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Hox the Last Ship Crowdfunding News : Hox is now scheduled on PC with the Hd version! All Hd gamer backer will have access to this version when the game will be ready. You can support Hox on Greenlight too right now ! The Game : Hox is a narrative runner game dedicated to Android only for the being. It is a dexterity game, where the player must dodge and fight everything that stands in his way, but also a game in which the player explores the story and must choose his path and discover the truth about what led the world to his loss. The Game is divided in Two modes Story Mode: You start the story mode on a map, and you will have to choose your road to reach the last ship. There will be 25 to 30 levels organised around 5 themes. During his trip, Hox will meet survivors who will teach him a lot about the world through interactive dialogues. They will also be able to give him advice about which route to take or jeopardize his quest. The scenario is an important part of the game and reveals a lot of twists and turns. player’actions within levels will be taken into account and have their importance in certain story endings, because the game has several endings. Arcade Mode: There will be several levels and mode in endless gameplay, unlockable in story mode. Your objective is to survive as long as possible to appear in the online rankings, but also in the great ranking that combines all your best scores for each level. The story : The air on the earth has become unbreathable, plants and animals has mutated and human beings will not be able to survive any longer. Some privileged have already left the Earth, there is still one last ship preparing to join the fleet of colonizers. Hox hides a dark secret preventing him from leaving the planet. You will also discover how the Earth and nature have reached this critical state and you can know the truth only by exploring the story mode many times. The game has multiple endings, which depend on the knowledge of the world that you have acquired during your trip. There will be no good or bad end, only different possibilities. Gamedesign and gameplay : The game is inspired by Canabalt and Forerunner, and the narrative part by Fallout and Arcanum. with Hox, my goal is to achieve the most dynamic runner game possible, while offering a balance challenge with good speed sensations. The game is controlled with two buttons on smarthphones, the HD version will has some gameplay additions related to speed control via more varied commands. Hox may also encounter mutated animals. Every monster has its own rules of combat, such as the defensive rhino who requires several attacks depending on your speed to be defeated, or the rat, who throws a projectile, but will be much weaker once in melee.

Credibility is very important in my approach to the gameplay and design that is why Hox does not double jump in the void but with a jet pack or by absence of floating bonus, of course; situations are surreal, but I like the fact to justify everything and leave nothing to chance .


Hox the Last Ship Crowdfunding  
Hox the Last Ship Crowdfunding  

News : Hox is now scheduled on PC with the Hd ver...