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Welcome to Anglophiles ! We are one of the leading Educational Travel Companies. For more than 40 years, we have run English Language and Activity Programmes in the UK and abroad for young overseas students aged 7 to 17. This has giving us a wealth of experience on which to build for the future

Our Mission for the future: * to provide the highest quality educational and travel experiences for young people from all over the world * to meet their needs and aspirations - and to make a difference to their lives

How do we achieve this? Buy being a company with a difference. * Caring, professional and modern * Having a wonderful team of teachers, youth leaders and professionals working at all levels to make our vision a reality * Highly experienced with an impressive track record * Creating, new interesting, educational programmes for students

The trust factor Sending children abroad for an educational or activity holiday demands trust. Trust from the child’s parents in their local agent. And trust by the local agent in the UK Company responsible for organising the stay. For more than 40 years many thousands of parents, and many agents, have entrusted their children to us. We have never lost sight of the responsibility that we carry. We will always live up to the trust put in us to ensure that the children in our care are safe and well cared for. We hope that we may have the opportunity of working with you. It would be a pleasure to include your students in our range of programmes.

Gavin Daniel Sales Manager

Paulette Arthus Sales & Educational Advisor

Jean Philippe Morris Managing Director

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“Youth mobility is crucial to continuing development of Britain as a destination and I am delighted to support Anglophiles Academic” The RT Hon the Lord Pendry “Anglophiles Academic are key players within the UK you, student and educational travel industry, and a valued member of BETA” Emma English British Educational Travel Association (BETA)

“Working with Anglophiles is a real treat for me. It is a very professional and efficient team, always on board to help you with any demand. They have a real experience in sending youngsters abroad, organisation, qualities of the stay, programme that we receive far ahead. We have really all the information we need ahead of time, which is convenient for my clients. There are the only one as well as professional and efficient” Nathalie Barbedor Equilingua – France

“With the years of experience in partnership ad international communication, we can say that Anglophiles is one of the stand-outs. Their academic aspect is really done with excellence, not mentioning the good environment our students are staying with. The staffs are friendly and are always ready to extend help and assistance in terms of admission difficulties and other areas that is necessary. Their prompt responses on queries and related calls and e-mails, highly valued concerns to the students and constant support are some of their limitless qualities, with a high degree of effectiveness. During the years, Anglophiles has proved itself as a reliable provider of educational services. Anglophiles is really serious about quality, serious about results” Haben Berekat EDUCON Study Abroad – Saudi Arabia

“Anglophiles are a friendly school, personal care, many activities. All students came back very happy and want to registe3r for coming back next year.” Marie-Claude Saliba Educom Overseas - Lebanon

“ In our dealings with Anglophiles we have had nothing but the best of experiences. Anglophiles are different because there are always upfront and honest, which is important to us. Preparations for student visits are well planned and thought out which lets us know our students are being well cared for. Moreover they deliver.” Eunate Salaberri McGrogans School – Spain

“Thank you very much for the service provided for Anglo Baltic News clients. I found Anglophiles programmes are the best programmes in the UK for children abroad. The holidays are very well organised and with high quality. They are very professional and provide an excellent service. They are professional, warm and knowledgeable. I can’t recommend them enough.” Datso Gallie Anglo Baltic – Latvia

“Working with Anglophiles this summer was a good experience. The booking staff in the office are flexible and very helpful when dealing with Agents. We also got positive feedback from the students we sent. They really enjoyed the summer saying that they had a wonderful holidays in a extraordinary camp and would like to come there again”

“This is the first year we cooperated with Anglophiles performing a tour programme in the United Kingdom in 2012. It was a wonderful time when we are working with experience and dynamic staffs. Particularly the program is practical, interesting and useful in Leicester with students from all over the world” Thank you to all of you and we would like to continue to cooperate with Anglophiles for Summer 2013”

Karina Rezvanova Education Abroad – Russia

Vo Hong Han IDC- Vietnam

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Susana de Brito MultiWay – Portugal

“Anglophiles is one of the best schools that CIDI has worked with. All their team are extremely professional in their work without ever losing the family feel and the personal touch to everything they do. Always available to help and advise and always with a smile. We are pleased to work with Anglophiles.” Maria Vara CIDI – Spain

“Kids enjoyed this type of camps, different from a standard programme, with English lessons and activities in the afternoon. In Woburn, they had to learn how to take care of animals to be more mature and of course they had even more fun for the 2nd week in Skegness. Some of them had some difficulties adapting, still, this may have been an important step in their education. Even the parents were satisfied their children learned how to work with animals to be closer to nature, activities you cannot find very often in a city. Iuliana Manitiu Mirunette International EducationRomania

All our students who have been on an Anglophiles Academic summer course have been very happy with our recommendation. They can do what they love the most, either play sport or perform, while also improving their English skills. These are intense but fun weeks and everyone comes back to Spain having made new friends and thinking it has been one of their best summers. It has been a pleasure to work with anglophiles. We have always had a good communication and we can be satisfied with their service. Liis Suuk ICE (International Cultural Exchange) Spain

We are most impressed with Anglophiles’ devotion to look after children also professionalism of coaches. Schedules were well planned and easy to follow for all ages, furthermore foods are nutritious and delicious. We will definitely send more children in next occasion Emiko Kurokawa London Support Centre - Japan

“Working with anglophiles is really great. Both You abroad and Anglophiles share the same values: outstanding service quality, deep attention to each student’s needs and great focus on learning outcomes. We are pleased to work with Anglophiles. Andre Di Girolamo- You Abroad - Italy

“For many years we have trusted Anglophiles Academic with the organisation of some of our programmes. We have always appreciated the friendliness, the professionalism of the office team, the quality of the stays as well as the speed with which problems are solved.” Françoise Dervyn Vivalangues - France

My Name is Naima Badaoui, I am the Director of Noborders Agency ( an international Educational and travel organisation) I am representing many Educational and travel institutions including Anglophiles who have been my partners for over 6 years. During theses 6 years I have always been 100% satisfied, my students have never complained of any thing and I have been happy with their services in all their programmes, I have sent them students to all the programmes they offer and my students were always happy. What makes Anglophiles one of the best junior programme providers? They are specialised in juniors only and their staff including the Director are always present in the programmes. Their prices are very competitive. The staff are so friendly that they make you feel as if you are working in family atmosphere. They offer a variety of programmes and destinations. I am personally very satisfied with Anglophiles. Naima Badaoui NoBorders Agency - Morocco

“ La Fabbrica dei sogni” means the dreams factory and sometimes for students the first experience abroad is a dream, while for their parents it is a nightmare…they are really anxious and worried about their kids. Anglophiles made the difference for our clients; they kept us informed and were really quick in replying to all the students needs. It is really nice to deal with professional people who care exactly like us about students. Thank you “


“Yes, we are satisfied with your kind cooperation with MultiWay and hope to send you more students next summer. It will be a pleasure to keep working with you again.”

Laura Baccanelli La Fabbrica dei Sogni S.r.l. – Italy

Working with Anglophiles has always been a wonderful experience for us. They are a team of well qualified professional who deal with clients in utmost care so as to produce not only the expected results but much more beyond that. Robin Yugraj Sing Dhillon Yugraj Foundation – India

“Anglophiles camps are original, fun and have exciting activities which appeal to young learners. This summer we had students who participated in the safari & fun and Music Live camps and they all had a wonderful time in England. A very important thing for us is the prompt feedback we receive from Gavin each time we have an enquiry. Thank you for offering such interesting programmes, we look forward to working with Anglophiles in the future as well. Adrian Gheorghiu Mara Travel- Romania

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