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Strategic 2011Plan 2015 F r o m S u r v iving to Thriv ing

foreword by the archbishop The teaching of Jesus Christ offers a radical perspective on the poor, the weak and the vulnerable. Compassion is not patronage, pity or parading charitable works before the world to draw attention to ourselves or to secure the competitive welfare dollar. The Church believes that God in Christ is present in those who suffer disadvantage and poverty. The way we respond to the brokenness in others portrays our attitude to God and our own suffering. In the responses we make we are faced with a choice: Divine encounter that inspires both giver and receiver and the world they inhabit with mercy and justice; or objective social contract in which client and service provider keep their distance refusing to see the common humanity we share and the image of God present in our mutual brokenness. Jesus teaches that when we welcome the stranger, clothe the naked, offer sustenance to the hungry and thirsty, visit the sick and those in prison and offer hope to those whose humanity has been diminished, we touch the very heart of God (Matthew 25:31-46). It is this radical paradigm that forms the DNA of Anglicare in which we all live, pray, plan and serve.

+Roger The Most Reverend Roger Herft Archbishop

introduction Where we have come from. Where we are going. We are pleased to present Anglicare WA’s Strategic Plan 2011-15. Anglicare WA was legally established in 1976 through the vision and leadership of the late Anglican Archbishop of Perth, the Most Reverend Geoffrey Sambell, and was originally

known as Anglican Health and

Welfare Services. The scope and reach of Anglicare WA services has changed and grown significantly since then. In 2011 Anglicare WA is a state-wide community services organisation delivering a wide range of services to Western Australians. We deliver services to more than 38,000 individuals and families annually, and operate in more than 40 locations throughout WA. The depth and breadth of Anglicare WA’s experience in service delivery recognises that in facing the challenges of life and relationships, people move through a journey of wellbeing, that can be described as •


– where life is a battle


– where you are just getting by


– where life isn’t bad


– where life is going well

Anglicare WA is committed to walking alongside people throughout this journey, with the final goal clear and non-negotiable: thriving. On this basis our Strategic Plan is firmly fixed on working together with people, families and their communities, to enhance their abilities to cope with the challenges of life and relationships. Our Strategic Plan is built on an understanding of the growing complexity of the issues facing today’s society, and seeks to deliver integrated services that concentrate on a client’s holistic needs. It is based on an understanding of the dynamics of a rapidly growing Western Australian economy, and the marginalisation that has come to far too many that have not had the opportunity to benefit. To ensure that future and current integrated services offered by Anglicare WA meets the needs of today’s society, the Strategic Plan includes a beneficiary performance indicator for the first time. It is our ambition to focus on the outcomes we are achieving for the people we serve. Our performance against this indicator will be at the core of everything we do. Anglicare WA has genuinely challenged itself over the last decade to become more effective in working with Aboriginal people, families and communities. This Strategic Plan was developed in a spirit of reconciliation, and provides a platform to build on past achievements and push us to dramatic improvement. This plan comes at an exciting time of policy and program development in the community sector. Governments are looking to sector organisations, not only to deliver services, but to work with them to drive innovation, efficiency and effectiveness into the sector. Anglicare WA takes its role as an advocate for the community seriously and invests in its partnerships with government, business and other sector organisations, in recognition that no one organisation will provide what is needed. This is a Strategic Plan that is rooted in history while attentive to the realities of this century. It is an exciting road that Anglicare WA wishes to travel, and we look forward to delivering on it with the assistance of our Board, staff and volunteers; and our key corporate, government and philanthropic partners. From Surviving to Thriving.

John Barrington

Ian Carter AM


Chief Executive Officer

service locations at 2011


Perth Service Locations Armadale, Baldivis, Belmont, East Perth, East Victoria Park, Fremantle, Girrawheen, Gosnells, Hilton,


Joondalup, Maddington, Midland, Mirrabooka,

Derby Halls Creek

Rockingham, Warnbro, Willetton

Karratha Dampier

A n g l i c a r e W A s u p p o r t e d o v e r 38,0 0 0 W e s t e r n A u s t ra l i a n s i n t h e pa s t y e ar f ro m 3 5 l o c at i o n s.


Perth Mandurah Bunbury Busselton




Katanning Mount Barker Albany

counselling, child & family support services Promoting healthy relationships, safe connections and resilience in individuals, families and communities.

op shops

Op Shops provide affordable merchandise and clothing to the community and play a major role in recycling, while contributing to Anglicare’s fundraising effort.

separation services

We support families after separation to ensure children continue to have meaningful relationships with their parents, providing it’s safe for the child to do so.

youth services

Helping young people to be independent, resilient and connected to their family and community.

training and relationship education

Enhancing personal, relationship and workplace skills.

who we are corporate purpose Anglicare WA works together with people, families and their communities to enhance their abilities to cope with the challenges of life and relationships.

the vision We live in a just and fair society in which all people thrive. Anglicare WA’s role in that society is as a leading not-for-profit organisation highly regarded by clients, funders and donors. It plays an important part in building strong communities and families. It influences policy makers and ensures that institutions and systems are attuned to the needs of all people in our community. Our work is achieved in a spirit of reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Western Australians.

our values are drawn from our history and connection to the Anglican Church and our belief that we are here to assist people to move from “surviving to thriving�. They are deeply embedded in our behaviours and our decision making. Compassion:

We have a deep awareness and understanding of the needs and aspirations of others. We want to make a difference, particularly to people and families in greatest need.


We are able to proactively and innovatively respond to the changing needs of the people and communities with whom we work.


We are non-judgmental, non-discriminatory and accepting of all people. We are a trusted member of the communities we serve.


We walk alongside others to uncover strengths and talents, build community and advocate for social justice.


With courage and determination we stand by our convictions. We actively support our partners who share our aspirations.

beneficiary performance indicator The ability of clients to thrive within their lives and relationships.

anglicare wa’s service mix where people are: surviving

Crisis services Support for people with needs around emergency & tragedy

• • •


abuse and neglect have already occured reactive and after the fact approaches transition to secondary intervention

Secondary services support for people presenting with problems

• •

individual resilience building focus on individual outcomes


to support people after a crisis


• •


to alleviate identified problems and prevent escalation risk factors are evident

Early intervention services Activity for people identified as at risk

• • • •

early screening to detect those at risk vulnerable groups and communities targeted stopping cycles education and community development

Systematic advocacy


input to policy development, research and contributing to public debate

key result areas As we deliver on our strategic plan we will focus on a range of linked priority areas for action that we call key result areas.

advocacy 1.

Understanding and advocating for the community

integrated services 2.

Exceptional and innovative service delivery


Service portfolio development


Quality of relationships with third parties

organisational sustainability 5.

Market image and credibility


Quality of organisational effectiveness, infrastructure and culture


Financial viability


Alignment of staff skills with strategic needs

Key Result Area 1:

understanding & advocating for the community

our aspirations are to: •

have an influence on institutions and systems to ensure they are attuned to the needs of all people in our community

be an informed, balanced and apolitical advocate for the community and the sector

be an evidence and values based organisation

always know the impact of services delivered by Anglicare WA


Key Result Area 2:

integrated services

exceptional & innovative service delivery

our aspirations are to: •

deliver services in an integrated way

involve clients in the planning, design and evaluation of services

provide services which are designed, delivered and evaluated on the basis of outcomes, not outputs

ensure clients have high satisfaction levels

Key Result Area 3:

integrated services

service portfolio development

our aspirations are to: •

grow Anglicare WA, with a focus on secondary and early intervention services

establish Anglicare WA as an innovative service provider in the community sector

ensure there is a focus on meeting the multi-faceted needs of clients

ensure that the cultural circumstances of clients and needs of Aboriginal people are recognised in service planning and delivery

Key Result Area 4:

quality of relationships with third parties

our aspirations are to: •

be highly regarded as a business partner

be seen as a vital partner in early policy development and service design

gain significant value from participation in the national Anglicare network

maintain strong relationships with the Anglican Church and Anglican schools

integrated services

Key Result Area 5:

organisational sustainability

market image & credibility

our aspirations are to: •

leverage the Anglicare WA brand to attract and retain clients, funding and staff

be seen as a credible commentator on social issues, particularly those related to our service areas

maintain high brand recognition in the WA community

ensure that targeted groups have a clear understanding of our priorities and the outcome of our work

be known as a proactive and innovative organisation

Key Result Area 6:

organisational sustainability

quality of organisational effectiveness, infrastructure,processes & culture

our aspirations are to: •

develop and implement governance processes which provide high quality strategic leadership

ensure the Executive team provides strong and effective operational leadership

create an organisation which values teamwork, innovation and effectiveness

ensure infrastructure requirements meet service delivery and growth needs

Key Result Area 7:

organisational sustainability

financial viability

our aspirations are to: •

ensure there is a low reliance on any single income source

ensure reserves are always sufficient to both take advantage of high quality opportunities and deal with risk

ensure the transparency and quality of financial systems always meet fiduciary standards and those generally expected by the public

effectively utlise and protect the assets of the organisation

ensure fundraising and commercial income provide returns on resources invested

Key Result Area 8:

organisational sustainability

alignment of staff skills with strategic needs

our aspirations are to: •

have a staff structure and the right personnel to deliver on strategic and operational needs

keep quality staff from moving to other employers and sectors

be seen by staff as a great place to develop their skills

be an employer of choice within the sector

Geoffrey Sambell Centre

Postal Address


23 Adelaide Terrace

GPO Box C138

Facsimile (08) 9325 8969

East Perth WA 6004

Perth WA 6839

(08) 9263 2000

AnglicareWA Strategic Plan 2011-2015  

Our Corporate Values, Vision and Strategy

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