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illustrations and story by angie vancuren

Tanya walks home from school. “I can‛t wait for my afternoon snack”, she says.

She stumbles upon something bright, orange and cold. Tanya is curious and picks up the item.

Tanya wonders where it came from. She looks around, but doesn‛t see anyone near by.

Tanya is so hungry, so she tastes it. “Mmm, YUM! This is so tasty!”

“I have to tell Mom about it! Maybe she will know what it is!” Tanya says.

“Mom! Look what I found! What is it?” Tanya asks.

Mom explains, “Back in the day, a lady stumbled upon something laying on the ground, just as you did. She wondered what it was and where it had come from.””

She heard a voice call from above. She looked up and saw him, it was the Popsicle Man! He told her, “If you ever want a tasty treat. Call up to me, Popsicle Man, Popsicle Man, please give me a popsicle!” and I shall throw you a popsicle from my magical fanny pack.”

Mom continued, “And ever since then, that‛s how people get popsicles!”

“Oh, Mom! Can I go try to get another?” Tanya asks.

“Popsicle Man! Popsicle Man! Please give me a popsicle!” Tanya calls up to the sky.

Popsicle Man takes the most tastiest cherry popsicle

out of his magical fanny pack and tosses it down to Tanya.

Tanya enjoys the tasty cherry popsicle. She can tell that her and Popsicle Man will be best friends.

The End

Popsicle Man  

Student project focusing on character design and story development

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