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2014 Kickball Tournament Starting on Tuesday, May 27th the Elm Street School annual 4th-6th grade kickball tournament will begin. Just like last year, students will be assigned to teams who are captained by 6th grade students. Each team will have a color and a team name that will be chosen by the team captain. On game days, please wear the appropriate color so we know who is one each team. Here’s the lowdown about the tournament... Who is playing? Levi/Chloe Orange 

Trent/Johnny Purple 

Aston/Nyah Navy Blue 

Ryan M. (5)  David S. (5)  Alexis L. (5)  Kayla B. (5)  Abby (4)  Sam L. (4)  Riley M. (4)  Kayla H. (4)  Isaac G. (6) 

Rhyen J. (6)  Kylie T. (4)  Ellen MB. (4)  Gabby M. (4)  Trent L. (5)  Isaiah H. (5)  Veronica H. (5)  Austin A. (5) 

Autumn/Savanah Light Blue 

Taylor/Madison Lime Green 

Matt/McCartney Pink 

Dan/Cole Gray 

Colin/Amanda Red 

Ashlyn B. (5)  Duane W. (5)  Lilly L. (5)  Ender R. (4)  Thomas T. (4)  Gabe V. (4)  Psalm (4)  Michael M. (4)   

Abby P. (5)  Emily B. (5)  Alyssa M. (5)  Emma B. (4)  Joey L. (4)  Colton R. (4)  Latrell M. (4)  Elias H. (6)  Bryce D. (5) 

Griffin J. (6)  Lilly C. (4)  Nick O. (4)  Calie (4)  Joseph R. (5)  Annie B. (5)  Lucas M. (5)  Logan T. (5)  Dante I. (6) 

Jaylen (4)  Raen C. (6)  Caitlin S. (4)  Connor B. (4)  Sarah (5)  Noah L. (5)  Johnathon (5)  Halie V. (5)  Nicole K. (6) 

Rachel T. (6)  Atlantis M. (4)  Daisy L. (4)  Alex (4)  Jacob C. (5)  Pamela P (5)  Tanasia M. (5)  Emma K. (5) 

Bobby J. (6)  Leanne S. (4)  Waylan L. (4)  Hunter G. (4)  Connor V. (5)  Emily B. (5)  Connor T. (5)  Abagail H. (5) 

What are the rules and regulations of the kickball tournament? ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

The tournament is double elimination, which means that all teams will play at least 2 games. Games will last 30 minutes. There will be a teacher who pitches for each team (Ms. W. & Ms. Taylor) There will be 8 players on the field at once. The inning is over after 3 outs or a team runs through their kicking order. You can get someone out by throwing the kickball at them as long as it hits them below the waist. Attitude is HUGE, so if you demonstrate poor sportsmanship, you will be removed from the team.

Where are the games being played? The games will be played on the lower fields (baseball diamond and the corner of the soccer field). When are the games scheduled? (2:00pm - 2:45PM) Weeks May 27-30

Monday Meeting

Tuesday Practice

June 2-6

Game Day

Game Day

June 9-13

Game Day

Final Game



Team Purple v. Team Orange

Team Lime v. Team Pink

Team Navy v. Team Blue

Team Gray v. Team red

Game Day

Game Day

Why are we doing this? It is important to build a strong and supportive, happy, and healthy community.

T­Shirts If you would like to purchase a t­shirt that can be self­designed, please bring in $4.00. 

Friday Game Day

Game Day Field Day