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Sometimes You Just Have To Dance If you hear a song that makes you feel good and that has a bouncy rhythm it is hard to stop yourself from dancing. You might realize your head just beginning to nod a little or you might be one of the ones that just goes out and dances full out! There are certain songs that have the ability to make your body eager to move. There are genres of music and club nights dedicated to trying to get people on the floor and moving. Certain songs probably come to mind when you think of dancing. Even people that do not normally dance find that moving about to a song that they like feels good. Whether you know any dance moves or not, dancing is something that feels good. It makes you feel positive and happy and it is difficult to dance in a bad mood. I guess that is why dancing plays such a key part in many good nights out. People that like to dance during the day will attend dance classes. These are a popular hobby as you probably know from the many dance classes that are around. They offer something different from dancing on nights out and there is often choreography to learn. You are dancing with other people that also love dancing and learning new things about dancing when you go to a class. You can use what you learn when you go out at a later point which is always good. People wonder where you got your new moves from! You can even perform the entire routine that you learn in class for your friends if you want to. There are people that do this but it is only worthwhile if you know the routine pretty well. Otherwise you're better off sticking to your tried and tested moves. After doing dance classes for a while you will become better at picking up routines though and may feel confident enough performing them. You feel sort of proud when you can pull off a dance routine on your own. If you do it well then people will probably be impressed. You can surprise your friends by just dancing the way you normally do when you go out and then doing the routine all of a sudden! This works particularly well if the song you learned the routine to is on which is possible if it is a recent song. Following this theme some people do impromptu dances at events like weddings or birthday parties. They learn a routine in advance which they perform at a set time. It could be a street dance styled wedding dance or something similar. These can be great fun to do for the people involved and fun for the people watching too. If you are the one doing the moves, once you feel more confident you'll be able to get into the moves more and make them look better. It can be really enjoyable practising these routines. After some time you won't even need to think about the moves that much because you will know them so well. But at first you're always thinking about what's coming next.

When you learn choreography some steps will feel easier for you to do than others but when you practise a lot even the harder steps begin to feel simple. But to others it will look impressive especially if you're doing the steps as if there's nothing easier to do! If you go to dance classes regularly and learn lots of routines then you'll find it easy to learn new ones. Many of the steps will be familiar or similar so you'll just have to learn how to put them together and remember them.

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Sometimes You Just Have To Dance  
Sometimes You Just Have To Dance  

If you hear a song that makes you feel good and that has a bouncy rhythm it is hard to stop yourself from dancing. You might realize your he...