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Good News! CNET Successfully Seizes the Premiere right of Leawo’s Newly-Designed Music Recorder for Mac The heartening news spreads abroad that a brand-new Music Recorder for Mac from Leawo will be released exclusively on CNET website on October 31, 2012. This can be the biggest news since October, and we get it that there are almost more than 30 famous websites competing for the precious premiere of Leawo Music Recorder for Mac, but CNET becomes the final winner right after the fierce competition. Leawo Software Co., Ltd-the the worldwide leading enterprise specialized in video and audio research and development this time again choose CNET to give its first debut right after its another famous BD Creating tool-Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac. We cannot help guessing what a reliable trust between these two tech giants, and what a high-end technique that Leawo has already owned! It is said that Leawo’s first cooperation with CNET-the world’s most renowned flagship tech website has gotten an unprecedented success, and what may happen this time? Is the newly-emerged Music Recorder for Mac as spectacular as its old sibling? Since the release time is around the corner, we are all highly expecting to see the new masterpiece’s powerful features. According to the leaked news from Leawo officers, Music Recorder for Mac can be regarded as the best music recording software for Mac OS X which provides multiple functions during music recording. And we can not only act it as a streaming audio recorder for Mac to record Mic or other built-in input audio stream, but also use it just like an online audio recorder for Mac capable of recording computer audio stream or online audios. For most music lovers, it will be exciting news. Apart from the basic features of recording all sources of music files, what attracts us most is that during music recording, it could split recordings between different songs, download detailed song information like cover, title, artist and album, set recording start time and recording duration, add songs to iTunes in one click, etc. all these will benefit us a lot especially when we are in the process of recording our favorite music. Besides these, we also heard that this newly audio recorder software for Mac allows users to effectively manage recorded music library, play and preview recorded music files, add, edit and delete playlist, etc. to help us hugely improve music amusement. A reliable source unveiled that this cutting-edge Mac Music Recorder is available at $9.99 with a large-scale discount since its first debut, and the special offer will last until Nov 11,2012. This is a huge reward that Leawo offers, comparing with the permanent price-tag at $19.99, this is really a fascinating gift for all of the music lovers! The unveiled information shows that Leawo’s Music Recorder for Mac will eventually makes its first global appearance on CNET and synchronously which is really a boon to music lovers. With time approaching, we are all expecting to see the best music recorder since history with excitement. So finally whether it is as fantastic as it rumored before and whether it is worth so mush attention, let’s just stay tuned for the official release of this program on CNET! And at that time do not miss out to get the first-hand experience!

Good News! CNET Successfully Seizes the Premiere right of Designed Music Recorder for Mac