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Like many carp anglers, I like to protect my mainline and the fish by using a leader. I’m confident enough to declare that I can use leadcore safely, but I have seen countless occasions where alterations or adjustments have been made to the leaders which render them unsafe. Recently, leadcore leaders have come in for a lot of criticism from certain high profile sources; the term ‘death rig’ is often included in any discussion about leaders, especially leadcore, when incorrectly used by anglers. With this in mind, I’ve had my eye out for any alternatives which will allow me to fish in complete safety, enable me to camouflage my end tackle, and provide protection for the fish I seek to catch. Rig Marole have produced the ‘Lead Free Leader’ which is constructed from Kevlar fibres, but what exactly is Kevlar? First produced by DuPont scientists as a result of liquid crystalline polymer solution research in 1965, which led to the preparation of commercially produced Aramid fibres, Kevlar has become the trade name for the incredibly tough, lightweight and supple material widely used throughout the world. Perhaps best known for its use in the technology used in ‘bullet proof’ ballistic qualities used in personal protection, Kevlar has benefitted from development over four decades to give us one of the most versatile modern day products. Why have Rig Marole decided to use it then? Obviously the ‘Lead Free Leader’ has more flexibility than a normal leadcore design, its tensile strength means a drastic reduction in diameter and it is heavy enough to sink effectively. Nigel Harris and the team at Rig Marole have incorporated a tough monofilament inner to the Kevlar which further improves abrasion resistance and gives additional anti tangle properties. It acts like a heavy sinking braid when in use and conforms to the irregularities of the lake bed to hide the end rig extremely well. At around 1/3 of the diameter of other popular leaders, it’s also less likely to be visible to wary carp and is available in a choice of three colours; black, green or sand to suit any situation. The ‘Lead Free Leader’ comes in a choice of lengths (1m and 1.5m) and is finished with either a spliced in quick change swivel to suit looped hook links, or a ring swivel to give further options. The other end also features a spliced loop to allow it to be easily attached to the main line. The 50lbs breaking strain should deal with most things a carper can throw at it!

On my session, I used the green 1m leader with a fast change swivel, which suits my style of fishing (impatient!) and I had no problems with tangles, breakages or attachments. The leader sank quickly and didn’t appear to lift off the bottom. It is easy to put together with other elements of Rig Marole’s extensive tackle range, and, for the best results, should certainly be used in conjunction with other rig bits designed to fit. Rig Marole’s Lead Free Leaders are available via their website or at any good tackle outlet packaged in the distinctive ‘3 carp’ livery. Priced at between £2.50-£3.00, they are a great addition to your tackle box. Check out for more innovative tackle ideas. Clint Walker, August 2010 ©

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Rig Marole Lead Free Leader  

A review of Rig Marole's Lead Free Carp Fishing Leader

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