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Wholesome Institutional sustainability.

Produce beyond subsistence, residents Urged. Building Resilience in Tigania.

Wholesome Institutional sustainability-

2nd Strategic Pillar in the decade Theme Launched

The Archbishop during the Launch of the ACK 2019 Strategic Theme at All. Saints Cathedral, Nairobi. Photo/ADS Kenya

The Archbishop of The Anglican Church of Kenya,

The Most Rev. Dr. Jackson Ole Sapit, has challenged Church workers to embrace Sustainability as a means to guarantee organizational effectiveness. Speaking during the Launch of the 2nd pillar of the ACK 10-Year Decade strategy (2018-2027), Wholesome Institutional Sustainability, the Primate pointed to collective effort and team work as a means of attaining sustainability within organizations. Drawing from the Biblical story of Prophet Nehemiah, he said that in identifying individual skills, team leaders are able to have a picture of the opportunities that exist for the organizations. “Sustainability should not be about Resources but also Delivery of services. In this regard, our relevance and longevity to our clients is a key consideration,” he said.

What spaces exists for growth?

The Archbishop also challenged the staff to become uncomfortable with normalcy, if they desired to grow. He cautioned them that they risked living in denial of change if they failed to understand the environment in which they worked in. He encouraged them to understand their roles in the organization and how to effectively play their part. “When we want to grow, what we have achieved will propel us to greater heights and so let’s seek to become better,” he said. The launch happened during the Provincial Staff Beginning of Year service held at the All. Saints Cathedral, Nairobi on the 16th of January, 2019.

He also encouraged the Departmental heads in atten-

dance to prepare their staff for the tasks that they are charged with executing. This, he explained, helped in aligning individual goals and priorities to those of the organization. “We are in the same team, and we must at all times embed personal strengths in our operations, he added. ACK Provincial Staff during the Launch. Photo/ADS Kenya

Residents Urged to embrace Comercial Farming

Guests tour the ACK Mumias Diocesean Tree Nursery . Photo/ADS Kenya

The Kakamega County Executive in-charge of Water,

Environment & Natural Resources, John Wangwe has urged residents in Mumias Diocese to engage in farming activities that go beyond subsistence. This he explained, would go a long way in enhancing food security in the area. He said this during the launch of Green Anglicans Movement ACK Mumias Diocese. Wangwe urged the residents to intercrop trees with other fruits that they could sell and earn a living, hence supplementing their livelihoods. He noted that while Kakamega county was blessed with water, most people hadn’t embraced irrigation and that had affected the crop production.

“We are a county that has water…and I want to urge each one of you here to plant as much food as possible. From these, you will be able to feed your families while at the same time produce for others,” he pointed. He also urged those in attendance to ‘embrace water harvesting of every form.’ He said that this would enable them engage in all types of farming as they would have enough water for irrigation. During the event, the Diocesan Bishop, Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Wandera called upon the residents to embrace the Diocesean Environmental greening Initiative which is aimed at ensuring that human activity doesn’t interfere with the environment. He said that plans were at an advanced stage to ensure that the all churches within the Diocese had a conservation strategy that included waste management. This would be in turn cascaded to individual homes. He also called for partnerships with other players like Government and religious institutions noting that conservation could only work if ‘partnerships were aligned for maximum impact.’ The Diocesan tree Nursery was also launched during the event which was also graced by the ADS Kenya Executive Director Bwibo Adieri, ACK Mission Director Rev. John mark Oduor and the ACK Education Director Wilberforce Wangalwa. It was also attended by the members of the Muslim Community in the area.

From Right-The Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Wandera (Mumias Diocese), Rev. Oscar Ekesa (ADS Western) and John Wangwe (Kakamega County) durng the Launch. Photo/ADS Kenya

Building resilience in Tigania

Francis in his shoe making business that he managed to revive with the project’s Village Saving and Loans Schemes (VSLAs) Photo/Courtesy

The project seeks to improve food security for vul-

nerable households in the sub-counties of Tigania East and Tigania West, which are located in Meru County. Food availability and access in this area is affected by frequent droughts and high rates of poverty. The goal of this program is to enhance food security by improving the availability of a variety of foods in the community and improving the ability of households to access food throughout the year. One way of achieving this is through households diversifying their sources of income. During the report period, the project was able to work with the households and organised themselves into Village Saving and Lending groups to promote livelihood diversification and increased access to savings and loans. One beneficiary of this was Francis Kairutha. He is a member of Mwimenyeri VSLA group that has 21 members. He joined the group in February 21st 2018. Members saved Ksh. 50 per week and by the 21st of March 2018 Francis had a share capital of Ksh. 250. The groups’ constitution allows members to borrow four times their savings. Francis had a shoe making and mending business that had failed and he wanted to revive it, but was not able due to lack of funds. Through his savings, he

was able to get a loan from the group of Ksh 1,000 (one thousand Kenyan shillings). With this loan, he was able to buy some of the materials he needed to revive his business and was able to start repairing shoes at his home, where he continued to save and repay the loan. He was also able to support his family through meeting basic needs such as soap, kitchen supplies like salt, and fuel for lighting the lamps, as well as foodstuff. After completing the first loan, he applied for a second one in May 2018. This time Francis’s work had started growing and he made the progressive step of moving it from home to a nearby shopping center where he used the borrowed funds to rent a room for his business. His group members are happy that Francis has currently left home where he has been idle and is contributing to his family and community having a skill in shoe making. The business is still paying the loan, making savings and supporting the family with basic needs requirements. Francis plans to add more materials to his business. This will help him make more income. He is planning to do so with his third loan this year

“As a country, we should remain steadfast in our commitment to patriotism and continue to uphold human dignity, common identity and belief in love.

We must always remain strong and unbowed by events that seek to destroy the beauty of the human race. ACK Statement on the Terror attack on DusitD2 Complex.


ADS Regional Directors and staff during a Truth Centred Transformation Training in Malindi . Photo/ADS Kenya

ACK and ADS Pays a courtesy call to the office of the Deputy Governor of Taita Taveta County

(6th from left)Taita Taveta County Governor Majala Mlagui poses for a photo with the Visiting team from ADS and ACK. Photo/Courtesy

A team of representatives from the ACK Di-

d) e)

disclose the right value of the minerals and all necessary levies are paid. The County Government to follow-up with the National Government to ensure that the Cadaster platform is functional and accessible by all miners in the County. The County Government to follow-up with the National Government to ensure that the Gemology Centre is fully operational. This will benefit the artisanal miners to value add their products for better returns.

ocese of Taita Taveta, ADS and social Justice ambassadors paid a courtesy visit to the office of the deputy Governor of Taita Taveta County. This was on the 7th of January, 2018. In their discussion, the team briefed the county leadership on some of the projects that ADS is involved in within the ADS Pwani region. Led by the Diocesean Bishop Rt. Rev. Liverson Mng’onda, the team also presented a memo detailing some of the issues that the County should adress in the quest to ensure community development within the area. These included: a) The County government to consider supporting community leaders to negotiate for community development agreements with investors. b) The County Government to enforce dis closure and accountability by investors in extractive Sector. c) The County Government to enforce the control system to ensure that investor Majala Mlagui with the Rt. Rev. Liverson Mng’onda Photo/Courtesy


A greenhouse with Banana Plants supported by ADS North Rift Photo/Courtesy

A Street Clean up organized by ADS NAIKA in Nairobi Photo/Courtesy

A Team of Visiting Mothers’ union leaders from the Church of Uganda during a tour to the Christian Impact Mission centre in Yatta, Machakos County.Photo/ADS Kenya

A Team of Visiting Mothers’ union leaders from the Church of Uganda during a tour to the Christian Impact Mission centre in Yatta, Machakos County.Photo/ADS Kenya

Phoebe Otaala , The Ugandan High Commissionr to Kenya adresses a group of Visiting Mothers’ union leaders from the Church of Uganda during a a recent tour in Kenya. Photo/ADS Kenya

A Green Energy expert explains a point during the Launch of the Green Anglicans Movement in Mumias Diocese. Photo/ADS Kenya

The ACK Mumias Diocesean Tree Nursery. Photo/ADS Kenya

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ADS Kenya January 2019 Newsletter  

ADS Kenya is the Social Transformation arm of the Anglican Church in Kenya.

ADS Kenya January 2019 Newsletter  

ADS Kenya is the Social Transformation arm of the Anglican Church in Kenya.