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Skills for the future Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about the workforce of the future. The astute observer will have become accustomed to hearing such phrases as ‘the future will be full of jobs not yet imagined’ and ‘countless jobs will disappear due to automation and the rise of robots’.

Our responsibility as educators is to identify how young people might be best prepared to ensure they will be highly competitive in a very dynamic and unpredictable workforce. Significant emphasis is on two broad groups of skills: that which may be referred to as ‘hard’ specialist skills and, secondly, a group of skills referred to as ‘soft’ (people) skills. The former includes the traditional, knowledgebased skills that young people learn in their science, engineering, technology, maths and design subjects. Added to this group is the capacity to bring entrepreneurial thinking to existing problems in an effort to identify new solutions to apply to ‘old’ problems.


The University of Melbourne's leading educational thinkers have already dubbed today’s young people ‘Generation E’ or ‘Generation Entrepreneurial’. Defined further, demographers and academics have identified their entrepreneurial capacity: their ability to apply new ideas to bring solutions to existing problems. While the future is, of course, unpredictable, it is important that Churchie continues to attract large numbers of students into science, maths, engineering, design and business subjects to provide a very strong foundation. Our students have for many years been attracted to the fascinating content in

these subjects as well as the very practical, problem solving learning experiences contained therein. There can be no doubt that the capacity to solve problems will be a prerequisite for success in future career pathways. It is pleasing to report that Churchie offers five science disciplines: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Agricultural Science and Earth Science. Further, each of these subjects remains popular with today’s students and, in most cases, multiple classes are offered.

acutely aware that a Churchie education built

Complementing these traditional subjects, the activities and co-curricular pursuits in which you see our students involved in the following pages demonstrate that we are

seek to capture the breadth of our community

upon the four tenets remains an extremely effective foundation to prepare students for the future. Often, it will be through experiences in the broad co-curricular programs that boys will learn how to confront

I extend my sincere thanks to the Churchie community who give generously of their time to enable the School to offer outstanding programs; I thank one and all for your continued support. With good wishes

challenges, how to bounce back from setbacks and disappointment, and how to solve problems in a team setting.

Dr Alan Campbell Headmaster @ChurchieHM

This edition of Eagles’ Wings will, once again, and the local, national and international settings in which our current boys, and Old Boys, continue to learn and grow.


Guest of Honour His Excellency, the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC, Governor of Queensland was Reviewing Officer at the 2016 Tri-Service Cadets Graduation Parade.



On Saturday 22 October, the School was proud to welcome Churchie Old Boy and Governor of Queensland, His Excellency the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC, as reviewing officer for the Tri-Service Cadets Graduation Parade. Against the backdrop of a looming afternoon storm (which thankfully held off), the cadets performed a vibrant and polished graduation parade accompanied by music by Morris Wind Symphony and the National Servicemen's Pipes and Drums. In his address to the cadets, His Excellency remarked: 'It is always an honour for me to return to my alma mater. I am especially pleased to be here on such an auspicious and celebratory occasion as today’s Tri-Service Cadets Graduation Parade. 'We are primarily here to acknowledge service – service to one’s self, service to our school, and, in that fine Churchie tradition, service to our community at large. 'I was an Army Cadet at Churchie from 1962 to 1965. This led to further service in the Queensland University Regiment, from 1966 to 1971. These years were, for me, life defining. They emphasised selfdiscipline and management, which I hope made me a better citizen.


'These experiences continue to ground my personal and professional life, as I know they have for so many others. 'I acknowledge the impeccable ceremonial turnout and drill here today. This is meaningful tradition, and its continuation here today is appropriate and consistent with our obligations as beneficiaries of all those who have served our nation in all conflicts. 'In doing so, we particularly acknowledge today our fallen Old Boys named on the War Memorial at the base of the natural amphitheatre overlooking The Flat. 'To today’s graduates, from all services, I applaud your commitment and dedication – it will have taken many hours, often gruelling hours, and untold patience, to get to this point. I acknowledge also your supporters – parents, teachers, Cadet Officers and instructors, your peers – they invariably will have helped you along the way. 'As your Governor, I congratulate you on your accomplishments, particularly to those of you who shortly receive awards for conspicuous achievement.'



Christian Toscano, De-composition (2016); balsa wood

CART – Churchie Art This year’s CART featured exquisite and distinctly Australian explorations of the land in which we live, through the theme ‘CARTography’.

With an exceptionally high standard of art on display, guest judge Chris Bennie had the unenviable task of selecting the winners. Congratulations to the main prize recipients Luke Murdoch (Year 12), Hamish McLennan (Year 9), Christian Toscano (Year 12) and Blair Gough.


Churchie's Head of Art, Vicki Leighton, aptly described the body of work on display. 'These works are testament to the artist as journeyman and adventurer. Their work is distinctly Australian, connecting us to the extraordinary land in which we live,' Vicki said.

Creative Excellence Congratulations to Thomas Bird, who received a Creative Generations Excellence Award in Visual Art. Thomas’s work will be featured at GOMA from mid-2017. Visitors to CART this year were treated to a breathtaking video installation, presenting beautiful landscape imagery of the Brisbane River across three large-screen televisions. This is the third year in a row that Churchie students have been Creative Generation award winners. Three other Senior Visual Art students, Joseph Wing, Blair Gough and Christian Toscano were exhibited at the Central Regional Art exhibition, with Joseph receiving a Commendation Award. These acknowledgements recognise their creative ability, conceptual thinking and high levels of technical skill. Luke Murdoch, Utopia (2016); drawing, pencil and paper, projection

Blair Gouch, Pullicity (2016); photograph on foam core



Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China

Nijo Castle, Kyoto, Japan

China Tour

Japan Tour

During the mid-semester break, 21 Churchie Mandarin language students from Years 8, 10 and 11 embarked on the 2016 China Language and Cultural Tour.

Also during the September school holidays, 24 students from Years 9 and 10 visited Japan for a cultural exchange tour that proved to be a wonderful experience of Japanese culture, sights and family life of the Japanese.

After landing in Shanghai on a humid Friday afternoon, the group were immediately immersed into Chinese culture via a weekend homestay with families from partner school Shanghai Yan'an High School. Year 10 student Anton van Buuren reflects, ‘Diving headfirst into experiencing daily life in China was unforgettable. The hospitality and kindness shown by our host families made us feel truly grateful for the opportunity, making for a sad goodbye even after just a couple of days.’ The first week of the tour included attending classes at Yan’an as well as sightseeing trips around Shanghai. ‘Attending classes taught in Mandarin was a challenge, but it was infinitely worthwhile for our language skills,’ Anton said. During the second week, the group experienced a scenic weekend in Hangzhou, before travelling to Beijing, taking in awe-inspiring sights such as The Great Wall, Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. The group look forward to seeing their friends from Yan’an High School in Brisbane soon, building on what is sure to become a lifelong connection.


The first part of the tour was spent visiting the sights of Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima. This included visiting the Imperial Palace, with its carefully manicured gardens; shopping at Akihabara, the electronic district of Tokyo; seeing Japanese shrines and temples, gaining an insight into the Japanese spiritual culture; and – a favourite of many – watching a Sumo tournament. The group also travelled via the super-fast shinkansen (bullet train). For the last five nights of the trip, the students undertook a homestay experience, being billeted with a host family and attending school with their host-family siblings at Churchie’s sister school, Mie High School. About his home stay experience, Year 10 student Alexander Tomkins said, ‘With our host families arranging numerous parties and activities, we had a great time and were kept very busy. Living with a Japanese family was an invaluable experience, providing an opportunity to practise our Japanese language and be immersed in a Japanese home. Daily activites included soaking in the bath in the evening, eating sukiyaki and okonomiyaki, and walking around the house in special house slippers. Overall the Japan Tour was a very rewarding experience.’

Churchie Serves Samoa Twelve Year 12 students and two staff members travelled to Samoa in June for Churchie’s sixth visit. The purpose of the trip was to help Year 13 students from Alofi-O-Taoa College prepare for their end-of-year external exams.

Churchie has a 12-year association with the college, which commenced when Mania Ieti (2005) came to Churchie from Alofi-O-Taoa. The college is located on the island of Savaii, Samoa’s largest island, a two-hour ferry ride from the main island Upolo which incorporates the Samoan capital, Apia.

The Lam family (Zayne Lam 2016) provided a welcoming reception for the group at their residence in Apia and later at a traditional Samoan fire dance and dinner. Churchie Old Boys Robert Ah Sam (2007) and Andrew Viliamu (2003) also visited the group during their stay.

On the first Sunday of the eight-day tour, Churchie students were welcomed by their host families. As the week progressed, our students were able to experience the daily life of their generous host families. They were made very welcome and overcame personal challenges adjusting to different food, language, accommodation, and customs. Evening prayers and singing sessions, long afternoons in the local villages or at the beach, and being fully involved in domestic chores allowed our students to reflect, with gratitude, for what they have. Many remarked on how they might contribute more to their own families back home. While the teaching aspect was challenging for our students, despite the disciplined nature of the Samoan students, they felt welcomed and appreciated. One highlight was the cultural day where Churchie students were fully immersed in Samoan culture, with traditional dancing, basket weaving, coconut husking and preparing a traditional Umu.

Churchie students and Mr Rod Olsen with Old Boy Andrew Viliamu



Full STEAM Ahead Mr James Moloney, Head of Faculty, Design and Technology, discusses Churchie’s approach to STEAM education.

Any person attuned to today’s mainstream media cannot help but be aware of the numerous references to, and the necessity for, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) education. Recent studies have reported a decreasing number of students in STEAM subjects across the education sector, which indicates a concerning skills gap as we seek to prepare students for their future careers. In response, many education institutions have introduced dedicated STEAM (or STEM) courses for their students. Fortunately for Churchie’s students, the holistic and immersive approach at the School has ensured that STEAM learning is well established, occurring on multiple layers within and between Churchie faculties. The goal of STEAM education is to encourage uptake of this group of subjects in an interdisciplinary and applied approach, which has for several years been a feature of the Churchie curriculum. Students are well immersed in a STEAM agenda, with high participation rates in maths and sciences, and many opportunities to bring together technology, engineering and creative arts. The Hayward Midson creative precinct is an embodiment of this approach, incorporating leading learning space design across creative and technical study areas.

skills, a monster truck. Students then collaborate in small groups to design and build a vehicle that will either compete in a sprint race or a tug-o-war, or race on the all-terrain Monster Jam arena. Monster Jam reflects a STEAM approach by incorporating study of: • Friction, materials and aerodynamics (science) • Digital design, digital fabrication and virtual testing (technology) • Vehicle design fundamentals (engineering) • Team theme designs and decal designs (art) •  Ratio calculations to determine the optimum gearbox selection (maths). Furthermore, by packaging this learning opportunity into a project combining monster trucks and an element of competition, Monster Jam aims to captures the attention of boys and instil an enthusiasm for the subject area that may lead to further study, specialisation and career options.

Visitors to CART – Churchie Art were treated to fine examples of cross-disciplinary projects within the Hayward Midson precinct. Christian Toscano’s prize-winning work used both creative and technology approaches to produce an intricate and stunning laser-cut art work. Christian won the Old Boys’ Association prize, one of three main prizes awarded at CART. Another example of STEAM in practice is a popular project for Year 7 Design and Technology students: Monster Jam. This is an introductory unit requiring boys to develop, using computer-aided design (CAD)


Christian Toscano's artwork at CART

Harrop Family Teaching Fellowship James Moloney is the recipient of this year’s Harrop Family Teaching Fellowship, which has allowed James to undertake an international research opportunity. To study how developing an effective design culture is crucial to preparing boys for careers in innovative environments, James visited schools and universities in Singapore to review how curriculum and facilities are facilitating innovation and creativity. James reported: ‘It was encouraging to see Churchie’s curriculum compares well with what is being achieved in schools in the technology savvy state of Singapore. It was pleasing to see that Churchie's facilities and equipment are superior in quantity and quality in many aspects, but there are opportunities for further improving the current curriculum based on my observations.’



Playing the Long Game Churchie Basketball finished the 2016 GPS season with an impressive array of results across the program. While the First V finished just outside the top three, all Chuchie basketballers can be proud of their incredible results.


Of the 23 teams in the 2016 GPS Basketball competition, 15 achieved undefeated premierships with a further six in the top three (five seconds, one third). The remaining two teams recorded fourth places. Eagles’ Wings spoke to Director of Basketball Trent Goodrick to reflect on the stunning season results and Churchie Basketball's growth over the years: What has been the cause of these great results for Churchie Basketball? Our 2016 results were certainly remarkable, but I am delighted to see this is an upward trend rather than a particularly good year. Our win/loss record over the past 10 years illustrates this very clearly. The results reflect the growing strength of our approach. We value all our teams and players of all levels and focus on each player’s individual growth as well as that of the team. This, along with a supportive community of coaches and parents, has combined to produce the strong program we see today.

Why is basketball becoming so popular? Basketball is increasingly becoming the sport of choice for students, both at Churchie and elsewhere due to it being a low-impact, non-collision and sun-safe sport that is great for spectators and offers many opportunities for individual development. It also reflects a broader resurgence in basketball’s popularity. This year we saw the relaunch of the iconic Brisbane Bullets with Churchie Old Boy Cameron Bairstow returning from playing with the Chicago Bulls in the USA to sign-up for the historic relaunch. Where to from here for Churchie Basketball? Churchie Basketball will strengthen its player development pathway, both through local programs and our links with the new Brisbane Bullets, but also looking at providing internal opportunities for scholar athletes looking for opportunities in USA colleges such as Yale and Harvard.











Aaron Harding (Churchie), Cameron Bairstow, Andrej Lemanis (Brisbane Bullets) and Trent Goodrick (Churchie)

Jim Slaughter (1939), recipient of the Chevalier of the Legion of Honour

Bulls, Boomers, Bullets

Un Tel Honneur!

When Old Boy Cameron Bairstow (2008) signed with the legendary NBA team Chicago Bulls in 2014, Churchie celebrated this historic occasion – the first Queenslander to play in the NBA. However, Cameron continues to write history by returning this year to play for the newly relaunched Brisbane Bullets in what has been described as one of the biggest player signings in National Basketball League (NBL) history.

Old Boy James ‘Jim’ Edgar Slaughter (1939) has been bestowed the Chevalier of the Legion of Honour. Created by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802, the French Government recently extended the award to World War II veterans to pay tribute and show gratitude to those who participated in the D Day landing on 6 June, 1944 and subsequent efforts for the liberation of France. As a World War II Lancaster pilot, Jim was involved in diversionary tactics over Holland on D Day.

‘I’m very excited to be coming back to play for my hometown team. The Bullets were a club that I looked up to growing up, so it’s fantastic to be given this opportunity,’ Cameron said.

Jim and his crew of seven went on to fly 30 missions (a tour) over Germany from December 1944 through to April 1945. On one such mission, Jim and his crew sustained damage from anti-aircraft fire, losing two engines and a third overheating. Jim managed to fly the Lancaster bomber to Allied territory in Belgium, successfully landing the plane with just one engine. For his service and piloting skill, which saved the crew, Jim was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC).

Also this year, Cameron represented Australia at the Rio Olympics in the Australian Boomers basketball team, finishing only one point short of a bronze medal. While at Churchie, Cameron was a member of the Churchie First V who achieved an undefeated GPS Premiership in 2008. After graduating, he attended the Australian Institute of Sport and then moved to the United States for an acclaimed four years in college basketball before being drafted to the Chicago Bulls. Adding to this historic year for the Bullets, Cameron’s younger brother Jarred (2010) is a developing member of the Brisbane Bullets squad. This is the first time in Bullets history that siblings have been on the team. At the time of writing, Brisbane Bullets are in the top half of the results table and we wish Cameron, Jarred and the new-look Bullets the best for this season and look forward to many more seasons to come for this iconic Brisbane sporting team.


Jim and his brother Bill (1941) joined the RAAF at much the same time. Tragically, Bill was killed on a training exercise in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After the war, Jim returned to employment at the Shell company where he worked as an accountant for 40 years. An inveterate student, Jim completed his matriculation and Bachelor of Commerce from The University of Queensland in part-time studies. He continued to undertake numerous courses in electronics, cabinet making and wood carving. Churchie is also proud to acknowledge Robert Jubb (1940), who has also received the Legion of Honour, which will be reported on further in the next issue.

Bastiaan Cool (1960), Daniel Cool (2016), Adrian Cool (1987)

Tim Walsh (1996). Image: Louie Douvis/Fairfax Syndication

Cool Family Legacy

Olympic Gold

When Daniel Cool took the field with the First XV this year, he achieved a milestone for a family with a long Churchie heritage. Daniel became the third generation of the Cool family to represent Churchie as a member of the First XV.

Churchie congratulates Old Boy Tim Walsh (1996) for his role coaching the Australian Women’s Rugby Sevens team to Olympic gold in Rio this year. This was the first time for rugby sevens at the Olympics.

Following in the footsteps of his father, Adrian Cool (1987), and grandfather, Bastiaan Cool (1960), it is believed this is the first time that three generations of a family have played in the Churchie First XV.

Tim reflected, ‘The highlight of the Olympics was at the final whistle, witnessing the players, and staff's faces just beaming with overwhelming excitement and gratification. It was a truly memorable and epic experience. Everything just went to script. I believe all due to the hard work and enjoyment culture we created.’

Bastiaan Cool was a boarder in Gerald House and in 1959 represented Churchie in First VIII Rowing and First XV Rugby. He went on to study medicine at The University of Queensland. Bastiaan’s third son, Adrian, was prop in the 1987 First XV that notably encountered, in a trial game, a Downlands team featuring several future Wallabies: Tim Horan, Brett Johnstone, Brett Robinson, Garrick Morgan and Peter Ryan. Both father and grandfather have left Daniel with big shoes to fill, something not lost on Daniel. Like his father, Daniel also played prop and, like this grandfather, Daniel hopes to study medicine.

For Tim, it was testament to his commitment to the game as a coach and champion of the rugby sevens format. ‘After working in the 7s program I saw the potential to run, create, brand and lead a new era in women's rugby sevens. Churchie laid the platform for the coach I am today. Coaching is rewarding and to do it in an Olympic sport is just ideal,’ Tim said. Another highlight for Tim was to have his victorious team return to Australia in a plane piloted by fellow Old Boy Nikhil Shukla (1996).



What a

Blast! James Morrison returns to Churchie for Jazz Under the Stars.


Churchie’s annual Jazz Under the Stars welcomed jazz great James Morrison back to Churchie who brought his acclaimed quintet and surprise guest vocalist Darren Pervical. It was a musical highlight of the year, affirming Jazz Under the Stars as an event not to be missed. The evening also featured performances from Churchie and Somerville House ensembles with some polished renditions. Director of Music Jeffrey Black remarked, ‘It was a brilliant evening filled with humour and exceptional music making with many truly absorbing and incredible moments.’




Fine Dining The dining experience at Churchie Boarding received a much-anticipated transformation as the stunning new dining room was completed in October 2016.


The project, which involved three Old Boys Guy Williams (architect), Glenn Rohrig (construction) and Theo Catsoulis (timber), has transformed the dining room precinct into a modern facility that remains faithful to the heritage of the much-loved School House.

During the refurbishment, hand prints made by boarders during the original construction were uncovered, bringing us face-to-face with the wonderful heritage of School House and its special place for many generations of Churchie Old Boys.

to have long conversations and catching up with friends.

Timber panelling and high ceilings create a classic, old-school feel with striking stained-glass windows proudly displaying the crests of current and former Boarding Houses and also the School crest.

We asked some Year 7 Churchie boarders what they think of the new dining room:

Stuart Patterson: The dining hall feels like a home away from home because it is comfortable and well decorated. The wood panelled floors and walls give a homey feeling.

James Magoffin: The best thing about mealtime at Churchie Boarding is being able

George Dance: I look forward to mealtimes at Churchie because it gives us a chance to talk to each other and the food is amazing.



Thomas Bartlett, Alex Nobbs and Darcy Gall

Year 3 ON in Book Week costumes

Robot to the Rescue

Colourful Characters

On Friday 29 July, three of our most intrepid roboticists took on the might of Brisbane’s robotics community at the RoboCup Brisbane Regional Competition in Toowong.

Book Week 2016 was a great celebration of literature in the Prep School, beginning with the exciting Book Week Parade featuring our youngest students in Reception to Year 3 dressed as their favourite book characters. The Parade was followed by a shared morning tea of vegemite sandwiches, lamingtons and watermelon, inspired by this year’s Book Week theme 'Australia: Story Country'.

Our team of Alex Nobbs, Thomas Bartlett and Darcy Gall (all Year 10 students) was led by Mr Paul Ho. The competition had three leagues: Dance, Rescue and Soccer. Our group entered the Rescue league, developing an innovative and intuitively adaptive rescue robot, which improved its performance as the course increased in complexity. The boys had to use mechanics theory, mathematics and IPT coding skills to create a robot, which had to perform a series of tasks: navigate to the chemical spill to rescue, control and then manoeuvre the 'victim' to a destination outside the chemical spill area, leaving it in an upright position. Finally, the robot needed to save itself by exiting the chemical spill area via the `spill access point'. Churchie finished third in the field of 30 teams, finishing ahead of schools with strong track records in robotics competitions.

Throughout the week, special events were organised for each Year level. Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 boys and visiting St Margaret’s girls enjoyed activities with visiting authors Frances Watts and Trevor Fourmile. The Year 3 boys learned about Engibear’s interesting engineering projects when they spent the day with author Andrew King. Christine Bongers, author of the CBCA-short-listed book Henry Hoey Hobson, gave the Year 4 boys lots of useful tips for creating stories worth reading. Author Tristan Bancks’s presentation to Years 5 and 6 was both entertaining and engaging, and his exciting writing workshops with each class enthused the boys about both the art of writing and the joy of reading. The week concluded with a special Book Week Assembly. Three students led the assembly and, after announcing the winning books for 2016, the Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 boys performed the Book Week song `Share Your Story'. The Book Week wrap-up video, which showcased the events throughout the week, was enjoyed by all.



QUT Art Museum

Sara Morawetz, How the stars stand (All Sols) and (Dear Nasa), 2015, performance documentation; lambda print, hand typed letters. Image courtesy of the artist

New home for ‘the churchie’

A Stellar Performance

In 2016 the churchie national emerging art prize began its new partnership with QUT Art Museum, one of Australia’s leading university art museums. This is another vital step in assuring ‘the churchie’ keeps its finger on the pulse of the Australian emerging art scene.

At the Official Opening + Prize Announcement of the churchie national emerging art prize on Friday 19 August, Sara Morawetz was announced as winner of $15,000 prize money for her work How the stars stand (All Sols) and (Dear Nasa), 2015. Sara Morawetz’s winning entry in ‘the churchie’ documented a durational performance staged in New York in 2015. Her work investigates the metric of time as an elusive and invisible constraint that indexes both the orbital mechanics of planetary motion and a humanistic desire for measured experience. Sara re-calibrated her time to reflect the local mean solar time on Mars, an act effecting a 2.7 per cent lengthening of her day. Compared to a standard day on Earth, each ‘day’ of her performance became equivalent to 24h 39m 35s – creating a shifting sense of ‘time’ against the Earth’s solar phase.

Now in its 29th year, ‘the churchie’ is one of Australia’s most acclaimed art awards. The move to QUT has allowed artists to propose ideas during the application process, providing an invaluable opportunity to work closely with a professional curator. This year’s exhibition featured work from 23 artists selected from over 1000 entries. Judge Kelly Gellatly, Director, Ian Potter Museum of Art, the University of Melbourne, described the exhibition as, ‘visually engaging and conceptually strong. All of the works continue to reward on return viewing – which is no small feat.’ The exhibition ran for an extended time frame of 12 weeks throughout August to November. Thank you to all our sponsors and, in particular, long-term prize money sponsor Brand + Slater Architects. We look forward to the 30th anniversary of ‘the churchie’ in 2017.

Thanks to the 2016 sponsors of the churchie national emerging art prize. Prize money sponsor:

Venue partner:

Principal sponsors:

Commendations sponsor:

Major sponsors:


Meeting of Minds Churchie was pleased to host the Australasian Philosothon in September, which attracted schools from around the nation to engage in a competition exploring challenging philosophical questions.

The Australasian Philosothon is the national-level competition for schools that have progressed through state and regional levels. Over three days, teams focused on enduring philosophical questions through a process called Community of Inquiry. Questions included ‘Is beauty in the eye of the beholder?’, ‘What is justice?’ and ‘Can science answer moral questions?’

To be successful, student philosophers needed to demonstrate critical and creative thinking and an ability to communicate with clarity and to work collaboratively. Churchie has been a finalist in all but one of the six past Philosothons and the School was proud to achieve a third place this year, with Scotch College first and Hale School second. The Churchie team comprised Charles Chandler Mitchell, Henry Friend, Nicholas Hughes, Noah Duval, Cameron Scott-Mackenzie, Lachlan Marchant, Thomas Nicolson and Finnegan Kelly (pictured l-r). Having students study philosophy and ethics is something that Churchie values highly. Grant Smith, Churchie’s Head of Gifted Education (Aquila), states, 'We are strongly committed to the program because it develops a curiosity about the world in which we live.' 'By engaging with the big philosophical questions, students develop essential critical thinking skills and learn to communicate clearly and positively,' Grant said.

Headmaster Dr Campbell, the Churchie team and Mr Grant Smith


The Philosothon is operated by the Federation of Australasian Philosophy in Schools Associations (FAPSA), a non-profit organisation to promote the study of philosophy in schools.


Congratulations Khoa Tu-Nguyen and William Richardson were finalists in the Australian Brain Bee competition. Finnegan Kelly, Noah Duval, Scott Dyer and Gray Matheson were Queensland Philosothon Junior Division winners. Cameron Scott-Mackenzie, Thomas Nicolson, Finnegan Kelly, Noah Duval, Charles Chandler Mitchell, Nicholas Hughes, Lachlan Marchant and Henry Friend achieved third place at the Australasian Philosothon. Alexander Gluch, James Walker, William Gunn, Alexander Russell finished third in Queensland at OzClo Computational Linguistics Challenge Intermediate Division Alexander Gluch, Harry Scott, Austin Neville, Ian Zhong and Ky Robinson achieved second in the intermediate division of the Maths Team Challenge. Charles Chandler Mitchell, Alexander Gluch, Alexander Russell and William Gunn were national finalists in Future Problem Solving GIPS Senior Division. Hugh Moseley, Thomas Nicolson, Jamie Robbins, Ky Robinson, Scott Dyer, Miguel Cescotto and Ziling Ouyang achieved high distinctions in the Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge. Benjamin Campbell, Shaoyang Gong, Jason Wang, Thomas Nicolson and Jonathan Streeton achieved distinctions in the Australian Geography Competition. Austin Neville, William Jeremijenko, Ian Zhong and Matthew Charker achieved high distinctions in the Big Science Competition. Alexander Gluch, William Gunn, Max Dang, Charles Chandler Mitchell, Alexander Russell, Ramal Wickramasinghe, Khoa Tu-Nguyen and William Richardson won the Year 10 division at da Vinci Decathlon.

Lachlan Caporn, William Bode, Oliver Tsien and Matthew Williams won the team event and Mitchel O’Hehir was one of the top individual speakers at the Queensland Primary Schools Philosothon. Jared Sia, Lachlan Caporn, Dashiell Young, Emmanuel Samios, Ethan Roach, Benjamin Streeton, James Day and Noah Cooper achieved first and third places in two divisions of the Queensland Primary School da Vinci Decathlon. Jared Sia received a silver award in the Asia Pacific Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools. Jared Sia, Ethan Roach, Benjamin Rankin, Nicholas Lacheca and Edward Shepherd achieved high distinctions in the Australian Maths Competition.

Thomas Dooley placed first in the Alpine GS event in Division 5 of the Interschools Snowsport Championships. At the Brisbane Short Course Swimming Championships, Hadley Mayo won eight gold and one silver medals, Izaac Stubblety-Cook won one gold and two silver medals, Charles Smith won two silver medals and Matthew Binks won one bronze medal. Harrison Abeya was a championship member of Queensland Team for the National Team Competition in swimming. Izaac Stubblety-Cook achieved a bronze medal in 200m Breastroke at the Australian Short Course Championships in November.

Jack Butler-Wood represented Metropolitan East in basketball.

Benjamin Parker, Daniel Parker and Darcy Foreman were successful at the International Tae Kwon Do World Championships and at the Tai Kwon Do International Open.

Darcy Marsh represented Australia in the U17 cricket team.

Adam Walton has achieved an ITF junior world tennis ranking of 96.

James Bright, Matthew Greenwood, Ky Robinson, Will Eaglesham, Cooper Whitting, Benjamin Markey and Lachlan Fox represented Metropolitan East in cross country.

Jonathan Wearne placed second in the Athletics Australia, Australian Winter Walks Championship, U14 boys 3000m walk.

Jamie Robbins won a silver medal in 13 year division for Kumite at the Queensland Karate Association State Championships. Maxwell Drummond, Charles Howard, Charlie Scott, Aaron Prosser, Jack Edwards, Zachary Crothers and Hugh Watts represented Metropolitan East in rugby union. Henry Sharp, Tristan Stanghon and Isaac Tarabay represented Queensland at the National Schoolboy Rugby Championships. Henry and Tristan also played in the Australian Barbarians team (Aus A) against Tonga.

Hamish Christie won a silver medal at the Queensland State Titles in under 17 boys slalom for water-skiing. Tom Culleton toured Budapest and Belgrade with the Australian Boys Water-Polo team. Tom Culleton, Daniel Hansen and Sean Riksen were selected in the Open Met East water polo team, with Niam Rashford named as a reserve. Christian Hii, Oliver Crofts and Tyler Nix represented Queensland at the 2016 Australian Junior Volleyball Championships. Archie Ridgway competed in the All Schools State Championships in Aquathlon. 27


From the Chairman of the

Churchie Foundation Also in 2017, we hope to make announcements as to the future stewardship of the Foundation and what our next stage of strategic planning will unveil. It continues to be an exciting and rewarding time for all involved in the Foundation. This year we were pleased to award five recipients funding from the Churchie Foundation Overseas Study Scholarship

Lastly, I take this opportunity to wish Foundation members, Old Boys and the wider Churchie community a safe and happy festive season and a prosperous 2017.

program, including our 100th recipient, Nicholas Scott. Nicholas will study a

As the year draws to a close, it is timely to reflect on the Foundation’s ongoing achievements as we continue to spearhead fundraising for Churchie, now and into the future.

Bachelor of Law at Cambridge University

establishing a bequest to the Churchie

in the United Kingdom. We wish him and

Foundation, I encourage you to contact the

the other recipients well in their chosen

Foundation Office, so they may assist you

endeavours in the coming years.

with the required paperwork.

Since its inception in 1992, the Overseas

In 2017, I look forward to seeing as many

Study Scholarship program has helped

Old Boys as possible at the Old Boys’

Old Boys to further their studies in the

Association Centenary Gala Ball in April.

United Kingdom and the United States. It

All of the Churchie community has continued

is wonderful to think that 100 Churchie Old

to support the Foundation’s efforts to

Boys have benefitted from this scholarship

ensure new buildings and other projects

program, which continues to be supported

can be delivered to give our boys the best

by the generosity of just one Old Boy’s

opportunities during their time at Churchie.

charitable trust.

It has been a priority for the Foundation to continue to maintain our wonderful school precinct and build new facilities so our boys experience a world-class education.

This will be a great celebration for the entire Churchie community and, no doubt, will be synonymous of the Churchie spirit in action. Lastly, I take this opportunity to wish Foundation members, Old Boys and the

One part of the Foundation’s work is to

wider Churchie community a safe and happy

partner with Old Boys’ families through the

festive season and a prosperous 2017. Thank

establishment of bequests to the Churchie

you all for your generous support of the

Foundation. Bequests are a wonderful way

Foundation over the past year.

Currently, through the generosity of the

to leave a legacy to Churchie from you

school community, the Foundation has

or your family, and we’ve received many

Mr Bill Chatterton (1972)

proudly been able to support the construction

generous and valued bequests since the

Chairman, Churchie Foundation

of the Centenary Library, which is fast

Foundation was established. If you are

approaching its completion in early 2017.

revisiting your will or would like to discuss



Clockwise from top left: Bill Chatterton, Nicholas Scott, Daniel Lane, Dr Alan Campbell, Noah Milbourne, David Gunn

Matao Bonney at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

100th Overseas Scholarship

Tao’s Story

The Churchie Foundation reached a significant milestone in its support of Churchie students seeking international study opportunities. This year, the 100th Overseas Study Scholarship was awarded to Nicholas Scott (2015), who was accepted into Cambridge University (UK) for a three-year Bachelor of Law degree, which he will commence in 2017.

In October, Churchie Year 7 boarder Matao (Tao) Bonney addressed a crowd of 500 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre for the annual Yalari Dinner. Demonstrating maturity and confidence, Matao told his story as a Yalari scholar and his journey from Tennant Creek to Churchie boarding:

Upon receipt of his scholarship, Nicholas thanked the Churchie Foundation for its generosity.

'I come from Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory and I belong to the Warumunga tribe. To travel to school, I catch three planes: Tennant Creek to Brisbane via Alice Springs and Adelaide – a 15 hour journey. In Tennant Creek, we don’t have access to internet or email, so the only way to hear of Yalari is word of mouth. My cousin Jayden was a Yalari scholar at Churchie and, through this, my auntie got in contact with Yalari. Five months later I was in Brisbane, surrounded by a bunch of other Year 7 boarders at Churchie from around the country.

‘I am eternally grateful for this overwhelming extra assistance from the Churchie community. The scholarships that I and the other recipients were granted are truly representative of the selflessness and generosity that is constantly displayed by Churchie Old Boys, members of the Foundation and staff,’ Nicholas said. Four other candidates received support for international studies: David Gunn (2000), Daniel Lane (2010), Noah Milbourne (2016) and Jack Tanner (2006). Scholarships are open to students in Year 12 and to Old Boys for undergraduate or postgraduate study. Funding is awarded to successful Old Boy applicants that are furthering their studies in either the USA or the UK. Applications for 2017 the Foundation Overseas Study Scholarships will open in March 2017. Visit to apply. Applications close Wednesday 31 May 2017.

'There are way more people at Churchie than I was used to and the work is so much harder. However, along the way I’ve learned to become more organised and keep on top of my studies. Churchie has great support systems and there are lots of people who are happy to help me out. I’ve met heaps of new friends and become much more responsible as I always have to look out for myself. 'The food is great. On weekends I often go out to recreational activities and I’ve spent a lot of time playing sport: cricket, cross country, soccer, rugby, and track and field. I’m sure I’ll change my mind a few times over the next few years, but I’d like a career where I’m involved with a top-level sporting team, as a player or in sports medicine or sports Through the Churchie Foundation, the Churchie community supports Yalari scholarships. Six Yalari scholars have graduated Churchie, with five currently in the School.



Merry Christmas

from Churchie Prep!


Our youngest students celebrated Christmas with the usual enthusiasm and flair at the Prep School Christmas Pageant for Reception to Year 2 students on 29 November. The audience was treated to a performance of Straw and Order, where a courtroom drama between donkeys and cows takes place in a Bethlehem courtroom. However, when presiding Judge Grump witnesses first hand the birth of Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas, the verdict is clear – love your neighbour.




Calm, peaceful It makes me feel happy

Happier and calmer


Calm Reflections During their Outdoor Education experience, Year 8 students are busy hiking, caving, abseiling and mountain biking.

However, they take time out to complete reflections, noting how they feel when exposed to nature and the natural surroundings. From the top of Bald Rock in the spectacular Girraween National Park, their handwritten comments are a poignant reminder of how important it is to connect with our natural environment.

Calmer, less cooped up by my surroundings

It makes me feel at home Free



From the President of the

Old Boys’ Association To celebrate the centenary of this historic event, the Old Boys’ Association is hosting the OBA Centenary Gala Ball, a black tie mixed event at the Royal International Convention Centre on Friday 7 April 2017. Hosted by Old Boy and former Channel 9 sports presenter Cameron Williams (1980) and Channel 9 television identity Melissa Downes, the ball will showcase 100 years of Old Boys' achievements. To commemorate our centenary, the OBA has commissioned James Mason to author a book combining historical images and commentary reflecting on the life and times of the School. Old Boys and their families are encouraged to offer their own images for possible inclusion in the book.

Eleven Old Boys of the Church of England Grammar School convened a meeting on 23 May 1917 to form the Churchie Old Boys’ Association with the objectives of maintaining fellowship among Old Boys and supporting the School.

This year’s OBA Annual Dinner, held in the beautifully refurbished School House dining room, was a great success with a capacity crowd. Our guest speaker was Don Chandler (1982), who spoke glowingly about his life at Churchie. In concluding, he poignantly expressed, ‘If Canon Morris built a School just over 100 years ago based on character, education, a Christian faith and courage then he could not be unhappy with his enduring legacy. We are merely passing through but we are indeed a privileged crew.’


International reunions this year were held in San Francisco and Auckland. Also, year group reunions for the 1946, 1956, 1966, 1976, 1986, 1996, 2006 and 2011 cohorts were held in conjunction with Churchie’s rugby home games. At the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Churchie was well represented: Cameron Bairstow (2008) – Basketball, Nick Malouf (2010) – Mens Rugby Sevens, and John Millman (2006) – Tennis. We congratulate Cameron, Nick and John for this significant achievement, representing their country on the world stage at the highest level. Old Boys recognised in the 2016 Queen’s Birthday Honours include Geoffrey Alan Thomas AO (1976), Andrew Somerville Kay AM (1972), Warwick Geisel OAM (1962), Geoffrey Wharton OAM (1969) and Heath Jay CSC (1983). We congratulate you for receiving these prestigious awards and acknowledge your community support and generosity. David Miles, the Old Boys Manager, has published a number of articles that have provided an insight into the lives of many Old Boys, including James Slaughter (1939) – awarded French Legion of Honour medal; Rob Hurn (2012) – appointed Captain of the Yale University Boat Club; Robert Menzies (1960) and Grant Menzies (1988) – Adina Watches,

Australia’s last remaining watchmakers; and Tim Walsh (1996) – coach of the Olympic gold medal winning Australian Women’s Sevens. Other Old Boys with notable achievements are John Millman (2006) – progressed to the third round of Wimbledon; Darcy Wruck (2012) and Olly Smith (2013) – represented Australia at the Under 23 World Rowing Championships in Rotterdam in August. Rob Hurn (2012) – represented Great Britain also at the World Rowing Championships; Jaydn Su’A, Brodie Croft and Kayln Ponga (all 2015 cohort) – made National Rugby League debuts for the Brisbane Broncos, Melbourne Storm and North Queensland Cowboys respectively; and Lloyd McDermott (1957) – recognised in the 2016 Queensland Great Awards. Lloyd is Australia’s first Indigenous athlete to play for the Wallabies and Australia’s first Indigenous barrister. He has devoted his time and energy to promoting opportunities for young Indigenous men and women. In conclusion, I wish everyone a happy and safe festive season and look forward to joining with you in 2017 to celebrate 100 years of the Churchie Old Boys’ Association. Mr Con Castrisos (1977) OBA President

Tickets available at the OBA website Early bird discounts available | (07) 389 6 2216



Sir Walter Burnett (1940)

Eric Sclavos (1990)

Old Boy Sir Walter John Burnett was born at North Arm on the Maroochy River. He grew up attending the Maleny Primary School before boarding at Churchie. On a return visit to the School in August 2013, Sir Walter spoke of his fond memories of Churchie, particularly in the school sporting arena where he excelled at swimming and rowing.

In just 43 years, radiologist Old Boy Eric Sclavos lived an extraordinary life.

Upon graduation, Sir Walter worked at a pharmacy in New Farm. After qualifying as a pharmacist he returned to Maleny and continued to live at Burnett's Maleny Hotel (now Hotel Maleny) of which his father was licensee. His generosity to the Maleny community saw him become a local identity, most notably as the President of the Maleny Show Society, a position he held for nine years during the 1950s. He was later its patron. Sir Walter is, however, most well known for his role as the President of the Royal National Society of Queensland (RNA), affectionately known as the Brisbane Ekka. His association with the RNA spanned almost 50 years and one of their exhibition buildings is named in his honour. In 1985, Sir Walter was awarded a Knight Bachelor in recognition of services to the community.

The Old Boys' Association respectfully acknowledges the passing of the following Old Boys. To ensure Old Boys are recognised appropriately, notifications can be emailed to


The youngest of four sons (all Old Boys) to first generation Greek migrants, he obtained his medical degree at The University of Queensland, graduating in 1996. Eric commenced his radiology training at the Princess Alexandra Hospital and later returned as a staff specialist. Passionate about teaching and training, he was instrumental in establishing a state lecture and training program for radiology registrars. His desire to start a private practice radiology chain came to fruition in 2006 as a co-founding partner of Qscan where he remained an executive director until his untimely passing. At Churchie, Eric was awarded the General Merit prize in his senior year and competed in cricket, rugby and chess. He remained active in the sporting arena, particularly in touch football where he was a founding partner of Premier Touch. With his larger-than-life personality and business nous, Eric helped guide this organisation to become one of the largest touch competitions in Australia. Being able to understand people and put himself in their shoes was one of Eric's great skills, which allowed him to be incredibly empathetic. This was one of his greatest strengths as a doctor, a friend and colleague. Eric was an innovative thinker, a true gentleman and a dedicated family man.

John Gwyther Atherton Anthony George Beer David George Biggs Stephen Charles Biggs Henry George Phillip Bolton Fredrick William Maxwell Bond Walter John Burnett Lex Allan Cameron David William Caswell Bryant Albert Christianson Paul Richard Christie William John Kellas Christie Bruce Harold Crawford

1939 – 1943 1972 – 1975 1949 – 1953 1955 – 1958 1951 – 1954 1948 – 1950 1935 – 1938 1942 – 1945 1968 – 1973 1937 – 1942 1987 – 1991 1955 – 1958 1955 – 1958

Sir John Pidgeon (1943) By the late 1980s, FA Pidgeon & Son Pty Ltd had built or developed around 30 per cent of Brisbane’s CBD and Sir John’s vision had also left a mark on the Gold Coast skyline. In recognition of his 'significant contribution to the construction industry and to the community', Sir John was knighted in 1989. He was inducted into the Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame and the Property Council's Australian Property Hall of Fame. Sir John was highly regarded for his philanthropic support of the arts, education and heritage preservation. He served the wider community through the Queensland Cancer Fund and as Chairman of the Salvation Army Advisory Board, the Red Shield Appeal, the Queensland Master Builders Association, Building Services Authority and Suncorp Building Society.

Sir John Allan Stewart Pidgeon

Sir John Allan Stewart Pidgeon attended Churchie from 1940 to 1943. During his school years, he participated in swimming and lifesaving (1940) and in the Third Rugby XV on the wing (1943). After graduating from Churchie, Sir John served in the AIF and qualified as a carpenter. In 1946, he joined the family building business in partnership with his sister Valmai. Sir John married his wife Sylvia in 1952 and they had five children.

Keith Maxwell Cossart George John Dafforn Noel John Dunning Donald Joseph Elks David George Esler Raymond Harold Fitton Alister Mackenzie Forster David Andrew Gibson Richard John Graham John Grainger-Smith Jon Stewart Hansford Geoffrey Edward Hart Peter Roy Jorss

1946 1949 – 1951 1942 – 1943 1941 1946 – 1949 1948 – 1950 1957 – 1963 1964 – 1969 1978 – 1983 1953 – 1957 1970 – 1976 1963 – 1964 1953 – 1956

Sir John always maintained a strong interest in sport, supporting the Surf Life Saving Association and Kirra SLC over many years. He was a major contributor to the construction of the new Churchie sports complex – his way to give back to the school that formed such a strong foundation for his life. In 2014, Sir John noted, 'Churchie gave me a lot. Much more than just a good education and a great start in life – lifelong friendships and lasting memories too. As an Old Boy, I’m pleased to be able to give something back.' Named in his honour, the Sir John Pidgeon Sports Complex was completed in 2010. Sir John passed away on 2 June 2016.

Martin John Neilson Michael Patrick Parikka John Allan Stewart Pidgeon Colin Cyril Rae Maxwell James Roberts Bruce Charles Robinson Graham Thomas Saggers William Hugh Savage Kyriakos Eric Sclavos Benjamin Darren Anthony Smith Ian Alexander Hunter Thomson Maurice Dudley Weldon David Winston Wilson

1961 – 1967 1972 – 1979 1940 – 1943 1951 – 1953 1943 – 1945 1955 – 1959 1949 – 1952 1953 – 1957 1983 – 1990 1982 – 1987 1947 – 1949 1949 – 1957 1955 – 1958 39


OBA Annual Dinner Guest Speaker Don Chandler (1982)


OBA Reunions 1946, 1956, 1966, 1976, 1986, 1996, 2006, 2011



Porsche Centre Brisbane, Austral Jaguar, Austral Land Rover and Austral Volvo 2016 has been an incredible year and we have been proud to stand alongside the Churchie community, supporting the boys in their achievements. From loaning cars for video shoots during Australian Business Week to our involvement with Churchie Rugby and the upcoming cricket season, we are proud to contribute to the development of the next generation.


In October, Churchie Seniors visited our Porsche showroom to hear David Crosdale, Steve Tibaldi and guest speaker Darren Lockyer talk about sport and business. We were impressed with the calibre of the young men and wish them, and indeed all Churchie’s Year 12 cohort, every success as they embark on the next stage of their lives.



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Profile for Churchie

Eagles' Wings Summer Issue 2016  

The biannual magazine of Anglican Church Grammar School (Churchie)

Eagles' Wings Summer Issue 2016  

The biannual magazine of Anglican Church Grammar School (Churchie)