod sa utok sa taw are Tagalog movies. We are trying to change that.” Much like language, he said. “There’s cinema in the region, the desire to cultivate cinema outside sa Manila.”

nakat-unan kay tungod wa koy budget. I’m very thankful nga nagsugod ko ug lisod ba.” This also made it clear to him who his real friends are, “bisan ice water ra ug pan,” they’re still there, helping him.

“Right now, di sad sa pagpanghambog, Cebu is one of the strongest film community followed by Mindanao and some other like Negros, Bacolod.”

Step ten “It’s crazy but it’s true – buwanon ko. I’m connected to the moon.”

Step nine

But of course, problems. “The Cebuano audience – although, so far they’ve been very supportive – but kulang gihapon ug education ang audience. We cannot blame them kay they’ve been watching Tagalog films, Hollywood films, wa sila naanad.” It’s like food he said, they have to be introduced to the new menu, “kaon na, di lagi na makahilo, lami lagi na.” “It’s a chicken and egg situation kay I don’t want to push people nga ‘tan-aw mo dinhi kay bisaya ni!’ I want people to go because nindot ang salida. I want people to patronize us kay quality work ang giproduce nya di sila magmahay nga mutan-aw balik.” Another problem: “budgetary concerns.” “Daghan kag ganahan buhaton pero walay kwarta.” He shared that he started out poor as a filmmaker, but “it forced me to become more creative, didto ko nakahuna-huna nga ang kurtina pwede nimo himuong gown. Daghan kog

Most of Remton’s films were shot on a full moon. He wasn’t aware of this at first, “but Makita man namo sa salida – hala, full moon jod sya.” Now, he checks the calendar before he shoots a film, “My energy is always high when it’s full moon. It’s always good to shoot on a full moon.” Remton Siega Zuasola has won several awards including but not limited to the following: Best ASEAN Film (Cinemanila International Film Festival 2010), Best Direction (Gawad Urian Award 2011), Special Jury Prize (Jeonju Film Festival 2011), NETPAC Award – Special Mention (Moscow International Film Festival 2011) for the fulllength film Ang damgo ni Eleuteria Kirchbaum. Best Short Film (Young Cinema Competition 2009), Ishmael Bernal Award for Young Cinema (2009) for the short film To Siomai Love. His style is “very organic, very grounded, very downto-earth, very truthful.” His upbringing is “struggling,” he said. “I try to replicate what I see in real life – no matter how painful. Isulti gyod nako ang tinuod.”












The Beetle and the muscle ca r by Andre Alexi s Libby Peña

It’s a hundred

miles south of your heart, And I’m drivin g off Further Because you’v e heard north Was where al l the big races Happened.

Of course, r big, strong en gines to show And your met off, al-rimmed tire s; Your glossy bo dy housing th at Sleek but soft interior. You steer away with your life While I try not to get Off course – With just gas to suffice And wipers to wipe.

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But while I co ntinue on South of somew here, My side mirro rs still hold th e promise That along th e w ay You might hav e pushed your brakes And risked a U-turn. Then from my rear-view mir ror I’d see you ap pear slowly And closer. You’d minor do wn to 60, Just enough to keep up With my heart beat. You will not se e How my tailli ghts will blush , Because now we are Driving side by side. angsugapublication|2012-2013

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Ang Suga Publication Volume 33, Issue 2  
Ang Suga Publication Volume 33, Issue 2  

The Official Student Publication of Cebu Normal University Volume #32, Issue #2 The Story of Survival