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No.198 February 2014

February 2014 | Issue 198 | £4.10

GET READY FOR SPRING! Dave Lane reveals how he prepares for the changing of the seasons

Alan Blair heads off on a European road trip in search of stunners like this!

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On sale Jan 22nd–Feb 18th 2014

Why Ian Chillcott sticks with boilies through the colder months



PLUS: How experts Ian Russell, Tom Maker and Bill Cottam make their hookbaits simply irresistible 001_Cover-V2_CC198.indd 1

10/01/2014 20:30

Crafty Carper /// Issue 198 /// February 2014 /// CRAFTY COLUMNISTS.

On the cover: Alan Blair with a cracking common he managed whilst on his European road trip as part of his Urban Banx series.





thinking about the spring already because it

how to catch them; we spent some time

comes and goes in a flash, Dave details how he

with him and asked him the questions

approaches his own angling at this time of the

many want to know the answers to but

year, as well as how best to be prepared.

have never had the opportunity to ask.

Gateway To Spring Dave Lane

Although we’re still in winter, it’s worth

The Interview Martin Clarke

Martin is a big-carp-catcher who knows

James Turner

Editor James looks at what’s in store in this issue, as well as discussing some of the hot topics of the last month.


Diary of an Everyday Carp Angler

Julian Cundiff In spite of his full-time job and busy schedule, Jules still gets out every week and keeps catching them. Although there’s been plenty of family time to contend with around Christmas, he still got out and wet his net. OUT AND ABOUT


The TicketMaster As ever we’ve got day ticket

fisheries from up and down the UK featured within TicketMaster, not to mention the fact that they are offering our readers some free fishing.


Hot Holiday Venue St Leonard’s

With the festive period over, you may be toying with the idea of taking a trip to France. Turn to page 74 to see what St Leonard’s has to offer.


Overseas Holiday Guide This guide is for venues in

France and Spain which are perfect for wetting your net at any time of the year. Here we showcase four of the best. INTERACTIVE


Martin Clarke Book Competition

At the end of the Martin Clarke interview, the man himself is offering a signed copy of his new book for one of our lucky readers.


Crafty Catch Column This is the place to get your

catch pictures published, so send them in to us, and you’re in with the chance of a great prize from our good friends at Mainline Baits.


The Question Is This month’s carping

conundrums are answered by our panel of experts. If you get your



apply boilies throughout the colder months. Here we

and heads off on a road trip with Oli.

find out a little more as he goes about making the

They hit the venues that the likes of

most of a boilie-only approach through the winter.

France and Belgium have to offer.

Boilies In Winter Ian Chillcott

Chilly is well known for the fact that he continues to

Euro Banx Alan Blair and Oli Davies

Alan continues his urban adventure

question answered you’ll receive a cracking prize delivered to your door.


Inbox Here we’ve got all the

latest news from around the carping world. James and the lads continue showing off their funny images whilst on their travels over the last month.


Crafty Carper

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13/01/2014 14:37

Contents /// February 2014





The Ultimate Rig


Frank Warwick


Cold-Water Particles Darren Belton

Frank has always relied on having



In Focus Fox

Turn to page 89 for a proper look at

highly attractive hookbaits, as we

the new Royale Classic Bivvy from

Many anglers consider particles

detailed last month, and coupled with

Fox. Not only is it neat, compact

to be less effective in cold-water

a lethal rig that does the business,

and sturdy, it’s also very affordable.

conditions but Darren Belton

it’s a winning combination. Find out

It’s a must-see for 2014.

swears by them, and you can’t

which rig it is on page 42. #OldSchool.

deny the amount of success he’s had using them. We catch up with him to find out how he does it.


Tom Kerr and Calum Kletta

Our British Young Carp Angling




Carp Food

a name for themselves with their

Here you’ll find the latest

range of terminal tackle items,

Champion Tom Kerr checks in for

Dave Levy

another of his blogs, and young haulerOffer and greatest products of carp cuisine Subscription

We join Dave Levy on the bank of a

Calum Kletta tells us about an amazing

that are on the shelves of a tackle

commercial water on a cold winter’s

year he’s had on his syndicate.

shop near you, as well as a top

12 ISSUES FOR 81 OF 10! THE PRICE 26 55 day, to see if he can tempt a few of

tip from Joe Turnbull who looks at

Hookbait Tips From

giving his goots a liquid boost.

The Experts

The Great Crafty Debate

We managed to persuade some big

We’veThis got month’s a fantastic offer for the yearnames aheadto – bag yourself 12edges magazines for debate reveal their top thetheir priceopinions of 10. Never mind the January thistoishookbaits. a proper bargain. panel give on the when sales, it comes If

range of 4th Rod Specials – special

Russell do to keep the bites weight, coming which will be

being the right word because they

from the spring onwards?

in the cold, turn to pageget81. to Valentine’s Day. But

are made in minimal amounts, so




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to give them a whirl. Find out all about

We take a look at what the guys at

or should they only be used


In Focus

alarm is here, and we got hold of a set

of Tom Maker, Bill Cottam and Ian resolutions, usually some

if your resolution is to catch more carp, Crafty Carper is here to help for the year ahead, with hints and tips from some of the biggest names in the business. We’ll send you 12 months’ worth of magazines, and not only that, you only have to pay for 10 of them.


Solar 4th Rod Specials

weather. Are they just as effective

forgotten about before we

also supply sharpened hooks.

In Focus

Crafty in the New Year Solar are offering with their new you want to know whatGet the likes task that involves losing

not to mention the fact that they

The successor to the original Siren RS-1

use of Zig Rigs in the colder

Many of us have New Year’s

Rig-It Tackle

Rig-It Tackle are quickly making

In Session With…

its residents to have a little munch.


In Focus

Crafty Carper Under-21s

act quickly if you want a tub!

them and what we thought on page 93.


In Focus Penn

Penn have long been known for their quality sea reels, and with their manufacturing and design experience



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The Great Crafty Carper Debate.


Are Zigs an effective winter tactic, or do they only come into their own from spring onwards?

This month’s experts are: Kev Hewitt is a bigcarp-catcher of the highest order, and quite often he likes to target a water with a large bed of maggots or casters. He’s also a Zig angler of the highest order and uses this approach up and down the UK, with a lot of success. Paul Hatton loves to utilise a single hookbait approach, and obviously Zigs come under this ruling. He’s had some great success on his syndicate water this year with the use of Zigs, but does this continue through the winter? Nick Burrage is an all-out boilie angler, and to be quite honest I don’t think I’ve ever seen him use or even mention wanting to use anything else. So his take on Zig fishing through the winter months should be interesting to find out. Mark Pitchers is an angler who will try many different tactics to get his net wet, no matter what the weather conditions. He’s done it on many occasions on features for us, whereby a change in his approach and thinking about the situation he’s faced with has brought the desired results.

Paul Hatton says:

I rarely use anything else in winter. “To be honest, I rarely use anything else in winter these days. When the water gets really cold, carp spend most of their time wherever it is most comfortable. In freezing conditions I have had lots of great results fishing only 2-3ft below the surface during the day or at night, often when other anglers are sitting behind motionless bobbins. I use Zig Rig Foam as the hookbait, usually black or brown in clear water, and sometimes I mix the colours, but

Steve Lilly is a cracking all-round carp angler who loves to use a variety of tactics to try to fool his quarry. He’s also had some great success from the likes of Monks Pit – whether it’s from surface fishing, stalking, or sitting on a bed of bait, Steve will do it all. Richard Ballard is an angler who loves a Zig in winter, and so is the perfect candidate for this topic. I know he’s had some cracking results through the colder months utilising the trusty Zigs.


I always keep it small and mount it tight to the shank of a Size 12 Mugga or a Target Specimen hook. I don’t flavour the foam; if you do it spells bait to the fish! I think that if it doesn’t smell, it can easily be mistaken for an insect or some form of natural food that could be sinking or rising from the lakebed. To find out what it is that’s hanging there midwater, a carp will simply

Crafty Carper

026-028_Debate_CC198.indd 1

08/01/2014 14:56

The Great Debate

Team Crafty Carper

Richard (Ditch) Ballard says:

Carp spend lots of time cruising midwater in winter.

active, so location and fishing at the

Kev Hewitt says:

“Although we think of carp as bottom

own; they allow you to search out the

Never neglect a Zig no matter what the weather.

feeders, they actually spend a great

depths until the fish respond. If you

“Without doubt, Zigs can and

deal of time anywhere but on the

practice and perfect your winter Zig

have scored well for me in winter.

bottom, and this is particularly so in

tactics they will often produce when

When the water is at its coldest,

winter. So it makes sense to fish for

everyone around you is struggling

a carp’s digestive system slows

them where they are, rather than

with more conventional tactics.”

down and there are long periods

where we sometimes mistakenly think

“I think that if it doesn’t smell, it can easily be mistaken for an insect or some form of natural food that could be sinking or rising from the lakebed”

in winter, but they are much less

they should be. The reasons for carp spending so much time midwater are numerous, but during the spring

correct depth is crucial. This is where adjustable Zigs really come into their

ABOVE I like to have lots of options

on the Zig hookbait front.

BELOW A winter Zig-caught chunk.

of time where they simply will not feed. Nor will they expend much energy by swimming around, hence the reason they

and early summer there is one big

often shoal up and literally sit

factor – the sheer amount of insects

fairly dormant midwater. If you

and invertebrates which hatch in the

can find where they are sitting

water is phenomenal. Carp are always

and get the depth right, a single

in tune with these natural occurrences

sliver of foam in their faces gives

throughout the year, and instinctively

you a great chance of picking up

suck it in, and then it’s too late!

capitalise on them while the food is

a fish or two. I tend to fish on

I use a heavy lead which comes

available. These natural events happen

the bottom until the bites dry up

off a safety clip more easily when

less frequently during the colder

and then I never neglect a Zig

the fish takes, and another point

months, but even so, carp still

from January onwards, and it’s

worth mentioning is the way I join

spend a great deal of time

served me very well indeed.”

my Zig Link to the swivel and the

cruising midwater or sitting in

hook; I always use a Palomar Knot.

specific depths or comfort

In my opinion, it is far better than

zones. So the simple

a Knotless Knot and more reliable

answer is yes, carp

when using light hooklinks. If you

are very catchable

can get your head around fishing

on Zigs

like this, it will change your winter fishing! Don’t chuck it and chance it with just one rod, do it properly and search the depths with the number of rods you are allowed to use – you won’t regret it!”

ABOVE If you can find

them they’re catchable.

Crafty Carper 026-028_Debate_CC198.indd 2

27 08/01/2014 14:57

An Interview With Martin Clarke Team Crafty Carper



Crafty Carper

030-034_Interview_CC198.indd 1

10/01/2014 09:58

An Interview With Martin Clarke

Team Crafty Carper

He’s recently released a book, is a topnotch big-carp angler in his own right, not to mention he netted a brace of 40s within minutes of each other, not days. We find out about the man, the angler, his take on the sport, and what the future has in store.

spent on the bank is valuable, but if you’re not using it wisely then that could be time wasted. One edge everyone has over the full-timers is that they can only occupy one swim, unless they’re bullies and attempt to stitch up half the lake. Anglers who are bivvied up and settled into one swim are

You have been fishing for

to spend a day or two in the winter

generally hedging their bets on their

carp since the early-’70s;

months simply plumbing in a number

chosen spots for the duration of that

how much has the sport

of swims so I can get a feel for what’s

particular session. Chances are there

changed in that time?

out there beyond the margins. This

are carp to be caught elsewhere

I didn’t start fishing exclusively

may entail 100+ casts which give me

on the venue and this is what you

for carp until 1979, and before

a lot of information, and which will

should be looking for. Focus on your

that, during my teenage years,

hopefully prove useful for future trips

own fishing, that’s my motto. Without

I used to fish for all sorts. As a

to the venue with fishing in mind.

youngster, under the wing of my

If I’m fishing a short

then so is being in the

father, I was taught loads of things

session, and not fishing

like fishing hemp and tares for

the margins or

roach, worms for tench, sweetcorn

floater fishing on a

for rudd, bread or luncheon meat

venue I’m familiar

for carp, and the list goes on.

with, then I may

When I began carp fishing on a

only cast out

doubt, time is a valuable asset, but right place doing the

“Most of the good carp anglers who I know are thinking anglers; they constantly assess their situation, watch the carp, or the lake and other anglers”

right things and preparing spots, so I hope those reading this look at their

few local pits and the Grand Union

the marker half

Canal, back then I only used three

a dozen times

baits, which was bread for surface

at the start of

fishing and sweetcorn or luncheon

the session. On

meat when fishing on the bottom.

a venue I’m not so

And then boilies came onto the carp

familiar with, perhaps a

scene, and so did my fascination for

dozen casts to find out what’s out

using baits which I’d made. This was

there, hopefully to find something

carp, though there should be

back in the day when there were no

which could possibly be worth

extra windows of opportunity.

purpose-made bedchairs and we had

fishing, or the opposite snags or

to make do with those cheap and

weedbeds which could hold carp but

In your new book, Heads Down

nasty sunloungers that always hit

are an obstacle to avoid if or when

Tails Up, you frequently allude

you in the back of the head when

playing a hooked carp. If you take

to getting certain ‘feelings’

sitting up if you aren’t wise to them.

note of certain spots and have a

about how to tackle particular

Things really started improving

measured mark for them, then you

situations when you are fishing.

around 1980, and slowly but surely

eliminate the need for unnecessary

How important do you think

every year since then tackle has

casting, and can fish with confidence

this is and how do you get it?

got better, along with baits, hooks,

at night or even in thick fog.

A lot of factors come into play when

hooklinks, and our understanding

own fishing and evaluate time spent fishing on a rod hours to carp ratio.

More time doesn’t automatically mean more

it comes to achieving the results

of the carp themselves. There was

With more and more anglers

you’re after, and experiences and

no Internet, no DVDs, and the only

fishing full-time, how much

observations are an ongoing process.

specialised magazines were the

do you think that time on the

Most of the good carp anglers who

quarterly CAA ones, followed

bank affects your results?

I know are thinking anglers; they

by The Carp Society magazines.

I’m not a full-time angler, though

constantly assess their situation,

Nothing like what we have

I do have the benefit of being

watch the carp, or the lake and other

these days, with loads of material

sponsored, and there probably

anglers. Carp are creatures of habit,

in magazine format and on the

are a few more full-timers these

so sometimes it’s all about being in

Internet, and forums and YouTube at

days as opposed to 20 years ago.

tune with the weather conditions

our fingertips. Now the carp scene

I’m a self-employed bricklayer and

and the carp and their environment.

is a big machine, a multi-million

have been for over 30 years, but I

pound industry, creating jobs across

have moments between contracts

methods may or may not work

all areas of our sport, with a lot

when I fish as often as I can. Time

at any time of the calendar year,

more big carp around these days.

There are no rules as to what

such as Zigging, floater fishing or stalking. It always comes down to

Understanding what goes

the individual to select what they

on below the surface of

are going to do, based on previous

the lake is very important.

knowledge and how they expect

How much time would you

or hope things pan out in the time

spend plumbing an area?

they have at their disposal.

Plumbing an area is something I feel

We all have times when we’re

needs to be addressed with caution.

fishing and get a feeling or thought

I don’t automatically plumb a swim

process when we know we’re fishing

or an area if I feel there’s no need

effectively; it’s something that can’t

or it could be detrimental. On a new

ABOVE MC simply wouldn’t go

be bought in a bottle,

venue where I’m a member, I prefer

fishing without sunglasses.

and sometimes you have

Crafty Carper 030-034_Interview_CC198.indd 2

31 10/01/2014 09:58


here are lots of effective

dramatic upturn in my fortunes and

rigs for the use of pop-ups

catch rate. It was so blatant and

in favour at the moment, but

obvious that I won’t even remotely

all I can tell you about is what I use

consider changing to another rig; it

and have found to be very consistent

would have to be better in action

in my own personal carp fishing for

than my favourite, and to be fair,

nearly 20 years of continual use. I

nothing has come close so far. It’s


make no apology for this because it’s

fine saying that you are confident

Frank Warwick

the truth, and if I had come across

in a rig, but let me tell you one stark

Age 53

something better I would now be

fact. All the confidence in the world


writing about that instead. I hate lots of clutter

Wilmslow, Cheshire

on a rig, and I’m wary

UK personal best

of adding extra bits

43lb 14oz

unless I am certain

Favourite venue

they are there for

Bluebell Lakes

a valid reason.

Did you know...

I’ve seen so many

Frank is ambidextrous and can use either hand or foot for most things, whether it be writing or kicking a ball, plus loads more.

of these types of rigs pushed as

will not make the indicators go if the rigs you use are being dealt with by carp and

“When I first started using this rig I noticed a very dramatic upturn in my fortunes and catch rate”

the best thing since sliced bread, and in my direct comparison tests they

blown out too easily. I have used this rig on many waters around Europe and in the UK, and it still keeps working in so many different situations that I think it is very

versatile indeed. It can be

have quite often fell somewhat short

used for pop-ups, but it works

of the mark. So, if you fancy having

equally well with wafters, bottom

a crack at using what I consider my

baits, particles and double baits.

all-time favourite pop-up rig, then

I didn’t used to think that

I suggest you might want to renew

something as simple as a pattern

the batteries in your bite alarms

of hook could possibly make so

because you might well be hearing

much difference to the number of

them go off a bit more often.

extra takes possible, but it really

When I first started

has had a positive effect.

using this rig I

I have used many different

noticed a very

makes and models of longshank hooks over the years and I have

RIGHT This rig

Frank Warwick’s


has done the business for Frank for years, so why change something that works?

two firm favourites: Lockey’s Solar longshanks and the Atomic versions. Both are blindingly sharp and strong, and because these longshank hooks

RIG If you’re looking for the ultimate rig that isn’t a Chod or a Hinged Stiffy, then you’re on the right page. Frank explains the workings of his all-time favourite, and trust us, it’s caught fish galore! 42

Crafty Carper

042-043_Frankwarwick_CC198.indd 1

09/01/2014 16:41

Ultimate Rig

Frank Warwick



are an integral element of the rig,

last thing you need is your carefully

hooks with a big eye if needed, but

the fact that I might have to put

without their use it simply does not

constructed rig being ruined when

the 1.6 shrinks down very stiff so

in more free offerings and adjust

perform anything like as good.

you apply heat from steam or

creates a great line-aligner as a

the rig, usually by shortening the

boiling water to shrink down any

bonus. For me, if you are going to

hooklink. If a ring is free-running it

This rig is best constructed with a coated braid for general use, and if

shrink tube on the rig, or to

you strip the last 2ins near the hook

straighten the hooklink.

this allows an element of movement

I have done many

to aid the hook to flip in the carp’s

comparison tests,

mouth, looking to take a hold, and it

fishing two rods

also imparts movement to the bait.

with a blowback

I mostly use 25lb PB Jelly-Wire

ring against my

for my fishing because it’s thin,

favoured shrink

subtle and strong. It also behaves when dipped in boiling water, which is important because the

tube version, and despite being open-

extend the shank of the hook with shrink tube then you

“To get the Hair to the perfect length, it is imperative that the hookbait is mounted on the Hair first”

minded and willing to switch to the winning combination, the ring version

may as well line-align it and go the whole

shows nothing, and if successfully ejected can occasionally sit wrong on the bottom. The silicone version can be moved by a small nuisance

nine yards (this

fish pecking at the hookbait

is an important

and can confuse the issue.

feature because

I nearly always use an anti-

it makes the hook

tangle rubber on the rig to kick

turn quicker upon

the rig away from the lead – that’s

being tensioned as a carp sucks the

bait into its mouth).

why I designed this product in the first place, over 12 years ago. Finally, don’t always think if

To get the Hair to the

you use a small pop-up in, say,

came out a very poor second best.

perfect length, it is imperative that

12-14mm, that a Size 8 hook is

This was with the same hookbaits,

the hookbait is mounted on the

best. I once assumed this and had

etc., and over several sessions. I

Hair first. This can then be held in

run out of Size 8s, so was forced

found that the blowback ring works

place to get the ideal positioning

to use a Size 6. It looked a bit big

far better on a hook with a shorter

before the Knotless Knot is made.

but the carp didn’t agree, and the

When tying a Knotless Knot,

one rod on the bigger hook out-

finish it off by putting it through

fished the two rods on the Size

blowback bit on the shank of

the eye twice; this prevents

8s. When I changed them all it was

the hook I never use silicone;

slippage and it’s much stronger.

quite noticeable that my catch rate

shank hook, but nothing like as well on a longshank. For my

I always use clear shrink tube from RS Supplies, which have various outlets across the

The reason I prefer shrink tube for the blowback is because it is hard to dislodge. I personally use this as

went up considerably, so I now never take anything for granted. You might well already be using

UK. I ask for the 1.6mm clear

a sign that it will usually be blown

longshank hooks and be aware of

version and buy it in metres

back and moved if I have a fish prick

their benefits. If not and you have

at a time for very little money;

itself, and by sucking and blowing

never used them, I suggest you at

it’s perfect and lasts for years.

manages to eject the rig. This tells

least try them against what you

There are bigger sizes for

me I’ve been done and alerts me to

are using and see for yourself. CC

Crafty Carper 042-043_Frankwarwick_CC198.indd 2

43 09/01/2014 16:42

Boilies in Winter Ian Chillcott


Ian Chillcott Age 53 Hometown

Aldershot Occupation

Angling journalist UK personal best

53lb 12oz Favourite venue

Melchbourne Estate Lake Did you know...

At the age of 14, Chilly played the violin to a full house of 2,500 people.


Crafty Carper

058-061_Chilly_CC198.indd 1

10/01/2014 12:20

Boilies in Winter

Ian Chillcott














As many anglers move away from introducing boilies throughout the colder months, there’s one man who continues his boilie-only approach with great success. Read on to find out Chilly’s thoughts on keeping the boilies going in.


There is no doubt that carp are

the need for a sharp hook. And it is

catchable in winter; even on low-

never more important than when the

stocked waters there always seems to

clocks have gone back and winter starts

be a window of opportunity during a

to clasp the landscape in her icy grip.

24-hour period. Carp-fishing was never meant to be easy, but I fear that in today’s commercial

Winter carp-fishing plans should never be made when the

“For me, bait is by far the most important aspect of carp fishing, only rivalled by the need for a sharp hook”

winter has already begun. No, you

am a boilie angler; I make no

months. Thirty years ago carp were

market it has

excuses, it’s what I have used

still treated as mystical creatures, and

become just that.

almost exclusively for many, many

even if you could find a water that

Winter carp fishing

years, and something in which I have

held them and the weather was as

provides the

the utmost confidence when using

good as it could be, they were all but

ultimate challenge

as a bait for carp, at any time of the

impossible to catch. Forgive me here,

nowadays for the

year. The problem with discussing this

I don’t want to dwell on the past, but

man on limited time,

subject is that you have to overcome

30 years isn’t actually a long time, and

and I for one would always

some ridiculous old wives’ tales and

many of today’s carp-angling writers

want to be challenged – it’s

downright stupid theories before

grew up in an era when this ideology

what makes the captures of carp at

and the captures at that time of year

you get to the crux of the matter,

persisted. It stands to reason that

these times so special, especially when

and it will give you all the incentive you

i.e. how to get the best from them

the silly (well, I know they are now)

you have put in some hard work to

need – if it has a track record of course!

during the colder months. In reality,

theories still surface all the time, even

achieve your goals. Just before I get

Eventually though, you will arrive at

it wasn’t actually that long ago when

in today’s carp-mad environment.

to the bait side of things, I believe

the choice of bait for your mission.

should be thinking about it long before then, because the more thought you put into it, the more, invariably, you will get out. September is a

good starting point; look at the winter history of the water

everyone thought carp were simply

it is worth

uncatchable in the colder winter

mentioning a

20 years now, which means I have

few fundamental

never had to concern myself with what

rules that I

bait to use in the wintertime. Whilst

follow, so that

that may look like a blatant plug, it is

firstly I am

actually a fact. Taking away worries

not wasting

about the bait you use leaves you more

my time, and

time to concentrate on the best places

secondly, and

to introduce it. In all that time I haven’t

probably just

used a boilie that didn’t work in winter,

as important, I

but of course there is much we can

am not wasting

do to improve things. Before I get to

your money.

that, I just want to get this confidence

This article isn’t

thing nailed down. If you are using a

simply about

bait (whoever makes it) and you know

RIGHT Unfortunately the ducks find our baits to their liking, so baiting up after dark can hide your efforts from their attention. BELOW Hookbait enhancers shouldn’t

only be used to make the hookbaits more attractive; they help with the freebies too.

the boilies themselves.

I have used Mainline baits for over

it works, then why change? I still hear

As with every aspect of carp fishing,

and read about the classic old theories

there are a whole host of other things

such as: ‘fishmeals don’t work in winter’.

to think about – thank goodness!

Yes they do, all it takes is a little bit of

The first thing to consider is what

hard work on the part of the angler,

you actually want from your winter

something I will get to in a while. The

fishing. Is it big carp, lots of carp, or

first thing to look at is the type of bait

something in between? It therefore

you want to use. For practically all my

stands to reason that water selection

fishing I use freezer baits. The reason

is vital. For most of us, making sure

for this is that I am going to fish the

the venue has a good head of carp is

water for some considerable time, and

a good place to start, the more the

freezer baits tend to carry much more

merrier to be honest. The more carp

in the way of food – there is no better

you are fishing for, the more likely

fish than a carp to realise that! The carp

you are to get a bite. Try to fish a

invariably feed time and time again on

water that is as close to your home

the baits I use, even after they have

as possible. This means you can keep

been landed on it a few times. Ready-

tabs on what is happening there –

made or shelf life boilies rely heavily on

knowledge is power. Knowing where,

their attraction properties, and for one-

and just as vitally, when they are being

off winter visits to a water they may

caught can help massively. You will also

be the perfect choice, but for long-term

know what is going on bait-wise. For

application it’s freezer baits for me.

me, bait is by far the most important aspect of carp fishing, only rivalled by

For some unexplainable reason, boilie size is very

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CC198 sample  

In Crafty Carper this month: Get ready for spring, Dave Lane reveals how he prepares for the changing of the seasons. Talking Tactics: Chill...