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our mission Anglo American Tools was founded in 1973 by Derrick and Sheila Tuck, who emigrated from England with the vision of offering high quality European hand tools to professional contractors in the United States. Over the years, Anglo American Tools has earned a reputation among both European manufacturers and American distributors for offering a comprehensive variety of top quality professional hand tools and providing only the best service to both clients and customers. Derrick’s dream was to put the finest European hand tools into the hands of American professional tradesman. This is still our mission today.

For decades professional hand tool manufacturers from around the world have selected Anglo American Tools as their primary distributor and sales agent in the United States. Anglo American offers the highest level of service to its clients by delivering engaging product information to the public, offering innovative problem solving tools and providing exceptional customer service. Our approach is based on education: we educate ourselves on the realities of the market and provide our customers with the specifics on the hand tools that we believe would best suit their needs. Our motivation and passion for excellence, combined with our extensive product knowledge and exceptional customer service are the keys to our success. We constantly strive to generate greater profit margins for our customers by providing them with the most competitive pricing on an array of superior quality European hand tools.

High Quality Hand Tools Imported from Europe  

Anglo American Tools 2013 Full Line Hand Tool Catalog