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‘You inspired, moved and fascinated them and we have had many discussions over the weekend about what it all means and where they, as young people in 2011, fit in to the grand scheme of things.’ Parent of student at Stephen Perse Girls School

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Foreword by Mark Sanders How can any first time group leader select the educational tours company that best meets the specific needs of their group? What would encourage an experienced group leader to select a different tour company? Assuming the company can offer the product required what else can a group leader assess with any degree of objectivity? These are questions I have struggled to address during 33 years of working for large educational tours companies with their well-tuned marketing campaigns and automated administrative procedures. Perhaps by highlighting the significant differentiators that first attracted me to Anglia Tours Limited, I can help you answer these questions. Anglia Tours is a smaller and growing company specialising in history tours which displays a refreshing approach to its work. For Anglia the desire to provide a first class service to all clients by offering a crafted product definitely ranks above any other ambitions. Where else would you find a Managing Director and his senior staff, who consider the most important part of their work to be their personal visit to a school to deliver a presentation on a forthcoming tour? In fact how many other companies provide this service at all? In addition, members of the senior team are often to be found actually guiding a group on a battlefield or other historical site somewhere in Europe. This affection for the product and closeness to clients creates a unique office culture. Staff are trained to establish the themes and objectives that individual clients wish to prioritise at an early stage of planning. These are refined and then organised in a practical way to ensure the smooth

running of each tour. In this way a very bespoke tour is created, with clients having substantial input into visits and timings. This background preparation enables Anglia’s team of historical tour guides who accompany each tour to interact in a very positive way with each group. They transfer knowledge through a mixture of facts lightened by anecdotes, thought-provoking questioning, reference to the surroundings and “props” including uniforms and weapons relating to the themes of the tour. Students of all abilities respond to this approach positively, and the presence of a tour guide enables group leaders to interact with their students in a more relaxed way. Although selecting a history tour with a full-time tour guide may not be the cheapest option, as many group leaders have found, Anglia’s careful planning process, allied to the expertise of their guides enables all the tour objectives to be covered in a slightly shorter time. Minimising the number of tour days helps to reduce costs and means your students spend less time away from the classroom. My introduction to Anglia Tours has shown me that some companies do have a genuinely different approach to their clients. The Anglia Company Goal sums up the approach succinctly: “An Anglia tour is an outstanding educational experience. We care

about our customers, our staff, the places we visit, the stories we tell and the organisations we work with.” I know Anglia Tours would welcome you as a client. They believe that once you have taken the plunge, like so many of their clients, you will want to come back year after year. I am convinced that you will see the difference. Mark Sanders has worked in school travel since 1978 variously as a director of STS Travel Limited, ETS Travel Limited and NST Travel Group. He is now providing business advice to Anglia Tours Limited

‘I’m so impressed with the way the information was put across, [my daughter] was so inspired that she’s now seriously considering taking History for A level, so many many thanks’ Parent of student at Hitchin Girls’ School ‘The service that we have received from beginning to end has been absolutely brilliant. As always, your admin has been faultless and you have always gone the extra mile to accommodate everything that I request.’ The Joseph Rowntree School

Cover image: ‘The War Childrens’ Victims Memorial, Lidice See page 9 for tour options to Prague

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Foreword Introduction Peace and War Britain at War Morality, Race and Persecution Other tours 2012 CPD visits Our commitment to you Safety Management Systems and Learning Outside the Classroom 23 Frequently Asked Questions

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Introduction I would like to welcome you to our History brochure for 2012-13, the first since we moved into our new offices in Inworth and a year which marks another landmark in the development of Anglia Tours. It is now 12 months since we rebranded, as you will have noticed from the front of the brochure but we haven’t stopped there. In the last year Anglia has become a member of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), achieved Assured Member status of the Schools Travel Forum (STF) and been awarded the prestigious Learning Outside the Classroom (LoTC) Quality Badge. So what does this actually mean to you as a customer? Well… - ABTA membership means that many of the travel arrangements we sell are now protected in case of financial failure. - STF Assured Member status means Anglia has demonstrated our tours are operated in a healthy and safe environment - The LOtC Quality Badge means our tours have evaluated as high quality educational experiences. So now when you decide to book a tour with us, not only can you be sure

your students will have an unrivalled educational experience but you can do so with increased confidence, demonstrate due diligence and reduce the amount of paperwork you need to complete. But it doesn’t stop there. Our new Group Tour Insurance policy, underwritten by QBE Insurance, is designed specifically for tour groups and provides you with extensive cover. In other words you can book a tour with Anglia with complete confidence. As you’ll know if you have travelled with us before or even if you’ve just seen one of our tours on the ground, each Anglia tour is led by an expert guide selected for their ability to engage with and inspire your students. Their detailed knowledge and strong communication skills will ensure your students enjoy a thoroughly professional educational experience which is fun! But expert guides are just one part of the total commitment to providing you with a level of service that is second to none.

Each customer is allocated a dedicated Tour Co-ordinator who will guide you through the booking process. By liaising with you and your guide, they will make sure your itinerary matches your requirements exactly. In so doing we can help enhance your classroom based teaching and further the performance of your students at examination. We are justifiably proud of our reputation as the leading provider of guided History tours for students. As you read through the comments from students, teachers and parents included in this brochure, you will realise the benefits that travelling with Anglia brings. I try to visit, in person, every school that books with us and I very much look forward to seeing you at some time during the next year.

Colonel AD Chissel TD Director Anglia Tours

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Peace and War:

International Relations 1900 -1991 The twentieth century was defined by the search for peace in a time of unprecedented conflict and tension, beginning with the collapse of old empires and ending with the advent of globalisation and international terrorism. Anglia’s Peace and War tours are designed to support current GCSE and post-16 specifications, allowing your students to develop their understanding of modern history in the locations where these world-changing events took place.

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Germany 1918 -1991 Study materials available

Whatever your focus, whether it is ‘Weimer Germany and the rise of National Socialism’, ‘The Cold War’ or ‘The Fall of Communism and the road to Re-Unification’ Anglia is delighted to be able to offer a range of bespoke programmes which bring to life the German experience of the twentieth century.

Munich, Nuremberg & Obersalzburg National Socialism was not born in the bars and cafes of post war Berlin, but in the beer halls of Bavaria. It was the streets of Munich which bore witness to the NSDAP’s first attempt to seize power, the vast Party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg where the concept of Volksgemeinschaft first became a reality and the Berghof above the beautiful village of Bertchesgarten where Hitler had built his retreat from the world. For those studying the rise of the Nazis a tour to these cities is a must. Options: Fully guided 2-day Munich and Nuremberg by air from £239 Day 1: Munich Day 2: Nuremberg 3-day Munich and Nuremberg by air from £299 Day 1: Dachau Concentration Camp Day 2: Munich Day 3: Nuremberg 4-day Munich & Obsersalzburg by air from £378 Day 1: Day 2: Day 3: Day 4:

Dachau Munich Obsersalzburg Nuremberg

‘You even turned our PE teacher of 12 years into a History enthusiast and he has already volunteered to come on more trips with us in the future!’ Rodborough Technology College

Themes: The impact of the Great War and Versailles Germany and the Weimar Republic The Beer Hall Putsch The Rise of National Socialism Life under the Nazi Regime – Repression, prejudice and persecution Retribution and Justice – the Nuremberg trials

The Road to Power Berlin, Nuremberg & Berlin In just 8 years the NSDAP grew from a provincial Party rooted firmly in its Bavarian heartland to the party of Government with over 2 million members nationwide. Despite its reliance on intimidation backed up by the use of physical violence, the promise of restoring national pride and economic prosperity held such appeal for millions of ‘ordinary Germans’ that they were willing to hand over the seat of power in the Reichstag. By starting your tour in Munich and Nuremberg before then moving on to Berlin, visiting key sites in each city, your students will gain a real insight into how the Nazi hierarchy planned and then seized power, thereby changing the course of European history.

Specifications/topics supported by these tours: KS3: > Twentieth Century World GCSE: All AQA, OCR and Edexcel specifications featuring: > Russia; 1905-1941 > Germany; 1918-1945 > International Relations, 1900-1991 A level: All AQA, OCR and Edexcel specifications featuring: > Tsarist, Revolutionary, Stalinist and Communist Russia, 1855-1991 > Germany 1871-1991 > International Relations, 1879-1990 ‘I knew Anglia would be good, but our expectations were far surpassed, and it was an excellent trip for us in so many ways. We shall certainly be repeat customers!’ Cambridge International School ‘After two years our Berlin trip is now embedded in the curriculum and students are saying the trip is part of their reason for taking history.’ Southend High School for Girls

Options: Fully guided 4-day Munich, Nuremberg and Berlin by air from £378 Day 1: Munich Day 2: Nuremberg Day 3: Berlin Day 4: Berlin

To discuss your tour requirements give us a call on T: 01376 574130 or email E:

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Berlin by coach

‘Whoever controls Berlin controls Germany and whoever controls Germany controls Europe’ – V I Lenin, 1918. Nowhere else experienced the twentieth century in the same way as Berlin. Its geographic location and strategic importance brought the world’s attention to the city. The most avant-garde and libertine city in Europe soon found itself swept up in the Nazi tide, devastated by a cataclysmic war, occupied and divided by foreign powers before eventually re-emerging as a beacon of democratic freedom in the New Europe.

For those for whom air travel is not a viable option, we can organise a tour to Berlin by coach. After meeting your guide in the UK you travel out with one of our trusted UK-based coach operators either through the day or alternatively overnight. What this means is that, subject to driver hour regulations, you’ll have your vehicle available throughout the tour. When you arrive in Berlin, whether you are on a 4 or 5 day tour we will provide you with a bespoke programme that combines, walking tours, coach and use of the city’s excellent public transport system so as to ensure your students have a truly memorable experience.

As the world teeters from one financial crisis to another, Germany once again appears to be taking centre stage: for students of modern history a visit to this extraordinary city is essential.

Themes: Wilhelmine Germany The impact of the Great War and Versailles The Weimar Republic The Rise of National Socialism Life under the Nazi Regime – Repression, prejudice and persecution Coercion and Propaganda in Nazi Germany Nazi economic policy; The Nazi dictatorship

All itineraries are bespoke, and will be tailored to your needs. Focus can be on the Wilhelmine or Weimar periods, the Rise of the Nazis, Life in Nazi Germany, or the Cold War period, or any combination of these. One Day tour to Berlin Fully guided focusing on either The Rise of the Nazis or The Cold War. Prices start from £48 per student (excluding flights). Call us for more information.

The Holocaust

Options: Fully guided

The fall of Hitler’s Germany

2-day Berlin by air from £239 3-day Berlin by air from £299

Aftermath of WWII and Origins of the Cold War Crises during the Cold War Life in the GDR The collapse of Communism

‘The Berlin trip was absolutely brilliant in every respect - it really could not have been better, and the students are still full of excitement about the experience.’ Benenden School

Options: Fully guided 4-day Berlin fully guided by coach from £249 5-day Berlin fully guided by coach from £299 Day 1: Day 2: Day 3: Day 4: Day 5:

Travel Berlin Berlin Berlin – travel overnight Arrive UK

‘A huge thank you for your tremendous work combining our 3 schools to enable us all to have very successful trips to Berlin over the weekend.. we all really are grateful for the effort you put in to make it work for us. THANK YOU!!!’ Bishop’s Hatfield School

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Other options Prague The delightful city of Prague bore witness to the impact of successive regimes during the twentieth century as first National Socialism and then Communism was imposed on the people of the Czech capital. Despite this Prague has retained its charm and is rightly one of Europe’s most popular destinations. For GCSE and A Level students a visit to Prague offers the opportunity to understand the impact of occupation and oppressive regimes, along with a unique mixture of cultural experiences. As always Anglia is able to design bespoke itineraries to meet your needs, whether your students are studying the religious turmoil of the sixteenth century or the political upheaval of the twentieth. Themes: Life under the Nazi Regime The origins of the Cold War Life under Communism Cold War crises


Russia and the USSR

Few cities in Europe have undergone such a transition in the past 75 years as the capital of Poland. First battered into submission by the Luftwaffe, then all but razed to the ground as punishment for the 1944 Uprising, throughout the Cold War the city’s name became synonymous with the alliance of Communist nations dominated by the Soviet Union.

Whether your students are studying the excesses of the Tsars, the tumultuous events of the Revolutions of 1905 and 1917 or the tyranny of Stalin, an Anglia tour to Russia will allow your students to experience the glory that is St Petersburg and in Moscow to see where Russia’s Soviet past collides with its capitalist future.

With its rebuilt historic Old Town on the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites, modern day Warsaw is not only the most visited city in Poland, it is the heart of a vibrant nation which in 2012 will see it host the final of the European Football Championships. Themes:

Themes: From Tsardom to Communism – Russia 1855-1939 Stalin’s dictatorship The origins of the Cold War Cold War crises Why did the Cold War end? The collapse of Communism

Life under the Nazi Regime The Warsaw Uprising The Katyn Massacre The origins of the Cold War Life under Communism Cold War crises Solidarity and the collapse of Communism

The Velvet Revolution Why did the Cold War end?

Options: Fully guided

The collapse of Communism

3-day Warsaw by air from £330

Options: Fully guided 3-day Prague by air from £299 Day 1: City Tour – Old Town, Charles Bridge, Jewish Quarter, Museum of Communism, Wenceslas Square Day 2: Heydrich’s assassination, Terezin, Lidice Day 3: Petrin Hill, Prague Castle & Cathedral 4-day option also available - POA ‘We knew that Anglia would provide us with a superb historical tour in Prague but what made the trip perfect was the extra cultural experiences. Highly recommended – our best trip so far’ Fearnhill School

Day 1: City Tour – Old Town; Site of Jewish Ghetto, Sienna Street Memorial; Jewish Cemetery Day 2: Treblinka Day 3: Warsaw Uprising Museum; Museum of Polish Army

Options: Fully guided 4-day St Petersburg by air from £795 Day 1: Travel to St Petersburg Day 2: City tour including entrance to St Isaac’s Cathedral, Cruiser Aurora, Peter and Paul Fortress Day 3: Hermitage Museum, Cathedral of Spilled Blood, Nevsky Prospect Day 4: Travel to UK 6-day Moscow and St Petersburg by air from £1099 Day 1: Day 2: Day 3: Day 4: Day 5: Day 6:

Travel to Moscow Moscow Moscow; overnight train St Petersburg St Petersburg Travel to UK

Piotr Wierzbowski Archives of Warsaw Tourist Office.

To discuss your tour requirements give us a call on T: 01376 574130 or email E:

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Britain at War For those studying GCSE or A level specifications examining the experience of Britain at War, or the Changing Nature of Warfare over time, Anglia Tours is pleased to offer a range of hallmark tours, including the fully-guided battlefield tours on which our reputation was built. Modern British society has been forged by the experience of warfare, especially in the twentieth century. Britain has a rich military tradition going back centuries, from Agincourt to the beaches of Dunkirk and Normandy. These conflicts have contributed to social changes which many now take for granted. An Anglia guided tour will allow your students to understand the experiences of the British fighting man.

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The Great War

Specifications/topics supported by these tours:

Study materials available

As we approach the eve of the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the ‘war to end all wars’, the passing of the last British veteran means the Great War has passed wholly into History. However such was the impact of this conflict that it continues to fascinate students of history. Whether they are KS3 students exploring the reality of life in the trenches, GCSE students looking at the role of the British Army on the Western Front or AS students examining the changing nature of warfare, Anglia is able to create for you a programme which will directly support your classroom based teaching. Employing a range of learning techniques and adapting each presentation to meet the needs of your group Anglia is able to create a unique educational experience which will serve to inspire the students who travel with us.

Themes: Causes of the Great War

There are a range of options for our Great War tours of which the following are only a small selection.

The Western Front The ‘actualities of war’ – the experience of soldiers on the Western Front Kitchener’s Army – the Pals Battalions The relationship between officers and men The development of warfare – tactics and technology in the Great War The role of the Generals, in particular the Haig Debate The impact of the Great War ‘Excellent tour, students were engaged and interested in what was being discussed. Tour guides were outstanding’ Bryanston School

Options: Fully guided 1-day Somme or Ypres from £62 2-day Ypres and Somme from £155 Day 1: Ypres Day 2: Somme 3-day Ypres, Somme and Vimy from £225 Day 1: Ypres Day 2: Somme Day 3: Vimy ‘Thank you for the personal input and effort you made into helping my daughter find her ancestors while on the recent trip to Ypres with her school you went the extra mile for her (literally!) and really did make it a truly one-off, memorable trip’ Parent of student at Sharnbrook Upper School

NC KS3 Twentieth Century World GCSE: AQA ‘B’ > Britain at War - controlled assessments Edexcel ‘A’ > War and the Transformation of British Society 1903-1928 Key Topic 2 ‘The part played by the British on the Western Front’ > ‘War and the Transformation of British Society 1931-1951’ > ‘The Impact of War on Britain’ Edexcel ‘B’(SHP) > Unit 1, Option 1C ‘The Changing Nature of Warfare’ New A Level topics: AQA Unit 1 > France in Revolution, 1774-1815 OCR ‘A’, Option B > Napoleon, France and Revolution, 1795-1815 Edexcel Unit 2C1 > The Experience of Warfare in Britain, 1854-1929

The Somme ‘Defeat to Victory’ The traditional view of the Somme is one of unmitigated disaster, horrendous casualties and a failure to adapt. However this view is not wholly borne out by the events of that summer 96 years ago. By following the British Army beyond 1st July through the subsequent weeks and months, students will see how it developed into an army equipped to win the war. Options: Fully guided 2 or 3 day tour Day 1: 1st July the Battle of Albert Day 2: Bazentin Ridge the night attack; Delville Wood; Pozieres – the use of tanks

To discuss your tour requirements give us a call on T: 01376 574130 or email E:

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Other options

Great War – Living History

Show & Tell Sessions

A guided tour to the battlefields of the Great War is undeniably the best way for your students to begin to grasp the scale and impact of the conflict. But there is another means to bring the realities of trench warfare to life, particularly for larger groups or younger students who cannot travel out to France or Flanders. How about inviting ‘Tommy Atkins’ to visit you at school and having him tell your students about his experience at the front.

Each visitor to the battlefields of France and Flanders tries to make sense of what it must have been like for the men who were actually there. Photographs, maps and testimonials help to build up a picture. To complete it, what could be better than to give your students a chance to get inside the mind of ‘Tommy Atkins’. Utilising a range of period equipment and weaponry, including boots, tin hat, tunic, webbing and a Lee Enfield rifle, Anglia is able to provide students travelling with us to the Ypres Salient and the Somme, with a unique hands-on experience. This engaging session led by your Anglia guide will include a short brief on the equipment on display as well as the chance for one lucky ‘volunteer’ to don full kit. Not only does this make for a perfect photo opportunity, it is also ideal for kinaesthetic learners as it helps them get to grips with the history.

‘It truly was a superb day, the fact that Richard was able to bring the topic completely to life and in a classroom setting was truly inspiring’ Thorngrove School

Each of Anglia’s ‘Living History’ days is led by one of our senior guides wearing fully authentic period uniform and carrying examples of Great War weaponry. Covering subjects such as ‘Life at the Front’, ‘Trench Routine’ or ‘Going into Action’, your guide will encourage the students to ask questions and give them the chance to handle some of the equipment. ‘A huge thank you for the great day... our brief was not typical so you rose to the occasion and met our needs perfectly… hope the programme on Living History continues to develop.’ Fulston Manor

Christmas Truce Throughout the years of bitter fighting, the destruction and loss of life and one single event stood out as a beacon of humanity. As the dawn broke on Christmas Day 1914, it was the sound of singing and not that of gunfire which was heard across No Man’s Land. For a while, brief though it might have been, the fighting actually stopped. Each year Anglia marks this momentous event with a unique programme. Centring on a reenactment of the 1914 Christmas Truce, led by actors taking on the personae of men who witnessed this remarkable event, this tour not only allows your students an opportunity to discover the realities of life in the trenches for themselves but gives them the opportunity to talk and question men whose lives were irrevocably changed as a consequence of what they experienced that day. Supported by a Christmas Truce resource pack.

‘The Guides as always were informative and interesting and it is they who make a good experience an excellent one’ St Catherine’s

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The Second World War Study materials available

The Second World War truly was the defining act of modern history. No other event has affected so many people over such a wide area as the conflict that engulfed the world during the 1930s and 1940s. A clash of extreme doctrines, ideologies and cultures resulted in over 50 million killed and countless millions left displaced or homeless, but also determined the shape of the world that would emerge afterwards. Anglia is able to offer fully-guided, bespoke tours to many of the theatres of war embroiled in the Second World War, enabling your students to develop their understanding of this most complex of conflicts.

Normandy D-Day – June 6th 1944

Arnhem – Operation Market Garden

Operation Overlord as the Normandy Landings of June 1944 were known, remains the largest and most ambitious military operation ever staged. Its success was crucial to the Allied advance on Berlin and paved the way for their eventual victory in the Second World War.

Following the successful D-Day landings and the breakout from Normandy it seemed nothing could halt the progress of the Western Allies to Germany. Instead, in September 1944 they would suffer an unexpected reverse at the last natural barrier to Germany – the Lower Rhine. The ambitious plan, known as Operation Market Garden, was for airborne troops to secure a bridgehead across the canals and rivers on the Eindhoven-Arnhem road, along which the British 2nd Army would then advance.

We can combine visits to the sites of the British and American airborne landings, and the beach landings along the coast, combining museum visits with stands delivered by our team of expert guides. ‘Having worked with other tour companies on this trip in the past I found Anglia organised, efficient and friendly. I would certainly use them again. I am told that the teenage boys we took spent the whole of the next day telling their parents about it - more communication than most had in a week.’ St Columba’s College

Despite many instances of personal heroism the plan was over-ambitious, and failed to deliver the breakthrough sought: it would result in over 1,200 British soldiers losing their lives, and thousands more being captured. Options: Fully guided 3-day Arnhem by coach from £245 Day 1: Hell’s Highway Day 2: US Airborne, Nijmegen Day 3: British Airborne, Oosterbeek

The Home Front – Living History In 1939 the world was plunged into war for the second time in a generation. This time, however the experience for many Britons was so utterly different from anything that had gone before. With air raids by the Luftwaffe an ever present danger and food supplies threatened, how did they cope? Why not let your students pose those questions in person? Each WWII ‘Living History’ event is led by an Anglia guide in period uniform and is tailored specifically to support your classroom based teaching. Themes covered can include ‘The Battle of Britain’, ‘The Blitz & Black-out’, ’Rationing’ and ‘The role of the Home Guard & the Air Raid Warden’ and with students not only having a chance to dress in a selection of fully authentic period uniforms but also to handle a range of items such as ration cards, gas masks and clothing, it really is an excellent way to examine the Home Front close up. Themes: Hitler’s Foreign Policy The Origins of World War II Britain at War The impact of war and the transformation of British society The development of warfare – tactics and technology in the Second World War The Blitz The Home Front

Britain & the Blitz Why not combine one of our London Walking Tours, run in conjunction with Square Route Walks, and a visit to the Imperial War Museum? Come and see the site of the first bomb to hit the City and learn about the Spirit of the Londoner, collateral damage to many fine buildings and those lost forever, Churchill’s “Angels with grimy faces”, the Thames as an enemy navigation aid, Messerschmitts in the street, Royalty under attack and the Queen Mother amongst the rubble. Alternatively we can arrange visits to the Cabinet War Rooms, the National Army Museum, Bletchley Park or the Dover White Cliffs Experience.

To discuss your tour requirements give us a call on T: 01376 574130 or email E:

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The Changing Nature of Warfare Study materials available Designed to support the new specifications for GCSE and post-16 courses introduced over the last three years, Anglia is delighted to offer a range of tours examining the changing nature of warfare across different periods of time.

Specifications/topics supported by these tours: GCSE: AQA ‘B’ > Britain at War - controlled assessments

Utilising its team of hand-picked and carefully trained expert guides, Anglia is able to create combination tours, designed specifically to meet your requirements. From Roman warfare right up to the First Gulf War, we have guides who can bring to life the developments in weaponry, army organisation and training, communication, medical provision, strategy, tactics and combat.

Edexcel ‘A’ > War and the Transformation of British Society 1903-1928 Key Topic 2 ‘The part played by the British on the Western Front’

Whilst our main focus covers the period from Waterloo to D-Day, Anglia has the expertise to deliver a thought-provoking and comparative tour covering almost any period of history.

Edexcel ‘B’(SHP) > Unit 1, Option 1C ‘The Changing Nature of Warfare’

Living History

New A Level topics: Edexcel Unit 2C1 > The Experience of Warfare in Britain, 1854-1929

As part of our Living History programme we are also able to offer in-school sessions, in which our Historical Interpreters bring to life soldiers from various periods, allowing students to see and handle authentic equipment and understand how and why changes and developments came about. Themes: Development of Firepower The organisation and development of medical care Changes in recruitment Changes in Infantry tactics Development of military communication The nature of Trench Warfare Breaking the Stalemate

From musket to machine gun 3 days Waterloo, Ypres & Dunkirk Examining the British experience of warfare through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, this tour begins by exploring the weaponry available to the grand armies of the Napoleonic age and how their use impacted on the strategy and tactics of the day. We then move on to Flanders to look at the nature of Trench Warfare on the Western Front, to consider the new technologies and tactics employed to break the stalemate. Your tour will finish with an examination of the fall of France in 1940 and an opportunity to consider how advances in communications, air power and mobility made possible the concept of Blitzkrieg.

Blitzkrieg and mobile warfare Combined Operations ‘I am just writing to thank you for my daughter’s incredible experience of the battlefields of Belgium & France. She has just returned home and was both educated and moved by the trip. Thank you for creating such empathy for the soldiers who took part in a thirteen year old girl’ Parent of a student of Herschel Grammar

From Stalemate to Blitzkrieg 2 Days, Ypres & Dunkirk Beginning with an examination of the nature of trench warfare on the Western Front, this 2-day tour looks at how warfare changed during the latter part of the Great War. From that point we head to Dunkirk, following the route of the German Army in 1940, and consider how the roots of ‘Lightning War’ lay in the final months of World War One’. Options: Fully guided 2-day Development of Warfare by coach from £155 Day 1: Ypres: Trench Warfare on the Western Front Day 2: Blitzkrieg: the Road to Dunkirk

Options: Fully guided 3-day tour by coach from £235 Day 1: Waterloo Day 2: Ypres Day 3: Dunkirk

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Britain at War 19141945 4 days Ypres, Somme & Normandy

Britain at War, 19141945 4 days Ypres, Dunkirk , Normandy

There remains a widely held misconception that the Great War was a period of stasis, during which High Commands were either unwilling or unable to adopt innovative strategies or experimental technologies in the search to break the stalemate. The facts are very different. For those who wish to focus in more detail on the Great War and the attempts made to achieve the much desired ‘breakthrough’ Anglia can offer a 4 day programme which looks first at 1914-15, before then focusing on the Somme, site of major offensives in both 1916 and 1918. We then move on to look at Operation Overlord, the Allied Invasion of Europe in 1944 and an opportunity to consider how far tactics and technology developed over the intervening years.

Developing the themes covered in our 2 day Ypres and Dunkirk programme, this tour goes beyond the inception of Blitzkrieg and the evacuation from Dunkirk to examine the latter stages of the Second World War. In particular we focus on the planning and execution of the most ambitious combined amphibious operation in the history of warfare, Operation Overlord, the Allied Invasion of Europe in 1944, and see how this developed from the experiences of 1940. Options: Fully guided 4-day tour by coach from £319 Day 1: Ypres Day 2: Dunkirk Day 3: Normandy Day 4: Normandy

Options: Fully guided 4-day tour by coach from £319 Day 1: Ypres Day 2: The Somme Day 3: Normandy Day 4: Normandy

Combined Tours ‘If we do not learn to regard war, and the separate campaigns of which it is composed, as a chain of linked engagements each leading to the next.. we are liable to regard them as windfall profits. In so doing, and in ignoring the fact that they are links in a continuous chain of events, we also ignore the possibility their possession may later lead to definite disadvantages. This mistake is illustrated again and again in military history’ Carl von Clausewitz For those schools studying a wider period of history, Anglia is able to produce bespoke programmes each of which will serve to demonstrate how the nature of warfare has changed across the centuries. Whether it is medieval Europe and the firepower of Henry V’s army at Agincourt, the Prussian victory at Sedan won by a conscript army using breech loading artillery transported by the railway, or the use of airborne troops to secure the bridges over the Rhine in 1944 combining visits to key sites will serve to further your students understanding of this ‘chain of linked events’.

“It’s been the best school trip ever’ has been the comment about all of our trips with Anglia’ Lord Wandsworth College

‘We are all – girls and staff – hugely grateful... the trip was extremely meaningful and at times moving – we’ve already had lots of great feedback from students and parents.’ Wycombe Abbey School

‘Everything ran exceptionally smoothly and we really felt that you wanted to give us an excellent experience. The guides, as last year, really brought the subject to life for the girls.’ Farnborough Hill School

To discuss your tour requirements give us a call on T: 01376 574130 or email E:

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15 26/01/2012 10:12

Morality, Race and Persecution

For the people of Western Europe, the twentieth century would prove a period of unrivalled progress. Advances in science would see huge improvements in public health, a reduction in infant mortality rates and increased life expectancy; developments in transport would open up the continent and then the globe; new technologies would allow individuals separated by hundreds of miles to speak to each other. And yet these very advancements would play a part in making possible the conflicts that would dominate the century. It was western science which developed gasses used first on the battlefield and then in the Death Camps; the railway which dominated mobilization plans and fed the ovens at Auschwitz; radio transmitters which broadcast hate-filled propaganda and film footage which showed the world where this had led.

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26/01/2012 10:12

The Holocaust Study materials available

Specifications/topics supported by these tours:

The horror which befell the Jewish population of Europe at the hands of the Nazi regime remains without parallel. Over the decades since the world first became aware of the scale of this crime, academics, students and millions of ‘ordinary people’ have sought to understand how the systematic extermination of a race could have been conceived, planned and carried out with such ruthlessness. As part of this process Anglia is committed to taking students to where this crime was discussed, planned and carried out, in the hope that such visits will further their understanding.

Auschwitz and Krakow

Berlin and Auschwitz

The infamous complex of camps known as Auschwitz is generally held to be scene of the worst of these atrocities with Birkenau the very apogee of the crimes against humanity which were committed. A visit with Anglia to the memorial site will allow your students an opportunity to develop their understanding of this most difficult of subjects.

The roots of the Final Solution lie not in Poland but in Germany. If one is to try and understand how the mass extermination of Europe’s Jews could ever have come about then one needs to follow the path back to where it was conceived, planned and tested. A visit with Anglia to both Berlin and Auschwitz will afford your students an opportunity to see how Nazi antisemitism became increasingly radical. From the Bebelplatz, site of the book burning in 1933, through the villa on the shores on the Wannsee where mass extermination was planned, to Platform 17 of the Gruenewald Station where 50,000 Berlin Jews were sent to the East we will trace the road to the Holocaust. The programme then culminates in a visit to the memorial site at Auschwitz, scene of this unrivalled crime against humanity.

As part of this visit we are delighted to offer groups travelling with us to Krakow the chance to meet and talk with a Holocaust Survivor or a recipient of the ‘Righteous Among the Nations’ award. This provides a unique opportunity for them to engage with an individual who experienced the Nazi regime of Terror at first hand, something which is really not to be missed.

Options: Fully guided Options: Fully guided Fully guided 2-day Auschwitz and Krakow by air from £249 3-day Auschwitz and Krakow by air from £330

4-day Berlin and Krakow by air from £450 5-day Berlin and Krakow by air from POA

History: OCR ‘A’ > Germany 1919-1945 AQA ‘B’ > Hitler’s Foreign Policy and the Origins of WWII Citizenship: KS3 & KS4 > Democracy and Justice AQA Unit 1 Citizenship Studies AS & A2 > Identity, Rights and Responsibilities

Themes: The development of Nazi racial policy Life under the Nazi Regime Repression, prejudice and persecution Life in the Krakow Ghetto The Concentration Camp system Oscar Schindler: Righteous among the Nations Auschwitz-Birkenau – Factory of Death

Majdanek and Belzec Whilst for many Auschwitz is the epitome of a Nazi death camp, the fact is that less than 20% of the victims of the Holocaust were killed there. At Belzec there was no selection, its sole purpose was mass execution. For those who want to widen their understanding of the Holocaust, Anglia is able to offer a fully guided 2 or 3 day programme to the memorial sites at both Belzec and Majdanek, as well as visits to the beautiful towns of Zamosc and Lublin. Options: Fully guided 2-day Belzec and Majdanek by air from £249 3-day Belzec, Majdanek & Lublin by air from £330

To discuss your tour requirements give us a call on T: 01376 574130 or email E:

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Other Tours Medieval Europe / UK based tours Anglia is able to offer a range of tours across Britain and Europe for those studying other periods of history. From the Battle of Hastings and the Hundred Years War to the Industrial Revolution and Jack the Ripper, Anglia is happy to arrange a fully-guided tour to suit your needs.

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26/01/2012 10:12

Medieval Europe

UK based tours

From the Norman Conquest to the loss of Calais in 1453 England and France were inextricably linked. Anglia is pleased to offer tours to a variety of sites on both side of the English Channel, allowing students to following the footsteps of the Conqueror and his descendants.

In addition to our extensive range of overseas tours Anglia can arrange one-day and residential tours within the UK. From the Battle of Hastings to the Blitz we are happy to deliver a tour to meet your needs, whether it is for Year 7 pupils or students following an A2 module.

Options: Fully guided

Options: Fully guided

4-day Normandy, Bayeux and Caen by coach from £319 Day 1: Travel to Normandy Visit Rouen en route Day 2: Bayeux Tapestry Falaise Castle Day 3: Caen – Abbey and Castle Day 4: Optional visits Return to the UK

1-day Battle of Hastings from £40pp Battle Abbey & battlefield Pevensey Castle

2-day Agincourt and Crecy by coach from £158 Day 1: Agincourt Day 2: Crécy Siege of Calais

Living History As part of our Living History programme Anglia is pleased to offer Historical Interpreters who visit you in school bringing history to life in a manner which is both informed and entertaining. The range of interpretations on offer includes: Roman Britain: A Roman soldier stationed on Hadrian’s Wall gives an account of life in a Wall garrison. The Norman Invasion: One of King Harold’s Huscarls recalls the battles against Norsemen and Normans in 1066.

1-day Medieval Rochester from £38 AM: Rochester castle PM: Rochester cathedral 2-day or 3-day Medieval Yorkshire from £130 Options include Norman Conquest, Castle building, Black Death, and Religion – please contact us for further details

Themes: The Battle of Hastings The Norman Conquest 100 Years War Medieval England Medicine Through Time The Industrial Revolution Jack the Ripper Jane Austen ‘An excellent visit, remembered by the girls as one of the best.’ Guildford High School for Girls

Specifications/topics supported by these tours: These tours are suitable for schools studying Medieval European history, at Key Stage 3, GCSE or ‘A’ level. KS3 > Medieval Realms The Normans; War, Revolt and Rebellion; Church and State; The Hundred Years War. Edexcel Unit 1 > Anglo-French Rivalry, 1413-1453 GCSE: AQA ‘A’ / OCR ‘A’ Edexcel ‘B’ > Medicine through Time A level: AQA Unit 2 > ‘Conqueror and Conquest’ OCR ‘A’ > From Anglo-Saxon England to Norman England, 1035-1087 > The Normans in England 1066-1100 OCR ‘B’ > The Debate over the Impact of the Norman Conquest 1066-1216 Edexcel Unit 1 > The Norman Conquest and its Impact on England 1066-1135 > The Wars of the Roses in England 1455-1485 OCR AS ‘A’ Unit 2.1 > Lancastrians, Yorkists and Tudors 1450-1509 OCR A/S ‘B’, unit 2.1 > Lancastrians and Yorkists, 1437-1485

Crispin’s Day: An English archer from Agincourt tells how the small army of King Henry V defeated the French in 1415.

‘Guides. Excellent. Both were informative, friendly and obviously wanted the best for the children. Thank you, again for an excellently organised tour.’ Hawick High School

To discuss your tour requirements give us a call on T: 01376 574130 or email E:

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19 26/01/2012 10:12

2012 CPD visits Helping to develop your expertise

Anglia is running a series of CPD visits designed specifically for History Teachers. Accompanied by an expert Anglia guide, chosen specifically for their subject knowledge and familiarity with curriculum requirements, each visit provides an excellent developmental opportunity enabling you to bring a new dimension to your classroom based teaching.

16-17 February 2012: Berlin 5-6 May 2012: The changing nature of warfare 12-13 May 2012: Krakow & Auschwitz 6-7 June 2012: Munich & Nuremberg With the cost of the visit refunded in full when you book a school tour with us, it really is the perfect opportunity. For further information contact us.

T: 01376 574130 F: 01376 574140

“These are fantastic opportunities! …not only brilliantly organised, but you learn so much and are able to utilise this knowledge immediately on return to the classroom. I couldn’t recommend these visits highly enough.” Ms E Carney, Head of History, King’s High School for Girls 20028_ABT brochure_2012 v2.indd 22

26/01/2012 10:12

Our commitment to you Anglia’s policy is straightforward – you get one inclusive price all year round, which means you can plan your tours to suit your school’s requirements. When you book a tour with Anglia not only can you be sure your students will have an unrivalled educational experience but as we are an Assured Member of the School Travel Forum and holder of the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge you can book with confidence, demonstrate due diligence and reduce the amount of External Provider paperwork necessary. We will offer you the following as standard: O Friendly and personal service O Your own dedicated Tour Coordinator to handle and process all of your enquiries O Expert guides on all of our tours O An initial visit to your school to discuss your tour and the options available O An evening presentation to all students, their parents and school staff on all residential tours (as recommended under DfE guidelines) O Assistance with Risk Assessment O A robust Safety Management System O Group Travel Insurance providing cover in the event of an accident or injury, cancellation, delay and loss of personal effects. O No hidden extra charges O All prices quoted are based on 42 paying students with 4 free staff places staying in hostel accommodation O Where prices are not given we would be happy to provide a quote specific to your tour O All airfares featured are a guide only based on the lowest available price at time of going to print. As air prices are subject to change Anglia will be delighted to quote you for your tour based on the airfares for your proposed date of departure. Although UK transfers are not included we are more than happy to include them if required O A £75 Loyalty Bonus for customers who have travelled with us in the previous 2 years* O A 2.5% discount on the confirmed tour price where more than 1 tour travels in an academic year* * Terms & Conditions apply

To discuss your tour requirements give us a call on T: 01376 574130 or email E:

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Safety Management System/ Learning Outside the Classroom Anglia Tours is an Assured Member of the School Travel Forum (STF) and in booking with us you can be secure in the knowledge that we: šKdZ[hijWdZWdZ\WY_b_jWj[j^[ needs of educational travel š>Wl[[\\[Yj_l[IW\[jo Management System in place, specifically focused on travelling with young students šE\\[h\W_hj[hciWdZYedZ_j_edi and the best financial security To ensure our health and safety standards are maintained our systems and procedures are fully audited annually by independent experts. STF membership is the benchmark for good school tour providers; consequently it is an Awarding Body for the prestigious Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge The Outdoor Education Advisors Panel (OEAP) endorses the Quality Badge and requests Local Authorities to recommend the use of Badged Providers and require the minimum of additional paperwork where Quality Badge accreditation is in place. This means that you can book your trip with confidence, meet your due diligence and reduce the amount of External Provider paperwork necessary. “Evidence…indicates the achievement of all LOtC quality standards to a high standard.” Argent Health & Safety, Quality Audit, November 2011

What does our Safety Management System encompass? Coach Operators – We select our coach providers based on their safety, reliability and suitablility for working with young people and constantly review this provision through our comprehensive SMS and feedback from our team of guides. Accommodation – All accommodation we use complies with EU or local safety regulations and is subject to an inspection programme in accordance with STF requirements. Pre tour presentation – Prior to any residential tour a member of Anglia staff will visit the school and give a presentation to the students, their parents and teaching staff. This presentation gives an overall view of the aims of the tour and more specific details concerning safety, food and accommodation. 24-hour Emergency Assistance – Anglia Tours Ltd is one of the only schools tours operator which, as a matter of course, puts guides on all of its tours. In an emergency they are the first point of contact. They are supported, in turn, by a Duty Officer, available 24 hours a day on a mobile number issued to the lead teacher by their guide. In the unlikely event of a major emergency an incident room would be set up at the Anglia offices to give fast, efficient and coordinated responses. Insurance – All students and staff who travel on tours are automatically covered by Anglia’s Client Travel Insurance policy, underwritten by QBE Insurance. Full details of all benefits and all terms are available in the policy document which can be downloaded from practicalinfo/travel-insurance.html.

Acknowledgements: Anglia would like to thank all the schools and individuals that have given permission for quotations and photographs to be used in this brochure, with special thanks to: Benenden School Joeley Bishop Bishop’s Hatfield School Boswells School Cambridge International School Colchester Royal Grammar School Ed Church Farnborough Hill School Fearnhill School Fulston Manor School Herschel Grammar School Hitchin Girls’ School Emrys Jones The Joseph Rowntree School King Edward VIth Grammar School King’s High School for Girls Dickie Knight Lady Eleanor Holles School Lord Wandsworth College Newstead Wood School Notley High School Piotr Wierzboski Rodborough Technology College St Anne’s Catholic School St Columba’s College St Martin’s School Stołeczne Biuro Turystyki Warszawa Tim Saunders MBE, Battlefield History TV Tormead School The Sixth Form College, Colchester Southend High School for Girls The Stephen Perse Girls School Wycombe Abbey School Pior Wierzbowski, Warsaw Tourist Office All other images are the property of Ian Coyne and Sean Cripps

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26/01/2012 10:12

Frequently Asked Questions Why choose Anglia? Each of our tours is individually designed, with locations chosen in consultation with you and your team. Once you contact us you will be given an allocated Tour Co-ordinator who will be able to answer any questions you may have and help you organise and book your tour.

What’s different about a guided tour? The students and teachers who come on our guided tours tell us time and again that it’s our experienced guides who make the difference. Deeply knowledgeable, full of captivating stories and skilled at connecting with young people, they bring places and events to life in ways that few others can.

Can I undertake an inspection visit before I travel? Yes you can. We would be pleased to facilitate inspection visit for group leaders travelling to destinations they have not previously visited so that they can carry out their own Risk Assessment.

How many free teacher places am I entitled to? Anglia provides 1 free teacher place for every 10 paying students on each of our tours. That said we know that some LEAs do require a higher ratio of adults to students and where this is the case we would be happy to arrange this for you.

Are excursion costs included in my tour price?

Is there an emergency contact available at all times in the UK?

We will provide you with one all inclusive price based on your specific requirements. However if you want to add any optional extras we will be happy to quote you a price for these too.

Yes there is. We are the only schools tours operator which, as a matter of course, puts guides on all of its tours. In an emergency they are the first point of contact. They are supported, in turn by a Duty Officer, available 24 hours a day on a mobile number issued to the lead teacher. In the unlikely event of a major emergency an incident room would be set up at the Anglia offices to give fast, efficient and coordinated responses.

What is a collective passport and how can I get one? A collective or group passport is an easy and cost-effective way for approved groups of students to make trips to certain European countries. You can download a copy of the application form from the ‘Directgov’ website or request a copy from the Identity and Passport Service.

Some members of my group have nonUK passports. Is this a problem? Not at all. Although it is ultimately the responsibility of the school to ensure all those travelling in their group hold the necessary documentation your Tour Co-ordinator will be happy to advise you who to contact.

Can you help with Risk Assessments? As holders of the LOtC Quality Badge and STF assured status, booking a tour with Anglia reduces the amount of external paperwork you need to complete. We will, of course, be pleased to send you copies of Risk Assessments of activities or venues included in many of our tours, should this be necessary.

Are your guides CRB checked? Yes they are. At Anglia we require all our guides to hold valid Disclosure Certificates.

Can you cater for special needs and disabled passengers? Yes we can. Anglia is committed to promoting and developing equality of opportunity. We ensure that all who travel with us receive the same excellent service and unique experience.

Is our money safe with Anglia Tours? Yes it is. All our tours are covered by ABTA bonding which provides for financial protection in the event of company failure. We also hold an Air Travel Organisers Licence, granted by the Civil Aviation Authority (ATOL 6512) which protects our Air Travel Packages.

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26/01/2012 10:12

T: 01376 574130 E:

For further information please contact:

Anglia Tours Limited First Floor, Charles House, Kelvedon Road, Inworth, Essex CO5 9SH Telephone: 01376 574130 Fax: 01376 574140 Email: Century schoolbook Company registered in England and Wales Number 4958490

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Anglia Tours History Brochure 2012/13  

Anglia Tours History Brochure 2012/13

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