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奠定英语基础,架设腾飞桥梁 Building Blocks for English... ...Linking Teachers and Trainers

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Company Information Mission Statement Introduction Anglia Greater China Corporate Social Responsibility

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Anglia English Testing Anglia English Testing International Standardization and Recognition Qualifications & Certificates Test Preparation Resources

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学习资源及课程 Anglia教师在线 Anglia英语在线 Anglia企业客户及培训 Anglia夏令营


Anglia English Teacher Training Anglia English Teacher Training

Anglia英语测试 国际标准及认证 资格及认证 备考资源


Anglia English Training Learning resources & courses Anglia Teachers Online Anglia English Online Anglia Corporate Clients & Training Anglia Summer Programs

我们的使命 介绍 Anglia大中华区 企业责任



Mission Statement


‘To provide teachers and students within the international community with a progressive, high quality, fair, objective and user-friendly range of English language training, examinations and teaching certificates which will impact positively on their learning and on their professional and personal development.’

‘Anglia致力于为中国的教师及学生 提供全套进阶式、高质量、公平、公 正、易于理解及掌握的英语考试及教 学体系。为学习者的个人学习及专业 发展铺平道路。’




Anglia Education Group in partnership with Anglia Examination England has a shared vision to provide opportunities for more people learning international English with recognition of this achievement at all levels.

Anglia教育集团与英国Anglia考试委员会互为合作 伙伴,致力于为更多人提供学习一系列国际英语认 证的机会。 Anglia教育集团专门为学校、教师和学生提供实用

Anglia Education Group specializes in providing highly functional; skills based English learning solutions for schools, teachers and learners. Anglia Examinations is a British Examination Board operated by state owned Chichester College, a highly respected and accredited education institution in England. Anglia has specialised in English training and testing for non-native speakers of English for over 17 years and currently operates a unique step-by-step learning and assessment system in over 42 countries.

性强且基于技巧的英语学习解决方案。 Anglia考试委员会由倍受推崇的国立奇切斯特学院 运营,拥有17年针对非英语为母语的学习者进行英 语培训和测试的经验。Anglia目前在全球42个国家 推行一套独特的进阶式学习及鉴定系统。 Anglia的培训及语言鉴定受到国际广泛认可,并与 欧洲语言共同参考架构相对应,后者为衡量和确定 第二语言水平和准确性的国际标准。 Anglia专精于三大领域:

Anglia’s training and assessments are internationally recognised, accredited and aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) the benchmark and standard used to measure and determine accuracy and proficiency for second language users. Anglia has three main areas of expertise   


English Training English Testing English Teacher Training




Anglia Greater China


In Mainland China Anglia products, training and services are only available through Anglia TEN – The English Network. Anglia TEN has citywide representatives that service the Anglia TEN member schools, training centers, universities and individual English teachers in their area. Anglia TEN is supported by our Anglia China Regional Office in Beijing and Anglia Area offices in Shanghai and Taipei.


Anglia TEN offers special member only discounts, making our training and services even better value for you. We produce regular news on topical issues related to English learning, assessment and teacher training including details of special offers relating to our products, courses and services. Information on Anglia TEN and how to become a citywide representative, member school or teacher can be found on the Anglia websites or by contacting our Beijing regional office.

品、培训及服务。Anglia英语联盟的市级代表为当 地的联盟学校、培训中心、大学及英语教师个人提 供服务。Anglia设在北京的中国区办公室以及设在 上海和台北的区域办公室将向Anglia英语联盟提供 全面支持。 Anglia英语联盟为会员提供特殊折扣、提供超值的 培训和服务。我们定期推出有关英语学习、评估和 教师培训方面的新闻,以及产品、课程及服务的特 殊优惠。 关于Anglia英语联盟的更多信息以及如何成为 Anglia市级代表、联盟学校或联盟教师,请登录 Anglia官方网站查询,或请直接致电我们的区域办 公室。

Corporate Social Responsibility


We believe organisations have a social responsibility to contribute generously to their local community, and to seek the welfare of society in general. Anglia Education Group has a strong commitment to social responsibility, and is proud to be the corporate sponsor of Zhong Yi (Chung Yi) Social Welfare Foundation, one of the oldest and most well respected charities in Taiwan and the English For Kids Foundation (EFKF)

我们相信企业都应具有社会责任感,为当地社区提 供慷慨捐助,并追求大众的社会福利。Anglia教育 集团一直以来致力于自身的社会责任,我们很自豪 能够成为忠义社会福利基金(台湾及英国历史最悠 久且最受尊重的一家儿童基金慈善机构)的赞助企 业。 Anglia教育集团的贡献:

Anglia Education Group contributes by:   

Organising volunteer workers and teachers. Offering free products, training and services Sponsorship Raising financial assistance

Promotion: Raising public awareness through various activities For further information on our Social responsibility projects please contact your local Anglia office.




通过各种活动宣传推广,提升公共意识。 更多关于我们的社会责任项目信息,请联系您当地 的Anglia办公室。


Anglia English Testing


Anglia’s testing system is a standardized and progressive method of ensuring that teachers and learners can make an accurate, reliable and objective assessment of how their English training is developing. Whilst at the same time rewarding, stimulating and encouraging students to continue to a higher level of proficiency.


All tests include Listening, reading and writing with an optional speaking test.

在培训过程中的每一个阶段做出准确、可靠以及客 观的评估。同时鼓励和推动学生继续向高级别的语 言水平迈进。 所有级别的测试均包含听力、阅读和写作,口语部 分为选考。 每个级别都设有独立的测试和认证。

All levels have a separate test and certificate. 少儿:共有5个级别的少儿英语测试,涵盖从幼儿园 Young Learners: There are five young learners levels ranging from Kindergarten through Elementary school. The tests are design to be uncomplicated and fun ensuring beginners don’t feel pressure.

到小学的英语学习者。这个级别的测试在设计上避 免复杂,增添了乐趣,确保初学者不会感到压力。 中级:该阶段共分3个级别,主要面向初中和高中的

General Intermediate levels: For Junior and High School students has three levels becoming more demanding introducing with greater grammar and writing skills. Higher levels: For university students has three levles to assess English proficiency for academic purposes and expect students to be competent in the English language in most learning, social and work environments. Business Levels: there are four business English tests for those who wish to specialize in English for their career or work situation. Anglia Examinations Online Besides the standard paper based test, Anglia offers certain Levels also as an online test for the Listening, Reading& Writing components. Why Use the Anglia Step by Step system  Internationally recognised, accredited and regulated.  Internationally standardised English levels aligned to CEFR.  Objective evaluation for all levels  Highly stimulating step by step system with visible progress  All tests written in the UK  All tests graded in the UK  Certificates from the UK  Preparation for studying overseas  Preparation for travel, work or living overseas  Career development.


学生,该阶段的测试对于语法及写作技巧方面提出 了更高的要求。 高级:对于接受大学教育的学生,Anglia提供更高 3个级别的测试评估以学术目的为主的英语水平,并 期望学生能够在大部分学习、社交及工作环境中游 刃有余。 商务级别:Anglia为专注于职场的人士提供4个级 别的商务英语考试。 Anglia在线考试 除了标准的纸质试卷之外,Anglia也在特定的几个 级别中推出在线考试版本,在线测试包含听力、阅 读及写作部分。 为什么采用Anglia进阶式系统 


国际标准化的英语语言层级,对应欧洲语言共同 参考架构









International Standardization and Recognition Anglia Examinations, training courses and resources are aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Anglia uses the CEFR to ensure we follow internationally recognized standards, levels and stages for language learning, acquisition and assessment. In addition Anglia is recognized and regulated by a wide range of education authorities, institutions and organizations, which guarantee our quality control and assurance. About the CEFR. The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - Learning, Teaching, and Assessment, abbreviated, as CEFR is a guideline used to describe achievements of learners of foreign languages and was developed through a process of scientific research and wide consultation led by the Council of Europe and including respected universities, examination boards, specialist professors and experts. The CEFR provides a practical tool for setting clear standards to be attained at successive stages of learning and for evaluating outcomes in an internationally comparable manner.

国际标准及认证 Anglia在众多教育主管部门、机构及组织的认可和 监管下,依据欧洲语言共同参考架构,遵循国际公 认的语言学习及评估的标准和等级,设计并制定出 全套的培训、考试、测评及认证体系。 欧洲语言学习、教学、评量共同参考架构是在欧洲 理事会领导下,经过一系列科研和广泛协商发展而 成,它为评估和认证语言运用能力的迫切需求提供 了一个指导性框架,详尽描述语言学习者在不同语 言能力阶段可以达到的语言运用水平。 它被越来越多地用于国家课程改革,以及为在欧洲 和世界范围内的语言证书对比提供了标准。 Anglia内部的欧洲语言共同参考架构对照工程,确 保其所有新的产品和教学及考试大纲的变化都与欧 洲语言共同参考架构相一致。

It is increasingly used in the reform of national curricula and internationally for the comparison of

Minimum Score Per Band

490 / 455 200 / 200

400 / 385 160 / 150

275 / 275 120 / 120

110 / 115

90 / 70

60 / 65

50 / 30


language certificates both within Europe and as an international standard worldwide. Anglia has an ongoing CEFR mapping project to ensure that all new developments and changes to the syllabus and examinations stay aligned to the CEFR.

Anglia经英国资格与考试监 督办公室认可并列于英国国 家证书数据库中。 Ascentis为经监管机构核准 的一家英国国立授证机构。

Ofqual, which is the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation, is a UK government sponsored public body which oversees the national curriculum of the UK and all the associated assessments and examinations. It is the only official body in the UK with the power to accredit qualifications. Ascentis is an English National Awarding Body approved by both the English regulatory bodies (Ofqual and QAA) to design, administer and award qualifications to national standards. Anglia is listed on the British Council Website for English Examinations which are accredited in the UK. These examinations are widely recognised by institutions and organisations.

UCAS are the organisation responsible for managing applications to higher education courses in the UK. Anglia’s Proficiency level is listed as accepted as evidence of having met English proficiency requirements.

Anglia is an Ealta member. Ealta is a professional association for language testers in Europe.


Anglia列于英国文化协会英 国认证英语考试的网站上。 此些考试均被学院和机构广泛认可。

英国大学和学院招生服务中 心(UCAS)认可Anglia高级 英语作为入学申请的语言要求。

Anglia为欧洲语言考试及评 量协会会员。

Qualifications & Certificates


All Anglia exams include an assessment of reading, writing and listening, with speaking as an optional component.


There is no age limit to who can partake in any of the test levels, whether one is 4 or 90 years old. The test may be taken by anyone. Anglia qualifications are suitable for those who want to check their child’s English ability, plan to study overseas, show evidence of their English proficiency for professional or career purposes, or to live and travel abroad.

以及选考的口语部分。 参加任一级别的考试均没有年龄的限制。 无论您想检测孩子的英语水平、打算出国留学、或 是出于职业发展目的展示英语水平、再或是希望出 国旅行或移居,Anglia的认证都是绝佳的选择。 所有Anglia的资格及证书终身有效。

All Anglia qualifications and certificates are valid for life.


Test Preparation Resources


Anglia offers a range of supplementary materials to help the teacher in class or student and parent at home.


Teacher’s Handbook: We understand that teachers are very busy and therefore we want to make their job more easy and convenient rather than increase their work load. The teachers handbook explains in detail the syllabus of each training and examination level and what the students are expected to learn and know.


Bussiness Handbook: The aim of this guide is to provide both teachers and the candidates with all the information they need to prepare for the Anglia Business English exams. It includes a syllabus for each level, a book list, and, most importantly, practice papers at every level, including the listening sections and a mark-scheme which includes sample answers for all the writing sections. A CD with all the recordings for the listening sections of the papers is also provided with the book. Sample Paper and Past Paper Books: To help fully prepare the candidate taking the Anglia Exam, Anglia has put together a set of past papers in book form for the candidate to practice. As part of Anglia’s philosophy Anglia wants to ensure the candidate is not faced with trick questions or surprises. Anglia wants to test the candidate’s English Language competency and offers the past papers to help the candidate know and get acquainted with the test paper structure, knowing exactly what to expect and being able to show their true ability at the ‘real’ test.


希望让他们的工作更加容易和方便。教师手册详细 介绍了每个级别培训及考试的大纲,以及学生在每 个级别所应具备的能力。 商务英语手册:该手册旨在提供教师和考生所有关 于Anglia商务英语考试的备考信息。它包含每个级 别的考试大纲,以及每个级别包含听力部分的练习 试卷,阅卷指南中包括了所有笔试的参考答案。该 手册中提供的CD收录了所有练习试卷的听力部分。 样卷及真题集:为了帮助考生充分准备Anglia的考 试,Anglia将过往的考卷编辑成册供考生练习。 如Anglia的理念中所讲,Anglia的考卷不设陷阱 题,Anglia所希望测试的是学生的真实英语能力, 提供过往的考题是希望帮助考生了解考卷的结构, 告诉考生他们在真正考试时所将会面对的以及如何 展现自己的真实水平。 分级测试:为帮助考生了解自身适合的考试级 别,Anglia教育集团提供两种版本的分级测试,在 线版本及纸质版本。 Anglia写作指南:该书由Anglia主考官Liz Bangs Jones女士编写,详细介绍了优秀写作的窍门及技 巧,同时说明了Anglia考试大纲针对初级至精通级 在写作部分的要求。

Placement Test: Anglia Education Grioup offers placement tests to determine at which level the candidate should take the Anglia Exam. An online and paper based version are offered. Anglia Guide to Good Writing: This book was written by Liz Bangs Jones Anglia Chief Examiner and explains how to write good essays and compositions whilst explaining the Anglia syllabus and what writing is required in the examinations from Elementary to Masters Levels.


Learning resources & courses


Anglia learning resources are not merely English textbooks but integrate knowledge of culture, ethics and environmental awareness. Students have unlimited potential to achieve their highest goals, and our aim is to provide the best learning tools so that learners can thrive in their English education. The different resources are based on and aligned to the Anglia syllabus as well as different learning approaches and teaching methods such as Total Physical Response, Content and Language integrated learning, Multiple Intelligence, Brain based learning.


Anglia resources encourage blended learning of both classroom, online and self study materials including books, CD’s and interactive tools. Why Use Anglia Learning Resources?   

 

Approved by Anglia Examinations, U.K. Adopts International English. Comprehensive, fun and engaging learning resources. Adheres to the principle of learning by doing. Enhances creativity, essential thinking skills, and artistic values. User-friendly teacher’s resources and lesson plans.

Young Learners CanDo Kindergartens K1,K2 and K3 Can Do Series is designed for young learners taking their first steps in English and up to the primary levels. It is a thematic and story-based unit that is led by two main characters ‘Candy and Dodi’. Includes: Student books, Work books, CD’s, Flash Cards, Posters and Puppets.

合了有关文化、道德以及环保意识方面的知识。对 于学生来讲,他们有无限的潜能实现自身的最高目 标,而我们的目标正是为学生提供最好的学习工 具,让他们在学习英语的道路上蓬勃发展。所有的 资源都是基于Anglia的教学大纲以及各种不同的学 习及教学方法而开发,例如肢体回应教学法、科目 及语言整合学习法、多元智能以及脑部及身心发展 学习等。 Anglia的学习资源鼓励将课堂学习、在线以及自 学融为一体的混合式学习方式,自学资料包括书 籍、CD和互动式工具。 为什么采用Anglia的学习资源? 







少儿 Anglia Can Do英语幼儿园及早期学习者(小班 - 大 班) Can Do系列教材适用于幼儿园至小学水平的学 生,专为初学者参加入门一至初级英语等级测试而 设计。它以一个主题和故事为基础贯穿整套教材, 两位主人公分别叫‘Candy和Dodi’。 包括:学生用书、练习册、CD、闪卡、海报以及 布偶。 Anglia Cool 英语 初级和初学者 (小班 – 6年级) Cool是以文件集的形式,专为少儿英语教师提供的

Anglia Cool English Elementary & Beginners (K1 – School Year 6) Cool is a portfolio based English learning resource for teachers of young learners. There are three age ranges

英语学习资源。 共有3个年龄范围 


Bright Sparks:7-9岁

Super Stars:10-12岁


  

Starlets: 4-6 years old Bright Sparks: 7-9 years old Super Stars: 10-12 years old

Each portfolio has a wide variety of activities, games and exercises all indexed by topic and Anglia test level to make the system easy for teachers to use either as supplementary class material or for additional preparation before an Anglia examination. The portfolios are updated on a regular basis and Anglia TEN members are sent these free electronically. In addition there is a dedicated Anglia Cool website with further interactive resources and a Cool monthly newsletter. Teachers may also choose to use the student portfolios, which can be used for pupils to save their English course work, an English journal, photos and Anglia examination.

每份文件集都包含了各种各样的活动、游戏和练 习,以话题和Anglia考试级别进行索引的方式,使 得这套系统易于使用,教师可以用它作为课堂教学 的补充材料或是Anglia考试的备考资源。 文件集会定期进行更新,所有Anglia的联盟学校都 会免费收到更新后的电子文档。 此外,Cool还有一个专门的网站承载了更多互动资 源,以及通讯月刊。 教师们也可以选择使用学生文件集,为学生保存他 们的英语作业、英语日记、照片以及Anglia测试。 Anglia Alive 英语初级(1年级 - 6年级) Anglia Alive系列是一套完整的英语培训课程,该 系列共包含12套书,适用于6岁到12岁的学生。 每套教材包含学生用书、练习册、CD以及一本阅读

Anglia Alive Elementary years 1-6 The Anglia Alive series is a complete English training course consisting of twelve books for children 6-12 years old.

书籍,同时每套教材还包含了在线互动资源,供学 生在学校或家中使用。

Each set includes one Student book, workbooks, CDs and a reader.

General Intermediate & Higher English Step To Books Junior & senior high school to University (School Years 7 upwards) Anglia Step To books are ideal for High schools and universities. The series has a strong focus on those areas of the English language, which candidates often struggle with. It also offers many exam practice exercises to familiarize the student with the Anglia Exam structure, which at the general and higher levels becomes more demanding.

中级和高级英语 Step To书籍 初中、高中至大学(初中以上) Anglia Step To教材是高中和大学英语学习的理想 选择。该系列教材着重关注学生在英语语言学习过 程中的薄弱环节,提供了大量实战练习,让学生们 了解Anglia的考试结构。 Step To系列教材以主题为基础,通过每一个主题单 元或与青年人、成人相关的话题来帮助学生拓展英

     


Step To Elementary (A2) Step To Pre-Intermediate Step To Intermediate (B1) Step To Advanced (B2) Step To AcCEPT Proficiency (C1) Step To Masters (C2)

语水平。 

Step To 初级(欧洲语言共同参考架构A2)

Step To 普级

Step To 中级(欧洲语言共同参考架构B1)

Step To 中高级(欧洲语言共同参考架构B2)

Step To 高级(欧洲语言共同参考架构C1)

Step To精通级(欧洲语言共同参考架构C2)

Anglia Teachers Online


Anglia offers many courses online through “real time” fully interactive, live broadcast classes. Using a specially developed start of the art web based platform we offer students the opportunity to study English at home or from anywhere they wish. The student can register for online classes in the morning, afternoon or evening any day of the week.


These small classes range from 1 student to 10 students with an experienced and qualified foreign teacher. Courses include Conversation classes, General English, Examinations preparation and Business English and are available for durations of four weeks to 48 weeks.

使用目前最先进的网络平台,Anglia真正实现了为 学生提供在家或在任何地点学习英语的机会。学生 可以在一周中的任何时间里,无论是早上、下午或 是晚上,随时注册登录网上课程。 小班授课的学生数量从1人至10人不等,我们会安 排有经验且合格的外籍教师进行授课。 在线课程包括对话交流、通用英语、备考课程以及 商务英语等,课程周期从4周至48周不等。

Anglia English Online


In cooperation with Burlington English, Anglia offers a unique program for learning English with anytime-anywhere access to state-of-the-art online interactive courses. Students study as often as they like, whether that’s a few hours a week or several hours a day. They are limited only by their motivation to succeed.


Institutions such as colleges can use Anglia English Online and universities who wish to integrate the system into their existing curriculum creating a unique blended learning experience. Courses available include general English at four adult levels    

Everyday English 1 Everyday English 2 Everyday English 3 Everyday English 4

Career extension English for Professional use include courses in Business, banking, medicine, education,

lish合作为英语学习提供了 一套独特的方案,学生可 以随时随地进入最新式的在线互动课程。不论是一 周几个小时或是一天几个小时,学生可以依照自己 的意愿进行学习。 作为大学或学院等机构,可以将Anglia英语在线嵌 入进自身现有的课程体系当中,为学生创造一个独 特的混合式学习体验。 课程包含四个通用英语级别: 





此外,我们也为中高级学习者提供了职业英语学习 课程,包括商业、 银行业、医药、教育、法律、高 科技、酒店及旅游业等。

law, hi-tech, hotel and tourism, English teaching.

Anglia企业客户及培训 Anglia Corporate Clients & Training Anglia教育集团同时也是都邦企业沟通公司的母公 Anglia Education Group is the parent company of Duban a Corporate Communication Company. Duban’s experience shows that communication problems within companies often reflect a combination of factors, for which a tailor made solution is often neces-

司。都邦多年的经验表明公司内部的沟通问题通常 是多种因素引起的,因此企业需要一个量身定制的 解决方案加以改善。正因为如此,都邦自上而下、 结合所有可用知识和经验为企业提供完善且长期的


sary. For this reason, Duban assesses communications deficits from the top down, combining all available assets and expertise in order to provide complete, long-term solutions. Duban offers our corporate clients business skills training, language training, management and executive coaching, lecture series, translation project management, technical editing, and team building to overcome these problems.

解决方案。都邦为我们的企业用户提供商务技能培 训、语言培训、管理和执行教练、系列讲座、翻译 项目管理、技术编辑以及团队建设,帮助企业克服 相关问题。 我们的企业客户包括宏基、华硕、星展银行、赢 创、捷安特、JP摩根、法拉利、太阳计算机系统以 及威立雅水务。

Our clients include Acer, Asus, DBS Bank, Evonik, Giant, JP Morgan, Ferrari, Sun Microsystems and Violia.

Anglia Summer Programs Anglia offers a variety of specially designed English camps in Europe and the UK.

Anglia夏令营 Anglia在欧洲和英国提供各式各样量身定制的英语 夏令营项目。

All the programs offer three core features:


English in Class – mixed nationality small size classes with highly trained and experienced native English teachers using the Anglia system.


English in Action – exciting activities, qualified instructors, highest safety standards, mixed nationality including native British students. Quad biking, horse riding, golf, climbing, air riffles, archery, kayaking, rafting, sports, swimming, etc.

语教师,采用Anglia教学系统。 活动中的英语 – 令人兴奋的活动、合格的指导教 师、最高的安全标准,包括英国本土学生在内的混 合国籍。 四驱车、骑马、高尔夫球、攀岩、空中浅滩、射 箭、皮划艇、漂流、运动、游泳等。

Education & Culture Excursions – visits to national places of interest as well as universities and fashion shows, rock concerts, West End Theatre Productions.

教育及文化游览 – 游览国家级景点以及大学和时装 秀,摇滚音乐会、剧院演出等。

Anglia Adventure 7- 17 years Old


Anglia Adventure is currently offered at centres in the UK during July and August. The Chinese students experience a shared living and learning environment with other international students from countries such as UK, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Egypt and Greece.


Locations include some of the safest and most beautiful parts of England and the centres are situated in some of the most prestigious boarding schools with excellent accommodation



险夏令营。中国的学生将与来自其他诸如英国、法 国、荷兰、比利时、德国、西班牙、埃及以及希腊 等国家的学生们一起共享生活和学习时光。 Anglia夏令营选取的地点包括了一些全英最安全且 最美丽的地方,营地均为英国最负盛名的寄宿制学 校,提供一流的住宿和设施。

Anglia Twinning 7-17 years old


Anglia Twinning is currently offered at centres in mainland Europe where the programs are usually located on university campuses. Unlike Anglia Adventure where students are resident in boarding schools, a unique feature of Anglia twinning is that students live with the family of a European student of the same age and gender living in close proximity to the centre creating a friendly “twinning” shared English learning experience.



活动都会安排在大学校园内。与Anglia历险夏令 营不同的是,学伴之旅的学生不会住在寄宿制学校 内,而是住在欧洲结对学生的家中,这些欧洲的结 对学生和中国的学生同样年龄、同样性别,以此创 造一个友好温馨的环境,分享英语学习的体验。

Anglia发现之旅 Anglia Discovery 18+ years Anglia Discovery groups are for young adults and therefore the program is far less structured with more flexibility, options and independence. As well as team building activities the Anglia Discovery Groups encourage students to “discover” their future career path or opportunities for further or higher education.

18岁以上青少年 Anglia发现之旅国际游学团主要针对于青年人, 因此日程的设置更加灵活、选择更多,也更具独立 性。同时,团队拓展活动鼓励学生去“探索”自己 未来的职业规划或者教育深造的机会。


Anglia English Teacher Training


From kindergartens to universities, private training centres to government institutions; teachers take a vital role in the development of English proficiency amongst their students, local community and society at large.

从幼儿园到大学,从民办学校到公立学校,教师始 终在学生、当地社区以及整个社会的英语教育当中 起着十分关键的作用。 教师拥有独特的身份,他们分享自己的知识和经

Teachers are in a unique position to share their knowledge and experience and as such carry the responsibility for themselves to keep learning and extending their own skills and ability. Aim: To improve the teachers own English level and professional use of English.  To develop teaching skills & knowledge  To enhance the overall teaching experience 

Method  Skills based – integrating knowledge and practice  Highly functional - trainees can adapt and apply what they have learned in their own teaching environment.  Interactive - Shared participation of instructors and trainees.  Progressive - encouraging continued development and learning with certificates at each stage.

验,因此有责任不断地完善自身学习和拓展自己的 技能。 Anglia-国际英语教师证书 目的: 




方式: 

基于技能 – 知识与实践相结合

实用性强 – 学员能够将所学知识应用到自身的 教学环境中

互动 – 教员和学员共同参与

进阶 – 鼓励不断向前发展,配以每个阶段证书。

进阶级别 Progression Levels  ITEC 1 Elementary  ITEC 2 Intermediate  ITEC 3 Advanced  ITEC 4 Proficiency CEFR & Anglia Examination English Requirement  ITEC 1 A2 Elementary










对应欧洲语言共同参考架构以及Anglia考试英语语 言要求

  


Intermediate Advanced Proficiency

Education & Teaching Experience  ITEC 1 & 2 No teaching experience is required 

ITEC 3 & 4

Completion of ITEC1 & 2 OR 1 to 2 years teaching experience.





(欧洲语言共同参考架 构A2)Anglia初级

(欧洲语言共同参考架 构B1)Anglia中级

(欧洲语言共同参考架 构B2)Anglia中高级

(欧洲语言共同参考架 构C1)Anglia高级

Modules  ETS  ETL  ETE

English Teaching Skills English Teaching Language English Teaching Experience

Course Duration  ITEC One 20 Hours Class plus 5 hours self study assignment  ITEC Two 30 Hours Class plus 5 hours self study assignment  ITEC Three 40 Hours Class plus 10 hours self study assignments  ITEC Four 80 Hours Class plus 20 hours self study assignments

教育以及教学经验 

国际英语教师证书1和2 不需要具备教学经验

国际英语教师证书3和4 完成国际英语教师证书 1和2的课程或具备1至2 年的教学经验

模块 







课程时长 Delivery Method The ITEC courses include face-to-face or online live broadcast class time plus guided self-study assignments. ITEC courses can be taken full time or part time at evening or weekend class. Course Material Each course comprises of a portfolio containing the content for each of the modules and units. There is also information for the assignments and extra reading & study. Units & Course Code English Teaching Skills  ETC1 Classroom Management  ETC 2 Lesson Planning  ETC3 Identifying Learning Resources  ETC4 Teaching Method and Practice  ETC5 English drama and music English Teaching Language  ETL1 Classroom English  ETL2 English Assessment  ETL3 Developing English conversation  ETL4 Writing skills  ELT5 Listening skills









授课方式 国际英语教师证书课程包含面授或在线实时直播课 程,外加引导下的自学任务。 国际英语教师证书课程可采用全日制方式或利用傍 晚或周末时间上课。 课程教材 每门课程包括一个文件集,包含每个模块和单元的 内容。另外还有自学任务以及需额外阅读研究的信 息。 单元及课程代码 英语教学技能 ETC1











English Teaching Experience ETE1 TESOL Knowledge & skills  ETE2 English culture and diversity  ETE3 Developing Your Own skills  ETE4 Writing your own learning resources  ETE5 Teaching Management  ETE6 Organising courses and summer programs 

Self Study Assignments (SSA) Each assignment is expected to take 5 hours during which time the trainee will be guided by an experienced teacher usually be e-mail. All assignments will be graded

Teaching Practice Certificate (TPC) An optional Teaching Practice Certificate can be taken 4- 6 weeks after the completion of each course. This will involve an examiner visiting the teacher’s place of work to observe the class, teaching and to assess how well the trainee has been able to implement what has been learned in class.

英语教学语言 

ETL1 课堂英语

ETL2 英语评估

ETL3 拓展英文对话

ETL4 写作技能

ELT5 听力技能

英语教学经验 

ETE1 ESOL知识及技能

ETE2 英语文化及多样性

ETE3 拓展自身技能

ETE4 编写自己的学习资源

ETE5 教学管理

ETE6 筹备课程和暑期活动

自学任务(SSA) 每项任务预计需要5小时。期间,我们对安排一名经 验丰富的教师通过电子邮件形式对学员进行指导。 所有任务都将得到批阅。

教学实践证书(TPC) 完成每门课程的4到6周之后,学员可以申请一份教 学实践证书。我们将安排一名考官拜访申请教师的 工作学校观摩课堂及教学,评估该教师是否已将课 堂所学的知识和技能很好地运用到自身的教学过程 中。








AEG General Brochure  

General information on Anglia Education Group products and services

AEG General Brochure  

General information on Anglia Education Group products and services