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Angular Cheilitis

What is angular Cheilitis? Angular Cheilitis is marked by sores in the corners of the mouths caused by the bacterial or fungal infection. The sores which are formed in the mouth are quite painful and may cause a lot of discomfort to the sufferer. Causes of angular cheilitis There are a number of causes of cheilitis. Some are internal to the human body while others are external. Internal Causes: •

Riboflavin Deficiency – Riboflavin helps in maintaining the overall health of a human body. It allows the smooth running of the different processes inside the body. So, when it is deficient in the body, it causes a number of problems for the person and cheilitis is one of them.

Vitamin D Deficiency – Vitamin D also plays a vital role in fighting off harmful bacteria and fungi from the body. So, when the body lacks Vitamin D, the chances of having angular cheilitis are increased.

Iron Deficiency – Lack of iron in the body causes the immune system to become weak which leads to a number of illnesses. People suffering from cheilitis, who have iron deficiency in their body, the sores of the mouth will also heal very slowly.

External Causes: •

Deposition of saliva in the corner of the mouth - When the saliva of the mouth deposits on the sides of the mouth which is also known as labial commissures, it leads to bacterial infections which causes angular cheilitis.

Exposure to sunlight/wind – when the human body is exposed to sunlight or wind for a long time, it makes the skin around the mouth and lips dry. So, one tends to moist their lips with their saliva more often and thus becomes more prone to bacterial attack. Thus, this too leads to cheilitis in many humans.

Unhealthy diet – unhealthy and irregular eating habits can also lead to cheilitis in many adults.

Who can be affected by angular cheilitis? People from any age group can suffer from cheilitis. However, it is most common among adults and elderly. People having some skin disease or having unhealthy diets are also at greater risk of suffering from cheilitis.

Treatments for Angular Cheilitis •

Antifungal creams – There are a number of antifungal creams available in the market like Clotrimazole, Nystatin and Econazole which can help provide relief to the pain in the mouth and also help kill the cheilitis causing fungus.

Drinking water – People suffering from angular cheilitis should have lots of water in order to avoid the dryness of the mouth and lips which may further worsen the condition. Having at least two liters of water everyday allows a person to remain hydrated.

Healthy Diet – One should maintain a healthy diet in order to get relief from cheilitis. Adding fruits and vegetables to the diet can allow a person to overcome the deficiency of riboflavin, vitamin D or iron which is the main causes of the disease.

Use sunscreen and lip balm – if you are stepping outside the house, make sure you use sunscreen cream or lip balm in order to avoid your skin and lips from getting dry.

What is angular Cheilitis?