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HAPPY DAYS Chris Haswell £17.99 Softback Only

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There is much to be learned from this book, even by today’s hardened carp angler, about rigs, bait and bait ingredients, and from Chris’ observations of carp behaviour over rigs and bait. Chris has been carp fishing for 47 years.

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CASTING FOR CLOOPERS Trevor Pritchard Was £27.95 | Now £24.95


GREAT DAYS Des Taylor £29.99 In this, his first book, Des writes about some of the great days he has had out there in the name of fishing. This is not an instructional book, although the reader will find some excellent angling tips within these pages. Instead, he tries throughout the book, to inspire the angler to try their hand at different species and travel to different venues.

BEAUTIES AND THE BEASTS John claridge £22.00

This is Trevor’s first carp book and will captivate the reader from the outset with its down to earth style and humorous theme. It will appeal to the ‘Average ‘ carp angler because Trevor is, like most of us a hard working family man, with a passion for big carp.

The story of Beauties and the Beasts takes us through some classic carp encounters. Starting back in 1990 on the ‘hushed’ Frampton Court, John learned many things along the way whilst being driven to catch big carp from some of the most prestigious venues in the country.

CARP ADDICTION Craig Lyons £19.99

HEADS UP TAILS DOWN Martin Clarke £30.00

Softback Only

This book contains a mixture of old and new methods, a sprinkling of valuable tips and tricks and there is something for everyone. Within these pages, you will find the nuts and bolts of fishing for carp, including many lessons learned along the way as we look back, and predict what might happen in the future.

Carp Addiction is a book about a man obsessed with carp fishing since his boyhood. At the lakes he fished he was mentored by a couple of experts with whom he still remains friends today. It was not long before he was catching few larger fish and moving on to better waters.

BIG CARP HUNTERS SERIES BIG CARP HUNTERS SERIES From £24.95 Big Carp Hunters is a series of carp books featuring a few of the carp world’s legendary anglers: Dave Mallin, Derek Rance, Nick Helleur and Craig Lyons.

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The Carp Store Catalogue 2016/17  
The Carp Store Catalogue 2016/17  

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