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Ali Hamidi £13.99 This book is focused on outlining the most important processes of carp fishing. It dispels myths about tackle and baits and helps to describe the best way to approach your angling. The detail of knowledge that Ali passes on has to be read, to be, believed.

FRENCH CARPING Clive Williams £15.00 French Carping has a directory of commercial carp waters in France, compiled by Clive Williams, and based on his Sussex Carping book. This book details over 200 venues, with more than 300 lakes, and something for anyone thinking about a fishing holiday in France.

MY RED LETTER DAYS Matt Hayes £20.00

THE LOST DIARY Chris Yates £12.99

Matt Hayes Red Letter Days is a new book of short stories and is a celebration of many years on the bank. From pursuing chub, pike and barbel to landing exotic species from around the world, this is a collection of some of Matt’s most memorable fishing trips which will inspire you to take on a new challenge.

In June 1980, when he was thirty-two and had just caught what was then the largest British carp ever, Chris Yates wondered if his obsession had been cured. But then he had a mad idea that, having landed a fifty-pounder, he could now dream of capturing Redmire’s real monster, the King.

CARP: LOCATION, FEEDING AND BAIT Jon Wood Softback £17.99 Hardback £22.99


Although techniques and baits have changed over the years, the same questions are at the forefront of the carp angler’s mind: Where are the fish? What’s happening under the water? What bait should I use?

ADVANCED TERMINAL RIGS Rob Maylin & Friends £29.95 Advanced Terminal Rigs is the definitive encyclopaedia of today’s hi-tech carp rigs, so don’t expect any floating crust or luncheon meat rigs in these pages. Everything from presentation, hook choice, lead choice and hooklink choice are explained in detail with easy step-by-step photo sequences.

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Carp anglers talk about watercraft all the time. But what exactly is that? Some would say it’s applying understanding of the environment in which the carp lives and the fish itself to catch more of them. And how do we improve our watercraft? By studying how the behaviour of the carp changes as environmental variables fluctuate daily and seasonally.


TIGER BAY Rob Maylin & Friends £22.95 The author of this book is already established as one of the leading carp anglers in this country. Rob Maylin has been carp fishing for a number of years and in this time has caught nearly 100 20s and 17 30s, most of them from the hard-fished large gravel pits of the Colne Valley.

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The Carp Store Catalogue 2016/17  
The Carp Store Catalogue 2016/17  

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